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  • Belize Other Dated Added: Thu Nov 20 2008 Submitted by: gavachomalo

    I was dumped from a cruise line in Belize City in January of 2006. The group of singles I was with was waiting for a tour guide to come along and take us to see some Mayan ruins. The guide company told us that we would have to wait until 10:30 a.m. before the bus was ready. It was 8:30 a.m. I had been trapped on the cruise ship for the past three days and hadn't seen any action whatsoever. I needed to bust a nut so to speak.

    I contacted a cab driver near the entrance to the port and asked him where I guy like me could find some 'action' this early in the morning. He said, 'hop right in and I'll take you'. I was a bit worried when we started traveling out of town, but the driver was friendly and we soon developed a good relationship. When we arrived at Rauls Rose Garden, my driver said he would get me the best girl there. I waited nervously outside while he went into what appeared to be a very run down bar.

    The driver came back and guided me down a very narrow alley to a wooden door. He knocked on the door and a very attractive black girl stepped out in her bra and panties. The driver introduced us and told her to take "special care" of me because I was his friend. She took me in, we talked, she said that it was $40.00 for her service. The room was no bigger than my office cubicle back home. It was strewn with her personal effects. There was a rather rickety bed against the wall. Behind the bed, there was a window that was open to the rest of the world, luckily no neighbors.

    "Monica" wasted no time getting to work. She undid my shorts and took off my shirt. She undid her bra and out dropped the most gorgeous set of breasts I've seen in my life time. They were big, perky, and REAL. She started performing a BBBJ on me. I worked my hand down her back and rubbed her ass. She reached down and worked her panties off. She was clean and had a beautiful wax job. She started to move to mount my throbbing member w/o a condom. I insisted that we have some protection and grabbed one from my bag. She was so careful and gently rolled the rubber on to me. At that point she asked me how I wanted her, I said, what is your favorite, she put her back to me and straddled my legs, lowering herself down on my member. I watched her in the mirror in front of the bed as she bounced up and down on me. She cooed and gasped, I don't know if it was real or she was just doing her job, but it was loud. Then she clinched her muscles and I exploded. We talked for a few minutes after. Then I got up and left. On my way out there were about 5 other girls lined up outside her door to see what she'd brought in. They all were saying "hello" and saying, come back and ask for me. Great experience. $40 for my time with Monica. $20 for the cab ride, round trip. I was back in time for the tour.  
    (Review # 25221)
  • San Pedro/Belize City Street Action Dated Added: Tue Sep 23 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    Hi guys, ten years you could find a lot of central american girls walking around Belize City but they have all left and now they can be found in San Pedro.


    In Belize City, they are mostly Black girls between the ages of 18 to 25. They are looking for the cars that past by and they are every way on the South Side. You can find them mainly on the Central American Blvd. And they tend to be out in the day time but especially between the ours of 4 pm and 8 pm. They don't normally go out in the night time.


    You just cruze along and if you see a girl you like just blow your horn. If They will respond by smiling or waving then you are in look. If you want to find latina girls you will have to cruize San Pedro. They are also on the streets you just wave at them as you pass in your golf cart ( only golf carts are used in the island) if you see they reply then you can approach them.


    The girls in Belize will not want straight sex, they will want a little ride first and maybe some food and a phone card. Then you can go with them and offer them some money afterwards, $50 to $100.00

    (Review # 24782)
  • Ladyville Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Jan 20 2007 Submitted by: Will

    I lived for 3 months in Belize and was a regular at the Rose Garden. There is a large variety of girls offered from local Belizians to Hondurans, Guatemalans and virtually anywhere in Central America. A limited number of girls do full nude, 20 minutes of pole dancing sessions and the ones that do the dances are amongst the prettiest. All the girls are available to walk out with you but the price depends on Raul unless it is Monday night which is the girls night off. The girls are all checked regularly by Raul's doctor.

    February to September can be a bit busy as the Brit soldiers exercise there over this period. However, they spend 6 weeks in the jungle with maybe a 7 day period occupying Rauls. A good cheap night out! Not: don't buy the girls a drink as you're being charged alcohol prices for water. Not all the girls live on the premises so if you're after 'more', pick up one that lives off site. Normally after a couple of paying sessions on site, if you get invited back it's free. Enjoy... coz I did.
    (Review # 17042)
  • Belize city Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Apr 06 2006 Submitted by: Parched

    I just visited the Rose Garden. I have never been to a brothel like establishment before . I had never even paid for sex before but I had heard about the garden and thought I would check it out but the only problem was the only time I could go was at noon and I did not know if it would be open. I flagged a cab and asked if it was open today and the cabbie said it should be. I asked how much to take me there and he said he had not been in a while and would just charge me 25 belize (12 bucks!) for the 15-20 mile drive. On the way he informed me that even if it was not open I could go in the back door and since the girls live there, there were always some to pick from. When we arrived it was closed but the cabbie led me around back and escorted me into the girls quarters. There were five girls home. One was talking on the phone and offered sex for 40 bucks US but acted to busy so I moved down the hall. The last door reveiled a couple of sixes but I figured for my first trip I had to try the place out so I decided to take one or both of them but just as I was about to shut the door the cabbie yelled at me. There were two girls just getting out of the shower. One was about 19 or 20 and the probably a 7 and the other was a little older 5 or 6. The youngest one was very personal and charming. She was the one I wanted. She said her price was 35 bucks US . I decided to let the other one stay too for 35, figured my first two girl was worth 70 bucks. I let the older one who acted more like a prostitute do her thing but most of the time stayed in eye contact with the younger one. She was very interested in the experience and acted as though she really was glad to be there and was very into the sex. After no stimulation was coming from the older one I slipped into the younger more attractive one and quickly relieved myself inside of her. This was a very pleasent and cheap experience. They told me to come back when I could stay all night. I cant wait to go back. (Review # 14409)
  • Belize City Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Feb 18 2004 Submitted by:

    What a place! The moment i walked in there i had birds rubbing themselves against me, grabbing my you know what and all my intentions went out the window.

    I spent 4 months out in the country and i'd probably find myself in there two or three times a week... we got to know the birds, and some of the lads were getting it for free... i heard one of the lads even got paid ten dollars by a whore to fuck her!!

    The best night i had was when me and my mate went twos up with a Guatemalan bird with pontoon eyes ( one was twisted and one was bust) and i was getting sucked off and my mate was giving her kidney punches and telling her she was a cheap fifty dollar whore and spitting on her. Hilarious. She didn't care, she was paid double. (Review # 8387)

  • Belize City Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Feb 08 2003 Submitted by: Kendell

    Raul's Rose Garden is the name if half and half is your game. One of the sleaziest places ever and none is better! For $35 you get every vato's desire for a half hour. About 20 girls walking around looking for some action. Be careful though, cocahina is a plenty! Good luck and wrap that rascal a little bit! (Review # 6830)
  • Belize City and San Pedro Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Jun 11 2001 Submitted by: Whisper

    I did a great deal of research on providers in Belize before going and had ~~little luck finding help. The one posting on this board helped and I did have a ~~guy respond to some of my usenet requests named David. I think from the UK. His ~~information was old but helpful. The auto rental agent referred me to Rauls Rose ~~Garden and also said there were some attractive ladies in the casino at Princess ~~Hotel and Casino. There used to be a few places to find providers (Hotel ~~Continental, la Vida Allegra and Bamboo Bay) but I could not find them.


    I stopped at a pay phone to look them up and a local offered to clean my ~~windshield for $1. Instead I gave him $10 for information. All of the above were ~~closed but he remembered them so he knew what I was looking for. He referred me ~~to Rauls Rose Garden, about 2 miles south of the airport and another place ~~between Belize City and Belmopan (he said the women at Rauls were more ~~attractive but a little more expensive). I went to Rauls Rose Garden. The girls ~~live there in small rooms in the back and will take you back there. Much like ~~Mexico boys town. I was there kind of early and immediately began talking to a ~~very attractive latin girl, about 25, from Guatemala. For $125 American, she ~~left with me and spent the whole night with me and most of the next day. It was ~~a great deal and I enjoyed it very much, both evening and morning activities, ~~and then she accompanied me to some of the ruins the next day. I was kind of ~~cool having her hanging on my arm in the casino. I could see the women thinking ~~how terrible I was and the men thinking how lucky I was.
    ~~The window washer also told me of a club downtown called Odyssey, that there ~~were very attractive women working after 11PM. I also noticed several attractive ~~white and black girls in the casino after about 10PM playing nickel slots ~~(always an excellent place to find providers). I'm not sure about them but the ~~did dress and look the part. There was also a dancing company there for a show. ~~They were advertised as russian and were all 9s and 10s. Again I'm not sure if ~~they were available or not. All this was in Belize City.
    ~~The next day I went to Ambergris Caye. I was not able to engage in the hobby ~~there but I did notice some very attractive young latin women hanging in some of ~~the hotel bars. Definitely would have stopped to talk if I could have.   ~~Good Luck
    (Review # 3721)

  • Belize City Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Jan 16 2000 Submitted by: Pimp

    Belize city's famous house of sin is Raul's Rose Garden. It's way out in the boon docks but well worth the taxi ride. Everyone in the country knows the garden, so don't worry about trying to get directions. Located close to the Int'l airport, on the northern highway, heading west away from the city towards the ruins. The closest hotel is the Best western, nice digs. Anyhow, on to the cuajo!! (that's creole slang for pussy). The garden has ~25 women working everynite. They all live on premise, in small, small, rooms in the back of the joint. This is where you go to git it on. Enjoy the strip show, sit back to you see your choice, and jump on it. It's a bit sketchy outside, but there is security with machettees at the door. A good half hour of half + half is Blz$50. Everything in the country is half price for US$$. Bargain your way down. Looks range from lots of 3's, to a couple of 8's, but wait for the 10 who looks Mexican. Look out for the British Soldiers, and have a good time. (Review # 1346)

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