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  Tegucigalpa (1)
  • Comayagua Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Sep 10 2008 Submitted by: Jasonvt

    Comayagua is a city in Honduras, some 80 km northwest of Tegucigalpa on the highway to San Pedro Sula at 14.46°N, 87.65°W at an elevation of 594 meters ... Was in the city and was propostioned very quickly at the Texaco gas station well sitting having a beer outside..but declined the offer as I was tired from the drive up from San Pedro Sula. Ended up in a strip bar on the main road into the old Colonial Centre,


    The bar was signed with large yellow sinage saying SALVA VIDA a local beer brand ... entrance is just off the street on the side, no entrance fee ( at least on a Monday )local beer was twenty limperias .. equal to a dollar, buying girl a beer will get you a forty limperia bill and she will choose a Mexican Corona... and have it the salt and lime. Girls are eager .. and will dance with you on the floor then when called take turn dancing on a raised dance area.. seemed to be based on time how long they stripped versus doing the three song style seeing in small Quebec strip clubs. If you're nice etc. the girls will dance with you .. or on you or kiss etc.. with you free to touch and sample as you wish.


    The club has an upstairs VIP area with one room off it with bed.. opted not to use this area. Take out price for a girl for all night was quoted at 3000 limprias a price of 150.00 American dollars, price was reduced down to just over 1000 limperia... fifty dollars. Local hotel .. ( a nice one ) made no charge for the girl to enter and spend the night.


    Condoms were insisted on .. ( issued by the government according to the wrapper ) bj, vaginal sex, anal extra, my choice was short typical Honduran features of face, nice breasts with expressive nipples, full hips which appealled to me, sex was hot with eager participation, and desire for sex from behind from the girl. All in all a good experience.. drove her home in morning before heading back to hotel for swim and breakfast.


    General range of quality of girls on early weeknight .. three to six .. perhaps one interesting looking seven on the menu. During day time it was clear you can talk up local women .. working in service industries .. as with most such situations you are in hit and miss deal based on your charm and what you will offering the girl as an experience. Was clear the working girls could be optioned for travel to the coast or a few days in San Pedro do Sula.

    (Review # 24722)
  • La Ceiba Street Action Dated Added: Wed Oct 15 2003 Submitted by:

    "Zone Viva" they call it, the last street along the ocean in La Ceiba. Several little bars and nightclubs along the steet, many amatuers working the scene, mostly latino, but some black (local). Went with a young latin girl, 22yr. we ended up giving her 400Lempiras or about US$24, this was for short time, but on Roatan had a black one all night for the same price.

    Be careful as many are thieves, lock your gear up! Partenon hotel in La Ceiba allowed girls back in the room, and when I left with a girl, they took her name and ID, in case I did not return. In La Ceiba "La Casona" is now the hot spot in town, combo Karaoke bar and disco, many girls, a bit higher class! I was with a lady already so can't quote prices, but I believe about the same. Watch out as they say AIDS is very prevalent, especially in San Pedro Sula (Review # 7724)

  • La Ceiba Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Apr 17 2003 Submitted by:

    Although Tegucigalpa has "Illusions" near the airport, the best in town, the party city in the country is La Ceiba. Lots of night action, bars and restaurants, along the strip to the east of down town, especially at carnival time 3rd weekend in May.~~

    ~~ Best place to stay is hotel Parthenon, right in the middle of the action. A declining 3 star, itís only about $35 a night and right next door is a night club (you can take a girl back to the hotel at no charge). Great nude strippers, which you can have for about $40 to $60. I have to say I found a new girl just starting out in the business who was stunningly beautiful (as many Honduras girls are) and really into sex, laughing and smiling all the way. I want to go back just for her.~~

    ~~The city has other diversions too, like rain forest walks, and tours, because it borders the mountains. It also is the jumping off city for flights and boats to Rotan island, and the Mosquito Coast.~~ (Review # 7101)

  • Roatan Island Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Nov 12 2000 Submitted by: travelman

    I went to Roatan Island this summer and it was fantastic. Roatan is an island off the Caribbean coast of Honduras. It has Beautiful beaches, friendly people, and it was very inexpensive. Roatan is fairly primitive, it has only one paved road that runs the length of the Island, with few big resorts, but it does have some great bars and wonderful restaurants. You can get a good hotel room for $25-35/night, and there are many SCUBA dive centers that offer 7 nights and 10 dives, including 1 night dive, for under $600. This is a real bargain, especially considering that Roatan has some of the best diving in the world. The visibility is well over 150 feet and it is located on the second largest reef system in the World.

    The people of Roatan are very friendly, there is a good mix of traditional Hondurans, as well as black people who came during the slave trade, and American and Canadian ex-patriots. All are very friendly and willing to make you feel like one of the natives.

    The best part is the women scene. If you can't find a women for a fun night in Roatan, you can't find one anywhere. The bars are full of young beautiful women, both Hondurans and travelers, who are looking for some good music, lots of drinking and a good night of sex. The drinks are cheap, and the sex is free. I met a young attractive black Honduran girl, with a great body, at a bar, we got drunk, visited several awesome bars, and she came back to my room for an incredible night of sex. I saw her again a couple days later, on my way to SCUBA diving, and we agreed to meet at local bar that night. I didn't see her at the bar, but that night around 2:00 she knocked at my hotel room door, came in and we got busy again. All for no money at all. And believe me, there were several other occasions to pick up girls, and there is a great choice of anglos, blacks, and Hispanics. It is really paradise. Go and see. What could be better than great food, great drinks, great SCUBA diving, great beaches, great food, and great chicks. All at a reasonable price, and the women are free.
    (Review # 2709)
  • San Pedro Sula Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Oct 25 2000 Submitted by: intrepid

    Hi. I've been to San Pedro Sula a few times in the last 3 years and I would like to mention a few points about this city. I stay in the city centre near the old and very sprawling market at the hotel Siesta. It costs 10 dollars and is very basic . It happens to be in an area where there are street walkers every night. The going rate is about 10 to 15 dollars for straight sex . It is a rough enough area so walking around needs to be with caution. One can take a taxi to clubs around town but they are not unique and costs are higher. Take care because many of the girls are on drugs of some sort or another. (Review # 2607)

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