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  • Ocho Rios Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Jul 23 2008 Submitted by: Lex

    Hello to all my Horny travel buddies out there. Well I just got in from a 2 week business trip in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. I stayed at the Sunset Jamaica Grande Resort.

    The resort is beautiful and alot of activities inside the hotel resort such as live entertainment shows, bands and many water sports for you guys. The Cons are the slow elevators and poor service that you get if u encounter a problem, things are pretty slow in Jamaica when it comes to service or maybe the people are just too laid back for me.

    If ur looking for action in the resort chances lie at about %30 percent not much but couples, kids and older folks, alot of English tourists. I am latino and from my experience latinos don't get a lot of attention in Jamaica very difficult for me to get laid, Jamaican women love their own kind most of the time, they love black and sometimes white but good luck to the other races, I'm a good looking guy and it was still difficult to get action.

    If your looking for some action then your going to have to venture out of the resort into downtown Ocho Rios not a big town but there are a few social workers (hookers) walking the streets. Beware of all the local street hustlers in Ocho Rios or Ochy as they call it, these men and women will try to hustle u for the last dollar u carry.

    Didn't find Ocho Rios dangerous, the Jamaicans in Jamaica are not as ghetto and agressive as American Born Jamaicans, just set your foot down and they will back off. The Jamaican dollar is at about 72.00 to the $1.00 USD exchange.

    You should be able to find street action ( pussy ) for about 1,000 - 1,500 Jamaican Dollars which is close to $20.00 USD. Girls are 5 - 9 's in rating depending on what you like. Sunset Jamaica Grande will not allow locals in so don't try to walk a social worker in , they are very strict. You can talk to cab and hotel shuttle drivers they all know where the ladies are hotel shuttles and cabs are more expensive , I suggest you walk out of the resort and get service for about half the price.

    Check out Club Shades local Strip Club in Ocho Rios, Tuesday & Fridays are Freaky nights and boy do they get wild in there, sex shows and anything goes, u can get action with negotiation anywhere from $80 - $200 USD , just talk them down as much as u can. You can head to Margaritaville nightclub in Island Village it is a regular nightclub but local hookers walk in to find horny guys like urselves.

    I suggest if u want to bring ladies into hotels make sure its not a fancy and large resort like Hotel RIU or Sunset Jamaica Grande they are very strict and security will chase u all the way to the elevator if u bring an unknown face in with u hahahaha.

    I met a local jamaican girl (9) who sold paintings in my resort and in about 5 days she picked me up , paid for a room in another local hotel , brought some wine for us and we got down to business, she had the nicest little body and perfect tits and the pussy was fucking good.

    We did Oral, Anal and got pretty rough with each other, first time I had Jamaican pussy and it was great. I also hooked up with a cute jamaican gal from my worksite and banged her on my last night there, she was about an (8). I loved that I didn't have to pay a dime for any action I guess I just got lucky. The pussy is there just look real hard and be patient and don't worry about cops I don't think there are any and if u see them there are only a few. Good luck and have fun.
    (Review # 24311)
  • Kingston Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Jul 12 2008 Submitted by: Ray

    Before i went to Jamaica i found out that the was an Escort Service name Secret Gardens Jamaica, they also have a website and their real, the girls look real good. I went to Jamaica looking for Jamaican girls, black pretty girls, try out Fancy Face, she is petite and cute, visit their website at you will have fun i tell you. Als try Moana Lisa and Innocence, innocence have a nice ass. (Review # 24237)
  • Kingston Strip Club Review Dated Added: Thu May 29 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    I was recently in Platinum strip club, I suggest you check it out they have some new Hispanic girls, they were from panama I think. one and implants, don't get implants often in Jamaica. well anyway I would rate these girls 6-7 there are other women too Jamaican and white women from Russia and Ukraine.

    if you want to fuck them its a pretty standard US$ 300 to take them home, or $200 to fuck at the club, you might as well take them home because then you can fuck them all night as many times is you can manage.

    my last visit was with cherry, and after buying her a drink then getting a lap dance, I negotiated a blow job for US $100. rather than use the facilities for $200 I paid for two lap dances and she sucked me off during the songs. she was pretty good, and I came pretty quickly.

    you should check it out $300 to take them home $200 at the club or go ahead and try negotiate what ever else you can. best of luck its always a good time there.
    (Review # 23958)
  • kingston Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Apr 21 2008 Submitted by: I Love Pum Pum

    As a resident and native of Jamaica,it have some important advice for sex travelers. Stay away from Jamaica,especially Kingston because it is dangerous. Jamaica has the third highest per capita murder rate in the world of approx 2000 annually with a population of only 2.6 million people. The top murder rate spot belongs to South Africa followed by Columbia 200 countries in the world,Jamaica has earned a sad reputation for violence.

    On the other hand if you are looking for a great vacation then Negril, Ocho Rios and Montego Bay have great beaches and bitches. There are at least 100 whores hanging around in each of these very small cities but they will only appeal to you if you love black women (Jamaica is 95% black).Many of them are very poor, desperate and like to think of themselves as a "queen" (waiting to becomes rich).

    As i said the food,hotel and airfare are often cheaper than most Caribbean islands and of a very high quality. And you are safe if you stay on the Hotel grounds after 9 pm at night (don't roam the streets at night and always take a taxi at night).

    Lastly the police will want a bribe if they arrest you with a prostitute. So stick to the sun and sand.
    (Review # 23265)
  • Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Kingston Strip Club Review Dated Added: Sat Feb 10 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    My friend and I were at Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Kingston. First Montego Bay: no good women there. Downtown and the only place where you can see tourists looks like there just finished World War II. It's a very small piece of land and a few bars on it. They have a strip bar across burger king. The strip bar, I cannot remember a name, is ugly and dirty. Did not want to stay for more than 5 min.

    I got a massage in near by place. It was ok! Ocho Rios is better. They have two strip clubs. One is right in the city and another one 5 min away by car. Go to second one. Tuesdays and Fridays they have freak show. Highly recommend it's inexpensive. Ladies are ok. In Kingston the best club is platinum. It's no bad they even have 6 or 7 Russian babes. They want about $300 per night. Club is clean and inexpensive. To sum up: don't even try to find good sex in Jamaica!

    (Review # 17399)
  • Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Negril Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Oct 27 2006 Submitted by: Hard Harry

    Ok gents. I hope i can help clear up some of the myths and give those of you going to the island some helpful hints.

    My work took me to the island for a couple of years and thus has given me a slightly better perspective of the going on in the island.

    Firstly Robert from Sweden is absolutely right. I too have experienced Grace's incredible blow jobs. She really is good and very talented. Sub note, she is willing to take it up the ass she told me, but only if she thinks you're not too big. So I was turned down flat. If you don't find her at close encounter, you could try the Negril Yoga Center where she teaches. And yes she is incredibly limber. She is in to threesomes two guys another girl. But she is quite picky when it comes to girls. She is also quite stunning, reddish brown hair, light coffee colored skin and a fabulous body.

    Now on to the good stuff.

    A warning. If you want a week of unending sex with fantastic women. Forget Jamaica. You will only find low class hookers who are looking to rip you off. If on the other hand you are going to be there for a few months or longer. Then it can be paradise.

    Massage Parlors:

    I will agree the wellness center has a good selection of girls. Usually 8 - 14. Most are 5-6 but there are always at least 3 eights. It helps though if you can make some conversation with the girls before hand. I have actually had girls offer me sex for free, just because they liked me. But others have been real bitches and want U$100 which is completely laughable after already paying U$40 for a massage.

    There is also a new one recently opened called Executive Inn. It is a Hotel with a Strip Club and Massage Parlor. The girls who give the massages live in the hotel, so massages take place in their rooms. Quite clean and a good selection of girls here as well. (There are a number of these across the island, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Kingston)

    There is also another good one in the heart of Montego Bay, unfortunately I can't remember the name. A piece of advice: By a copy of one of the local papers call the Observer. At the back in the classifieds you will find a whole listing of adult services. Friday and Sundays papers usually have the longest lists so look out for those.

    I spent most of my time in Montego Bay so I cant vouch for other parlors.

    Spring Break

    If you do decide to come for a week, this is usually the best time to do it. If also you don't like black girls like some of the other commentators, then this is definitely the best time. You have to be blind, deaf dumb and dead not to get laid at this time. There are literally hundreds of booze crazed, pot smoking, dick craving college girls running around. Negril mostly, Montego Bay isn't bad, but Negril is where the action is. At that time the beach will be crawling with girls all stoned out of their minds and ready to jump the first guy they see.

    Reggae Festival

    There is a big one every year in Montego Bay usually around the end of July. Lots of great looking women from all over the world and lots of middle and upper middle class Jamaican girls party hard for the entire week of this festival. So it's a good time to hook up with someone.

    Independence Weekend

    This is the first weekend in August and most of the islands wealthiest and most good looking college kids go to Negril or Ocho Rios for this weekend. They play hard during the day and party even harder at night.

    New Years

    Another big party time in the island. A great time to come and many of the bigger Hotels in Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Negril put on some really good parties. Course if you wanna hook up the clubs to go to are Margaritaville or Blue Beat in Montego Bay or the Margaritaville and Jungle in Negril

    Jamaican Girls

    Personally i love black women, but I also do like a bit of other flavors as well. While Jamaica is a predominantly black country there is a good sprinkling of other races and mixed races as well. If you are going to be in the island for a while I would advise that you visit one of the local night spots and scout the wild life. Be wary though, there are a lot of hookers who are there for the same exact purpose. I was in the island for quite a while and never had sex with one and I wouldn't advise anyone else to either. They are usually out to suck you dry if they can and god knows what they carry.

    As for dealing with locals a lot are out to get you for every cent. Its a poor country and unemployment is high. Bare that in mind always. But when you make friends with them, they will be your friend for life. When on the street and if you're approached to buy something you don't want or for money you don't have Just keep walking and say firmly but politely no thank you and keep going. Usually they will leave you alone. Especially if they reliaze your living there.
    (Review # 16177)
  • Negril Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Jan 29 2006 Submitted by: Udogu

    Negril is heavens for tight, young and cheap pussy. If you like your meat dark, this is the place to go. strip clubs are very liberal. I ate pussy on the stage everytime for $5 or less. Chicks will go with you for under $30. (Review # 13869)
  • Montego Bay Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sun Jan 29 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    Just returned from a trip to Montego Bay. There is a massage parlor there called the Rejuvenation Center. I believe they have a website but I do not know it. They give a full menu when you walk into the main door and talk to madame. Massage price ranges from $40 up, hand release included.

    When you walk in the door, the madame has the girls came out from a room one by one so you can see them and they give a quick introduction and their name. There were 12 girls there mid-day and I swear they were all 8's and 9's each and every one of them. Sex is readily available for more money.

    It feels like a safe building by Jamaican standards, and it is open 24 hours a day. It is near Montego Bay Airport. I give this a high rating as the three of us that went there came back real satisfied with the experience.
    (Review # 13862)
  • Ocho Rios Street Action Dated Added: Wed Aug 10 2005 Submitted by:

    Ocho Rios is paradise for all who visit. American men there, are gods to the women.  I am an Italian American and have been to Ocho 5 times in the past year.  It is heavenly.  The women are beautiful, determined, and not in a hurry.  In fact, you do not need to look for street walkers, you just look for the women.  Regular women there cannot stand Jamaican men!  Most women there have kids and THEY do the working. Men do not work there as much, and marriage is not popular.  The Jamaican men are all just too happy to hang with the Americans and help them pick out the women.  I have had several in my trips.  There is no negotiation... they want around $50, but you keep them all day.  I usually pick them up and no money is exchanged until I leave.  I leave them in the room, while I conduct my business and have sex every way imaginable, 5 to 6 times a day.  At the end, I give between $300-400 for a 3-night stay, and they are thrilled.

    They all call me, and I can see the same 3 or 4 girls when I go, and know I will be safe.  I send them money when I get home to help out, and I stay in touch with all of them.  Ocho Rios is beautiful and safe, and the only way to go there is how I go... Native.  I do not stay in the resorts.  I eat out at all the restaurants, and shop and walk around, and it is very safe.  Lower crime-rates than most cities in the States!
    (Review # 12413)
  • Ocho rios Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Jun 04 2005 Submitted by: English Bob!

    Greetings to all you naughty travelers! Thought I’d drop in a line or two about Jamaica. Sorry to say but pretty much everything that has been reported is true. You really don’t want to mess with the local girls. There are some very good ones but for the most part it’s just not worth the risk, “Boyfriends”, cops, scams, Aids, etc. But not to worry my horny little friends, there is an oasis for us on the island. The place is called “Foxys’ International” in Ocho Rios. It’s located on the main road out of Ocho Rios heading to Couples Hotel. Less than 5 min from the town center. It’s set up like any North American Strip club, main stage, a side stage, shower stage (never seen them use it), seating at the bar and small tables, a VIP room (again never see them use it) and private booths for lap dances (to get to the booths you have to walk through the VIP area, no charge for walking through). It’s safe. They scan you with a metal detector before you walk in. Inside you’ll find a mix of locals and tourists. Everyone mostly keeps to themselves and no one really bothers anyone else. Drinks are not cheap but the bar bill is not going to kill you. When I was there I was being entertained by two girls, all of us drinking our butts off and the bill was about USD$80.00. Ok now the important stuff: Girls: a mix of local and foreigners (I would stay away form the locals, but if that’s what you want it’s there). The ratio varies but on a good night you could expect to find a very nice crop 7 – 10 foreigners. The foreign girls are form Russia, Ukraine, Dominican Republic, Venezuela and Columbia. For the most part these foreigners range from a descent 7 to a smoking 10. Some of the Russian are unbelievable! When I was there I had a Russian Blonde that was a knock out, about 23 and tight in all the right places. The Eastern Europeans tend to be 20 to 25 and the South Americans are a bit older, 25 to 30 but still very nice! Price: Dances in the booths are Jamaican $600 (USD$10) for one song and depending on the girl she can get quite rowdy! Some just do there thing, others will let you have fun. The South Americans tend to be more fun. It will cost you USD$300.00 to take the foreign girl out for the night. That’s the whole night, they will tell you to have her back by 7 am but mine stayed till noon with a bit of morning sex. Take her out and you’ll have to get her back in the morning, taxi, your ret-a-car, etc usually to her apt and not the club. They also have a room in the back, nothing great but will serve its purpose. This will cost you the same USD$300.00 plus a room fee of about $2,000.00 to $3,000.00 Jamaican (USD$30 to $50) and you only get 1 hour. So my suggestion is take her out, much better value for money and none of that guilty walk out of the club after doing the dirty. There is no bargaining the price is set and that is how much it costs. For the local girls the price is Jamaican $6,000.00 (USD$100.00) same guidelines, 1 hour in the back or at your hotel for the night. The same room fee applies. How to Act: As for behavior, have fun but behave yourself, would not be fun to get worked over by their security (of which there is about 4 of them). Remember this is Jamaica so they are not going to call the cops to through you in the drunk tank, they’ll just take you out back beat the crap out of you and leave you there. But as long as you behave and don’t play the fool you’ll find the support staff very friendly, helpful and accommodating. Getting a Girl: As I said this is really a “Strip Club” so when you get in have a seat, order a drink and look around to see if there is anything you like. The locals will rush you, but you can fend them off. When I was there I just told them I wanted a foreigner and after a couple of times they got the hint. Some of the foreigners will approach you and ask if the can join you, some won’t. If you want on that did not sit with you just motion her over and off you go. They will ask for the usual drink, (they get a cut) and it’s conversation form there. Take them in the back for a dance (price above) and see how they act (see above) it’s usually a good indication for future reference. Try a couple if you want, hell why not! Once you’ve picked the lady of your choice just ask her to call the manager for you. A lady named Paulette will appear and lay out price, etc for you. She’s very nice and professional. She’s a bit on the big side but don’t worry. Once the deal is done the girl will go off to change and get he stuff. In the meantime have another drink and pay off your bar bill. About 10 to 15 min later your girl will come back ready to go and the rest is up you to you my horny toads! General Info: Legal Status: prostitution is illegal in Jamaica but everyone turns a blind eye, at the same don’t be stupid and obvious! Contact: They are in the phone book and have a web site. Pics on the site are a bit old but will give you an idea as what to expect. If you don’t want to do the club thing just give them a call and they’ll send a girl for you. The price is the same plus taxi fare for the girl. Make sure you tell them if you want a local or a foreigner. You can ask for a blonde, red head, etc and they’ll try to acomadate. Getting There: Would not rent a car, driving is nuts! I used to rent cars but it just got to bloody dangerous! They drive like nutters there! Taxis are available but only use the ones with J.U.T.A on them; they are licensed and safe. They will cost a bit more than the local “Robot” taxis but you’ll live longer. If you find a driver you like get his number (everyone has a cell phone) and you can make a plan and set a price. Hours: Tues to Sun 9:00 pm till 4:00 am. The foreign girls usually show up at 10:00pm or so. Well I hope some of you find this useful. You can have a good time in Jamaica but it really is not our type of place. If you do find yourself stuck there sometime and want a bit of the old in and out try out Foxys’ and enjoy! Cheers: English Bob (Review # 11683)
  • Other Dated Added: Fri Dec 24 2004 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Here is a fascinating column which recently appeared in a Jamaica newspaper, very thought provoking and informative, as follows. Legalising prostitution Mark Wignall Sunday, December 19, 2004 A philosopher once said, 'I exist, therefore I am'. To me it means that the force of a reality makes its existence beyond question. Dr Peter Figueroa, co-ordinator of the epidemiology and prevention programme in the Ministry of Health, is quite familiar with philosophy and the harsh realities of the ravages of HIV/AIDS. HIV/AIDS is here and has no plans of taking a vacation anytime soon. Prostitution is as old as the hills. The third reality is that prostitution as it is now, is one of the leading avenues of transmission of the disease. Recently he suggested that prostitution should be decriminalised across the Caribbean as part of a programme to provide sex workers with greater access to health services to help decrease the spread of HIV/AIDS. In previous times, the health professional has called for decriminalisation of prostitution in Jamaica. This time Dr Figueroa is looking at the big picture and the realities of the opening up of closer contact between states in the Caribbean region. The word 'decriminalisation' rather than 'legalising' assumes the reality of an act being so pervasive, widespread, long in existence and cutting across social borders that it has all the elements of 'legality' about it. More importantly, it must have the 'pleasure' factor. Murder, for example, is not widespread, provides little pleasure and has the disgusting habit of involving loss of life. Smoking ganja is widespread in Jamaica, gives immense pleasure to those who use it and, for some stupid reason, it still attracts a fine and/or custodial sentence. Dr Peter Figueroa While health professionals like Dr Figueroa were in the process of attempting to bring into some semblance of control, what society deemed to be subcultural behaviour, the prostitution 'industry' was in the process of redefining itself. This it did in the last 10 years when the focus of prostitution moved from streetwalking to 'massage parlours'. Streetwalking is the lowest rung in prostitution and it is where the desperate tend to converge, both in terms of worker and client. The typical streetwalker is over 37 years old, is in the autumn of her physical attributes, and her facial looks are best viewed at night. The clients are more varied but the typical man seeking the services of the streetwalker is interested in a brief, disconnected, sexual coupling at the cheapest price. It can be done in (or on) his car, if he has one; on site, which may be some bushes, a burnt-out building, or a seedy motel downtown or in the Cross Roads environs. It is among this class of streetwalker that I believe HIV/AIDS is at its most dangerous, in terms of the 'brevity' (lack of condoms), the requests (oral sex, anal sex) and the desperation ($500 sometimes). Where the worker may be desperate and the client is of the view that on the streets the cheapest price is available, a precarious clash of ignorance is the result, and unsafe sexual behaviour is often the norm. Let us face it, sex is pleasurable, and it is pleasure which drives commerce. A woman will buy a washing machine because it frees her from the drudgery and the displeasure of scrubbing dirty clothes. To her it is a need but not absolutely so. For her to find $30,000 to buy a washing machine she has to be economically qualified first, and then socially acculturated into accepting the uptown pleasures which she will readily name as 'needs'. A man will purchase an SUV for $2.5 million, but a $500,000 'sketel' can do the job just as well. While the well-heeled man in his SUV is convincing himself that it is a 'need', he knows that the vehicle gives him power and pleasure and the envy of those driving deportee 'sketels'. Sexual behaviour inside the massage parlours is a far cry from the desperation of the prostitution on the streets. The owners of these glorified houses of prostitution will tell you that they do not peddle sex. The girls in the rooms will sell sex if the client so desires, but they will insist on the use of a condom. And they always have one in their purse. The massage parlours recognise that men, for various reasons, will always desire young, beautiful girls, and these parlours are never short of them. If we add to the mix that more than a handful of high school graduates and a few university students have 'passed through' massage parlours on the way to real jobs and graduation, it can be assumed that the massage parlour is the ideal place to start with the whole decriminalisation process. The problem which could crop up there is that not many of the owners of these parlours may be willing to admit that sex is being sold there - after all, they are 'massage parlours'. If the authorities buy that argument, it may make any future effort to monitor the sexual behaviour most difficult. The key would be to tax these establishments but leave a provision open whereby they could earn rebates for attending seminars and showing proof of dissemination of information to their workers. The real difficult one to monitor is the go-go dancer, or dancer girl as I prefer to call them. Quite a number of 'big men' in Jamaican society watch these girls on a regular basis. The girls are usually in their teens and 20s and are beautiful to a fault. The majority of the dancer girls I have spoken with will 'sell' if the client meets her qualifications of 'pleasant', clean breath, has a car and at least $5,000 for sex. All clubs with dancer girls now feature nude dancing, and although there is still the odd, seedy club with unpleasant-looking girls, most are on the cutting edge in relation to the beauty/age factor of the girls. The problem among the dancer girls is in the naivete of the young girls coming from the country. They are the most vulnerable in terms of being gypped into sex without a condom. Mostly, however, the girls at the upper-class clubs insist on condom use even if some men (believe it or not) will pay them extra to go 'ital'. The last (and probably the first) bastion of prostitution is the situation where a well-heeled man will have a young girl in a life of 'respectable and luxurious' prostitution. In this case, he has her housed uptown, buys her a car and provides a 'stipend' of say $30,000 per month. He is married and has her for mainly two reasons. One, for the sex. Two for the envy of his male peers. Such a girl is usually at risk because the man is able to convince her that she is the only woman he is having unprotected sex with (in addition to the rare times with his wife). This young girl will buy into that argument and even if she 'steals' a piece on the side, she will insist on using a condom. When the boss comes around, no condoms are in sight, even if the man probably is fooling another girl by using the same line. And then of course, not as an afterthought, we should never forget the girls travelling over to Ocho Rios, MoBay and Negril to hustle the greenback. Dr Figueroa is into an uphill battle here. It is similar to gambling in Jamaica. One can buy a number from the large outlets but will get arrested if a number is bought on the street corner. Stupid. All the bars are well stocked with slot machines and the race horse off-track stations are filled for the entire day on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Yet, the Government and the Church are pussyfooting with casino gambling. The hypocrisy needs to come to an end. I expect that if the Government should move to legitimise and decriminalise prostitution, women's organisations and civil society will rise up as they have never before. The Church will pounce on the Government of the day like a cat on a mouse. All will forget that Dr Figueroa's objective is controlling the spread of HIV/AIDS, and not designing a plan to lure husbands into the clutches of beautiful, young girls, for a price. (Review # 10650)
  • kingston Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Oct 22 2004 Submitted by: hors' de auderv

    Jamaica is a horrible place to visit if you are looking for escorts or hookers. The women are 80% black and another 18% are brown.Virtually all of the hookers and the local women are mediocre or ugly by Dominican Republic standards.The many call girl services in Montego Bay charge $50 to $100 for average looking girls.

    Generally Jamaica is a good place to go for a vacation, if nice beaches and all inclusive hotels are what you are looking for. Negril is best and Montego Bay is fairly good, provided you dont leave the hotel areas after dark. Do NOT EVER visit the capital Kingston unless you are forced to go there on business. The murder rate there is the third highest in the world "per capita" (after Columbia and South Africa). Never go out after dark in Kingston, except around "New Kingston" where you can find good clubs.

    Platynum, which boasts imported Russian-only girls for $200 to $300 USD for 2 hours. Another club which attracts middle-class locals for dancing is "Quad" (with no hookers). In Kingston, educated middle-class people and elderly people tend to be decent and polite, but the majority of Kingstons 1 million poor people tend to be hostile and unfriendly towards white skinned people who they usually regard as colonist and imperialist oppressors, unless you are buying something from them. They don't seem to be as hostile towards Asian's or Indians since they didnt own slaves.

    There are lots of street beggers who agressively harass anyone who doesn't look poor. Stay away from the fat, agressive street hookers in "New Kingston", many of whom are quite poor and quite dangerous.

    Portmore is 1.5 hours from "New Kingston" and has several massage parlours where the girls charge about $50 USD. But its not safe to travel to,  for anyone but local people who know the deal and are not a "whitey". I have NEVER heard of any tourist being killed on the North coast where the beach resorts are located, like Negril, Mo'bay, Ocho Rios or Runaway Bay; but in kingston that is certainly a possibility, outside of St Andrew's parish (part of the Kingston metropolis).


    If you are going for the spectacular beaches, sun and food, you will have a great time.If you are looking for black whores, then you would be better off going to Africa where the women are better looking.

    (Review # 10333)
  • Kingston / all over Jam Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Mar 02 2002 Submitted by: Tom

    ~~ ~~I really have to agree that Jamaica sux bigtime from "our" perspective. (Forget Jam if you're not into black girls - no Latinos as far as an eye can see.) It's not the lack of pussy that bothers, rather the poor quality and/or the constant rip-offs. ~~~~Yes; in Negril you'll find quite fine chicks at the beaches at night, in fact the same babes show up at the main (supposedly ordinary) disco whatever its name is at mid Long Beach. Forget the strip joint in the village, real ugly ones over there. Anyway, you should expect to pay 'bout $50-70 give or take for a f*ck. $100 and up and you're the one who's f*cked.~~

    ~~In Kingston you'll find a number of strip joints, any cab driver will have a suggestion. Just beware of the seedier places, but there are a few larger places that are ok, i.e. ok quality/not *that* dangerous(!) for "white boys".~~

    ~~Lately, believe it or not, the Russian maffia (yes!) has started a strip club in Kingston, I think called Platynum. You'll find it at a side road at the end of Knutford Bvd in New Kingston. There, the girls are like "all blondes" which is kind of refreshing after some time in Jam. Lap dancing, booths with private dance etc. The girls are very aggressive with the "buy me a drink" thing. It's possible, though prohibitively expensive with "take away" of girls: $200 for a not-so-inspired 2 hrs quickie at your hotel room. The problem is not really with the girls, as much as with the (female) pimp, who really wants to maximise the investment of bringing a babe all the way from Moscow..~~

    ~~Have (as) fun (as you can) in Jamaica..~~
    (Review # 5118)
  • Kingston Street Action Dated Added: Tue Dec 11 2001 Submitted by: Dun punny

    Update on the street action in Kingston. It sucks, but it's cheap. Best place is around Balmoral Avenue area in New Kingston. Most nights there is a decent selection of whores hanging out. Most are pretty ugly, but sometimes you find a decent looking girl.

    ~~Last week I picked up a 19 year-old country girl, tall, skinny, with a nice ass and firm tits. J$1000 (that's US$25) for bj and fuck. Only problem was her attitude which was sulky and hardly spoke except in a monosyllable. Took her to my place nearby and got naked. She gave a pretty decent bj (no condom). About halfway through decided I didn't want the fuck as I didn't like her attitude, so changed position and jerked off over her tits, which really pissed her off. She's lucky I wasn't turned on enough to plaster her face! Anyway, paid her the $25 bucks anyway and took her back. ~~

    ~~~~Basically, guys, unless you're desperate, forget it. Jamaicans have a shitty attitude and even though it's cheap, masturbation is even cheaper and a lot more fun. ~~
    (Review # 4770)
  • all island Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Dec 04 2001 Submitted by: ackee

    I live in Jamaica and just want to confirm all what is said below. This is not a great place for sex if you don't want to get into trouble. Better go to Cuba or Dominican Republic. (Review # 4739)
  • Runaway Bay Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Aug 17 2001 Submitted by:

    Visited Hedonism III. It was fun, but not providing for all of my needs. I got in touch with a dude named "Smokey Joe". Smokey runs several businesses. One of which is renting out jet skis. You can find Smokey and his jet skis by walking up past the prude beach of Hedo III. Smokey has many contacts. He put me in touch with Suzy. He negotiated for me $100 for 2 hours. I went 4 times – it was very good service. Suzy's living conditions are less than terrific – she’s basically a squatter. She isn't bad looking. Service was very good. Smokey is also a farmer, if you know what I mean. (Review # 4166)
  • Kingston Massage Parlor Dated Added: Wed Jul 18 2001 Submitted by: Slammer

    Another review from Jamaica, which seems to be getting quite a bit of negative press these days. Of course, it’s quite true that you have to be very, very, careful, and many of the girls in the resort areas are just trying to rip you off, but if you know where to look, you can still have a good time at a reasonable enough price. I recently made another long trip to Kingston and had two worthwhile experiences. The first one was with a street hooker I picked up on Braemar Avenue just behind the main commercial district. You can find girls here most nights, mainly very fat and ugly. This one was skinny, not bad looking, plus I was desperate. She asked for US$20 for bj and sex, which was fine by me. In fact, I wasn’t at all interested in sex with a street whore and only wanted a bj. I drove her back to my apartment and she got right down to business, stripping off for me to reveal a skinny body with not bad tits. It was enough to get me hard and she proceeded to give me a pretty decent bbbj, kneeling in front of me as I sat on the sofa. Like I said, I was pretty desperate and it wasn’t long before I was ready to cum. She didn’t seem to mind at all and continued to suck me and jerk me until I blew my load all over her face and tits. I must say it looked quite nice and sexy against her black skin. She cleaned me up with her tongue (nice touch) and then washed herself off. All in all, for $20 not bad, and she would have fucked for that amount too if I had been interested.
    ~~My other experience was again with one of the new-style massage places that have sprung up in a place called Portmore, just out of Kingston. I drove out after dark one night to check out the action and found myself in a place called Aphrodite or something. A bit seedy, but not too scary. I asked for a full massage and was shown a selection of girls, much more attractive than the street whores. I chose a pretty medium-dark slim girl called Janine in her early 20s. I’d rate her about a 7 overall. She took me to a motel-type room, dingy but quite nice and clean and we got down to business with a so-called “full body massage” for US$25. This is where the girl takes off all her clothes and rubs her body against yours. We then proceeded to negotiate the extras, which we agreed at another $40 for full sex. Janine had a nice firm body, good tits and nice and clean, with a well-trimmed bush, which I appreciate. She was also an enthusiastic performer, starting with a nice bbbj and responding well to some dirty talk. I slipped on a condom and starting fucking her doggy-style, meanwhile fondling her firm round ass and slipping a finger into her hole. She seemed to enjoy that and also seemed not too tight, so I suggested anal. Although she wasn’t too keen at first, she changed her mind when I reached over and pulled out $20 from my pants. “Ok.” She said, “but go slow.” I got back into action and eased into her ass, fully protected of course. She was good, obviously experienced and I managed to get about half-way into her with no problem while she frigged herself with one hand. Although they are extremely homophobic, Jamaican men are really into assfucking, so most of the girls will do it on request. Soon enough I came and, after cleaning my dick off, we cuddled for a while. For a total of $85, a good experience.
    (Review # 4001)
  • Negril Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Jul 17 2001 Submitted by: Locomark

    I was in Negril on this February alone for four days during an adult webmaster gathering. ~~After checking here first, I wanted to visit Close Encounters for the local experience. ~~Well I would recommend a taxi since it is about two to three miles from the hotels. The cabbies have jacked the rates going there so I would say it's not worth the trip.
    ~~I arrived early on a Sunday at about nine o'clock before the crowds for a few red strips and few joints. Yes, smoking in the club was no problem so over the next three hours the club went from a dozen to over a hundred people. Most but not all the women there were whores easily noticeable by butt shaking dancing. The women ranged in looks from poor village girls to fine model material with ages from 18 to 35. I got a few quotes of a hundred US dollars but no mention of a bar fine. I'm sure some of the young poor girls would have been very cheap. I declined several offers inside the club and while I waited outside for a taxi. The next night I was propositioned on the beach by a lone average looking prostitute for a hundred. I gave her thirty for an ok blowjob in my hotel room.
    ~~As I walk up and down the beach I was given flyers by guys of the different disco held by the different hotels. As it turns out my hotel has a disco every Wednesday where I got to see the all the action. Who should show up at the disco but all the whores from Close Encounters, locals and some tourists. So my advice would be to forget the over priced taxi ride to and from Close Encounters and the $4.00 cover charge. Just walk to one of the beachfront discos held about every day of the week you can hear the music over a mile away. Negotiate always and get one of those same tight dress wearing always flirting hoes traveling in packs.
    ~~Frankly, I though Jamaica was a rip compared to Amsterdam. My last day, I went back to Montego Bay to both of the local strip clubs and found that prices were the same at both. What pissed me off was the rates for the room quoted at $16.00 for two minutes or $50.00 for the night which was nothing but a stained mattress in a dirty room.
    (Review # 3994)
  • Negril Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Oct 29 2000 Submitted by: Croslander

    Hello Fellow Explorers. After visiting Australia, I decided to visit the infamous Hedonism in Negril...I am begging you to please not waste your money there...The place is a dump like the rest of Jamaica, with seedy accommodations, lousy food, and an endless supply of ugly women looking to get laid...(After wasting your time and money trying to get there, how can you say no to them?...) Lucky for me, I had another trip lined up, so I made up for lost time there... If you want to get laid right, stay away from Places near America, and go to Europe...THAT'S WHAT IT'S THERE FOR!!! Believe me, You Will Thank Me Later... (Review # 2629)
  • Ocho Rios Street Action Dated Added: Sun Jul 30 2000 Submitted by: BLONK

    Jamaica is the biggest crap trap of them all gents! Here's my story from March!...
    I was down near "Olmes" blk (or something like that) and picked up a two very nice looking, lighter skinned Jams. One was very talkative, the other quieter; both seemed really nice, no matter. We got back to my hotel, no problem, they wanted $125 each for a session, no real time limits, I'm cool with that (not a spend-thrift). We do it everyway, upside & down for like 1 hr. The skinny talkative one then suggest they tie me (loosely I insisted) to the bed and one, she says, is going to plop down on my face while the other rides me, cool I said.

    Well, she tied me up (much tighter than I suspected)and starts sucking me off. The other one disappeared into the sitting room and made a call (I found out soon enough) ...she comes back ...joins in a little time from time...disappears again about 15 mins later...then reappears with a dude like 6 feet 250 pounds. He tells me that I better keep quite or the cops will bust me. They empty my wallet (CC too) the girls disappear, he gagged me, gave me a few body shots and then screwed me in the ass. I still have emotional problems because of the experience and will never return to Jam, not ever! be careful if your goin' gal hoppin or a meet some nice church gal and have a few kid or something.
    (Review # 2054)
  • Negril Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Jun 23 2000 Submitted by: Sludge

    Your story of Grace brought back memories. This was two years ago and Grace would have been 23. I was in Close Encounters and met a very pretty girl named Grace with Whitney Houston looks. In my hotel she literally sat on my face and made me eat pink. The big head said that that is dangerous but the little head said "eat". It was $80 for the night; but all nighter in Jamaica in my experience means she is out by about 6 AM. She was a nice fuck though.

    Another afternoon I passed a bar/restaurant at the Close Encounters complex adjacent Close Encounters. A girl called Karen (tall about a 6) flagged me over as I went by on my scooter. She took me back to her house where 3 big Jamaican guys were watching TV. For $25 we went into her bedroom and did the dirty for almost two hours. This girl made up for her mediocre looks in performance.
    (Review # 1780)
  • Kingston Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Feb 17 2000 Submitted by: Slammer

    I was recently sent to Kingston for a three month assignment and decided to check out some of the action available. There are several areas where the street hookers hang out, including near the Embassy Apartments on Kingsway, but these are mainly fat and ugly whores whom I wouldn't advise anyone to touch. Anyway, one weekend I decided to try one of the "massage services" that now advertise quite openly in the local press. There are many of these and almost all of them offer both incall and outcall services.

    I called a few to check the prices and found that they all offer pretty much the same thing, full body massage including hand relief, about US$30, wet set (shower and massage) about US$40 and full body to body massage (i.e. sex) about US$50 to $60. The only problem is that some of these places are not located in the best parts of town. However, they will nearly all do outcalls for an extra 10 - 20 bucks. The price seemed pretty reasonable, so as I was feeling very horny, I asked the last place I called how much for two girls. The pleasant receptionist didn't bat an eyelid and simply said it would be double. I asked what kind of girls they had and she said it would be best if I came down and chose from the selection, otherwise I could just specify over the phone. I explained that I wanted nice slim girls, not the fatassed types that you see on the street and I would prefer one dark-skinned girl and one light-skinned girl (real fantasy stuff). She said to hang on while she checked who was available. After a few minutes she came back and said she had two girls ready, both young and slim and small on top (as I prefer). The cost would be US$100 plus taxi fare. I said ok and sat back to wait. It took about 30 minutes for the girls to arrive and the security called to buzz them up to my apartment. It turned out I got pretty much what I had asked for. One girl, Marlene, I think, was very dark, African-looking, quite short but slim with short straight hair, cute little tits and a nice round ass. The other girl was a bit taller, and looked like a mixed-race of some kind, with really great legs.

    I gave them the money ($50 each) and then got down to business. We started in the living room with me putting some music on and asking them to dance a little for me, which they did as a sort of striptease. This and a couple of drinks broke the ice and it wasn't long before the two of them were undressing me and fooling around with my very hard cock. I suggested an oily body massage would be nice and fetched a sheet from the bedroom for the purpose, then turned down the lights a bit and invited them to get naked. They were both about 7-8, although Marlene in particular had the most amazing set of black 32Bs with incredibly long black nipples, very nice. I then proceeded to get the best sensuous massage ever from two very willing girls, which went on until we were all three covered in massage oil (provided by me) and one girl was rubbing up against my back while another was face to face with me and I was getting every part of my body stroked. The taller girl was in front of me at this time and I gave her the signal that I would appreciate some attention to my cock. She readily responded and started giving me a very nice blowjob while Marlene continued stroking my chest. It wasn't long, though, before she too headed south and I ended up with two girls licking and sucking my cock and four hands caressing my balls. Believe me, everyone should try it! I wanted to cum like crazy but I was determined to get the maximum value so I pulled Marlene's head away and suggested that we fuck. She found a condom in her bag and slipped it on, then started riding me with her very well lubricated pussy. I pulled the white girl over to me and got her to straddle my face so I could enjoy her pussy at the same time. In this position I couldn't possibly last long and I soon came.

    While I recovered, I suggested that the girls might like to play together. Marlene was a bit reluctant at first, but when I offered them an extra $50 they started to fondle one another quite convincingly. In fact, I'm pretty sure the white girl was really getting into it and at one point was really giving Marlene's pussy a good licking. By this time I was hard again and slipped another condom on in order to give the white girl a fuck doggy-style and round off the evening with another great cum.
    (Review # 1617)
  • Negril Swing Club Dated Added: Fri Jan 28 2000 Submitted by: woman lover

    Negril, Jamaica is a beautiful place and a beautiful place for sex. You can get there for about 20 dollars by bus or 50 dollars by cab from Montego Bay. The cheapest way to get around in Negril is by renting a motor scooter for about 30 dollars a day. There are many hotels along the seven mile beach where non-registered guests are welcomed anytime of the day or night. I usually stay at Sheilds. Beautiful and willing women can be found at any big party at any hotel club on the beach. Women usually show up at ten or eleven.

    They come in all different sizes, shapes, and colors. Prices range from 50 dollars to 100 dollars. It is up to you to pick the right girl or girls for a good time - I suggest you go for the beautiful ones with a kind and gentle personality who are interested in having pleasing sex with you, and not just in getting your dollars. Stay away from the drug addicts or women with harsh, pushy, or impatient personalities, You are sure to be very disappointed with them. If a woman is not willing to go down on you, as you can ascertain through casual conversation or proposition, leave her alone. It is a sure sign that she has sexual hang-ups and won't give you a good time. If you are going to Jamaica by a tourist package, find out the hotel policy concerning guests before you pay and go. If you go without a tourist package, make a reservation and gather information via the phone before you go - and if you are not happy with the hotel once you get there you can easily move to another hotel. The women in Negril available for sex range in physical beauty from five to a perfect ten with 10s being somewhat common. Many are very young and beautiful, but a lot of them have attitudes or think they are working for a high class call girl service in New York - don't be their fool. Shop around. Close Encounters, a nightclub with a strip show, is where the lower class working girls hang out. It is fun to go there, but hit the beach clubs at night for better satisfaction. The best time to go to Negril for women is during the tourist season during our U.S. winter season - after the tourist season is over many of the women disappear. Jamaican women can be the very best ride you have ever had or the worst. In general, they are beautiful and sexy. However, you must select the right ones who will gleefully ride your hedonistic stick and deliver you the maximum pleasure for a reasonable price. Be careful with your money and belongings. Use the safe-deposit box in your room or at the reception desk and protect your key. There is a crime problem in Jamaica, but in general tourists are safe in Negril, and Jamaicans will use you for an utter fool if you let them - forget about Montego Bay or Ocho Rios.
    (Review # 1409)
  • Negril, Montego Bay Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Dec 11 1999 Submitted by: Robert

    I went on a trip to Jamaica and Costa Rica earlier this year. And since it doesn't seem to be any recent information on Jamaica I thought I should make tribute.

    First of all Jamaica is probably one of the best places in the world to go to if you want to get ripped of and everything is very expensive. To put it short I've been travelling a lot and Jamaica is not one of my favourite places. But if you're going there I might have some information that can be useful. So here's the story about my and my friends visit in Jamaica.

    We landed at the airport in Montego Bay. The problem started at the immigration after spending about two hours in queue we where refused entry because we didn't have a hotel booked. So we had to go back to the tourist information and get a hotel. We asked for a cheap place in Montego Bay and was booked at one in my opinion very expensive place (I've forgot the amount and name of the place) and went back to the immigration and spent another hour in que.

    When we finally got in we went to get our luggage and then went to the Customs. There we spent yet another hour being search for drugs. After this we went to get a taxi and a guy carried our luggage. When we came to the taxi I gave him 3 dollars and he said it wasn't enough. Being tired I didn't want to argue and gave him another 3 dollars after this he went away mumbling something about sheath tourists. We got in the taxi and went to our hotel, which was the worst dump I've ever seen located in the middle of nowhere. After this we headed for town as it was getting night-time.

    We got a taxi and asked him to drive to a good restaurant. The taxi driver seemed like a nice guy and offered to be our guide for the night and we accepted. After dinner we asked if there was any good night-clubs in town with a lot of beautiful willing woman. He said he was going to take us to a place with woman that was going to wreck our minds but when we got there the bloody place was closed. So we headed for another place called the Royal Palm Club. We were warned that it was more of a local place and could be a bit rough. I've been to a lot of places all over the world but this place beats them all. I was sure we never would get out of there alive. There was a lousy strip show with 3 ugly monsters and a real beauty.

    Feeling a bit tensed so to speak I asked the bartender a bit about the beauty. He said she was booked for the night but that I could have any other one for 100 bucks. I turned this offer down since I gladly would have paid 50 bucks to get them out of my face. After a few beers we decided to head for the hotel, as the night seemed to be domed. The next day we headed for Negril.

    In Negril there was basically one place to go to night time called Close Encounter. Once you've gadded enough balls to enter the place it's really not so bad, decent strip show etc. There are a lot of women inside some of them really beautiful. After a while a girl called Grace approached me. She was beautiful and after taking for a while we agreed on 50 dollars and we left for her place. After a couple of dry nights I was about to explode and fucked the whole night I think I came about five times. She was really great and seemed to love every minute of it. She probably holds a master's degree in cock sucking and was more then willing to let me fuck her in the as. The next day she cooked me breakfasts and treated me like a king.

    The next day I went back to Close Encounter where I met Grace again and without discussing the price we ended up at her place again. When we got there I asked how much she wanted this time. This really offended her and she said she brought me home this time because she liked me. Anyway after a while she calmed down and we had a even better time then the first night. The next day she asked me to stay the remaining time at her place so I got my stuff from the hotel and basically moved in to her house for the rest of the week. I still almost get a hard on when I think about the fucks we had after this. She showed me all her private toys, dildos etc. To put an end to this story I would like to say. Jamaica is not a place to go to but of course you could be lucky like me and find that girl of your dreams where you last expect it.

    My friend wasn't as lucky as me and had to pay 150 bucks for a girl and another 100 bucks to bribe hotel security for lousy fuck and on the top of that she stole his camera. I hated everything about Jamaica except for Grace. So my advice is skip Jamaica but if you insist of going there and end up in Negril go to the Close Encounter club and look for Grace and if you find her say hi from Robert from Sweden.
    (Review # 1158)
  • Orcho Rios Street Action Dated Added: Thu Dec 16 1999 Submitted by: Psolos

    We were a group of four students who went to this shit hole called Orcho Rios in Jamaica for spring Break. Although we all were students in a university in Florida we decided to go to Jamaica. Probably the worst place I have ever been in my life. They think that we are there in order to give them our money, they are asking for money everywhere, they even walk with you along the road and then they want $20 etc. We went there for a week, in the first three days we wandered around the place looking for some action but there wasn't anything. Finally we found a club called Mercedes, the only one in the area, where we met a black guy who took good care of us. He was a taxi driver and for some $ he got us women, and some good quality smoke. He got two girls and took off for the nearest hotel since we were living in a protected compound where women weren't allowed in. Three of us had sex with one of them. This was the only good thing of the whole week. We kept on fucking her and she kept on sucking us without any condoms for 2 hours, she didn't complaint at all. In the end we gave her $60 and left. Orcho Rios sucks, don't ever go there. (Review # 1003)

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