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  • Kuala Lumpur Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Nov 29 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    Just came back from KL and wanted to share my experience. I first checked past posts here to get an idea of where the action is. When walking around at night, you will get the occasional "pimp" dudes offering you girls. I passed on those because a friend told me to avoid following "pimps" to their places. Safety first right? So opted to check the local newspapers.


    Most of the papers found in KL are in English. You can just pick one up at a 7-11. Opened classifieds section and called a massage service. Guy on the other line spoke English and said they have Malaysian, Vietnamese, and Taiwanese girls. Discussed price over the phone (which I later somewhat regret), settled for RM180 for 1.5 hours, and said he will send the girls to my hotel room. About 30 mins later 2 girls come knockin' on my door.


    I was kind a chunky, the other nice body but nasty skin. Talked to the agent over the phone and I told him to send better ones. 2 more girls come up and these were BANGIN' hot. I chose one, and agent raises price to RM200 and I agreed. 1 stayed and the rest made their way out. The girl and I tried chatting a bit, but her English is really bad. Oh well. So we get naked and jump in the bathtub. Shit man, this girl has nice-ass tits! I fondled with them while she washed and rubbed my cock. Came out of the shower and we both smoked a cig while still trying to chat with each other. We go back to the bed and she started blowing my dick. Nice...this girl knows what she was doing. I got so fucking hard. I turned her over and banged her doggy-style like there was no tomorrow.

    Shit I rubbed her ass and slapped that cute little tattoo she had on. Did a few more positions, then I signaled that I want her to blow my dick and make me cum. She proceeds to suck my cock and right before I was about to go, she jerks me off and I cum all over her hand and face. Both went back to the tub to and cleaned up. Afterwards, we both smoke another cig and tried to chat again while waiting for her agent to pick her up. I tipped her RM50. Her agent calls her and off she goes. Anyway, I thought this was a bit better than going to Saunas. I felt more comfortable in my room. Remember to tip these girls well, and most of all, stay safe!

    (Review # 22038)
  • Bangkok, Pukhet, Samui Travel Report Dated Added: Tue May 15 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    I have just returned from my 12 Days trip around Thailand. I Stayed in Bkk for 3 days near Nana Plaza. The bar fine is today 600 Baht for girl in any bar at NEP or Soi Cowboi. For guys at 40+ I would suggest to look at Beer Garden. I haven't found a Coffee Shop at the Grace Hotel, a new location at the ground flour was empty. The most impressive was a visit of Eden Club 3200 Baht for two girls. I have had perhaps the best service I ever had with duo. No time limit. I think I was more as 2,5 hours. Paid only after the action. The girls did very professional but with passion. My choice gave me later her tel. number and wanted to come to me in hotel on the next day. As for Go Go Bars at Soi Cowboi and Nana Plaza, I haven't noticed much difference. The girls seem to be the same between 5-8 at your scale. At Soi Cowboi some girls dance without panties, but after 3-4 bars I could not distinguish which are better or worse. The cutest girls were katoys at Obsession Bar. I couldn't believe that they all are ladyboys. Nothing to compare with street boys at Sukhumvit Road, dressed as ladies and trying to hook you in the evening hours. I have spent two nights with one of this beauty, she had milky! Titties and a tight ass, a small but hart cock. I am not homo-, but I can swear the sex with her was super.

    After BKK I have spent a couple of days at Pukhet. I lived in Caron Beach, a pretty quiet place, but still with some bar action. I have picked my girl there at the first night and stayed with her all the time. The bar fine was the same as in BKK 600 Baht.

    My last 4 days I spent at Koh Samui. I suppose the weather is a bit better there during rainy season. It was some showers, but they long 2-3 hours and than you have good weather. I stayed at Lamai Beach. Plenty of bars and the bar fine was there only 300 Baht. The girls are not so pretty as in BKK, dark skinned, but it is a matter of taste after all.

    I have found one after three short times which I liked and spent the rest of my holiday with her. My advice, be careful, use condoms, fast all of girls are ready to do without (common phrase in Thailand "up to you"). Choose one you like to stay with longer and go to a clinic to make test. Thatís up to you. Tripper is very common there. So buy Zithromax before you catch it.
    (Review # 18870)

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