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  • Saipan and Tinian Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Jul 09 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    Major activity on these two Islands! I have lived on Tinian for two Years, since 2006 and I can tell you that there is big time street action, massage parlor and Bar action going on on both Saipan and on Tinian as well. I'll start small and move up.

    On Tinian, there are several "Karaoke bars" that have girls for hire. Almost all are Chinese. Tinian is small, so finding the places are pretty easy. The major active one is the Queens, which is just about a quarter mile east of the port where the Ferry from Saipan docks. It is a small night club that caters mostly to locals, but some tourists come in. There are about five Chinese ladies working there, all of them are pretty attractive, about a7-8 on a 10 scale. Drinks are about $5.00 no real choice there, Bud or scotch. Ladies drinks area about $15.00 There are rooms out back, small but clean and will cost about $60.00 for 1 hour to about $100-150 all night, depending if the girl likes you. If you are an American (from the mainland, expect to pay full price) Chinese and Filippino workers are usually charged half.

    In general the girls are clean and pleasant. Have gotten to know them well over the past two years. English skills range from poor to pretty good. In general, these girls give a really good time and will go the extra mile if you give them the respect as human beings they deserve. Most of them are working in the bars because of the job situation and in general are just decent girls in a bad situation. Of course some of them I have come across are not so nice, but most are really pleasant to be around, especially if you are good to them and knowing a few words in Chinese helps.

    There is one girl in particular, Lulu, who is very cute, in her mid 20s with a petit frame, who has great skill in pleasing a man. Also she is one of the nicer girls. The others at the place are very nice as well. Only problem I have with this and other bars on Tinian, is the Genre and volume of music played. Really loud hip-hop, so I usually go in, pick up Lulu or if she is not there, another girl and get out of there quickly.

    Another club on Tinian, I forget the name, is about a mile down the road on the way to the Dynasty Casino/hotel. It is a big pink building with christmas lights all over it. I have been in there a couple times, but there is only one girl working there and I think they only really cater to people staying at the Dynasty. The girl there is pretty nice and will get friendly, however, she never solicited me for a "massage" (code for take you back and fuck your brains out), however every time I was there I was somewhat broke and only wanted a beer anyhow. Plus, I knew the girl's best friend and that is how it is. She was a real beauty however, sort of like Mimi Miyagi in her prime.

    Another club, which has closed down for the past four months, however I heard is re-opening is "The Ram-It-Inn" I shit you not, that is the real name! Usually there have been about 5-10 girls working there, similar to the Queens, but not quite as nice or clean a place. Still the girls there generally show you a good time. Now the Dynasty/Casino on any given night, around 10 pm has girls walking the lobby and casino floor.

    Almost all are stunners (Chinese mainly) but they cost! About $300.00 Not really worth it, but they cater to the high rollers who come in from China and Japan. A friend of mine working at the Dynasty in Personnell claims that they are rotated in and out monthly and have HIV and STD Checks before coming in. Do not know much about that, see them all the time, but never indulged.

    Now Saipan, especially Garapan is a frigging madhouse! Especially the area near Micro Beach Road and the Hyatt. Also along Beach road near the Bank of Guam across from McDonalds. Walking down the street there last weekend, I thought I was back in the Navy getting off the ship in Olongopo! The exception is most of the Girls are Chinese. Most are in their mid 20s and most are pretty, some not so pretty, but definitely fuckable! There is both street action, the bank of Guam area especially as well as a myriad of Karaoke Bars, Massage Parlors, Strip clubs, etc... Most of the girls who would approach you on the street have a place, usually their apartment. Have occasionally gone with a few, stayed the night and have even been served breakfast the next morning. Some I run into remember me. Most of these girls, as I said are nice. Some you gotta watch out for. Basically you have to be gay or dead not to get laid on Saipan 
    (Review # 24220)
  • Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sat Sep 22 2007 Submitted by: Atxfrk

    I went to Guam in Feb. '07 to try to make up with my girlfriend who was staying there, only to find out she turned lesbian. At first I was pissed because she could have saved me the trip by just telling me over the phone. But I decided to stay anyhow. While she was at work one day I decided to hit up one of the massage parlors near the mall down the street from the courthouse. It just said massage on the sign, but it wasn't on a main street like the rest. I had no idea what was in store for myself. Once inside I didn't know that I could have picked a different girl, so I just took the one who answered the door. She was a little older, Chinese, maybe in her 40's, said her name was Sandy. It was cool because I was just going for a massage.

    Well, once in the room she asked me for 80 dollars, then took a shower and lay on the bed. When she returned, she took off her clothes, and got in the bed with me and I was expecting to get a great massage. Instead I got a surprising shock of a blowjob with condom. Then she climbed on top and rode me until I couldn't hold it anymore. Then cleaned me up what a great surprise. I had no idea I would be getting laid. So the next day I went back, and she answered the door again. Still unaware that I could pick another girl, she took me to the same room.

    This time she let me hit it from the back. Afterwards I still had time left so she laid next to me, and we chatted. She has a lot of questions about why, how long, and what I was doing in Guam. So I told her that I was just there on vacation. When time was up, she asked me to come back the next day after one, and she would give me a good deal since I was nice to her and that the mamason would be away for a couple of hours. Naturally, I went back. And she answered the door. She seemed very happy to see me. She had more questions, of course. I told her how surprised I was and that I didn't know that I was getting more than a massage and I had never been to one of these places before. So she told me all about it, where to go and where not to go. Then after a while, we went at it again.

    This time was for free. I couldn't believe it. She said she liked me because I was gentle and she enjoyed it. It was great. After that, I was curious to see what the other places had in store. So I ventured down one of the main streets and stopped at Ichiban, Hong Kong, and some other place next to a Thai restaurant. They were okay. Ichiban had a lot of Koreans (not my taste). That other place asked for a credit card and tried to charge me 300 dollars. I guess they could tell that I was new at this. Hong Kong was good. They had a door man who was watching the parking lot. Inside, the girl asked me if I would like her, another girl, or if I wanted two.

    I asked to see what else they had and she gladly showed me a couple of other girls. But I stayed with her. She said she was a local and that she was trying to pay for school. She was a good fuck for 100 dollars. She gave me her number and asked me to call her some time. I took a couple of days off and went back to the first place. Sandy answered the door, but this time she wasn't so eager to see me. She said she was upset with me because she found out that I went to the other places instead of coming back to see her. We still fucked but it wasn't the same because it seemed like it was just business and nothing personal. And she asked for 100 dollars this time. Well I didn't go back since I was leaving soon. But man what a great surprise. But I wish I would have known about this site and about the massage parlors ahead of time. I'm in Texas now so I'm gonna be hitting up Mexico soon. If anyone knows any good tips, let me know.

    (Review # 20821)
  • Guam Strip Club Review Dated Added: Tue Dec 19 2006 Submitted by: BC

    Been to 3 strip clubs in Tumon for Americans: Strip clubs in Guam are much better than mainland US. All nude and yes, you can still drink your beer and tip the dancer if you want to touch them.

    Club USA --- across OUTBACK, BIG rip off! Spent 50 bucks in 5 min. and didn't get anything. As soon as I sit down, a Korean girl sit down with me. Then someone come over and push you to buy a lady drink like every minute. I had to ran out of that door!

    Wet Kitty --- across Sand Castle,10 bucks to get in which is fair. Only 4 girls there and not very good looking. Not pushing at all unless you wanna sit with a girl and chat then you'll have to start buying drink for the girl. 20 for a lady drink and 5 for a beer (yourself).

    Vikings --- few steps down from Wet Kitty. There's an ABC store downstairs; they're about 6 girls there and range from 6 -10. A couple of dancers are really gorgeous! Price is same as Wet Kitty but I told them that I'm local and didn't need to pay to get in. I saw a review from before saying that they charge tourists entrance fee because Asian men don't tip (99% of tourists in Guam are Asians) and what I saw was not like that. Japanese men (I assume they are Japanese) tip a lot. Westerners(probably locals or military people) barely tip. They don't push you to tip or buy a ladies drink unless you want to sit with one and chat. One blond from Vancouver is absolutely a 10. Really gorgeous and nice attitude. Don't remember her name. Another dark blond beauty wear glasses from LA has a very nice body, huge tits but quite slim, but she seems not like to be touched.

    There are pimps on the street at night that will ask if you want a massage (yes, the kind of massage you want!) but they are very discreet and they ask the Japanese. So if you're a westerner they probably not gonna ask you.
    (Review # 16645)
  • Street Action Dated Added: Fri Dec 23 2005 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Prostitution Up As Factories Close - Chinese Workers Most At Risk

    The recent closure of four garment factories on Saipan, leaving thousands of alien workers unemployed, has resulted in a "significant increase" in the number of prostitution cases in the Northern Marianas, according to commonwealth officials. Nearly all the prostitution-related arrests involved women from China. Other non-resident Chinese women are forced into prostitution after arriving on legitimate business visas for certain jobs only to find those jobs are non-existent.

    Prostitution is not new in the Northern Marianas. Many cases were prosecuted in the late 1980s and 1990s when local bars were bringing in workers from the Philippines and mainland China. But the practice continues, and has picked up now that the garment factories - which at one time employed 15,000 alien workers - began downsizing or closing down entirely.

    Sandy Tudela, the commonwealth's commissioner of public safety, told Pacific Magazine that he has seen a "significant" increase in the number of arrests since garment factories started reducing staff or closing.

    "They have sophisticated operations including prostitutes using cellular phones and moving from one area to another," Tudela says. The biggest number of arrests occur at west Garapan where the main hotel district is located, he adds. Some of the prostitutes are physically accosting tourists, in some cases approaching Japanese tourists in the presence of their wives.

    The Marianas Visitors Authority, the Saipan Chamber of Commerce and the Hotel Association of the Northern Marianas have all called for stronger enforcement of anti prostitution laws. In fact, because of increased prostitution, the current Legislature enacted an "anti-loitering" law as one more measure to enhance powers of law enforcement.

    Tudela says prostitutes are more afraid of Immigration Officers because of the possibility that they may be deported immediately if caught. The Department of Public Safety, Immigration Office and the Department of Labor are combining their forces to crack down on prostitutes roaming the streets on Saipan.

    Even the U.S. attorney's office in the CNMI has gotten into the act. On Aug. 19, Ming Yang Zheng was charged with one count of interstate travel for purposes of prostitution at the federal District Court. Zheng and her boyfriend, Liu Chang Da, own six legitimate businesses.

    It's alleged she recruited six people from China and promised them legitimate jobs but that on arrival in Saipan, they were told to work as prostitutes. All six initially resisted, but were eventually forced into prostitution to pay back their recruitment fees in China and living expenses on Saipan, according to a lawsuit at the court. Zheng's trial was scheduled for Oct. 24th.
    (Review # 13414)
  • Tumon Strip Club Review Dated Added: Thu Dec 15 2005 Submitted by: DES

    I am living on Guam temporarily (work-related) for a few years.  I have been to many of the strip clubs on Guam, and by far, Club USA is the best. As with any strip club you go to, the bartenders are pushy, always asking if you'd like a refill, or buy a dancer a drink, but the girls are wonderful.

    They have a good mix of different nationality of dancers... Americans, Asian, local, etc... And the girls will come and sit and talk with you.  Most are sooo beautiful, and you just might get lucky with a few...

    As for the MASSAGE PARLORS--- I want to know what the going rate is, and what do they do with women --because I am a woman with a vagina, and I get horny sometimes... so let me know.
    (Review # 13310)
  • Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sun Dec 26 2004 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Info current as of late December, 2004. Guam is concerned about becoming known as the sex capital of Micronesia. A multiagency meeting was held to try to address the problem involving massage parlors that allegedly sell sex and tarnish Guam's reputation as a family-friendly place for visitors. By day, Guam's tourism district projects a family-friendly environment, with children playing at the beaches and young couples holding hands and shopping. By night, however, solicitors and handbillers appear on busy San Vitores Road, passing out sexually explicit flyers in an attempt to entice tourists to receive massages and other services. Tumon is the name of the tourist district. 60 to 70 adult businesses, including massage parlors, are packed in the area, nearly wall-to-wall. There are many local regulations about MP's, but it appears that many of them are ignored, and officials note even some legal entertainment places, including strip clubs and karaoke bars, offer prostitution to certain "safe" customers. It is the perception of the local officials that prostitution is a very difficult problem to tackle. That's what they say, anyway. Sounds more like they've figured out exactly how much money it is worth to the island, and they just want ways to make it not so obvious in the tourist areas. There has been only one case in which a prostitute was prosecuted in the past, not on a charge of prostitution, but on theft. There are two types of massage businesses on Guam -- therapeutic massage shops, which offer shiatsu and other legitimate massage therapies, and massage parlors, which sell sex. And some legitimate therapeutic massage stores have suffered because of the existence of illegitimate parlors. One legitimate therapeutic massage store complained of being asked for sexual services by a customer. (Apparently that's what they mean by "suffering.") (Review # 10677)
  • Saipan Massage Parlor Dated Added: Thu Jan 01 2004 Submitted by: Koibito4u

    On my 2nd day in Saipan, I was feeling desperately horny. So I decided to visit a massage parlor and hopefully get laid. The tourist info guides are full of parlor ads. From these, I shortlisted a few that I had driven past earlier in the day and knew that either they were out of the city or in seedy areas. I reasoned that they would be more likely to offer some action.

    I entered this parlor ~100 ft north of Hafadai shopping center. There was a chubby girl sitting alone inside, who told me that it would cost $50 for a massage. I entered the small massage room hoping for some adventurous groping. But as soon as I entered the room, as if on cue, I heard some female voices outside. The chubby girl, who was still outside in the lobby, called me back. In the lobby, I saw 5 pretty Chinese girls. 1 of them was a knockout 10 -- no exaggerations -- in her early 20's, slim, about 5'3", long, silky hair down to her mid-back, beautiful almond shaped face with big eyes.

    The chubby girl told me that she could massage me for $50 as promised or I could let one of her friends massage me in a different location for $100. Aha!! This was going somewhere now! I chose the knockout Chinese beauty. She looked very happy. She remained in the lobby chatting with her friends for a few more minutes but during this time, she kept hugging me and we kissed many times. I was already hard as a rock and desperate to get going.

    The beauty asked me to leave $100 with the chubby girl and we left the place. As soon as we got into my car, she started asking me for a tip. As we drove past the Duty Free shops, she kept asking me to take her shopping. DAMN!! What the heck is wrong with Chinese whores? They act painfully greedy, even to the point of a turn off. But I told her that I will give her a gift if I have a good time.

    We drove into a back street apartment where she lived. We climbed up rickety stairs to the 1st floor. Her apartment had a long, shared gallery which had a gate. As she unlocked the gate, I hugged her from behind cupping her tits and pushing my dick hard between her butt cheeks. She started getting turned on.

    The moment we stepped inside her apartment, she quickly stipped down to her lacy, pink panties. Gosh! She had one of the loveliest bodies I have EVER seen on a girl. Her skin was smooth, very fair, her tits were probably a C cup and her nipples were hard as buttons from excitement.

    We took a quick shower and got into bed. I must have licked and kissed her whole body for about 10-15min. She loved when my mouth worked on her soft, wet pussy. Then I moved up on the bed and she took my shaft into her hungry mouth and started working magic on it. Her tongue made me really really hot and I didn't want to blow my load without penetrating her. So I pulled out, rolled my condom on and plunged deep into her.

    One thing I find so exciting about Asian, especially Chinese girls, is that their frame is so frail and their whole body shakes as you pump them. I was holding her tightly as I humped and kissed her. In a few minutes, I blew my load in heavenly delight. I stayed in bed hugging her soft body still warm from sexual flush.

    After a few minutes, we came out and cleaned ourselves. She immediately went back to her bitch mode and started asking me for $170 for tip. Since I had really enjoyed her, I was thinking about giving her $60-70. But she started pushing me and kept saying, "You give me $170 now. You said you will give tip. You said you buy me gift". After a few minutes, I got really annoyed. So I decided to pay her nothing. She positioned herself between me and the door and pulled out her cell phone (to call her pimp, I was afraid).

    I reached behind her and twisted open the door handle. As I pushed her out along with me, the towel she had wrapped around her body came undone. Suddenly she was standing all naked outside her apartment!! Although it was dark and around 10PM, she was embarrassed. She hung up the phone and reached out to grab the towel. She looked so inviting and vulnerable that I couldn't help myself from grabbing her naked body in my arms again and kissing her hard on the lips.

    Then while she was still recovering from my hug and fumbling for her towel, I walked out. I then realized that she had locked the gallery gate when we had walked in. Trapped!! But the gallery itself was open and had a 3" high ledge. I climbed this ledge and swung myself around the locked gate. Then I ran down the stairs, got into my car, reversed it without hitting any other cars parked behind me and drove out like a jack rabbit before her pimp arrived. Only after I got back on the main road did my breathing slow down to normal.

    All in all, the most beautiful girl I have ever fucked in my whole life + excitement of seeing her naked outside + the feeling of danger and escape... all for $100!! Awesome experience!! My only feeling of sadness was that I couldn't go fuck her again the next day. If she had not been so greedy, she would have got a decent tip from me and we could have done it again during the rest of my stay. But I think the best things in life happen unexpectedly and rarely. That's what makes them more special! :-) :-) (Review # 8102)

  • Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sun Apr 27 2003 Submitted by: DM

    I lived in Guam for a few years. Here’s the low down:~~~~1. Massage Parlors:

    ~~-Hong Kong: Has the best women hands down. They are a little pricey though. 60 for 20 minutes, 85/40min, 120/70min. Anyways, for the 60 you get a BJ with condom and a quick romp. With the 80 you get a massage afterwards (sometimes pretty good). And with the 70 min session you get all the above and another romp.~~

    ~~-Ichiban G: Very pushy. Women are Korean 5 at best. 60 for 30 minutes (BJ w/ condom and quick romp). 100 for an hour (trust me, just get the 30. The hour session doesn't get you any extras but a half ass massage.)~~

    ~~-Sakuri II: Very nice. All Korean. Located next to Cosmos strip. I have a large breasted Korean. She was very nice. I got an hour. Came with BJ with no condom and a good romp with many positions (w/ condom) and a great massage.~~

    ~~-Memories: Very old and ugly. Didn't even go inside.~~

    ~~-Japan/New Rose: Same as above.... eck!~~

    ~~As far as strip clubs, I suggest USA in Tumon. Great women who love to get down! You can get action in the private room with some. The Koreans will get down in the room. I got quite a few BJ w/ no condom in there! Shot them right in the mouth!~~

    ~~Lastly, a place to go for a great massage is Red Flower. It is located in Dedado. Just go towards the mall. It will be on your right. It is in a shopping center with some karaoke joints and a bar called Chicago. Anyways, you will get a great rub down, then a great oil massage and lastly and very nice oily release! An hour is only 32! Tip them well and when you come back they will treat you right. Although they don't do anything more than HJ, but the oil massage can get very sensual.~~~~~~~~ (Review # 7155)

  • Tamuning, Lower Tumon Other Dated Added: Fri Nov 22 2002 Submitted by:

    Okay, the deal in Guam...~~

    ~~Hong Kong has the finest women hands down. Mostly Korean. Beware of the greedy ones. Pushy service.~~$50 USD for foreigners. $100 USD for Koreans/Japanese~~

    ~~Basically, if you fit the demographics of a Navy brat, there is little need to pay if you can afford patience. The basic rule of thumb is...~~

    ~~Japanese girls for gold
    ~~Chamorro girls for ass~~

    Anyways, Japanese girls, supposely, are easy to pull.~~Basically if you hide any knowledge of Japanese. (it's a turn-off for them). they're after the same thing, too. they're also know for the three "S"s:~~sun, shopping, and sex. ~~

    ~~Back to Chamorritas, if you have time to chat one up,~~do so. Ignore the fact that they're attached, some of them are bored of island life, need the adventure. Albeit feel pressured to cheat since all their friends are doing it! No embellishing here.~~Check it out for yourself.~~

    ~~Also, navy lasses aren't a bad pick, either. The submarine tender USS FRANK CABLE has 80% female population. Enjoy! (Review # 6451)

  • Guam Other Dated Added: Sun Sep 15 2002 Submitted by: Marlboro

    Well, there are all kinds of things to do out here on Guam. ~~

    ~~~~Massage Parlors:
    ~~~~Massage Parlors are pretty much in a rut right now. There are a few out here but to be honest they are not all that great.~~~~There was New Rose Message out by Pizza Hut in Tamuning but that place was hit by a fire bomb a few months ago. Someone told me it was probably the owner wanting to get the insurance money. ~~~~Then down the road by Alupang Beach Tower there are two. I Cha Bang (I think that is the spelling) which have all Korean girls. Very rude and pushy. I would not recommend this place unless you had no other resort.~~~~Next door is New Japan Message. A few oriental girls here and there, one local girl, and maybe a white girl once in awhile. All the girls are run down and 3's at best (and that is if you are drunk).~~~~Across the street there is Fantasy Massage. Old, nasty korean ladies there. Unless you like your girls old this is not a place to be.~~~~Down the road a bit is Hong Kong Massage. This is by far the best place I have been to as of yet. THe girls are Chinese, Korean, and one very hot Hawaiian girl (Lita) who I would strongly recommend. ~~~~And down the road a bit further as you are approaching Hagatna there is Memories Massage. Not a bad place. 2 local girls that I know of and the rest are Chinese/Korean. Not a bad place but not great either. ~~~~And the last massage place I know of is Lucky Massage over by Club Texas in Anigua. They use to have a local girl working there but she is leaving for the states. The others are Korean girls and not good lookers either. ~~~~

    ~~Strip Clubs:~~
    ~~There are all kinds of places popping up now. All the clubs are full contact with the exception of touching the vagina. Some girls may let you but do not count on it unless you are a big spender.~~~~But on a side note Vegas Showgirls closed down a few months back. I hear one of the stripper almost stabbed some guy and the place got shut down. It was not that great anyway.~~~~First there is Club Mimi's almost across the street from the Westen in Tumon. There are two girls there that are just awesome. And one that looks like she should be tending to her grandchildren. Don't look for much action here because there is none to be had from what I have seen and exerienced. Beers are $5.00 and sodas are the same. Other drinks are just as expensive.~~~~The Tourist Night Club in Tumon is a great place. Depending on the girl you could walk away very happen. The girls are between 7-9, they have drink specials every night but the parking in the back leaves a little to be desired.~~~~Across the street is Club USA and Scores. Both are owned by the same person. USA is a better place and almost always crowded. Each have $3.00 beer specials there. The girls in USA are definately porn quality girls but do not think you are going to score there. Scores is pretty much the same thing except the girls there are in the 4-6 range at best.~~~~Down the road is Club Vikings. Not a bad place. Just lots of military people there which tend to kill the atmospher. The girls are pretty nice and will talk to you. The bar girls are of course pushy as always. Drinks there are $5.00~~~~Then there is Club G-Spot. Best looking girls on the island but not much action others. Lots of bouncers all over the place and they are pushy when it comes to getting people up to the stage. ~~~~Across the street from there is Runway 69. Girls are not bad, drinks are expensive. I do not think the place is too friendly myself. The crew that work there remind me of mafia little g's looking to make a name. ~~

    ~~I hear there is another club opening up in Tumon across from Sand Castle called Hollywood Entertainment Presents Girls Girls Girls. I have yet to check this place out.~~~~In upper Tumon there is Fantasy Girls. Not a bad place. Beers are $4.00. The girls are not pushy. A few local girls dancing here, couple young Korean girls (legal age). This is mainly a local strip joint. While it is not the greatest place I like hanging here.~~~~As you go driving toward Big Navy just past the McDonalds in Tumaning is a new club called Naked and Famous. This place is very new. Beers are cheap and the girls are great to look at. The problem here is that there is no private room, no stools over at the stage, and parking sucks. ~~~~Heading toward Haganta there is Cosmos. Great place. Has a mixture of local and military people who go there. The girls are very nice and will talk without being pushy. Beers run $4.00 a bottle. Another good place to just hang out.~~~~Then there is Club Texas. Not a good place. Some locals there but very used looking. Very pushy for drinks as well. The place is basically a dive.~~

    ~~Well, I have not had a chance to hit the bars here other than the strip joint. But the one I know of is a place called Josie's Tavern. At first it appears like normal bar but as I understand it if you can get to the VIP room there is a local girl there that will lead you to think you are going to get some action. From what I hear she milks the guys who brings up there. If anyone else know about her (Tristy?) let me know.~~

    ~~Street Walks:~~
    ~~They pretty much do not exist out here. I mean there are some but they are not girls. These are TV's and they are hanging out by Club Texas. Avoid them like the plague. As far as any girls I have seen one or two and I would not recommend them at all.~~~~Now what I am looking for are any local girls out here. If anyone knows where they are and what not let's here it!~~~~Hope this all helps!~~
    (Review # 6143)

  • Tuming Massage Parlor Dated Added: Tue May 14 2002 Submitted by: the fyre

    Ichi Ban massage parlor was ok, a nice young Korean girl came and met me at the door and took my back to the room asked me to strip. I got backrub and blow job with condom. it was good it was about 120 $ it was good after it the whole she offered me a coke and cigarette which was nice. little extra. in the place there are Korean Chinese Vietnamese and Japanese girls, you can get two to give a backrub for and extra 60$ it was good BJ it is worth checking out (Review # 5454)
  • All of Guam Travel Report Dated Added: Mon May 06 2002 Submitted by: Al

    I've been staying in Guam for awhile now because I work here. My girlfriend is back in the states so I've been horny as hell. ~~

    ~~~~1)Video Stores: The best XXX video collection has to be B&J Videos but membership is $30. Video Station has a very decent selection and their membership is free. I've check out almost all the other video stores and these two are the best. Of course there are the sex shops for the Japanese tourist but for the most part they're too expensive. If you like Jap porn go to the video store behind Quiznos subs in Tumon, I think Video 2000.~~

    ~~~~2)Strip Clubs: In terms of quality of looks, probably the G-spot in Tumon is the best but the girls are dead fish. Not much real excitement, they don't go the extra mile to please their customers. Their private dances are the most expensive and they charge Non-Americans $30 to get in because tourist usually don't tip much or at all. For the most close up action, I prefer Cosmos girls in Maite, they are off the main strip so they need customers, most girls don't mind if you touch their pussy. Of course Guam is full contact but down there is usually off limits. At that place, they actually encourage you to touch their pussy. Girls are average at best though. Las Vegas Club sucks, ugly girls. Fantasy World is a good place because they have cute Korean girls and local girls, they are young for the most part. Nice place to go for a good time. Viking Club was Ok at best. Club USA had some real lookers and should also be checked out. They have some good strip shows there, the girls shove fingers up their holes, making it a good place to go.~~

    ~~~~3)Massage Parlors: Yes-Yes Salon sucks, yeah they may offer a hand-job but this place is not meant for sex, the girls are ugly. If you think they are at all good looking, you need glasses. I went and got a massage but was too disgusted by any of the girls to actually touch my dick. Ok, I haven't tried every massage parlor but I went to a couple, one had old Korean ladies, maybe 30 plus. I plan on one day checking out Ichibang or the other places in that area. I heard there were good looking Korean girls there. Most of the girls are Korean because they come and over stay their visas.~~

    ~~~~4)No Street action in Guam.~~~~
    (Review # 5400)
  • Dededo Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Aug 06 2001 Submitted by: buckwild

    Nice place for a massage and hand job is Yes Yes Hair Salon in Compadres Mall in Dededo Guam. 3-4 girls all local work there and they will give you a good massage followed by a good hand job. Total cost $60. No shower facilities are available. (Review # 4113)
  • Tamuning Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Aug 06 2001 Submitted by: Buckwild

    A must to check out is the Yellow Rose 's Club located on Marine Drive, 1/2 mile south of K-Mart on the same side of the street. Normal bar inside with about 10 ladies that will sit with you for a $20 ladies drink. For $100-200 blow jobs can be obtained from almost all ladies in private rooms in back. All ladies will provide jack off for around $75. Most women are Chinese and Korean. Cost of a beer is $3 and mix drink is slightly more. (Review # 4112)
  • Guam Strip Club Review Dated Added: Sun Nov 26 2000 Submitted by: Buckwild

    Guam has some of the best strip clubs in the US. The best clubs are Club USA, Tourist Night Club, and Viking. There is no cost to get in and the cost for a beer is $4-5 depending on the club. Almost all the girls are American but there are some Asia women dancing but not many. Lap dances are for just $1 and if you want to have a girl sit with you it is $20 a drink. Most clubs have 6-7 dancers and 6-7 non dancers that will sit with you. Private dance in a back room with a lock on the door can go for $100-200 depending on the club and the lady. I have pumped several non dancers at Club USA for $150 in the back rooms. I have never pumped a dancer but there is always time. (Review # 2784)
  • Guam Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sun Nov 26 2000 Submitted by: Buckwild

    People must check out Hong Kong massage in Tammuning area of Guam. Prices are $50 for 30 minutes and $100 for an hour. If you want to 2 girls it is $210 for 1 hour. There are about 30 girls mostly Korean working and all dress nice and will line up for you to pick what you want if your request it. if you do not request to look at all the girls the one that comes to the door will service you. There are another 10 massage places on Guam but Hong Kong has the most and the best looking ladies. Best ladies to check out are June, Candy,Young, and Cha Cha. (Review # 2783)
  • Tamuning Massage Parlor Dated Added: Wed Feb 16 2000 Submitted by: Anon

    The Hong Kong Massage parlor is in my opinion the best in Guam. They have many beautiful girls. Most of them are Korean, with an occasional Chinese girl.

    Price for entrance and FS shouldn't run more than $110 to $120 max. The best girls are Candy or Apple. The Hong Kong is in Tamuning on Highway 1 across from the Alupang Beach Hotel. You can't miss it. Enjoy....
    (Review # 1601)
  • Guam Massage Parlor Dated Added: Wed Jan 27 1999 Submitted by: Biggie D

    I recently found myself working on the island of Guam (the westernmost US territory). I have travelled all over the US , and it is my opinion that Guam is the best place to get a great Asian piece of ass at a low low price. The sex industry is very much not bothered by the police. There are very provocative strip clubs on almost every corner in the tourist district. These places are rowdy , and a man could be scammed here very easily. If you like to spend $20 for a mediocre girl to touch you, this is your place. But if you want real action ,you might as well go right to the massage parlors. It's real simple and these places are all over the city. Pay $50 and you get a half an hour (basically a lay). I suggest buying an hour. If you buy an hour, you don't have to take the first ugly bitch that they give you. Make sure that you look at all the girls available and demand the one that you want. If you demand what you want, they will cave in, otherwise they will stick you with some horse-face girl that you can't get it up for. You are brought into a room where you meet your girl and you strip down, then she strips down. She then puts a rubber on you and sucks you off for about 5-10- minutes(they are very good at sucking cock). She will then in invite you to mount her and you can basically go to town until you come as long as you don't go over the time limit. In my experience, the two times I went to Memories massage , I was able to get both chicks into doggie style (although one of them gave me quite an argument). What is nice about the massage parlors in Guam is that after you come they are not pushing you out the door. Once she comes inside you she stays naked, climbs on your back, and gives you a hell of an oriental massage. It's worth every penny, and you will feel totally LAID if you go to Memories in Guam (Review # 634)

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