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  Guatemala (15)
  • Guatemala City / Antigua Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Dec 12 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    Hi, I visited Guatemala last year, and I have some updates for the sex industry there. I started my trip in Antigua, which is situated about and hours chicken bus ride from Guatemala City. I asked a taxi driver by Parque Central to take me to some "putas". He took to a place not far from Antigua, later found out, that you can get there for about 10 Quetzals if you take a TucTuc (the small three wheeled taxis).

    The location had 4 brothels within a 200 meter range. The girls were 2-7s and you might have to leave some of the places due to the lack of fuckable women. I did find a sweet young El Salvadorian girl in one of the places - the price was 50 Quetzals for a lovely time. I think, that generally wherever you are in Guatemala all you have to do, is find a taxi and ask the driver for "putas" - the prices will range from 50-200 Quetzals in the more remote brothels. In Guatemala City, I took a taxi to a brothel in Zona 14.

    I found a very pretty 19-year old girl. 400 Quetzals for one hour with blow job and sex - 100 extra for anal. - again just ask cab drivers, and maybe tell them your price range. Strip Clubs: Prices in strip clubs for sex are higher between 400 and 1200 Quetzals for half an hour. Approximately 100 Quetzals to buy the girls drinks. Some very good advice is, to not go to the strip club in Zona Viva ( Zona 10 ) - they are generally much more expensive than other strip clubs, and they charge an admission fee.

    I can recommend both Platinum in Zona 9 and Le Club in Zona 3(I think). Street hookers in Guatemala City are on every corner during the night hours. But beware there are many transvestites. I don't usually do anything with street hookers, but heard that prices range from 20-150 Quetzals for one of them. All that is left for me to say now is that I hope you can use my advice, and that Guatemala is a lovely country with pretty and cheap hookers. BTW - speaking Spanish is a big help because virtually none speaks English here. Take care fello punters.

    (Review # 22107)
  • Guatemala City Strip Club Review Dated Added: Sat Jun 30 2007 Submitted by: Eastlos

    I'm Guatemalan and I've been living in the USA for 18 years and recently went to Guate to visit my family and visit a lot of places to find chicas, they are all over the city, everywhere you go there is a whore house or massage place where you can go to, but there is one in Zone 9 11calle any taxi from Guatemala City can take you there.

    I was in El Parque Central By La Cathedral which is located in the heart of Guatemala city and it took us 15 minutes to get there the place it's call "Casa Blanca 1" they're open from 10am to midnight and they have all kinds of fine chicas.

    Man it was crazy from young early 20's and up I got me a girl named Karla 20 year old small waist big ass nice face she had it all and she was very tight too, they do everything man from A TO Z you know 250 Quetzalez for an hour and we call her friend and I paid for one more hour 500 Quetzalez (2 girls). Her friend was fine as well that was a day that I will never forget. I will be back for sure to Guatemala very soon. your friend Eastlos

    (Review # 19885)
  • Puerto Barrios Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Sep 17 2004 Submitted by: picum

    I went to Puerto Barrios for just one night and it was awesome! The city is a real rough port town with thousands of willing girls! After walking around for a while, I decided to enter a bar where a friend told me it was a whore house. Well, it was pretty small, looked like a bar and when I got in, a pretty beautiful lady came up to me and asked me what I wanted to drink. I ordered a beer and she wanted to know if I was willing to see a movie. I said YES and she turned on the TV and a porn movie immediately started to play. I was surprised at first. I was the only customer in the bar so far.


    The girl came to me and sat down next to me. I asked her if I could touch her and she agreed. I touched her everywhere for a while. I got turned on so much by the movie (really hardcore!!) and her body, that I asked her if I could do more with her. She told me YES for 120 Quetzales (about $15), I get half an hour with her. I agreed and we went to a small and dark room next door.


    She immediately got naked and I followed her example. She then grabbed my dick and made it hard like a rock with a few strokes. She rubbed my dick against her pussy during that time. Then she told me to lay down on my back and I did. Now she began to ride me like a crazy whore!! She just was sooo good!! She made me so hot, I had to stop her after a few minutes. I wanted to fuck her in other positions as well. I asked her to give me a blowjob and she refused. But she kissed me like a high-school girl!!! All the time! I touched her pussy and spread her pussy lips far away while she fucked me and MAN she was sooooo wet! I have never felt such a wet pussy before in my life! I am serious!! I also grabbed her tits very hard and squeezed them so hard, but she did not seem to feel any pain. I really could use her body without any limits.

    After some time I ordered her to lay on her back and I fucked her like crazy in her pussy. She moaned and she gasped and I fucked her hard and grabbed her hair with one hand and the other hand was on her throat as if I was raping her. She let me do everything, I could even squeeze her throat and pull her hair. JUST GREAT! After about 20 minutes I just could not take it anymore and I had the best orgasm ever and I shot all my load into her pussy...unfortunately I was wearing a condom. But this experience was just too great! COME TO PUERTO BARRIOS AND CHECK IT OUT!!

    (Review # 10154)
  • Guatemala City Strip Club Review Dated Added: Tue Jun 15 2004 Submitted by: Mr. Brasil

    Club Elite Ok, hello fellow travelers. I recently returned from a trip to Guate. Stay away from Elite! Though the girl that paid attention to me was a light brown goddess I was sickened to find that the club was geared to the dollar. $22US per dance in a DARK little closet. only black lights in there.

    She did let me touch her goodies but she only lightly touched My "regions". 3 dances - $70.... I can do better here in Miami. She let me know she gets $10 from the house per dance, $5 per drink, and she then told me she gets $350 from the house for SEXO. I started to laugh - $350 US!!! My wife doesn't charge me that much! Also - if she pulls in $350 how much does the club charge anyways? STAY AWAY FROM ELITE!!!
    (Review # 9355)
  • Guatemala City Massage Parlor Dated Added: Tue Aug 26 2003 Submitted by:

    I had the pleasure of visiting Guatemala City last month, and believe me, I had the time of my life. Nowhere on the planet is sex cheaper or more energetic. I don't speak Spanish but I was able to get by perfectly well--a few of the girls you encounter will know a little Spanglish, probably thanks to the ever-present American tourists.

    The street scene is OK in Zona 1 and Zona 4, though Zona 1 has a few transvestites. Zona 4 has a little alleyway of brothels across from the bus terminal/central market. I paid 35Q for some really good sex with a responsive 18 year old. But the real star of my trip was the so-called "masaje" (massage) place at Avenida Castellana 9-39, Zona 9. You walk in through an open gate and down a driveway into a "club" with pool tables, couches and a jukebox. Only nobody is there for either a game of pool or a massage. Some fairly attractive Ticas will approach you and offer you a drink (reasonable prices) and will then suggest something a little more fun for both of you. For 55Q (under $7 US) you can go upstairs for 15-20 minutes, though we usually went over the time limit. The girls are more than willing to give a BBBJ to a guy they've just met, and boy, are some of them good! The sex is great too--I had one girl who was kissing, caressing and absolutely mauling me like I was her high-school boyfriend. Guys, book your plane tickets now. Forget American women. Guatemala is THE PLACE TO BE! (Review # 7411)

  • Flores Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Aug 14 2003 Submitted by: limpdick

    I went to see the Mayan ruins at Tikal in the Peten jungle. After hiking more than this old guy could handle I went back to my hotel in Santa Elena (across the causeway to the island town of Flores) and ordered a massage. Great massage ($20 for an hour)but the local middle age woman would not give me a hand job even.

    After a trip to the bar I decided I had to get more pro-active and went to the front desk and the guy suggested I go to Club Lemont in San Benito. This is like 5 minutes away by cab which cost about a $1.00. Turns out the Club Lemont is just another strip joint. The girls take everything off and are all Mayan Indians generally of small stature and small tits. After ordering a beer, I watched around the room which had plenty of girls.

    After a while I invited one to join me which she was happy to do. You had better be able to speak some basic Spanish or at least know how to ask for pussy. It was $250 Quetzales if you had it there and $700 if you had it at your hotel. 8 Quetzales equal about one dollar. Needless to say I decided to stay there. She provided the condom. For basically being in the jungle in a sparsely populated area I was surprised to find pretty good stuff. (Review # 7364)

  • Guatemala Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Nov 25 2001 Submitted by: ste

    About 18 months ago, don't remember name of club but it is upscale and better than the known areas (Zone 1?). Pay about $25 for unlimited beers. Met a friendly Nicaraguanza but business next day prohibited extensive contact. Zona diez is better than the other areas. Would like to see more info. It's been awhile but I'm going back. (Review # 4681)
  • Guatemala City Strip Club Review Dated Added: Tue Oct 31 2000 Submitted by: ThisOlDog

    Visited GC last week, and I thought I'd let you know what I saw... Whore Houses still very active and accessible... Just ask any cabbie. At last week's exch. rate, it works out to about $50, full service.

    Clubs... Strippers and other girls whose job seems to be to sit in your lap and squeeze your cock from time to time to get drinks, are all available.

    Notable are "Le Club" and "Josephines". FINE ladies and pretty good shows. At Le Club, I hooked up with Diana who, it seemed later, was the Star of the show. She does an AWESOME dance routine with dildoes that will knock your sox off. But if she's busy, there are plenty of attractive others available. You can do 'em there (in a very private room), or maybe you can talk them into coming to your hotel (which is cool with EVERY hotel in GC... the girl just has to "register" at the desk, believe it or not). The clubs are an EXPENSIVE way to entertain yourself, but they ARE entertaining.
    (Review # 2649)

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