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  • Bangok Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Aug 27 2008 Submitted by: Farang03

    Bangkok is an amazing place to meet beautiful women with amazing food and shopping. I have been to Thailand over 5 times and am in my late twenties. Avoid Patpong as its full of scams. Nana has too many lady boys. Stick to Soi Cowboy. Cowboy has become more expensive over the years but is still best value for money. The atmosphere is also very chill. Best gogos are doll house, shark. ST is 2000, LT 3000-4000 depending on the girl as of July 2008.


    One night, barfined a petite 5,1 girl with beautiful face and hair from shark. Girls prefered the Japanese guys, but she is a university student and seemed more open minded. Took her to Cm2, she liked the upscaleness of the place. Had some amazing times dancing with her.


    After CM2 closed, we headed over to Spicy. We ordered bottle service at each place as it worked out cheaper than ordering continuos drinks. By the end of the night we were both pretty drunk. Took her back to the room and had the most amazing sex. She started by blowing me, then rode me like crazy til i came. She then took a shower, curled up against me, and wolk up for classes the next day. No morning love unfortunately.


    My thai buddy rescured the morning by taking me to a massage parlour called 'Amsterdam'. He knew the manager, so hooked me up with this beautifil girl from chang mai. She apparantly travels to Japan to meet clients...I thought the service would suck because she was hot, but it ended up being amazing. She blew and rode me twice cow girl style... we chatted for a bit then I was out after 2 hrs... I have been to soapy massages before and got crap service. My thai friend made all the difference to quality of girl and service.


    Stayed at Majestic, good hotel, at good prices. Owner wants to build some new similar hotels as majestic is always full but says construction costs are now way too high. Only problem is thai girls don;t speak english which makes the cultural barriers tough. However for a good time it is a great place to visit. Long term, better perhaps going for a filipina who speaks english.

    (Review # 24593)
  • Bangkok Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Aug 17 2008 Submitted by: Stevo

    My first visit to Bangkok and not knowing the ground rules, I found an attractive excort on for short time. The girl that showed up was not the escort I asked for. I found out from the girl that showed up that the girl I asked for quit almost two years ago! She called her lady boss named Pat who tried to offer me a discount but I refused.


    The girl that showed was about a 5. I went downstairs to the hotel bar at the Conrad (where I was staying) and found some divine freelancers and for 5000 baht I had an all nighter and banged her three times. She was a 9!! She left after breakfast and what a delight compared to american whores!!!!!!!!


    The go go bars at Nana Plaza turned out to be so so and I spent the remainder of my time in Bangkok finding nice talent at the nicer hotel bars. The conrad, Plaza Athenee and even at the Grace Hotel on Sukhumvit soi 3. 

    (Review # 24515)
  • Bangkok Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Aug 07 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    Some people are interested in Russian girls in Thailand, just like having a different dish after eating too much spicy Thai curry. The news for you is that it is not difficult to find them.


    I've seen a number of Russian girls walk along Sukhumvit. Sometimes they sit in the cafe at the beginning of Soi 11 (I can't remember exactly the Soi, but anyway, that is the Soi that leads you to the Embasssy Hotel). The easiest place to find them, however, is in Grace Hotel. The majority of guests staying in this hotel ara Arab. But don't be intimindated. I sat there for a few hours during at night and saw most of these guys just talk and talk. It is a big hotel, safe, but cheap, so the Arab stay here are not oil-tycoons or whatever rich people that you might imagine.


    There is a disco in the basement, which is closed around 2:00am. And when the disco closes, the girl move to the lobby, into the cafe and the smoking room. Approach them. Some don't speak English but of course you can tell them what you want in a few simple words. Short time is for 2,000 baht (USD65). Tons of Thai girls are of course also available in this hotel as well as outside. If you see Elena (blond) walking on Sukhumvit, usually with two girl friends, go with her. She is nice.  

    (Review # 24444)
  • Bangkok Massage Parlor Dated Added: Wed May 14 2008 Submitted by: Darshan

    Hi ! Went to a Massage Parlour in Bangkok. The intention was to have a massage only and nothing else. The girl was good looking and 23 years old. She quickly disrobed herself and asked me to do the same. She ordered me into the soapy bathtub and started massaging me. She ran her hands on my balls and started sliding her hands on my penis. When she saw my erect penis , she gasped and said 'I'll die tonight'. Since my penis is about 10 inches long , she was amazed at the size ! I told her that I did not want sex and was happy with a massage. After some time , she ordered me out of the tub and onto a air-filled mat. She slid over me up and down for about 10 minutes and then scrubbed me dry. By then I had lost my erection. She asked me to lie on my back on a circular bed in the room.

    I told her I was through and did not want any sex. She smiled and said she would only be massaging me once again. I lay on the bed on my back looking at the ceiling while she was massaging my calves and thighs. I felt her stroking my penis and feeling my glans. I closed my eyes and was enjoying the sensation. My penis was erect again and rock hard ! Suddenly I felt a kind of pinching feeling around my glans and got up. I saw her slipping a condom on my penis. I protested that I did not want sex ! She told me not to worry and I lay down again looking at the ceiling. She had begun stroking the penis again and she asked me to close my eyes. I did so. After a minute I felt something clasping my penis and opened my eyes. She was bent over me and giving me a blow-job. Since it was too late to stop, I allowed her to go ahead and enjoyed it.

    I closed my eyes. She stopped after some time and climbed on top of me and sat on my chest and started kissing me. Suddenly she lifted herself and positioned herself on top of my penis. Before I could realize , my penis had completely penetrated her pussy. She rode me like a mad woman. After 10 minutes , I stopped her and made her kneel on the bed. I positioned my penis at the tip of her ass-hole. She protested saying she does not do anal sex. I told her that till now,she was having her way, now it is my turn. After promising her a 500 baht tip, I pushed my erect 10 inch dick deep into her ass-hole. The tightness of her ass made my penis even harder. I gradually made her lie down and mounted her with my penis still in her ass-hole. I fucked her ass for about 15 minutes before I came in her ass.

    After washing up I left after a 500 baht tip. The entire session of BJ,screw and anal had cost 2000 bahts.
    (Review # 23689)
  • Bangkok Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Apr 20 2008 Submitted by: Brucester

    After about 3 years of reading these fantastic reviews and tips, I finally have a chance to contribute. I just returned from Bangkok -- my 3rd time. I landed in BKK right in the middle of Songkran (Thai New Year).

    I had a hotel near Nana Plaza and walked to Soi Cowboy. When I got to Soi Cowboy, the entire street was in the midst of a giant water fight. Half way into my drenching walk, a girl grabbed me, stuffed a small plastic bucket into my hands, grabbed my groin at the same time, and led me where to fill up with water and whom to douse. After about 3 hours of water fun, she asked me if I wanted to take her out. When I dried my glasses and looked at her, I would say she is maybe a 4-5. But I liked her attitude and demeanor. Given that the money in my pockets was soaked, I told her I would return later that night. She gave me a look of "yeah, right", but still smiled.

    After getting back to the hotel, drying off, ate dinner, and getting a ziplock bag for my remaining dry cash, I headed back out at 10p. I took me a few tries to find the bar which she was at. She was dancing when I walked in and she leap from the metal pole and into my arms with a shower of kisses. After some beers, I paid B$600 barfine (higher cuz of Songkran) and B$1500 for long-time. At first I was hesitant for a long-time given her initial looks, but I am glad I did.

    She refused a free ride on the tuk-tuk / BRT and insisted that we walk. Before returning to the hotel, she bought me one of the noodle soups, with the sly grin of "you need energy!". After getting her clothes off, she has a nice tight body with decent breasts. She told me she was 25, and from the scar on her belly, had a C-section previously. Over the next 3 days, I used up my entire 12-pack of Trojans on her. She even showed me where best to rub her clit to get her off. She also woke me up a few times to have sex on our other long-time sessions.

    I agree with some of the reviewers that the prettiest sometimes have lousy attitudes. My earlier trips, I tried to pick the really pretty ones, with mixed experience and satisfaction. I think I will go with the 4-7 ladies the next few times.
    (Review # 23233)
  • Bangkok Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Mar 09 2008 Submitted by: Friend

    Hi. I just came back from a trip to Bangkok. I thought I must update this site, from where I have always taken so much valuable information.

    I went to to the Novotel Siam Square Hotel around midnight, on a Saturday night. The place was buzzing with a lot of Russians and of course Thai girls as well. There were a couple of really pretty east Europeans as well.

    I would say they were all in the range of 5-7. I would rate a couple to be 8-9 also, but they were taken as soon as they walked in.

    The place has a THB650 cover charge which gives you 2 free drinks. I would say very nice to control the unwanted crowd.

    I looked around for a while and had my 2 drinks. I was eying a very cute east European. Later I found she was from Kazakhstan. Very pretty, nice skin, and a firm bust. I started some small talk with her and finally she said she would charge 6000 Baht (approx $190) for the whole night.

    I kept quiet, and she was willing to bargain. But I was really looking for a good time, so I think I overplayed, but told her very clearly that I am making her happy by paying her what she wants, and she should return the favour.

    We walked out of the place, took a cab and I took her to my hotel room. She turned out to be a real cute chick. She was very polite, clean, and friendly. English was good, so we could talk.

    She was not in a rush.

    She had a shower with me, then gave me a nice massage, then a BJ followed by some real good sex, where she actually came twice. I was truly surprised. We had it again after a while, and then went off to sleep. Got up at 7am, had another round, and kissed her good bye.

    I feel, it was worth my money, but for those who are looking for a bargain, I am sure she would have agreed at 5000 baht if I had bargained then. But I personally do not like to bargain, as I feel that reduces the level of service quiet a lot. I look forward to my next trip.

    (Review # 22519)
  • Other Dated Added: Tue Dec 04 2007 Submitted by: Samy

    I was just in Bangkok for about a week and I have to say that all my experiences were extremely positive. People are extremely nice, friendly and honest and all these reports about people trying to rob you, or the wearing of expensive watches....etc. is way overblown. Rarely does one see a police car, except around Embassies, and I haven't witnessed any suspicious characters anywhere including up to 5am in any of the red light district. Ladyboys are fun and are not threatening at all.

    One can joke with them without any commitments. Some of them are extremely pretty and are almost impossible to detect. For some strange reasons, Thai cab drivers, bellmen and restaurant owners seem very interested in convincing you to try the local pussy as if they are proud of their compatriots in that domain. Even if you try to use thee trick of" I have a wife" they still try to get you to partake in the fun. In Nana Plaza anything can be had for a very reasonable price, between 1500-2000 baht.

    All the girls and ladyboys there are Thai. If you feel like having Arab girls or Russians and Ukrainians then the Grace Hotel will be the place to go even during daytime. Be warned, though, these girls do not accept less than 5000 bahts for long term fun. The discothec in that hotel is very nice and full of foreign girls. Street action is abundant in the Nana area and the girls are nice and very honest. Tall blonde women in the street are mostly from Ukraine, very educated and very horny. Most unusually pretty, tall Thai girls are in reality ladyboys. Ask them if they are, just to make sure.

    (Review # 22054)
  • Bangkok Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Sep 24 2007 Submitted by: Oscar

    Review of Eden club, a week ago, arriving around 7pm on a weekday. It's down a street with several other bars with girls trying to get you to go in -I wouldn't have looked twice at Eden if I hadn't read about it on the internet. Inside it's pretty poky, a few girls hanging around, no other customers to be seen. I sat at the bar and was told the deal by the host (Marc?), I ordered a coke and sat for a few minutes before asking them to call the girls to the line-up. So I had the choice of about 5 girls on the left (3-hole) side or about 10 on the 2-hole side.

    No real pressure, but by this stage it'd be difficult to back out -not much of the build-up you get in a go-go bar. Girls ranged from 4-6 on my scale. Anyway I chose the sexiest 'anal' girl (1), slim with medium breasts and asked her to choose another, she chose a bigger one(2) from the non-anal side who was a bit heavy for me but a pretty face. I followed them upstairs to a double room, enough space and cleanest. We all undressed and into the shower with 1, she cleaned herself and then me, then dried me while 2 washed. 2 had a small strip of pubic hair, 1 had none at all. Onto the bed and 1 asked me what I wanted to do, I asked her to suck me, real deep throat for my first time, 2 then gave me a rim job at the same time. Then I fucked 2 for a few minutes in her pussy before finishing in her mouth. Neither of them actually swallowed, though I didn't ask them to.

    More washing then a massage by both, then a little lesbian show with 2 fucking 1 with a strap on while 1 sucked me hard again. Then 2 did me in the ass with a butt plug and then the strap-on, while 1 continued to suck me off -another first for me and good fun. Then I told 1 I wanted to fuck her. 'In my anal?' she asked and I wasn't going to say no! On with another condom and into 1's ass with some lube, nice and tight but easy, doggy style. Anal fucking for a while with 2 holding me from behind. Now I was ready to come, so off with the condom, lay down and they both worked at me with hands and mouths until I filled 1's mouth with my second load.

    Then more washing, chatting and as I'd had an hour and a quarter out of my 90 mins I wasn't going to have time for a third round so went downstairs and paid my 3260 including the drink. I didn't tip the girls, at that price it's not necessary, and they were friendly as I waved goodbye. Good fun, my first threesome, anal fun in both directions and I filled both their mouths so reasonable value. You have to try it once. Personally one pretty girl who'll do anal is fine for me so I'd probably not rush back, but a great experience.

    (Review # 20873)
  • Bangkok Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Sep 17 2007 Submitted by: Muffhunter

    Just got back from my third business trip to Thailand this year and things have definitely changed in Bangkok. First visit was to Patpong which was completely dead. It has been this way for a while now with mainly couples and families touring the night market so I wasn't expecting too much. Many of the bars had a large number of ladyboys in them so unless you like that kind of thing look out. Had a couple of drinks and moved on to Nana Plaza. Things were a lot better there with a party atmosphere and although quieter than previous visits there were plenty of people milling about. Found a great looking girl in Big Dogs right in the entrance to the plaza and took her back to my hotel for 2000 baht (long time) + 600 baht bar fine. Wasn't the best but by no means the worst and seemed to enjoy herself.


    The next night I wondered down to Soi Cowboy. This has always been my favorite. Baccara always seems to have the best looking girls and as always it was full. It has been redesigned in the last couple of months but so have drink prices at 140 baht per beer - not cheap when you are looking at 45-55 baht for the same beer in a non-lady bar. I decided to check out a couple more bars for bit of a change of scenery, thinking that I could go back to my old favorite later - what a mistake. I went in to Spice Girls. It was ok, all the girls look very young but not particularly pretty with it. When I failed to tip the girl stormed off, despite the fact that she had done nothing more than carry my drink two meters from the bar to my seat. I left there and went to After Skool and that was where things really went downhill.


    After Skool is a pretty grotty place and the girls in there certainly haven't seen a school room in the last ten years. Thought I would stay for a drink anyway and immediately got about six girls around me. Not wanting to put myself down but that struck my as a sign that business was not great. I had a good laugh with them and ended up buying all of them a round of drinks (100 baht each) and another for myself. Two of the better looking ones positioned themselves either side of me and twenty minutes later I bought them and myself another drink.


    After this I ordered the bill and paid up. However at this point the mamasan came up to me and asked for a tip saying that I had had a good time. Yes, I had had a good time but I probably also spent more money in there than all the other (two) customers put together. At this point the mamasan grabbed me with both hands and started trying to pull me away from the door. I reached myself away and dived out of the door. She followed me now shouting for a tip and in the process took one of her sandals off and raised it in the air to hit me. A Japanese man having a drink outside the next bar jumped up with another man (who turned out to be the owner of the next bar) and grabbed me and pulled me into the other bar. The girl was left standing there and by this time an old European man turned up who was presumably the owner of After Skool. He seemed even more frightened by her than I was but eventually they both went back inside. I was furious but the Japanese man told me to leave it saying that he had seen exactly the same thing happened to about ten minutes before I walked in.


    Apparently the place was having financial problems due to lack of customers and things were getting pretty grim. I stayed and had a drink with him and the owner of the bar before moving on. Ok, so it's the rainy season and there are not as many visitors but speaking to the bargirls things have been quieter than usual for the last couple of months. The uncertain political situation may have culled numbers somewhat. The owners are under pressure as land prices and rents continue to increase in Bangkok but the good bars are doing well. Bangkok is still a great place to go and please do not be put off but do take care and exercise caution. I do not think After Skool will be there much longer which will be doing the whole of Soi Cowboy a big favor. 

    (Review # 20741)
  • Bangkok Street Action Dated Added: Wed Aug 15 2007 Submitted by: Asian Babe Hunter

    I was in Bangkok for a short trip recently. Having experienced the Massage Palour (MP) treatment some years ago, I was looking for something different this time. MPs are nice but also pricey. Sometimes choosing the wrong "fish" from the fish tank can destroy your entire night's experience. This time I decided to try to land a babe from the street. I went towards the famous Nana precinct and it was drizzling.

    Time was around 9+pm. I had an eye contact with a young Thai just outside Nana and she gave me a really sweet smile. I went into Nana to scout the place. As it was too early, the mood was not entirely "ago-go" like. After 10 mins of roaming around, I walk right out. On the way out, the Thai babe and my eyes met again. I walked on and after a 20m walk, I decided to turn back to talk to her. She smiled as I approach and I simply walked up to her and asked for her name. "Nook" she whispered into my ear. I ask for her short time rate and she replied 1000 baht. I agreed and she hooked on to my arm and we flagged down a cab to my apartment.

    Upon reaching my place, she took a puff while watching TV. We had a short talked before she took a tower to shower. She came out wrapped in the white towel and pushed me into my bed. Our lips locked and we French for a good 10 mins. I kissed her from head to toe and when I approach her pussy, she shook her head and I understood. I started to finger her and could feel she's starting to get wet. I then finger fucked her for 10mins while she was giving out soft moans all night. Finally she signals to me to start the main act. I slipped on the cap and pump her tight pussy like a bunny.

    We changed a few position and even did doggie in front of the full length mirror. I came after a good 15 mins of pumping. I washed up and cuddle up with her for 20 mins before she mentioned she'll need to go off. I gave her some premium imported cigarettes and a bottle of Jim Beam whisky (I couldn't finish anyway). Tip her 500 baht on top of the agreed 1000 baht price. She gave me a terrific French before leaving my apartment. It was a really sweet and memorable experience and every cent was well spent. Hope to find her again when I next visit Bangkok. My only regret is not getting her number back then. Hope you guys out there get lucky with a Thai babe too :)

    (Review # 20481)
  • Bangkok Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Aug 10 2007 Submitted by: Joe

    I travel to Asia often for business and this was my second time to Thailand. I was in Bangkok for a weekend, went to China for a few days, and then returned to Bkk for 3 more days, so my report takes place over those 5 nights. I had a lot of fun on this trip. The heat, traffic, women, Middle Eastern tourists, Australian, and European tourists all add up to a very interesting place to be. I even bought some very good porn. Do not buy from the guys around Sukumvit Soi 6, the porn is boring. The good porn came from Patpong. I paid 350 baht for 6 dvd's.

    I stayed at the JW Marriott because my company has a rate there. Nice set up being close to Nana, or close to sky train if you want to go to Patpong. I knew from last trip a few places to go and I stuck pretty much to plan. My first night I went right to the beer garden on Soi 7, as that worked well a year ago. It worked fine again. I bought a Singha and walked around for a few minutes until a sweet young girl with pink dress said hello to me. I bought her a beer and we talked for awhile, then walked back to the JW where she showered and then I fucked her for about an hour. She had a great smile and teasing hair and we laughed a lot together.

    I even forgot to negotiate, and at the end of the night she asked for 1500 Bht so I just gave it to her. After all the bullshit I've seen in China (just trying to get your money) and the high cost in Singapore (that's another story but a few months back I had a great sexy girl who was pricey at $200 SNG) this girl was a fine time at 1500. I went to Kunming China for a couple of days (did business there and had a great time at KTV but no serious action) then returned to Bkk for 3 more nights, this time one of my business associates joined me. We went to Nana and it was more fun than I remembered for a year ago, and not very busy. There were 10 girls for every 5 boys in each bar.

    We went to the glass ceiling place, I forget the name but it's on the 3rd floor near the back. The upstairs was closed which was too bad because it used to be a lot of fun looking up their skirts. A cute one made friends with me but I didn't want to take her home along with my work buddy so I noted her number 19 and told her I would return the next day, which I did. The next evening my buddy went to another town and I went back for 19.

    She recognized me right away and we had a beer together. I paid 600 BF and she changed from the slut outfit to a really cute pink top. We went to the JW and fucked like crazy for over an hour. Her pussy was incredibly small and tight like a Vietnam girl's, and she moaned and moaned. I was so turned on by her that I didn't want her to go but I had some meetings the next day and I let her go. Like the first girl I forgot to negotiate and paid 1500 bht. I suppose I could be saving a few BHT but these girls were cute and the amount to save didn't seem important. On my last evening I tried several other places, Gulliver’s, etc. but nothing was clicking.

    I thought about the Novotel disco because of mentions on this site but decided I didn't want to go that far from the hotel. So I went back to the beer bar on Soi 7 and bought a Singha. It started to pour rain and there was no where to go without taxi, so I just kept drinking beers and looking around. At first I was picky and it seemed everyone was old, ugly, or taken. I started talking with an average girl that I could have fucked in dim light.

    Suddenly a very young hard-titted fuck-me babe who looks Britney spear’s Asian cousin walks in and I grab her and tell her how beautiful she is. She accepts a drink and we talk for awhile, then the rain stops and we go to the JW and start to fuck. She turns off all the lights, which I don't like to do when there is a hot piece on top of me, and then after 5 minutes she starts moaning "you cum yet"? Like she is in a hurry.

    After 15 minutes I am sick of her moaning and I shoot a load into her with a condom on. She asks for 1500 baht, which I am now seeing is the going rate at the beer bar, and I refuse. After a bunch of yelling and bitching I give her 1200 which is still overpaying but I want her gone. She grabs the money and slams the door on the way out. Moral, do not pick up rock star your chicks, their ego is too big and their skills too small. But here is the best part of the whole trip. I thought I was done. I get my wallet and go across the street to the bar on the corner of Sukhumvit and Soi 5, I order a beer and some food.

    I do some people watching for over an hour. It's great to watch chicks come back from dates, and see guys taking them back out again. After I am done with my food I order another beer. A woman walks by holding a bag of street food, and I ask her if she wants to sit down. She accepts and I realize she is very good looking (with my beer goggles on), a black tight shirt with long white and black skirt over very sexy high heels. We talk for awhile as she finishes her food and some beer. She asks if I want to take her home and I tell her I may be out of money.

    I check my wallet and have exactly 1500 baht left. She agrees that is ok and we go to the JW. After the shower she gives me HJ for awhile while sitting together in a chair. Then I fuck the hell out of her and she just looks beautiful. I fuck her up and down and sideways in between the legs, then doggie style while she looks in the mirror on the wall. Then I sit on the bed and she sits on my cock, with her legs spread open to the mirror.

    I get out one of the porn DVD's I bought in Patpong and I connect my laptop to the flat screen TV, and then we fuck again while she is watching some German bitch masturbate. She starts to moan, and after I cum hard and pull out, she grabs her cunt and rubs it fast for about 5 minutes until she cums. We hug and hug and she gives me her name and cell number. She slipped her beautiful thin tan Thai feet into the black strappy pump shoes. I will call her again if I am there again soon. It's a troubling thing when you can almost fall in love with a whore.

    (Review # 20414)
  • Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Jul 19 2007 Submitted by: Preownedvehicle

    Ok boys, here it is. Thanks for all the previous advice. Just spent 2 nights in Bangkok, incredible. Arrived at 6 pm, had a shower, some street food, ended up at Nana at about 9 pm. Rainbow 3 and 4 were full of tiny, young bored gogo girls, and not too interesting, but had a couple of beers. Stopped at Lollipop, the girls were better and more aggressive. I started buying expensive lady drinks, 150B for water and cokes. Soon I had 3 of them stroking my dick and chest, making out, etc.


    The mamasan was trying to get me to take two, 2000B for both plus 1200 BF. It was 1000 B for the drinks, so I told her I had to go check out the ATM and left. Good thing, I almost went for it. But I thought, if I want 2, may as well check out Eden. Went there, met Bruce, had a nice chat, picked the same hot woman that I had 2 years earlier, only now she is on the left. She grabbed a hottie from the right, and off we went. I told them my desires, and we got busy. One of them made out with me, sucked my nipples and eventually sat on my face while the other one gave me an incredible BBBJ. They ended up in 69 and I shot my load on the top one's crack and into the bottom ones mouth and she licked it all up.


    There was a lot as I was saving up for this one! We took a break, and then the other one sat on my face while I got another fantastic deep throat BBBJ. The one on my face liked my tongue deep in her pussy more than on her clit, and came in my face. I knew I had to make her cum with my cock. I got on top and gave it to her. She was small and I was banging hard on her crevix and she was loving it. The other one did something to my asshole involving her tongue, finders and a vibrator, and I shot hard in to a condom. Amazing. We had a nice sexy laugh and cleaned up. Only 3600B for 90 min, but time was not an issue. Believe it or not, still not finished. I walked around, had a few more beers, and stopped for a bowl of noodles. It was about 1 am. They were really good and as I left I mentioned as much to a lovely young woman, who walked with me. Not you typical street walker, kind of like sexy party girl looking for cash. I asked her if she would like to come with me, and she accepted. I mentioned 1000B and she said fine.


    We went to my hotel, Ambassador, and they charged my 650B cash to let her in my room. We chatted a bit, I offered her a drink, and she went for the JW Black, 650B on the mini-bar! I ordered ice, and another 40B! We drank and she came over and sat in my lap, and started to kiss me and get all sexy. She got naked, got me naked, and rubbed my cock across her small, shaven, young pussy. She said she was 25, but I think younger. She guided me in and started riding. We ended up on the bed and I fucked her hard and deep, BB. It was awesome. I was worried about the condom, but she said that her Irish BF takes her to the hospital every 3 months for a checkup. Yikes, hope she didn't lie. Anyway, she didn't cum, says she needs to do it cowboy style.


    We try, but I have already cum 3 times tonight, and she is not so wet. I tell her she needs me to lick her, and she's not into it. Wants to shower first. I mention the condom thing again and she insists on it being cool. So she showers, I go at it on her sweet pussy, she digs it but wants to get fucked. I fuck her, but got to be on top for #4. I have great one, but she doesn't again! I tell her, tomorrow, I'll give her a good one. I have to go on a tour at 0630, so I send her on her way at about 0230 and take her number, planning to meet the next evening. I do my tour thing, come back, shower, try to call her from 1930 - 2000 but cannot. So I leave, go to Soi Cowboy and try the Bacarat or whatever its called. Has a glass ceiling. Kind of fun. I spend 500 on lady drinks (only 100) and have some fun.


    Got bored, left, walked around, looked for street action, but after the night before, I am harder to please. About 2330 I notice messages, so I check, and its the young hottie from last night. She joins me in 5 min and we go back to my place. Again the 650B at the elevator. Back upstairs, more JW Black, we get naked, get into into, and she gives me a sexy BBBJ, climbs on top. Now this is #1 tonight, so I am hard and ready and so is she. She is wet and rides me cowboy until she has a major orgasm, then moves so that I get on top and she puts her legs in the air and demands a hard sexy fuck, which I give her. Whew.


    We both fall asleep at about 2400. At 0200 I wake up, can't sleep, watch some TV, she is snoring, but looking so sexy next to me. I lay there stroking her body, then her beautiful small naked pussy, the kind where the inner lips poke through, and I moved down to start licking her. She started squirming, and moaning, rubbing my head and putting her fingers through. I rubbed her up inside with my fingers while I sucked her cunt, and I do believe she was able to cum. I climbed on top, gave at it for a few minutes, and had my second for the night. That did the trick. We slept in until 11:30, at which point I jumped up, had a shower, so did she, we had hugs, I gave her 1500B (I had given her 1000B the night before) and checked out. What a fuckin' great fantasy come true holiday I had. All true my friends.

    (Review # 20244)
  • Bangkok Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Jul 16 2007 Submitted by: Funlovers

    Hi, all I just returned from Bangkok, I had 6 days visit plan, so my plan was to spend 3 nights in Bangkok and 3 in Pattaya. I was with 3 of my other friends. We stayed in service apartment which is the best place to stay if you want no hurdles from the reception staff. our first night was a total waste, in spite of reading negative reviews on this site about nana plaza we just thought let us have a look at it for while, but we ended up spoiling our mood, it was horrible place, very dirty, dark and over crowded, if do not have sufficient money to spare on girls then and then only you should think of going to get cheap girls.

    I am very choosy I just can not take any girl from Nana or Soi Cowboy, if you think you have some standards or some class and also have money to spend for good girl and good fun then do not waste your time visiting this places. We are Asians from Indian sub continent so we like Caucasian or white girls, so next day we went to CM2 disco in Novotel Siam Hotel, believe me this place is heaven for my kind of a person, very good Dj and live singers too, best music selection. so you can go in there by 11 pm or later have some 2-3 rounds of drinks enjoy your music and dancing and just move around in the disc to find the girl of your liking, all girls belong to good class, there are plenty Russian or Uzbekistan girls and also many Thai girls, Thai girls most of them work during the day at some shops etc. but the Russians have no other work else then getting screwed that is why they have come all the way to this place.

    Most all the girls reach there by 12 pm that is the time you can have best selection. as mentioned earlier we like white skin so first night we all thought of picking up Russian Uzbek etc. that is what we did, but in the morning all my friends had to say the same story, it was big turn down, they did fuck but did not enjoy, those bitches were over professional, rude egoistic etc. my friends had confirmed for over night for 7000 baht but those girls went away in 2 hours we wanted them to stay for good company over night to spend some romantic moments but then two girls charged 4000 and remaining one charged 7000 and went off. Note here all of us separate rooms, but some how there calls on mobile were constantly on we do not understand Russian language it looked as if they inter communicated and they went off one by one.

    Any ways the moral of the story is if you want a nice loving girl than never pick Russian, Thai girls are the best. This is what my friends have to say. Russians also have some short of association there; the girls can not enter in each others territory like one working in CM2 will not go in grace hotel. And vice versa my story is very different than my friends, I also picked a Russian on first night same price 7000 baht. She was 21 years old she had come to Bangkok only 20 days before so she was not at all the kind I described above. She did not know English or Thai, but still we managed to communicate with her very little English and sign language. I kept her with me for remaining 4 nights as well. I had truly girl friend experience with her. Every body can not as lucky as me, so I still advice Asians do not run after white skin.

    My friend that day onwards brought Thai girls only daily, all their nights were very good then after. Prices were 5000 baht for full night. Two things I want to tell you, cm2 disco charges 500-700 baht entry fees depending upon the day, and they will offer you two drinks complimentary. But if you wish not avoid this entry fee then you need to enter before 10 pm. entry charge is only after 10 pm. second it closes at about 2 pm, that is the time when prices of girls slashes down, you can get short time girl at 2000 baht. Overall atmosphere in cm2 was so good just as we liked so my friends decided not to go to Pattaya, and also in spite of my suggesting few other places like Barsu (Shereton) and Spasso (Hyatt) there said they do not want to try and waste time. I had nothing to worry as I decided to have the same for all 5 nights. Bangkok is great place for these activities if you are ready to spare you can get the best of the best girls and also you can fulfill all your fantasies. We did go to 2 massage parlors but we walked out with out doing any thing, some how we did not like the system of choosing a girl from fish bowl it looked all artificial. However in my next trip I do wish to give one more try to massage parlor.

    Simple advice if you want to buy girl then please pay high and get the best one, rather than choosing in 1500 baht from Nana or Soi Cowboi, I feel masturbation can be a better idea for saving money. Enjoy guys.

    (Review # 20217)
  • Phnom Penh Travel Report Dated Added: Mon May 07 2007 Submitted by: The Bar

    Phnom Penh has changed a lot in the last six months. Most of the places already reviewed are pretty much as stated. To get a cheap $10 short time or $20 overnight you either have to be young and sexy or wait for the witching hour. For the over forties like me you have to pay either $15 short time or $30 overnight before midnight. Good looking girls do not negotiate until this time. The classic case here is the Walkabout that has girls available 24/7 but the few good lookers only become cheap after all options have disappeared i.e. after 02:00AM.

    With all the competition there are more girls available and generally they are better looking than six months ago. But everybody wants the lookers of course.

    One new bar on the scene worth mentioning is Bogie and Bocall on street 136. This bar has had some money invested in terms of decor. The girls, though short of English are good looking, and all go with customers. DV8 has a legion of new girls as does bar 104. For those who want to go to a country/city regularly I can recommend doing the girlfriend thing with a local bar girl. They are loyal, will make your trip enjoyable and less expensive and will ensure sexually you are treated like a king. Just make sure she has no bad habits like Yamma!
    (Review # 18688)
  • Bangkok Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Jan 27 2007 Submitted by: Mr.Asia

    Bkk, bangers, Klung Thep; however you know it, there are so many great (under five foot five) reasons they call it the ‘city of angels’. The first time I hit Bangkok last year was march, I was traveling with a good mate I’ve known for over ten years and together we hit the Indo-Chinese trail through Thailand, North and South Vietnam and Cambodia for four and a half weeks sampling as much of the fresh local action as we could (read his WSG travel report on Bangkok submitted Tue Dec 05 2006.).

     think it was only three hours after landing, having cleared immigration, cab to hotel, showered and looking at only our fourth or fifth beer each for the night that we were walking into the Siam wonderland of nana entertainment plaza, just off Sukhumvit Soi 4. Wandered into lollipop and red lips, smaller bars on the ground floor with six to ten girls and a very cramped feel about them, then went up the stairs to the second level (of three). Rainbow 3 is a great, clean mid-sized gogo with quality hot holes, a good mix of Bangkok, northern and Asian women at a range of 6’s to 9’s.

    One in particular caught my eye, long silky dark hair down to her perfect size 6 ass that fits into your one cupped hand, grinding around her pole on stage giving you a look like it could be your pole next, but it was still early days and our team had more reconnaissance to do. We continued on the second floor around the balcony past Casanova (clearly a Khatoey gogo), stopped for a beer in both g-spot and rainbow 4 (both larger gogo’s with up to 50 girls and a more defined dancer / hostess system), was tempted by two hot honeys rolling around soaping themselves up in a bowl in either temptations or fantasia, but still the hottie from rainbow 3 was lingering in my mind so we made for the rainbow, me thinking about the little honey pot of gold I would soon be banging.

    The price started at 3000bht with a 600 bar fine and after some negotiation agreed on 2000bht and everyone was happy. Quick ride home, leave her id card with the front desk, obligatory shower and strap yourself in because you got 43kgs of lbfm about to go to town on you.

    The second night was a bit harder, because some randomly-generated Thai holiday had popped up (given, it was a Sunday night, but you have to watch out for these) and most of the regular hotspots (nana, cowboy, pat pong) were shut. We found a sufficiently dodgy looking tuk tuk driver to take us to where we might find the girls on a (quiet?!) Night in Klung Thep, and after passing by at least two of the ping pong sex show shops that we’d been past with every other fkn tuk tuk driver, we found a quiet little lounge bar tucked away with at least 12 girls on hand, and us the only two blokes in the joint! Here I think I paid, after serious negotiation by my mate, 3000baht for two of the 8/10’s they had available, long time.

    A couple days later we’re in Hanoi, the still very communist north of Vietnam. Now this is old-school Asia, where the value of the tourist dollar hasn’t entirely taken over up here yet, but you can still buy anything you want. We found a couple of massage places with some great looking girls; mostly these places seem to be nearby to Hoan Kiem Lake in the middle of town. When traveling in Vietnam, sometimes the easiest place to find ‘it’ is right under your nose. Most hotels have a massage service, it’s up to you what you make with it, but most of the girls are pretty, are keen to please and very motivated to earn as many extra dollars (us dollars or Vietnamese ‘dong’ are equally accepted - and still my favorite term for money) as she can. I know guys who think Vietnamese girls are all ugly, but in my experience there are some absolute glamour’s all throughout Vietnam.

    I especially love when they get around in those old-school long shirts with the big split up each side word of warning though: my mate used a hotel massage service in hue (inside the imperial city moat area) and was treated to the second worst blowjob of all time (the worst being some kiwi chick he banged while in NZ last, what’s with them kiwi’s? Their men can’t play cricket and their women can’t suck cock?!) And I mean, it was bad. He was in a foul mood, like a bear with a headache and worth staying well clear.

    All because of a bad bj? Ladies, lift your games! Mind, it probably cost him less than $10. Hoi An is the best little sea-side village that Vietnam has got, full of hot holes working in tailor shops, working you to get you to buy off them. And they are as hot, if not hotter, than anything I saw in bkk. Unfortunately though, as Hoi An is such a small town and keeps its small town mentality, there is no actual clubs or bars in Hoi An for a single guy.

    To get guaranteed action, me, my travel buddy and another expert we’d dragged along for the ride, found ourselves on an alcohol-fuelled midnight motorbike taxi run for twenty minutes through rice farms and pitch black hoi an countryside towards not-too-distant Da Nang, home of the infamous ‘china beach’ and long time favorite of a GI on leave. There we ended up down a dingy lane behind a shoe shop staring at a row of four to five short time rooms, with shoe shop staff (all family) begged us to wait until the girls showed up, and trying to sell us warm cans of beer and softdrinks. Two turned up within 15 minutes, my mate pounced on the hottest one, neither me nor the other expert was real taken with the other one so we decided to wait to see what else turned up, unlike my traveling companion who was quite happy with his choice and upon realizing that we might be waiting for a while for ours to turn up, and faced with a gorgeous little Viet honey and an empty short time room, decided that there was only one possible course of action to take her inside and fuck her. Now!

    Saigon is a little more open about what’s what in the sex game than their northern neighbors, but still nowhere near as much as Thailand. Still, after decades of entertaining American GI’s on R&R, Saigon has a variety of bars that are full of good quality working girls, we found the most to be down around the river.

    The good news is that the trade has developed enough that there is a ready supply of nearby short time hotel rooms that, for around $20, will willingly accommodate you and your new friend. Check out some of the famous roof-top bars in Saigon, overlooking the opera house and the river, a bit classier, magnificent views and still plenty of fluff for everyone. Phenom Pehn is rife with bars specializing in entertaining the single man, and will probably end up taking on Pattaya – less the beach - but unfortunately we were too shagged from Bangkok and Vietnam to keep hitting it too hard, although prices here do seem to be the best in Indo-China.

    One thing was for sure, the $15 dollars we were paying per pack of Viagra here was a lot better than the $60 they tried to sell it for in bangers. Took it easy here, kind of saving up the energy for another full-frontal assault on Bangkok, but loved pp and still feel we have unfinished business there with all their mad moles and hot holes.

    Afterthought: Siem Reap, while nothing too exciting happened there, it is promising to note that we wandered into at least one club that was still under construction, in the middle of the day, builders and shit everywhere, but at the flick of a switch a dozen flouro’s blinked to life and so did the twenty odd hot holes that had been lying around snoozing in their tiered fishbowl. Go down bar street past the Irish pub on your left, across the intersection at the end and down a lane, it’s on the left, and should well and truly be up and running by now. Back to Klung Thep and back to Nana, my mate picks up this ultra tiny 21 year old wannabee anime ninja gogo dancer who was all cutesy ‘sawatdee kaaaaaaa’ early in the night and screaming ‘aiiiiiii – ya!’ like a banshee riding his pole later on!

    The one I’d picked just wanted to whinge after I’d banged her, so we sent her home, only paying her for short time, and I got to bang little ninja gogo girl after my mate was done. Then the adventures went onto Patong Beach, Phuket, back to Bangkok and home again. Then I was over again 3 months after that. It’s been a big year. But I will say this about it all: never trust a bargirl with more than you’re willing to lose. For some guys that means cash, some guys that will mean their hearts; and, by default, their cash. As sweet as that princess may seem, she is only there for one thing, and I don’t have to spell that out to you.

    No matter how ‘different’ she seems from the rest of them, if you’re thinking that you can save her from her life; you’re already in need of saving, my friend. Generally though, I have never had trouble with girls trying to rip me off in my room, while asleep or while showering. Most hotels in Bangkok will require your date for the night to surrender her id card to reception, which she can claim again upon departure, once reception had contacted you to make sure you’re all good. This might seem a bit weird the first couple of times, but get used to it, it actually provides you with a somewhat fragile yet comfortable level of personal security.

    Stick your nose into a Thai phrasebook, learn some of the ‘lingo’ (Thai love a Farang who tries – usually very poorly – to speak Thai) and go and try your new found cunning lingual skills on the extremely hot holes they have working the cosmetics counters at central, paragon etc I’m telling you this for free man: Revlon and L’Oreal do not employ dogs mate, these counters are full of the hottest of hot little Thai glamors, and the girls wear the same ‘shop is open’ sign across their foreheads as their poorer ethnic cousins who are working the pole at the rock hard a gogo!

    Regardless where you find your princess though, always treat her with respect. Take her out for a feed before you take her home, even if it’s just getting her something for 30bht off a noodle-pimping street vendor. Or buy her a couple of drinks at a bar other than the one that you paid to get her out of. Trust me; these little things are the difference between average ‘formula’ blow jobs with one-well-timed-shot sex and the hottest, oiliest, spiciest night of stir-fried oriental no-boundaries heat that you ever imagined. Shouts out to my main man in Siam, brother Ringo aint no dj, but knows what goes into a mix fkn eh. Your advice and insight on the kingdom has been priceless, ming, and look forward to a bowl at yours in Klung Thep Pi Krup! It’s all on hand at liquorland bro! Also to the captain of the black flag mafia; travel buddy, dive buddy, staunch wingman and jedi rigger. ..

    (Review # 17163)
  • Bangkok Street Action Dated Added: Sun Jan 21 2007 Submitted by: Sam

    If you don't get laid in Bangkok, you don't get laid anywhere - it's as simple as that. The best part is the girls are "affordable", quite easy to pick on and they really know how to please you. I was fortunate enough to pick up only the high-class prostitutes although I detail my other adventures too - extremely nice, friendly, hygienic (always takes shower) and wearing a "smile". Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles anyway.

    DAY 1, 29th Dec 2006: From the hotel room in Chinatown (just arrived), after taking a quick shower I headed for a place called Grace Hotel near Nana Place, very near to Sukhimvit Road and BTS Skytrain. This is a fantastic pick-up joint if you want a real "girlfriend". I went to the coffee house around 9 PM and there were 6 - 8 Russian girls. I would say the girls were very pretty with long black hair and the fairest of skins and petite figures - the hotel is patroned by clients from the Middle East and Europe. I just offered one of them cigarettes and purchased one pitcher of Heineken beer. By the time we finished, she agreed for a price of 1,500 Baht, "short time" - more on that later.

    Taxis are waiting just outside the hotel and take you back on METER - the important TIP is to talk NICELY to the girl (I used a fake name Sam)- a little knowledge of Russian language helps even more as we became very intimate and it wasn't like prostitution really, but FRIENDS. Once inside my hotel room (always book in advance), I really got the value for my money - she was AWESOME and actually rode my cock and allowed anal sex - but refused oral sex - but I didn't insist as I was more than satisfied with my overall experience. One good thing is even though she was on "short-time", wasn't in a hurry to leave and I was able to convince her to spend the remaining night with me, just by being "nice" with her. Some humour helps you a lot. We kissed goodbye following morning. I still call her back from India.

    DAY 2, 30th Dec 2006: It was afternoon and I was on Yawraj Road, Chinatown around the lane where they make those Dimsum noodles, and there were plenty of street hookers (Chinese girls) who are very pretty and they would come with you the moment you give attention. I met one at a supermarket and managed to sneak her to my hotel for 700 Baht. The girl was very cold though and wanted it "slowly", a signal I couldn't follow and she simply punched me hard and stormed out of the hotel room. It was so embarrassing for me - I never wanted to rape her. The good thing is these girls are never "greedy" - I didn't have to pay anything to her despite an attempt at "rape". Always keep a check on your libido.

    In the evening, I again headed for Grace Hotel and found a very beautiful Thai girl (with sound Oriental features) waiting in the same coffee house - same trick, I sat down for a beer and cigarettes (I actually didn't enjoy it without SOME conversation), but clients can easily talk business directly. She agreed for 1,500 Baht (remember, most girls connected with hotels are respectable escorts) and they will come with you if you are "nice" with them. Once inside the hotel room, the sex was disgusting because she got tired within 15 minutes, screaming "please, I die, I fail" - I didn't wanted to force her so she agreed for mild sex and promised me another lady next day for hard sex. I let her go in the morning.

    DAY 3, 31st Dec 2006: The most memorable New Year night in my life - I met the Thai girl (she drives her OWN car) as recommended the night before. This shows MANY GIRLS IN BANGKOK recommend each other. It is useful to have their contact numbers. She was unique and exceptional. She gave me the best sex in life: I had placed a request for handcuffs for an authentic BDSM experience and this girl NEVER hurried - was strong enough to take whips from my belt and sucked my penis for at least half an hour, maybe. The only problem was SHE TALKED too much. I had a great time though - just then television beamed news of bomb blasts in Bangkok and I was scared like hell, but she was there to COMFORT me. What a fantastic way to ride your way to the NEW YEAR.

    DAY 4: 1st Jan, 2007: Check out from hotel and flight back home to India. Farewell.

    (Review # 17047)
  • Bangkok Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Jan 11 2007 Submitted by: Akka

    Hi chaps. Just got back from BKK and loved the place. This will be short but sweet as a lot has been said about the place already.

    On New Years eve I went to Soi Cowboy and picked up a lovely girl for 2000b. A real cutie straight off the stage. The bar fine was double for New Year so that was a 1000b. I was back in the bars by midnight. Also checked out Patpong and Nana Plaza and to be fair, unless you like to get mugged conned, or have a preference for ugly girls... I'd stick with Cowboy.

    Anyway, the main reason for writing is about the taxi cabs. In my stay I got to know a couple of cabbies who loittered outside my hotel. One of them took me to the airport and during the trip we started talking about girls, and specifically the ones they offer. Basically you can select from a menu in the car with girls pics on and they will bring them to you. He was being honest and said most (80%) of the time you got the girl in the pic. I asked prices and he said 4000b all night. Then as the trip went on and knowing that I wouldn't be using one that night, he told me how it worked. The girls charge about 500b short time and 1200b long time and the cabbie pockets the rest. Ergo, you pay him 4000, 1200 goes to the girl and he keeps the rest. His advice? Go direct to the parlours, select a girl and pay the real amount as is done by the Thais themselves. Of course, you need to know where they are so look at the cards which have maps on, write down the address and get a cab to that road.

    Just an idea, mind you. I don't begrudge the cabbies a bit of pocket money as the on average they earn 200 - 300b per day (£4), but I'd rather let the girl got the money to be fair. If you get bored with the gogos and would rather not hang out in the disco's, this seems like a lot better way of doing things and getting a girl you like. 
    (Review # 16964)
  • Bangkok Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Jan 09 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    Well gentlemen , I just got back from Bangkok. What a great time it was! I did read the reviews before I decided where to go. I have to say the reviews on Eden Club were correct. This place was a great time, very nice women, very friendly, clean facilities. I have 2 women at once and what fun it was... about 3200 baht - $90US.

    I also read the reviews on Soi Cowboy, and honestly the place can be fun. There's a whole bunch of bars on that street so pick and choose. One, Deja Vu could be great. Another, it could be bad. I didn't do anything there... just went to check it out. The night club at the Novotell Hotel (Siam Square) is a great place to hook up.
    (Review # 16944)
  • Bangkok Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Dec 05 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    My buddy and I went on a 4-1/2 week trip through Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand in March - April 2006 and had a great time chasing it every night in every different town along the way.

    As for Bangkok, I visited Nana Plaza on Soi 4 off Sukhumvit Rd. A complex of beer bars and go go bars. Some of the bars have live sex shows and girls in big glass bowls soaping themselves up etc... Some of the bigger bars have 50 or 60 girls up on stage at a time. The price for long time they were asking 3000 baht plus bar fine of 600 baht. Before negotiating with her on price I let her know exactly what I expected of her -- oral, all positions all night as I was experimenting with my newly found viagra, she wasn't into anal. I offered 2000 baht plus bar fine 600 baht for all night and she was to do a lesbian show with the girl. My buddy picked and we'd swap girls. She agreed straight away so next time I'll start a bit lower.

    The girls were about 8/10, 23 yrs old, couldn't speak much English. One of the girls was very enthusiastic and more than happy to please the other carried on a bit after my buddy fucked her so we kicked her out and only paid her for short time. The other girl fucked us both quite happily though.

    So pick out a girl or girls you like, let them know what you expect of them and things go smoother. Negiotiate on a price for long time or short time, pay the mamasan the barfine, have a great time and pay the girls before they leave not upfront. They always ask for taxi money or a tip. I usually give them 200 baht extra and escort them out of the hotel so they don't get hassled by the hotel staff.

    In Pattaya the price was 1000 baht all night for a beer bar girl or 2000 baht for a better looking gogo girl, barfine was 500 baht each. I can recommend Diamond A Go Go on soi Diamond in Pattaya for good looking girls.
    (Review # 16512)
  • Bangkok Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Nov 23 2006 Submitted by: Casanova

    I have been to Bangkok twice within the past two years. I was also going to go to Pattya but I did not make it last time, but hopefully I visit there next time. I am from US and my advice is that:

    1) Avoid Patpong --- lots of ladyboys, scam, and annoying traffic from shops in bazzare,

    2) Nana is ok and so is the Soi Cowboy. I, in particular, like Soi Cowboy because of the shows. For example, Long Gun. Rates are 500b bar fine + 1500b for short term and 500b bar fine + 2500b for long term for a reasonably nice looking girl. I was quoted as much as 500b bar fine + 3500b for long term for a young, very nice looking, and white skin girl. Of course, with me being cost sensitive, I never pay more than 2500b for long term. Guys never overpay and play smart. Be alert and do not let anyone to take advantage of you.

    Never ask �tuk-tuk� or taxi driver for advice. Do your homework before hand and know where you will be going. Start your tour of bars at around 8pm and after going through a few of them make your selection by 10pm. Never and ever pay the girl upfront, if she offers a low price and wants upfront or if argues on the price too long, forget it. She would make your night miserable. Move on and find an obedient girl who respects you. I repeat, only pay after services are rendered other wise she may cheat you.

    If you want to have a GFE, take her to dinner then dancing in RCA area before taking her to hotel. Ladyboys pre or post-ops are a problem. I have been cheated by them once. Interview the girl in the bar before making a decision. If the girl is too good to be true, I mean, you see this girl very fit, tall, light skin, nice tits, good looking, think twice coz she might be a �he�. The best sign is aggressiveness and their voice. Try to engage them in conversation and get them to laugh and see if you can hear that low frequency- thick voice.

    Next time, I will visit Pattaya. I was told they have live sex-shows of all kinds over there. Taxi takes you there for a fee of 1200b. As far as massage is concerned, Monalisa is one of the good ones. Price is 2200b for 1 hour including massage and bang.
    (Review # 16398)
  • Bangkok/Pattya Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Nov 08 2006 Submitted by: Jimbo

    I've been to Thailand 3 times since 2001. The first time was 3 weeks and I met a girl who worked in my hotel, not a prostitute, the second day there and we hit it off and spent almost every day together except for 4 days I spent in Pattaya by myself. She actually rode on the bus with me to Pattaya and then returned in 4 days.

    When I returned to US I filed for a visa and 3 months later she was here and we've been happily married since. Now she allows me to go back on my own even though she knows what I'm up to. The second time I spent 2 weeks in BKK and 2 weeks in Cambodia. The 3rd time was last February and I spent 1 week in BKK, 3 weeks in Pattaya and 1 week in Cambodia. I now speak fairly good Thai and know quit a bit about the place.

    My general rules are don't pay in advance like the idiot below. Don't use Tuk Tuk's to look for ladies as they make a commission and it's not necessary. Avoid Pat Pong at all costs. Nana has gone downhill. Soi Cowboy has improved. The Thermae is now mainly Japanese men who pay way too much. For free lancers go to the beer garden on soi 7. Before you check into a hotel make sure their policy allows you to bring girls to your room at no additional cost.

    Most allow that. Don't get too drunk unless you have friends to watch out for you but even then it's not a good idea. Don't ever mutilate or write on baht, talk bad about the Buddha or King or show anger. Have fun, smile, laugh and joke and you'll be a hit with the Thai people. Don't overpay for sex but don't be cheap either. Remember that everything is dirt cheap so why not treat your "girl" to a meal or a drink before going back to your room. I bought a girl in Pattaya a leather thing that goes on the ankle and she was ecstatic and it cost me 50 cents. How much fun you have depends on you not your looks or age. If you try to act like a tough guy or macho stud you're not going to have a lot of fun. You can be a fat 60 year old but if you have a positive outgoing fun personality you'll have a great time.

    In Pattaya watch out for the lady boys as many will try to pick your pocket, when they approach say "pom my-shop lady boys" translation, I don't like lady boys and keep walking. Put your arms out to keep them at bay if neccessary. If I had to stress one point it would be, don't ever get angry or get physical with anyone Thai or Farangs because most likely you'll end up getting your ass kicked and end up in a Thai jail. Have fun!
    (Review # 16285)
  • Bangkok Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Nov 05 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    Been to Bangkok twice. Thought I would tell you of my experiences.

    First time in Bangkok, I knew its a place to bang your cock, but had no solid leads. Wasted my time in taking a trip around town with some travel company. They sent me a horrible looking girl as my travel escort. In spite of that, the horny me, tried touching her in one of the temples when there wasn't anyone around. She refused and was actually furious. She then insisted on taking me to one of the saunas, but, I refused (good me). Subsequently, I went to a small massage parlor in a mall. They gave me a young girl, probably barely in her early 20s. I couldn't believe myself. She resisted, but, I fondled her profusely. She rubbed herself on my shaft vigorously leading to the explosion.

    Second time, I went to Bangkok, I was informed. I had searched through the net and found all the good places to visit in Bangkok. I knew that there were saunas where you could have some fun. But, I also knew that you could pick girls at the bars on Patpong street. So, the horny me hopped into a taxi and went there. Pimp caught hold of me even before I got a chance to get out of the taxi. He walked me a couple of blocks to a small street lined with three or four such bars. We get into first bar, and I spot a cutie. We strike a deal for B$3000. The girl changes into something a little more regular, but, she still looks like a whore. Then, once we are out of the bar, she starts shouting at me and making a scene on the street. So, I get back to the bar and demand my money. They try to force me to pick another, but, I don't like any. So, the pimp takes me to another bar and then another and so on till after midnight I manage to find a girl I think is pretty. (Moral of this part of the story: once you have given them the money, don't expect it back. Rather, expect to be forced with a walking AIDS machine. Read on to understand that .

    So, the girl I pick up acts all nice and gets to my hotel. As soon as we get inside the room, she starts crying that she's going to die of AIDS very soon. She shows me all the spots and everything. She cries for her fatherless HIV+ baby, herself, her family and she makes the whole night suck. We do it anyway, but, after she leaves sometime around 1:00 am, I realize that I went through all the hassles of traveling, listening to her story, and spending for nothing.

    Next evening, a Tuk-tuk guy gets hold of me. Takes me to every possible sauna place. The girls are outright ugly and trust me, I would be the last one to say that about woman-kind. And the prices are remarkably high. I can't convince myself to get all over anyone of those ugly beasts in pathetic white make-ups. Tuk-tuk guy is pissed off, but maintains his calm. Finally takes me to a bar in some shopping place. I pick up a typical Thai looking girl. The best part is that she speaks English and can actually understand what I say! Happy, I choose her, pay for my future deeds and take her to the hotel.

    Once at the hotel, she lets me undress her. I soon realize that although she's barely in her early 20-s, she's already been a mom! I ask her about it and she tells me not to make a fuss about it. Then she tells me that she's got a little boy of 3years age, as though it mattered to me. I joke about the boy being my son from the last trip. We both laugh. She gives me a good kiss and sucks on my tongue, so I decide not to make a fuss of her having a baby.

    Once in bed, she lets me do any/every thing I want to her: fisting, doggy style, missionary, on top, in the bath tub, anal. She even lets me do it without a condom! Though of course, that means I need to get my aids test redone, but, its worth the price for that all night pleasure. Its a night to remember. She didn't have big boobs, but, she had a decent size that I suckled on all night. She doesn't complain when I bit her. If only, all of my ex-girlfriends were this good. In the morning, she lets me do her once again, but, then she quickly leaves after that.

    All in all, after spending close to Baht 10000 (hotel and flight costs not included) and after going through 4 girls, I managed to find the type of girl I wanted. I think that's coming to about USD 300!! That's what I pay for the Asian babes at amp in the us, though its only for an hour!

    Moral of the story:

    * Sex is available in abundance on the streets of Bangkok
    * Stay away from the pick-up bars in Patpong
    * Catch hold of a Tuk-tuk guy and tell him your requirements
    * Don't give in till you are sure you have found the right girl for the night
    * If you are not smart, the girls will take advantage of you
    * the girls who work in the mall are much more beautiful than these pick-up bar girls, so I will get them to my room the next time I go to Bangkok
    (Review # 16253)
  • Bangkok Other Dated Added: Sat Nov 04 2006 Submitted by: Thai Experiences

    Deja Vu , Soi Cowboy is an excellent bar. Two levels bar. On top floor are 2 pool tables, dart board and the toilet which everyone uses ( no separate wash rooms for males and females ).So, you may be peeing in a urinal next to a bar girl making up at the wash basin.

    Also upstairs is a glass dance floor where 3-4 girls wearing short mini skirts (no panties on ) and see through bras. Girls here are very young and are only allowed to dance on the lower ground gogo bar only when mamasan tells them to or when the downstairs bar girls dwindle in quantity ( sick, home, on leave or have been bar fined ). The mamasan Iknow well told me that these are 15 or 16 years old employees! And can be bar fined but my advise is that these younger girls are too inexperienced in bed, more reserved, knows no English, lousy at small talk.

    Downstairs bar. There are 3 mamasans. One wears glasses and is mostly at the patio outside. Number 2 is fat and should be avoided. Number 3 is less fat than no.2, no glasses and is okay. She speaks some English.

    Girls are friendly, not too pushy with lady drinks, many are 7-9 with nice firm tits, shaved pussies. There is however 2 ladyboys now in Deja Vu.

    The girls danced with cowboy boots and hats. And completely bare all at around 9pm. No clothes on except the boots and hats. They are not so lifeless at the dance poles as in other bars. A good bunch of girls. Bar fine is 600 Baht. ST is 1,500 Baht. Long time is 2,000 and above (excluding a meal later, drinks in another bar, and other expenses for bring the girl back to your hotel room ). Most hotels in Bangkok are girl friendly if you pay 1,000 guest fine to bring the girl in for the night.

    When at the bar with the dance floor, you can see through the glass ceiling at the younger girls dancing with panties on the first floor.

    No problem bringing in food to eat in the bar but you must buy drinks. No problem for me to drink half way, ringing up a 1,500 Thai Baht bill, then going out of the bar for 10 minutes without paying the bill or leaving a deposit behind. I came back later and found my lighter, cigarettes, snacks, drinks, some loose change on the bar untouched. You can go out for awhile without paying anything.

    You can only do this if you are a regular like me and if number 2 mamasan and the bouncers know you well. Do not try this if you are new to the bar, you would not get far and end up in the hospital if you cheat the bar.

    But the bar have very tight rules with the girls. No stealing from customers. No pestering customers. If a customer say NO to a lady drink, that meant no to that girl asking for a drink. Quantity sales target of lady drinks for a bar girl is 200 drinks per month. Upon achieving the 200 drinks target, the girl gets a miserable bonus of 500 baht to her monthly pay.

    Crowd in the bar is a good mixture. Thai, oriental, whites, tourists, regulars and non regulars.

    The third floor is the hostel for the girls. Its a dormitory.
    (Review # 16247)
  • Bangkok Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Nov 01 2006 Submitted by: Camouflage

    Lots of the posts here have good information, but it may not suit you to go to massage parlours, or even bars.

    I am very, very picky with girls. I like to be able to choose one � I loathe having one sent up to my room without having picked her, or one foisted on me in a massage place because she happens to be free.

    I like to talk, go eat. Get a little intimate. Usually this leads to pretty good sex. (All those years with girlfriends I guess, I still have a tendency to treat women as human beings, although I am getting over that, as you'll read in a minute.)

    Whenever I don't follow my own advice I get stuck with one of those reluctant money-grabbers. The last bar girl I had looked pretty good in a bikini in semi-darkness, but when she relaxed in my hotel room, she somehow transformed into a splay-toed burping rice farm girl, who did everything she could to avoid sex. Hardly the right climax to an evening of go-go bar trawling.

    If you are like me, and picky, here's my advice.

    The Places

    During the day, go to the Beer Garden in Sukhumvit soi 7. You can't miss it, it plays horrible Smurf music and is surrounded by clap-board and vines. Around 1pm it is packed with freelancers, about half of whom are reasonably fresh from the countryside � Isaan in the northeast. The usual prices apply, 1,000 baht for short time, 1,500 or 2,000 for longer.

    The best thing is you can stare, walk round, talk, really take your time choosing. Some of them are really gorgeous, lovely clear brown skin, perfect teeth, fit and shapely. Such lustrous blue-black hair. I have a couple from there who turn every man's head when we walk by. Nearly everyone has a shaved pussy.

    Similar places are Gullivers in Sukhumvit soi 5, which fills up from 8pm onwards. Although these girls tend to all have been longer in the trade than the Beer GEarden, there are still some finds to be had, and all more flexible price wise and time wise than bar girls.

    The disco under the Novotel is packed with freelancers, many college students and girls looking for some money to pay their mobile phone bills. 11pm onwards. Again, many of the highest physical quality.

    Or just stroll down Sukhumvit after midnight, there are always about 100 shop girls and prototype-freelancers, some very young indeed, strung out in little groups of two or three along a mile or so from Sukhumvit soi 4 where Nana Plaza is, in shop doorways and in the entrances to sois. Much more varied quality, but every now and then!

    (I grabbed a 18 year-old on the street this way, she had huge natural tits, and her hair down in teenager's braids. She was staggeringly pretty and sexy. She insisted on a BJ with condom, which I hate, but after sucking and fucking her, whilst she kissed my belly and pulled my balls I finished myself off all over the ripest pair of tits I ever saw.)

    They tend to gather in the Nana Hotel carpark in Sukhumvit soi 4 between midnight and 2pm, where you can get 200 or more girls in a huge throng. But be warned you have to respond immediately to any girl that looks good, men like us patrol the edges dart in to grasp the best girls, like seals around a shoal of fish.

    So. Best: Beer Lunchtime, Novotel at night.

    The Set Tired

    I do this. Work through two girls a day � one at lunchtime and then, after a siesta, one at night � until I strike gold, and find one who is beautiful, nice to be with, and great to fuck.

    Sometimes it takes only two or three to find her, sometimes twenty. I make a long term deal, 2,000�3,000 baht a day, about $45�70. Depends on the girl's experience and beauty. If she is experienced and beautiful, she knows she has value and you pay. If she is inexperienced and beautiful, she doesn't know yet and its cheaper. The fresher girls are always better; more enthusiastic, more attentive to you, more grateful.

    By the way, I have been to these girl's villages. Those stories they tell you about mum and dad being sick and little sister going to school � they are all true. These girls are from grindingly poor backgrounds, and tend to be the sole earner for an extended family, scrabbling about on a dry, dirt farm.

    That stuff you read on this site about the girls "lying" about having numerous falang boyfriends, blah, blah... Well if every white man you ever meet lies to you, and tries to fuck you for the smallest amount of money he can (and yet pays $100 a night for his hotel room), what should we expect in return?

    In fact � and this is for the fraction of you that care about this � you usually get layers of "lies". The longer you talk or show her respect and trustworthiness, the closer you get to real truth... they want to trust you, you just have to show you are worth trusting... even if only temporarily.


    If you have a long-term girl you can also get her checked at Bumrungrad hospital on Sukhumvit soi 1. Its about $60 for AIDS and gonorrhea, and visual checking for warts and herpes. Then you can fuck BB, essential for me for real pleasure.

    Many guys that post reports here pride themselves on how cheap they can get laid. I don't understand that at all. Especially when you read that a lot of them stay at Sheratons and obviously ply good trades. I understand poor guys only wanting to pay $10 for a fuck or a BJ, but so many guys here seem to get more of a thrill from the money than the sex. Are they really excited by interacting with a beautiful woman, or excited by the bargain???!!!

    My question � is the sex better the cheaper it gets? Or is great sex better for being cheap???

    My experience is that great sex is great sex. Some of it is free, some cheap, some expensive. But investment, choosing, being fussy, does tend to lead to more better sex.

    I would far rather spend time and money finding the best possible girl/s I can, than waste it buying cigars or petrol or whisky or extras beers or video games or leather jackets, or anything else that these guys squirt their money on that isn't sex!

    The Pay�off is Paradise

    Paradise can be lived out: take your carefully picked girl to Koh Samui.

    I have done about six islands, and this was the best by far. Amazing beaches, lovely chalets, and those jet-skis are huge fun. Sex night after night, in one of those wooden chalets, with the fan cooling your skin after a day lying in the sun, entwined with a stunningly beautiful girl who does anything you ask.

    I can't think of many better experiences in life.

    The down side, but what a down side

    You can get one so good that you want to stick with her!

    I have ended up with a Cambodian beauty. She has model slenderness, coffee-coloured skin, waist-length hair, surprisingly big tits with wonderful nipples, tattoos on her ankles. And such a pretty high-cheek-boned face that everywhere we go people come up to her and say "excuse me, but I just have to say you have such a pretty face".

    Her cunt is tight, shaved, and gets very wet, She is so up for hard fucking, she talks dirty and moans, I have difficulty lasting. She'll do it as many times as I can muster. She comes loudly and tells you when, does poses, does stripteases, wears stuff I buy for her like schoolgirl uniforms.

    I still shop around a bit, just to test what is out there, but its hard to find better.

    About three years ago I was married to a fat 45 year-old white woman and, as is the way with marriage, barely ever had sex. Now I have supremely satisfying sex with stunning women whenever I fancy.
    (Review # 16222)
  • Bangkok Massage Parlor Dated Added: Tue Oct 31 2006 Submitted by: Khun Sanuk

    This is a submission on my recent experience with the Eden Club on Soi 7/1, Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok, Thailand. It has taken me a long time to finally sample the mystical pleasures of this house of sin and I can confirm in no uncertain terms that I was not disappointed in the least. I would also like to add that I was rather nervous when I took the leap of faith into the unknown arms of the wenches at the Eden Club. It is not a place for the meek or feint hearted.

    Firstly I shall start with a bit of an initiation for those less well informed individuals who are not as knowledgeable of the impeccable sexual services offered at the Eden Club. The Eden Club is owned by a middle aged French gentleman by the name of Marc and he was away at the particular time of my visit but I did have the pleasure of meeting him on my previous visit to Thailand. However on that occasion I was being a good boy and not fooling around on account of my monogamous relationship with that deceitful ex-girlfriend bitch of mine. Marc is an amiable sort of unassuming guy and he aims to run the best professional service in town (perhaps on the whole planet). He proudly advertises that any client who is not completely satisfied with the service will be offered a full refund no questions asked. I doubt he has ever been asked to make good on his promise. I really get the feeling that he expects the best performance out of his ladies but he achieves this by being respectful to them and not by threatening them.

    Marc has many rules at the Eden Club (all good rules I assure you) and one rule in particular I asked him about last time I saw him was the rule that gentlemen must always take 2 ladies at a time. His simple answer was �why waste time on 1 lady? It takes more than 1 lady to fully satisfy a man�. I gotta say this is one bloke who knows his stuff. The French don�t make good soldiers and they haven�t won a war for over a century, but they sure make good lovers. And I�d rather be a good lover than a good fighter.

    Marc's other rules include the fact that all ladies are bisexual and skilled in the art of satisfying each other as well as you the client. His ladies are also skilled in the art of fantasy role play and I have no doubt for this they could each win an Oscar. The time allotted for service is 90 minutes but I get the feeling that this is really only a rough guide. There is a yellow line on the wall in the Eden Club and this is to signify that the ladies to the right of the wall like regular sex and the ladies to the left like it both ways. Needless to say I was there for the ladies to the left.

    I should also add for those of you planning to go where I have already tread, the Eden Club closes rather early. The reason for this is because Marc is only interested in servicing genuinely serious customers and he does not want the drunk scum crawling out of the discos after the hour of midnight and treating his girls poorly and most of all not fully appreciating what the Eden Club is all about.

    So on to the adventure itself. I walked in to the humble establishment with 3500 baht in hand and 90 minutes to spare before my limousine was due to take me to Pattaya. I have to admit I was rather nervous with anticipation and knew only to expect a sensuously erotic life changing experience. I was met by about 25 ladies who ranged in beauty from average to stunning. I noted that most of the truly stunning ladies stood on the wrong side of the yellow line but I didn�t let that deter me. I ordered a Cointreau on ice and took my time to carefully select the right ladies for the job. In Marc�s brochure he suggests you choose the first lady then allow her to choose the second lady who she would like to accompany you. I guess this is only fair as she is the one who is going to have to go down on the girl and perform all manner of deviant acts with her.

    I chose a lady named XXX because she had big tits and I was in a bit of a tit mood. She also was quite attractive but she looked a tad shy and reserved. That wasn�t a problem because later on she sure fired up like a tiger and I wasn�t disappointed in the least. I offered to XXX that she choose a second lady of her liking and I was waiting for her to pull out a toothless wrinkled old granny but to my great pleasure she chose a hot looking short haired girl hiding down the back named XXX and I knew I was up for a great time.

    So off we went upstairs to the room. I was expecting a shabby room with a dirty shower and a flea infested mattress but I was dead wrong. The room was nothing short of superb. Well it wasn�t the Sheraton but it was really very nice all the same. The girls had brought with them a medium sized black brief case and when they opened it, out sprang an astounding assortment of sex toys and strap on sex contraptions. These girls could have opened a sex shop for the most deviate of sinners.

    The girl�s training was impeccable and they worked perfectly in unison together, they understood each other well and more importantly they understood how to please a man better than any other professional women I know. Nothing was too much trouble and absolutely nothing was taboo. These ladies have seen it all and they can willingly do it all. It was plain to see that not even the wildest fantasy was beyond their capabilities.

    I would have to go so far as to say that my experience at the Eden Club was probably the best professional sexual experience I have ever encountered in my lifetime and it goes without saying that the Eden Club has my thorough recommendation. It really is quite amazing the service that Marc has been able to create at the Eden Club and I am completely hooked. I am gonna have to work up the courage and strength before I am ready to face the ladies of the Eden Club again and I will not be asking for my money back!
    (Review # 16216)
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