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  • Barbados Strip Club Review Dated Added: Mon Oct 27 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    hi guys i would like to share my experience in barbados about a place called caramel. it has to be the worst place i have been in my life believe me the place stinks and the place is so small and suffocating, the women are below average and too uptight, girls pretend to be from brazil and have a lot of attitude when it comes to do,s and donts. you can give this place a pass but, but this is the best place to go to in barbados so we are all helpless but to pay a visit. no choice. see to believe and then you would know what i mean (Review # 25014)
  • Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Apr 23 2008 Submitted by: Island Sexpert

    This is a quick guide for the best & worst island's to visit in the Caribbean if you are looking for bitches not beaches.

    The absolute best island to visit is Curacaoa and the best place in Curacao is Campo Allegre. Why?Because they have the lowest prices (around $50 USD if you bargain ).Campo Allegre in Curacao is also one of the very few Caribbean spots that has a large variety of beautiful young women from different countries such as Columbia,Dominican Republic, Venuzela, Honduras, etc.You can pay in USD,Euro,or local currency. Bring your own condoms because often times the girls don't have any on hand. Buy them at a local store and not in your hotel which charges very high prices for condoms.

    The absolute worst island's to visit are Haiti and Jamaica. Both islands are very dangerous (Haiti had food riots mid-April and has a permanent contingent of U.N. Peace keepers for the past 10 years to reduce the violence).Jamaica is dangerous because it has the third highest murder rate in the world per capital. If you have to be in Jamaica then the best massage parlours are in Montego Bay and they charge $70 to $100 full service-usually with no massage).The worst part about Jamaica is that the black women are not very attractive. You can find better looking black women is Spanish speaking islands.

    One of the more expensive place to look for women is Puerto Rico. The massage parlours typical charge $100 US to $150 US for full service. The up-side is that there a lot of good looking Latin women everywhere. But don't bother with the clubs unless you live there because it will cost you a lot of time and money to get one of those chicks into bed.

    The most expensive place to visit for women are Aruba,St Marten and Cayman islands. Normally a woman will charge $150 US up for full service. The fist 2 island I mentioned are fairly exotic for vacation purposes but generally more expensive than every-where else.

    Avoid Trinidad which has seen a great increase in drug related violence. Its sister island Tobago,has little violence and is a great place for beaches but not for hoes.

    The second best island to visit is Dominican Republic .It is the most popular island travel destination in the Caribbean for whore's. It has dozens of places to find whores,especially in Santo Domingo. Prices usually range from $90 to $190 US in Santo Domingo (for full service with motel room included).

    The third best place to visit is Cuba which has massive amounts of women that you can talk to on the street and they will give full service for $40 to $60 US (which is about 1 months pay).Most of them are not regular whore's and will only sell puss to foreigners and don't do this for a living. They usually don't have condoms so bring your own. American are not allowed to travel to Cuba. If they do, then they will face an enormous $$ fine/penalty from the US govt when they get home. Cuba is mostly a European play-ground right now.

    Many of the other islands have a small whore trade going on but are not worth the high prices for average looking women.

    Have fun but not in the sun
    (Review # 23303)
  • Jamaica Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Oct 25 2007 Submitted by: Rau

    Hi All! I am benefited a lot by this site as it gave me lots of tips to have the fun across the globe. I am very much interested to have fun with Black Girls and it is some how not materialized till recently. That made me a visit to Jamaica though it is a visit (for 3 days). I came to US on an official visit from India and came to know that Jamaica is not too far from USA and VISA is not required for citizens from commonwealth countries (for two weeks stay in Jamaica).

    That prompted me to fly to Kingston. I heard that it is not a safe place after evening hours, though there is lot of night activity in night clubs and bars. I made a decision not to venture out during late hours and at the same time wanted to have fun with the black beauties. The cab driver (JUTA cab) helped me to give some tips as I can get some contact numbers in the news daily Observer under classifieds. They say that they will take up the sensuous massage with trained girls and they can oblige the out calls in hotels also.

    I have noted down such numbers and called a girl for few hours into my hotel. Generally the hotel staff doesn’t object these girls entering into your rooms. The hotels tariff is definitely on higher side to the standards and the service they provide (they charged me US $100 per night). The girls charge any where between US $ 50 to 60 for couple of hours and generally they are cooperative. I had three girls in two nights and found Angel is really awesome. She is very aggressive. Generally these girls would like to take active participation. They are not pushy but expect a tip of 200 ~ 500 Jamaican dollars (US $ 3 to 8, which is really reasonable). I had complete satisfaction and my dreams are fulfilled in Jamaica. I heard that there are many lap dance shows but didn’t venture out for security reasons. I would like to make another visit.

    (Review # 21475)
  • Caribbean Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Jan 13 2007 Submitted by: Sweet-Whore-Hole-Lover

    I find that sipping a beer and watching a fine brown-sugar Dominican teenager take off her clothes and shake her ass in a club or bar does wonders for clearing your mind and getting up your guts (not to mention you cock) for the bargaining process.

    1) If you're surrounded by only Germans, Americans, English or European men, you're on the wrong path.

    2) You don't need a club full of tens. You just need one 10. Go to less popular clubs and bars and take the best chic there. Aviod all bad neighbourhoods and slums.

    3) There is always a good deal of shit going on behind the scenes in the sex business in the clubs. Most of it just means you're losing money on buying drinks. Some of it could be worse, like huge bar fines.

    4) It all comes down to how many babies this chic has crying at home, how desperate she is, her feelings about getting fucked by you, and your budget/stinginess/generosity.

    5) Club owners (who often treat the girls like shit) get rich by selling you overpriced drinks and charging you exit fees to take the girls out. Your money would be of more use to you if it went to the girls (and to them, too).

    6) Streetwalkers and beachwalkers can be dirt cheap. Among them there have got to be a few cute ones. Plenty of young teenage girls and of course, some pretty nasty-ass violent stuff too. Be careful, street girls and their pimps can be very dangerous. If you use one of them drive off in a taxi to avoid being followed and use a cheap motel (not the hotel where you are staying).

    7) Plan on spending the night. You can get the by-the-hour bullshit in the U.S. Any hotel that you're going to stay in is nicer than the girl's house. She really looses nothing by staying with you (unless she's got kids to get back to.) I'm reading shit about pendejos paying $120 for less than an hour in Mexico NOT INCLUDING cover charges, taxis and a lot of other bizarre shit. From my experience, that's pretty out of control.

    8) Do not spend the night in a whorehouse -- a club with a hotel on back!!! You are at the mercy of a whole zoo full of tigers. You have no bargaining power, not to mention security.

    9) Get the chic out of her comfort zone and into yours. Try to make her deal with you on your terms. Take her to a hotel where you've already got an undestanding with the folks there. She will assume you know what you're doing.

    10) Make the taxi drivers work for you. They are your ticket to getting in and out of places you don't want to be for very long. They know all the clubs, the prices, the hotels, how to deal with the chics, etc.

    11) There is no set price on anything -- and that's half the fun. Use all your wit, charm and sex appeal, and bargain like hell. Find out at what price the chic would rather just hang out in the club and smooch beers; then offer her 10 pesos more. (Feel free to give her any kind of a tip, gift, etc. after -- you'll feel good about that. But you shouldn't feel good about just opening up your wallet and letting her take what she wants -- which seems to be what most people do.) A woman would be a fool if she didn't triple or quadruple her price for someone with sucky Spanish -- she just might get it. Even with darn-good Spanish I find that my gringo looks are usually enough to get me a doubled price the first time I ask. Competition is the name of the game. What kind of price does she have to offer to keep you from walking across the street to another bar or talking to the next streetwalker? Don't expect much competition within the same club. In fact, you can assume that everyone inside the place (and many of the taxi drivers outside) are in cahoots. They have a million brilliant rip-off schemes.

    12) About half of the girls have a shot at being straightforward and decent with you -- even pleasant. I mean, who wants to fuck a bitch? Prostitution is fantasy-land, but without the fantasy what do you have? A chance at getting AIDS? Use a condom and you won't catch any disease (there are large and extra-large ones for men who have more than 6" tools - i.e. Lifestyle condoms). You want someone who plays the part. Somebody who'll give you a little lovin', not just spread their legs. Like I say, half of them aren't going to work. But the other half will. The trick is knowing who's who before you shut the hotel room door. It's not easy. They will often do a 180 -- flirt, dance, touch, sweet talk you beforehand and then totally bitch out on you behind closed doors: complain, rush you, try to get more money, tell you that you can't do this or that. Take your time. See how far you can get before you have to pay them. (I often pay after the fuck.) Ask them if they like to go to the beach? Which one? Are they free tomorrow? They think they're practically married at that point. Tell 'em all about yourself. Make friends with them. That goes a long way. Take them out of one club and bring them to another -- like a date. Totally throw them off.

    13) The strip clubs can be fun. I like watching the show. Some of the chics get into it and some don't. Some are even really shy about taking off their clothes (which they have to do every third dance), which can be kind of interesting. Use this as an opportunity to scope the situation. Ask the price of a beer from the taxi driver, offer that much money for one beer (the corner stores which are everywhere have excellent prices on beer as well as rum so you can drunk off your ass without paying a fortune). Drink it slowly and graciously refuse all the attempts of all the chics to come on to you (and the waiters to set you up with chics).

    All the chics want is for you to buy alcohol for them because they get a cut (I seriously think a lot of them are almost ambivalent about going to the hotel with you. Some of them just refuse. They must make a decent amount just staying at the club.) If they actually drunk all the rum that they can get you to pay for, they'd die of alcohol poisoning. (That's why the club brings them juice or water or whatever shit and charges you exorbitant prices.) You have no better chance of anything after you buy a chic 5 drinks than you do before you spent the money. The second you hesitate to get her another whatever - it - is - that - she - wants (including food), she'll go sit next to some other dude. This is pretty much a hard and fast motherfuckin' rule. So until you know who it is you want, refuse all the chics with a big smile. This will puzzle them and when you eventually call one over to your table, you're already at an advantage. You can point, hiss, motion or tell the waiter who you want. She'll come instantly. Buy her a drink and try to figure her out as fast as you can -- before she asks for more.

    If you don't like her, don't buy her another drink -- make excuses about money and this and that -- she'll leave. Then motion another one over. If you like her, get right to the point and somehow get across what you want and what you want to pay. She'll easily ask double to begin with. Laugh and bring her down 50% and go from there. If she's good to go, either go or find out when she can go. (Maybe she has to dance again, pay a bar fine in order to leave, or wait until closing time; maybe tomorrow is a better day -- if you can wait you might get a killer deal.)

    Once you have an understanding with her she'll stop wasting your money on drinks. Tell her you want to save the cash for her and that you'll stop by the colmado to buy shit on the way to the hotel. Once you've got an agreement, you're set. She'll sit on your lap and act like your girlfriend until you leave the bar or club. The secret is to figure out what you want (and also plan B and C) before you ask for it. You don't want to be stuck buying drinks for the first chic that sees you just because she sat down next to you and rested her hand in your crotch. Wait till you see what the options are.

    14) Know exactly what you're going to get and how much it will cost before money exchanges hands. This is absolutely critical. Otherwise, you will pretty definitely get screwed. Use sign language or whatever to describe every possible favor that you would like and get an OK on it.

    Get a time frame!!! Offer her half now and half in the morning. This is the hardest part, but it works out best for everybody. Think of every possible way she could rip you off: won't give you head without a condom, won't let you kiss her or touch her hair, says that now you came, it's all over... says she has to go back and dance at the club... says that this or that costs extra. You can expect this stuff.

    15) If you are in the process of getting ripped off, you're hating it. If you're inside a whore house, you're fucked. If you complain, the chic will complain and they'll kick your ass out the door whether you just barely took your shoes off or not. If you're at a hotel, it depends on whether or not you've paid the money. If she's bitchin' out on you and you haven't paid, let her go. She'll go find some pendejo who's easier to push around. If you've paid part, try to get your money's worth and let her go. Don't be violent but don't be a pushover. If you were local male you could be strong with her and demand that she fufill her part of the bargain. But no one will probably appreciate a foreigner coming over and getting all pissed off and outraged at local girls.Worst of all you may get beaten up or arrested by physically fighting a woman. And they'll believe her story, not yours in cases of violence.

    But a local man probably wouldn't get a peso less action than what he paid for. If you can convince her that you're coming from the same place, you're cool. If you're at a hotel which specializes in this kind of thing, the desk person may step in to arbitrate the situation. If she robs you, people will probably believe you but be careful, you probably won't get your money back --- only stolen mechandise.

    All you read at this site about getting robbed applied. I would guess that at least 20% of what the chics makes is stuff she picks up through slight of hand.

    16) Pick a good hotel beforehand. Curiosity alone will encourage her to spend the night and see a nice, well-known joint (but the price of the hotel may defeat your purpose). In the 3rd world, cheap is cheap. I feel very ripped off if I pay over $20 -- unless it's a nice place as in cable, A/C, etc. Locals (who use hotels a lot) certainly don't pay much more than that. It's fine to stay in a poor part of town (and I've checked into many red-light district whore-tells chock full of local tigres gettin' in on with the local chicks.)

    But remember, prostitution, robbery, extortion, protection, drugs, the police -- it's all the same business. It might be good to find a humble but secure hotel (bars over everything) a little way from the clubs themselves. Get an understanding with the owner or whoever beforehand. Tell them you'll be bringing your girlfriend up later. Some places may not allow that and some places may think it's an incovenience to have you coming in very late -- most won't. Some hotel folk will be convinced that you are out of your mind, lost, or both. But unless they seem adamant about your safety, wink at them, say something about being a tigre and you should be set. Many motels are a never-ending series of metal gates. Make sure you can get them open at the time you want to get in, make sure that they get closed behind you, and make sure that you have a reasonable chance of getting out in a hurry.

    If your girl goes ballistic or the drunk guy next door goes off, you gotta leave. Some hotels which are set up for this kind of thing won't let your girl out the gate unless you say she can go. That's a plus. Keep the chics from pulling a fast one. Obviously you don't carry an extra peso or anything valuable. It would be very rare if you came out from a motel in a decent neighbourhood physically hurt . But it would also be rare if you came out with all the money you went in with -- they'll get it one way or another. I've been stuck up and what amounted to being stuck up more than once. No prob -- just fork over the money and go back to your other hotel on the safe side of town and get some more.

    Everything you read on this site about chics working in pairs is true -- one fucks you and the other empties your pockets and your room. You'll never see what happened. They're experts.

    16) Be very, very cautious about being alone with people who know each other. This can be hooker's friends, a hooker and a taxi driver, a pimp and a hooker, a hotel person and a hooker, a hooker and her "little sister." They've got some very clever scam worked up that you'll probably never fully understand but all will empty your pockets all the same. Keep everybody off guard and on your terms.

    17) Don't walk on the streets at night in bad areas (areas full of hookers)!!! You can get hurt.Use taxis. He may or may not be able to do that. It's possible that you -- who've got the cash flow -- have as much close-up experience with this kind of thing as he does. If you have to walk a block or so between clubs in the cities, don't go slow but don't look nervous. Stay where there is light. Ignore everyone you see or give them a casual "sup?"

    Try to look like a CIA agent. Everyone assumes you are anyway. Everyone white is assumed to be a tourist, a whore-monger if its a single white male, a CIA agent, or a Mormon missionary. All the tourists are on the beach, and you sure as fuck can't be a Mormon missionary. So you must be a whore-monger.

    SO WHAT'S THE BOTTOM LINE? Sure all this tigre-undercover agent shit sounds potential amusing, but what's it worth? Well, in general I never pay more than $30 to $40 bucks to spend the night with an attractive young female. (I've found that a lot of street hookers are under 18. 16 and 17 is common. Bars and hotels usually don't allow women under 18 yrs old because it's illegal in every country in the world. They seem to tell the truth about their age -- though I can't imagine why there isn't something better for them to tell.).

    With street girls, I shoot for $20. A blow job can be $15. Double your price for bar chicks. We're talking thin teenage chics, nice skin, big tits. If something goes wrong, it's not that the price goes up. They tell you any price as long as they think that they can give you less time or less action than what you're paying for. Of course, if you've managed to establish some kind of a relationship -- you're supposedly going to the beach tomorrow, you are a repeat customer, they like you, etc., -- you can relax. But that's the bottom line for a night of sex. Some girls like sex and will take as much as you can give. So if you pay $15 for the hotel, $15 on taxis, no more than $10 to get the chic out of the club (if that is necessary -- these things are always negotiable. If she's a tigre she can give the bar the slip as easily ), very little on drinks (at least the ones you buy in a bar), you're looking at a NIGHT of sex for $80 ($40 for 1 hour). You'll be lucky if you can pay that double that for an HOUR in the U.S. (and Mexico -- according to some of these poor guys.) You should end up with plenty of pesos to give her something extra to take home for her babies  -- which is immensely more satisfying than having it extracted from you like blood.

    Always remember that the way to win the game is to be polite, non-agressive and firm. Don't act like a pussy when you are trying to buy pussy (women don't respect that, they like strong, friendly personalities, not whimps). If the woman is overly agressive, constantly AFTER she has gotten your attention and conversation then get rid of her because she is going to give you a lot of trouble with her professional hustling skills. The most important thing of all is to bargain incessantly and calmly (if you look desperate the price won't go donw very much).

    Try to have fun doing it. Remember you are buying pussy. Not begging for it.
    (Review # 16994)

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