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  • San Nicholas Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Jul 21 2008 Submitted by: Steve

    Wow 2nd day in Aruba and finally made it to San Nicholas. After reading previous reports I was anxious to explore the action where having sex with a hooker was legal. Made it to San Nicholas which I thought was a little hard to find since there are not many road signs in Aruba .

    After finding Charlies bar I found a parking place close by and Charlies looked pretty full at 2pm with men just setting around. I walked across the street and walked down the alley behind and there were hookers standing in the doorways inviting you to come in and have a good time. I found a Black Gal from Columbia who offered me here services for $50 for half an hour.

    We were barely through the door when she stripped down and and placed a condom on me and started sucking my cock and at least pretending to enjoy it. I fingered her good and she moaned like she was going to explode. Almost forgot what young pussy felt like (she was 28) and she was super wet, felt like I could have got my whole hand in her with little effort. She fucked like she was in heat and I truly must say she wanted me to have a good time. She even laid on her side for some anal when I told her I wouldn't mind pugging her ass. With a condom of course. Finished off with her sucking me and me shooting on her tits. Gave her another $10 tip for a total of $60. Definately felt I got my moneys worth. And felt the area was pretty safe.  
    (Review # 24291)
  • San Nicolas Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Jul 08 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    Greetings all! Just got back from Aruba and this website led me to explore the town of San Nicolas. I've travelled alot of places in the world and I've not been to a place with as few street signs as Aruba. Granted it only has 1 highway, but the streets within the cities can be a nightmare to locate. I had the help of my mobile and Google GPS to sort out all that.

    Anyhow... the previous poster gave pretty good directions about how to get to the money spot. You are looking for Zeppenfeldstraat. That is the red light district. When you take the A1 you can turn at the poorly marked (and easily missed, especially at night) sign indicating downtown. I preferred to stay on the A1 and make a right turn when you see the refinery. It's easy because if you miss the turn you will be driving along side the refinery for at least 1/8 of a mile. Simply turn around and make the corrresponding left. Drive down a few blocks and you are at Zeppenfeldstraat.

    I parked in the main lot near an abadndoned building and the main refinery gate. I believe this is the back end of the red light because Charlie's Bar was the last bar I got too.

    OK for the good stuff, I checked out all the bars that were open for 1am on a Saturday. The place is really run down, every other building either abandoned or dilapidated. I didn't find the people hanging out on the corners intimidating, it was nice to actually see a face as opposed to being totally creeped out.

    I entered a bar with two women hanging outside, one of them talking to a man. The free one walked me to the bar. About 5'5", Colombian, the name was Clara but not sure. Decent face, amazing tits and an ass I just had a spank. Spanish can get you very far here since this girl spoke very little English. The bartender was friendly. I paid $10 for my beer, a drink for her and the hats. I casually inquired about fucking her in Spanish ('quieres chingar?') and she readily agreed. We bounced to the room and I paid her $40 USD for a fun time. Spanked her ass, fucked her tits for a good 10 minutes, covered up and got a standing-up blowjob, fucked her CG, RCG, Mish and doggie. Finally came in the bag even though I wanted to shoot it on her Latin melons. Great for the price. Next time I'd go in the daytime though. The drive was just too shady at night.  
    (Review # 24215)
  • San Nicolas Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Mar 28 2007 Submitted by: Latinas Rule

    Hello everyone. This web site is a great!! Thank you all for your very helpful information. I was in Aruba for a nice peaceful week of vacation. After reading about your discussions on San Nicolas, I decided to rent a car and go check out the action. If you follow the signs and drive through Oranjestad, you will end up in the old refinery town at the end of the island. It was almost like a ghost town.

    Tuesday afternoon 1:45pm I parked my little rental car and started to do some walking. There were a couple beggars I noticed keeping their eyes on me. I still felt safe I spotted a couple of girls standing outside what looked to be a small bar. As I got closer to them, they started to smile big time. I guess that I stand out being tall and not bald or over weight!

    I instantly went crazy for this one girl who approx 5'7 olive color skin and long brown hair approx 22. She walked right up to me and said "fuckie, fuckie" I instantly went hard. She could see it through my shorts!! I asked her how much in Spanish. She told me $80 US. I told her 60 and she grabbed my hand and walked me a few feet down the road to this building that had a gate on the front. Some other hot little girl was behind the gate and let us in where we walked up some stairs. It looked like a small hall with 4 doors. They are all most likely little apartments. The room she took me into was real tiny but clean. Simply a bed with a little dresser and a small bathroom. She closed the door behind me and pointed to the bed.

    She started to undress in front of me. I asked her what her name was and where she was from. Isabella from Colombia. What a hottie. By this time she was naked in front of me. I couldn't stand it anymore. I stood up and went right at her. With in minutes my cock was in her mouth. You know you got a hot chica when she has your cock in her mouth and she is moaning! I didn't even have my hands on her!! I couldn't help myself. I grabbed her ass and put it over my face. Wow.....what a pussy. I ate her pussy like it was the last meal on earth. She went crazy her body started to shake. She was cumming. What a loud girl. Wow!

    I put her on her back and fucked her silly. The thing that killed me was how she would look at me with those eyes and lick her lips while I was fucking her. I couldn't hold it anymore. I felt like my balls were going to explode!! I pulled out and blasted a load all over her body. She started to rub it over her tits. She got off the bed and took me in the shower. She washed us off and we went back to the bed. We got dressed and I gave her $100. Her eyes opened wide and she started to open my shirt again.

    Round 2 my experience is that Colombian women naturally love sex. It is something that is in there genes. Ask for her by name. You will not regret it. As for the rest of my vacation it was great except for all the American women on the resort being teasers. They should take a plane ride to Colombia and learn how it is done.

    (Review # 18029)
  • San Nicolas Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Jan 12 2007 Submitted by: Peanuts

    This is Peanuts again - went back to San Nicolas today around 3:30 P.M.  Isabel wasn't around and a couple of the bars were open. I went into a bar before the Pleasure Zone - couldn't tell what the name was.

    I was alone in the bar with the bartender and 3 girls. Two of the three girls looked to be in 5 - 6 range while the third was 8+. The third one spoke some English - and that definitely made her the choice. Cost to go upstairs - $50 for 25 minutes. I'm pretty sure I could have haggled and she would have dropped to $35 or $40, but that is too little to worry about. Her name was Marcella from Cali, Colombia. Said she was 19, but I'd believe her to be closer to 22. Very pretty with curvy long black hair and brown eyes. Again - whoever selects the girls seems to be a boob man - nice small C breasts... very firm.

    Isabel's room was a fair bit nicer than Marcella's - I think Marcella actually lived in this one while Isabel lived elsewhere. Marcella was much more skilled than Isabel. Initially, she seemed in a hurry once we dropped onto the bed. I tipped her $10 and everything really slowed down. The only problem with that was her oral talent - now that she was giving me slow deep throat action. I indicated I was about to come too quickly and she let me know that we were going to go twice. If you know some Spanish - or just make an effort - the girls seem to appreciate it. I did some English to Spanish translations on the web and that really did the trick.

    Marcella sat back and masturbated herself until she came - I know she came because she squirted. If I tried to touch my cock while she was putting on her show she would slap my hands away. I was definitely hard and indicated I wanted her on top facing away from me and she complied quickly. After about 5 minutes, I tried communicating that she was in reverse cowgirl position - that was definitely misinterpreted. The next thing I know she is trying to get me in her ass - when I told her I wasn't asking for that, she just took the condom off and sucked me slow and deep until I came.

    Anyone interested should definitely try going early. No hurries and no worries. San Nicolas, Aruba - the place to get pretty 19 - 24 Colombian girls.
    (Review # 16975)
  • San Nicolas Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Jan 10 2007 Submitted by: Peanuts

    It is pretty easy to find the correct area of San Nicolas. All the bars with girls seem to be within three-to-five blocks of the entrance to the refining company... I made the drive up the 1A/1B from Palm Beach area. It took about 25 minutes to get to San Nicolas. Follow the signs to downtown - the first sign is a regular street direction sign and you can't miss it. The next, much more critical sign, would be easier to miss at night.

    This is somewhat large and vertical. It shows the simple line drawing of a road that changes direction roughly 15 degrees to the right and it says DOWNTOWN going to the right - not straight ahead. This is the sign to watch for - veer to the right and you are 1 - 2 minutes away from the action. Go to the end of the Main street and turn right to find parking. It didn't seem to be illegal to park along the wall of the refinery property. Look to the right after making the turn from Main street and you can't miss the area.

    I thought I would check out San Nicolas around mid-afternoon after golf. Nothing was open on the Main street except for Charlie's. I had a drink at Charlie's and then went back out. Even now - nothing on Main Street was open, but the next street over had a small number of girls sitting or standing in the doorway. The first girl was really good looking (9/10), but I thought I would keep walking. After going about two blocks I realized that #1 was by far the best of all available so I walked briskly back to the end I started from.

    Since nothing was happening, she (Isabel) was still available. About 5' 4" tall and I'd guess 110 lbs with very, very nice natural small C breasts. She is 21 years old and a mother of 1. She had a great body - quite petite with those nice C-size breasts. Amazing nipples that sucking on would make her body shudder. I played with her pussy until she came and then I shoved my dick in right as she was coming. Her body went rigid and clamped down on my dick as I started pumping her deep and somewhat slow.

    In less than 5 minutes, I was coming and so was she. I was getting up to get cleaned up and get dressed, but she wanted me to stay a bit longer. She was stroking my cock and kneeling down so I thought I might as well stay to see what is going to happen. I was treated to some very enthusiastic head - technique wasn't great, but she really wanted to suck dick. Just as she milked the cum right out of me, I realized I didn't have a condom on. I was trying to pull out, but she seemed to know what was happening so I let her take the lead. She ended up spitting it out, but she sucked the whole load out of me.

    I went to this area based upon reviews listed on this board. Everything written earlier was accurate and I couldn't have had a better time. I suggest hitting the area at 3 P.M. and see if any hot ones are available. If so, they may not be pressed for time as they would be at night. Next time I'll go in the afternoon. Cost was $50 + $30 tip I gave her at the end as I was leaving.
    (Review # 16959)
  • san nicolas Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Nov 09 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    I wanted to add my two cents in as well because I just got back yesterday and would have loved to have made mental notes off all this stuff. I made every mistake possible on my venture to San Nicolas. I went late and also on Sunday, as others have said, definitely avoid going on Sunday.

    I'm a big, athletic, strong guy, that knows how to box and was very intimidated with this tough town. you will probably stick out like a sore thumb and the poor locals will see Dollar signs when they look at you. I went down in sharp gear and a bunch of jewelry on, wallet full of cash. These guys aren't the type that just take a buck and run, they want more and aren't afraid to keep asking.

    The town looked like it was shut down completely on Sunday. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to get back at all or if I was gonna get what I came for.

    I walked Main St. for a while, felt like an eternity just because I was so unfamiliar with the town and everthing was closed, not many people around either. Just about the time I hear one of the locals running his mouth behind me, spouting off a bunch of gibberish in Spanish and making me uneasy, I've finally rounded a corner and saw a place that said Caroline's Bar on the sign and they were open. Thank god! you have to buzz a buzzer and the bar keep will let you in, this is the same at all places.

    I went in, sat down, and noticed there were only two girls around the bar. Again, I got so lucky, these girls were both tens and both so much better looking then the bulk of the girls I saw after I left.

    My Spanish once was fairly good, not so much now, but the little I knew was very helpful. I'll brushup next time though. I started talking to one of the girls, she was very gorgeous and had a perfect body, same with the other one. I had to have them both at the same time! both Columbians that had nice, tight, shaved pussies and were fucking crazy in bed.

    I paid 70 each for the girls, 20 to the bar for the drinks and the hats. one of the locals, black dude from Holland named Leo said I paid too much. To me it was a bargain though. again, I made every mistake in the book and still managed to have this be the highlight of my trip and probably my life!

    In conclusion, next time I hope my friend will attend with me, if not it would definitely not stop me. With a friend taking the bus downtown, then cab to San Nicolas keeping the driver would be best. But I'd take the bus roundtrip again, just next time I'll go very early, by noon I'll set out and try to time it so that when I leave, the bus will be picking up right after. I'll also bring lots of ones for the beggars, but not too much money and try not to look like a millionaire.
    (Review # 16288)
  • Oranjestad Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Nov 08 2005 Submitted by: J Wilson

    Excellent experience in Aruba. Called a massage service out of the local newspapers. It is about 100 dollars for an hour. The woman comes in to your hotel room and has you lay down for a massage, and then asks you to remove clothing. She then goes to the bathroom and comes to the bed in the nude. She then places a condom on the man and right away has sex. She will screw as well as give a bj. As soon as you come, she will begin to get dressed and use her cell phone for the escort company to pick her up. The girl I got had a nice body and gave full service. They can pretty much do what you wish... you can get on top or stay on your back and enjoy the ride. They satisfy the men really well. (Review # 13062)
  • San Nicholas Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Oct 13 2005 Submitted by:

    Here's a letter I sent a friend: While I have no pics, I did experience the hookers. It's weird, these girls are from Colombia, age from 20 - 24, and are there on 3-month work visas. Yes, it's all legal. Most have kids, and some are even married! Locals tell me that they explain to their families that they got a job working on Aruba as a waitress or something. These women are pros, not druggies. They insist on condoms (as do I - I just tested them). What's more is that they are BEAUTIFUL; that is, about 3/4 of them. Much better looking than any of the civilians I saw up at the hotels.

    The price - $40-$50 for a half-hour. They all have little studio apartments upstairs, or behind the bar. There are about 12 such bars in the small town of San Nicholas at the south end of the island. These are fine young ladies, treat them with respect and you'll have a good time. If you are hostile toward women, get help.

    BTW: Great article on the Myths of Prostitution -
    My experience in Aruba certainly confirms this.
    (Review # 12864)
  • Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Aug 12 2005 Submitted by: v

    Just came from Aruba.  Everything mentioned in previous revies is correct. The first night, being tired from late flight, I called Exotic Escort. The girl came about 30-40 minutes later. She has "street corner" quality and I send her back. Later called Yap Yum Escort ($100+tip) and 40 minutes later, a nice girl from Venezuela was knocking on my door. She was on a scale 5-7, but very nice and sweet.
    The following day (Saturday), went to St. Nick. The downtown is small area next to refinery. You will need car to get there. Bus service do not operate late at night and I did not see taxis around that place after 11pm. The place look scary with local staying at each corner looking at you. But it is safe. Nobody will bother you. The young girls (19-24), mostly from Columbia, are staying at the doors and making visual contact with you, then asking $40 for 1/2 hour. Some of them 7-9 and some of them under 5. There are selection for everyone taste. The most action is inside bars. These are not strip bars the way we used to them in USA. These are very small bars with 3-4 girls trying to get couple of drinks out from you (to keep bar happy). Cost of beer or wine was under $5 per bottle of beer or glass of wine.

    Afer going from one bar to another, found a real 10+ girl from Columbia. She was 20 and real looker. We went to her room. She was a real rocket. She did everything herself. I was laying on my back enjoing view and action. After I was done, she did not stop until she was done. After 10-15 minutes of playing with each other, we did it again. This was one of the best sex I had in many years. The cost is $40 for 1/2 hour. $80 for an hour. $300 for a night. (My mistake was not getting her with me to my hotel).

    The next day Sunday I went back trying to find her again. This was total disappointment. Majority of bars were closed. When I got to her house, her manager would not even call her, stating that she is off today. Really, avoid Sundays. Found another 24 y.o. Columbian. She was 7-8 scale and very nice. Spoke some English.

    Went back to hotel and called YapYam. Girl came about 1 hour later. She was from Venezuela. Rating 7+. The selection in St. Nick is way better than from any escorts and it is worth the trip down to that part of the Island. Enjoy.
    (Review # 12427)
  • Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Jun 05 2005 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Near San Nicolas Roughly 80% of Arubans are Roman Catholic, and parish churches dot the island. In Seroe Pretoe, near San Nicolas on the way from Arikok National Park, the Lourdes Grotto, a shrine to Our Lady of Lourdes. The shrine was built in the limestone rocks in 1958 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Virgin Mary's purported appearance to a peasant girl, St. Bernadette in the south of France. Another grotto lies directly across the road. Neither is particularly noteworthy probably because the local parish prohibits anyone from leaving candles, statues, pictures, or testimonials. Chartreuse parakeets inhabit the area. Farther along the same road, the outback suddenly gives way to Aruba's second-largest town, San Nicolas. A phosphate-exporting port from 1879 until 1915, this town landed Esso's Lago oil refinery in 1924. Once the world's largest, the refinery attracted workers from other Caribbean islands, South America, and Europe. In 1942, U.S. troops landed to protect the complex, which supplied much of the Allies' aircraft fuel during the war. By 1951, the town had a population of 20,000, far more than Oranjestad at the time. The refinery closed in 1985, devastating the town and the island. It reopened in 1990 with a new owner, Texas-based Coastal Oil. Now that tourism has replaced oil as the island's major business, San Nicolas has waned in importance. One remnant of the town's "port atmosphere" deserves mention: Prostitution is legal in San Nicolas. The center of Aruba's fishing industry, Savaneta is the island's oldest town and original capital. During the early Dutch period, its harbor was the safest place for ships. And in the mid-1800s, the area was known for breeding cochineals, insects that were crushed to produce the dye carmine. Retaining its salty tang, the town boasts a couple of good restaurants and a beachside spa. On your way back home, you'll pass Hooiberg. At 162m (541 ft.), it may not be Aruba's highest hill but it's the island's favorite landmark. If you have the stamina, climb the hundreds of steps (15-20 min.) to the summit. On a clear day, you can see Venezuela. (Review # 11685)
  • San Nicholas Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Mar 21 2005 Submitted by:

    Recently vacationed in Aruba. Checked out Charlie's Bar one afternoon. While walking down the next block from Charlie's to catch a cab, two young girls were standing in a door way. As I walked by one said "Fuckie, Fuckie, Suckie, Suckie" I stopped said "What did you say"


    She repeated it then said "Forty dollars". I didn't know prostitution was legal in San Nicholas. I walked on down the street for two blocks then did a full block circle. Young girls in groups of three, four or five were sitting behind iron gates in doorways. The gates would be locked. They all had the same pitch, "Fuckie, Suckie, $40"


    After careful surveying I showed interest in a dark haired beauty with big tits. After I confirmed the activities and where it would take place I agreed. She opened the gate, let me in and locked it. We walked down a narrow hallway to a small bed room. It was very well kept. She spoke limited English but we both knew what we wanted. As she stood naked in front of me I noticed her smooth, shaved pussy. I asked her if she was clean. She assured me she was, risk on my part I know, but I couldn't resist.


    I pointed to my mouth and her pussy. She said "Yes" I started in on her. Her English got better. She told me "Slower, slower" and showed me her G spot. I ate her for what seemed like eternity. She then sat on my face and I tongue fucked her for about five minutes. She had already came multiple times. She then got out a condom, put it on and proceeded to go down on me. I was about ready to blow so I told her so. She quickly mounted me and rode me until I blew my load, which unfortunately wasn't long. After we were done she had paper towels, and fresh wipes. She then took a shower and come back and hugged and kissed me good bye. I was tempted to try it again later in the week but once per vacation was all I could handle. It was the best $40 I had spent in a long, long time.

    (Review # 11144)
  • San Nicholas Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Oct 04 2004 Submitted by: tgfan

    I have to say all of the reports about San Nicholas are absoulutey correct!!!! It was a pleasure to get great sex at a bargain price. I had no problem walking around even after dark!!! I'm about 6' tall and 225 lbs. I guess the couple of bums and low life locals figured I better not hassle the big tattooed guy! So I just walked around in and out of every little bar until I found a great girl at a small bar. $30 US for 1/2 hour and I probably stayed with her for an hour. She was approx 36 years old from Columbia. I rented a car and drove through first, then I parked the car and walked around to the places I wanted to check-out. It was great!!! I'd go back anytime! (Review # 10236)
  • St. Nicolas Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Aug 20 2004 Submitted by: Gus

    I travelled during Summer 2004 to Aruba with a few friends. As far as destinations go, you should not miss Aruba! Perfect weather, perfect beaches.

    Now for the ladies.... Aruba being a former Dutch possession, is liberal concerning prostitution; it's legal. In Orenjestad (the capital) where most tourists stay, you won't see any direct action, however, there are a few bathhouses and escort services that will dispatch a lady your way. Most of the action on the island is found in Saint Nicolas, a 10-15 min drive by taxi ($20 day -$30 night each way) OR 20-30 min by a bus ($1 each way) which runs until appoximately 11 pm and departs from the bus depot in Orenjestad or along a few streets. The buses are clearly marked for which area they take you to. Should you take the bus (at least going) they run during the day every half hour. You should take the one that pulls into lane "3". If you take the other to Saint Nicolas it will add an additional 20 minutes to your trip (which is a great way to see the local real estate, but the long way to get some pussy).

    Downtown St. Nicolas is roughly a quarter square mile or less, every bar and eatery is reachable on foot with little effort. Each bar is allowed to have FOUR girls maximum who are allowed to stay in the country only for 3 months out of any given year. Charley's Bar is a good spot to have food ( a little expensive) but there are no girls there as everybody says. If you go there it's just to get your bearings and look around. By the way, the bar closes quite early so don't be discouraged. There are about 30 bars in the "zone" so there are about 100+ girls at any given time... take your time and fuck them all!

    I did about 60 or 70 in the the three weeks I was there (viagra headache ;-). You will pay $40 for a half an hour suck and fuck. On first entrance, they also want you to buy at least three drinks for the girl at $3 each, and a condom at 2-3 dollars and $40 for the girl. If you don't want the bullshit of conversation and you are just hoping to get at them, then give the bartender $10 or $12 (condom) and tell the girl "lets go" (Venga!).

    A local pussy can be had at about $25 Florin ($17-$20 American roughly). After I had been through the town a little by the third day, most girls were asking me for $25 Aruba Florins. If you arrive early in the day before the bars open (8 pm mostly), you will see the girls outside the respective bars talking, scouting, and generally having some fun. You can easily approach them and set something up on the spot. Should you want to take a girl back to your hotel (I didn't get a problem at the hotel but have heard some rent a villa!) you will be asked to pay the bar $50 to $150 and the girl will want $100-200 for herself. The difference depends on the time of year. In high tourist months Dec-March they can make a lot of money during those nights so you are in effect covering what they might have made. Also, taking them back will be cheaper and easier during slow tourist months (July-Oct) and on weekdays. Most girls are from Columbia with rare exceptions. Most are gorgeous 8-10's. Local women might attempt to earn some cash or have some fun on occassion and you'll see them at an eatery or on the street "waiting" on a bus smiling all too hard at you. Don't forget the single women in your hotel who are dying to get fucked! The only problem is the time wasted (day or evening) talking to them.

    When you are not seeking, try the "Snuba" tour and do the ship wreck, the ATV tour is awesome, and the beaches are great!!

    (Review # 9919)
  • San Nicholaas Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Jun 01 2004 Submitted by: C_Bass

    See my Aruba Trip report on the Members only message board. The best time of my life. Aruba is awesome!!! (Review # 9212)
  • St. Nicholas Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Mar 31 2003 Submitted by: maximum75

    Just visited Aruba for a short business trip and seeing how I got info from here I thought I would share with you all. I went to St. Nicholas, where I read the action is. They were right. I got there late afternoon and found Charlie's bar. A little hole in the wall bar, with good food and lots to look at as people bring things from around the world to hang on the ceiling & walls. I met an older couple there from NC, had a few drinks and chatted with them for a bit. ~~

    ~~As the afternoon wore on, I started seeing more females walking up & down the main street there. I saw a few who piqued my interest so I decided to take a little stroll and see what I came across. I saw quite a few hotties walking around, just an educated guess but I'd say most were working girls based on their clothing and actions. As I was walking past one alley, I saw a great looking petite girl of about 20 or so (about 5'2", maybe 110 lbs, just how I like them) standing there talking to a couple other girls outside of a doorway. As I walked toward them, I could see the girl I liked checking me out too. When I got near her, she looped her arm in mine and asked (in very broken English) if I wanted to "fuckie fuckie". ~~

    ~~Although she was really hot, I wasn't sure and kinda wanted to keep looking a little, but she was a persistent little thing. I finally agreed and she took me through the doorway, which ended up being a little bar. She pulled me towards the bar and told me $40. I gave her $40 US and she took the money to the bar, talked with the female bartender (I couldn't understand what was said), got a condom from her then gestured for me to follow her. We went through the bar and up a back flight of steps to her room. It was a small, one room place, with a common bathroom at the top of the stairs. I could see a few doors, so I imagine there were a few girls living there. When we got inside, she motioned for me to sit on the bed then ruffled through her belongings and pulled out $10 AFL and handed it to me. I had a hard time understanding her, but from what I got the 40 she mentioned earlier was their currency, so she was giving me change. I wasn't going to argue, lol.~~

    ~~She began to strip and once she got to her panties she came over to me and helped me do the same. She stood in front of me, and with a playful smile took my hands and placed them on her hips for me to remove her panties for her. Once we were both naked, she wrapped a towel around us and walked me into the bathroom where she washed my cock & balls. She had a very soft, gentle touch which had me rock hard within seconds. We walked back to the room again, this time I walked behind her, feeling my member slapping against her tight little ass. She must have liked that too, as she giggled alot and reached behind her as she walked and grabbed it, pulling it into her asscrack.~~

    ~~~~When we got back into the room, she locked the door and motioned for me to lie on the bed. She climbed on between my legs and offered up one of her small but perky breasts to suck on. I of course took it as well as the other one and sucked and nibbled on them for a while. Her nipples got very engorged while I was doing this. She slid down a little and proceeded to give me a kiss with the softest lips I've felt in a while, her sweet little tongue darting in and out of my mouth. Once we broke off, she worked her way down my chest, sucking my nipples, giving little swipes of her tongue on my body. She then spent a good 5 mins or so giving me a great bj with no condom. I got her into a near 69 so that I could see her pussy. She was shaved bare except for a strip over the top of her clit, what many refer to as a "landing strip". I did not go down on her, although she looked so good I really wanted to but felt it was a chance better not taken.~~

    ~~She finally did get up and grab the condom and slid it on me. She faced me while she threw one leg over me and straddled me. She grabbed ahold of my cock and held it straight up in the air as she slowly sat on it. Wow this girl was tight and very very wet. After a few mins of riding my cock, she stood up and said "switch?" I nodded as she laid on her back and spread her shapely legs for me. Her pussy looked so wet and inviting with her lying there like that. I slid in and began giving it to her hard, while she moaned beneath me. She wrapped her legs around my waist pulling me in harder on every thrust. I pulled her legs from around me and put them on my shoulders so that she was really spread and I could look down and see my cock disappearing in her tiny cunt. ~~

    ~~After working up quite a sweat that way she wanted to switch again, this time getting on her knees and offering herself to me doggy style. This is one of my favorite positions so I really got into it. I was playing with her tits with one hand, while the other played with her clit as I fucked her. After a few minutes of this she came, slowing her thrusts back at me and I could feel her cunt muscles tightening around me. She made no complaint when I took one finger, wet from playing with her clit, and toyed with her asshole. I couldn't help it, her rosebud looked so pretty & inviting, it didn't look like she had been fucked there, or if she had not often. That kinda sent me to the edge and I knew I was ready to blow. I pulled out and flipped her around onto her back while pulling the condom off and just made it, busting a nut right onto her perfect chest.~~

    ~~She wasn't all that thrilled with that part, but she perked up when I got her to understand that I would clean her off. I wiped up the excess, grabbed the towel from earlier, wrapped it around us again and this time led her to the bathroom. I soaped her up and got all the cum off of her and she was a happy camper again. I pulled her to me and we made out for a bit in the bathroom, then she laughed and grabbed my hand and led me back to the room asking again? I declined as I knew I'd find another one quickly enough and wanted to be save some energy. ~~

    ~~She looked kinda sad and I was tempted to have another go, but decided it would be better if I didn't. She motioned for me to lie on the bed again and proceeded to give me a great massage for about five mins. It felt so good I returned the favor. When I finished, she got up and started to get dressed, so I did the same. We walked back down the steps toward the bar, but at the bottom pulled me to her to give me another soul searching kiss before patting me on my ass and sending me on my way. ~~

    ~~I ended up back at Charlie's where I ran into some girls who were staying at my hotel and partied with them. They were pretty adventurous and wanted to check out some of the other bars, so we went barhopping. Almost every bar we went into had a couple girls working there, of all shapes and sizes. We had some fun playing around with them before heading back to the hotel side of the island to clean up & have dinner. I could sense one of them had the hots for me, so I ended up getting her to stay in my room for the night, thankful I had saved some sexual energy for her.~~

    ~~I'm just waiting for the word to go back there, and hopefully will be able to before too long. It's a great island and St. Nicholas has many available women for almost any taste. I'll be sure to write again when I get the opportunity to go back.~~~~~~~~ (Review # 7021)

  • Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Feb 17 2003 Submitted by: Panther

    Just returned from trip to Aruba. Thanks to this guide, was able to have fun, even though I went stag.~~Considering I was alone, I didn't wish to try San Nicholas, or Charleys, as 'going upstairs' sounded like a risky proposition for a lone gringo. ~~

    ~~Stayed in hotel, called Yap Yum Escort Service. Spoke to Gene, told him I read guide, had a friend refer me (didn't mention the ad in the back of the newspaper like they said). One night, he was at my room, as promised, in thirty minutes with a cute Colombian girl, about mid twenties, was a seven of ten. ~~

    ~~All service was good, covered action was exceptional. Total cost of $100 for the hour, plus $20 tip. Sent her on her way. Two days later, called Gene back, asked very specifically for a leaner version. One hour later, he is in my room with a young Colombian hottie out of the pages of Playboy, perfect body. Got right down to it, multiple positions, very good covered action, rode me fine, then doggy. Second round was even better, she was exceptional. ~~

    ~~We showered together, kissed, and let her go. $200 for the two hours, plus sixty for her. She was happy. There is good action in Aruba. If you call Gene, understand that he does come to your room with the girl. I let him inside, but he let me pay the girl at the end, so no money was exchanged. He is legit, so if you want to stay in your room and share a glass of wine with the girl, it's perfect. Just be specific in what you want when calling Gene. Enjoy.~~ (Review # 6859)

  • Aruba Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Jul 16 2002 Submitted by:

    Just got back from little business in Aruba. ~~I didnít go to San Nicholas, ( Red lite dist) I used a in-call service. Just get a free copy of Aruba Today Newspaper. It's free in every hotel lobby. ~~in the back classified ads, there are about 5 e/s services listed. ~~on my last trip, I used Haven Massage. Very happy, non clock watcher. 120 per hour. Took a few photos XXX She was a real sport. ~~~~

    ~~This trip I used "Yap Yum" service. Called spoke w/ Gene. the MGR, he brought a hottie from Columbian to my room within 40 minutes. ~~100 to Gene at my door and tipped her 25, at the end and she was happy with that! ~~Great time good value, and I brought some of that "Indian God lotion" I bought on ebay, so this lady got a workout from me!!!! ' ~~30 minutes of non stop. ~~~~

    ~~2 nights later, I called Gene and tried a different lady. She was 21 and a cutie. ~~Their girls werenít into being photographed like Haven e/s service. I think itís a personal issue with them. ~~The services are good in Aruba. By the time you take a long bus ride to the red light dist. Pay a little more and have a in call serv. The downside is that you donít see the woman who will be arriving to your room. At end of session, she will use your hotel phone or her cell to call for her ride home. ~~~~~~Enjoy!~~
    (Review # 5772)
  • San Nicolas Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Dec 10 2000 Submitted by: Cat

    I read your information about Aruba. As a regular visitor of this tiny island I would like to contribute a few things about what's going on here. As already mentioned in one of the other messages the action takes place in a town called San Nicolas which is on the far SE tip of the island, around 20 minutes driving from the capital Oranjestad. Going there by car just follow the sign 'downtown' when entering and follow the road for about 2 kilometers. When you get to a square just go right ahead and follow the narrow street until you get to Main street. In this street and the two ones behind it you can get all the beef you want. As mentioned Charley's bar is a good place to use as base. When I sat there two nice chicks came in and drank some juice. Because it was early, around five, I was not as yet in the mood to let one of them have it but I had some good eye contact with one. She was blonde, around 30, when women are at their best, and nice. As they left I only watched which way they went and drank my beer. 15 minutes later I got out and went the same direction. Because it was still daytime they were sitting on a bench 100 m further and I immediately caught up with the blonde. Speaking of animal magnetism!! They invited me to sit and began to make gestures which are the same all over the world. First I pretended not to understand what they meant but keep the story short, I went upstairs with the blonde above a joint called 'Minzi's' or something like that. We screwed for an hour (80$) and I went back there later that evening to have two more hours of fun. Great time.

    OK, most of the girls here are from Colombia or Venezuela. They are very pretty. They work in the bars, the owner has a license to have four girls working. Prices are 60 to 80 USD for an hour, just add some money for drinks, not too much!! and rent for the room.

    ~~The area is not very dangerous but I advise to come there relatively early and be away by 10 in the evening, the car rental sticker on your car makes you a sitting duck. The only thing I do not like here is the fact that you can not see the girls who are sitting inside when you are walking outside. Greetingz Cat~~
    (Review # 2837)
  • San Nichols Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Jul 29 2000 Submitted by: Johnny

    Just got back from Aruba. Best Colombian woman to be found in San Nicholas after 9 pm. Met 1 lady 23 yrs old, had great sex and even spend the next two days with me at my hotel without charge. I guess she liked me. Women must get tested every week with the Arubian gov't with a 3 month contract to work there. The usual charge for 1/2 hour is $40. Tipping is appreciated so please do not be cheap. After all these Latin ladies know how to treat a man like a king! The united states women should take some lessons. We spent the day together at the beach and I had to bring her back by 8pm every night. She even gave me oral and had sex with me without a condom. No very smart on my part but I figured that since she liked me and got tested every week, that it would be ok. She even gave me her address and phone number so that I can call her when she returns to Colombia. (Review # 2046)
  • St. Nicolaas Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Jan 28 2000 Submitted by: Daniel

    This winter (1999-2000) I have been on vacation on Aruba, and when I just read your pages I saw there is~~only one entry before the one I am writing to you. I read this entry with some surprise because this~~guy obviously did not visit the complete island, but as most boring US tourists he only visited~~the capitol 'Oranjestad' and his own hotel, I guess. And what is this guy complaining about restaurants ?~~There are a lot of fine restaurants and not only fast food and steak houses, but also Chinese, thai food,~~sea food, French cuisine, Italian, Japanese... And the nightlife has improved too: A very big disco called~~the E-zone on the Harbour is really great (forget about the Cellar, it is boring). Cobalt is now called~~Club 2000 and in the same building you find Mambo Jambo, with nice South American music~~and a lot of pretty South American woman (and yes, the night ladies also visit this place).

    ~~O.k. enough about restaurants, beaches and disco's, this is not a tourist guide but a sex guide.~~The information of the 1st entry is missing the most important location where you can find the night ladies.~~This small village (but the second town on Aruba) is called 'St. Nicolaas' and is located on the far~~east side of the island, near the oil factory. When you come from Oranjestad you have to~~follow 'downtown', drive through the main shop street and than try to park your car there. It seems a very~~quiet area, but when you walk a little further you see some bars, night clubs and a few women outside.~~Just ignore the local men who are talking to you, they eventually start begging for dollars after giving~~you some "information" or pretend that they washed your car. You can enter the bars and night clubs~~(some have doorbells) and start to talk with a lady that is free. Or wait till they come to you, than you~~are sure that they are free and off course "on duty" ;-)

    From an Australian guy I heard that the girls in the Las Vegas club are very good and nice, but you can find very nice girls in other bars and clubs too. Almost all of them from Colombia or Venezuela, so most of them only speak Spanish, maybe a few words English. The girls ask $40 for 30 minutes, $80 dollars for 1 hour. Everything with condoms. It is wise to bring your own condoms, because at the bar / night club they charge $3 extra for a condom. I had two girls over there, both Colombian, especially the second one had a very slim body (I think she was 19 or 20 years old), at the bar I had to buy her a drink first before she would come with me ($3 for wine and $3 for the condom extra). So it seems a little expensive, but they take their time, no hurry, no complaints ;-) Good luck !~~
    (Review # 1404)
  • Aruba Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Jan 17 2000 Submitted by: aruba me

    Hi, Just got back from Aruba, I went alone. it's 99% couples. But there is Action!!!!~~
    Forget the hotel areas. The hotels are about 1-6 miles from the airport. About $16 in a taxi to the Marriott or Holiday Inn [where I stayed].

    When checked in, you've got to get to "San Nicholas" for the action It's a oil refinery town. its about 12 miles from the airport. along the coast opp. end of the hotels. It will cost you $2.00 each way from your hotel by bus. or I'd say $25 to 35 by taxi.

    There is this world famous bar called Charley Bar in San Nickolas. Tell the bus driver you want to go there. Bus stop is right behind the bar. Remind the driver when you enter st nicholas town~~

    The town smells like petroleum!!! Coastal owns the refinery its huge. Esso/Exxon used to own it. Have a drink in Charley Bar. It's an old bar with old license plates and street signs all over the walls. Kind of a let down but a good reference point.

    When you leave Charley Bar. I made a right. just go into any bar that has an "open" sign. There will be 2-3 woman sitting. All Colombian. [did see a black] all hot. They come right up to you. Buy them a drink. They will take u upstairs!!! if interested, little rooms. Cost was $40 u.s. plus I tipped $25extra, and she was Very happy with that tip. Got oral and full service. We were upstairs about 30 minutes. All "safe" the woman sign 3 month gov't contracts to work in Aruba. They meet with doctor every week.

    You can walk back to behind charley bay to wait for bus. It's kind of run down but safe. Charley bar closes at 10 pm. I went alone so I was extra careful some people look a little scary but they left me alone on Street. I would feel better if I had a friend w/ me. Bus runs every 34-40 minutes till midnight. If you come with some buddies, I'd split a taxi ride. You get there much faster and no stops. No other stores open in evening. Lots of hotels workers live in San Nicholas. The island is only 19 miles long.

    IT may be hard to find a taxi in St. Nicholas. unless you get a bartender to call. I would get Charley Bar at 630-7pm- have a drink then get into your action bars. I'd try to be on my way back to tourist area's by 930 pm.

    I did run into a tanker ship crew member on the street. They were picking up oil to take to Israel. He looked like a tourist. ~~

    I was the only one in the sex bar .... lots of locals in other bars and some sitting on the street/corners. You can also eat at chatley bar. I had to see at least 12 bars around charley's Bar. All the hotel workers tell me St Nicholas is safe but not to leave anything important in your rental car!

    I've been to many Caribbean Islands. Aruba is very safe! Just use common sense. ~~
    If you don't have your own car there, just make sure you leave time to catch bus to hotels. I really didn't see any taxis' around in the evening. Guess you have to call . But I didn't see any pay phones either. My girl was a 8 out of 10 very petite and attractive. Spoke some English. Was 23 yrs old.

    She said she would even meet me at my hotel next day but I really didn't want to. I'm sure it would have been pretty cheap!

    Forget about action in Hotel areas unless you meet a female tourist. I didn't see anything. I only saw 1 cop directing traffic. VERY SAFE PLACE

    There is also a cyber Cafe to check your email in the capital mall area.. Royal plaza mall top floor. Can get you aol/ compuserve and many other web companies. It's about $5.00 for 30 minutes.

    Bus directions.... get to bus stop near your hotel. $1.00 to bus to Orangstad... that's the capital lots of tourists, shopping, restaurants , malls. At the bus station connect to bus to St. Nicholas. It may be the same bus!!! If not connect. Pay another $1.00 tell driver to tell you when to get off at Charley Bar. The same to return. do the same..... bus to Orangstad. connect to Hotel bus.

    Orangstad is VERY SAFE!!! its a tourist shopping mall.... you will be there every night.... and taxi's all over. Another Idea.... save some $$ take bus to ORangstad.... the then pick up a taxi to San nicholas. Good Luck!~~
    (Review # 1121)

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