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  • Bangkok Massage Parlor Dated Added: Fri Mar 02 2001 Submitted by: baboo

    I highly recommend Annies at the Ra-jah hotel soi 2 off sukimovit. the service is great ,prices honest and a fun time. 1500 baht gets you a vip room ( big room nice big tub) friendly Thai girl gets in the tub with you scrubs everywhere ,starts a good blow in there , then off to the bed for a good massage and a fantastic, enthusiastic blow/hand job with the finger up the ass just right. no hassles no hits for extra money from the girl or the boss. Highest marks for Annies (Review # 3239)
  • Bangkok Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Feb 18 2001 Submitted by: Midnight Tiger

    I've been reading World Sex Guide for sometime now, and I felt compeled to add in my 2 cents worth too. I'm presently based in Bangkok, and I have actually checked out the places mentioned by fellow travellers here.

    First of all, is Patpong. Well, like everyone says, only the Kings group is reliable, and most of the Agogo bars on the upper levels are rip-offs. Patpong is fast becoming only popular for the night bazaars.

    Nana Entertainment complex is hot. I was there twice, trying to check out the places like Carousal & others mentioned, but each time I was there, somehow or rather the girls from Voodoo (ground floor -right) manages to persuade me there. Voodoo, probably like the other bars, has hundred over girls dancing and also a showtime. Drinks are cheap, and if you don't buy any girls drinks or booked them, you probably don't need to spend more than 300 to 500 bahts for a few drinks alone.

    Soi Cowboy, is definitely out of the question. The sleaziest place among the the places mentioned, you can even find Agogo dancers who are in their late forties, weighing 60 kgs, dancing with their stretch marks showing. I'm not joking. I don't really think anyone will go there twice.

    Thermal or Thermae Coffee house, is as what everyone says, a pick up point for those girls who are not able to find a customer in the bars. It's so-so, and action is after 1.30 am.

    One place really worth mentioning is the coffee house in front of Siam Hotel in Petchburi Road. After midnight, many girls will be there free lancing, and I must really say, these girls are real lookers. You don't find much Farangs there, many because many of you don't know about it. The customers there are mainly Thais, and/or Asians. These girls work in all kinds of places in the day, and there to earn more money for their lifestyle in the night. I was there just after midnight, and I saw many girls around the carpark, by the roadside, and in the coffeehouse. Moving around, my eyes caught a girl just leaving her Honda City (yes, she drives). I walk casually past her, and made a conversation, and finally asked the rate. It's 1500 baht for a short time, (you can bargain to 1300) and 3000 baht for the night. She happens to be working as an assistant sales manager for a hotel (she won't tell which) for 15,000 baht a month, and does this to support her lifestyle. Whether a girl is good in bed or not depends on your luck. Mine was OK, but not so for my friend. But guys, do check this place out.

    I'm not sure whether there's any action at Khaosan Road, although I know there are alot of bazaars there and you can get most anything from fake leather goods to fake university degrees. But once I've check it out, I post it soon.
    (Review # 3175)
  • Bangkok Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Feb 15 2001 Submitted by: friend

    I have started visiting Bangkok very frequently for business and have been quite regular with the Escort Companies listed in the yellow pages. I have not had the courage to go alone to the bars and clubs, so I though it is safest to call for a girl from one of these companies.

    I must tell you that these companies are not worth it at all. They are hell expensive. They charge a minimum of Baht 3000 for a Thai girl and anywhere between 5000-7000 Baht for a foreigner(mostly Russian or Australian). I THINK THESE COMPANIES SHOULD LEARN AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS OR THEY WILL JUST LOOSE BUSINESS.

    It is better to go to NEP or Patpong and pick up a girl yourself. That way you also know what you are getting and it is lot cheaper. Secondly they never send you what they promise and just lie about the girl. They will describe every girl as most beautiful and just what you want. I have tried it several times and have not yet found a girl exactly as I wanted. I will be back in March and hope to go to NEP this time. friend
    (Review # 3161)
  • Bangkok Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Feb 07 2001 Submitted by: Joe

    Where: J One/Chaphaya 1; Sri Ayutthaya Road, BKK
    What and how much: My full body massage cost 4000b for a two hour session (I chose a 'Superstar'). I also paid a tip for concierge of 100b, a tip for the chambermaid of 20b, and drinks cost 150 (1 beer, 1 chapmans), with a tip for the waitress of 20b.

    What was it like: It was the most thoroughly sensual and lovely two hours I have ever spent. It started with a thorough wash in the tub, of me, by her, all over (including Dettol in the bath and a listerine mouthwash for us both), followed by the massage on the lilo. I won't describe this further, others have already done so. I especially enjoyed having my perineum massaged by hers! It was an unbelievable experience every bit as good as described. This was followed by another thorough wash. You will never be as clean as after this experience! We then went to bed, where she entertained me very well and was not in a hurry to make me come, nor did she make stupid simpering noises like some do to pretend she was in heaven. Instead she stroked me and cuddled me, and was altogether lovely. She put a condom on me before starting to suck, and after I had fucked her she carefully took it off and inspected for leaks. We then had another shower, followed by drying off and application of body lotion and talc to us both to finish the session. I then had the pleasure of watching this goddess apply her makeup ready for leaving the room. I'm not a fan of makeup (I hate the painted face look), and she really did not need any, but she did it so subtly and carefully that afterwards, she was even more stunning.

    Tin #313. No rush, friendly, some English. I guess 20 years old, allowing for the way they look younger than they are, but hard to tell. Certainly not a child, thank you. Perfect body, say 50kg - small breasts, a modest handful, small nipples, shaved snatch, tight cunt. Waist-length black hair. 11 out of 10.

    Hotel car (Volvo + driver, who waits) 400b/hour
    You arrive at what could be a huge shopping mall, with car parking for maybe 100 cars. On entry there is very large lobby with a stage and bar on the left, and a glassed-in viewing room with tiers of girls on the right. There is space for perhaps 200, with maybe 80 there when I visited. They are all beautiful, dressed well, and wearing a number. Blue numbers are Stars, 3,500b, Red numbers are Superstars for 4,000b.

    The concierge somehow predicted which one I would chose, and when I selected her, he paged her and she came out to meet me. Whilst she was coming I was taken to pay the 4,000b at the reception desk rather like in a hotel. Various paper vouchers were issued and rubber stamped, and she was issued with a room number tag. She took my hand, and we went upstairs in the lift, with others doing the same. At our floor, there were some 15 staff (chambermaids and waitresses I think) milling around, who prepared the room, ran the bath, provided a big basket of materials, and arranged the drinks. The overwhelming impression was of an industrial-scale enterprise, where to take the service was as natural as checking into a hotel. There were probably 5 or 6 floors of rooms, many on each floor, I had room 435. The room had a large bath and a tiled area next to it for the massage on the inflatable mattress, plus a double bed, sofa, etc. Much the same size as a normal room in a quality hotel.

    Overall feeling afterwards: total relaxation after the experience of a lifetime. Of course, I have had good sex before, but this was on another planet! All people had the most friendly attitude, and did what they were supposed to do as if it were the most normal thing in the world (which, here, it is).

    Advice for travellers: If you want the top end of the range, and don't have time to check out the scene, go to the hotel concierge, and ask about getting a body massage. If you want to try the same one as I did, ask for directions to J One (and check out #313!). They can probably fix a limo, which is useful as the driver will wait for you. Pay the tips willingly. Treat her gently. Smile. Enjoy. My total costs were around 6,000b including the limo. So, at 36b/$ I paid 166 US or GBP 100. I'm a mean bastard but would have paid double!
    (Review # 3112)
  • Bangkok Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Feb 04 2001 Submitted by: Anon

    I have not seen it mentioned but I would like to emphatically warn the curious, that Katooeys aka "ladyboys" are notorious thieves. Every Thai will tell you this. Some of us learn too late. If you wonder why the handjob you are getting is very light it is because she/he is going through your pockets! (Review # 3100)
  • Bangkok Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Jan 04 2001 Submitted by: Loverboy

    Hey guys, what about some news place in Bangkok beside Patpong, Nana or Cow Boy. Last time I went to Bangkok, I discovered by chance a nice new place called "Clinton Entertainment Plaza" (believe it or not !). It's situated on Sukomvit Road, halfway between Soi Nana and Soi Cow Boy and it's just great, not (yet) too crowded and the girls are (still) friendly. Try it before it's spoiled. There are open bars and about 3 or 4 go-go bars. Have fun ! (Review # 2933)
  • Bangkok Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Dec 27 2000 Submitted by: Sparky

    First trip to BKK. We were busy all week in professional meetings, so it was hard to get out at night. Like the folks say, before 11 PM you don't get the high quality. My experiences focus on the Hard Rock Cafe. A few buddies and I went there one night not knowing what to expect. After midnight the place is swarming with beautiful girls (and the band really rocked which isn't so bad either!). I didn't realize how easy it was to pick a girl for the night. After finding one I thought was cute, we danced for about 5 minutes as she rubbed my crotch and I asked to take her to the hotel. There are plenty of taxis outside the HRC so this is not a problem. I didn't negotiate price with this one. But she was fabulous to me. She was probably about 21 or so, with a fine little body.

    We were in a 5 star hotel and I think she was turned on just to be in the room. The sex was truly fine. We went at it several times before we fell asleep and again when we both woke up in the morning. Here's the kicker: She didn't ask for money! I gave her 1000 bht "For the Taxi" (hey, she could have gone to Pattaya on that!) and sent her on her way.

    The next time I went to HRC I was a tad more discriminating. The girl I had the first night was ok, but not as experienced as I wanted. I got to HRC again about midnight, and danced (or rubbed) with a few girls before picking one I liked. I'm a sucker for long hair, and this one had hair to her tush. She was also drop dead gorgeous and looked a bit older than the one I had the first night. Before I took her in the taxi, she said she needed 3000 Bht for "dental work". So, knowing I was being BS'd, I said that I'd giver her 1500 bht. There is one very special point about the HRC: There are PLENTY girls there, so if one kind of pisses you off or is acting strange, just move on and pick another. Remember that most of the girls there will probably not go home with anyone that evening.

    After the negotiations, we proceeded to the hotel. The girl immediately got undressed and hopped in the shower. Naturally I went in there with her, and she proceeded to bath me like I've never been bathed before in my life. We then proceeded to the bed (and I had a HUGE bed), where she really knew how to please me. She didn't want me to do a thing for a while. A while (and several positions) later we both collapsed on the bed. The next morning she woke up and we did the nasty again, and she took a shower. Again I jumped in there with her and she bathed me as enthusiastically as she did the first time. When she was about to leave for the morning I started to rub up against her and she seemed slightly upset because she wanted to leave, but she took off her clothes again and we did it like it was the first time all over again! Help me lordy!

    She left me her name and phone number and told me to call her again when I was in town. I may next time I'm there, but variety is the spice of life. I wound up giving her 2000 bht for the night and it was worth every penny.

    The next time I went to the HRC I felt like a pro. I patiently waited and picked out what I thought was the most gorgeous girl in the place. Again, no price was talked about, but I didn't care. Back to the hotel. This one was GREAT at sex, but not nearly as caring or as sensual as my girl the other night. As she was leaving in the morning she said that she needed 2000 bht. I told her 1500 and she went on her happy way.

    Summary: I know there are many ways to get it in BKK. However, the HRC will be my stop next time. The girls are pretty, the atmosphere is very safe, and hey, if you decide to pool-sit you can always dance your ass off and listen to the band. I'd be interested to know if Planet Hollywood is the same kind of venue....
    (Review # 2902)
  • Bangkok Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Nov 12 2000 Submitted by: Bigg Dogg

    Oct - 2000 Seems like the Clinton Plaza and Asore areas have really picked up. Sept / Oct is the deadtime of year in Thailand. It is at the end of the Moonsoonal rains and the tourist traffic was way down.

    This year, a lot of the girls were away from Holiday, rich from the Olympic traffic of July and August. Nana Plaza was very quiet, so I headed down the road a bit.

    The new Clinton Plaza has some interesting traffic. A lot of free lance girls just walking along the short 3 blocks in front. Most will go with you if you make eye contact and a smile. The range is anything from 3-9's, a few 10's. Asking price THB1200-2000 subject negotiation. Reality is 500 (S/T) to 1500 (L/T), THB:USD rate was 42.5:1 (11/2000) Some girls will go with you and you decide the price after the fact.

    I skipped this and went into the Go-Go bar areas. Lots of nice stuff. Beer and Cola's about THB60-85. Low pressure compared to Patpong hussle. The girls were easy going and didn't pressure the punters for outrageous lady drinks. There were only 12-14 ladies working, but about 1/2 of them were better than 7-8's. Very young, about 21-24 mostly, and were friendly and eager to please. I took one back to the hotel for an all nighter, complete with BBBJ, French Kissing and 3 sessions. I paid THB 1500 and tipped her THB500, which lent her to want to come back tomorrow. Too bad I had to leave.

    As for Asore area (farther down / higher soi number) from Clinton, I have heard from several sources (Taxi drivers / other girls) that those open beer bars have all freelancers, I noticed only 3-7's, so nothing special I wanted. Going rate THB500-THB1000, but heard of some rips off's and doping of punters in short time hotels. So BEWARE. Good place to play pool all night though!
    (Review # 2710)
  • Bangkok Nana Station of the Sky train Massage Parlor Dated Added: Tue Oct 24 2000 Submitted by: Bomber

    Annie's Massage Parlour In the Nana Area. Top Address for hassle free good fun, No time pressure Just good. The Bar in the Basement with some girls, small Bar upper Floor with plenty of girls sitting behind mirror glass. The Girl at the Bar can advise you, she will tell you how much Rp. 1000.00 net, Drinks not included, Tip for the Girl Rp 300-600 to your discretion. I choose the one with the biggest Tits in the Show Room. Back to the bar my girl comes and she expects a drink too, then she will go and prepare the room. The following is more or less SOP, but you can influence it of course.

    Bath tub with a lot of foam and the girl kisses and plays with my dick, she checks out the size and washes my cock thoroughly. Then I get an oil massage on the wet floor.( had better massages) Here she gives me a average Blow Job, she wont let me cum in her mouth but all over her face and breast. Washing, very carefull and clean washing she dries my whole body and give extra care for my little friend. Then only we get to the bed. Here the sweet girl by the name sky gives me another massage, much better then the one before. She sucks my dick till big size and put on the condom. She rides me, kisses passionately, nibbles my ears and does a lot your girlfriend would do the very first night, and more. Obviously she enjoys to have sex. After I cum the second time she ask me if she can sing for me. Then she sings thai songs and gives me a caressing massage. Back first and when she is finished with the front she starts to play with my dick again till I feel to fuck her again, this time we do a few positions, and I shoot off with her slim legs around my neck. This was the best fuck experience I ever had in Thailand. Recommended Place .

    You can try what I did and take the girl on a holiday trip through out the country. If you are patient enough You can even go to a clinic with her and do a Test. Then you can fuck her and you brains out
    (Review # 2600)
  • BangKok Other Dated Added: Tue Sep 12 2000 Submitted by: BigD

    Sunday Sept 10, 2000. We went to discotheque in Nana Plaza at 9:00PM. The place is not busy at this time, but we did not know that. It made me felt like we (my brother and I) are alone with a few girl. Later, we knew that we were wrong. To me, after enjoying massage parlours, go-go bars, ladies houses, I found out that I spent my money at the wrong place. Now I know that I don't care how old, ugly, fat, bald we are, we can be kings here. At 10:30PM they came in like bees swarm (beautiful pagents of Thailand!!!), it's not important that you know how to dance or not.

    Just get to the dance floor and if you like any girl, just ask her or nod to her, you will not be disappointed. Besides, after spending a few drinks for some of them, they will recognize that you are rich kings, other girls will wait to capture you the moment you leave the girl that you don't want, but that is too cruel, so make your choice wisely and stick with it, that's all. After first or second dance with them, ask them to your hotel, but make sure give them some money in the morning, don't be cheap because they'll give a good night you never forget in your life. They will be a real girl friend for one night (more real that an American girl friend)
    (Review # 2358)
  • BangKok Massage Parlor Dated Added: Tue Sep 12 2000 Submitted by: BigD

    Sept 10, 2000. We came to a new place named Plaza Entertainment complex (do not confused between Nana Plaza and this place). The price are expensive (2000 baht: economy; 3000 baht: regular; 3500: premium; and superstar: 4000 Baht). We pick the 2 superstars, their services are not special except massaging with their tits and butts on your back. They tried to finish before their due time (2 hours according to papasan) and ask for tips (500 baht), my brother and I gave them 200 Baht and they acted like they don't want it. We don't really felt good about the obvious pretending-to-be-good service from them. Same thing to the papasan. He also asked for tips before the service is rendered.

    You should go to Darling or Monalisa and get a better treatment. Darling don't give commission to the taxi so you can save some money, but watch out for the taxi, he will take you to either this place or Monalisa.
    (Review # 2357)
  • Bangkok Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Aug 19 2000 Submitted by: mo

    What a place! I followed the tips from WSG and that lead me to Annie's Massage Parlor on my first night. The fishbowl offered what my novice eye looked like a dozen decent looking women and I chose a beautiful little woman by the name of Da or #5 as they go by numbers. The first time I got hosed a little on the fee paying 3000b and every subsequent time I paid 1000b. She led me to a room, which was clean with a big bed and side mirror and a large tub already filling with bubbles. We undressed and climbed into the tub. She washed me like a baby and I loved it. What I learned was a stock trick of the house was that midway through the cock washing she lifted me up to slide her knees under me providing an excellent angle for a bj and she went to it big time.~~~~It did not take long and I came which she sucked down to the last drop. Then we got up out of the tub and I thought the session was over. Actually it was only beginning. She unfolded a waterproof plastic cushion mat on the floor next to the tub and rinsed it thoroughly with the bath water. Then she motioned for me to lie down on my front and she gave me a wonderful wet 'full body massage.' ~~~~What I mean is she massaged me with every part of her body and I could actually feel her using her pointy nipples to get my shoulder blades. She worked on me for a good 20 minutes and then I flipped over and she quickly had me rock hard again. We moved to the bed and I proceeded to have one of the best sex sessions ever. Every position but no anal action. I came a second time and by all standard Bangkok had made this hard man humble.~~~~I went back the next night and chose #5 again. Da saw me and almost cried it seemed. She was like my long lost girl friend and she was incredible again following the same wonderful set of activities. ~~~~When I returned the third time the mamasan "Aa" (pretty with glasses behind the bar) she started encouraging me to try out another girl. She prodded me for anything special like two girls. I mentioned anal sex and she was a little put off by that but the explained the only #35 and #19 had those special talents. I selected #19 who was very petite and likely 30 or so. Aa explained she had been out of action for the last several months since she had gotten surgery to make herself look more ferang (foreigner).~~~~She was very professional, and seemed to know what I had on my mid. The bath and massage were nowhere near as good as #5 but she knew how to suck cock and to deep throat almost as good as my wife. Then she broke out the KY and I got to chalk up a new wonderful sexual experience from her. The next night I got there again and this time chose #35 and she too was older with not that great a body and the obligatory massage and bath became almost monotonous. Still she had a sweet ass!~~ (Review # 2200)
  • Bangkok Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Aug 07 2000 Submitted by: Anon

    (For the record: The Banker's World Sex Guide is a fine website, extremely useful for anyone who travels. But I miss the *comprehensive* posting, the kind of text that gives a general overview of the situation in a foreign city. The usual "I went there and did this and paid that" posting is indeed a good thing but in the end offers only random and limited information. This kind of posting bring information, yes, but the comprehensive posting offers *knowledge*. So I post the following, hoping that The Banker will accept it - and the others that I plan to post. - If others with broader insights follow suit, the WSG may develop into something really interesting.)

    In Thailand "massage parlor" is a euphemism for a specific kind of commercial sex enterprise. Typically, there is an entrance to the parlor that leads into a bar and coffee-shop with all the usual soft lights and night-club dťcor. There are several cubicles with tables and comfortable armchairs for the customers to sit and drink. Next door is a room with a glass cage and no source of natural light. The girls sit in the cage lit by dim artificial lights - on display, ready for clients to come and watch. In some places there is a one-way mirror to ensure that the girls cannot see the clients, but in the cheaper establishments the shadows have to be enough. Opposite, and outside the cage, is often a row of chairs where the men may sit and contemplate their choice.

    The women in the cage wear fancy dresses, put make-up on their faces, and sit in positions which reveal their legs and different parts of their body, so as to make themselves more attractive than their competition, thereby increasing the odds they will be picked over someone else. Often there is a small "super star" group of particularly beautiful girls dressed in more stylish clothes. They are the ones with the most perfect and scar-freee bodies - and they cost more.

    The men will sit and access the girls. If none of them are pretty enough, they will simply go to other parlors until a suitable match is found. The client picks out his girl by the number pinned on her dress and pays the appropriate rate at the desk to one side of the cage. A man can also call up a parlor in advance and place a reservation for a specific woman that he might stay with for a few days.

    To the girls the work conditions in massage parlors are better than in brothels. Women here have much more freedom than those who work in brothels. In most parlors, the women can refuse customers who do not wear a condom. The women also have more opportunities to earn larger sums of money. Unlike the normal Thai brothels, where girls are simply traded and sold, massage parlors offer training opportunities for the girls to learn how to improve their work and, in turn, the girls can earn a higher income. New girls are trained in the particular style of massage offered in parlors by an in-house instructor. The training session lasts two to three days and costs the girl a fee of 100 baht. Generally, the girl receives 40 percent of the customer fee. If following the regular massage, the customer asks for more, then the fee is bargained between the customer and the girl. Thus, the girls have two sources of income, the percentage of the hourly rates for massage and the negotiable payment for any additional services. The massage parlors also provide medical check-ups for the girls. (This does NOT ensure that she does not carry the hiv virus, no matter what she says. At the most it proves that she did not have it three months ago.) The girls are able to work in less risky work conditions and can decide if they will render "special services" to a customer or not. But of course they have to if they want to earn really good money.

    Bangkok is the world capital of high profile massage parlors. They can be found all over the city, from the central areas to the suburbs. They feature glamourous and romantic names like Versailles, Mona Lisa, Annie's, in glowing neon. Often this sort of establishment can be found in high-class hotels, where the hotel customers can go and choose a girl to perform a massage. - If you want the royal service, head for Rachadapisek Road where you will find many, many large, upmarket massage parlours that look more like Las Vegas casinos and hotels than whore houses. Some of the buildings are huge. The recently erected Poseidon is architecturally impressive and stands ten stories tall. Beware however that as these massage parlors usually attract Thais, the level of English may be low to non-existent. Therefore, try and go along with a Thai or a local who speaks reasonable Thai.

    One of the decent massage parlours that encourages entry to foreigners is Chaophya 2 on Sri Ayutthya Rd. Like many of the massage parlours, this large building encompasses a massage parlor, cocktail and karaoke lounges as well as private bars. When you enter, you will be amazed to see 100-200 girls sitting in a fish bowl like compound behind large glass windows. All of the girls will be sitting down and all will have a small disc with a number on it usually attached to some part of their clothing. You are free to peer through the glass and select a girl by telling one of the papasans who are there to help you select your "date". If you have any sexual preferences or perversions, you are free to discuss these with the papasan who will help you make your choice - he knows exactly what girls are prepared to do and who is expert at what. Do, however, realize that his interests may not be yours. He may for instance want to promote a particular girl that he thinks should get picked more often.

    Usually a visit to a Thai massage parlor is an occasion of sheer sexual fun for the man. What kind experiences await the client can be seen from this authentic story from the mid 90'ies. It concerns "Darling Turkish Bath & Massage", one of Bangkok's top-notch parlors - and one that is aimed at the Western tourists:

    "On my third afternoon in Bangkok i decided to find a massage parlour. This was my first trip to Thailand. The two nights I'd spent there I had no problems finding girls to spend the night with, but I was a little disappointed. According to my little Bangkok nightlife guidebook there was a good massage parlour, Darling, at soi 12. This was my first visit to a massage parlour, so I felt a little nervous and had two gin and tonic before going. It took me about 10 minutes to walk there.

    Outside it was hot, damp and hectic, but once I got inside that changed. It was cool, calm and dark. I was greeted by a Thai gentleman in suit and tie who asked me in reasonable English if he could help me. As we stepped in I saw about 50 girls sitting behind a window waiting. I knew I wanted "body massage", where the masseuse uses her whole body to massage you. I told him so. He showed me to a smaller section on the left of the room. Behind another glass screen there were about 20 women of different ages and looks. They were all nicely dressed and they each had a little badge with a number tagged onto them. After a few minutes of silence and my staring at them he asked me who I liked. I wanted a good blow job because the two girls I had had the last two night hadn't given me any. Embarrassed I mumbled something to that effect, and that I didn't know who I wanted.

    I'm not sure he got the message, but he said that number something and number 41 were very good. I looked for them. Number 41 was sitting almost in the far right corner of the room. My guide book had told me that the bottom left is for the inexperienced and the far right for the experienced women. Number 41 looked like she could be between 30 and 35, she looked OK and had ample breasts. I wanted someone who knew how to give me a good time. "OK, number 41." I said. He repeated the number in Thai in a microphone and I went over to the counter to pay.

    "My girl" (I can't remember her name, but let's call her Noi) appeared and smiled at me. We took the elevator to the room and she started chatting in surprisingly good English. I also figured out (both by looking and later conversation) that she was probably close to 40. But I didn't care as she had a very nice body. We got into a big massage room with a bed and a tub area. She started preparing things and I just sat down. A elderly lady knocked on the door and asked if we wanted anything to drink. I got a bottle of Kloster beer and Noi a coke. She continued preparing for the message by putting an~~inflatable mattress next to the tub and filling the tub itself. The elderly lady reappeared with the drinks.

    This was apparently the preliminaries, Noi now started undressing. I took this as a que and did the same. She quickly got out of her dress and wrapped herself in a towel at the same time. She then came over to me and helped me take off my socks and underwear. She smiled at me and my rising cock. Noi led me to the bathtub, took off her towel and we stepped in. I could now see her naked for the first time. Yes, she did have nice body.

    We sat down in the hot water and she started washing every part of my body with great care. Neck, back, toes, legs ... When I could reach her breasts during her washing I fondled them, and felt her nipples. To clean my chest she had me lie on my back in the tub and was sitting down between my legs. My pelvis floated up and my rock hard cock appeared out of the water just in front of her face. She made a little gasp, but soon recovered.

    She slid it into her mouth. Umm, heaven, this woman knew her job. She placed both her little hands around my throbbing shaft and worked the head with her mouth. This was what I wanted! Unfortunately I couldn't contain myself and after just a few minutes I blew my load. She expertly took it all in her mouth and milked my balls and cock to get the full load. I said "Oops, I didn't mean to come this quickly", but she just replied "Don't worry, darling, I can make you come ten times." Yeah, sure! She cleaned my cock and we proceeded to the next step.

    The next step turned out to be me on my belly on the mattress. She covered me with suds and started slithering all over me. She did use all of her body for it; I could often feel her pubic hair against my body. After a while she had me turn over and continued her massage. Body massage was all I thought it would be. It has to be experienced. It's not just a sexual experience, I mean, I had just shot my load and my cock was rather limp through the whole thing. (Actually, at later visits I found out that a really hard cock during a body massage can be almost painful as it gets in the way when the masseuse slithers around. Well, there is, of course, a nice place where it fits perfectly, but that's another story.) After about 15 minutes of this massage she had me get up and rinsed the suds off our bodies.

    We laid down on the bed, I had some of my beer and she started giving my back a massage. When I turned over she spotted my now hardening cock and quickly moved down and started another incredible blow job. After a few minutes of this I was very hard again. I had her continue for about another ten minutes just enjoying her incredible technique, but then I decided I should try her pussy too. I easily slid into her welcoming cunt and we did some missionary style fucking. It felt wonderful and satisfying, but now I knew where her real area of expertise was. I withdrew and got back on my back asking her to continue her blow job. She happily complied. I don't know what she did, but she could do tricks with her mouth that I've never experienced before or after (except at my second visit to her at Darling a few days later). After another five or ten minutes I exploded another load into her eager mouth. She milked my balls and cock again, but there wasn't very much there. This was my third fuck of the day after all (I had one in morning).

    I felt drained and happy when she washed my cock. She asked me if I wanted a rest. We had now spent about an hour and these session are typically 1.5 hours so I said sure and laid down on the bed again. She gave me a very nice back rub and I almost fell asleep.

    As I turned over to get up I saw a little smile in her eyes. She bent down and took my very limp cock in her mouth. I almost protested since I didn't feel like it, but decided to let her go ahead; it felt pretty good after all. She now started another, even more incredible blow job. She seemed to have some tricks left. As my hardened she took some ice in her mouth, she did some deep throating, ... She also massaged my balls and places between my legs that really made my dick go back to its former vigour. I don't know how, but after another ten minutes of this I came again. Once more she milked my balls and cock, but nothing came out. She had sucked me dry. She finally managed to squeeze a drop out to prove that she had done her job.

    Again she washed my cock, after that I didn't lie down, but I got dressed instead. I almost started believing that she could make me come ten times. But now I had had enough. It's a strange thing to say, but you can orgasm to much too.

    I gave her a really big tip and left Darling very satisfied with my first massage parlour visit. Later visits have shown me that she was indeed exceptional, I've hardly ever been disappointed, but on the other hand I've never encountered anyone as skilled with her mouth again."

    The experience of a good Thai massage is something that every man should experience at least once. The routine is pretty standard as described above - you can expect to start with (1) a hot bubble bath where every inch of you will be studiously cleaned by the masseuse of your choice. The bath will be followed by (2) a good traditional Thai-style health massage with added comforts like the full-body touch on the bathing mattress described above. The last course is (3) a good bonk. The whole routine usually lasts about one and a half to two hours and is often very, very enjoyable.

    The cost of a treatment in the many different massage parlors varies wildly. In some places, like Darling, you pay a certain amount up front that includes everything and this can run up to 2,500 baht for "the works". Some of the more expensive Thai oriented parlors may cost even more. In other parlors, you pay 200-300 baht for the massage and you negotiate with the girl if you want any extras. This is entirely up to you. Some girls in these places will only give you a massage and no more. You should ask before hand if you want to get your rocks off but are not sure what is on offer. Note that at some parlors, some things are a no-no e.g. blowjobs may be allowed but house rules may prevent the girl from actually having intercourse.

    An often heard warning concerns tuktuk and taxi drivers who try to guide male tourists to a massage parlor. The routine is the same every time. As you are walking along the road or simply going by taxi without any woman with you, they will hand you a small glossy colour brochure of a massage parlor that the tout or taxi driver would like to take you to. The brochure will have some really stunning girls on it, none of whom will be available when you get there. They are chosen for their photogenic looks. The taxi driver can make a considerable commission out of this practice and more often than not he will take you to an establishment that specialises in servicing tourists. More importantly, he will get a big kickback for taking you there. You will save 30-40 percent on the price by going to such places without the "assistance" of the taxi mafia. If you are unsure of where these places are located, go for a walk with your eyes open, you are bound to find a few. Sukhumvit Road, Rachadapisek Road and Petchaburi Road all have clusters of massage parlours. Just look for large buildings with no windows, large, often flashing neon sign and a medium-big sized car park. Usually the best hour to show up is around 19 o'clock when the girls are all present and only few have yet been picked. - Many of the parlors that say "traditional massage" actually offer you a bit more than that....

    Beware that some parlors really do not want farang patrons. They are usually to be recognized by the fact that their neon signs are in Thai script only, not readable to the average foreigner. When you step inside, the girls in the cage will not pose themselves and smile to you. You will not be denied service here, but you will be treated in a deliberately cold and detached manner - to discourage you from returning.

    Girls can be taken out of some massage parlours for a "long time" situation but the price can be very expensive - often in the region of 5000 baht and up. Some girls are so popular in some massage parlors, particularly the places frequented by the Thais, that you better book the girl in advance. I guess if you were going to go to this length, it would be wise to book her for when the parlour opens as opposed to the end of the night when she is tired after servicing a number of clients.

    In summary, massage parlors will not appeal to those on a tight budget - although one can be had with extras for very little. They do however provide a very memorable experience and it is something that I highly recommend.

    On the positive side, some massage parlors have some extremely attractive girls! They offer a controlled and managed environment - and less chance of any problems and of getting ripped off by the girl, and they tend to be clean - i.e. free of disease. The drawbacks are: Usually you cannot take the girl out long time (though you could try and arrange to meet her later), the experience can be expensive, and the massage can be disappointing (but then, is that what you are there for?)
    (Review # 2154)
  • Bangkok Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Aug 06 2000 Submitted by: Jace

    July 2000: Although I have been using this site for a number of years for research I have not posted any material as I felt that I really did not have any fresh information to add. I have just returned from my third trip to Thailand and I think I have something useful to offer. First a word on some of the more well known spots. The Thermae in the basement of the Ruamchitt Plaza offers a well rounded selection of freelance girls in the late evening. I generally stay at this hotel for convenience sake since it is nice to take an elevator from my room to the ground floor at 5 AM and return 5 mins. later with an adorable young lady (and no bar fine).The staff here is also very accommodating and I always feel safe.

    In the massage parlor catagory I must give the nod to Annie's. On the same soi as the Marriott ( I think this is soi 2) same side of the street as the Marriott about 500 mts. down. Customer service is the key here and Annie's daughter (with glasses) does everything she can to insure a good time. I have never gone wrong with her suggestions and I have had some standout experiences at this location...(maybe not the best looking women in Thailand but these women have been chosen for their skills). The price is right also...1000 bht for up to 2 hrs. Having gotten such good service on all my visits I tend to tip the individual girl generously, but that is up to you.

    Saving the best for last... there is a relatively new place on Soi7-1 (a sub soi just up from soi 7 short of soi 9). On the right side of the street about 40 mtrs. in from Sukumvitt Rd is a small sign for the Eden Club.This club was opened at the beginning of this year by a french expat named Mark - a man with a vision. Here is a man who surveyed the Bangkok sex scene and decided that it was far too tame.(A man after my own heart.) What Eden offers is a 90 min. session with two beautiful bi-sexual girls in a large mirrored room with xxx videos , toys included and no holes barred. Seldom have I experienced a situation in which I was limited only by my imagination. At the end of my time I lay back amid what looked like an explosion of condom confetti (every new orifice merited a new condom) and reflected that the price for such hedonistic exertions was a bargain at just under $100 US. Mark's policy of satisfaction guaranteed is a welcome change and I can highly recommend his establishment. For those of you who do visit the city of angels please heed a few word of often offered advice... treat the girls with consideration and respect, bathe often, and try to smile as much as possible (heaven knows the local ladies will give you plenty of reasons to).
    (Review # 2107)
  • Bangkok Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Aug 06 2000 Submitted by: John

    I was in Bangkok over the week of the 4th of July 2000. I went to all the places in the WSG report. You can save yourself a lot of time. Stay at the Nana Hotel (real nice for the money). For the best looking girls in Bangkok go to the Disco in The Nana Hotel. The Disco opens at 9PM. The way to check out the woman is to set in the hotel lobby bar from 9Pm till about !0PM or so. The lighting in the lobby is great and you can get a good look at the women as they pass on there way to the disco. You can stop them there or look some more over and then go in the disco and take your choose. The lighting in the disco is dark so choose your girl in the lobby. (Review # 2103)
  • Bangkok Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Jul 12 2000 Submitted by:

    Greetings to all interested in Bangkok! This place is the best! My favorites are Lipstick and Crazt Cats in Patpong. I usually wear loose shorts without underwear, and go alone. The girls flock over you, knowing exactly what you want! I am patient, and buy all the girls drinks. It never adds up to more than $10 - 20, and it establishes you as a "good guy" who would be fun to be with. The girl you are interested in will be the envy of all her friends when she walks out with you, the "big spender". The best part to me is the "touchy feely" as the girls compete for you. They stroke my cock, while I get generous feels of everyoneís tits and pussy!! What fun! Why aren't bars at home like this? (Review # 1918)
  • Bangkok Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Jul 11 2000 Submitted by: BORED

    Nana Plaza is definitely the place to go. Do not miss the opportunity to go here. It starts after all the bars and go-go bars close down, so it starts around 2am. And ALL the girls go there. Imagine 10 to 15 guys and about 100 women. The women there were around a 5 to about a 9. ~~~~~~Nana Plaza was simple and straightforward, much like anything else in Thailand. I was a kid in a candy store and only choose a girl who I thought was great. The ugly girls DO come up to you and are aggressive, but you can get rid of them with a simple "no thank you." If you even say hi to a girl you don't like, expect her to hang on you ALL night - very annoying, but then again, you said hello. In Thailand, a simple hello or even eye contact can be poison if you don't like the girl. Trust me, I learned the hard way. I was simply being polite and this girl wouldn't leave. And she was awful. And then she started saying "you buy me drink. You buy my friend drink." I said no thank you and walked away.~~~~There is a strange custom in Thailand amongst the girls. If you go from girl to girl, they will brand you a "butterfly". My first night, I got called that simply because I was being chatty and talking to any girl I thought was hot. I do this because Iím obviously trying to get the best looking one, and if a girl gives me a bad vibe, I bail, so I was talking to about 8 to 10 girls. Suddenly at the bar, this one I talked to points at me and says, "butterfly! You butterfly!" There was this English guy at the bar who had to explain the whole concept to me. Doesn't make sense, eh? Face it, granted it doesn't feel like prostitution, they are all hookers, but the girls make it like itís a relationship, like you have to be faithful to her! What the hell! Anyway, you just kind of ignore them, or do what I do and call them a butterfly back, which pissed the girl off pretty good, but she wasnít that hot so who cares. ~~~~My friend supposedly got pick pocketed at Nana, but then again, he was drunk, so who really knows. I had all my cash in a zippered pocket, so I was safe. I never had any problems. ~~~~I never negotiated a price with the girl from Nana Plaza. I just talked to her for a while, bought her a drink and said "I want to take you home." It doesn't get any easier than that. We left and went home. The whole ordeal came to like 1500 baht, which is like $40 U.S.. I'm not the Super Cheap Bastard, I hate reading articles about guys haggling the girl down to something absurd - just pay your $40 and be done with it. This isn't Kmart. If you are bitching about getting laid for $40, you shouldn't be getting laid to begin with.~~~~The girl was a stunner - 5"2', about 100 pounds, dark brown - a real killer bod wise. Face was very pretty. The sex was really good and she had a great vibe about her personality-wise and sex-wise. She definitely rocked my world and was up for going as many times as I could get it up. Iíd rate the whole experience about a 9. ~~ (Review # 1915)
  • Bangkok Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Feb 24 2000 Submitted by: DiscoFlyer

    This is DiscoFlyer again. As you can see from my previous posts, I like the massage places a lot and I do think they are better than the bars. I've never had a bad massage experience, but I have in the bars, plus at the bars you have to pay not only the girl, but you have to pay a bar fine, as well as for an extra room to take the girl to. Plus, the girls are more likely to be hard or cold, and less eager to please. At any rate, you can sill have fun there, and here is the DiscoFlyer version.

    THE BARS: The 3 entertainment bar areas: Patpong, Nana Entertainment Plaza (NEP), and Soi Cowboy.

    First, Soi Cowboy is apparently a more expat crowd, and I would be willing to bet that is the way expats want it. I have never been but will definitely go next month. A lot of the posts here have been tourists raving about Patpong and Nana, but the expats (locals and therefore experts) stay at Cowboy, and I would think its low-key nature and reputation has a lot of appeal. It's worth checking out on soi 24-26 I think.

    NANA. Well, I have done it twice. The first time I went, we went in a bar (w/ friend), ordered beers, waited 15 minutes, said fuck this and left. But my friend who walked out after me got stopped about the bill. There were like 10 of them surrounding us!!! Funny how they noticed us walking out (they were going to lose a sale) but didn't notice us while we were patiently waiting for a beer for 15 minutes. Anyway, it took nearly five minutes for my friend and I to explain that we waited for 15 minutes and didnít get beer. They were going to charge us anyway. Eventually, while standing *outside* having this argument with 10 guys surrounding us, one guy finally brought a beer, just so he could get me to pay! The little pisser! Finally I said I wanted to speak to the manager. He waved it off cause he knew they were wrong. But these situations are a pain in the ass. You especially have to be careful of this in Patpong. IF YOU SHOULD ENCOUNTER A SIMILAR PROBLEM: Your first course of action is to firmly but politely (Thais are greatly offended by explosive anger or any temper) attempt to discuss or negotiate the problem, but if you are in the right, stick to your guns. Then, #2, seek the manager. Usually this is a guy who is not always out front and aware of what his flackeys or moron employees are doing, and is usually more sensible, and since he wants your business, will usually work it out with you. If not, then your last recourse is the MOST IMPORTANT: Tourist Police. If you must, pay up (you don't want to endanger yourself, though violence is rare). Then contact the tourist police and have them straighten it out for you. This bar is on the ground level, left hand side but I donít remember the name. That's not important. Whatís important is you know how to handle these situations, as well as your resources. Gentlemen, don't ever forget that the Tourist Police is at your disposal as long as your are being honest. Rip-offs are not too common, but it does happen, especially in Patpong.

    Anyway that was it for NEP for me on that trip, but the next trip (last month) I went there at 1am after my flight arrived from Tokyo (came all the way from Washington DC) about 11pm. I went to a 3rd floor club, bar fined a really hot skinny little girl for 400 baht (named: Carousel bar I believe) and she took me to Nana Guest house, where many Nana girls take their short-time men, and where I had previously been with a hooker from Angels Disco, paid the 300 baht (dreary, but tolerable rooms)and went at it. Man she had a sweet pussy, but I will spare you the details. The nice thing is, she never mentioned price. After it was over I gave her 700 baht, thinking I would pay up to 1000 if she asked for it, and she looked at me incredulously and said "whatís this?" she wanted more and said she wanted 2000. I told her that was too much. I eventually gave her 1500. She was great in bed and really beautiful, but she turned into a real bitch! :) At least it was after the sex. So I told her 1500 was all I had and she tapped her fingers to her forehead as if to say "I'm such a fool for letting this guy sucker me," and we walked out not saying goodbye even. I should not have given here that much. Guys, the moral of the story is NEP is no longer rapidly catching up to Patpong in price--it's there! They all want 2000! If you can get a girl who doesnít need to negotiate before the sex, you're golden! Remember, 1000 is a lot of money to Thai women, and it's not like paying 2000 is going to lift them out of poverty or change her life--if you want to do that, marry her! But donít overpay and ruin it for the rest of us. By the same token, donít be an ugly farang and try to pay much less. I shouldn't have given 700 the 1st time--I should have just offered 1000 to begin with. No wonder she was a bitch! I tried to lowball her. But anyways, I was willing to pay 1000 and so should you. The bottom line is I had a great time with a very hot girl, and although it didn't end that great, it's okay because I wasn't try to make friends with her, nor was she with me. I am now convinced that NEP is pretty much as great of a place as so many people say it is. It lives up to it's reputation, but let me be the first one on the worldsexguide to inform you: it might not be a snap to get some any cheaper than in Patpong. Location: Sukhumvit soi 4. The first courtyard on the left as you walk into soi 4, across from the Nana Hotel.

    PATPONG: I don't much care for Patpong. To go from one club to another, you must walk among night bazaar's and trinket hawkers, and it's wall to wall bodies. It's outdoors, but STILL the temperature rises from all the body heat. The touts will touch you on the arm, and I don't let them get away with it. If they do, I look at the body part they touched, let my eyes get big and act offended. They apologize and I have the upper hand. This works out well in case I agree to go to their club. Patpong is also notorious for the rip-offs. Scenes like what I previously mentioned about my experience being surrounded by 10 guys in NEP are much more common here, but as always the *Tourist Police* are your best resource if you are unable to resolve a dispute. However, as others have mentioned, I can attest that the King's Group is reputable chain. Anything that says King or Queen is owned by them. You go in and pay only for drinks if that's all you want. If you want a girl, 400-500 barfine, and 2000 baht. I tried negotiating, but it never has worked.

    Last month, I went to King's Castle, and I picked a girl with perfect breasts, on that basis! Mistake. Her body was perfect and her tits were firm and natural. She was nice enough and smiled a lot and let me feel the goods before buying, but she had only been there a week--she had just turned 18! Not a good idea, no matter how delectable she may appear. Inexperienced. I was too big for her. Most of us here are non-Asians, and I don't know if Asians are endowed or not, but by and large, we are, right guys? Well, she squirmed through the whole thing! And I couldn't go in without hurting her. A slightly older/more experienced girl will not have any problem accommodating more length or girth, but these girls who are new to being working girls definitely have that baggage. She wasn't a total bitch, but she complained and wanted to keep the money and not let me get off in her pussy. The thing is, I told her I paid 2000 for a fuck and I expected a fuck for that price, then I mentioned my discussion/negotiation with mamasa and she perked up, getting a bit worried. I keyed in on this and threatened to go get dressed & go to mamasan. After that, she said no, & I agreed to a change in plans since at this point she had made me limp so I just wanted to bust a nut and leave. So I jerked off over her pussy for 1500. She was upset but it's not my fault. What can you learn from my experience?
    1- That you shouldn't always take a girl just cause she is hot. You need to get the feeling that she will be good in bed and eager to please. After she danced on stage and came and sat next to me, even though she let me touch her breasts and legs and even encouraged me, she wasn't touching me back. I didn't think about it at the time cause I wanted those heavenly breasts in my mouth, but you need to be aware of the vibes a girl and potential fuck mate is giving you. If she's not touching you, she's going to be cold or a bit like a dead fish when you get her into bed. Get an affectionate girl, gentlemen!
    2- The other thing you can learn from this experience of mine is that Mamasan is more concerned about you being happy than your girl is. If you are not happy with the girl, you can complain to mamasan. But PLEASE use this leverage judiciously and fairly. And only if the girl attempts to not uphold her end of the bargain. Mamasan wants you to be a happy customer. If you tell her of your displeasure, usually she will try to correct it, but the girl will lose face, which is why I never complained to mamasan, and only used it as a negotiating tool. I could have been firmer or got more more, but the principle is I didn't want to not get laid if I was paying 2000! I would renegotiate, and if she didnít fuck me, I would pay less and I did (though not much). I wasn't trying to make it difficult for her. So please try to only use mamasan as a negotiating tool, and try not to go to her unless you absolutely have to, but remember you can, and she is on your side. I don't have any definite intention to go back to Patpong, but the thought of getting a blowjob at a barstool still appeals to me. Plus I might want to see a pussy razorblade show once in my life. Anyway, you should go to Patpong, but don't make it a main target of your sexual satisfaction. It's a rip-off. It's for tourists, and the girls, though they are as attractive as the NEP girls, they are also aware they are seeing tourists, and so they dont have much concern about repeat business, cause tourists are gone in a week. Come to think of it, when you're chatting with bargirls before making a purchase, the girls typically want to know if you are a tourist or resident farang expat. "Bangkok or holiday?" they will ask. Might as well tell them you live there, if you can manage to walk around not looking like an idiot. Oh, and if you always wear jeans, sneakers & silk-screen t-shirts with a baseball cap, and/or anything with a pro sports emblem (nfl/nba), forget this strategy because they won't believe you: You look like a tourist! Location: Southwest of Rama IV Road, between the parallel major roads of Silom & Suriwong roads. About 300m down those roads, west of Rama IV. Any cab driver can take you.
    (Review # 1685)
  • Bangkok Travel Report- Part II Dated Added: Sat Jan 29 2000 Submitted by: LoHaSmoDi

    LoHaSmoDi's FIRST VISIT IN BANGKOK -- Part II ..continued from Part I: FRIDAY 1999-11-12~~
    Ok, time for a change; time to check out Soi Cowboy! I arrived there at about 22:15 and walked down the Soi to check out the various pleasure huts. At a few of them there were again girls who wanted to drag me in, but it was easy to shake them off politely. I decided to go for Long Gun as reviews on the Net said this bar was Ok. When I entered, a waitress showed me to a place to sit. The place was quite full and on the (only) stage were about 14-16 girls dancing. I ordered a Cola (unless you didn't notice until now: I don't drink any alcohol - never) and checked out the talent. The girls on the stage -- most of them top-less, some in Bikini -- were not really good in dancing. They looked quite bored and did not make eye-contact with the Johns. I watched that scene for about 20 minutes and thought to myself that "if that's it and this is one of the better bars", then I don't want to see one of the not-so-good bars ...

    But things changed: about 20 min before 23:00 four girls in the same bikinis entered the stage and performed a quasi-synchronous dancing act. It was not very professional, but already an improvement to what I had seen until then. After that a single lady in Lingerie performed a very sexy strip / dance, with a lot of acrobatic in her performance, always sexy, always smooth and rhythmic. She was great.

    Show on show followed. And the later the show, the more "different" it was: two girls swapping the content of two cola bottles with their pussy, girls shooting bananas from their pussies, a girl who blows out candles on a birthday cake with her pussy, girls blowing a horn with their pussies, girls shooting the balloons on the roof with a blow-pipe using their pussies, a lesbian show -- and most probably more that I already forgot.~~

    While watching the shows, I also looked for some company and invited a girl in a short skirt with a very cute face to join me. She was a bit taller than the average but also not the slimmest (still very slim compared to Europe standard ...). She had a very soft skin as I discovered soon. I bought her a drink and recognized that she did not speak English. To overcome that problem she got a friend of her on my table who translated a bit for me. In exchange for that I offered her a drink as well and she was very happy that I did that. So at this point I had two girls all over me and thanks to being able to bridge the language problems we had quite some "sanuk". I learned that my lady is 27, which I still don't believe because her body looked more like begin of 20ies (even when compared with the Thermae girl who was 25, my lady now looked and felt much younger!). Some time later her friend asked me if I want to take my lady out. I said yes, of course; long time! I was told that this costs THB 2000 and I said Ok (Shit, forgot haggling! Should have tried to bring the price down; sorry guys, but at this time I was thinking more with my balls, which is always a bad thing...). This got my lady quite some cheers and I learned that she was new at the bar and that I was her first customer... Well, not the best thing, I thought. Bar-fine was THB 400 and my darling changed into her normal clothes. Her friend stayed with me until she returned to keep me warm. My honey re-appeared soon in a tank-top and sexy-fitting blue jeans (remember Dr. Hook?: "Baby makes her blue jeans talk!"). We watched the show for a little more and then headed back to my quarters.~~

    BTW: The bar-tap was THB 485 for 3 Cola's and 4 lady-drinks. Given the good shows I consider that an absolute bargain. I spent more than 3 hours in the bar. After 1:00 the masses began to clear off, but still enough cute girls were available at that time.

    Sex was nothing to write home about. I did not mind as I was still quite exhausted from the two nights before where I had someone who made me feel like a very old man ... A real plus was her skin though: it was definitely the softest skin I ever touched! Perfect to caress, lie on, kiss, touch ... She left at around 9:00 in the morning.

    Some tips: Use the waitresses! If you see a girl dancing that you like, ask the waitress to bring her in contact with you. It is very difficult just to wait for the girl to come by later, and due to the different dresses they wear, sometimes it is difficult to find back the girl you saw on the stage. Some of them wear a number on the stage, so it is easier to tell the waitress who you are talking about. Using the aid of the waitresses will also give you the chance to find out beforehand which girls speak English -- I should have done that because I think that I would have had much more fun with someone I can talk to a bit. YMMV. I also recommend to go there before 23:00. Drinks are affordable, so no problem with spending more time at Long Gun.

    I will definitely return to Long Gun on my next visit!

    SATURDAY 1999-11-13 I am sad; very sad. Because I have to leave today! But there is still time for some fun until the taxi to the airport picks me up. I had this already planned from the beginning on, to treat me to a nice massage at Annies. Annies is located in the back of the Ra-Jah Hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 4, which is less than 5 minutes walk from Nana Entertainment Plaza. You can also reach it from the small Soi 2 (where actually the signs are much better visible than from Soi 4). You go upstairs and enter the hall / bar. To the right you have the "fishbowl" where the girls sit. I entered Annies at 17:45. I was offered a drink, which I refused (fool me, normally you sip a drink while you select a lady as I learned later). I asked for a massage and a girl that speaks English. Mamasan called a name, collected THB 1000 for the massage and my masseuse came out and lead me to one of the rooms. The rooms are equipped with a bathtub, a large, tiled area before the bathtub where the air-mattress is used on, a bed and two chairs. Although the place has seen already some years it is kinda cozy. My girl excused herself for a moment and returned after a short time with her equipment. She filled the bathtub and I laid in. She soon joined me and washed all of my body, with a lot of body-to-body rubbing. After me very clean (and I mean *very* clean, there was no part untouched), she prepared the air-mattress and some soap water. I laid on my stomach on the mattress and she massaged me with all of her body. Man, that felt absolutely great! After that a condom came on, followed by a blow job and some hot sex -- which was maybe not the best possible with her as she had already a couple of beers and was slightly "high". Nevertheless, her performance was better-than-average and I had a lot of fun with her. After having finished the deal she showered me to remove the soap (and other juices ...). We sat down relaxed and chatted about this and that.

    After dressing and cleaning up I tipped her THB 1000 and we proceeded to the bar area, were a French expat was having fun with two girls and was already quite drunk. There I met also the manager Ae and I told them about their Internet appearance. I had the documents I found on the net downloaded to my Palm Pilot and I read them. The ladies enjoyed a lot their positive review. I bought the girls and myself a couple of drinks and we had a nice chat altogether until I left at about 20:45. I received some "bumper stickers" to remind me of them -- how could I forget this wonderful treatment!

    \image{Annies Bumper Sticker} Relaxing at the bar at Annies is a great thing and affordable. I spent THB 750 on about 10 drinks (beer, soft drinks and harder ones).

    Most of the girls at Annies appear to be between 25 and 35, so if you look for real young ones look somewhere else. However, the ladies are "ladies", most of them wear long robes and a nice make-up. At least one visit at Annies is in my opinion a must for every Bangkok visitor searching for pleasure!

    LOCATIONS: Nana Entertainment Plaza is located on Th. Sukhumvit, Soi 4 (a Soi is a small side street going away from a large street, in this case Th. Sukhumvit).

    The Thermae is located on Th Sukhumvit between Soi 13 and Soi 15 (a little closer on Soi 15), in the basement of the Ruamchitt Plaza & Hotel. There is a web-site about the Thermae at The Thermae is walking distance of 10 minutes from Nana Entertainment Plaza.

    Soi Cowboy is a street running parallel of Th Sukhumvit between Soi 21 (Asoke) and Soi 23. It is about 7 minutes of walk from Thermae and 17 minutes from Nana Entertainment Plaza.

    PREPARATION: I strongly recommend to get you the Lonely Planet travel guide for Bangkok. It is very up-to-date and beside a lot of useful sight-seeing information you will find a lot of tips and information about Thai's, do's and don'ts, etc. Study it and it will help you a lot in having a good time.

    For research on bars, etc. I recommend the following web-sites:~~
    Sex In Bangkok As Told By The STICKMAN,
    Excellent reviews of Bars, Massage Parlours and Hotels, ~~
    Thai discussion board,
    Bangkok Thermae Coffee House home page, ~~
    Web site for the Internet mailing list (a lot of photos), ~~

    TIPS: Be friendly, nicely dressed and smile a lot. Take a lot of showers, girls dislike "smelly Farangs". Make fun with the girls, you will be amazed how much attention that gets you! Bring little gifts; Supermarkets are widely available and prices are negligible. In the bars make use of the waitresses to get information on dancers (of course, tip them well in exchange). Try to find a girl that speaks decent English as in my opinion you will have more fun, especially when you take her out long-time. Always haggle in the bars for prices; but of course with style.

    WARNING: BEWARE OF THE TOUTS. During the sight-seeing I did around the royal palast I had two encounters with "friendly Thai offering services". The first one asked me where I was going. I said to the temple . He told me (in excellent English) that the temple is closed today because of some Buddhist holiday and that he will bring me to another temple. I refused and could shake him off after a while. When I arrived at the temple I said it was open, no sign of Buddhist holiday.

    After the temple visit I went on to the next attraction and was again asked by a well dressed, friendly man how I am and what I am doing. He told me that I had a great luck because today I could visit a special temple (Temple of the smiling Buddha or similar) that was only open today, "really, believe me!". I said that I had no time because friends are waiting for me - was not true, but helped getting rid of him.

    Also most of the English speaking taxi drivers offered me some kind of services. My advice is to avoid them at all cost, as they will get some tip from the place they bring you and this tip comes definitely out of your pocket. Study the information on the web and you will find yourself what you want, saving money that you can better spend on the chicks.

    WHY NO NAMES? You might wonder why my report does not contain names of the girls. When I was at Annies, sitting at the bar, two guys came in independently, asking for a particular girl that was mentioned on the web for her good services. The funny thing was that the attributes she was described on the web-site were not true in my opinion (she sat with me at the bar for quite some time). I then realized that the personal perception makes a lot of difference and decided to scrap the names out of my report. In my opinion, it is better to find someone you like instead of going with a girl that someone else liked but later you find out that she's not your type.

    Ok, that's it folks. It was my first visit to Bangkok but definitely not my last one. Actually I am already checking my budget to find out when I will be able to return as soon as possible ...

    Thanks for all you guys who have published already information on the web or are maintaining a web-site, discussion board or similar. Without your excellent work my trip would not have been half the fun. I hope I can pay-back with my small contribution. LoHaSmoDi~~
    (Review # 1426)
  • Bangkok Travel Report- Part I Dated Added: Sun Jan 30 2000 Submitted by: LoHaSmoDi

    LoHaSmoDi's FIRST VISIT IN BANGKOK - Part I I had a short holiday and was able to spend four nights in Bangkok, which was my first visit there ever. I had prepared myself with reading a lot of information I found on the net. The plan was this: first night in Nana Entertainment Plaza, 2nd night in Soi Cowboy, 3rd night visit of Thermae, and the last evening at Annies massage.

    WEDNESDAY 1999-11-10 First night, started executing my plan. So I entered Nana Entertainment Plaza a couple of minutes before 22:00. I quickly browsed to the base floor and decided (based on what I read on the web) to hit G-Spot on the 1st floor (back-right when you enter Nana). On the way to G-Spot I was grabbed by a welcome-girl from the Hollywood bar, who literally wanted to drag me inside. I had really a hard time to convince her that I am not interested. Finally I "broke free" (really, it was like that ...) and could go on. I entered G-Spot. It has four stages, where on the left one the girls dance totally nude and on the other stages they danced top-less. There is an additional stage for the shower show in the left corner. I grabbed a seat and was immediately approached by a waitress to collect my order. I sipped a Coke and watched the girls for a while. Most of them were pretty young and petite. Unfortunately I was approached soon by a lady on my table. She was totally not my type and was very pushy. I let her know that I am not interested in her very much but she kept being pushy. So I decided to offer her a drink if she get me in contact with one of the dancers I had put my eye on in the meantime. Bad move. This made her even pushier. She asked me if I like a session with 2 girls, because the one that caught my eye was having a lot of fun with another girl while dancing. I said that I am interested. She then pushed that she would join too and would suck me while the other girls do a lesbian show. I told her that I am not interested in that and that two girls are definitely enough for me, her not including. She tried to make me pay for a taxi home nearby and asked for THB 200. I told her that she must be joking because first of all with TBH 100 you can ride in Bangkok across the whole city and second: what for? She dropped her demand immediately to THB 100 (again, what for? I was not interested in her!). Luckily the two girls were finished switching clothes so I paid for the drinks, the bar fine (THB 1000 for both) and we headed off to my room. As usual I showered, then the girls showered. We hopped into the bed for some fun. Unfortunately they were more interested in television than in me (Bruce Willis; gee, I don't understand why they preferred him over me :-)) and they also did not do a lesbian act. Sex was also not very good and their blow-jobs were not good at all. Maybe they were too young (both were 19)?. Overall, a very disappointing session. I released them after about 2 hours and paid in total THB 3000 to them, as was agreed in the bar.

    Ok, so the first Bangkok experience was rather disappointing. If you get 2 girls make sure that YOU get the attention and not the TV. Also make sure that both of them speak English (one did not, the other quite well) because otherwise they will chat constantly in Thai and you are out again.

    Anyway, I was still quite unsatisfied. So I showered and hit the scene again. I decided not to do the same mistake twice, so I headed towards the Thermae. I reached it at about 0:20. Already a lot of girls (and John's) were present, but two hours later it was even fuller. I browsed around and got quite some attention because of my very long hair. I got me a Cola, sat down and checked out the scene. What I liked a lot is that you have to make the first move and though the girls make eye-contact, they did never come over. This gave me time to decide what I wanted. The quality of the women was not bad. Ok, most of them were no stunners, but in my opinion almost all were "acceptable". While sitting near the way to the toilet I saw one girl (entering and leaving the toilet) I liked a lot. She had very long and curly black hair, quite some tits and a sexy figure pressed in jeans. Though she noticed me smiling at her, she did not give me an inviting signal back while returning to her seat on the bar.

    Some time later I made another round and when I reached the area where she sat, one girl from another group of chicks made a comment about my long hair. I approached them and starting joking with them, which was easy because the girl making the initial comment spoke good English (the others not) and was very funny. Good move! I read already a story that it is very important to make fun because girls like fun guys. Worked for me this time! The girl who caught my eye saw that the girls laughed a lot in my company and approached the group to participate. A couple of questions towards her, comments about her nice hair, a touch here and there, and the deal was settled! I learned that she was 25 and from Isaan. She soon hogged me, a few moments later she stood with her back against me while a was sitting on a bar-stool, one hand behind her back massaging my best part. She asked me if I want "pom-pom". Of course, I did! I bought her a drink (and a drink for the other ladies I had fun with too; after all drinks are very cheap: Cola THB 40, Juice the same - but I can't recommend it, it tastes lousy) and we changed from the bar to one of the booths, were we frenched a lot and she invited me to explore her body with my hands. At about 2:00 we headed towards my place for "long time". Note that we did not discuss any financial matters. In the hotel room she showered, I showered. She kept her towel on very long. When it finally came off I knew why: she obviously had already a baby and therefore some stretch marks, but they were not too bad. She was much more relaxed when I told her that it does not matter to me. On a 1-10 scale I would rate her looks a 6. BTW: the light in Thermae is quite low so it is difficult to check out the beauty in advance. Be careful if you are a wary type. Sex with her was terrific. She was extremely passionate and liked to receive as much as to give for example head. Overall a very pleasant and relaxing experience, very girl-friend-sex and much kissing. She was also moaning quite loud which was turning me on. We had an extensive session (as it was already my 3rd time this evening, I restrained coming soon) and we had a lot of fun. We then slept (more or less ...) until about 8:30. She showered and we ordered breakfast from room service. While waiting for the service we already were engaged in quite some action again but stopped for the food. After breakfast we had another lengthy session which was as great as the last one. Her only disadvantage was that she spoke very little English, which was a pity. Finally she left at about 11:00. Just before she left I gave her THB 1000, which she accepted gratefully. What a bargain!

    THURSDAY 1999-11-11 After the mixed encounter of last night I wanted a hassle-free day. I slept until 23:30 and then prepared to get ready for Bunny-hunting. I entered Thermae at about 00:20 and immediately found my girl from last night back. She was quite happy to see me again, as was I because I knew what I can expect. We grabbed some drink and sat down on the bar. As I had already a chick in my arms, I had plenty of time to watch the action around me this time. Though at this evening more people - especially Farangs - were present, still the girls outnumbered the Johns by far. There were quite a large number of very attractive honeys available. Together with my date there was a friend of hers and I asked my date to bring her over too. This other girl spoke reasonable English and I used her to translate a bit for me so that I could have at least some conversation with my darling -- I bought her friend a drink in exchange. My girl's friend was 23, quite pretty and had a very slim, typical Asian body with small breasts. Unfortunately she left us soon to go Farang-hunting in other areas of the coffee shop. Although I saw her talking to two of them, she stayed alone until we left. I recognized that the girls definitely do not approach a Farang, even if they find him interesting. So remember: its your move! I also saw a lot of girls refusing offers from some guys, especially the drunk ones (I can understand that. Who wants to go with a drunken bastard?). So dress nicely, don't get drunk, smile and be friendly. This will assure you a very good time!

    Other sites on the Net mentioned that it is always a good idea to bring a little gift. Last night one of the girls had dried bananas, which tasted very good. So when I was in one of the 7-Eleven over the day I grabbed a package of orange peel and took along to my visit in Thermae. That got me a lot of attention from my babe and several other girls, and the package was quickly emptied. So yes, it seems to be a good idea to bring some little gift.~~

    So I brought back the same lady to my pleasure-chamber and we had another round of great sex. I must say that up-to now with her I had the best ever sex that I paid for, and even taking the "girlfriend" department into account, sex with her scores very high. She was very acrobatic and took a lot of initiative. She also was very demanding, loved to touch and be touched, kiss and was very active.~~

    We slept for a couple of hours and had another steamy session of fun in the morning. After a lot of snuggling she left at around 11:00. I told her that I leave tomorrow and can not see her again (which was not true, but I wanted to check out Soi Cowboy tonight!). She was very sad but nevertheless the goodbye was without hassle. I gave her THB 1500 this time, 1000 for her services and another 500 for clothes/cosmetics. She was extremely pleased with that, THB 500 seemed to be a lot of money to her.~~

    ... to be continued in Part II~~
    (Review # 1425)
  • Bangkok Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Jan 09 2000 Submitted by: Tuayai

    I just got back home after staying in Thailand for 5 days and wanted to warn anybody going to Bangkok about using the Escort Companies in the Bangkok Yellow pages.

    First night, I rang an escort from the Yellow pages, it was 1am and they quoted me Bht2000. So I booked the girl, she arrived half an hour later, young 18yrs, pretty and couldn't speak any English. I thought OK as long as she did her job well who cares. She had a quick shower so did I, but not together. I lay face down on the mattress waiting for my Thai massage as promised on the phone, I got a quick back rub and then she patted my ass and told me to roll over. That was the end of the massage 2mins. So much for the famous Thai massage. Then she went to work, I got it up but felt forced, I eventually cum. She took off the condom and hopped in the shower and was on her way. She spent about half an hour with me. OK shit happens. Went and had a shower thinking about the plain service jumped out walked over to my bed and there was the used condom on the floor next to the bedside table.

    Second night, I rang another number in the Yellow pages called Super Stars, the girl in the ad looked pretty hot so yeah I was sold and hired a girl. The man on the phone first quoted bht3000 and I said last night bht2000 etc. I eventually got bht2500 asked him about the massage this time he said the massage is the best in Thailand. I emphasized that I wanted the massage he said yes yes yes everything would be fantastic. The girl arrived she was very pretty and from the Issan area. Couldn't speak English at all. She had a shower for 20MINS then spent another 10mins in there. After she came out I had a quick shower. I come out of the bathroom and she was tucked under the sheets watching MTV. I got under the sheets she wouldn't show her body at all always covered by a towel. She wrote her name and number on a pad and I worked out that she was trying to see me again privately with out mamasan knowing (the service hadn't even started?).

    I asked her for a massage in Thai, she stood up with the towel around her and started to walk on my back. She walked on it for about 5 minutes and then she said in Thai that her legs were sore and she sat down on the end of the bed watching MTV. I was getting the shits now as I think she does outcalls to have a holiday in a five star hotel. I lay face down asking for my massage every minute or so, I gave her ten minutes to start massaging and she didn't budge. So I got up and asked her to leave and by the look on her face I don't think she knew what she was doing wrong she got dressed and was on her way. Still watching MTV as she walked out the door.

    Straight away I rang the agency back and told them what happened and the lady on the phone said she would get the man to ring me back. Well he didn't ring back. So I rang her again she said he would ring back so I went back to the ad in the Yellow pages and rang the mobile number associated with the agency and walla, he answered.

    I told him that the girl wasn't interested in give a service and what went on and I demanded my money back (no sex or viewing of the body happened so I thought I was entitled to it), as the girl did not do what he said she would do. He said call back tomorrow and he will send another girl. I said "no I want a girl now or my money back". He said could I help him out with the taxi money of bht1000 for the new girl and I said now way you made me a promise about the massage and the girl and it didn't happen, you need to train your staff how to do their job!!! He said he would send somebody else and I said do me a favor and send me a girl who knows how to do her job.

    He sent a fat Thai girl who also was very young and couldn't speak English and this time a man came up with her to the room and asked for taxi money so to get ride of him I gave him bht100. The girl quickly showered and started massaging and again watching MTV I thought you can do what you want as long as you are massaging. She massaged for 10minutes then tapped my ass so I rolled over she straight away reached for the TV remote (I though she was turning it off). She started playing with my dick with her left hand and channel surfing with her right I lay there trying to get it up I couldn't, by this time I was just pissed off. I told her to stop grabbed the remote turned the TV off and asked her to leave. She asked me for taxi money and I said no.

    I think these escort girls are from another province and somehow forced by the owners to work (maybe). Rang him back told him what I thought he said I could see another girl tomorrow night I said nope see ya.

    Next night went to Nana and the girls were a dream, totally interested in the customers and did there job really well.

    The best girl I got was walking along Sukhumvit at 1am with all the other girls who have finished from either Soi Cowboy or Nana she gave an inviting smile and the deal was done for bht1500. These girls are everywhere eating the vendor's sidewalk food and relaxing. Best of Luck
    (Review # 1286)
  • Bangkok Massage Parlor Dated Added: Thu Jan 06 2000 Submitted by: Tony

    November 99 - Bangkok: Visited the famous Darling Massage parlour again. This time it was a big disappointment !

    Entered the massage parlour which is down at Sukhumvit Soi 12 and was greeted by one of the gentlemen in a dark suit. Do not go with the recommendation that the fat guy is giving you! I have used his recommended girls two times and been less satisfied - this time it was real bad. With the other one of the two guys in dark suit I have had more luck - his recommendations have been good (although the best choices I've done myself!).

    Told the fat guy that I wanted two girls and he pointed me to two girls in the front row "-Work very well together" he said. Well, they obviously knew each other very well as they spent most of my time talking Thai to each other, paying less than enough attention to me. In summary - a rushed encounter, did not last more than 60 min (at Darling you pay for 90 min).

    If you go to Darlings - do not listen to the advice of the fat guy !

    The next night I went to Nana Plaza and invited 'Kung' to my hotel. She must have been very new to this (said she worked on Bangkok for 3 weeks) and it was like having a (young) new girlfriend at your side. Kung read comics and had a great time in the hotel room watching Back Street boys in the TV. 500 Bath in bar-fine and I gave Kung 3000 bath in the morning (this is more than enough - she would have been happy for 2000 bath, I just felt like giving her more than she expected). Sex wasn't fantastic, but she felt very fresh and 'un-used'. Another great stopover in Bangkok (if I forget about Daring this time) !
    (Review # 1256)
  • Bangkok Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Dec 20 1999 Submitted by: Escrew

    OK guys, Just returned from Bangkok. Been to a few tailor-shops to get hand-made suites for me and my Thai girl-friend (US$30 - $80 for each). Then she showed me Patpong and Nana Plaza.

    The bartenders and ladies in Nana all speak good English. Just sit in the bar talking to them for hours is fun. Bar-fine is 300-400b and short-time room can be have at the attic of the bar for 200-300b. Your and lady drinks 60b up. Short-time cost 1000-1500 and slightly more long-time. Nana hotel charge 700-900b for their excellent rooms with king-size beds and if all you need is go get laid you can take the lady to one of the half-dozen small hotels in the same street (Soi 4) for air-conditioned rooms costing no more than 400b price negotiable. I had one night in Bangkok only after my girlfriend left so picked Nuch from Nana. She is 173cm tall, slender model-like body, speak slow but convincingly good English, from Nakhon Phanom near Thai-Laos border. Unlike southern Thailand lady, Nuch's skin is so fair that other Thai people would have said that she is a "Mongolian". As soon as getting into the room, her hand-phone rang and she spoke slowly to her "big sister" whom asked all the possible details about her where-about, my job, how long she will be spending with me etc. They seems to enjoy talking to each other so much and have completely forgotten that I am around. Her "big sister" even talked to me on mobile phone for about 5 minutes and she told me that she cares about how her "little sister" and how I feel. A very nice sister indeed I promised her I will bring her a gift of surprise next time.

    Then Nuch switched off her phone, told me she "no have condom". I told her that's not a problem for me so we went down to business. She got good stamina which is well riveled. In the next 3 hours I came 4 times her twice every time it is wonderful beyond description what a night. Then we took a taxi to Mahbooncleon department store to buy films and batteries for my camera and saw a Thai movie. She told me all the street-signs and negotiate prices for me with street mongers. What an absolutely value-adding lady.

    Went back for 2 more enthusiastic bouts and its 1 hour before plane take-off time so off we went to Don-Muang (Bangkok Airport) holding hands in the taxi. I cannot believe that once we get to the free-way toll-gate she paid for it since I have problem with recognizing Thai bahts. Spent 20 minutes in the airport shooting photos until we get to the departure gate. She did not mentioned money until now I grabbed 2000b and she handed me back 500b and gave me a big hug.

    Ever want a girl-friend who looks after your pocket? Nuch is a surprise.You'd better go to Nana and ask her.
    (Review # 1080)
  • Bangkok Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Dec 22 1999 Submitted by: Ed69

    I would like to include some info in addition to skin review. ~~
    Taurus is in Soi Sukhumvit 26 (Take skytrain to Prompong Station) Its station is right in front Soi Sukhumvit 24 then pursue by either motorbike taxi or took took to Taurus.

    Also if you prefer high class massage parlor. There are a dozen of them along Petchburi and Ratchadapisek road. Price is ranging around 2,500 Baht to 5,000 Baht for two hours. Recommended places are:~~
    Emmanuelle : Ratchadapisek Road near Nikko Hotel.~~
    Honolulu : Rama IX rd. Near Raddison hotel~~
    Juliana: Rama IX Rd. ~~
    Plaza (most famous Massage Parlor place) - 18 stories building: Makkasan Road (close to New Petchburi Road) ~~
    Note: Please also dress up before entering these places. You may be not be welcomed if you dress in short and wearing T-Shirt.~~
    (Review # 1032)
  • Bangkok Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Dec 08 1999 Submitted by: Skin

    I just came back from a 10 day trip to Bangkok (Nov. 18 99) and let me tell you it was a sexual paradise! The Tai ladies are very sexual, sincere, giving, and honest. There main purpose is to please YOU, rather than just making money. Professional ladies can be found almost anywhere ranging from massage parlors, to Discos/bars/restaurants. Don't be fooled in thinking that these ladies are legitimate and not for sex, for the right price most of these ladies are more than willing! Out of all the places I visited in Bangkok, the following come most highly recommended: ( Please bear in mind that this selection of places only has clean, attractive, and safe girls! Forget about Patpong and Soi Cowboy).

    A) Disco/Bars- escort girls commonly frequent these places for customers~~
    1) Nana Disco- in Nana Hotel~~
    2) Spasso's- in Grand Hyatt Hotel~~
    3) CM3- in Novotel Siam Hotel~~
    4) Taurus- forgot location~~
    5) Hard Rock Cafe- next to Novotel Siam Hotel ~~
    The prices range from 1,000-1,500 Baht for short time (1.5 hours) to 1,500-2,000 Baht for all night.~~
    (Review # 972)
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