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  • Kuala Lumpur Massage Parlor Dated Added: Thu Nov 09 2000 Submitted by: The Fox

    Just my 2 cents worth. Hotel The Palma, in Ampang has a good service joint and the girls are of vaorious types...~~Massage RM80 = US22 and full service RM150 = US40. Place is clean and people are pleasent. Mostly Chinese girls with few malays or others.~~Deco.. so so clean. Worth Checking out (Review # 2689)
  • Penang Massage Parlor Dated Added: Tue Nov 07 2000 Submitted by: Anon

    Hello everyone ! I was in Malaysia in late October 2000 and stayed in Penang and KL. As I didn't have much time left from shopping (cheap gold, software, touristy artifacts etc.) I was only able to pursue my carnal desires once in KL at a place called The Green Elephant Massage Parlour. I can't really give you an exact address of this place however if you gou out of one of the several doors of Low Yat Plaza and come to a T intersection (with the right hand side of the road leading to the Federal hotel) you will see it right in front of you.

    The place looks nothing from the outside, however inside it's plosh and comfortable looking. I was greeted by a bespectacled Chinese man who wore a suit and a tie which seemed very funny to me as I had never seen a pimp wearing a tie before. He asked me what I wanted and after learning that I was after some Chinese pussy (I love Chinese they're petite, lovely and have great smiles), he proceeded to explain to me the different prices of different services. I wasn't really listening to the options as I solely had sex on my mind. He told me that a blowjob and sex would cost me 250 Ringgit (roughly 63 USD and 125 AUD)for 45 minutes, which seemed a bit expensive when compared to the nice service and beautiful girls that you can get in an Australian brothel for around 70-100 AUD, but I was really horny so I accepted.

    He went out and returned with three Chinese girls and my god were they beautiful ! The first one had a great small ass, the second one had wonderfully sized tits, and the third one had the most beautiful face. I went with the first one as she seemed to be the youngest and had the best ass ever. I was shown into a smallish room by the girl who asked me the money. She left and returned 10 minutes later and asked me to take a shower (standard health regulation in Australia) but I was really surprised when she came in to the shower and started soaping up my body and my dick. After this I laid on the bed and she gave me a good BJ (not an excellent one, I've had better, one notable one was from a Brazilian prostitute in Long Island New York) and laid on her back on the bed afterwards. The actual fucking was a bit disappointing as she didn't let me kiss her and didn't really seem to be enjoying herself. However, I changed to doggy style and I came really fast as I could feel her tight pussy on every part of my cock (felt as tight as an anus actually !). I refused to tip her as she really was inexperienced in the fucking department and she seemed a bit disappointed, but hey what the heck you learn it hard in this world (in other words good service=good tips for her). I left after this. I am actually planning to go to Thailand next year, good screwing to all of yous out there !
    (Review # 2681)
  • KL Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Oct 30 2000 Submitted by: gigolo

    Update: hi all of you desperadoes. I've been to holiday villa subang quite recently and confirm that Ayu, sabahan girl, does give french kiss. best of all, she will take the initiatives since I was shy. price is RM150 for malay girl. she has a friend working in Armada but you need to ask her for more info.

    Few months back, I got crystall -a chinese girl with big breast pink tits and small fuck hole. it was great too since she was 'tight'. I also recommend her (a friend of mine fucked her twice for the same price!!! he must've bullshited her). she's $170.
    (Review # 2636)
  • Kuala Lumpur Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Oct 04 2000 Submitted by: James

    Plaza Hotel. The price now is RM 165. Tried Linda (not recommended). Heard Carmen(malay) provide good service. (Review # 2504)
  • Subang, Kuala Lumpur Massage Parlor Dated Added: Tue Jul 03 2001 Submitted by: Pretender6973

    Hello. First time submitting a report with you guys. Thought I should do so after my encounter and reading the reports posted here. If any of you are in the area of Subang Jaya, make you way to the Blue Apple. They told me that it's now under a new management. This is after I enquired about the prices. Everything now is flat rate of RM170 for the full package, RM78 for the massage.
    ~~I encountered a lot of beautiful ladies there. But the good ones were taken for the day. I chose Betty; Chinese, about early 20s, rather plump. Gave me a shower including an anal massage. (Rather new to me) Then she proceeded to lick me entire body then blowing me. This is how she get her juices flowing I was told. Then she asked me raise my ass. I don't why but I'm game for anything kinky. (I was bored during the day) She proceeded to tongue my asshole!! Boy was I surprised. She then blew me again, and inserted the condom with her tongue. We then fucked missionary. (She did ask how I wanted to fuck her. I chose the classic) After off-loading my supply, she gave me a neck and shoulder massage. Nothing fancy, just to get the circulation going. We then talked for a while since she was in no hurry to get back the parlor.
    ~~All this for RM170. I was hoping to try for a Malay girl. Maybe next time.
    (Review # 2043)
  • Other Dated Added: Thu Jul 13 2000 Submitted by:

    September 10, 1999 - Last year on a business trip to Malaysia I checked out a bar but it was not the right place. On the way back to my hotel, the Mandarin Oriental, I was walking through the parking lot and a guy sitting in a car asked me if I wanted a girl. I said, "How much?" He wanted RM$350 but soon came down to $250. Said he had all kinds, Vietnamese, Burmese, Chinese. Asked me what size, I said the smaller the better. I said small Burmese. But I told him RM$250 was too high. (I really had no idea, having not found your site) And it was my last night in town. When I got to my room, I had only about RM$180, RM$178 to be exact. When he called the room, I told him my predicament. He said that was ok. Soon, he brought the girl up to my room. She was beautiful and petite and dressed in black leather. Not much breasts to speak of but beautiful still the same.~~~~First she led me to the shower and gave me a shower all over, paying close attention to my now erect penis and ass. After the shower, she showered and joined me in bed. She begins by licking my dick and balls without a condom (good blowjob). But when I was coming she pulled off and I came all over her tits and my stomach. Then she let me lick her tits. This was great. Soon, I got another erection and I put a condom on. When I enter her she seemed a little in pain. Not that I am that big but just that she was so small. I did her doggie style and missionary finally I came.~~~~After that she said, "Ok?" She spoke almost no English. I said "One more" while holding up 1 finger and making a jerking off motion with my other hand. She willingly obliged. (I had bartered for 90 minutes with the guy). I came again and then we showered. As I watched her get dressed, I marveled at this amazing time. I searched through all of my clothes and found about S$15 in coins and gave her that as a tip. I wish I had more.~~~~Although this was a great experience, I think that due to the late time (almost 2 a.m.), it was an easy bargain. I still have no idea if I paid too much or not. It was worth it to me!~~ (Review # 1926)
  • Laula Lumpur Other Dated Added: Tue Feb 22 2000 Submitted by: info

    Malaysia is a massage paradise. Visit any massage and you can expect beautiful girls serving you. Try p.j hilton if you prefer high class treatment or Madarin court hotel for middle class cost around 70 for massage and extra service around 100 (RM). What should be recommended now is the Renaissance hotel which is a 5 star hotel now having promotion rate at RM78 only. Try it and you know will worth it. do you have any info on Melbourne brothel recently year 2000 as I'll be visiting there. Please provide price and location. (Review # 1670)
  • Kuala Lumpur Massage Parlor Dated Added: Wed Dec 29 1999 Submitted by: macho_man

    Hi everybody. Well got some latest update as per 29.12.1999 @ 1.23am. Try Mandarin Court Hotel in KL at 7th floor. Got a lot of varieties there ...Chinese, Indian etc....

    Very good quality and I mean it. look for mamasan joanne and ask her for the girls. Tell her what type you preferred..... for massage or for fuck.

    Tha'ts all for know .... till then merry xmas and happy new millennium year 2000. Happy screwing !
    (Review # 1060)
  • Kuala Lumpur Massage Parlor Dated Added: Thu Jul 02 1998 Submitted by: local

    Am a local and would like to share my experiences with all:
    Location : PJ Holiday Villa
    Class : High
    Decoration: Modern
    Service : Massage + Action (Masturbation or Sex)
    Cost : RM90 for Massage + RM180 for sex. Tips - optional
    Girl Race : Chinese, Malay, Indian
    Note : Great stuff here. Highly recommended. MUST check out the Malay girls !!! Whew !! However, be a little careful as prostitution among the Malays are (highly) illegal and so it costs more (RM250). But, whew !! Hang around at the spa's sitting area for a moment and ENJOY your sight !!
    (Review # 383)
  • Kaula Lumpur Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Sep 04 1998 Submitted by: Traveler

    I had a pretty fair experience at the Shangra La hotel in KL. Massages in the hotel are performed in your room instead of in the health club. Prices are 140 Rigget for one hour 200 for 1 1/2 hours. About 4.5 riggets to the dollar. An attractive Chinese lady in her early 40s came to my room and gave me a professional massage for a while and then got to business. At the start she insists you take all your cloths off and does not place a towel or anything to cover your weaponry. This was the first clue. After she massaged my back for 1/2 hour, she suggested I roll over and proceeded to massage my front. Same as other massage reports, she ""accidentally"" rubbed my dick while massaging my inner thighs and eventually asked if I wanted a full body massage. It was pretty clear she was suggesting a hand job and I thought, hey why not. After a satisfactory hj, she asked for a US$20 tip. Very reasonable I thought. The only unfortunate part was on my bill the next morning the 140 rigget was listed as a ""health club"" bill. Anybody doing expense reports knows what that is so be warned.

    There were a lot of girls wandering the streets around the hotels, they looked really rough and I decided not to even ask how much.
    (Review # 382)
  • Kuala Lumpur Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Jun 08 1998 Submitted by: Heorot

    The Petaling Jaya Hilton hotel runs a great massage service. All girls do not give full service, only hand jobs with clothing removed. Various prices. One full service girl I can recommend is J.J. She is delightful. The full service is MR 200 plus the massage charge. Total is less than USD 75 for a full hour of fun. J.J. really gets into her work. And the massage is not bad either. Just call the service from the folder in the bathrooms. In about 10 minutes a girl will appear. You do not know until after the massage just how much service you will get, and I have never asked in advance.
    Even hand jobs are nice once in a while.
    (Review # 381)
  • Kuala Lumpur Massage Parlor Dated Added: Thu Jul 02 1998 Submitted by: local

    Am a local and would like to share my experiences with all:
    Location : PJ Crystal Crown
    Hotel Class : Medium
    Decoration : Standard
    Service : Jacuzzi, Steam bath, Movie, Food, Gym, Massage, Sex
    Cost : RM90 for Massage + RM150 for sex. Tips - optional
    Girl Race : Chinese - Good Stuff
    Notes : Go for a bath, hang-around the food section and watch the corridor for the girls to go pass, THEN select. Otherwise, the captain will choose for you.
    (Review # 380)
  • Kuala Lumpur Massage Parlor Dated Added: Thu Jul 02 1998 Submitted by: local

    Am a local and would like to share my experiences with all:
    Location : 3/f, Wisma Bond (Residential Apartment)
    Class : Low
    Decoration: Low
    Service : Jacuzzi, Steam bath, Massage, Sex
    Cost : RM70 for Massage
    Local Chinese - RM200
    China Chinese - RM200
    Malay - RM230
    Myanmar - RM180
    Thai - RM180
    Indian - RM180
    Note : Try not to go without a local guide.
    (Review # 379)
  • Kuala Lumpur Massage Parlor Dated Added: Wed Jul 08 1998 Submitted by: Wild24

    If you are looking for a good time in KL and want to spend a relaxing time with a beautiful girl
    you should check out the health club at Corronna Inn off Jalan Bukit Bintang. It is
    right behind the old Rex theater.

    The massage cost RM 88

    I chose a standard massage and was led to a Japanese style room with a nice bed on the floor,
    5 minutes later a beautiful Chinese girl in her 20s come in.

    She starts by giving me a great oil massage and then when she's done in 20 minutes or so, she asks me
    if I want special services, I gladly agree to RM 150 for full sex. She then
    proceeds to bath me and then we get to business. Firstly , she gave me an
    awesome blowjob, she lick me from head to toe , turned me over and licked my ass too
    . Then she proceeded to climb on me and we fucked as she rode me like a wild thing
    . We went in almost all positions I knew. I finally came while I was on mission on her.
    We cleaned up and I paid her 150 and left.

    Over all this is the best place I've ever been to .

    The best girls there are Susan, Evon and Chris all of them give blowjobs with out rubber and screw
    (Review # 378)
  • Kuala Lumpur Massage Parlor Dated Added: Tue Dec 29 1998 Submitted by: DePrince

    hi again. this is my account of my second visit to a Malaysian massage parlour.

    i returned to the same place, PJ DeInn. it's a small hotel near the PJ Hilton. if u can
    afford the Hilton, go ahead. I've heard they have a good place for massage there too. but
    since I've a bit on the budget side, DeInn's the place.

    head for the elevator and go up to penthouse level. it was a bit embarrassing that one lady
    who was working in an office in the building was in the elevator. must be thinking what kind
    of horny people we are to be visiting such place in the afternoon. it's quite commonly known
    that massage parlours in Malaysia are generally used as a front for brothels.

    once up there, me and my friend was seated and offered drinks. the man then proceed to ask
    us what are we looking for. he explained the price structure : rm60++ for massage,
    rm160 for sex and rm210 for massage and sex.

    we generally said we were looking for massage. my friend decided to ask for a Malay girl.
    the man said no problem and suggested to me an easy-going one.

    i was lead into a small room with a massage table and an attached shower cubicle. a few
    minutes later a sexy looking lady walked into the room. she had a great body but was not
    as young as the one i had the last time. i guess she was about late 20s to early 30s. but
    she was sexy and was already turned me on. she asked me what service i wanted, but i couldn't
    really understand the terms she used so i said massage. she asked me to strip and lay down
    on the table.

    then she proceed to give a wonderful massage. it really felt good. that's the advantage of
    having an experienced one compared to a young one. and she is quite friendly. i was totally
    relaxed. after about half an hour of wonderful massage, she asked if i like any extra
    service. i asked what services she offered and she proceed to describe her services in term
    that I've not heard before, me being new to all this. we laughed as she explained to me what
    she meant. rm50 for handjob, rm100 for nude handjob, rm150 for full sex and rm160 for sex plus
    blowjob. it's really reasonable. was tempted to take the rm160 but i knew i wouldn't last so
    i opt for the rm150.

    she then proceed to strip and what a beautiful body she has. nice breasts and sweet looking
    nipples. nicely trimmed pussy. can't take my eyes of her hard nipples though. she then proceed
    to 'service' me... fondling my cock and licking my nipples and body. a little awkward though
    because the table was a bit narrow. being new, i didn't do much before she slip on a condom
    on my cock and ask me to be on top. again it was not as comfortable when i was screwing her
    because of the small table. not a bad fuck although she was a bit 'loose' for me. faked moans
    brought some atmosphere though. didn't last too long before i cum. cleaned the condom up and
    prepared me for shower. this time, this girl helped me showered.

    once I'm done, paid her and said thank you. generally it's a much better experience than last time.
    even my friend had a good time. said his girl was wonderful... very open and had a great massage
    plus handjob. she didn't even charged him for extra time. my friend said this place has the
    best service of all the places he visited.

    i planned to go back soon, maybe in a few weeks time. hope to have more stories to tell. i
    do enjoy telling my experience and also like to hear from others especially about their
    experience here in Malaysia.

    have a happy new year.

    (Review # 377)
  • Kuala Lumpur Incall Dated Added: Thu Jul 02 1998 Submitted by: local

    Am a local and would like to share my experiences with all:
    Location : KL Amada Hotel
    Class : Medium
    Type : In-call into your room. Call girls.
    Service : Sex - Per shot or Whole night (till morning).
    Cost : China Chinese - RM300/shot RM700/night
    Local Chinese - RM???/shot RM???/night
    Malay - RM???/shot RM???/night
    Tips - RM50-RM100
    Girl Race : Chinese, Malay, Indian
    Note : Great looking girls !! Call girls, not whore. It is worth the price. You can ask the 'hotel desk assistant' for assistance. Just tip him afterwards. Start by ""Hey, do you know where I can get some action ? It's late so I can't go out but would be great if someone can come to me !"
    (Review # 376)
  • Kuala Lumpur Massage Parlor Dated Added: Tue Nov 03 1998 Submitted by: sheikh

    If you are ever in Malaysia's capital, Kuala Lumpur, head for the Crystal
    Crown hotel off the Federal Highway. The general area is also called Petaling Jaya.
    Head for the health Centre on the 5th floor. The last time I was there,
    I got to spend an hour with a gorgeous Chinese girl named Pauline. Tall,
    slim, and beautiful, not to mention enthusiastic. After a routine attempt
    at massage, we moved on to the ""special"" offering. Negotiated to Malaysian
    ringgit 150 (US 40).

    She had a tight and willing pussy. Didn't allow kissing though. Gives you your money's worth.
    I have since been told there are other good ones here too, as they try to
    maintain a high standard in girls
    (Review # 375)
  • Kuala Lumpur Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sat May 15 1999 Submitted by: sdxanfield

    There are various spots or hotels in Kuala Lumpur offering anything from massages
    to full sex packages. The going rate now would be:-

    For 3-5 star hotels : USD 18 for Massage and USD60 for full sex
    Selection of girls will be mainly local Malaysian Chinese and Malay.

    This report is dated 15 May'99
    (Review # 374)
  • Kuala Lumpur Incall Dated Added: Thu Oct 22 1998 Submitted by: The Duke

    I was travelling to Malaysia on a business trip some time ago. I was staying in a friend's apartment. He lived on 6th floor and there was a guy living on 15th, alone.

    We used to get out at nights to some bars, but I soon found out that it was almost impossible to find ladies to come with you. Waitresses only do servings. And there were no special rooms in the bars either, I was told by my two friends. All this is because Malaysia is an Islamic country.

    However, when we were coming back home, at the main entrance to the apartment complex which was heavily guarded, my friend asked me if I would be interested to taste some locals. 'Of course' I said. So he approached the guard and talked to him for 10 seconds. The guard asked me what I wanted: Chinese, Indians or locals. So I told him that I was interested in locals. But he told me that locals were sometimes difficult to get and what my second choice would be. I told him Chinese. We were then told to go to the apartment and wait. Which we did.

    About half an hour later, there was a knock on the door. Oh by the way, for this night, I was staying on 15th floor because the one on 6th is married and living with his wife and children.

    There stood 2 young beauties and a man, obviously the pimp. We asked him how much it was and he said RM300 (RM stands for Ringgit Malaysia worth just over RM100 per US$) and he will be back in an hour. We told him it was TOO expensive and just to forget about it. Then the price went down to 250. We then asked him how much for the whole night. 400 came the answer. We paid the guy and he said he will be back between 6 and 7 in the morning.

    When that guy left, the smaller of the two came to me and the other went to my friend. We had some beers and tried to talk but without success. They don't speak English that well. They are Chinese but born and brought up in Malaysia. While attempting the conversation, the girls got closer to their respective man. I started to explore her and was happy to find firm tits and ass.

    Since it was already past midnight, we retired to our respective rooms. Once inside, the girl asked me to take a shower first. I needed one anyway: it is so hot in Malaysia. She then showered too. Too bad we couldn't do it together.

    Once back in the room, I removed the towel around me and lay down. She came over to me and gave me a simplified version of body massage (not comparable to the ones you get in Thai massage parlours, but not that bad either) followed by some massage by hands. She evaluated the size of my dick and chose a condom accordingly. She put the condom on using her mouth and followed with a BJ. In fact it was an incredible BJ and I felt like the condom would break or something. I told her so and she said it is better to have a slightly smaller condom which holds your dick tight. Well let that be. It wasn't a moment to organize an international forum on the size of condom.

    During the BJ, I explored all her showered body which was soft and sensual.

    I then sucked her tits, her ass, her cunt and her whole body. She then got on me and started to fuck me. We changed positions a few times and I finally came. She took the condom off me and started to massage my dick with dripping sperm with her belly. Then she proposed that we fall asleep in that position, which we did very soon.

    The next morning, she woke me up at around 05:45 and said her guy will be coming soon to pick her up. I went out to the living room with her and the other girl was there already. We spent some time talking and I asked my girl if she was OK for the second shot. OK came the answer. Back in the room, we more or less repeated the same process as last night.

    Then came the guy and she left after a light kiss on my lips.

    All in all, I had a real splendid night, good sex and for a good price, too! Just over US$100 for a whole night and 2 excellent fuck is an acceptable price anywhere in the world!!!!

    Well guys, next time to go to Malaysia don't get despaired, girls are there. It's that they are not so visible to outsiders.
    (Review # 373)
  • Kuala Lumpur Massage Parlor Dated Added: Thu Jul 02 1998 Submitted by: local

    Am a local and would like to share my experiences with all:
    Location : KL Concord Hotel
    Class : High
    Decoration: Japanese
    Service : Massage + Action (Masturbation or Sex)
    Cost : RM80 for Massage + RM150 for sex. Tips - optional
    Girl Race : Chinese, Indian
    (Review # 372)
  • Kuala Lumpur Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Sep 01 1998 Submitted by: Anonymous

    The most accessible sex in KL is found in the massage parlours. All
    hotels have them, they are all pretty similar.
    The attendant is usually a Chinese lady 25-35 yrs, do not expect a
    beauty. She may or may not be able to speak English but communication
    concerning sex is no problem.
    You will be asked to undress completely, lay face down and she will
    start off with a conventional massage. This is frequently very pleasant
    and sometimes sensual. Depending on how quickly (and if) you get
    aroused, she will ask you if you want extra services, from hand job to
    full service.
    In my experience the hand job is best. Some of these women have truly
    wonderful techniques, what they can do to a mans private parts must be
    experienced. You may get her to undress, open her legs, show you her
    private parts, touch, insert a finger etc. Intercourse with these women
    is nothing much, expect her to get undressed, lay down on her back and
    want you to do all the work from there.
    One idea is to agree on a hand treatment first, let her work on you
    until you feel ready and then change to full service. This is no problem.
    Prices are from RM50-80 (US$12-20) for the massage parlour and from RM50
    to RM200 (US$12-50) for extra services. You may have to negotiate a bit.
    The nicer hotels usually have the massage parlour attached to a gym.
    Work out and finish with a massage!
    1. Have never had to leave the hotel. Just call for the massage service,
    and negotiate from there. Short time (45) min without massage about RM
    150. At the PJ Hilton, ask for J.J. she is very good at her work, and
    appears to have a good time as well.
    Hi and I would like to contribute my experience in Kuala Lumpur,
    Malaysia. Here goes : Hi guys...
    I'm a local and I would like to update all you pleasure seekers
    about my experience in Kuala Lumpur. Some information I found at WSG
    seems to be too extreme especially the prices. Here are the price range
    that is offered in most places:
    *US1 Dollar = 4.50 Ringgit Malaysia (RM) as at 20/1/1998*
    All prices below are quoted in RM.Massage with clothes on : RM60 to RM90
    Massage with clothes off : extra RM30 to RM50
    Full service including condomless blow job : RM100 to RM150
    Hand Job with her clothes on : RM30 to RM50
    Hand Job with her clothes off : RM50 to RM80Whole night : RM500 to RM800
    Tipping is not necessary unless if you're too generous. These are the
    rates I pay. It may be different if you're a foreigner but if you pay
    anything more than what I have quoted above, it's a rip off!!! The
    higher end of the price are at some 4 star and almost all 5 star hotels
    which has a health centre. The lower end of the price are at
    3 star hotels and other massage parlours. The girls in these lower end
    hotels are as good or even better than the high class hotels. I
    recommend you to go to these places even if you're staying at a 5 star hotel.
    There are a few places that I can recommend. The health centre at Mirama
    Hotel which is located on the 1st floor. It's at Jalan Loke Yew. They
    have some very attractive girls. Another excellent place is the health
    centre at Kowloon Hotel which is located at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman. It
    is one of the major roads in Kuala Lumpur and you can't miss it. They
    have a variety of girls from all over Malaysia. They did not have Malays
    at the time I patronised the place. If you're looking for Malays girls,
    go to the health centre at Holiday Villa Hotel in Subang Jaya. It is
    located the basement car park.
    Well, that's all for my updates and keep up with the good work at WSG.
    Happy fucking!!!
    I recently visited KL and decided to pursue several of the posted
    recommendations from ASP and the WSG. I would like to discuss
    my experiences at those places along with some minor observations
    on other options available.
    My first night, I took a taxi to the area near the Shangri-La.
    I wanted to see if there were any drivers available, as reported
    in the ASP post by Mr. Artie on 1997/12/18.
    As I was walked up to the Shangri-La, two women, seated on a
    concrete barrier containing plants and trees, struck-up
    a conversation with me. One of the women asked me
    about my intended destination and plans for the evening.
    I told them that I was out for a walk and I had no
    solid plans. She said if I was looking for women, I could
    take the both of them back to my hotel for RM200 each and
    that the both of them would show me a fun time. However,
    the closer I looked at them, the older they looked.
    I try not to jump at the first option.
    I continued my search for ""helpful"" drivers. However, in the
    vicinity of the Shangri-La I only found transvestites who
    approached me and aggressively offered their services.
    That's not my preference, so I kept searching. Eventually,
    I gave up and starting looking elsewhere.
    Near the front of the Concorde Hotel, I noticed several taxi
    drivers standing around and waiting for customers. One of them
    asked if I needed a ride and I responded that I was looking
    for a place to meet attractive women. He said his name
    is Bobby and that he could help. I got into his car and he
    launched his sales pitch. As we drove around, Bobby
    provided price and category information: RM240 short-time
    for Chinese or Filipino; RM360 short-time for a Malay;
    additional charges for all night stays. He also said the girls
    would thoroughly scrub and wash me during shower time,
    and provide a nice sensuous massage followed by full service.
    Bobby's first two choices were not available (a Chinese girl
    and a Filipino), so he contacted a Malay girl (Yani). We picked
    her up, I liked what I saw and agreed to take her with me. I paid
    Bobby RM360 for the girl, plus about RM40 in return for driving
    and information provided. Bobby dropped me off at my hotel.
    Once we got into my room, Yani became increasingly shy.
    We had a nice shower together, but I had to take the initiative in
    soaping-up each other. I enjoyed running my soapy hands all
    over her nice, petite body. She had sparse pubic hair, most of which
    seemed to be shaved, which I really like. Yani did not provide a
    warm-up massage as promised by Bobby. She gave decent head
    and the sex afterward was okay, not spectacular. In fairness to Yani,
    I'm sure that she has not met many foreign men and the language
    barrier also made the situation awkward. Yani seemed to be a very
    sweet, attractive girl.
    The following afternoon, I traveled back to the Concorde Hotel to
    try the health spa on the First Floor (one floor up from the Ground
    Floor). The shop is called Relaxasalon and I think this is a great place.
    The Chinese girl assigned to me was fun and attractive. I would like
    to stress that this girl was assigned to me, I was not allowed to view
    the girls on duty as suggested by previous posts. Still, she had long
    black hair, full sensuous lips, nice full breasts, great legs and a cute
    face. She looked very sexy in her mini skirt and she had a bright and
    sweet personality.
    We had a great and stimulating shower together, which she followed
    with an expert, hard massage. She started the ""fun"" part of the session
    by taking charge. She turned me over onto my bark and started
    giving my body a rousing tongue bath. She licked and kissed me
    up and down my body; she is a very skilled licker.
    Next, she slipped a condom onto me and provided very
    pleasing-yet-forceful and skillful head. She was very good
    at licking, sucking and teasing - head with style. She repeatedly
    tried to fit most of my dick into her mouth. When I finally
    slipped it into her, she had some good moves and could really
    squeeze tight with her legs and pussy. She was so good, I
    went back for more the next night.
    When I returned to Relaxasalon the second time and chose the
    same girl, she seemed happy to see me. During that second
    visit, my girl was more cuddly and affectionate than
    during our first session. We also spent more time screwing,
    which she seemed to enjoy. I know I'll visit this place again
    when I return to KL. One suggestion: request a room in the
    ""new wing"" where the air conditioning system works much better.
    In between my two visits to Relaxasalon, I dropped by the
    Dynasty massage parlor near the Bukit Bintang area for an
    evening visit. The girl assigned to me was okay looking. She
    provided an acceptable massage, tongue bath and BJ. The sex
    was okay because she had a tight pussy. In general, I don't think
    this place merits a return visit. The facilities are a bit run-down
    and my girl seemed burned-out. Maybe I'm being too harsh, but
    there seem to be better places in KL to spend one's money.
    On my last night in KL, prior to dropping by Relaxasalon, I visited
    the Hard Rock Cafe to see what might be available. The place was
    crowded with numerous people socializing, but I did not meet
    any pros. I am a firm believer that this type of option is tailored
    for the visitor who has a lot of time available and does not
    have to wake up early the next morning to attend meetings
    or be at the airport on time.
    I stayed for at the Hard Rock for two beers, which I sipped
    in a leisurely manner. Half-way through my second beer,
    I spotted two familiar faces walk in the front door - the two
    older women that I met outside the Shangri-La on my first
    night in town. They did not look any younger, although I
    only had 1 1/2 beers in me at the time, so I did not approach
    them. I considered that an omen, finished my beer and departed.
    In any event, I will provide updates after future visits to KL.
    There seem to be some fun options available. This first visit
    was definitely more fun and productive because I traveled to KL
    with posts from the WSG and ASP on floppy disk.
    Keep up the good work comrades! Keep posting!
    Here is some updated infor for Kuala Lumpur as of my March, 1998
    visit. Streetwalkers are available in the city center. Any taxi driver
    can take you there. Another sure spot to find women is the local Hard
    Rock Cafe. Went there two nights and got approached each night. The
    first night two Chinese/Malay girls working together wanted to go to
    my hotel for R$200. These girls were about a 7 on a 10 scale. The next
    night I got approached by two Indonesian girls one was an 8 and the
    other a 10. I would have gone with them but I don't like taking two
    ""street women"" to my room in a strange city. I did visit a massage
    parlor which are often called Health Centres in KL. I went to the
    Relaxasalon Relaxation Centre one floor up from the lobby at the
    Concorde Hotel right next door to the Hard Rock. Beautiful clean rooms
    in a safe setting. Paid R$71 entrance fee then negotiated a R$ 250 fee
    with the girl ( a 7) for body massage and sex. The girl's performance
    was good but as I was leaving I noticed one of the other girls there
    and she was at least a 9 and probably a 10. The host did not allow me
    to pick out my girl when I first arrived. If you go try to insist on
    choosing your girl and you'll like this place more than I did. All in
    all the KL sex scene is limited and expensive by Asian standards. I
    also went to the Seasons Towers, an apartment building/hotel and had a
    very good looking girl for R$300. This experience was ok but a little
    hurried. The Tropicana Health Centre was located in this building and
    judging by the girls coming and going the Tropicana might be worth a look.
    I am a local resident, and a regular visitors to massage palours here in
    KL. I have tried most of the massage parlours in town and I fully
    recommend the one in Plaza Hotel in Jalan Raja Laut.
    The massage parlour is on the first floor. Even though they have quite a
    number of nice young girls, if you want a good time ask for either
    Joanne or Susan. Both aren't great in the looks department, but they
    have great bodies and screwing them is a real experience. Most of the
    other girls are just interested in your money, so the sex is normally
    quick. These two girls really enjoy sex. I have become good friends with
    both of them especially Joanne. You want great blowjobs, they are the
    ones to look for, but you must know how to treat them nicely. Give their
    pussies good licking and sucking, and you'll have the time of your life.
    Definitely try the Concorde Hotel's health spa next to the HardRock. I
    hear the Melia Hotel is good, too. Almost every hotel has a compliant
    health spa.
    (Review # 371)
  • Kuala Lumpur Massage Parlor Dated Added: Fri Dec 04 1998 Submitted by: DePrince

    hi there... seems to be lacking any new reports from Malaysia, so i guess
    I'll have a shot here.

    i am a young local guy. I've only been to one health center twice so pardon
    me if the information is not that comprehensive.

    massage parlor are available quite widely in Kuala Lumpur and its surrounding
    towns. they are generally known as health club and most hotels have them.

    well, i was brought to this place in Petaling Jaya by my colleague. the
    place is called PJ DeInn. it's health club is located on the penthouse level.
    being my first time at such establishment i was quite nervous. we were greeted
    by a man and was seated. tea and biscuits were offered. he then went on
    to explain the services available. there are basically 3 types of services
    offered. massage only which is about rm60, package only (sex only) for rm160
    or full package (massage and sex) for rm210.

    being new and limited financially, i decided to go for the massage. my
    colleague chose the same. we were led to separate rooms. inside the dimly-
    lit room was a massage table and an attached shower cubicle. after a minute
    waiting, a girl knocked on the door and entered. mine was quite a young girl
    bout 20-22yo by the name of Baby. she then asked me to strip and lay on the
    bed. the then proceed to massage my body with body oil. the massage was so-so
    and the girl wasn't that talkative. but she was kinda cute. bout half an hour
    or so, she asked me if i wanted any extra service. i asked what kind of service
    she offered. she said she can give a handjob for rm50, nude handjob for rm100
    or a full service for rm 160. she practically begged me to take up a service
    as she said i was her first customer of the day.

    i decided to give the handjob a try. she then proceed to rub
    my cock with oil and begin to stroke and rub my balls. it wasn't a
    very enthusiastic approach and her facial expression were erm, expressionless.
    wasn't very much turned on but managed to cum. she then cleaned me up with some
    tissue and told me i can take my shower moment later. she didn't join me though.
    i paid her rm50 and said thank you. the rm60 was paid at the counter later.

    it was quite an ok experience for my first time. my colleague said he had
    a better time, the girl was more responsive and out-going. but he said he
    didn't take any extra service. but she did help him shower. i was kind of
    disappointed when he told me that.

    but i did return another time. i will post about that another time.

    please email me should you have any query. i will try my best to answer them.
    also email me your experience here in Malaysia. i would appreciate that very much.


    (Review # 370)
  • Kuala Lumpur Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Jan 17 1999 Submitted by: tom bond

    As there is no report on any malaysian scene,let me share mine.
    after a trying day of meetings and exhibition my friends decided to go for a massage.let me first warn you that this being a muslim country,prostution is strictly a no no and if you are caught with a muslim girl in close proxmity you are in deep shit.the bukit bintang road is the best as this was recommended by my local friends.i was taken to peterson health center which is located at the basement of hotel malaysia.i was brought to small room which is made up of one massage bed and a long bathtub.what came next was a cute thing of 23 to 25 yrs old with nice white skin and a ok face.she told me to strip right down to my jocks and lie on the bed .after an hour or less of good hand massage with aromatic oil,she asked me if i wanted anything extra. When asked what this extra is about ,she mention a handjob is rm 40,blowjob without condom rm80 and full service rm230. I decided to take the full service.she got in between my legs and started to lick the oil dry right up to my ass.i was about to cum when she put on the rubber on my dick and was on top of me.her pussy was not tight but it provided enough friction to turn me on.she was riding me all the way till i came in torrents.she proceded to give me a nice warm bath and cleaned my dick throughly.i paid in cash and tiped her an extra rm 50.overall i would say this was a very good experience for me in an asian ountry.

    just for some additional info,most health centers are a front for illegal prostution.some well known places which i came to know later are quality hotel health center,holiday villa hotel,corona inn,fortuna hotel and Dynasty Massage Parlour.
    (Review # 369)
  • Kuala Lumpur Pickup Places Dated Added: Thu Jul 02 1998 Submitted by: local

    Am a local and would like to share my experiences:
    Location : KL Hard Rock Cafe
    Music : Rock
    Group : Foreigners
    Girl Grade : Medium - Good (some great)
    Cost : RM ??? / night - never tried.
    Pickup possible (50%-50% chance)
    Note : I don't like the place. Too crowded and I don't like rock.
    (Review # 368)
  • Kuala Lumpur Pickup Places Dated Added: Thu Jul 02 1998 Submitted by: local

    Am a local and would like to share my experiences:
    Location : The Jump Disco + Bar - Wisma Inai
    Music : Pop, Disco, RGB
    Group : working class, executives
    Girl Grade : Good
    Cost : RM300 - RM600 / night (but I don't recommend paying above RM500)
    Possible free pickups.
    Note : Good place to be especially if you're a Caucasian.
    (Review # 367)
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