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  • Tachileik Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Dec 13 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    Don't bother with this shit hole. The ladies look pretty good, both the Burmese and hill tribers, but they can't fuck worth a shit. The street hawkers, sprinkled amongst the disease-ridden and crippled beggars, are persistent fuckers. They and the tour guides first try to sell you Viagra that would probably kill you, and then whisper "lady lady". Don't take them up on the offer, it's a rip off!

    They'll take you via motor scooter to a rundown brothel in the suburbs. The females all look pretty good, but once you get them in a dingy, dirty shack, they cross their legs and won't suck or do anything interesting. Try to finger them--if you manage to pry their legs apart, you'll find that their cunts are bone dry. How in the hell do they expect to fuck with their pussies in such terrible shape? I guess that's the point. I hope they're all sex slaves captured from the villages, these non-shagging, useless cunts.


    And when you're done, the hawker who brought you there will try to extort more money from you. Better pay the little monkey, unless you want to find yourself on the wrong side of the law. More shame on me: I've done it a couple times, figuring the first time might have been a fluke. It wasn't.


    The second time, I even pulled two pussies in the room, and they were both a couple of leg-crossing little prudes. What a fucking waste of young pussy. I hope they're better at picking onions and feeding the buffaloes, because that's where they belong. Go back to the village after you've had your pussy worked for a few years by countless johns and pick your rice, you dumb twats.


    If you're ever in this town and you're the kind of guy that can fuck a dry gash, do me a favor: pull a couple of these sex slaves and fuck them raw. Then, on your way out of town, kick a couple cripples and slap a few of the mongrel beggar kids on the head. Save your money for the brothels and massage parlors and street action in Thailand. If you want a taste of hill tribe honey pot, you'll find plenty of them in Chiang Mai, and at least they've been broken in by their masters. This country fucking blows.

    (Review # 22121)
  • Rangoon Street Action Dated Added: Wed May 03 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    Just had four nights in Rangoon squired by a local. BME 1 & 2 are the hot spots. Real discos, live and canned music. Plenty of girls ready to dance with you all night long. Not pushy. If you don't like one give her a few dollars and she'll go away. Spend all night making your choice. When you're ready $30 is minimum but pay them $40 or even $50. Why not? The locals pay 20,000 kyat. You earn more, so pay more. That's life. Bar in basement of Sofitel (now renamed) is also good; when I was there maybe 10 girls for every guy so you have your choice. Girls don't speak English and are not into the girlfriend experience like Thailand. They can get arrested for going with you so they prefer to act discreet. They'll try to slip out short time but you can convince them to spend the night...however, since they like to get home early (they live with their parents), get used to being woken at 6AM for some action...they'll then get dressed and ask you to take them downstairs and put them into a taxi. Be a gent and do it. Get used to the stares as you walk thru the lobby at 7AM with your little friend. Brown lithe bodies, very appealing, not as jaded as some Thai girls can be. And there's nothing else to do in Rangoon! (Review # 14617)
  • Rangon Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Jan 06 2006 Submitted by: Ken

    Myanmar is OK but it is better for tourism that girls. Most disco’s are in the basement floor of hotels. Girls are very good quality and pleasing. Pay from $40.00 to $50.00 US for long time with no bar fines. Do take the three city trip to Mandalay, Bagan, and Inle Lake. Book your hot air balloon ride in Bagan in advance. Bring a girl from Rangon with you as there are none up country. Bring US dollars or Euros because there is not ATM or banks and nobody takes credit cards. (Review # 13613)
  • Yangon and other Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Nov 17 2004 Submitted by: the Belgian

    After my fist report on Yangon, now my second. During my stay in Yangon, I met another fellow of my age (55) with whom I went out for another more local and exotic night spot. In the Shwedagon Pagoda Road,down town (every taxi driver will know) there are about 4 or 5 discos on the upper floors (5 or 6th).

    We went into one called "Palace". There is another with the name "Emperor". You enter the house after 8.00 and are guided immediately by some men to the elevator. Upstairs at first its very dark, your eyes have to adapt. Some small fee is to be paid (2 dollars if I remember correctly).

    Many (20 plus), mostly very youngish looking girls around , at about 9.00 only few male guests there. We were the only westerners. 2 very young looking girls approched us.We thought they might even be only 16 or 17. Their ID showed however their ages to be 24 and 25 later.

    Because of their little English we asked the help of one of the managers, who translated our wishes. An agreement was fast reached, 20 dollars was asked for the whole night until seven in the morning. We had a cheap drink and left. Again, 10 Dollars joiner fee and we went on to have very good fun with the girls, masssage, bj, different positions etc.

    Again anoother session in the morning. Then the girls changed their clothes, which were not sexy before, into something very local looking and left. I gave a 10 dollar tip and my lady seemed to be very pleased. In total, a very good experience.. I went also to MANDALAY where I asked some taxi driver, tourist guides etc. Nothing to find at all despite the city with more than 1.5 million inhabitants. Nothing again in the tourist spot BAGAN where I asked some horse car and taxi drivers..

    (Review # 10483)
  • Yangon and other Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Nov 17 2004 Submitted by: the belgian

    Just coming back from Myanmar (Nov. 2004) I can give an actual picture of the scene over there. Yangon , went to the disco at hotel Grand Plaza in the center, 4 or 5 star, every taxi driver will know. 6 dollar entrance includes one drink. About a dozen girls there, most good looking, slim. Some with some English, most with very little. Got immediately approched in a bit too fast way. She asked 50 dollars for a night in my hotel, nearby. As I did not want to decide on the spot ,she went away.

    About 70% of the girls present seem to look for company (with money of course). After checking the situation for 30 minutes, I agreed with a lady of a non agressive kind, with little English, 30 dollars for the night from 11.00 until seven in the morning. Not longer,because of the police, as my lady said.


    She went with me to the nearby 3 star hotel where she had to show her ID and I had to pay 10 dollars. After that, we had very good fun together, as long as I could go, different positions etc.Very satisfied, we fell asleep, she very calm and enjoyable on my side. At six, we woke up automatically and had another round of love making and she had asked me already the night before to accompany her out of the hotel, which I did. I paid her 40 dollars which seemed to please her, 10 more than agreed because of her good behaviour and the pleasure she had given me.

    (Review # 10482)
  • Yangon Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Jan 31 2003 Submitted by: FunInYangon

    I just got back from Yangon with a lots of fun. There are couple of things you need to know if you are having a trip to Yangon:~~

    ~~1) Girls prices are varies from location to location. There are three places I have been to and here is the following prices (the time is for all night :) )~~

    ~~i) Sofitel Plaza (used to be Equitorial): Located in downtown Yangon. All most everyone taxi driver will know that place. The place is very popular among foreigner and expat. With that condition, the price is one of the most expensive compare to the rest. Most girls will ask for USD$50 but the fair price is USD$30 to USD$40. Don't worry there a lots of young girls. Most of them are about 8 to 9 scale. You need to haggle with the price with the girls.~~

    ~~ii) Asia Plaza: This place is also not too far from downtown. This place are in the mix. There are few foreigner goes there and lots of locals. Prices wise: They will ask for USD$50 but the fair price for this place is about $20 to $35. Not to say the girls are not in good quality. The reason of being cheaper is because the entrance fee is cheaper compare to Sofitel (USD2.5 or 2500 kyats for a drink and entrance). Girls scale are around 6 to 8.~~

    ~~iii) JJ Entertainment: This is in the outskirt of the town. This place is only for local (I was the only foreigner when I was there) Price: They will ask you for USD30 but if you haggle with the price, it will be USD10 to USD15. Scale: 3 to 8~~

    ~~The exchange rate is about USD1 to 1000 Kyats. It fluctuates daily when you are there. As a foreigner, you pay for foreigner's price, Remember to negotiate price.~~

    ~~Have a fun trip to Yangon. Hopes this helps.~~ (Review # 6781)

  • Yangon Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Mar 06 2001 Submitted by: Nick

    Try the bar at Kandawgi Palace Hotel at Kan Yeik Tha Road. I met 2 sisters (USD10/each) last year and had a good time. The hotel charges USD20/ per guest. (Review # 3251)
  • Yangon (Rangoon) Other Dated Added: Sun Jun 11 2000 Submitted by: Anon

    Had an amazing time in Myanmar. There are basically only 2 places to meet working girls. Both are bars. One is called the Equitorial and the other is called Asia Plaza. Both places reminded me of Bangkok. The Equitorial has incredibly beautiful women, and is where most of the foreigners hang out.

    As soon as you walk in the door you are ambushed by the young vixens. Prices range from US $30 - $50 for all night and into the morning. I settled on $45 for the first women, and her friend for an additional $30. A nice BBBJ. I came in both their mouths. Such a rare occurrence in my experience.

    You've got to be careful since the girls don't care whether or not you use a condom for f/s. Many times with many different women I had to stop them and tell them to wait until I had a shield on. Although I enjoy a condomless BJ.

    Asia plaza is where the locals go. I prefer it much better because I was always the only white dude in I had the pick of the place. The girls seem to enjoy US currency over the worthless Kyat. Girls are beautiful and prices are from 20-40 dollars. 40 dollars being charged for a goddess for 24 hours. There is a small cover charge at both places...when you sit down a girl will always come over and sit with you. They are aggressive. If you don't care for that approach, just keep sending them away and after 20mins or so they'll stop coming by. If the girl sits with you awhile and you decide not to keep her, you are expected to tip her 1000 kyats ( 1-2 dollars). It is no problem to take any of the girls back to any hotel. I have stayed at all 5 of the 4-5 star hotels the many times I was there and it was never a problem. Trust me, you will find working girls no where else in Yangon. Ming-ga-la-ba.
    (Review # 1694)

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