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  • Various Cities Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Mar 15 2004 Submitted by: Iguana Six

    I´m in the middle of a trip through five Central American countries this month. I work for a big name union normally known by its intials. I´m spending a few days in the capitals of Panama, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.

    Panama: Stayed in one of the big name hotels. A total rip off if you use their phones, laundry service, or internet center. Fortunately, a walk around the neighborhood got me to a supermarket, and inexpensive internet centers that had even less expensive long distance phone service. I even found a chinese laundry nearby a couple of massage parlors I was looking for.

    The yellow pages had numerous ads under ¨massage parlors¨, and one even touted ¨blondes and japanese girls¨, which I took with a grain of salt. Three were near my hotel. Two were about a mile and a half away in a courtyard style mini-mall. I must have been pretty early (just after sundown) and I was not impressed by the selection of girls, either in selection or quality. But the price is pretty fixed. The clubs were on Via Argentina, right near the blockbuster video, but you have to find the entrance to the courtyard. Not that impressed by the facilities, but YMMV. There was a Club Life near the supermarket, in a bar setting up a flight of stairs but it was dark, and all the girls were dark. I prefer some coffee in my milk, not some milk in my coffee, if you get my drift, so I had a drink, talked the nicest girl there, met the others, and left.

    Just two blocks from my hotel was Club Oasis. It almost next to the adult video store in a middle class shopping mall. On Monday night, there was one tout handing out slick, colorful, bilingual business card sized coupons that entitled one to 2-for-1 specials on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights. Oasis had a web-site I had checked out earlier. I took the card, got led into the place and figured out the facility was a converted storefront. There was the desk, manned by a bored guy at a computer terminal and a small living room area. No customers. The $80 special got one two chicas for one hour on premise. Take out would have been $120. About 8 chicas to choose from.

    I picked a petite natural blond 19 year old (from Colombia)who reminded me of half the girls who serve you french fries at McDonalds in Minnesota (or Ginger Lynn the first year she did movies) and a taller local mestiza who reminded me of Beyonce. The room was clean, had a mirrored ceiling, had its own bathroom, but it took a little bit of fiddling to get the TV tuned to the porn channel. (Early 90´s porn lives on in Central America.) One of me, two of them, and only one hour. Let´s get it on!

    Condom on, the blond started with a decent blow job, while the dark girl started tweaking my nipples and licking my ear. I got the mestiza to lick my balls while the blond turned up the heat with her BJ. Getting Ginger to lick my balls was imposible. The intercourse was pretty good, but we went through many condoms, since they changed them whenever we switched partners. I got tried to get them to both lie down next to each other for the money shot, but as I started to come Ginger fled while I chased her around the bed with my spurting rod in my hand.

    After the shower, I asked the frowning Turk at the front if they had any ¨Chinas¨ (in Latin America, all Arabs are ¨Turcos¨and all Asians are ¨Chinas¨). It was a long shot, but he said they actually had one. Her name was Connie and she would work on Wednesday. Excellent. I´ve met some Taiwanese who immigrated to the Dominican Republic and spent their teenage years there, and there something very sexy about Spanish coming out of an Asian face.

    I returned to Oasis on Tuesday on my way back from the laundry. Connie was working. I would return after dropping off my stuff. On the way back to the hotel, I ran into a new tout. He had the Oasis cards and tried to talk to me about a another club, but those business cards also had japanese writing, and was a cab ride away, so I figured it was expensive. But the tout would not leave me be, ambushing me on the way back to Oasis. I knew were the place was, he could not make good on his promise of a special rate, so what good was he? Even more annoying, he followed me up there, followed me back to his street corner after I picked up Connie, and asked for a tip.

    At any rate, it was $80 to take Connie back to my hotel. Connie was only 1/4 Chinese, and the rest was the usual Spanish-with-a-little-Indian mix you find in rural Panama. But she got the ¨china¨ tag because she occassionally used make up that accented her high cheekbones and slightly canted eyes, wore a sexy Ao Dai dress, and had thick, black straight hair. Small breasted, but with J-Lo´s ass, she wasn´t carrying a lot of extra fat like the other girls. Nice.

    We talked on the way to the hotel. She was older (34)and had a nice dispostion. Easy to talk to. She had a degree in marketing but the economy was slow, and Oasis was conveniently located for her. We showered, she started with a massage and we had a nice hour. BJ and positions with a condom. She usually worked the 9am-7pm shift, but had stayed that night in the night shift because business was slow, her apartment had been robbed, and she needed the money. We negotiated an all nighter for the next night (after work)and she gave me her home number and real name.

    I called her up the next night after her afternoon shift. It was a slow night only some Filipino sailors came by the Oasis that afternoon, whom the girls considered disgusting cheapskates. A 100 Balboas brought her to my hotel by 8:15. She brought a nice little bag of lingerie and treated me to a nice show after we got out of the shower. Two lovemaking sessions before sleeping and a half hearted attempt on my part in the morning. We had dinner, and she was careful not to be spotted by anyone from the Oasis. I asked her to tell me some sexy stories, but they were two plot-driven (i.e. too short without any real details) but she could play act some real sexy moans and groans. A real GFE all around.

    Nicaragua, Managua: If you stay at one of the nicer hotels near the upscale shopping malls that cater to the rich (Princess, Intercontinental, Camino Real), the SG´s will be waiting just outside and up the block. I like to walk, so I walked up the hill from the Princess and checked out the action. Some were scary, some were trannies, some were OK, but nothing caught my interest the first night. I walked into the Hollywood, the Las Vegas, and a couple of other clubs, found nothing to my liking, as well as the Casinos. Maybe it was too early. I got some groceries and walked back. After I passed the Dominos Pizza, I walked past a clutch of SG´s, when one detached herself and approached me.

    Vicky was 21, tall, and looked very low mileage. We started talking when her cohorts started bird-dogging me. I stepped away and she very politely asked them to leave us be. No loyalty among whores, eh?¨, I asked her, and she made a face as if to say, "what can I do?"

    She was eager to make a sale, but a short time would have meant going to hot sheet motel. Not for me. We settled on $100, and went back to my hotel. What a wildcat! Enthusiastic, almost porn star quality BBBJ, intercourse with a condom, and she just loved facials. The only disappointment was that her diet was not working, and I swear to you she seemed to gain 15 lbs upon taking off her clothes. Also, she lives far away and even though we negotiated for her to stay until 7am, she had the local equivilent of GED classes to go to in the morning and wanted to leave early. We had two goes at it, and I was starting to feel my age, so when she asked to be let go early and promised to come by before the start of the next night´s shift, I said fine.

    Wonder of wonders, she called the next night promptly at 7:35 from the lobby, and was escorted up by a bellboy. She stripped, got into bed, snuggled up to me to watch some TV, while her fingers worked their magic under the covers. An hour and a half later, after her incredible BBBJ and a facial, she showered and asked for a small tip (the equivilent of $12) and left.

    El Salvador: Presidente Hotel. While very nice it is in too upscale a neighborhood (La Zona Rosa) noted for its safety and support for right wing presidential candidates. I hooked up with Jorge, a driver for Acaysa cabs. For $10 and hour, he spent close to two hours taking me on a reconnaissance of all the clubs, a search for a house that was described in the fall 2003 trip report, and one massage parlour that was closed by that hour.

    Here goes. Lips: cover charge, a nice stable, but it is a strip club along American lines, and the girls cannot be barfined until closing time. You get what you negotiate for with the girls.

    Titanic: A great place for rich Japanese executives. Like Lips, a nice stable, but it costs 3 bottles of wine, ($120) for a bar fine, then you negotiate a price with the girl. I paid the covercharge, had my drink, learned all this, and then went to ...

    TIO SAM´s: Closed! Neighborhood complained about the noise, so they moved their girls to PENTHOUSE: What a dump! This is what Tijuana must have looked like in 1970! Two back rooms, some girls half mindedly shake their rumps on small dance platforms, and TV´s that play, you guessed it, early 90´s porn. A couple of nice looking girls, but upon close inspection, you notice that they need an Atkins diet and some aerobics. Get em while they are young, gents, because their bodies can go slck by age 24.

    ILLUSIONS: Dark, weirdly lit, and with a smelly bathroom. The only thing scarier than the girls was the club itself. But no cover, you just have to buy a drink. I guess this is what Tijuana clubs will look like after a Cafe Flesh type holocaust. PLAYBOY: Small stable, just a little better than Illusions.

    CLUB CEASAR: Now, we are getting somewhere. The girls actually dance stuff they choreagraph. That´s right, they report in at six or seven, work with a choreagrapher for a couple of hours before the place opens for business. There are back rooms, but the waiter will negotiate a take-out price. Of course, TV´s played 1992 porn (Tiffany Minx, both nights).

    I returned to Ceasar´s the next night, took out Tatiana, a slim, and passably hair-lightened 21 year old for $125 (for her)$12.50 (10% for the house) and $10 tip for the negotiating waiter. We tried to get her into my hotel, but she didn´t have her ID with her, and the hotel would not budge. So we went to a "push button" love motel, paid the $22.26 (did I mention that El Salvador has dolarized its economy? Smart move.) We got a huge room with a sauna, a whirlpool bath, a living room area, some interesting lighting, the usual living room, bathroom, and king sized bedroom. Super clean, but heavily used.

    Tatiana dressed in a sexy, but elegant black dress that showed off her Jennifer Lopez but and dancer legs. The two hour rehearsals really work her out and she hates the dancing part of the job. The TV wouldn´t get to the porno channel, but Tatiana took care of business. There was a huge mirror on the wall next to the bed and I loved watching her give me head in the mirror. Though we got out of the club by 9pm, by the time we drove to my hotel, got turned away, and then drove to to Pradera "push-button" hotel, it ate up a lot of time. We made two goes of it, but I hate latex and it slowed me down, so by 2:30, we were both tired and she had to get home to take care of the babies.

    Two observations: These girls have all been screwed over by husbands and boyfriends. They love ém and leave them. They usually pop their cherries, leave pregnant, hook up with another girl, immigrate to the states, or just dead-beat dad it while they date somebody else. Observation two: You can´t buy the polyuerathane condoms or the female condoms on this isthmus. I think the polyuerathane condoms are twice as good as latex. They don´t break and the reservoir tips are HUGE and let your head have some room for some nice lubricated friction. But the real breakthrough is the polyurathane "Reality" female condoms! What a godsend. Shaped like a huge condom with a rubber ring at the top and bottom, she puts the small end in, the big ring at the open ended bottom stays outside her vaginal lips, it is indestructable, it is lubricated, and it is so big your willy never feels trapped. Why can´t I get these down here? I knew a Tijuana chica who just took the little ring out of it and plopped in on you like an super-sized condom.

    Guatemala City: There are half dozen expensive hotels near the airport. The district also doubles as the Friday and Saturday night disco and dining area. I got in on a satuday, didn´t feel up to any action, but got out to walk. Phone book was not helpful here, or in any country north of Panama. The streets were packed with a chic party crowd, and there was plenty of cops and private security guards in the street. I walked to a corner on Reforma avenue, saw the cutest little 5 year old waif beg for coins under the watchful eye of her mother and crossed the street. As I waited to cross back, an SUV stopped at the corner. A girl in the shotgun seat called to me and handed me a card.

    Models, Inc., in spanish is said it offered nice gentlemen the company of compliant, pretty models. There was a photo a girl in a bikini on the left 1/3 of the card and it had two phone numbers. Wow! How did they know I was a photgrapher in need of models? I didn´t even have my camera with me.

    I went back to my hotel, and called up the numbers. The madonna has her team of four girls in the back of the SUV, and the two numbers are cell phones. She works the upscale elite hotel district, which gets her the right demographic. The girls carry ID, so they can leave it at the front desks and get in. I met them around the corner from my hotel and got to check out three of the fantastic four. Youngest was 19, oldest was 20. Farm fresh. They work 12 hr. days, which consists of two meal breaks and lots of driving around. The madonna does not let them take naps in the back of the pussywagon, which is counter-intuitive, because a nice powernap would leave the girls fresh.

    I called back the next day. The SUV got a flat tire so a cab was pressed into service as the pussywagon and picked up half the stable from their homes. For 300 Quetzals, you get an hour, for 400 Q´s you get two hours. I opted for two hours with Cindy, a cute 19 year old, who lost her virginity a few months ago with a boyfriend who dumped her and went to Chicago, had only turned pro a month ago, and learned how to do BJ´s by watching porn tapes a month ago. Of course Cindy had more hips than tits (I think the genetic pattern on this isthmus is 30% tits/70% hips. Think 80/60/100 on the metric scale.)

    She left her ID at the front desk, came up the room, and we hit the showers. Two nice surprises: She had the most delectable little nipples and the pay per view adult movies down here are not cable versions! The films are circa 1994 (this one had TT Boy and the delectable Latina, Lisa Ann). Cindy really enjoyed the strawberry flavored condom I asked her to put on me and sucked until the flavor went away. By then, I was ready to go in. She forget her lube, so we used some hotel body lotion, which seemed to work very well, on both occassions.

    We got done in an hour a half, so she asked me to take her to the hotel pool. She was impressed by the view, was intrigued by the hot tub´s different settings, and really brightened when I asked to come by for a dip some time. But she works every day, and goes to the local equivilent of GED classes on Sunday mornings. Very nice GFE all around. We went back to her pick up point and chatted for a while. What can you guys tell me about Honduras? (Review # 8594)

  • Panama City Massage Parlor Dated Added: Fri Feb 06 2004 Submitted by:

    Feb 5, 2004

    This is really not a very nice city. I saw a post here that called it a shit hole seaport city and I think I would have to agree with that 100%.

    Went to the Miami Club last night which is in the city and almost next door to Golden Time which is another highly rated Massage Parlor. I chose not to go to Golden Time as you pay at the door, they parade the women on a catwalk (Thai style) you choose one and off you go. At the Miami Club, you can sit in the bar, have a few cocktails and take your time, relax and pick a girl from the 20 or 30 in the bar.

    The girls are not aggressive to say the least, so you have to show some effort by simply asking one to join you. Just look at one long enough and she will most likely come over. Speaking spanish in this city is a big plus. I have found it very difficult not knowing spanish. Anyway, they will usually hit you up to buy them a drink or two ($6.00 each) my beer was $3.50 each.

    I hooked up with a very cute girl, maybe 20 years old. Tight, firm little body on her. She spoke some english so that certainly helped. Her name was Jaime. I got to tell you, that was the best $80 I spent on a girl in a long time! All in all my total out of pocket was around $150 but that was my choice to hang out, have some beers and buy a couple girls some drinks.

    For $80, Jaime brought me back to the attached hotel, the room was nice and clean and had a bathroom and a shower. She gave me a nice massage for about 25 minutes, blew me like a pro for the next 15 and then finished me off fucking me hard in any position I wanted.

    One word of advise is to bring your own condoms. The girls have them but the ones she had were so damn small!

    The club overall is decent and so was the choice of girls...overall rating of the girls 6-10. The 6's were certainly more aggressive than the 10's but I guess they have to be. Jaime was of course a 10!

    If you go, and I certainly recommend you do! Be sure to take your time, get comfortable and choose the one that tickles your fancy.....she surely will!! Be safe and enjoy! (Review # 8305)

  • PANAMA CITY Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Jul 08 2002 Submitted by:

    PANAMA CITY: Golden Times still the top place, lotsa 7-10's. Also Nikki's bar. $80 short time $100-150 to take back to hotel. Nice GFE girls. Aquarius Massage and River club Massage (upstairs downstairs same bldg) ok but hit and miss quality, ABOUT $50-60 ymmv. ~~

    ~~No street action at this time, but lotsa cheaper places where a quickie can be had for $20, but lower quality. . Le Palace has beautiful girls but big clip joint "buy me a drink" $200 Quickies. Hotels no problem, lotsa discounts, most hotels have a half price "corporate" special if you ask, can get first class hotel for $50 a night with a little haggling. Any hotel in center of city is fine, nobody walks here, you will almost always take a taxi even to go 3 blocks. ~~

    ~~Very clean safe city, lotsa fun, $2 cab ride anywhere, US dollar is the official currency, ATM's on every corner, Internet cafe's, clean water and clean cheap food. Spanish helpful but not necessary, Interesting side trips to Canal and Jungle. Odd thing is, the taxi drivers here are really STUPID, always get lost, don't know where these places are. First country I have mongered in where the taxis didn't know much. ~~

    ~~We took taxis around town for $2, hired driver for trips outside city. Strongly recommend our driver, speaks English, big bodyguard type, has nice A/C car, knows Everybody. , R. Vanhorn, Paid him about $50 per day to "limousine" us around the city, $100-150 for all day long distance trips. Well worth it. Good place for beginning to advanced mongers. Rated above Costa Rica, for value, cleanliness, not as touristy. Happy Hunting!~~
    (Review # 5727)
  • Panama City Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Jun 23 2002 Submitted by: chupatetas

    OK here is the scoop: I am an experienced w/monger. Panama City is very modern small city with skyscrapers, McDonalds on lotsa corners, not 3rd world, no beggars or pickpockets. COPA GOOD AIRLINE, flies direct from LAX and MIAMI for about $600 RT. Official money is US Dollar, no money changing, ATMs everywhere. People VERY helpful and friendly, about half speak some English. Side trip to canal or jungle very interesting Tourism very slow now, staying in 5 star hotel for $50 a night (normally $150), can stay in flophouse for $20, but why bother? Hotels don’t care about bringing girls in. Prostitution legal and accepted, no sneers or embarrassment, just like going for a haircut. Unless there is a big convention or something, don’t be afraid to arrive without reservations, ask hotels if there is a special or corporate or businessman rate. Lotsa 4 5 star hotels for $40-90 if you know how to ask. ~~

    ~~Also lotsa web specials. Doesn’t matter too much where you stay in city as center of city only about 5 miles square, and the traffic is HORRENDOUS; you dont wanna walk or rent a car anyway, and taxi anywhere int own is $2-5. OK the good part: Can get average chick in whore bar for $20 per hour YMMV, but the real action is in the first class joints. The girsl in the $80-100 range are STUNNING. they are not Panamanian, they are mostly Columbian or Dominican. Teu GFE, all extremely sweet, went with 20 of them and nothing but GFE sweetness. AMAZING! Massage Salons are immaculate and the girls are clean and shaved. Top place is GOLDEN TIMES, open 7PM -4AM. chjoice of 20 plus girls rated 7-10. Some BBBJ, mostly very careful, nice massage and FS for $90. Free beers, nice manager, safe area, across from a McDonalds. Next in the 1st class food chain is a trio of parlors all located together, AQUARIO, RIVER CLUB, and ORIENTAL. These are also open in afternoons, if you are a day man. ~~~~

    ~~Nice selection in late afternoon, $80 FS in back room, clean, nice. Can negotiate 1-2 hrs at your hotel for $100 if biz is slow (asking price is $200), or negotiate $200 for all-nighter, you wont be sorry if you can afford it. Also numerous bars with high end girls, start very late no point before 11PM. Le Palace most famous, beautiful girls, but asking $200 for a quickie, clip joint with usual buy me a $10 drink routine. Free entry and fun to look, but not a good value. Iberia Club fun FS in back for $80, all Dominican Girls, take your heart pills, they are a true rodeo fuck! QUICK TIPS: This city has the STUPIDEST cab drivers in the world, they dont know where half these places are!!!! They wanna take you to other places that give them %%%%. Dont ever pay a cabbie more than $5 except to or from airport, don’t let them "wait" for you unless at no charge, there are a million taxis. ~~~~Check the yellow pages at any phone booth and tear out the "masaje" listings to show them the address, 50% will drive around and around and get lost!!!!! Never seen anything like it. Anyway its very safe and clean, YMMV never heard any credible mugging stories, and the places named above are in upscale areas next to movie theaters, McDonalds etc., have no fear. Go to bank and get $50 in one dollar bills, handy for constant tips, taxi rides etc. All in all this is a first class mongers paradise, if you don’t mind paying $80-100 for first class treatment. Its like having Jennifer Lopez as your personal servant. Not much point in going this far to go with cheapies, when the stunning girls are under $100. ~~
    (Review # 5649)
  • Panama City Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Jun 01 2002 Submitted by: Wolf

    I searched in the newspaper for an ad and called to have a lady immediately into my room since I was very horny after a long workday.~~A big girl, with beautiful tits, but a little bit fat, came to my room and asked for her 60 dollars up front.~~She undressed but I just asked her to give me a BJ (with condom). Suddenly I felt a huge urge to fuck her doggie style and I did with all my strength. Since she was so big, she didn't bother me using all my energy to fuck her pumping like a horse.~~I came after ten minutes of the bravest sex I had.~~Recommended if you are looking for good service but not beautiful women.~~ (Review # 5564)
  • Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Sep 29 2001 Submitted by: marcle

    Hi, I am European and living in Panama. One of the best "salas de masaje" is the Golden Time. You can sit down and see all the girls walking a turn in front of you (it is like a catwalk). In others you have a huge room with girls and have to choose one (Thai-style). I prefer the "catwalk"-style. The girls are from Colombia -- good-looking, intelligent, big breasts. When you chose one, you have to pay USD 80.-- at the entry. Afterwards you go upstairs and then it is up to you. Enjoy! (Review # 4376)
  • Panama City Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sat Mar 03 2001 Submitted by: JJ2

    One of the best places in Panama City is a massage parlor called "Golden Times" which located about a ten minute cab ride ($1.50) from downtown.~~~~The ten or fifteen girls there are mostly Colombian with a rating of 8-10. They are BEAUTIFUL and with the greatest bodies south of Costa Rica. I recommend a 19 year old blonde named Daniela (rated 10) who for $90 will give the best BJ and sex you´ve ever had. GUARANTEED !~~~~Massage is optional, and the girls will even ask if it´s OK to have the massage after sex. After an hour will Daniela I didn´t care about the massage.~~~~The girls at "Golden Times" can be taken out to your hotel for $130 for an hour and a half, or taken out for the whole night for $250.~~~~This place is not cheap but the women are gorgeous, and you will not go wrong. There are girls for every taste ....BELIEVE ME !!! (Review # 3240)
  • Panama City Massage Parlor Dated Added: Thu Mar 01 2001 Submitted by: Nick

    Panama City is a great place for easy action. I was there over the holidays with my family, so I didn't have lots of time for hunting in a strange city. A local cab driver suggested massage parlors for a quicky. There are several right in the yellow pages under "masaje". I don't recall the name of the place I went to, but if you go north on Via Argentina from Via Brasil, it is the first right which leads to a back parking lot. There are two parlors there and I went to the one on the second floor. There were 15-20 beautiful latinas of every shape and shade. Best of all, it was only $20 for an hour! I took two, a very young petite one, and a busty girl in her early twenties. I didn't haggle about rates, I just gave them $50 bucks a peiece and got a no holes barred hour of hot sex in every position imaginable. I would recommend this parlor for ease of use and quality of the girls (Review # 3234)
  • Colon Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Jan 19 2001 Submitted by: Agamoto

    There are several clubs around this dirty little shit-hole seaport town within walking distance... The most fun, in my opinion is called 'La Flor'. Mostly Colombian girls, mixed bag of hotties and uglies. Drinks cost a bit too much: $3.50 for shitty Panamanian beer. The atmosphere is the typical cantina/hotel. The girls live upstairs, pick your girl, pay the lady at the stairs $10.00 and head on up... $20.00 for half an hour of suck w/o condom and fuck with condom... Make sure you get a girl that's been there for awhile and knows the drill. Fresh ladies get brought in all the time and most are new to the fuckie/suckie game. Who knows, maybe you'll want to play teacher... Your preference... Or you can take them home with you... You have to tip the house about $50.00 and the girl about $80.00 and you can take her home and violate pretty much any orifice that's hot or wet or both with or without a condom, all night long and all the next morning... A few of them have actually even cleaned my place up the next day too. I STRONGLY suggest a quality condom. Bring your own... The ones they strap on you look like they came out of a fuckin' novelty item vending machine. Colon has plenty o' AIDS cases on the streets, the highest incidence in the country. (Review # 3006)
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