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  • Brisbane Other Dated Added: Sat Sep 27 2008 Submitted by: oskarr

    Bad news: Queensland Motel at 777 mains road in Kangaroo Point does not function any longer.... (Review # 24796)
  • Potts Point, NSW Other Dated Added: Mon Dec 25 2006 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    December 8, 2006

    THE future of dozens of NSW brothels is in doubt after a court decision to shut a Potts Point sex business whose clients regularly disturbed the neighbourhood.

    In a judgement that sets a precedent for the sex industry, the NSW Land and Environment Court has ordered the Tusculum Street "massage and masturbation" parlour, Misty's, to shut within four months after complaints by neighbours about late-night disturbances.

    It was the first time the court has used its power to make an order under the recently enacted section 17(1) of the Restricted Premises Act . The section allows councils to apply to the court to have a brothel shut where it operates within view of a church, hospital or school and interferes with the public amenity.

    Residents and students at the adjoining Catholic girls' boarding school, St Vincent's College, had frequently complained to City of Sydney Council about "antisocial behaviour including urinating, fighting, using offensive language, throwing rubbish and intimidating residents and students", said the court's chief justice, Brian Preston.

    The operator of the brothel, Suzelle Antic, did not respond to a request for an interview yesterday. The Herald understands she plans to appeal against the ruling, which also ordered that her business pay the council's $60,000 legal costs.

    The Lord Mayor, Clover Moore, said the decision was a warning to all rogue brothel operators.

    More than 30 witnesses testified against the Potts Point brothel, which has boasted in advertisements that it has "50 Ladies! Now 10 rooms!"

    They were supported by the Potts Point & Kings Cross Heritage Conservation Society president, Andrew Woodhouse, who said: "Brothel owners everywhere should be alert and alarmed about this. We're not against sex; we're for residents. This decision - a major first - potentially affects hundreds of brothels in the state."

    Two private investigators hired by Misty's who gave evidence admitted to the court that they had seen groups of young men "smashing bottles on the road, hitting a road and traffic sign with a stick, urinating on trees in Tusculum Street, on nearby apartment block walls and even on the tyres of the private investigators' car."

    Chief Justice Preston was unswayed by the opinion of a social planner, Dr Rigmor Berg, who argued the closure would mean that "in the short term, men would not be able to relieve their sexual frustration at Misty's."
    (Review # 16761)
  • Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Feb 11 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    Just returned from Saipan last week on business and will validate the last review. Stayed in Garapan behind the Hard Rock Cafe at the Holiday In and a short walk to downtown Garapan. The main shopping street in Garapan has four clubs and a few on side streets with Chinese or Korean girls enticing you inside. I stayed away since they seemed to tacky and expensive. Rented a scooter ($20 per day) from one of the local vendor and traveled a few miles south to the village of Susupe and Kelly's.

    On the way south along Beach Road, I stopped at the Ceaser Sauna for a massage. Pretty legitimate here. $60 per hour for a full body massage includes sauna and steam room. Great way to warm up and relax. Kelly's is on the 2nd floor of a shopping/office building and opened at 9pm. Once inside I was impressed on how clean the place was and felt very comfortable. It was pretty slow when I walked in (Tuesday night) and I was invited to sit at the bar by Kelly her self. Immediately, a young, beautiful Chinese woman (25 years old) named Lupe made me feel right at home. I have never been with a Asian woman before, so this was pretty exciting. I bought a beer for myself ($4) and one for her ($18) and started talking.

    Lupe had been on Saipan for 1 month and her English was poor, but she really tried. She looked great in a tight black evening dress and high heels. Beautiful long, jet black straight hair and flawless skin. No pressure to have sex, just talked, touched each other, and laughed. It was all on my terms. I could tell she was new to the business and not a harden prostitute.

    After awhile, I asked the Mamasan (Kelly) if Lupe and I could get together. She offered $200 for the night back at the Hotel or $100 for an hour in the back. I choose the back room since I was leaving early the next morning. Lupe took my hand and escorted me to a private room in the back were we got undressed. She was wearing a lacy black bra and lacy black boyshorts. Lupe then provided me a clean towel, body gel soap, and we took a quick shower down the hall. Back in the room, I was blown away at her tiny body (5'3", maybe 110lbs, that might be high). "B" cup breasts with long pointy nipples. Lupe's pubic area was shaved tight and she has a beautiful pussy. She sat on the bed, released my towel, grabbed my dick, and started licking it, then looked up at me and said, "Mamasan taught me how to suck dick last week. Is it good?" I could have blown my load all over her face right there.

    Blowjob lasted about 5 minutes without a condom. Lupe laid down and she let me do anything I wanted. After playing with and sucking her breast, then playing with her pussy. I turned her over and played with her butt, back, and neck. She was moaning and squirming all over the place. Lupe lifted her ass and wanted me inside her right away. She kept grabbing my hips and thrusting her hips into mine. It took all my effort to reach over and grab the condom.

    Once I got in her it was pure pleasure. Lupe was hot, wet, and ready for action. No KY lube here. She was working her hips, moaning, and I could last for more then 10 minutes. Lupe made me fell like a little high school boy for cumming so quickly.

    My experience has shown that once you cum, the girls are already half dressed getting ready for the next trick. Not Lupe, she wouldn't stop and wanted to keep going. I am the one who stopped her. We relaxed in bed for another 10 minutes, before she escorted me back to the shower to get cleaned up. We took our time getting dressed, and then we went back to the bar.

    I talked to the Mamasan and other girls for a bit all the while Lupe was by my side and had a good time. Upon leaving, Lupe gave me a hug and kiss and said good night. Just the hospitality and atmosphere in Kelly's was worth the $100 alone. A great place to stop while in Saipan. Kelly's has opened another discreet bar in Tumon, Guam.
    (Review # 13979)
  • Tasmania Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sun Jan 01 2006 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Brothels banned under tough new laws - Legislation outlawing brothels in Tasmania comes into effect January 1, 2006.

    The controversial Sex Industry Offences Act was passed by the House of Assembly late last year.

    Anyone found running a brothel can be fined up to $80,000 and jailed for up to eight years.

    Clients can also be fined $10,000 and jailed for a year.

    There are also fines for people who supply drugs to prostitutes, [...]

    Brothels may be closing, but up to two sex workers are still allowed to operate from a private home.

    The legislation will be reviewed in 2009.
    (Review # 13532)
  • Palau Street Action Dated Added: Fri Dec 23 2005 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    PALAU:  Chinese National Convicted Of Human Trafficking

    Mid-December, 2005

    A Chinese national will spend six months in jail for violating Palau’s Anti-People Smuggling and Trafficking Act, the Palau Horizon reports in the Marianas Variety Online.

    Supreme Court Chief Justice Arthur Ngiraklsong has sentenced Song Jie and her prison sentence began on Dec.2.

    “Defendant Song Jie voluntarily, intelligently and knowingly entered a guilty plea to two counts of exploiting a trafficked person,” the court said.

    Ngirkalsong said Song’s sentence will be reduced by three months if she pays restitution. In exchange for Song’s guilty plea, the other charges against her were dropped.

    Song was charged in June for recruiting two Chinese women to work as waitresses at Romantic Garden Bar. Song promised a salary of $300 per month but when the women arrived in Palau they learned that they would not earn the salary unless they engage in prostitution.

    Song was arrested during a buy-bust operation by police operatives at the bar in May. During operation, police caught a man having sex with one of the ladies.

    The victims, court records showed, were recruited from China and did not now that they would engage in prostitution in Palau, the Palau Horizon reports in the Marianas Variety Online.
    (Review # 13416)
  • Micronesia Street Action Dated Added: Fri Dec 23 2005 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Prostitution is illegal in Micronesia. According to the law of the state of Chuuk, prostitution is defined as “the act of performing, or offering or agreeing to perform, a sexual act for hire, either as a prostitute or as a customer of a prostitute.” Punishment for the offense is a fine or imprisonment for not more than 1 year.

    The Criminal Code of the state of Pohnpei also explicitly prohibits practicing prostitution or aiding in that practice. Punishment for the offense is a fine or imprisonment for up to 6 months. The code also forbids pandering, which is defined as “causing, inducing, persuading, or encouraging another person by promises, threats, violence, or by any means or scheme to engage in the practice of prostitution.” The pandering offense also covers receiving, giving, or agreeing to receive or give any money or thing of value for procuring or attempting to procure another person for prostitution.Punishment for the offense is imprisonment for up to 1 year, a fine, or both.

    [Thus is the cherry popped on Micronesia, popped the hard hard way.] 
    (Review # 13413)
  • Port Vila and Luganville, Vanuatu Street Action Dated Added: Fri Dec 23 2005 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Prostitution, the elusive crime By Ricky Binihi - Vanuatu Daily Post Posted Friday, February 11, 2005 - A study conducted by the Daily Post has discovered that women or girls who engage themselves in promiscuous sexual intercourse for a fee are on the increase, and the Police can do nothing about it. Actually, the Police could do something with it if a man goes to the Police Station and lodges a complaint that he was forced to pay an amount to a certain woman for her services, or if prostitutes are found to be operating from a brothel. “But in Vanuatu, you have what we call ‘mobile prostitutes’ and it is difficult to actually press charges against women, because it is difficult to ascertain money transactions,” a top Vanuatu investigator told the Daily Post.

    Morally, prostitution is wrong, and legally it is a crime, but Daily Post has found that while clergymen preach that it is sin and lawmakers say it is illegal, some sex workers can’t afford moral values and will even brave the thought of going to jail by engaging in the oldest trade, just to put food on the table. The study also discovered that the prostitution laws in Vanuatu discriminate against women because they punishe the sex workers, in this case women, but not those men who use the services.

    With the number of unemployed in the two urban areas of Port Vila and Luganville, it is unlikely prostitution will go away. It was recommended to the Daily Post that lawmakers should regulate the industry amidst fear that it has the potential to spread sexually-transmitted diseases, even those that are fatal as AIDS. If regulated, sex workers will be required to use safe sex methods, otherwise their licence will be terminated.
    (Review # 13409)
  • Papau, New Guinea Street Action Dated Added: Thu Dec 22 2005 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Soldiers’ wives engage in prostitution: Inquiry told

    WIVES of low ranking PNG Defence Force soldiers were engaging in prostitution to supplement the low wages of their husband, a senior officer has revealed.

    Addressing an inquiry by the Parliamentary Committee on HIV/AIDS in Lae yesterday, Lieutenant Colonel William Bartley said the wives were forced into prostitution because their husband’s income cannot sustain their family.

    Lt Col Bartley is the Commanding Officer of the PNG Defence Force Training Academy at Igam Barracks. The sex for money revelation was an eye-opener for the committee headed by Henganofi MP Dr Banare Bun, that is conducting a nationwide inquiry to establish why the AIDS epidemic was spreading at a fast rate in the country.

    Lt Col Bartley said the soldiers, mostly privates could not sustain their families at K300 a fortnight.

    “We have done some mapping around the barracks and found many wives are engaged in commercial sex without their husbands’ consent because they want to make extra income to feed the family,” Mr Bartley said.

    “A corporal is earning between K200 to K300 a fortnight and that is not enough to sustain a family … and many soldiers are living on borrowed money until the next pay day, and by then they exhaust their salary on the debts.”

    Another reason identified for married women involved in commercial sex was because their husbands spend money on pokies, horse race and extra marital affairs.

    [Pokies? And that's *different* than extra-marital affairs? We need some kind of expert on this area to explain this stuff.]

    Lt Col Bartley said these were areas which had the potential to help the spread of HIV/AIDS. James Mintik representing the Lae Catholic Archdiocese expressed the same sentiments, saying sex business was now a thriving industry in the settlements.

    He said at the Bumbu settlement, mothers get involved in gambling to find extra money, but when they lose, they sell their bodies to feed the family.

    Mr Mintik said HIV/AIDS was a developmental issue and to tackle it, one has to understand the underlying factor why the epidemic was rising. University of Technology student and a Kamkumung youth, Douglas Mun called for a total ban on the nightclubs around the country.

    He said the nightclubs, movies with sex and violence, books everywhere are influencing people to have unprotected sex.
    (Review # 13408)
  • Rarotonga Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Sep 15 2005 Submitted by:

    Yes, the secret is out! There's a place where one can still get a screw for just being a nice guy! This island west of Tahiti is very small, with a population of around 10,000, but it's reputation for guaranteed fun is virtually global, if you're in the know! There are several bars & nitespots around the island, but most of them are in town. The most famous one HAS to be the Banana Court, where the local girls (and boys) together with travellers, and the odd expat, party up hard on weekends. The islanders are pretty much on par with New Zealand standards as far as dress and drinking is concerned, and hooking isn't needed so much any more, as it probably was 20-30 years ago.

    So if you are a bit generous with buying a few drinks and a fun-and easy-going guy, you can score a bird in this establishment, which goes as a rule in most of the other places. The girls in Polynesia are known to be either extremely beautiful, or the total opposite... fat 'n ugly!  So you can have your pick!  Be prepared for some competition from local boys, who occasionally tend to become a bit jealous, but hardly ever in a serious way! I have been living on and visiting this beautiful island for a number of years, and had the time of my life because the people are just so nice!

    As far as hookers are concerned, I recall an incident once a few years back were a female local identity, half Polynesian - half Afro-American, 35+, and as far as looks go, 5-6, with massive tits and lips, happened to crash into a business meeting. This meeting happened to be in a friend's pool late one night.  She just came into the garden and jumped in. Within minutes, she had my dick in her hand and started to give me head underwater. As this was a bit exhausting, we decided to take off and went to a beach nearby, and there I had one of the ultimate fucks ever. What a fuck! She was only wearing a tight skirt and a blouse which she ripped off and threw into the lagoon. We then went halfway into the warm water and she went down on me again, sucking like mad on my dick, which was rock-hard. She suddenly went on her back and opened her legs wide... and in the moonlit night I could see an enourmous cunt with bright red swollen lips, oozing with a mix of warm salty water and her own juices!

    Knowing her for some time, but not this close, I was aware that she had a couple of kids and a husband at sea. She was well worn in, but my cock was so hard and hot that I rammed it straight into her heavenly and inviting hole. And then she gave me the ride of my life.

    The wet sand of the lagoon... it was almost romantic if she wouldn't have been such a slutty, dirty bitch.  As her cunt was probably the wettest and hottest I have ever fucked, it certainly wasn't the tightest anymore... But then there was the asshole, which by now was well lubricated too! So I took her legs and lifted her up a bit further and rammed my edge straight up her arsehole, which made her cum within a few minutes of pumping her hard... and having 4 fingers up her dripping cunt. I did not believe it, but she wanted me to come back to her place after we finished and have a few more drinks. So, I hopped into her car and she drove off with her hand on my dick! She was very, very horny, still!

    After arriving at her house, which was a mere plywood box at the backroad of town, she ordered a teenage girl to go outside that was asleep in her bed (wasn't sure about the relationship there but didn't ask either).  I wouldn't have minded her to stay at all, if you know what I mean! After fixing us another drink and a cigarette, she told me that she's been keen to fuck with me from the day she first saw me, which had been already a few years back. I asked her if she was financially okay and if she needed help, but she just wanted me to leave my bottle of duty free liquor with her, and another fuck or two... so I got into it again... this time straight for the cunt, which she had cleaned and dried in the meantime.

    I fucked her hard for another 30 minutes or so, this time fingering her arsehole and her massive tits with the black nipples. As she is considerably darker than most Polynesian birds (thanks to daddy, her hair of course had a little more of an Afro-Texture, but sort of just in-between straight and curly - which is how I like it best - like some Fijian Women) but the fuck-temper was very much unlike those, who can be absolute bores in the sack! This bitch was a go-getter, and that's how she moved it, too! She had surprisingly good control over her cunt-muscles and I drew the conclusion that with ever-increasing stimulation, her hole was starting to work like a pulsator on a milking machine (No, I haven't tried one yet!!!).

    She got my last drop of cum out and into her dripping hot hole and I fell back in near exhaustion, as it was very hot in her place. After another half hour, she started to suck on my balls again, and I finally licked her dripping wet cunt out until we finally came together!

    That was at daybreak. I had appointments, so I took a quick shower and sneaked out, leaving her asleep. I had to fly out the next day, so I didn't see her again, but a few years later we met again on the island. This time I had my wife with me, and I was glad that discretion was not just a WORD for my little island slut! Unforgettable in any way, if one is on the lookout for the unexpected, this is the place to go! And not to be mixed up with those lazy, ugly fat fucks in Tonga!
    (Review # 12683)
  • Dubbo Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Aug 08 2005 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Dubbo Brothel Back in Business ["Grand Re-Opening Sale!!!" Our exclusive offer: 100% off all services sale to the first 1000 mongers through the door. Get a free Greek Upgrade with the purchase of any BBBJTCNQNS.] Info current as of early August, 2005, credit to radiate76 for the info, including joke, above.] The owner of an illegal brothel closed down in Cobra Street has transferred various activities to a brand new home in Dubbo's respectable Eastridge Estate - only a few hundred metres from where the city's mayor lives. In a move that has outraged neighbours, Tantallon reopened for business last Wednesday, only weeks after an undercover private investigator got enough evidence to shut it down at its former address. This time, Tantallon's owner has rented a house on Cardiff Arms Avenue, right in the heart of a suburban family setting, but he insists it's for "accommodation" only. "It's somewhere to keep the girls for escorts," he said. "The girls work the motels, and they don't like sitting around motel rooms all day." His claims run contrary to classified advertisments in both Dubbo and Orange during the past week that claim: "Tantallon moved to new better premises" and "ladies needed for house in Dubbo". Paul Blackhall lives next door with his wife and two young daughters under the age of seven, and he said he bought the house two months ago "for the kids". Now, the street's new business is immediately next door. "This is an area where you want young families," he said. "This shouldn't be happening next door to me." He said there were other parts of Dubbo that were more appropriate, and he wanted council to get rid of Tantallon "flat out". Mr Blackhall was thinking of putting up a swing set for his daughters, but was worried about what they might see over the fence. "What sort of people will there be in that place?" he asked. Another neighbour, who didn't want to be identified, said she was so shocked by the revelation that she was prepared to move out. "I wouldn't feel safe," she said. "Why do we have to have it in Eastridge? I'd end up moving out." Council's environmental services manager Michael Keys said they had received allegations from the public about the premises, and an investigation was ensuing. "Then we'll consider our legal options, including serving notice or seeking a court injunction to stop them operating," he said. But he said the investigation would be far more straightforward than the one needed to shut down Tantallon last month in its former location. "Because it's in a residential area it's easier to prove a commercial activity. There's a lesser onus of proof." Council has held discussions with the local police and the letting agent Western Plains Real Estate, and is now "in the midst of trying to establish the facts". Meanwhile Mayor Allan Smith, who is a well-known Eastridge resident, is angry about the allegations and has issued a firm warning to Tantallon's owner. "If it is operating illegally, it'll suffer the consequences," he said. Asked how he felt about the establishment popping up in his own corner of town, he said, "the whole town is my backyard". "If there is any business activity, even taking calls to perform a business activity, if it's not approved it's illegal." John Smede is another neighbour who is concerned about the move. "There's a lot of young children growing up here, it's the wrong place for it," he said. But according to Tantallon's owner, council's renewed interest in his operations was a conspiracy. "The police rang up the real estate agent and said they've had complaints coming in from Monday," he said. "But we didn't move in until Wednesday." (Review # 12387)
  • Kalgoorlie Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Aug 07 2005 Submitted by: Prostitution

    Here's a creative and detailed report on Kalgoorlie and its brothel culture entitled "An Englishman in Kalgoorlie." Kalgoorlie is an hour long flight inland from Perth, the world’s most isolated city. Off the back of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, I’d been offered a slot on a package show of stand-up’s touring Western Australia. It was reading a description of Kalgoorlie, where we were to play two nights, that convinced me to sign up for the full month. The 1996 edition of the Lonely Planet guide to Australia had little to say about the town other than that its 30 000 strong population was largely comprised of gold miners, and the strippers and prostitutes that serviced them, with men at one point outnumbering women 100-1. When I started stand-up again last year, I conceived various strategies to try and keep it interesting for myself, and one of them was doing gigs I usually wouldn’t have considered – late night Edinburgh Fringe bear-pits, tiny theatres on remote Scottish islands, and shows in village halls and isolated pubs on the moors of various English National Parks. Kalgoorlie was a place I couldn’t imagine myself going down especially well, and I had no reference points at all for what performing there would be like. It seemed ideal. I came out of Kalgoorlie-Boulder airport into a vast semi-circular domed black-blue sky, with the moon hanging heavy and low over thousands of miles of empty desert. I got a cab to the Railway Motel with Sam Simmons, a young absurdist comic from Melbourne. The driver said he was knocking off soon, as his ‘tinny-squeezing’ hand was getting restless. I thought he said ‘titty-squeezing’ hand. My progressive deafness and intermittent tinnitus were combining with my prejudices about Kalgoorlie to create a new strain of non-existent Western Australian sexual slang to replace the region’s already thorough lexicon of euphemisms for heavy drinking. But I liked the idea of a titty-squeezing hand. It reminded me of the Arab tradition that you always wipe your arse with your left hand, keeping the right one clean for holy tasks. One percent of the world’s gold comes out of an enormous hole on Kalgoorlie’s Eastern Bypass road. Well-paid young men work impossible shifts for ten years, and quit before they burn out. All the bars in town are staffed by skinny girls in tiny bras and pudenda-hugging shorts, known locally as Skimpies. A cab driver we spoke to said the Skimpies are mainly English backpackers working in relative anonymity far from home. He seemed angry about this, as if jobs were being taken off decent Australian girls who were also prepared to serve beer in states of near nudity. One of the pubs advertises 'Sydney Girls - Live'. In 19th Century Tombstone Arizona, Chinese or French women fetched the highest value. Here the notion of Sydney seems impossibly exotic. Across town, Hay Street’s many brothels, described as ‘historic’ in the Lonely Planet book, offer a full range of sexual services as well as daily tours for curious onlookers. Backstage in the dressing room of the theatre where we were to perform was a framed good luck message from Kevin Bloody Wilson, a crude Australian old-school comic, whose British tours are sponsored by the rapist’s choice of newspaper, The Sunday Sport. Bloody Wilson cut his teeth hosting strip-shows in Kalgoorlie. The sign said he had paid for the plastic chairs backstage so that other performers could relax, which was kind of him. The show itself was fine. Everybody’s best bits worked the best and there was no need to play safe. The Irish-Australian comic Dave Callan hosted delightfully. Jackie Kashian, who is from Wisconsin, found some small town common ground. The 4 Noels, a New Zealand trio of physical theatre types, did interesting stuff that a Comedy Store or Jongleurs crowd wouldn’t have had the patience to tune into. And Sam Simmons performed a lengthy dance in which he assumed the persona of a sexually aroused cat whilst dressed in a blue boiler suit. I had lots of fun dismantling what I was doing and dragging the audience along with it. The Australian comic Greg Fleet had promised me an auditorium where fights would break out during the show, but instead a smart and attentive crowd lapped up all the good stuff. Afterwards we all went to a big Wild-West style bar in a 19th century hotel called The Exchange. As we walked in, half the pub, who had been in the show, applauded. We got a standing ovation half an hour after the show had ended. And in a different building. People came up to us and thanked us for coming, but they weren’t mad, or annoying, or oppressive... just charming and grateful. The Skimpies were working behind the bar. I didn’t know where to look, and found ordering a Guinness acutely embarrassing. That said, the pub was full of women drinkers and couples, so it obviously wasn’t an issue for most Kalgoorlie people. Near the pool table, big mining men were punching each other in their chests and shoulders and shouting and spitting, but it all seemed good-natured. There were three TV screens in the room. Two played sports, whilst one, inexplicably, showed a sub-titled documentary about European arts cinema hosted by Martin Scorcesse. The bar stools were saddles on legs, which was good for posture and, unlike most places in Australia, you could smoke, so there was a proper 20th century pub atmosphere. Calendars of the Exchange’s Skimpy girls were given away free at the bar, and showed the ladies out in the desert posing seductively in bras and shorts near the heads of pits or in front of heavy mining machinery. After midnight the Skimpies came round with glasses asking for people, both men and women, to put money in the ‘kiddy-kitty’. Having earlier misheard the word ‘tinny’ as ‘titty’ I now realised I had misheard the word ‘titty’ as ‘kiddy’ and, rather than giving money to sick children, had in fact unwittingly contributed to a fund encouraging the bar staff to work topless, which they now did, although with masking tape over their nipples to circumvent some local quirk of licensing laws. Call me a politically correct square, but I do not believe anyone should have to work naked. Soon after the bar staff’s breasts had been unveiled, a Kalgoorlie man offered our tour manager Edwina $50 to take off her top. It was interesting to me that the un-displayed breasts had now become a focus of more interest to the man than those already available to his eye. I suppose we always want that which we cannot have. The forbidden breasts have a premium value. Edwina chanced her arm and said she would do it for $1000. The man offered $60, which is quite frankly insulting. This was not enough, and the haggling soon ended, though amicably. In the morning we had a day off in Kalgoorlie. I’d just come off a week touring New Zealand. The second hand bookshops on the South Island were amazing, full of rare, out-of-print, esoteric, 19th and 20th century European literature, and I scored lost classics by Algernon Blackwood, John Cowper Powys, David Jones, Andre Gide, Thomas Love Peacock, Raymond Radiguet, Eric Linklatter and Neil M Gunn, which I posted home at a cost of $160 NZ. In Wellington, the shopkeeper had been so impressed with my purchases he gave me a half hour free lecture on Powys’ life and works, and directed me to a book by his less well known brother, which I got for $9. I wondered if the volume and quality of great books stashed on the South Island of New Zealand had anything to do with the kind of people that emigrated, and when they arrived. Applying the same speculations to Kalgoorlie was a little dispiriting. There was one second-hand bookshop and everything in it was airport blockbusters with embossed covers, or true crime compendiums with titles like Children Who Kill or 20 Great Australian Murders. Where were the readers of Kalgoorlie? Did the people of Kalgoorlie not know that the unexamined life was not worth living? No. They did not. Nevertheless, to its inhabitants, Kalgoorlie was a goldmine. Literally. Edwina offered to drive us out of town in the mini-bus to see the sights. First of all we stopped at the Super Pit, a massive man-made crevasse, the Grand Canyon of goldmines. A local guidebook said the trucks at the bottom look like Tonka Toys. It was clearly written by someone yet to grasp the idea of perspective. “This place is a hole,” said Sam, which is exactly the kind of joke I love, like walking around a Salvador Dali exhibition and declaring each painting to be ‘surreal’. The Lonely Planet book recommended the 2-Up arena, five km out of town, up a dirt track. 2-Up is a traditional Australian game in which bets are taken on which way up two coins thrown against a wall will land. At one point it was banned due to players becoming totally broke. We drove off road into the bush, red dirt billowing up and green parrots bursting out of the eucalyptus trees. Lonely Planet said the 2-Up arena was open from 3.30 to 7pm daily, but when we got there the site was in disarray. The arena was a collapsing corrugated iron shed. In the centre of a ring of broken benches was a concrete floor. It stood alone in a clearing and felt like something pagan you’d find in the Orkneys or on the Isle Of Lewis. A little way off, the remains of a corrugated iron fence had the word LADIES spray painted on it. Behind it a broken toilet stood exposed to the elements. The lid was on the floor. Edwina lifted it up and a bull ant blinked into the sun. Sam and Jesse from the 4 Noels stood on a pile of discarded Fanta cans and imagined a local ritual whereby those who had transgressed the law were Fanta-d to death in the 2-Up Arena. Whatever the site’s secrets, it was clear that the idea of going to watch people throw coins on the floor was no longer as popular as it had been in 1996 when the Lonely Planet guide was published. All people want to see these days is semi-naked women serving beer. What happened to the old traditions? At 2:45 pm we arrived at the big 181 Hay Street brothel for the three o’clock tour. There aren’t any tours at night, when the place is presumably busy with genuine punters who don’t want to be gawked at. I don’t know why I thought the Brothel tour was a good idea. In Tombstone Arizona, the legends of the Soiled Doves are seen through the gauze of history and myth. Here you’re just a voyeur. Kalgoorlie isn’t a theme park of a gold rush frontier town. It is a gold rush frontier town. Outside, Jackie was taking photos. In the windows of the Brothel there were 70’s shop window dummies of women in flimsy dresses. “Look,” said Sam, “mannequin whores. I wonder if an old miner with no money has ever stood outside here looking at a mannequin and whacked off.” This made me laugh, but I patronisingly reminded him that we were about to enter a place of work, and that we shouldn’t say ‘whore’ as it would be offensive to the…. whores. I realised that I was approaching the Brothel with the same attitude I would go around the Vatican. I don’t understand what motivates prostitutes or their clients any more than I understand the religious impulse, but even so I hate seeing tourists in churches chewing gum and wearing hats. When in Rome… The tour leaflet encouraged us to enjoy ‘the sometimes amusing, but all too often sad, stories of the working girls.” I wondered how the actual women working in the Brothel felt about the fact that their lives were being described by their own employer as ‘all too often sad.’ Did the Madam who wrote the text mean this, or was she looking for a ‘human angle’ with which to market the place to tourists? We went in and stood in the Brothel gift shop. You could buy academic tomes on the history of prostitution in Kalgoorlie, postcards of all the prostitutes, and the madam, and of the rooms, which were all themed. One of them was made up to look like a cheap motel room, like the cheap motel room I was staying in five minutes down the road, except slightly better furnished. You could also buy a laminated copy of the Brothel price list. It explained that girls were not obliged to offer services other than vaginal or oral sex without special arrangements. ‘Greek’ sex was $400 an hour. An hour would be enough for anyone, I imagine, especially if bouzoukis were involved. It was while looking at the laminated price list that the five of us, three men and two women, reached the unspoken realisation that the Brothel tour wasn’t really for us. Outside, I felt stupid. What had I imagined it would be like in there? Despite the fact that the Brothel had a coffee shop and a gift store, something morally mysterious and ethically vague was still happening there, and in strictly delineated timeslots. Would we have been complicit in endorsing it by going on the tour? Or would we have contributed a little to alleviating a mystique that surrounds an ageless, arguably harmless and apparently necessary transaction? A sex worker once spent a few hours trying to convince me that stand-up comedians were the same as prostitutes, sharing something of themselves that is traditionally private with paying punters. I don’t know if I agree. And either way, on a good night I can make more than $400 an hour. Not on this tour, though. But it doesn’t matter. The second show was even better. I told the audience of 700 that they were all miners and prostitutes and should go home to their holes in the ground or their brothels where they all live, and they loved it. Two days later, in the coastal town of Bunbry, I read an interview with the madam of the 181 Hay Street Brothel. She said business was bad. Pre-marital sex and an influx of families and young professionals into Kalgoorlie was hitting the oldest profession hard. The tours were an attempt to make 181 Hay street ‘recession proof’. So I was wrong about Kalgoorlie being a real frontier town. Already, like Tombstone Arizona, Kalgoorlie was becoming a museum of itself. In Llechwed, North Wales, former slate mine employees are employed to dress up as slate miners and display slate mining skills in a slate mining museum housed in the former slate mine where they used to work as actual slate miners. Soon, former 181 Hay Street girls will be re-employed to re-enact their own earlier careers for the benefit of tourists, in the very same rooms where they once worked a different market. Moral crusaders failed to clean up Kalgoorlie. Economics will do it for them. I’m glad I saw Kalgoorlie while it still had something of its frontier flavour. Everything about it is exciting and strange. I would like to come here again and do a two hour set in the 2-Up arena by torchlight, with parrots flying around, in front of an audience clutching Fanta cans. Then I would like to spend all the profits on one night in the Brothel’s fake motel room. Alone. With a mannequin whore. (Review # 12364)
  • Kalgoorlie Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Aug 07 2005 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Current as of 13/05/99, but still quite informative, as follows. The town hall transsexual -- Kalgoorlie's colourful councillor. KERRY O'BRIEN: In Western Australia, prostitution is flourishing. The latest police figures reveal a six-fold increase in prostitution in the past decade. Among those involved in the sex industry in perhaps Australia's best-known brothel town, Kalgoorlie, is Leigh Varis-Beswick. She's made the transition from boy to girl, from prostitute to madam, and now from the brothel to council chambers. At the last local government election, voters were "dared to be different" and they accepted the challenge. Kirsty Alfredson reports on Australia's most colourful councillor. LEIGH VARIS-BESWICK, COUNCILLOR, KALGOORLIE-BOULDER: The people in Kalgoorlie-Boulder, they're unique. I've been all over Australia, I've been over most of the world. Kalgoorlie-Boulder is just a unique place. We have things here that they don't have anywhere else in Australia. KIRSTY ALFREDSON: Including a newly elected councillor who's had a sex change, was once a prostitute, is the president of a ladies' darts team, and Leigh Varis-Beswick still runs the city's most infamous brothel. LEIGH VARIS-BESWICK: I don't think I'm unusual. I'm not unusual from any other normal girl -- and I'm not. I'm a normal person, but people don't see that. They look and say, "Oh, that's the woman that used to be a man", you know, and look at me that way. But get to know me, yeah. KIRSTY ALFREDSON: But you use that as your slogan, "dare to be different"? LEIGH VARIS-BESWICK: Oh, I dare to be different. I am different and I'll always be different. I've had a sex change, I run a brothel -- I'm different. KIRSTY ALFREDSON: Like any regional city, Kalgoorlie-Boulder is facing challenges, so at the last election there was an upset, with voters looking for councillors who were in touch with the community regardless of their past. PAUL ROBSON, MAYOR, KALGOORLIE-BOULDER: It shows that people are taken for what they are in this town. If they're honest, straightforward people that look after each other, then you grow a respect for those sort of people and when they put their hands up for these sorts of offices then they get voted in. LEIGH VARIS-BESWICK: Well, I've been there as a male, now I'm going to be there as a female so I sort of know what mums and dads like. KIRSTY ALFREDSON: You reckon you can see what both sides need? LEIGH VARIS-BESWICK: Well, why not? Yeah. How are you going, love? Smile for the camera, love. That's Coral, she's a good old bird. I've just come from a council meeting, actually. Yeah, in the council meeting I got up and I talked, moved motions and that. Everybody is going to me, "Oh, you're doing well, you're doing all right." and I went "Ooh". KIRSTY ALFREDSON: Most women leave their husbands at home on bingo night. Leigh's no different. Husband Gary met her while she was a working girl and accepts the medical reality that she can't have children, or adopt them under Australian laws. ANITA ARMITAGE, FRIEND: I myself when I was younger would never have thought that Leigh would be like she is today. KIRSTY ALFREDSON: Anita Armitage has known Leigh all her life, trusting her to be a godmother of her three-year-old son, Thai. Do you think other people find Leigh's sexuality confronting? ANITA ARMITAGE: I don't know. I don't think they should. They should take Leigh for what she is, not for what she was. KIRSTY ALFREDSON: Why darts? LEIGH VARIS-BESWICK: Why darts? Um, I like team sports. KIRSTY ALFREDSON: Leigh describes herself as a battler. She was born in Kalgoorlie a 'he'. LEIGH VARIS-BESWICK: From a very early age, I was very feminine. My nickname as a kid was -- I was called 'Mrs'. I could cook the best roast dinner you ever had. I could clean a house better than most women could. KIRSTY ALFREDSON: Do you think that's feminine? LEIGH VARIS-BESWICK: Well, it was. Back in them days, it was. KIRSTY ALFREDSON: Born Harry Varis, he was a skinny, weak son of a miner who left town at 17 and went to Perth to work as a nurse in a psychiatric hospital. Harry became Leigh and then worked as a prostitute. LEIGH VARIS-BESWICK: I used to do drag shows and I used to be in Les Coquettes. They were a group of female impersonators, much in the same line as Les Girls and we were quite, quite good actually. I was the comedy queen, yeah. I used to do all the comedy. I wasn't pretty then. KIRSTY ALFREDSON: She now works the crowd, pulling laughs from curious tourists. LEIGH VARIS-BESWICK: There's your prices up there. So, ladies every time you've been giving your husband a bit of a roll in the hay, every time you give him half an hour, you've just given him 120 bucks, just like that. Alright? MAN: With that $120, mine gets back $500. KIRSTY ALFREDSON: It was the red tape in getting this infamous red light landmark redeveloped that prompted Leigh to run for council. LEIGH VARIS-BESWICK: I watched how the council operated and I thought "By God, I could do that". KIRSTY ALFREDSON: She's got a history about bringing about change. As a madam, she has been credited with creating better working conditions for the girls and Leigh Varis-Beswick wants that for every one. LEIGH VARIS-BESWICK: I don't want to be a one-dimensional person and I just don't want to talk about prostitution. I want to do what's right for Kalgoorlie-Boulder. KIRSTY ALFREDSON: Does that mean that you might take this to another level, State or Federal? LEIGH VARIS-BESWICK: Who knows what's down the road? At this stage I'm not looking that far ahead, but who knows? You never know. You never say never. (Review # 12361)
  • Tasmania Street Action Dated Added: Wed Jun 08 2005 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Info current as of early June, 2005. Tasmania's Opposition and local government authorities say the State Government has failed in its efforts to avoid the creation of red light districts in its sex industry regulation Bill. The Government introduced its Bill yesterday without the proposed ban on brothels near schools, churches and hospitals, arguing it could have forced brothels into one area. The Opposition wants the ban included saying other aspects of the Bill would allow the creation of red light districts anyway. President of the Local Government Association Councillor Lyn Mason says councils will have planning authority and the right to create red light districts. "It will take into account the need to ensure both the safety of workers within the industry and the users of the services," Councillor Mason said. "Whether they decide to [have] red light districts will be up to the individual council and the community within which it is working." Meanwhile, Prostitutes Tasmania is concerned about the Bill's provisions to register the identity of self-employed sex workers. The group's spokeswoman, who only wants to be known as Rachel, is concerned the database would be misused. "While we understand that there might be good reasons sometimes for the police to need to see the register, we also believe that someone needs to have the authority to say no if that reason isn't good enough," she said. "Because it opens it up to too much abuse if no one can knock back the Police Commissioner if he puts it in writing that he wants to view the register." (Review # 11712)
  • Saipan Street Action Dated Added: Thu Jun 02 2005 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Last Updated 02/06/2005. The local Japanese Business Committee in the Northern Marianas says increasing prostitution on the main island of Saipan is contributing to the decline in Japanese tourist numbers. The US territory has seen Japanese visitor arrivals drop steadily for four consecutive months. The Japanese Business Committee is concerned this slide will continue, blaming the prevalence of prostitution on the island. The committee's secretary Yoshiro Kishimoto says the poor tourism environment is one of the reasons Japan Airlines is considering cutting its service to the island. (Review # 11642)
  • Nukualofa, Kingdom of Tonga Escort Review Dated Added: Tue May 22 2001 Submitted by: turu flores

    I was very curious to find out everything about sex in Tonga but finally ,got disappointed. Tongan society has strict morals because of the influence of missionary Christians. So I asked the hotel manager to call a girl to my room for 25USD (5 FOR TAXI). After 1 hour a quite fat and drunk Polynesian girl appeared.~~She was more like a rugby player than a prostitute. Despite the disappointment I gave her the money ,she took a bath, she pleased me to switch of the light!!!!!! and finally sacrifised my dick. Then she wanted to sleep so I told her to leave.Obviously she was working to a local bar with bomb drinks.Anyway it was an interesting national geographic experience . ASSURE YOU THAT THE MYTH OF POLYNESIAN PARADISE GIRLS IS JUST A MYTH. Unfortunately the majority are fat,inexperienced,shy!!,dirty,and miserable. Prefer traditional ways (the widow with five orphans) and keep your money. (Review # 3574)
  • Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Feb 26 2001 Submitted by: Kid Creole

    Mauritius Island (Indian Ocean)~~~~In Mauritius apparently there’s nothing really interesting but beaches. Prostitution is illegal. Hotel clerks don’t help you, the beautiful local girls are not so easy and you don’t meet them around or on the beach like on other tropical islands. ~~Anyway, if you search, you find. Buy the newspaper L’Express, in the last pages there are ads, check the last column, you’ll have some massage center ads with the names of the girls. The best are in Port Louis and Curepipe. You pay 600 rupees at the reception (25$), you have a shower, then the girl brings you in the massage room and after some minutes of massages asks if you want the “plus”. The plus generally is a hand job or blowjob without condom, but you can try to ask a fuck and if you brought your own condom sometimes you can have it, depending on the girl, it will cost about 20 more $. Some of the girls might ask you to meet them out, if you find the right one you won’t even need to pay too much, some nice presents are enough to spend with her days or weeks. In Quatre Bornes, there’s a very small club called Le Rocher, (address is useless, ask the taxi driver to bring you there).~~At Le Rocher you have strip tease, and if you want, lap dance in a private room, (again blowjob without condom, 20$).~~For complete sex there’s a massage room with Jacuzzi, but you must make a reservation and it can be expensive (80$).~~In the North Coast, close to Grand Baie, you can find girls in two clubs: Bambou and Zeclaire, but the quality is not so good, and being a very touristy area it can be expensive.~~ (Review # 3259)

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