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Advice from some locals...
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  • Penang Massage Parlor Dated Added: Tue Jul 19 2005 Submitted by: Ali

    Coco Pub.... bootilicious!!!! rm 100 for full service. Look for Coco (36 DD). Good service! BJ + FJ. (Review # 12083)
  • Ipoh Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sat Jul 16 2005 Submitted by:

    Got bored and have been trying out various places in Ipoh. Found Heritage Hotel to be a cosy place. Girls are skilled masseause and good looking, cost RM 180. Excelsior Hotel has no action whatsoever. Only 40 year olds there, do not waste your time. For a place with a lot of pretty girls, go to Robin Spa (RM 138) only. (Review # 12055)
  • Negeri Sembilan Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sat Jul 16 2005 Submitted by: Spa Hopper

    Hotel Royal Adelphi in the Lake Gardens. Got very good SPA facilities, with Excellent Girls. Most of them will give you Ass-Lick too! You even have some Hot girls giving you BJ and ASS-Lick with HACKS...damn they are good ... check out MIMI or YUKI .. not big breasts, though. Buy good fuck. Full service is about RM228. (Review # 12041)
  • Tawau Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Jun 20 2005 Submitted by: Ringgo

    For guys who need girls when at Tawau, I want to recommend to you a new hotel name King Park. Their health centre at 1 st floor. You can ask mami there. A lot of girls from mainland China. For full service will cost you Rm250.00. Nice tits and young. Please try. Got local too. I prefer girl named Lisa, very romantic and treat you like husband. (Review # 11805)
  • Kuala Lumpur Escort Review Dated Added: Mon May 02 2005 Submitted by: playsafe

    I would strongly recommend that all you horny guys who want to have some fun in KL to get local Chinese girls. As far as I know, the local Chinese go for regular check ups. They also 'cleanse' themselves by getting their regular doctors to wash their vaginas and will take 'leave' to rest once a while. Whereas the same cannot be said of the foreigners. You must must be thinking that these foreigners are more fun bacause some will allow you to fuck them condomless and butt fuck as well. Some will swallow your cum etc. Think again, you want to play exciting or play safe. Surely you want to live on to fuck more girls, right ? Call me chicken, but I always asked for a BJ with condom. I always freak out thinking that if it is a BBBJ, the same girl would have had so many other dicks in her mouth before and your dick is going into the same mouth. (Review # 11379)
  • Kuala Lumpur Escort Review Dated Added: Mon May 02 2005 Submitted by: playsafe

    Agreed that Sunshine has one of the better selection of girls. I'm a regular there. Got to know some of the girls quite well. They may not be the best looking girls around town but their services are excellent. But please bear in mind, that you can only get good service if you act good. Don't be too rough and demanding. Sure to get sucks service. Come on, you only pay a certain sum, don't treat them like animals. After all they are also human, you treat them nice they will also be nice to you.   (Review # 11378)
  • Kuala Lumpur Escort Review Dated Added: Mon May 02 2005 Submitted by: playsafe

    Either my taste differs or there is something that I've missed out. There were many reviews stating how good are the girls at Lisa De Inn. Went there twice. Twice I felt that my money was wasted.


    The last time, I was there, the captain kept saying that there are a lot of girls but were 'working'. Kept recommending girls that looked like 30s while claiming that they are in their 20s and claimed that they're the 'hot ones'. The captain then gave me the cold shoulder, perhaps feeling that I was too picky. I didn't care because I'm the one who is paying and I want to get what I want. Finally, took one who looked better than the rest. The name was Amy. Thought she will be good as mentioned in one of the earlier posting. Turned out to be a letdown. She was rushing.... her service was nothing to shout about. 

    (Review # 11377)
  • Penang Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Apr 30 2005 Submitted by: Reminder

    Beware to all you guys on the shemale along Chulia Street in Penang. Many reports said there were many pretty and good shape body shemale there with firm and nice breasts. But, please beware with the pickpockets because they are too professional in that. They can take your money while you are having sex with them. It is something like magic play and you will never knew when they picked your pocket. Although they still provide you good sex experience. (Review # 11363)
  • Labuan Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Apr 08 2005 Submitted by: BigJohn

    Victory Health Club is still active. Cost per package is Between RM200-Rm300. Girls are OK. (Review # 11225)
  • subang jaya. Massage Parlor Dated Added: Wed Feb 02 2005 Submitted by: asianman

    Hi guys, I used to be at Summit hotel, 4th floor, Topaz spa. So far I have tried 3 Chinese girls:  Kelly, Joey and Rachel. They are good and services are excellent. Look for captain John. Full paakage, I only paid rm230....good nice pussy. Besides Chinese girls, they also have Malay and Indian girls. (Review # 10924)
  • Kuala Lumpur Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Jan 04 2005 Submitted by: Hor Sweehole

    Sunshine has one of the best concentration of Malaysian and Chinese girls in town. I must admit that I am damn picky on my selection of girls. However I get no worries whenever I go fucking in Sunshine. (Review # 10803)
  • JB Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Dec 26 2004 Submitted by: JB surveyor

    JB has good places for massage. However, what is lacking compare with KL is a SEXY massage. The price is RM199~250 for full package services.

    I personally recommend as below:

    New YorK hotel-- SPA facilities are average, nice and beautiful girls.

    Lion Hotel --- Spa facilities are OLD, but nice and beautiful girls. Try Fiona.

    Eden Garden hotel --- GOOD spa facilities but high rates for full packages.

    Grand Continental Hotel -- Average spa facilities and nice and beautiful girls sometimes, depends on your luck. Try number 29.

    (Review # 10681)
  • Penang Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Dec 19 2004 Submitted by: John D

    This is funny story. They called it "Bar Korek" (means finger fuck bar). The place only offers you hand jobs. It's located in Bukit Mertajam, small town in main land. I've gone twice there. Call girls name Zura or Shikin. Nice breasts. Just pay for drinks (normally soft drink in can: price RM9.00 (US2.00). The girl then comes and sits beside you - chatting, and you can play with her breasts. Then she will asking you for "cuci". It's means hand job. Just pay another RM30.00. No fuck allowed because the girls will tell you they are not prostitutes. Very funny.

    But some girls will offer blow job price RM50.00. You can try it. But be careful with police raids. You will be sent to the lock-up.

    (Review # 10613)
  • Kuala Lumpur Massage Parlor Dated Added: Wed Dec 08 2004 Submitted by: Robin222

    I have tried Sammy at Concorde. Yes, she has a great body, but not that great a service as mentioned in the earlier report. She was rushing it a bit. Neither did she swallow. I did ask for anal, she said no, so I am not sure whether it's true that she does anal.

    The best fuck I have ever had is with Kim at Eastin Hotel. This is one girl that I won't mind fucking every day. Body not that bad. Face so so. But she can really fuck. She would lick my arse, French kiss, and even allowed me to finger fuck her arse. She has great tasting pussy. I just love sucking her until she cums. I haven't tried anal. Maybe a bit difficult considering how tight her arse is. So far have only managed to push a bit of my finger inside. I have honestly never met a girl who loves fucking as much as she does. I normally see her for two hours, and its solid fucking and licking for the two hours. I treat her like a girlfiend, and she treats me like her boyfriend. If I am a millionaire, I would keep her as my mistress.

    (Review # 10565)
  • Kuala Lumpur Massage Parlor Dated Added: Fri Nov 19 2004 Submitted by: CK from PJ

    Try Alfie at the Midah Hotel Spa on the 5th Floor.She will do you good at RM 238. Good fuck Really a good cock sucker and makes you cum with a bang. Alfie sucks and licks ass. Takes in the ass too if the price is right (Review # 10490)
  • Subang Jaya Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sat Nov 13 2004 Submitted by: Big Daddy

    I was at the Summit Hotel Spa. Its located on the 4th floor. Quite discreet. You'll be greeted by one of the hosts there. Just tell him you want a full pacakge which is for screwing. Only Malay and Chinese girls there. I wanted a Malay and got Irene. What a waste of RM180. She is rushing and just wants to make u cum. Not recommended. Might go there and try a Chinese girl but then there are other places here that I might try. Dont take Irene if you are in Summit Hotel.  (Review # 10451)
  • Lahad Datu Massage Parlor Dated Added: Thu Nov 11 2004 Submitted by:

    Look out for a pimp named "Koumis" near Mido Hotel and he can get you fantastic Indonesian or Philipino girls for around RM 150-300 per night, depending on the quality. Tell the pimp what you are looking for but don't feel obliged to book the first one that comes along. Take your time and pick to suit your taste. No short games though, but most of the girls are friendly though a tad inexperienced. You need to have your own hotel room and Executive Hotel nearby gives one plenty of comfort and privacy. The experiences I had were so good I don't mind flying cheap with Air Asia to Kota Kinabalu and thereon a short flight to Ladah Datu just for a few nights of fucking madness. (Review # 10431)
  • Kuantan Massage Parlor Dated Added: Tue Oct 26 2004 Submitted by:

    Hi guys, not much happening in Kuantan as far as I could tell until I found the M G Garden Hotel.


    On the second floor there is a massage parlor run by a Chinese lady. Prices are 70 RM for massage, 80RM for a massage in your room if you are a resident, or if you want sex, just ask for the 'full service' and that costs 200RM (that's about £30 sterling or $45 USD/Euro). 100RM will get you a massage and a wank. A few youngish Chinese girls will be on the books - so just ask for a young and pretty one. If not, you get a slighty older one. I didn't negotiate, but I guess you can offer extra tips if you want something more - they do most things: anal licking, anal sex, CiM etc...


    The one I had gave a top-notch massage first, then a great blow-job (uncovered) which was fantastic - really good technique even if it was a bit mechanical. Then ON with the condom and straight into the mush. Shot my load after a few minutes, shook her hand and went on my merry way! Enjoy!

    (Review # 10353)
  • Ipoh Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Oct 22 2004 Submitted by: aduka

    Nice girl at Casuarina. About 25, very clean and nice body. Average BJ and massage. Ask for a nice girl from the captain and in all likelihood, she'll be nice. Not much choice... She's a lenglui from KL. Cost about RM180.

    Shuen hotel... has nothing...shit!

    Excelsior... has a skinny ass girl about 29-30 yrs old. Big nipples and some rashes on the shoulder.. RM 180... very good at BJ and a very tight pussy..but not a good looker... so basically Ipoh sucks

    (Review # 10335)
  • Kuantan Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Oct 12 2004 Submitted by:

    I am new to this site and I find the postings very interesting. Unfortunately, I am a bit disappointed that there is no posting on the East coast state of Malaysia: Pahang, Kuantan. You guys must check out te health centre at MS Garden hotel and ask for Lily, a very good BJ and with extra RM50 she will do the hot and cold BJ(their speciality).

    The other place to visit is Cherating, about 30 min drive from Kuantan, a lot of beach pubs with a lot of semi professional girls waiting to be picked up (all you need to do is buy few round of drinks. If you want to go straight to business, then check in The Moon ( not many choices, but there is Sabahan and Sarawarkians, good looking but average service, costs range from RM 80 to RM 150).

    (Review # 10278)
  • Georgetown Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Oct 01 2004 Submitted by: Mark

    Berjaya hotel has imported China dolls. More than 10 beautiful girls to choose from. The youngest is only 18 years old. Name Xiao Xiao (only worked for 2 months).

    The one I had was called name Xiao Yu. Had great breasts and was very friendly, shy and provided good blowjob. Charges around RM200/hour. Go to Berjaya Hotel and ask for the manager, Sam. Ask for the girls and you got to choose yours....enjoy.

    (Review # 10224)
  • Tawau Massage Parlor Dated Added: Wed Sep 29 2004 Submitted by:

    Last week, I went to Tawau Sabah Malaysia. Please visit 1st Hotel Health Center. They have lots of girls from Indonesia, Philiphines and some locals too. Had a good massage. An overnight will cost you RM 250.00 - RM 300.00. Enjoy! (Review # 10207)
  • P.Jaya Massage Parlor Dated Added: Thu Sep 09 2004 Submitted by: CHEATED

    Went to Lisa De Inn on a Thursday night at about 10 pm.

    DO NOT at any time ask for a girl named DIANE unless you want to feel cheated. So-so face and body, with a tattoo of a rose on her shoulder (right side). Thought she would be OK, how wrong I was. Lousy massage, lousier fuck, fake noises (you can tell she just wants you to come fast) etc. Basically a waste of my hard earned money.

    I don't expect good service all the time, but when you are spending money, I think you should at least get an average fuck. If any of you guys dont mind lousy fucks, then get her....

    (Review # 10069)
  • Johor Bahru Massage Parlor Dated Added: Tue Aug 31 2004 Submitted by: sexnmassage

    JB New York Spa - Excellent health spa with jacuzzi, steam & sauna bath, food & drinks and beautiful young sexy girls from KL or Ipoh, etc who can do massage, BJ & sex for a package of RM$198. Ask the captains to recommend the best masseuse with your taste and specifications.


    Once in, the girl will automatically strip to give a naked massage for you, oil or powder. The young ones are not so good at massage but are good at ass licking, BJ and sex. Some allow licking vagina like 21 (Cat), 78 (Ruby), 60 (Peggy), 88 (Apple or Wendy), 90 (Anna). But don't try Miko (75), poor service, always in a hurry.

    (Review # 10014)
  • Penang Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Aug 30 2004 Submitted by: AJ

    Great web-page. I was in town visiting for a few days and wanted some 'room service' and managed to find this link on the web. In the end I called "Jesse of Penang", found her web-page as well. I called the number on the page and had my choice of Chinese, Russian (apparently many girls to chose from).

    The girl arrived at my door 15-minutes later, asked if I approved (which I did), and then we got down to business. Attractive, 19-year old. Service was good ... she was a bit of a clock-watcher.

    (Review # 10010)
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