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  • San Juan Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Feb 08 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    A man can have all the eye candy he can possibly want in San Juan. The women are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. When its time for you to have your way I don't think you'd be able to find any place which tops San Juan Puerto Rico. There is a catch though. You have to pay good money for it. I've read what those before me have written and I just don't agree. I'm a smooth talker and negotiator. Frenchy's by far the best strip club there is charging $160 for the 1/2 hour. Now mind you the girls there are on fire! Most of them are 8 1/2 and above. And that's still an understatement.

    The service you get from really any of them is incredible. But it’s very expensive! There was no talking them down. I left. Found a street walker on the next street over. Nice thick Dominican chick for $40 for a couple of hours it seemed getting blown in my car. Massage parlors are good too. 1 hour cost $160 and the girls are decent. Again they take great care of you! You’ll leave feeling like a king. San Juan Puerto Rico is a great place for banging but make sure you bring plenty of money and I mean plenty of money!  

    (Review # 17374)
  • Old San Juan Other Dated Added: Wed Dec 06 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    Just got back from PR in September. Action is scarce. This website is a life saver. Found some serious action @ Lucky 7's as some previous reviews stated. You will pay for the room and the girl. As usual it all depends on the girl and how much alcohol you have consumed. If I remember correctly the room was $39 and that was before services. Not much action in the off season so bargain with the ladies. A good bj should be about $40.

    These girls are old pros. They do the whole finger in the ass with the condom while blowing you. My girl pulled out this huge dildo and I said wait a second, no. no. no. Good luck and good hunting. Ask a taxi driver, they still know where the little amount of action is.
    (Review # 16526)
  • San Juan Massage Parlor Dated Added: Tue Nov 28 2006 Submitted by: John Juanes

    Went to local massage parlor in Isla Verde area, called Angel's Hands. It's located over a Condom World. Was met at the door by two beautiful ladies, one dark-skinned Dominican and a light-skinned Puerto Rican. The Dominican had the best overall body, but the Puerto Rican had the best boobs.

    Being the boob man that I am, I went with the Puerto Rican. Was led to a small room and offered my choice of drinks. I selected some wine, whcih to my surprise was free. After having my drink with my lady, she explained that massage service would be $40, which I paid immediately.

    The massage itself was average, but the anticipation made it incredible. Once I had turned over with my hard-on and after massaging my front, she explained that they offered "special services". Clothed HJ-$40, nude HJ-$60, clothed BJ-$80, nude BJ-$100, and Full Service-$120. I went with the Full Service.

    She gave me an incredible CBJ, during which I fingered her to orgasm. After she came and rested for 1-2 minutes, she mounted me and fucked the hell out of me. She really got into it. Her eyes never left mine and her pussy was so wet it drenched my balls. After we were done she took off my condom and cleaned me. We made some small talk while we out our clothes back on and she sent me on my way.

    Over the years I've visited my share of massage parlors, and I do recommend this place very highly.

    (Review # 16448)
  • Old San Juan Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Oct 12 2006 Submitted by: CoQui

    Well just came back everything you read about Lucky Seven is TRUE !!! not the best neighborhood cab ride $10 bucks. The women are more aggressive. The older ones will come right up to you and grab your dick and start rubbing, there the prices are much cheaper room rate went up $35.00 and $100.00 for the service total $135.00 one condom one shot deal so you cum your done . The older women charge $50.00 a 1/2 rate plus room. Your preference again keep a cab drivers number to arrange your pick up atmosphere very intimidating dark very uneasy, pretty girls but rough around the edges. I went to Frenchy's cab ride $13 bucks. Nice choice $160 the works. The girls are much much hotter better atmosphere they are to the point so it is, what it is. A lap dance $30 bucks, but the bouncer there was the best I had to tip that guy a bald head dark Hispanic guy morena the guy told me straight up 160 here one shot deal you cum your done or 60 bucks you can take any girl out of here. He stated he wanted to help me out which we negotiated he brought drinks up & brought women to sit and talk if you did not like her, he said check this one out!!! Made sure a cab was outside and all the local cab drivers recommended the place. It is great a definitely better choice kid in a candy factory trick or treat. Also some cab drivers do wait outside with two girls in the back of a van if you want to continue your whoring around much cheaper $150 for an hour and a half. Any questions please post will reply a.s.a.p. (Review # 15942)
  • San Jaun Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Sep 13 2005 Submitted by: von06

    In May I went to San Jaun... I asked the cab driver to take me to some good spots and he took me to about three places. The first was the Blue Marlin Bar.  The girls here were not that hot face-wise, but their bodies were thick and they all had J-Lo booties! Warning: They will be very aggressive when you first walk in. I was swarmed as soon as I walked in.

    All the girls were dark-skinned. It didn't bother me cause I'm black. So after about thirty minutes, I chose this one girl named Carrol with a huge jiggly booty... 100 dollars for the room and girl, condom included. After we had sex, she offered her number and wanted to go to my hotel, since I told her I was just visiting. If you like big booties, this is a good little spot.

    Also try Lucky 7 or Frenchy's, but at Frenchy's the doorman is very aggressive about you tipping the girls, waitresses, the whole bar... but besides him, it's a nice place, with more thick girls... mostly Dominican and a few Puerto Ricans.
    (Review # 12659)
  • San Juan Other Dated Added: Mon Sep 12 2005 Submitted by:

    There are plenty of places in San Juan where you can have a good old time... Stay away from DIVAS... that place sucks and is expensive... but down the street from there, next to condom usa is a place called Pure Moods, there's a place that has nice clean girls, and some actually give good massages... For the strip clubs with nice looking girls that will give you extra, Lucky Seven is always good. Just make sure you get a hot-looking girl... (Review # 12655)
  • San Jaun Massage Parlor Dated Added: Wed Aug 17 2005 Submitted by:

    I was there last weekend... It's a fucking Fuckland.... Good massage parlors are in Isla Verde. All seeking massage should stay here....BW, Ying Yang, Alternative Masssage, Golden Touch....

    Alternative Massage is located next to Pizza Express... There is also one next to Condom World (located next to Pizza Express). It is on the second floor...Very good service//// Condado area has Pure Moods but the babes are not that good... It seems Pure Moods is the only masasage parlor in the Condado area....However, Condado has few strip clubs.... happy scrubbing.
    (Review # 12477)
  • San Juan Strip Club Review Dated Added: Thu Jul 07 2005 Submitted by: johnny Awol & El Oso Manoso

    Stay at the Hotel Excelsior and you'll be within walking distance of two good stripclubs. Deja Vu and Frenchy's. Nice clubs, but expect to spend some big bucks. Beers=8, dance=20, vip=80+champagne(120+lap dance). Definitely go to Isla Verde b/c the girls are bangin and Club da Noise where girls will grind you till you cum. Beware of their friends and boyfriends. (Review # 11954)
  • San Juan Massage Parlor Dated Added: Thu May 05 2005 Submitted by:

    The Golden Touch Massage Parlor is located right off of highway 26, which is the one that runs from the airport past Isla Verde, Condado and into Old San Juan. You can actually see the place in the little strip mall that's fronted by the marginal road.


    It was $40 for the room. The girl was pretty, looked Dominican. They tell you to strip nude and lie down for a massage. When they get near your inner thigh just let them know you're interested. The girl massaged my balls for a good 5 minutes. $50 for a handjob, $60 for some wonderful deepthroat head. Very clean, seemed very concerned with safety. Though for $10 more she did let me cum all over her face, then used it as lube to keep jacking me off (then she used alcohol to clean everything up). She also encouraged grabbing and rubbing when she got nude to give head.

    (Review # 11397)
  • San Juan Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Nov 09 2004 Submitted by: RS

    Went to Frenchy 2’s near the Condado area on a Monday night around 1 am. Cab ride from the Caribe Hilton cost me $7. There were about 5 cops standing in formation in front of the place. Taxi driver said they were cool with everything, just there for security.

    $20 entrance fee, bought a bottle of water when I got in, for $5. There were about 12 dancers there. Met someone named Brandi Lopez there. Looked just like Juliette Lewis from Cape Fear with a golden tan, even cuter. Maybe a 7-8. I called her B-Lo. Bought her a drink for $14. We chatted for almost 30 minutes. She has 2 kids. Seemed to be stalling things as much as possible. I finally paid the $161, which included the room. Supposedly, I was supposed to tip the waitress, too. Everything there is designed to take money off you. Once inside, things were as stalled as much as possible. Trying to chat excessively. Doing everything in her power to avoid FS. I finally had to push things and it only lasted a very short time. I was afraid she was going to stall things again. Another $15 for cab ride home. I left feeling disappointed. Total of $225 for a 5 minute FS session and 1 hour of chat.

    (Review # 10415)
  • San Juan Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Sep 13 2004 Submitted by:

    Just visited the massage parlor De Rose located above CTPR computers on Eleanor Roosevelt (just off the Riviera in the Hato Rey district). Had a very nice, nude massage for $40. Then paid $50 more for the girl to finish me off. Probably could have skipped the massage and gone right for the hand job but it was my first time and I didn't know how things were supposed to go. Well worth the money, I came so hard I literally nutted over my shoulder. The girl was pretty but a little old. When I go back,  I'm going to ask to see how many different girls they have and what they look like. Just wanted to let you know that the place is still up and running. (Review # 10119)
  • Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Aug 19 2004 Submitted by:

    I just wanted to share my San Juan experience with you all. I was recently in San Juan on business and stayed at the Wyndham El San Jaun. This is probably one of my favorite hotels in North America.

    On Saturday nights the lobby turns into the most amazing night club. If you are ever in San Juan, you have to go and see it. Anyway, I was bored on Sunday and was looking for some action, and when all else fails, go see the bell-men out front. These guys know everything, look for the older guys who have been at it for a while. Chat with them first, they are all friendly and hospitable. Anyway, i got the 2 most inbelievable girls for $125 each. They were amazing and I felt like I was in high school. They stayed for 2 hours and treated me like a king. I will return!!!!

    (Review # 9908)
  • Strip Club Review Dated Added: Thu Apr 08 2004 Submitted by:

    For all of you that were used of going to the Black Angus, now that its shot down, there is a new place called Frenchy's. I was just there and when I ask the taxi driver to take me to the Black Angus, he told me that the police closed it down. he said that there was a new club and took me there.

    Frenchy's 1 in Puerto Nuevo and we also went to Frenchy's 2 in Santurce which was even better. It had about 40 girls, the majority were between 18 and 21 years... full service is 160.00 - I had a girl named Bomby, she was great. (Review # 8809)

  • Massage Parlor Dated Added: Thu Feb 27 2003 Submitted by: fun69

    When you visit San Juan, the old Black Angus is not longer there, I used to love that place, however a couple of new "Massage Parlor" are available in the San Juan Metro Area. ~~~~

    Golden Team located in Roosevelt Ave. The place has a couple "latinas" that you could choose. The did an excellent massage for $60 and full service for $100 ~~ (Review # 6913)

  • Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Dec 31 2002 Submitted by: Horney Bastard

    Returned from a trip to San Juan, and frankly speaking who needs the Black Angus. There is plenty of action in San Juan without it. I was staying in Condado and had a rental car so I was able to check out all of the places reported by other people submitting reviews. The problem was that I was getting to these places too early and had to go back to my hotel and pound one out myself. Anyhow my hotel is a short walk from Danny's in Condado. It is supposedly a sports bar, but if you get there late enough (after 11:00pm) you will find action. ~~

    ~~At Danny's though you have to find a diamond in the rough. The girls are not so good looking, but there are 1 or 2 who are. And they do aim to please. One advantage of Danny's is that you do not have to pay additional for a hotel room. You can take the girls to your hotel room. And there is no cover to get in. Price for a girl is $40.00 or less. I am not talking about a quickie for $40.00. One girl "Lorena" gave a head, made me cum, gave me a massage, and then fucked me for $40.00. It was a great experience, and I can't wait to go back. Caribbean hookers are so much nicer than Americans. Have fun. ~~ (Review # 6626)

  • San Juan/Carolina Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Dec 24 2002 Submitted by:

    I was working in PR for about a year. I called escort services that are listed in the San Juan Star. Most of the girls were Dominican or Venezuelan. They came to my place and charged $125.00 for one hour.

    All of them were young and hot. I did everything with them except for anal which I am not in to. After about a month of call girls, I met my girlfriend and so I did not need any more hookers. I have had two Puerto Rican girlfriends and they are the best. (Review # 6585)

  • Strip Club Review Dated Added: Mon Dec 09 2002 Submitted by: Big Banana

    While on a cruise I decided to visit the Lucky Seven, mentioned in previous reports as being a combination strip club/brothel. The Lucky Seven is about 1 mile east of Old San Juan and the cruise ship piers, where I hailed a cab. The taxi drivers refused to use their meters so I got ripped off on the fare (I paid $5, the metered rate would have been about $3 or so). The Lucky 7 is in a bad neighborhood next to a public housing project, so it is probably better to take a taxi. However, no one gave me a hard time although the crowd was somewhat rough. ~~

    ~~I got there about 8:30 p.m. on a weekend night and the club had not yet opened. However, it was possible to sit at the bar and have a drink. The cost of entry and one drink was $7. I watched while the night's lineup of strippers entered. I saw about 8-10 girls come in. ~~

    ~~I was very disappointed in the quality of girls--I had hoped to see some Puerto Rican girls but most were black girls from the Dominican Republic and were very ugly! I did see a few girls with lighter skin and maybe one or two white girls but overall the quality of girls was very low! I don't know whether this place is a brothel or not but the quality of girls is so low that I decided not to stay and find out. I then went to Diva's strip club in the Condado district but found out that the show didn't start until 9:30 p.m. Sorry about the lack of information but I would not waste my time at the Lucky Seven unless you are really into ugly black girls.~~ (Review # 6521)

  • San Juan Strip Club Review Dated Added: Fri Sep 13 2002 Submitted by:

    Went to a place called Freddie's. Met Janet. she offered a 1/2 hr lap dance for $100. Great time. BBBJ and F/S covered.~~~~ (Review # 6129)
  • san juan Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Jun 17 2002 Submitted by: lex201

    My awesome trip to San Juan, forget the awesome, it was the best fuck fest I had, on another note, they flatten out the land at where black angus, Miramar and Hawaiian hut used to be at, there is a sizzler across the street. I just couldnít believe it, Well I went to the NEW LUCKY 7,the old lucky 7 had an advertisement outside, and is a new police headquarters, but the new LUCKY 7 moved up 2 blocks and has no name on the outside, it is a bad area, but they have bouncers watching you walk down the street and will watch your car. ~~

    ~~It was similar to the Black Angus ,but it was better because even though you donít get laid ,you get to watch a nude strip show, there is a 3 dollar charge at the door and you must buy a 5 dollar drink or else this skinny Wanna Be Bouncer will ask you to leave. The girls were mostly Dominican and ,Get this, half were Puerto Ricans. They were mostly dark skin w/ pretty faces ,and in there mid 20"s, ~~

    ~~Cost is 25 for the room and 35 to 45 for the blow job, no condom used if requested, anal is free if you ask them first. The girls come in around 930pm and stay till 4am. ,they go up to you once you walk in the door and say those 4 beautiful words"Fuckie fuckie,Suckie suckie"...for 65 dollars a Lay, you just got yourself a bargain , there isnít that much girls as the Black angus, I would see at least 10 to 15,THAT IS half oh what the angus had to offer, but it made me feel good about going back to Puerto rico, home of the rich port, Port of pussy that is.~~~~I also went to PURE MOODS in the condado area, this hot 19 yr old Puerto Rican chic gave me a below average massage, but made up for it with an above average Blowjob, I never came so much in her mouth, and she loved it too, ...WOW. I am going to take my 2 buddies in a few months to the promise land, where there was sorrow due to the death of the Black angus, Comes a new ray of sunshine w/ the all new lucky 7. Enjoy guys~~
    (Review # 5624)
  • San Juan Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Feb 08 2002 Submitted by:

    After a disappointing drive with my friendly taxi driver, he suggested ""San Tropez"". This is a strip club only. Take it from an expert at tittie bars, compared with U.S. clubs in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and many other cities, this place really sucks. The girls are pretty, but they are not allowed to expose any tits, ass, or pussy. They are not even allowed to leave with patrons. The most you get is a lap dance for $20. USD but no feeling or touching.~~~~I've seen a few people mention San Tropez. The reviews all claimed that there was no nudity, and no touching. I was there three times in the summer of 2000 with a friend I was working with, and my experience was very different.~~

    ~~~~At the front, there is a girl behind a counter who asks you if you are a member. If you are not a member, you can still come in if you can produce a business card. She goes over the rules, and emphasizes that no firearms are allowed. There are 2 or 3 very large bouncers outside (and just as many inside) to make sure you follow the rules (what rules there are).~~The interior of the club is not bad (but the men's room is disgusting). It isn't up to the level of "Thee Doll House", but it is passable, and better than a lot of dive go-go joints. The girls are a mix of Puerto Rican, Dominican, and American girls, most of whom I'd rate between 5 and 9. The girls dance topless, and you can get a couch dance for $20.00 with plenty touching. After your couch dance, most girls will try to get you to buy a bottle of champagne for $100.00, which buys you 1/2 hour up in the loft. The loft is not entirely private, but you can get a fair amount of touching, and kissing from some girls. Also, some girls will leave with you for the evening, but it is VERY expensive (around $600). ~~

    ~~~~We took a girl named Daisy back to our villa at around 2:00am. Daisy gave us a fair amount of play in the car on the ride home, really was all over us. She stayed with us until 7:00am. In that time, we each got bareback blowjobs, and intercourse with condoms. I went twice; my friend went three times. While it was incredibly expensive, it was still a great time, and had we left the club with her earlier, would have had even more time. I'll probably go back next time I'm down there (although I'm going to try to set up a meeting with one of the girls on her own time, so we don't have to give the club so much money).~~
    (Review # 5012)
  • San Juan Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Aug 13 2001 Submitted by:

    Sorry to inform everyone the Black Angnus is now closed for good. There are a couple of places though massage parlors: Alternatives- OK; Isla Verde Body Works- Avoid it Escorts: Buy The San Juan Star Local paper, most escorts are trustworthy. (Review # 4144)
  • San Juan Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Jun 11 2001 Submitted by: Anon

    Just visited the local scene in San Juan. Went to Frenches(sp.) first. Twenty at the door and one good looking girl, she said $150 for everything no bargaining. We left and took a cab to Lucky 7. $2 to get in $5 per drink. About twenty girls,18 of them NASTY. I chose one went next door $25 for the room. It was NO palace and $40 for the girl. No bargaining for the room, I tried. I offered the girl 2 hours for $200 in my room, she said $400,eventually she came down to $300. I passed. I did hear, Black Angus will reopen the end of June. On a scale, Lucky 7 I would give a 1 the girl maybe a high 6. I probably spent $80 plus cab. I would not go to any of these places by myself and I would definitely take a cab. (Review # 3715)
  • Condado Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Dec 16 2000 Submitted by: SPAMMAN

    Yes, the black angus is closed, but you can still find plenty action in san juan. Old san juan tourist district still has a non-advertised brothel, and if your in the condado (san juan) area, check out a club called dannys. It looks like a bar, but regularly has pros in it 24/7. Older gals, but experience has its benefits. $40 Will get you blown, $100 for full service message, suck, fuck fest. More for pictures, showers, kinky, etc. In isla verde try the el san juan hotel & its clubs, lobby, & bars. Pros will approach you if you make eye contact with them. Stay away from street crack whores in all areas, they will come back and make trouble, stay with a discreet professional. They are usually also much cleaner. (Review # 2857)
  • San Juan Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Nov 25 2000 Submitted by: searcherX

    FUCK!, the government in an attempt to make San Juan "more tourist friendly" made a crackdown on all the sex houses in San Juan . Just some places remain and they scattered on the metro area (any cabbie will be able to take u there". The places that remain are "gentlemen's club" which are expensive as hell but good places to go. The lucky 7 reopened but the action there was MUCH less good than in other times. They reopened in a new location that is a little harder to find but easy to get to once you know how. HOWEVER although the stripers are great the hookers are NOT. I mean one was almost 50 or something.

    Luckly there still is the personal (escorts) ads in The San Juan Star newspaper. So u can still find what you want but on higher fee. Most of them do hotel service only so u risk of being robbed.
    (Review # 2775)
  • San Juan Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Oct 17 2000 Submitted by: Peck

    Just got back from San Juan. Mixed bag. Used listings from the San Juan Star. First call was to an agency by the name of Jamil. This was a complete rip off! I requested a Venezuelan girl, and Jamil claimed that he had 9 Venezuelans, all beautiful. Well, let's just say that a haggard Puerto Rican woman showed up at my hotel, and basically she was only interested in chiseling me. I had been told on the phone that the rate would be $150 for an hour, $250 for two hours. Well, this hag, who claimed she was 26, but was around 35, wanted $300 for an hour and a half, and spent way too much time talking about rules (i.e., no kissing, $x for head, and on and on.) Very forgettable.

    The next night was very memorable, however. Called another ad and got hooked up with a fine, 22 year old Venezuelan. Lovely, great personality, slim, sexy body. $180 for enthusiastic, G.F.E. No rush, dancing in the room, excellent head, boning in several positions, excellent kissing, just a fun, fun girl. More than made up for that sorry hag that I dealt with on day one.
    (Review # 2561)
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