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  • Lapu-Lapu Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Aug 24 2006 Submitted by: Bill987

    Well Iíve been for a long time in Mactan and it was very interesting there! Sure u can buy chicks in Cebu but also very good in Angeles City. But I like it more in Cebu! (Mactan) but I found my truly found my love in good location. Now Iíll tell you about the Culture there. I always lived in a beautiful Apartment (10 mins. from beach) named Mbs Tavern its a German restaurant with special German foods. The rooms cost 850p/day so that means very cheap itís fully furnished & Pool and itís not noisy there! You really can relax with your girlfriend or family there! there special Mbs Pizza is only 200P and so big! Best mens bar I can tell you is Silverdollar I liked it, how this sweet girls was dancing on stage! But what shit is Cadillac Bar! Why? I was a few times there but hello! One of my friends fucked one of the waitresses there (because the owner is selling them for fuck) and after, his pipe was dropping very badly the owners name Niel but he used to call his self Joe. Heís a little bustard and pretender! Overpriced for a lot of shit what he is selling in his restaurant or disco or whatever! Hey Boys if your interested to buy a chick call him he will sell you his daughter for less. Thatís Joe ok never mind its better if you stay away... Ok good luck Yours. Austrian Bill (Review # 15401)
  • Mactan Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Mar 05 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    If you are like me and love the Philippines make sure you are going to Mactan Island in Cebu Philippines. The girls there are likeing to fuck a lot and it is easy to find them for little money. Stay away from a place called MB's Tavern. It is full of a gang called The Outsiders. They ride motorcycles and try very hard to act bad, but they are a bunch of pussys who have to band together to feel safe. Mostly they are Norwegian and Germans. They are over the hill-old men trying to be like young Marlon Brando, but they only succeed in buying pussy, Which anyone can do in the Philippines. They are comical wearing leather vests with "outsiders" written on the back like someone from an old comic book! Ha! They are a bunch of loosers and are infecting the girls at MB's Tavern with drippy dick. Two of my friends got drippy dick picking up girls at that MB's. The president of the outsiders club is a German Named Michael who brags that he has had drippy dick so many times that his doctor warned him that he was immune to most of the vaccines that cure it! This man is so stupid he tells this story out loud to virtually every one he meets! Very Stupid Man. A good place to go is a place run by an Englishman, it is called Diones. The owner is named Cowie and if you can find him sober, he is very pleasant to talk to. This place has good food, but is too pricey, you can meet girls there, not so many, but they do come in on Friday and Saturday to hear the Karaoke Band. My favorite place is the Cadillac Cafe. They have live bands on Friday and Saturday nights and the girls are there in packs! It is not unusual to find a girl there who wants to meet a foreigner and fall in love. It is a good way to get nice girls for free and they are many who are beautiful at that place. The owner is very large American named Joe. He is a nice guy and makes good barbecue ribs. If you need any Viagra while you are in the Philippines, there is a pharmacy downtown that will sell it over the counter. It is called Roses Pharmacy. (Review # 14140)
  • Lapu Lapu Escort Review Dated Added: Thu May 06 2004 Submitted by: Anon

    I just returned from Mactan Island and browsing, I've discovered a few out of date items listed here. Such as, Club was a great place...but it is out of bizness. Seems the aussie owner didn't pay the electric bill and went belly up. Also, The Blue Line Girlie Bar is Belly up. there's a new club called The Mermaid which is a great place to find ass. the price is 1500. The girls are very cute and willing.

    MB's Tavern is another great place to get pussy. Mikel, the owner has a small hotel located directly on the college campus and he has a 3 ring-binder with willing college students listed inside. Prices depend on the girls, runs about 1500 for an all night bang, and Mikel gets 500 for the room. But don't eat at the Tavern! I had the shits for 5 days. If you get the runs, there's a pill you can buy at the pharmacy called Immodium. It works. It's hard to fuck when you have to run to the toilet between strokes.

    Want to find a chick and go to a nice beach? Check out the Tambuli Beach Club. Just 100 pesos entry and you get three beautiful swimming pools and a beautiful beach. Bring your mask and flippers for great snorkeling. For night time fun try the Cadillac Cafe, great music, good food and live bands. Top notch.

    There's also a Casino on the island, and the black jack tables are Las Vegas quality. The Casino is at the waterfront hotel.

    Another good place to eat is a Chinese restaurant called Majestice.

    Across the bridge, if you care for the hassle, check out the Black Hole. Every taxi driver knows it. A first rate go go bar and all the girls are for rent. Very pretty girls.
    (Review # 9015)
  • Street Action Dated Added: Fri Dec 27 2002 Submitted by: PI LOCAL

    I'm an American who has spent last year and a half in PI, enjoyed over 400 girls and rarely if ever pay more that $12. I've sent reports before but none listed???? Anyway, Mactan island, what I've been doing is taking a trike outside of Shiroi KTV which is across from lovely Cats bikini bar and Hanna valley. Sure you could pay the manager, but why? I just roll up at around midnight and begin chatting with the girlsÖ be soft spoken, be funny, offer 600 pesos and load her into trike. No promises but I had a dozen girls from there this month alone and the managers have seen (zero) dollars from me. Let the Asians pay top dollar, me? Hell no, I'm PI local....~~~~ps. this works great on P. Burgous in Makati at 2am--why make bar owners rich? Wait till closing,--same pussy, fraction of priceóPI style, for real.~~ (Review # 6597)
  • cebu Travel Report Dated Added: Sat May 11 2002 Submitted by: american fuck addik

    Great site you guys--keep it up!!! This is a report on the Mactan island scene. Iíve been in the Philippines now for 1 month. Iím part of a contingent of the U.S. corps of engineers sent here to the Philippines to begin laying the ground works for a few American bases in the old p.i. A couple will be set up in southern Mindanao, zamboanga and basilan, and there will also be an air base here in Mactan island. Which means happy days are here again!!! Yes, sir, Mactan is going to be the next Angeles city/subic bay in the Philippines for the 21st century. At this moment, the island is infested with rich Japanese tourists. Most of Cebu's 4 star hotels are located here and the cost for a decent lay by a beautiful brown skinned beauty is at least 5000 thousand pesos, which is very ridiculous!!! ~~

    ~~~~ The japs have hiked up the price, but within a year the American military should be able to regulate the price for women here in Cebu as they did way back in Angeles (Clark afb) and Subic naval base in Luzon. Plans are underway to invite potential bar owners also to basilan and zamboanga for the entertainment of our troops. I was there 2 days ago, and the scene there is next to nothing, with a few chance encounters in zambaonga. I took a couple of days off a few days ago to check out the scene around the island of Mactan. As expected the prices are sky high. A few miles away from Shangri-la and plantation bay resorts are a strip of japa-oke bars. Basically if you are not Japanese, they give you your beer and leave you alone, attending instead to their Jap clientele. Besides the japaokes are go go bars, but the quality here is purely for the locals. Iím definitely looking forward for the us air force base here to be set up and running. Iím sure the Japanese will stay clear of the area, thus bringing the prices back to its reasonable level.~~

    ~~~~Cebu city is great. Go go bars are pretty much like all go go bars in Asia. Prices are 1500 to 2000, with 500 to 700 going to the bar and the rest to the girl. I did check out that place called MONET behind the cebu capitol building, or actually beside it. and it was awesome!!! Some of the most beautiful women Iíve ever scene. I went there, told the taxi to go to Monetís, and in there showroom, I saw about 8 total knock outs. and this is out of maybe 20 (it was early in the evening, around 7pm). I chose one girl who looked exactly like Jessica Alba from "dark angel", that TV series. Wow. There was another girl that looked sort of like Kobe tai there too. But I was in the mood for a Jessica Alba look alike. ~~

    ~~~~ Although it cost 4000 pesos, it was definitely worth it. You agree on a price with an agent (homosexual Chinese Filipino), you take the girl back to your hotel, and it is then that you pay her the amount. Jessica was a great fuck. She was wearing white pants and a black tank top. From behind as we walked back to the taxi, I noticed she was wearing black thong panties. Immediately I had a hard on. In the taxi, I began touching her breasts. She smiled, and raised her shirt up for me to be able to feel em better. I saw the taxi driver looking. She smiled back at him knowing that's all the driver will ever experience that night. Then she slid her hand inside my pants. God, it felt good. We got to the hotel,. in the elevator she let me lick her small, but perky 18 year old tits. In the room she quickly undressed me as she took off her top and pants. With nothing but black thong panties on, I told her to stop, don't take off your panties. I like fucking girls with their panties on.~~

    ~~~~It was a great night. ~~
    (Review # 5434)
  • Mactan Island Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Feb 22 1999 Submitted by: Jason

    I recently spent several days on Mactan Island in Cebu. There are many very nice resorts on the island such as Shagri-La and Plantation Bay to name two of the best. The Night life there is great. There are two different types of establishments. There are ""Karaoki Bars"" which have 8-25 ladies in residence. You come into a large room where the girls are seated across from you and after a few minutes you are supposed to pick one. This can be kind of intimidating or very exciting depending on your personality. The girls are usually 6 -9.5 rating. I usually pick a short thin girl with small tits. I find it interesting to see if I can find a nice girl, one that is not too shy and yet might sincerely like me. This I think I have succeeded in about half the time. Once you pick your date you pay the boss about 2000 Pesos ($52.00 US) They will ask for 3000. Tell them you want a volume discount and will be back if satisfied. You now have your sweety for a whole night. Treat her right! Many girls are really shy and need to be treated with kindness and romance for the best results. I like to find a girl who will bathe and undress me, and cuddle me all night while I play with her pussy. In the morning you should give the lady a nice tip because she only gets 400 pesos of the 2000 you give her manager. 800 to 1000 pesos plus Taxi fare (200 pesos) or if you really like her, call her manager and tell him you will pay for the next whole day for another 2,000 p. If you have never been to the Phils you cannot imagine just what a good deal this is because many of the girls are worth the money just to feel the perfectly smooth skin and see the remarkable lovely innocent smile. My favorite clubs of this type are The VIP , and right next door is the XO. If you don't like the pickings at one just walk to the other. Another good one like this is The Napoleon. A note for the newbie, many hotels, especially the fancy ones require the girls to register at the desk with their hygiene card. If your hotel requires one make sure your girl brings her card or she may not be able to get in. The card insures that your girl has had pap smears and other exams every two weeks. This is no substitute for a condom. I am told that AIDS is very rare in this area, but you cannot be too careful.

    The second type of establishment is a real bar where the serve drinks and girls. The may take you to a seat and leave you to make your own moves or a girl may introduce herself to you, don't be too shy , Go sit right next to your besty pick and ask to buy her a drink. If you buy drinks for 2 -4 girls like I once did you may have an mini orgy, with girls rubbing your penis and laying all over you wanting a little attention of their own. My favorite bar in Mactan Island like this is called the Mactan Club. Ask any cab driver and they will take you there. The prices for these girls will be the bar tab (500-1000p) plus 2000 pesos for the whole night Have a nice time, but be nice, these sweet girls deserve it!.
    (Review # 408)

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