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  • Samui Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Sep 10 2005 Submitted by:

    Just came back from Samui and the club action is awesome. Girls are sexy and sweet too. There is this club on the main drag of Chaweng called Showgirls, I think.  It's in the same alley as the famous Green Mango club. There is no cost for admission. As you get inside, all you have to purchase is a drink. The setting is similar to a strip club in the States but the girls on stage are all for sale. They wear a number and dance on a rotating stage. If you like them, just tell the mamasan their number and they come sit with you. Of course you have to buy them a drink. If things click, you can tell the mamasan you would like to buy them.

    A short buy -1 hour is about 2200 baht: 500 for the house, 1500 for the girl and 200 for one hour upstairs. They also have an all night buy, if you like. I got the short buy and this girl took me upstairs. They have nice rooms with bathroom, so we took a shower together. This girl I picked gave me a massage for the first 20 minutes, naked. Then I fuck her brains out for the next half hour. She was tight like a virgin, and loved it too. She even let me take off my condom and cum all over her body without any complaint. Her service was so good that I tipped her another 300 baht. Afterward, I met another guy who told me that the price is negotiable with the mamasan. But with the service I got, I felt 2500 baht was well worth it.
    (Review # 12642)
  • Samui Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Jun 24 2004 Submitted by: Robbie

    Just had 7 sleeps at Chaweng and man, I can not say enough about the local talent. Great time had. Beautiful ladies, cold piss and plenty of both. Just bloody great. I'm planning my next trip for September. Robbie (Review # 9415)
  • Chaweng Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Aug 05 2003 Submitted by: Daz

    I have been coming to Samui for number of years now, been to all the Bars in Chewang and Lamai and of course dived in to the freelancers out side burger king at two am when all the bars close. During my last visit I heard of a bar called "Utopia" behind Starbucks coffee in the center of town.

    The guy i met told me it was well worth a visit. I found the place, looking like a Thai Karoke bar from the out side, a handful of woman out side and once inside a couple more sat there smiling at me. I was greated by and English guy who presented me with a menu explaining that Utopia is a short time bar, specialising in two or more woman due to the fact the woman are bi-sexual. I bought my self a drink, and then all the woman were brought in side and lined up infront of me for my selection.

    The manager and the menu ask that you choose the first lady and then she in turn will choose her "girlfriend". The first girl I chose was of course the best looking, slim, cute little face with a fantastic pair of breast that were visable due to the minimal amount of clothing she was wearing. I think her name was Jar or Yar, (but I wasn't here to be socialble).She came over and passionatly kissed me on the lips, whilst rubbing my balls. She pointed to one of the other girls, and told me she was her "girlfriend". The second girl came over and again kissed me now with to sets of hands on my balls.

    The girls were given key and I was led up stair to a room. The girls undressed me and took me into the shower were I was cleaned absolutly everwhere. Once out of the shower, they laid me on the bed as one of the girls turned a TV on which was playing a porn film.

    I was told to lie down on they bed so they could "make for me to relax" (don't you just love to hear Thai girls talk). I laid down to receive the best blow job I had ever had in my life!!! One of them was on my cock whist the other one was licking my balls and arse! I didn't hold out for too long, and came pretty quickly. They didn't shy away from that one little bit. The pair them kept on untill my dick went limp. Jar/yar asked me if I liked her bum, and straddled me so it was an inch from my face, her girlfriend came round and started to kiss her arse and then me as Jar/yar went down to suck my cock again which was still limp however only for a short time.

    The second girl opened bed side cabinet and took out a condom and slid it down over my cock. Now in sexual heaven, two cute girls, one fucking me whilst the other one is licking at my cock and rubbing her pussy on my face! At the end of the first session I sent the G/F to get some more drinks from the bar. Upon her return she climbed on the bed and Yar/Jar asked if I wanted to "look lesbian" So the pair of them started kissing and fondling each other as G/f laid down J/Y went straight into licking G/F pussy. I reached over to get a condom pulled it over my cock and knelt down behind J/R and started to fuck her doggy style. I felt like a porn star, apart from i never can last aslong as those guys.

    I lay back on the bed worn out, but my tired state didn't stop these two didn't stop, as soon as the condom was taken off the pair of them started kissing my chest going back down to put me back in to blow job heaven.

    I came again for the forth time, as the girls pointed out that the time was up back into the shower to be cleaned to a military standard. We went back to the bar and even as I bought all three of us a round of drinks they stayed there with me untill I payed up and left Utopia Sexually stunned.

    In my opion well well worth a visit. PS don't be put off the gay beer bars at the start of the soi just ignore them and carry on through. (Review # 7289)

  • Lamai Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Dec 17 2002 Submitted by: Bodysnatcher

    Decided to see some place new and different so spent five nights on Koh Samui. I had spent the week before in Pattaya so I took the Bangkok Airways flight out of Utapao. Definitely to be recommended as opposed to going back to Don Muang. Had a little trouble getting it across to the young lady at reception at the Residence Garden which airport I wanted to go to.~~

    ~~To a non-pilot, Bangkok Airways seems to be a first class operation. The trip to Koh Samui was on an ATR. If turbo-props arenít a big deal to you else where, they shouldn't be one with Bangkok Airways. At least you won't have to worry about the wings icing up.~~

    ~~Was met by the driver from the Weekender. I had some idea where the airport was so I was a little surprised at first when we drove out of the airport and had water on the right--Lamai is south-southeast of the airport. Actually the entrance to the airport is on its west side, so that's the reason was what seemed to be going the wrong direction.~~

    ~~Booked at the Weekender at the recommendation of board members. Doing it via the internet worked just fine. Had booked one of their lowest cost bungalows. After I saw it, it decided to upgrade to one of the motel rooms. The bungalow was a little too basic and well back from the beach. Still the AC worked so if cost is your driving consideration, it might still be a possibility. If I was going with somebody else, I would consider one of the luxury bungalows at the front of the facility. Nice folks at the Weekender--I recommend them highly.~~

    ~~Koh Samui is one of those rare places on earth that is every bit as beautiful as advertised. The beaches are wide and with great sand. Great views as well. If you wanted to go upscale for a place that looked directly out on the beach, it would be well worth it if you budget can stand it.~~

    ~~Two notes about the weather.
    ~~--I lucked out and got five days without rain. Although I actually know better, I had completely forgotten that the fall monsoon brings rain when you have several hundred miles of water to the northeast.~~--Koh Samui is hot and humid! Of course, if you note my normal location that's an opinion to be expected. But it was noticeably warmer than Pattaya. Bangkok was mild by comparison.~~

    ~~Lamai is definitely the place if you want to crank back a bit on the hustle and bustle. Most of the conveniences but all within easy walking distance. It definitely does have a nightlife--mostly beer bars. Almost everything is open air (see hot and humid above). The nightlife was noticeably slow--one of the BGs attributed it to the Bali bombing.~~

    ~~Rented a Suzuki Caribbean for a couple of days. That's enough if you just want to prowl around the island a bit. Driving on the off-side of the ride wasn't as big a deal as I thought it might be. Did make driving a little like scuba for the first time--you are thinking all of the time about something you don't normally have to think about.~~

    ~~Saw plenty of farang on motorbikes. First reaction was that it would not be nearly as suicidal as Pattaya. However, also got to see a baht bus hit two motorbikes on the main drag in Lamai--no apparent serious damage. Also, on the flight out saw a young farang guy with an arm in a cast, various other bandaged parts and road rash. If you are very experienced on motorbikes on the left side of the road, maybe, but I wouldn't recommend it.~~v~~Took a day trip to Ang Thong Marine National Park. Definitely to be recommended. Like any boat trip, a way to be cool and comfortable and still outside. Went into the visitor's center on Koh Wua Ta Lap and one of the first things to be seen was a high school girl sitting on the floor and holding a cat--ah, LOS.~~

    ~~Did go up and down Chaweng a couple of times. It is overdeveloped. Location and your hotel would be everything. The heat and the humidity made an iced mocha at the Starbucks one of life's true decadent pleasures--yeh, I know, They paved Paradise, put up a Starbucks and I applaud.~~

    ~~On the flight out, caught one of Bangkok Airways new Boeing 717 jets. Still has that new airplane smell. Until I made the reservation, I didn't know there was a Boeing 717--kind of a bob-tail DC-9. Again excellent cabin service--actually managed to serve a passable hot meal on a flight of a little more than an hour.~~

    ~~If you are looking for a quiet (but not too quiet) getaway in a truly, beautiful location, Koh Samui definitely rates a look. ~~~~ (Review # 6559)

  • Lamai Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Oct 04 2002 Submitted by: Coconut_Oil

    Been to Thailand a few times and always felt jealous as hell at other western guys with a stunning Thai girl on the back of their bike. I just couldnít muster the guts to walk into one of those beer bars. I was so envious because Iím extremely shy and had always basically been so damn worried about what other people would think about me - stereotypes of sex tourists etc as lecherous evil people with no respect for human beings. Went to Lamai and got dragged into a massage parlour after 10 minutes of being there which made things easier and was being wanked off by the girl within 2 minutes. LOL. Not long after i had an amazing shag next door with her doggy style. Had a tatoo across the top of her butt which made me feel like i was on a superbike. LOL.~~

    ~~Tightest little ass i've ever had the fortune to fondle. Anyway this same girl seemed to like me and she came to me that night and i only had to pay the bar fine. But she was clingy as hell and the second i made an objection to anything it was "you no love no love no like meee". "Oh here we go" i thought. This looks like bad news. Later that night her mobile rang twice and she was on the phone speaking to someone in broken english. 2 Italians who she kept on saying she loved etc. Sure i know the score she is a working girl. But that really turned me off to be honest extremely. I had a feeling that she was going to be one of those girls who wants multiple boyfriends on the go and was going to want more out of this than she said. So i made an exit. Later that week i was on a motorbike around the island and came back to Lamai and was dropped off outside a bar full of girls shouting and wooping "oh...young boy....young boy". They thought i was about 17 because i look it. It did my ego a lot of good i can tell ya. Ended up in the bar and chatting with a tiny little girl who is just the "perfect type" for me. Shy and small. 21. ~~~~

    ~~Had a great friendly time and drove around the island and had something to eat. Had a new found confidence to walk into some busy eating places and not feel the slightest bit worried about what people thought about me with a Thai girl. I've seen that there are 2 types of working girls so far. The ones who "look" really slutty and those who could easily just be girlfriends. She was the latter. In the hotel the sex was pretty disappointing really and not quite what i had built up in my mind compared to the first girl.LOL. She didnít have a clue bless her, and seemed to fit the description people use her for the ones who just lay there and let you "do it" - Starfish. But it didnít matter so much to me for some reason. Next day we spent the day together riding around and just hanging out and seeing the sites. ~~~~

    ~~Walking on the beach with this girl and watching the looks from huffing western girls was great..LOL. Before i would of been under peer pressure from their disapproving stares not to do this kind of thing and my life has always been restricted due to it. Now i just looked at them and didnít even worry. The guys looked jealous as f***k in my eyes anyway. I will see her again during my time here (and hopefully teach her a bit more about under the sheets). Anyway, come to Lamai if you are on Samui. The Girls are cheaper i think than BKK and you have the bonus of lying on the beach and getting tanned as well as being in the company of great girls.~~ (Review # 6239)

  • samui Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Jun 22 2002 Submitted by: sexaddict

    Went to Thailand last march for the first time.. not hard to find pussy in this town. Unlike some of the other islands in Thailand (full moon party island or kho phi phi) has no open prostitution .. maybe because it has more of a tourism vibe to it ? Either way it was a relief to see the cutest little honey in samui.. yum yum.. no blow , but nubile bouncy sex. Standard prices here are half price compared to bkk.. 5 bucks to bar and 10 to girl I think.. 500 baht to girl. I got tired of most of the girls after a few days there. (Review # 5642)
  • Lamai, Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Nov 01 2001 Submitted by: Samuihead

    Been checking out your site for a while and it's pretty good. Just a quick report from Samui, where I have been based on and off for the last couple of years. First things first.... forget Chaweng, unless you want to waste money. Chaweng is basically the area of Samui where most of the expensive hotels are placed, and as such the girls expect more money and are more than happy to rip off the tourists. Lamai has the pick of the sensible prices and more girly bars than you will ever need.

    Don't pay more than 200 Baht for a bar fine ( 300 Baht will be asked for if it's early in the night ), and the girl gets 500 Baht for a full night. As anywhere, some girls are great and some are not. 500 Baht is rock bottom price wise so expect to offer the girl a bit more if you want some special treatment.

    ~~ After 2 am most of the girls who have not been picked up for the night will head to The Bauhaus bar and club down the road to freelance. I've managed to pick up more freebies in here than anything else. Just by showing these girls some respect and having a laugh and a joke with them. Many girls are looking for a " boyfriend " and would rather have a guy spend a week or so with them ( just paying their bar fine each night ) than have to work every night in the bar. You'll end up buying food etc for the chick, but can have a really good time and some tip-top sex. Lamai also has the pick of bungalows with silly low prices.

    Ten minutes outside Lamai and you can find basic 'A' frame huts for as low as 80 baht, with shared shower and toilet. Most of the girls want at least a shower in the bungalow, so bear that in mind if you intend trying to entertain any. All things considered Lamai rocks, and Chaweng is good for better clubs and a night out. Beautiful beaches, great food and delicious chicks! Who could ask for more ?~~
    (Review # 4541)
  • Chewang Beach Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Dec 02 2000 Submitted by: Mistjeff

    Spent the first two weeks of November in Thailand, a trip that started & ended in Bangkok where I was~~visiting a friend who has a great apartment on Soi (hok) 6... Right next to the Crown hotel but the~~inside is so much nicer & makes a good impression on the girls... I will not bore you much with Bangkok as there are many other travel reports with places & prices up & down Silom & Sukhumvit... I just want to note that the Clinton Entertainment Plaza is alive & well, right next to the Therme Cafe'. So if nothing suits your fancy at the White House a go-go, the Dollhouse or any of the other bars in the small, clean plaza . All you need do is walk next door where you will find dozens of girls willing to fulfill your fantasies .~~I got lucky & met a cute 19 yr. old with tight, natural tits that seemed to jump off her chest & I met her at the small beer bar right next to the White House . The locals ignored her but after a drink with (Tic) an Issan girl, I gladly paid her 400 baht bar fine & took her for the night & the nexted day too. It was great fun to be with her & I would have spent more time with her but I got distracted, like right now... Just to say that you can still find good, cute & inexpensive girls (2500 baht for almost 2 days)in Bangkok .

    ~~ To get to Ko Samui, all you need do is shop the many travel agents on Sukhumvit or open any tourist~~paper to the ads... Tell the agent how you wish to get there, by plane or train, the train is much cheaper but will take you 8 full hours to get to Surat Thani where you will board a slow boat that takes over another hour I'm told by a local girl. This is great for sightseeing but I elected to take the plane ride & hotel package at a cost of 11,600 baht or about $ 270.00 US for 3 days / 2 nights. The mistake here is that they put me up in the nicest hotel in town & I was almost never there. You can save up to 3000 baht & still have a nice~~place... you will find yourself fishing, snorkeling, maybe even bungey jumping at Lamai during the day.~~The first thing you will notice about Samui is it's lush & green with coco palms covering the majority~~of the island, so sightseeing is a major activity. By night you begin the party with dinner at any of the~~restaurants on Chewang Beach road the only main road in or out of town . While I doubt that there's any~~5 star places, Chewang host good food for very good prices 120 baht can get you a complete dinner special. PLEASE don't drink anything that didn't come out of a bottle as the water there is not clean.

    As I began to walk Chewang Beach road I couldn't help but feel that this place is what Pattaya was like about 15 yrs. ago before the condos & the US navy... The local shops pride themselves on staying open " late " as they do throughout... Like Pattaya, Chewangs night life revolves more around beer bars & discos more than go-go clubs & massage parlors . In fact,I only found 1 go-go in town, a nice, clean place DG's I think it was named but the drinks & girls where a bit too pricey for me 500 baht bar fine & 2000 baht short time is enough to choke any x-pat... Most of the places are down the same small soi just off the main road & you can hear the music.

    Green Mango, the Santa Fe & a couple raggae' bars seem to be the most popular places... I found a small beer bar, Busy Bee that was fun & there are several places with eager girls. I'm not fond of beer bars but found the girls here more open & fun than in Pattaya, not that it's better, just~~different... The selection is good with everything from the cute local girls, to Issan & a couple of slick Bangkok girls. They even have a small caberet in town so you'll spot a few Katoeys at their beer bar. Most girls seem to ask from 600 to 800 baht short time & their bars fines run about 350 baht. The girl I took, wanted to take me all night for 1000 baht with " 2 times sex" & then take me for a tour of the island the next morning... All I need do is rent any of the jeeps or bikes available & she'll show me the sights, the price..? Up to me to decide... This is a way the local girls make extra money & is common, just make sure the girl really likes you, otherwise she will not follow through on her offer or you'll end up taking her to see her family on the other side of the island. While I trusted my girl, I'd made plans to go snorkeling on~~Ko Tao (turtle island) the next day. She settled for 700 baht short time & it was well worth it as~~she had some real talent & technique... I took a couple of cuties to my room & it was all good..!~~So now I find myself flying back to Bangkok from my island paradise... Such a delema, which massage~~do I choose, at 43.5 to 1 exchange rate, it didn't really matter... The Loy Krathong festival is tonight~~but that's another story...!~~
    (Review # 2812)
  • Chaweng Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Oct 29 2000 Submitted by: murphy

    I had some of my best times in Thailand in Chaweng, Koh Samui. Stay away from the Reggae Bar, It's doesn't have the variety you deserve. In Chaweng(@ the green mango), The women are good-looking, balanced, and fun. I did not "pick up" women in the Green Mango but rather in bars that surround it. It's pretty cheep, I paid (800 baht) per girl (>$30 U.S.) for each lady to stay over night. If you go there hit "bum" she a sweetie, but don't let her drink too much, and avoid (doy or toi?), cute but she's a dead fish in the sack. Hope I could lend a hand. (Review # 2625)
  • Chaweng Street Action Dated Added: Fri Dec 03 1999 Submitted by:

    Just returned (3/12/1/99) from Koh Samui. It takes between 15 to 20 minutes to walk down Chaweng Beach Road. Saw a few Katoeys (ladyboys) there handing pamphlets to Western ladies.

    ~~1st night there met an cute amatour in the same road near Siam Commercial Bank. Negotiation is not necessary she immediately agreed to go to my hotel with me. She is 22 speaks little English but we communicate just fine. All I can say is that she is wild, non-stopping and really really rocks when~~she is on top. I gave her 1000b in the morning and off she went, not honouring the promise to go car-riding with me during the day so I missed out a few wonderful beach-side bouts.

    2nd night went to discos: Green Mango, Santa Fe, Raggae Club, they are all loaded with charming ladies eager for the bahts or US dollars in your pocket. Italian DJ was on the night I went there, so got to see many many Western-styled shows / competitions. Buy a delicious Thai snack at the entrance only cost you 50b the common prices for ladies are 500b for eight to nine hour of fun until "tomorrow". And there are always 3rd night, 4th night, ....Long live for the Kingdom and King of Thailand!~~
    (Review # 877)
  • Samui Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Oct 11 1998 Submitted by: papa

    just returned(10/1/98) from koh samui. the bars are all loaded with ladies of all ages. on the north end of lamai beach is a group of bars built around a boxing ring. one bar ""mama"" is run by a real nice lady. there is one girl that looks so sweet i was embarassed to ask. the prices are 500 baht (12.50 now) for either short time or the night. mostdont like o give head. (Review # 528)

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