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  • Sucat Massage Parlor Dated Added: Fri Oct 18 2002 Submitted by: lex201

    I just went to Sucat/Paranaque and went to this place called STAR FLEET, its near the karaoke bar called Sky Trek. I have never seen such an awesome massage parlor the girls range from 18 to 22, and they are there to please, no haggling, no condoms if desired, and it was the best, the girls are pretty and trained to please, no haggling here, and you feel obliged to give them money when you leave cause they are so nice. ~~

    ~~it has 3 floors and it looks like a space ship inside, 3 sections, the deluxe, the vip and the presidential, they all are private rooms but the deluxe has a common shower. You cant go wrong here. 1300 for deluxe, 2300 for vip and 2800 for presidential, the best girls are in the VIP and they all do the same thing, all the rooms have real walls and real doors. Good luck~~ (Review # 6309)

  • manila Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Sep 14 2002 Submitted by: PI Local

    I have used and enjoyed this site for years and feel it's time for me to help my fellow sportsmen. I've lived in Philippines for over a year and have experienced all kinds of Manila action from delivery, to bars to pick up with over 200 girls this year alone and also from the perspective of over-paid ex-pat and unemployed ex-pat with no money. Here's what I've learned, basically the same girls that cost $100 can be had for $20 by following these tips. If in Manila on P. Burgos Street, NEVER PAY A BAR FINE. The rates have been inflated by greedy bar owners and pecker-head Japanese men with no game. ~~

    ~~Here are some great cost savers, ~~1. Get the girls cell number in bar and set up date for next day.~~2.wait until 3am and girls pour out onto street and go to "Filling station" across from bardidos. Offer 1200p ($24) Check out the "168 internet cafe" on corner of P.Burgous and makati Ave. uptstairs. Get membership for 100p $2 and can walk around station and just sit next to a hot ass webcamming her "Boyfriend" there's also hunting girls in lobby there, you can hang without being hassled an NO BAR FINE OR LADIES DRINKS--I've pulled some real smokers out of here for $15. Another great pick up is next to Montana bar you'll see a neon sign that says "cyber sisters" this is a front for "Jade cool" and these girls are also all whores. I've had half a dozen of these girls and one of them "Rio" specializes in anal, is cute and can be had for 500p. ~~

    ~~Also for non-barfiners, LA Cafe in Ermita on mh del pillar is good at ap. p1200 ($24) and as long as girl doesn't insist on dragging along a fat friend or ugly cousin, these girls tend to be pretty fresh. Prime time here is 11pm and if you like it, bust a move because the freshies sometimes get snapped up by overpaying Koreans. If you MUST bar fine, go to Edsa International Entertainment Complex in Pasay where it's a reasonable 1000p ($20) and can tip the girl 1000p ($20 for all night, $30 if you feel generous) ~~

    ~~Finally, remember fellas, we're all in this together and everytime some loser pays a P.Burgous bar fine you justify the greed and inflated prices which will eventually ruin this wonderland of cheap pussy. Be a man, monger it out--if she won't go for 1000p to 1500p then she wouldn't be any good anyhow cause she's not really down with you to begin with. Hopefully the greedy bastards on P. Burgous will get the hint as their business continues to slide and they'll adjust their barfines to 1000p which is more than reasonable. Good luck and happy hunting!!!!~~ (Review # 6139)

  • Massage Parlor Dated Added: Thu Sep 05 2002 Submitted by: john dough

    There is a new place massage parlor in town. It opened recently but had to close down after policemen~~raided the place. but after a month or so the place~~was opened again. This place is located at the~~8th floor of the Grand Blvd. Hotel along Roxas Blvd.~~~~Nice clean rooms. some good choices. sex comes after massage. check it out (Review # 6084)
  • Paranaque Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Aug 10 2002 Submitted by: Ex-Pat

    If you stay or live near Alabang area, then take a 15 minutes taxi ride to a bar called "EXIT" through BF Homes. There are a row of about 6 bars that are 'hidden' away in a back street behind a Caltex gas station.

    "Exit" is by far the best of the 6! The Mamasan is a real gem and will take good care of you. Tell her what you want and she will recommend a girl for you. Spend some time downstairs with the girl to check out if you get along and then transfer to the VIP room upstairs. Cost is P2000 which is consumable and includes the services of the girl.

    Normally, most girls will just do blow-job and you can then tip P500 and up, depending on your rating. Personally recommend Dang, she gives the best BJ is the whole of Asia - honestly! Enjoy - so long as you can find the place!
    (Review # 5914)
  • Quezon City Strip Club Review Dated Added: Sat Jul 13 2002 Submitted by: MZTIKAL

    Quezon Ave-MYSTIQUE KTV and DISCO

    ~~~~This is the place for beautiful women! You have to be a VIP to have a taste of these premiere Filipina GRO's.These women are top-notched ladies of the night. ~~Dindi, ~~Camil , ~~Arajoy , ~~Sobel.

    ~~Look for these ladies and you will definitely enjoy your stay in the Philippines.~~
    (Review # 5749)
  • Pasay City Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sat Jul 13 2002 Submitted by: MZTIKAL

    Magellan Health and Fitness in Pasay City-Libertad St. is probably one of the better massage parlors in the Philippines. The showrooms are filled with beautiful women and the lounge is clean and relaxing.~~The entrance fee is 800 filipino bills and it's consumable like all other places in the Philippines from bars to nightclubs.~~

    ~~Like all massage parlors in the Philippines sexual solicitation is illegal and it is against spa policies but the right amount of money offered for the favor can always be welcomed assuming the chick likes you.~~

    ~~My experience was near perfect. As soon as the curtain opened in the "aquarium" I chose my massage therapist immediately. She was fine! Her name is Beth. Petite with a body of a goddess and just amazingly beautiful. ~~

    ~~While I was getting the massage I solicited Beth for sex, but she declined. She said it was against spa policy and illegal. But as soon as she turned me over, frontal side, she busted out the condom it was on! She fucked me till I was dry... 2000 filipino bills.~~
    (Review # 5748)
  • manila Massage Parlor Dated Added: Tue Feb 26 2002 Submitted by: john dough

    Hi there WSG enthusiast. My last review on the Pasig motel was posted . thanks WSG. ~~
    ~~~~I have another review regarding a massage parlor. this one is found on the~~third floor of the Manila midtown hotel. Just take the elevator to the~~third floor and looked for the massage parlor which offers Swedish massage.~~~~They are a legitimate massage parlor. But you are certainly going to run into~~some gals with money problems. Massage is outstanding. You will surely~~feel so relaxed and rejuvenated for 500 pesos. If you are a guest at the hotel~~you will be charge 600 for room service. ~~

    ~~~~I always take the 500 peso room which are actually hotel rooms. The only ~~problem here is that they only have 4 rooms since they cater more to the~~hotel guest. Anyway, they give you a good Swedish massage and with a another~~500 peso they give you a good hand job with oil and sometimes they stick their~~fingers into your ass.~~

    ~~~~the girls here are kind of on the heavy side but good size real tits. some of~~those I recommended would be Shane with nice tits and ass. Vivian a little bit~~old about 38 to 40 years old but check out the tits you would think they are of~~a 20 year old babe. Karla is good tall thin nice round tits.~~~~Vivian I have used her service about 4 times. The first two times she would only~~let you fondle her tits and a hand job all for 500 extra and would let you play her~~pussy. the third time I engaged her service I had some pussy licking and the~~fourth time she let me fuck her huge tits. Good service probably I get to fuck~~her on the fifth time she told me to bring condoms.~~

    ~~~~Shane, she is something else a bit on the heavy side but nice round tits and ass.~~she is into urinating. She had me lie down on the bathtub and pissed on me ~~good service but no to fuck job.~~~~Down side is that not all girls would do those stuff on you first meeting. Try to~~go there two or three times. Also they do not take of clothes. But generally the~~place is clean and safe. Good place to go to.~~
    (Review # 5093)
  • Quezon City Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Sep 10 2001 Submitted by: johndoe

    There’s good action at a hotel called Sir William hotel located in Timog Avenue in Quezon city. Take the elevator to the top floor. Massage service is about 750.00 pesos.~~You can also get hotel room for 1050.00 pesos, massage and room included. I would suggest this since you get more privacy because the rooms are have lock – compare this to the 750 pesos rooms that only have curtains. They also offer free cable with x rated channels. My favorite is number 62, a real hottie. Average size tits, nice ass. She~~usually gives you a massage first but slowly takes off here clothes and undies piece by piece. Before the end of the massage she is naked. Extra service is about 1000.00 pesos. She is quite a fuck -- she will lick you balls, dick and asshole. No anal sex, however. (Review # 4314)
  • Pasay City Massage Parlor Dated Added: Tue Aug 21 2001 Submitted by:

    Go to Pasay City in the Philippines, where the city's best massage parlor is named Core Town. Core Town, which is run by Koreans, is located on EDSA (specifically the portion between Taft Avenue and Roxas Blvd) and it's just several meters walk away from the Heritage Hotel. I entered Core Town, and was offered a choice of room. I chose the VIP, which was a very clean room and was more private (walls reached the ceilings) and wanted a 2 hour massage, which cost me a total of P1,200 (US$24). I stayed in the room, undressed and took a shower in the room's bathroom. Then I wrapped myself with a towel and waited. Then the door knocked and an attractive Filipina masseuse was just outside. Her name is Rose and she was wearing a very sexy outfit- a two-piece dress where the top is sleeveless and was wearing a mini-skirt. I rate her an 8, though she was only 5'3 in height. As soon as she got in and closed the door. I threw the towel and revealed my cock to her, and she smiled. Then she gave me a hard massage, a combination of both shiatsu and Swedish. As the first hour ended, she asked me "What do you want for the next hour?". I told her I wanted FS, and she asked for P1,800 (US$36). I managed to get her to agree to P1,500 (US$30), then she left the room and came back just under 5 minutes later. I noticed her body movement was a little different and this time she was wearing more makeup.
    ~~Then she dimmed the lights and started to strip in front of me. She had all her underwear removed before returning to the room. Then the sex started. She licked my balls, rubbed her hands on the cheeks of my ass, placed a condom on my cock and sucked on it. As she climbed to my face (I was lying facing up), I placed my hands on her breasts and played with them. Then she started kissing and licking my neck and face. She gave me a french kiss, which shocked me -- she acted like a real lover to me. I endured with her kiss for 5 minutes. Then she asked "Fuck time?". I said "Sure baby." Then we went doggy fucking for something like 10 minutes, but it ended when I was just about to come. She seemed to enjoy every moment of the sex we had. She was extremely tired and we had 15 minutes left before my time ended. We lay down together on the massage table, where she was on top of me facing at me. We rested for almost 10 minutes, then we had a long french kiss. She concluded our sex with an HJ, which was great and made me come a 2nd time that night. When it was all over, I got her number before we left the room. That was great sex we had, and if you ever stay in Pasay and want great massage and sex, make it Core Town! Cheap too!
    (Review # 4192)
  • Quezon City Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Aug 02 2001 Submitted by: Tourmaster

    Hello pussy lovers! I was reading the reviews posted by some of you about the local brothels, clubs and massage parlors and thought that I'd share my take on things. Unlike a whopping majority of the guys posting here, I'm a local, born and bred in Manila, so I guess its safe to say that I know pretty much about the local market especially since I practically live right next door to some of these places. I'd like to comment on the rave reviews made about a little known place called Happy Sauna. Now, I practically live right next door to the place and though the reviews were right about the rates being the damn well cheapest in town, I thought some of you might want to have a look at the other side of the coin. Now as a rule, the veterans and regulars of Manila generally avoid Happy like the plague and for the following reasons: First of all, there is a very good reason why the place has the cheapest rates in town, and that's because the girls there don't have regular medical check-ups, and you know what that means don't you? Second, the real reason why management doesn't allow you to see the girls before you choose is because they like to rotate the girls' number every so often. So if you're following someone's advice on getting No# ?? you might find out you're getting someone else entirely. Think of it like wheel of fortune only you might get stung by someone who looks like the grandmother of Vanna White. Lastly, it's not true that all the girls in Happy are under 25 years of age. Most are pushing 30 and some have really lousy bedside matters. But hey, if you're looking for the cheapest trick in town by all means go for it. As a friend of mine once said "all girls are the same when the lights are out. (Review # 4087)
  • Manila Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Jul 31 2001 Submitted by: Batman

    I have to second what McChicken said about LA Cafe. You have to go there to believe it. Whenever I travel to the PI, I stay at the Iseya Hotel, which is a block from LA Cafe on Del Pilar Street. The hotel is clean, cheap at 1800p and has a great rooftop Aussie restaraunt.
    ~~My first night in LA Cafe, I had to leave because so many women were all over me that it was overwhelming! I went to the disco above LA Cafe, and things calmed down a bit. I ended up going back to my room with a very cute girl. We ended up having amazing sex 5 times that night. In the morning, I dreaded finding out how much the evening would cost, as I'm not really a pay-for-sex kind of guy. She asked for cab money, and I when I asked how much that would be, she said 50p would cover it. 50p? Yep, 50 pesos - legitimate taxi fair. I offered her more, but she refused.
    ~~The next time I went there, I met a girl who danced with me for a couple of hours and then asked if I would like to go back to my room. I told her that I wasn't really into to paying for sex, and she said that was fine because she didn't get paid to do it. We did everything (oral, pussy, anal & more) for about an hour, at which point she informed me that what she really wanted was to watch me do her friend. I of course agreed, and she called her on her cell phone. An incredibly hot girl showed up, and she was really shy when she found out what her friend wanted. But, eventually she got into and we went at it. The first girl watched until we were done, gave me a kiss and left. The friend stayed through the night and we had sex a total of 4 times. The next morning she and I went shopping and I bought her a cool outfit and a teddy bear. I tried to give her 1000p, but she refused adamantly.
    ~~The Iseya Hotel/LA Cafe combo is a pretty awesome combination. The disco above LA Cafe is a little funky, but cool as well. There is no shortage of hot women in either place, and some don't even expect to be paid for it. But, even if you do pay, you won't be disappointed.
    ~~I've been all over the PI, and it's a blast. My suggestion is: book a flight while the peso is weak, and have the best time of your life. ~~
    (Review # 4070)
  • Pasay City Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Jul 30 2001 Submitted by: filipina

    Spent an amazing night with a beautiful young Filipina from the Samba Bar in the EDSA complex. Her nickname was Apple, and she was a lot of fun with an incredible body. I saw her on a website, that lists real Filipina girls names and e-mail addresses, along with pics and some videos. Anyway, she's a babe, and weighs only 85lbs - she has blonde hair (not real), and her body is incredible. There are a bunch of other bars within the EDSA Complex: The Firehouse, My Fair Club, Pitstop, Samba Club, The Boardroom, and Cotton Club. Stay either at the Hyatt or the Heritage Hotel, both have decent room rates ($85 per night) and are very near. Both are girly bar friendly, so you won't have trouble brining girls into the hotel. Just make sure you tip the bell boys and doormen. (Review # 4068)
  • Rizal Park Street Action Dated Added: Fri Jun 08 2001 Submitted by:

    Hier findest Du Girl´s in ALLEN Altersklassen.
    ~~Die Preise: 8 $ - 25 $
    ~~Das Besondere!!! bieten Dir die Geldwechsler auf der Strasse an. Du musst nur das Alter~~nennen.
    (Review # 3709)
  • Manila Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Feb 23 2001 Submitted by: McChicken

    Topic: LA Café: There is a conspiracy among the local expats in Manila. Nobody says nothing, or else. Despite all the contributions to the WSG over the years, I have not seen anyone mention "LA Café". Since all the bars in Ermita were totally wiped out by the impotent mayor, the infamous M.H. del Pillar Road in Ermita is now totally dead. I mean even the normal shops are closing or moving away because nobody goes there anymore. However, there is still an oasis in this pussy-desert and it is a little drinking pond right in the middle of del Pillar. It's called LA Café.

    What is it? Basically it is just a pub, with billiard tables, stools and all. No big deal. Beer is around 30-35 pesos per swing and coffee is about the same price. Average, not expensive. But at today's peso rate, it is actually dirt cheap. So, what's the fuss? It's girls - wall-to-wall girls. Fat ones, thin ones, young ones, old ones, gorgeous 18-year-olds with tits the size of melons to well 30ish, er, 40ish? "experienced" hands. In other words, it's heaven and has something for every taste.

    Here's the run-down. In the afternoons, there are around eight to 10 girls hanging around, weaving among a handful of old geezers who are more interested in guzzling down beer and reliving their sorry lives than looking at the floozies flaunting their asses. Boring!! Come nightfall, say after nine or ten o'clock, birds of different feathers start coming in - some singles and some in groups.

    By midnight - and the numbers grow exponentially on Fridays and Saturdays compared to weekdays -- the place has close to 60 to 80 females, sometimes close to 100. And the guys? For the week that I was there, there were at most 30-35 guys around (those old expats keep a good secret, don't they?). On slower weekdays, there were maybe a dozen or two. And half of them were playing pool - those eunuchs are everywhere. The odds? Minimum three girls per guy and sometimes 5, 6 or 7 to one. ~~I like these odds because (a) it means the competition is among the girls to land a guy, any guy, before it gets too late or the guys get too sloshed and (b) even if you are old and bald and fat and ugly to boot, (oops, I just described myself) you still have a pretty good chance.

    Now, what's the deal? First of all, LA Café is not an a-go-go bar or any of the old Ermita bars. There is no mamasan and, most importantly, NO BAR FINES. In other parts of Manila, e.g. Pasay City or Makati, you can expect to pay bar fines of 1,500 to 2,000 peso just to take out the girl of your dream. All the guys and girls walk in there on their own, pay for their own beers and are on the look-out for potential prey. And it is a jungle, drums and all.~~Now, like any "singles" bar, you see a nice girl, you wink, smile, flash your dick or whatever stupid thing you normally do to attract women and if she likes you, she sashays over, you say hello or "what's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this", etc. and if the two of you click, you walk out hand in hand to hail a taxi.~~At most times, (remember the competition and the odds I mentioned), the girls will do their thing to attract you, e.g. model-walk/dance in front of you, wink, smile, say hello or flash their panties (or no panties in some cases); you signal back with your tongue hanging out or your dick in your hand and etc., etc. you both go out and so on...

    Now, who or what are these girls, where do they come from and why are they in LA Café??? I did a small survey, questioned my friends and other guys hanging out there and, of course, sample some of the girls and here is my assessment.

    1) All the girls going to LA Café, without exception, are looking for guys to lay. There is absolutely no doubt so you don't need to lie, bully or do any of the stupid things like you normally do elsewhere. Be straight-forward, be cool and have a great time.
    2) About 40-50 percent of the girls there are regular patrons, i.e. I see them night after night, going out with different guys each time - if they are lucky. So my conclusion is: they are pros. These are not the shy ones, they see you, they approach, they reel you in, haul you to a nearby hotel, and you blow your wad. End of story. The normal fee 1,500 pesos (about US$30) for the WHOLE NIGHT. You like, you give a bit more, you don't like, keep the tip. No hard feelings. Quality: ranging from threes and fours to a number of sevens or eights.
    3) About 30-40 percent are semi-pros. Many come in from the provinces to earn a few bucks, hunt for a few nights and go back to their husbands, little babies, whatever. All are quire poor so they do not dress as fancily as the pros. They are not too hard to differentiate. They also charge between 1,200 - 1,500 peso and maybe you can go down to 1,000 peso - depending on looks, age, competition/odds that night, etc. As semi-pros, they may not be so experienced so BJs may be out but a good shag is minimum. Depends on your requirement and wallet. As I said, be up-front, ASK first. I picked up one of them one night - she had slightly droopy tits, a stretched belly but looked around 30. However she gave me three half-hour BJs, sans condom, and it was agonizingly slow but fantastic. She worked hard, hoping for repeaters. Shows you can never tell until you tried.
    4) I also noticed that around 10-15 percent are non-pros. My friend took out a cute19-year-old university student one night and I had a sweet 22-year-old shopping mall sales girl (I checked the mall). These are the "innocent" ones, going for a good time with friends and maybe earn a few bucks for tuition fee or cosmetics, or whatever. These are the irregulars and much depends on luck. You see them one night but not the next. Grab them fast. You can always recognize the pros and the non-pros. Only one problem, they are not bar girls, hence they are not obliged to go to bed with you if they don't like you or you act like a boorish asshole. Be your best charming self, treat them like girlfriends and not whores and you are guaranteed a good time. Otherwise, it is all your own damn fault. Fee? They are normally too shy to say and you are too afraid of chasing them away by suggesting. My friend and I voluntarily paid 2,000 peso each (around US$40). They were ecstatic - we paid too much but never mind! Next day, we even took them to a nice Italian dinner for four on Adriatco (1,200 peso bill) and had a great time, in and out of bed. What more do you want in life? Problem: they all want to be regular girlfriends, e.g. meeting the parents, etc. We were maybe just a bit too generous but how do you say "no" to such cuties?? Happy hunting now at the LA Café and remember, keep it a secret. Shhhhhh!~~
    (Review # 3210)
  • Manila Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sun Aug 27 2000 Submitted by:

    August 28, 2000~~~~I went two times to the place called 'Happy Sauna'. It is already mentioned in your overview, but I still want to give an update of the place. It is on E. Rodriguez Senior Avenue in Quezon City. On both occasions the taxi driver didn't know the place, but it is not difficult to find as it is clearly marked with a sign (neon) outside the building. I think they open at around 1 pm.~~~~I can't tell you the exact location, but if you drive from west to east (Manila to Cubao) it is on the right side of the street and on the left side when you go the other direction. I think approximately 1.5 km west of EDSA.~~~~You pay 400 pesos at the counter and go upstairs, where someone shows you a small air-conditioned room with a massage table. You take a quick shower and wait for the girl, who will give you a massage for that money. By the way: You can't actually see the girls, you can either choose a number downstairs or ask the management to send you a nice girl.~~~~I was not disappointed: On both occasions I was assigned a beautiful girl with long hair, nice tits, a slim waist, well shaped butt and nice haired pussy.~~~~After a gentle massage, you can start discussing 'real' business. Both times we insisted on 650 pesos for the 'extra service'. Add 20 for a condom if you don't have one with you.~~~~Although both girls were shy and not willing to give blowjobs (which in fact I don't mind) they both had a wet pussy that was very nice to fuck.~~~~If you are looking for a quick, impersonal fuck this is the right place.~~~~Happy fucking!!~~ (Review # 2241)
  • Quezon City Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Jul 31 2000 Submitted by: 297

    I arrived at the place at around 1 a.m. As soon as I entered the place, I gave 1000 pesos to the receptionist. She gave me 600 pesos change and a number. The last time I was here, they made me choose a no. I guess this time, they wanted to be nice so they just picked the no. for me. I went up and this guy led me to a room. It was a small room with a bathroom connected to it. The room had red light. I waited for 15 minutes and then she came. Her name is Tekla (ugly name) and her no. is 39. She's a real hottie. Kinda flat chested but she's got a tight ass. Her body was well toned. We got right down to business. I asked her how much she wanted. She said 1000 pesos. I refused and offered her only 500 pesos. She said yes. I asked her to suck my dick but she wanted more than 500 pesos so I just said fuck it. She gave me a hand job and when my dick got hard, she put on my dick a condom. I fucked her from behind and what can I say. She's got a tight pussy. It was so tight that I came within 15 minutes of fucking her from behind. I wanted another round but I was in a hurry to get home. I would give the place a 7 and the girl a 9 cuz she really had a tight pussy.(HAPPY SAUNA-Along E. Rodriguez Ave.) (Review # 2061)
  • Quezon City Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sun Nov 21 1999 Submitted by: Juan de la Cruz

    The cheapest and the Randiest Sauna Parlor in Manila is in E.Rodriguez Sr, Quezon City called Happy Sauna. Any taxi driver knows the place. Just tell them its on E.Rodriguez AKA Espana, Quezon City. Maalikaya Sauna Complex is famous yet over rated and the prices will kill ya. Though nor as famous as Maalikaya, Happy has been a fuck hole for some young and famous male Filipino celebrity, which is till now a well kept secret. Happy Sauna on the other hand offers cheap air-conditioned room rates P400 Philippine Peso for the usual hour with the complimentary sensuous massage. ~~

    The Sauna Parlor offers several numbers from 1-120 (numbers of the ladies) to choose from. Most of the whores, are inexperienced and cute. Although, I had my share of the uglies. The prettiest of the bunch is nos. 86, no.77,no. 91 and 59 those of whom I had the pleasure of trying. I also recommend no.42 she's got the tightest pussy I ever fucked and man did she moaned (really moaned!!)~~

    The massage is relaxing and free, but the sex of course, you have to negotiate and bargain for. The local sluts in here always settle for the second ante so make sure your first offer is cheap:P300 and if they ask for some more tell them the final offer is P400 and make them guarantee to you that you will be having the best sex ever, otherwise you ain't returning anymore. Don't ever think that P400 makes you look cheap, since the locals here often haggle these sweet young things with a hundred or P200 per session. Going over P500 means you'd been had. The sex should include Blowjob, pussy fucking and licking. Ass fucking can be requested on certain girls (and its worth the extra money). Prophylactics AKA condoms is a must although I tried to screw a bitch without one, and subsequently had an AIDS test (which turned out to be negative) although I must say that I would never repeat my own foolhardiness. By the way Condoms inside costs P10, and its the thick variety, so I suggest buying one of those latex super-sensitive types before entering Happy.~~

    The girls are friendly and cheerful (again Goodluck with the number) and you can invite them out on their free time, since fucking in Happy Sauna's more than cramped room is not such a happy scene. But over-all the price P400 a room and P400 (I-repeat-you've gone overboard if you paid more than 500) for sex plus a little bit more extra for Greek is such a treat for these good fucking, warm and friendly sluts.~~
    (Review # 814)
  • Manila Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Sep 21 1998 Submitted by: Ed

    One place to visit in Manila is Maalikaya Health Club located in Quezon City. Price is reasonable. They have three floor with different room style and different ways of choosing yours.
    But it is advised to go to second floor where you can make your own choice otherwise your expectation could not be assured of. There 1,500 peso for room and massage. The rest is up to you and the lady. For another 1,000 peso the girl will go for you for one shot. Be warned that girl in Manila does not always give a head.
    If you are staying in five stars Hotel, massage service is also available but extra services should be done outside but not in your room. Do the negotiation while you are having massage and do it outside. With a little extra tips, the hand-job will be included in your massage service. For the rest is up to them.
    (Review # 422)
  • Manila Street Action Dated Added: Thu Apr 01 1999 Submitted by: Uncle J

    I have just been reading the other reports on Manila and thought you might benefit from my experiences. I am married to a Filipino and, thus, spend some time in the Philippines. When I first went to PH I, like your other correspondents, spent time in pick-up bars paying bar fines and visiting dingy hotel rooms. NOT ANY MORE. The best way to get a girl is to get into a jeepney --- travel in it till you get to the first big crossroads and get out. Hang around --- go into jolibees or some other fast food place. Keep your eyes open but don't obviously ogle girls (most of them are nice girls) wait --- it won't take long and a girl will approach you ---- she will probably be hustling for a brothel but that's not what you want--- if you like her chat to her --- if not say you are not interested and watch where she goes --- back to a group of girls usually --- see if there is a girl there you fancy ---- go to her and ask her if she wants a coffee and talk to her --- most of these girls are young , pretty and working on a commission. They don't earn much so for a little (US$50 ish) she will spend all day/night with you --- she won't be a professional whore but you will have a bloody good time........ (Review # 421)
  • Manila Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Nov 02 1998 Submitted by: Tarzan

    I have been in the Philippines for almost 3 years now. I hear how it use to be before on the strip on Ermita.
    I guess it was awesome, $15 bar-fines and dozens of bars to choose from.
    Things are different now. You can venture to Makati, (P Burgos St>)
    but plan to spend some cash-ola. Be very careful, they prey on tourist and
    guys that are too innocent. Last night a group of us went out to Makati.
    A certain bar, which is pretty good, kinda pissed us off! They tried to hook us
    for a very big bar bill. Be careful, it may not be a lot of $$$ but
    the principal of the matter is you do not want to get taken for.
    The bar-fines in Makati will run about 10 ladies drinks or P2,500
    or 50+ dollars plus tip, not bad but still steep.

    Pasay, on the other hand, go to the Complex. There are 6 bars under 1 roof
    with the bar-fines about P750 plus tip. Many ladies to choose from,
    and always fun! Axions, formerly known as Vixens, is the best. These
    girls know how to have fun. Crazy! Crazy! Bar-fines P750 plus tip.
    Makati has some pretty girls probably the best but Pasay is a little
    more relaxing and enjoyable.
    So anyone coming to visit make sure to stop at the Complex and ask for Lawrence
    or big John and tell them Tarzan sent you. Enjoy these LBFM'S.
    ""Little Brown Fucking Machines"
    (Review # 420)
  • Manila Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Oct 11 1998 Submitted by: TARZAN

    I have been living in the Philippines for about 3 years now.
    It never ceases to amaze me the amount of fun this place holds.
    When I first arrived here, I was out every night hitting all
    bars. First, was Makati, P Burgos St. A string of clubs on the
    strip. As a tourist, be very careful. One will be taken to the cleaners for sure.
    These women are not as innocent as they may appear. The prices
    are kind of steep. Bar-fines run 10 ladies drinks P2,500 or
    $65 plus tip, which can be negotiated between you and the girl.
    Pasay, little south, is much more inexpensive, P750 or $18 plus tip.
    As of Sept. 1998, the new mayor has been flexing his muscle by
    raids of the clubs. Several keep getting closed and re-opening.
    This has not interrupted our fun. Vixens or new name Axions, has to be the best bet.
    These girls just want to have fun. No pressure for drinks just fun.
    The Complex has 6 clubs under 1 roof. Very safe with over 600 girls
    at one stop. As a tourist, you will not be ripped-off. As a
    local, the benefits are enormous. Free Pussy! One problem,
    once the girls get to know your routine the troubles begin.
    Phone rings off the hook, visits in the middle of the night etc.
    I thought I'd never say this, TOO much pussy. HaHa! It could be worse.
    In Cebu, an island south of Manila, Firehouse just opened.
    Same owner and operation as Firehouse Manila. Several other bars
    like Silverdollar, Brown Bear and Vikings. P750 bar fines with
    little tip. Great women. Cebuanas have to be the best in the Philippines.
    Spanish looks and taller and shapelier. You will find even in Manila,
    the best girls come from Cebu.
    Angeles City,(Clark air base) a long time favorite for ex-military.
    30+ bars on Fields avenue. Quality not as good as the above mentioned,
    but you can still find a few good ones early. They go quick.
    I would rather not get into details about my Sexcapades you just have to
    experience it yourself. It is a visit worthwhile to experience
    the LBFM's (Little Brown Fucking Machines).
    (Review # 419)
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