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  • Seoul Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Nov 03 2008 Submitted by: MisterK33

    Hi There, I read often in this forum it is hard to get some fun with Korean ladies in Seoul except on the Hill in Itaewon, that is not true here my suggestions.

    1. My favored place is an insider tip, this location was in older times known as no no...not the big computer brand it means simply happy people. Now it is located in an apartment house which is located near the COEX and IBIS Gangnam. The girls there are young and you can have 'massage service' from soft to hard, the price is a little bit higher than in normal places but you are alone with the lady in an apartment.

    For 'massage' only you pay 80000 KRW/h, for a nice fuck, including blow job and many other things you pay 130000 KRW/h. The ladies normally between 22 and below 30, if you go there I can tell you, you will have a nice time there. Ask for Yu-Min, she makes a nice blow job and you can fuck her tiny pussy in different positions, Cindy makes hard massage service but no fucking, for relaxing I would say perfect.I found out treat the ladies as a lady and you will get a much better service. The best thing is, the owner speaks fluently english and you can talk to him which service you want.

    2. Hera An-Ma, this shop is located near Yeoksam Station, towards Seollung Station. On the walkway is just an advertisement with walking directions it is just located in the 2nd row but easy to find. Once arrived you find a nice environment with spa etc. The ladies which I had are really nice and the service was always top. They serve foreigners for 210000 KRW/h and the made nasty things with me. The owner, a lady, was a former service girl and she speaks a little english, tell her the style you want and she will take you to the right room. 3. Kol An-Ma, previously it was King An-Ma since the owner changes it is a little worse than before but just my taste, friends say they are really happy with the service. Please don't go on sundays and if avoidable also not on saturday because the ladies are not so pretty on this days. During the week the ladies are pretty and sometime an Angel will appear. It is a kind of helper if the shop is not so crowed, she will fuck you or blow you off. It is no extra charge and really enjoyable:-). There are many more places, if you want to know more just drop me a line.  
    (Review # 25102)
  • Pusan Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Aug 10 2007 Submitted by: Justme03

    I’m for 2 Weeks in Pusan and have a business job. I live in the Hyundai Hotel. First evening I fond the pup7. It’s very close to the hotel on the main road.

    First evening I go insight and talk to a very nice Philippine girl and she told me the rules of this bar. Here working 17 girls most from Philippines and Russia. If you want a girl on your hotel u have to spend her 20 drinks. One drink for a lady is 10000 Won.

    Normal beer is very cheap only 3000 Won. But after 20 drinks I’m drunk and also the girl. So I drink some beer and spend 4 drinks to this nice lady after that I pay at the frond desk for the rest of the 20 drinks. 160000 won. You have to go alone to your hotel the lady will follow u after 20 minutes. The price is for the hole night and every service u can get from this girl. My girl was not very professional but lovely. It was a nice and funny night.

    (Review # 20405)
  • Ulsan Other Dated Added: Sun Jul 01 2007 Submitted by: An ex-wife

    With first hand experience of Ulsan Korea, I urge you to really be sure that you know what your priorities are before you walk through the doors of any of the places offering services rendered because you may loose a lot more than just your wallet. Many of the girls that offer sexual services are keen to change their lives and support their families back home and will use their feminine charms to increase the probability of this happening. Pregnancy is a not uncommon trapping device.

    Also consider the impact a serious STD could have on your life and that of your partner back home. You may think what they don't know won't hurt them but take it from someone who knows, it does hurt and if you are found out it will change your life. Just be aware, if you play with fire, you risk getting you burnt. Use your head and perhaps your hands instead! 

    (Review # 19913)
  • Ulsan Travel Report Dated Added: Sun May 20 2007 Submitted by: KennyB

    I spent one month in Ulsan, and also visited Busan. Like mentioned before, the guy said the girl in Busan, were not interested in him. Here is why, its ok for a Korean girl to work in that type of place and still be desirable for marriage, but once they have sex with a foreigner they are considered to be tainted. Doesn't make sense, but that's how it is. If you are ever in Busan, and walk down the one street that has the whore houses on both side of the street and there are about 2 or 3 blocks like this together.

    As you walk by they will close the doors, which were open before you showed up. Meaning they dont want your business. I did have a girl come to my room from an escort service. I called the number on a business card that was given to me on the street. She came, nothing great, but I got laid. She wasn't dog ugly, but nothing to write home about.

    Then you will find the karaoke bars. I went into one, had a man and women greet me at the door, went inside, they quoted $500 USD for full service for that I could fly to Manila or Bangkok, and have money left over for pussy. If you ever find yourself in that situation, get online and look for a flight to get some good cheap pussy. It's only a few hour flight to any and most Asian cities. Good luck in your adventures.
    (Review # 19028)
  • Busan Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Apr 07 2007 Submitted by: Videodrome

    I visited Busan for a couple of days. I’ve been trying to find myself some fun but it is much more difficult than I thought. I found a small place not far from my hostel with small red lights in the big windows. When I entered it was a bar and an old lady received me. She didn't speak any English what so ever. She served me beer and after much pointless talking, she in Korean and me asking what she was saying, I finally said “sex”, a word she clearly understood. I had hoped that the place was a brothel and that soon some cute chicks would show up. The lady explained that I couldn't get any in there and gave me an address to some place called Minan Rotari.

    Well, I took a cab to this place she had recommended and found that women sat in some kind of rooms behind doors lit with pink light. I saw that some of these women open their doors occasionally to call for some Korean guy passing in the street. The women I saw were ugly as hell, and none of them really seemed interested in me. I walked around the area for about 20 minutes but then got bored and took a cab to Texas St, convinced that there would be zero problem finding a chick. It was not even 2.30 AM and most bars and clubs at 'Texas' had already closed.

    The place was desert, except for some fat ugly Russian whores that I wouldn't pay a buck for. There was a club still open in which I had myself a beer. First some young Russian chick sat down with me and made me buy her some overpriced Tequila. When we sat chatting I discovered a Korean hottie whom I couldn't get my eyes from. She was sitting with some Indian guys and was just hoping that she wouldn't take of with them.

    After a while the Russian chick seemed to get bored and left me, which the Indian guys did as well. I saw my chance and called for the Korean babe’s attention. She had a nice big ass and great firm legs big hair like a lion. She came and sat with me and again I had to pay another overpriced cocktail with a silly color. After much talking I’ve finally told her that I really wanted to go to a hotel together with her. She understood and said she wanted to go to Lotte Hotel. The bitch was suggesting the most luxurious hotel chain in Korea. I told her that I didn't have that type of cash. She then wanted me to buy her another overpriced silly drink and I accepted.

    I understood that she was really buying time and not at all interested in going anywhere with me. I again told her that I wanted to have sex with her and put her hand between my legs. She started to give me massage and tease me. I discretely touched her tits (we were sitting in a dark corner). Now she wanted another drink and I said 'No'. She was getting bored and was obviously only interested in me spending money on drinks.

    An impulse made her call for an incredibly ugly Korean auntie working there and they suggested that she go with me to my place instead. I of course refused. Both of them disappeared and left me sitting looking like a fool.


    I finished my beer and after some while the ugly auntie came up to me saying that the club was closing. I just left the fucking place and didn't get what I was looking for. I'm surprised how difficult it is to find action in Korea.

    (Review # 18172)
  • Seoul Massage Parlor Dated Added: Thu Apr 05 2007 Submitted by: Ludovico

    Many of the foreigners living or visiting Seoul spends their weekends in (in-) famous Itaewon. As a visitor to Seoul I decided to go and see the decadence. The sex clubs are like one minute walk from the subway station. Some are good looking chicks hanging in the streets who turned out to be transvestites.


    There seem to be some clubs specialized in that due to the signs 'Trans'. But it's not my cup of tea, even though those guys really know how to put on a make-up and shave their legs. Sometimes they’re even better than the actual ladies.

    The gay area is called 'Homo Hill' the usual stuff. Here's where the homosexual guys meet and hit on each other. One interesting thing is that due to the traditional values of the Korean society many of the local fags hang out here. So the Korean gays mix with the foreigners, mostly Americans.

    After I've passed the gay clubs I ended up in some quite dark and quiet streets far from the banging club music. There were some doors and big windows with curtains on the buildings that were lit with red light. When I passed some of the doors opened and half dressed chicks started calling for my attention and kinda asking what I was looking for. Actually my intention that night wasn't to spend money on some hot babe, just wanted to take a look. Many of the chicks hanging here are quite cute and hard to resist. When I was like half way through this "red Zone" one older woman in a nice push-up came out to me on the street and asked me to come inside for a drink and maybe a massage. I was about to ignore her but found her really hot in those clothes although she wasn't a beauty. She was probably approximately 50, was short and had curves. And the fact that she was mature kinda turned me on.

    As I entered inside the club there was actually nobody. She asked what I had in mind and answered that the only thing that really interested me was sex and wanted to know how much it cost. She replied 100,000 won (almost 100 $) but I managed to lower the price to 80,000, which would include all. It turned out that we had to leave the club and cross the street to a building where she had a small and clean room with a good bed. She was amazingly hot and horny. She really seemed happy that I had shown up.

    She complained though that my cock was a bit too big for her little juicy jewel. She was a real screamer. I was lucky to find this hot babe but I can imagine that some guys get ripped off there by the good looking chicks that can be very smart.

    Finally: avoid the red-light district in Yongsan. The girls have a very bad attitude and some really look unhappy. 

    (Review # 18138)
  • Seoul, SongPa and Sinyongsan Massage Parlor Dated Added: Wed Apr 04 2007 Submitted by: Soju44

    The reports below are pretty accurate. I am around the Jamsil area and there are several massage parlors around. I speak some Korean and I get good prices and very few rejections.


    At peak times Friday/Saturday nights, I still get a nice rub and sex for about $100 to $140 very cute girls, not over 25, and nice service. Sure, sometimes you get crappy service, but that's all part of what we do. But it's true if you find a great girl or great place, stick to it! They won't rip you off and you will get extras. Learn some Korean and learn the numbers. It helps. Oh yeah, you don't have to ask about sex. When you ask (in Korean) how much, they will say a price and the word "sex" or write it on a piece of paper.


    Sinyongsan: Easy subway ride there. This is an area with girls in the windows. During the day, you can get sex for $40/$50. Some are not super good looking, but I have one regular girl who gives excellent service. I get a shower before and after and I can do anything with her. For some hot and younger girls, expect to pay $70/$80. Sometimes good service and sometimes it isn't so good, but in my experiences, you always get a nice, tight pussy. Feels great to me and that's what it's about. Hope this helps enjoy.

    (Review # 18122)
  • Street Action Dated Added: Sun Dec 31 2006 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Here is an interesting article which, despite its wet blanket moralizing, has some interesting data and insights about prostitution in South Korea.

    By Mark C. Bell

    The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family came under fire last week for its botched attempt at preventing year-end revelers from buying sexual services after their late-night drinking parties. The ill-conceived campaign, which cost an estimated 580 million won of tax-payers money, was designed to bestow large quantities of cash on groups of male partygoers who complete an on-line pledge not to engage in illicit sexual activities.

    While I am sure those in the ministry responsible for devising this bizarre program had the best of intentions, the program’s disastrous outcome is indicative of a deeper problem facing combatants of Korea’s rampant sex industry. This particular failure should not be viewed as merely a black eye for the ministry; rather, it should be seen as another example of how miserably the government is faring at eliminating the sex trade.

    When reading about the ministry’s campaign, I was reminded of a subway advertisement I saw a few years ago. The advertisement showed an ominous collection of pictures including a pair of handcuffs and a variety of shadowy figures lurking in the background. I could not understand the Korean writing on the front so I asked the Korean friend I was with to translate it for me. My friend informed me that the sign was a gentle reminder that prostitution is a criminal offense in Korea and that individuals who are caught either providing or soliciting sexual services will be severely punished.

    There is no denying that legislation to charge violators of the law exists. In 2004 the government introduced its new ``zero-tolerance’’ anti-prostitution measures that were designed to limit both the sex trade in general and the trafficking of sex workers in particular within Korea. These measures included strict penalties such as hefty fines and sizable prison sentences for both the owners of brothels as well as their patrons.

    Nevertheless, due to the ubiquitous nature of prostitution in Korea I could not help but laugh at what my friend had told me about the advertisement on the subway. Indeed, with all of the barber poles, singing rooms, red-light districts, massage parlors, etc., one could be forgiven for thinking that prostitution was perfectly legal here.

    The question remains, why is it that the sex trade continues to thrive and flourish in Korea despite the existence of strict anti-prostitution legislation and the best efforts of the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family? It has been suggested by one ministry official that buying sex is often a ritualized form of male-bonding that comes after a night of heavy-drinking. Others have suggested that prostitution in Korea stems from the kisaeng heritage. These reasons may indeed be contributing factors for the persistence of prostitution, but I doubt that either of them are the primary cause of the problem.

    The root of prostitution in Korea (as it is with most countries) looks not to be cultural, but rather economic. That is to say, prostitution exists here as it does in most places because there is a financial incentive to sell sex. There is absolutely no denying the profitability of the sex industry in Korea. The Korean Institute for Criminology (KIC) estimated the total revenue of the sex trade in 2004 to exceed $22 billion. This is approximately 4.4 percent of Korea’s gross domestic product. To put this in perspective consider that Korea’s GDP for the forestry, fishing and agriculture sectors combined is only 4.1 percent. Needless to say, prostitution is clearly a lucrative business in Korea and these kinds of figures provide plenty of incentive to work in the sex industry.

    A healthy economic market requires a steady flow of both supply and demand for product or service. In the case of the sex industry, we find that there are a tremendous number of women willing to sell sex and a similar number of men willing to buy it from them. In 2002 the Korean government estimated that roughly one million women were employed in the sex industry at any given time. While this is still a staggering number it is thought to be somewhat conservative, and in reality the number is probably much higher. While there are no reliable numbers on the number of men supporting the sex trade, it is safe to assume from the KIC’s estimates that there are plenty of men willing to spend enough money to sustain a booming and profitable sex trade.

    The obvious parallel here with the government’s failing zero-tolerance policy towards prostitution is the war on drugs in places like the United States. In both cases there exists an illegal, yet incredibly lucrative business, which is supported and maintained by a steady stream of both supply and demand. Similarly, in both cases the respective governments try to combat these social evils with what have consistently proven to be by and large ineffective laws and policies. What both the failings of the U.S.’s war on drugs and Korea’s zero-tolerance policy towards prostitution reveals is that if these social ills are to be effectively curtailed then it requires both innovative ideas and a commitment to unconventional policies. The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family has shown that it endorses such attempts, but it clearly still has a way to go before succeeding.

    The writer, a Canadian citizen who resides in Seoul, is an instructor at Seokyeong University.

    (Review # 16851)
  • Other Dated Added: Tue Dec 26 2006 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    South Korea combats prostitution with cash offer to businesses

    Tuesday, December 26, 2006

    SEOUL, South Korea - South Korea has launched a campaign offering cash to men if they promise not to buy sex from prostitutes after year-end office parties, government officials said Tuesday.

    The move is aimed at changing the party culture in this male-dominated society by winning commitments from male employees to abstain from hiring prostitutes after the parties finish, said an official at the Gender Equality and Family Ministry, who asked not to be identified because of policy.

    A total of $5,000 will be paid to companies based on the largest number of volunteers who sign a written pledge, the official said. Some 1,300 companies so far have participated in the campaign.

    (Sounds like the money will have to stretch pretty far!)

    South Korea has stepped up its crackdown on prostitution since 2004 when the legislature passed new anti-prostitution laws targeting human traffickers, pimps and prostitutes. The practice remains widespread, however.
    (Review # 16782)
  • Seoul Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Nov 19 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    Hello all! Been in Seoul for about 9 months now and I�m a little amazed that in a country where getting sex is so easy, the info on here is a bit out of date and exaggerated.

    An-ma's: Superior hobbying experience. While it's true that some an-ma's and massage parlor's don't accept foreigners, it's also true that you should just try and try again until you find one that does... not that hard seeing as there's tons in Seoul, and at least 3 or four even in rural city-centers. Also, if someone initially turns you down, just offer more money OR go during a slow period; slow periods are usually the middle of the week, and the middle of the day. Expect around $200 in Seoul and tapering off by about $20 the further out from the city you get. In Anyang, the middle of the country, you can get into an An-ma for $120. (Final tip on this issue: I'm black, and I've been turned away from places. I've even experienced girls who were outright scared by my 6in wang! Be polite, show them that foreigners ain't so bad, and they'll loosen up!)

    An-ma's are really great though, and worth whatever initial hassle you may experience. Oh! And try to find one with a bath-tub... those are fucking amazing.

    Massage parlors: Middle of the road hobbying experience. It's really not true anymore in Seoul, that if a place has a barber pole it COULD be a barber shop. No, prostitution in Seoul has completely industrialized and standardized. If it's the red white and blue STRIPES it IS a massage parlor. If it's got a kind of checkered pattern, it could be a barber shop or spa. If you can see people flat out cutting hair, it's a barber shop. Period. There isn't that much ambiguity anymore.

    The initial massage experience is about $70 with $20 or $30 afterwards for extras. If you find a place in Seoul where you're offered sex off the bat, stick with that one, and keep going. Eventually, you'll get offered perks. At this one place I went to frequently, the manager eventually offered me two girls at once for a little extra. Didn't have the dough, but you see what I mean. I think the same advice was given below... don't hop around; as a foreigner, if you hop around, you'll always get lukewarm service. Find a place, stick with it.

    Outside of Seoul, even JUST outside of Seoul, the service in massage parlors is... strange. Like, honestly, even in a place like Sadang which is still Seoul, just not a main area, you can get $60 bareback sex... but with a 40 year old Korean woman. You have to decide; should you just close your eyes and pretend she's 20.

    Pink light districts: How much money you got? These places are still, I guess, fairly unwelcoming to foreigners; however, the slow-period rule still applies... go when it's slow and your chances are better; just don't expect the hottest chicks to welcome you; chances are you'll get propositioned by some 40 y/o. first. Service can be really junky depending on how much dough you're willing to fork over. But, it's straight up sex without the ceremony of the An-ma or parlor.

    Hooker Hill: You've got some balls coming here. I actually don't have as bad of an outlook on hooker hill as others. In fact, there's one place at the top where I go to on Sundays and just get a straight fuck for $50. The bad thing about hooker hill is that the hottest girls are at the bottom of the hill, which is the last place you want to be spotted on a busy day. The top of the hill is actually very accessible if you go down on more street, walk up towards the mosque, then walk OVER to the top of the hill. Again, the conundrum is that the girls at the top really ain�t that great looking.
    (Review # 16368)
  • Anyang/Uiwang Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sun Jul 30 2006 Submitted by: Ricky269

    I wanted to get the story straight as far as the Ahn Ma (massage parlors) when outside the metropolitan city of Seoul. Many of them really do not cater to the foreigner. They do not even wish you entering their establishments for one main reason. Korean men consider foreign men as unclean. If a foreigner is noticed going in and staying for any length of time, then they will avoid it. But as we know how money talks, it is just a matter of doubling the price to compensate a loss of revenue. Normal price would be between $150-$200. After paying the price, you are given the royal treatment. A cute petite girl walks into the room and asks you if she will be alright. You say yes and she starts to undress you as well as herself. She eacorts you to the bath table where you lay down, get scrubbed on both sides. After she rinses you off, she will dry you and have you lay down on the massage table. She applies oils to her body and proceeds to rub you with hers. Occasionally, she kiss the cock to see your arousal response. When the time is right, she will rotate her body on top of yours for a little 69. Anytime she takes you orally, she will stop short if you appear ready to cum. Then allow you to cool down before proceeding. In the meantime, she slips on a condom. It is all in the timing for her as she lays on her back and spread her legs. Inviting you to taste her. The Korean women that I have tasted seem to always taste sweeter than other women. She will motion for you to take the plunge. By this time, I am prime and ready to thrust her. Even though you know that she has been used quite a bit, her pussy is still very tight. It feels so delightful inside of her. After your climax, you sit for a few minutes and have a drink together. Then she gets dressed. Instead of you getting dressed, she gives you a robe that you put on. She escorts you from the room that you were in to another one where she leaves you. A few minutes afterwards, a blind girl walks and starts performing a very vigorous massage from head to foot. Korean law actually give exclusive rights to the visually impaired as masseuses and masseures. Overall, it was an experience, but looking for places with cheaper rates that do not descriminate. (Review # 15241)
  • Seoul Strip Club Review Dated Added: Thu Feb 09 2006 Submitted by: azumas

    Over the last months or so some bars have opened in Seoul which are probably called cosplay bar because the girls wear "costumes". Even in the formal Kwanghwamun area and, a bit to the east, south of the Chongno building, there were now a few bikini bars. I was in one of them and surprise surprise there was actually a full strip.

    Generally, the girls wear bikini's or lingerie, not the light stuff but quite "heavy" if that word can be used for bikini's. The girls sit with you and you have to buy at least a "set menu" which in my case was 5 beers and a fruit platter for KRW 75,000. Expensive of course for what you get but that is the way Koreans have their fun.

    The girls are pleasant, you can talk with them a bit, watch their belly button and that's about it. But at 9.30 pm a girl dressed in yellow as a Spanish dancer moved to the stage and started dancing to loud music. Step by step the dress went off , quite flashy action actually, and before we knew it the girl was dancing in her black underwear. One song like that, then the bra opens at the front, one song topless and believe it or not in Korea, the panty goes off and the girl starts running around the club totally naked. She jumps on some of guys and rubs her pussy against their faces.

    Technically this is "no touching" for the guest, but the girl did well and moved the hands of the customers over her body. Not much compared to other stripshows in the world but again for Seoul this came as quiet a surprise and it was quite exciting, probably because the girl was not inhibited and moved so freely around the club. As usual in Korea her pussy was not shaven which one way or another can be much more exciting than a shaven pussy. Of course there is no spreading of legs and you don't get to see inside but it is nevertheless a good start.
    (Review # 13961)
  • Seoul Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Oct 29 2005 Submitted by:

    The Mairi District in Seoul is still there, as is the red light District in PeyongTaek near the train station. Went to the Mairi district during the day. The Mamasans will drag you to their shops and show you their girls. Some are hot, some are kind of old. You just have to look around - the mamasans are pushy. Found a 7.5, had a shower with her and had her twice for 100 thousand won (90 US). They will lower the prices in the middle of the day. Maybe as low as 40 thousand. So the fun is still alive in the ROK... (Review # 12962)
  • Ulsan Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Oct 28 2005 Submitted by: traveller

    Being a westerner who has worked several times in Ulsan over the last five years, I thought I could give a little insight into the scene. There are basically 4 main environments for the sex hungry man, each with its own benefits and faults - but usually you will still be frustrated at the end of the night.

    1) The large Western Bar (7club, 7pub, etc.) where you can find many girls, often Filipino (previously many Russians, but the government has now restricted their visas) who will dance with you, drink with you, squirm all over you, while you pay for their 'girly' drinks. At the end of the night, usually you will go home alone with a much thinner wallet, and no sex. (Where a normal beer for you may cost 3000 won, a girly drink is 10000 won). Most of the girl drinks are poured from a vodka bottle which is 3/4 water. Occasionally, you may find a girl to go home with you if you spend more than 150000 won in the bar during the night, but I have seen many men spend 500 to 1000 US dollars in a night without getting laid.

    2) The small, back street 'dance' bars - one room usually, with a stencilled picture of a couple dancing on the window/door, with one woman inside. Even though many say, 'western bar' outside, most will only take Koreans inside for a quick drink and handjob for 30,000 won.

    3) Some Korean 'western' bars, usually the smaller bars with 2 or 3 Korean girls, have similar but cheaper girly drinks, but you can usually persuade the bar girls to do more than drink. Often you need to visit the same bar for a few nights until you have a regular 'friend'. Often they want a regular boyfriend who will pay the rent (maybe 500,000 won a month) and give them the odd present.

    4) Karaoke bars. Stand by your wallet - when you walk in, one or two girls will join you in a small karaoke room and bring a whiskey bottle or two and some snacks, and the night progresses from there. You may get lucky, but either way you will end up having a big chunk taken from your credit card, and the next morning you probably won't remember if you got laid or not after all the booze.
    (Review # 12960)
  • Massage Parlor Dated Added: Fri Aug 05 2005 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Ex-bar worker who was forced into prostitution wins $5,000 judgment [Early August, 2005] CAMP RED CLOUD, South Korea — A former Filipina bar worker has won a judgment of about $5,000 against a South Korean nightclub owner who forced her to have sex with U.S. soldiers for money. In a separate, criminal trial, X-Zone club owner Hwang Sook-Hyang, of Tongducheon, was convicted of illegal brothel-keeping earlier this year and sentenced to a 10-month suspended sentence and 160 hours of community service, police said. The X-Zone club is near Camp Hovey in Toka-ri. In the civil judgment issued May 20, Seoul District Court Judge Kim Soon-han said that while the woman worked at the club from Feb. 8 to March 3, 2004, she was forced to perform acts of prostitution with U.S. soldiers for fees from $60 to $150. This week the former bar worker, who asked not to be identified, said she still was waiting for the bar owner to pay her the money awarded in the judgment. The woman told Stars and Stripes in 2004 that agents from a South Korean company in the Philippines recruited her as a nightclub singer early that year. However, she said, soon after starting work at X-Zone club, she and several Filipina workers were locked inside the club by Hwang and told to have sex with U.S. soldiers. The woman said that rather than continue to work as a prostitute, she ran away and contacted South Korean police, who raided X-Zone and found evidence of prostitution. X-Zone recently reopened in Toka-ri but now employs South Korean staff instead of Filipinas, she said. A lot of prostitution involving Filipinas and U.S. soldiers still exists in Tongducheon, she said, but the problem has shifted from Toka-ri to “the Ville” area near Camp Casey’s front gate after a crackdown by military authorities in 2004. U.S. Forces Korea officials declined to comment Thursday afternoon. (Review # 12289)
  • Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Jul 25 2005 Submitted by:

    THE TRUTH ABOUT KOREAN “TWO POLE” BARBER SHOPS.  I wrote this guide due to the fact that most of the information on the net these days about Korean barber shops is full of misinformation, disinformation, or just plain bullshit.  Some of the articles written are by people that probably have never even been inside of a Korean barber shop. This article is written by people that have been in Korea a long time, frequenting these establishments.  Here we will give you facts, dispel the myths, and tell you where to go to get a haircut, shave, massage, or even more.

    This guide may be distributed freely as long as it is not altered. This guide is written as of July 2005. LEGAL STUFF:  This guide is for educational purposes only. The author is not trying to convince or recommend that people seek out an-ma’s, massage parlors, or barber shops within the Republic of Korea. The reader is solely responsible for his or her actions. The author will not be held responsible for any ill happenings that may happen to the reader when trying to apply these principles. If the reader does not agree to this they should stop reading now.

    DEBUNKING MYTHS:  Let’s start by debunking myths that I have seen around the net that are either someone’s convoluted misinterpretation of facts, or outright crap.

    MYTH #1:  If there’s two barber poles, it’s a massage parlor.  FACT:  This is the most popular misinterpretation of fact.  A barber shop with two poles in front of it just means that it’s a barber shop with two poles in front of it! It means nothing else. (I guess the owner just had more money to spend on barber poles then his competitor.) While it is true that most an-ma (Korean word for massage parlor) have multiple poles, the truth is that just because a place has two, three, or a DOZEN poles in front of it, does not make it a massage parlor.

    MYTH #2:  The barber poles have to rotate in opposite directions to be a massage parlor. FACT:  Another convoluted misinterpretation of fact. Just because the barber poles rotate in opposite directions does not make it an an-ma.

    MYTH#3:  Foreigners are not allowed. FACT:  The fact is, money is money.  I have never, and I mean NEVER, been turned away just because I’m a foreigner. (Some people don’t even make an effort to learn a little Korean before they go. The employees don’t understand what they want and may ask them to leave.) Before you go, you should be able to tell the employees what you want, ask how much it costs and be able to understand them when they tell you the price. Reading Korean and knowing simple phrases so you can make small talk is also helpful. This doesn’t take a long time to learn. You can learn this in about a month with the Pimsler language program. If you do get asked to leave, don’t get in a pissing contest with them... just leave. There are plenty of other places you can go to.

    MYTH#4: The more barber poles means the prettier the girls are.  FACT: Bullshit!  Anyone who has stepped into a Korean barber shop knows that’s crap.  I’ve been to places with a half-dozen poles, and the girls were just OK. I’ve been to places with one pole, and the girls could have been supermodels. It’s all trial and error. One thing you won’t find are girls that are butt ugly.

    MYTH#5: The longer the barber poles are, the more it means that they take foreigners, because foreigners have bigger dicks then Koreans.  FACT:  Believe it or not, this is complete BULLSHIT.

    MYTH#6:  If there's a Korean man working the front counter, foreigners can’t get in. FACT: This is a variation on Korean men not liking to see foreigners with their women.  My wife’s Korean, and no one has ever given ME the evil eye, or said something degrading to me or my wife while walking in any part of Korea.  I’m sure some men don’t like it, but most people seem not to care at all. I have found that most of the time, there IS a Korean man working the front of an an-ma.  In fact, it’s one of the tell-tale signs that it is an an-ma! Remember what I said about myth#3?  I have never had any problems getting in anywhere. It simply doesn’t matter if there’s a woman or a man working the front.

    That’s it for the more common Myths. I’m sure there's more out there, but these are the more common ones you hear about.  Before we get into recognizing an-ma’s, let’s start with a few golden rules that we came up with to help you out on your venture.

    GOLDEN RULES:  This is the most important section in this guide. By following these simple rules you will avoid getting ripped off, and get the most "bang for your buck" in a Korean an-ma. In fact, if you can’t follow these rules, DON'T GO to an an-ma.

    RULE#1:  Stay the hell out of Seoul.  Seoul has got to be one of the most expensive cities in the world.  Everything is expensive, from real estate, to restaraunts, to massage parlors, and prostitutes. The average price for a full service massage in Seoul is 150,000 won (approximately $150.00). This does not include any “special services” offered by your service girl.  By taking a 30 minute train ride from Seoul station to Uijongbu station that costs about $4.00, and walking across the street to the an-ma’s, you can cut that price in half!  By taking a 20 mile taxi ride from Uijongbu station to the more rural places around Uijongbu and Dongdachon, the same thing costs about $10.00 - $15.00. You can cut the price down another 20%, and the “special services” are included. Yes, I already know what you're thinking.... the girls in the country are just as HOT, if not hotter, than the ones in Seoul.

    RULE#2:  Find out the price in won first, then ask how much it would cost in dollars. Right now the exchange rate is pretty much even.  $1.00 will get you around 1000 won.  Some places will still give you a cheaper price if you pay in dollars. I was in a place the other day and was quoted 60,000 won for a full service massage with “special services” and was told if I paid in dollars it was only $50.00. This is because there’s a black market for American dollars. So it’s worth asking.  Also, this rule depends on the current won rate being stronger, or even, with the dollar. When the dollar is stronger than the won it might be cheaper to pay in won.

    RULE#3:  Never negotiate over the price. Always pay what they ask. If it’s too much, just walk out and go next door to the next place.  Korean men always bitch about the price.  By acting a little different and paying what they ask, the services are usually better.

    RULE#4:  Always tip.  Korean men never tip the girls. By tipping $10.00 or so, you can guarantee tremendous service the next time you come in.  Believe me, I’ve had "trifectas" in these places at no additional cost.

    RULE#5:  Always go at the slowest times.  These places usually open around lunch-time.  Some Korean men will go during their lunch-break.  Most, however, go in the evening.  So try and go around 1:30-4:00 in the afternoon on a weekday.  The girls tend not to rush so much because there’s no other customers.  Also, you may get a cheaper price on two girls instead of one.

    RULE#6:  Become a regular. Once you find a good an-ma, keep going there.  Korean men always hop from one to another.  By being a regular, the services keep getting better. Pretty soon you’ll have trifectas like me.

    RULE#7:  I almost didn’t put this in because it’s common sense, but here we go.  Always be polite. Never be rude.  Whores have feelings too.

    RULE#8:  When going to a new an-ma, one you have never been to before, be careful.  Remove all ID cards and credit cards from your wallet, and take just enough money to pay for the services and tip.  Leave some spare money in the car, just in case you need it.  The reason is that, in some places(when the customer is getting his “special services” performed), someone will crawl beneath the curtain into the room and steal things from their wallet.  Other places will have curtains separating the rooms instead of WALLS. Then someone can just stick their hand through to where your clothes are hanging and easily steal items from your wallet. By keeping these things in the car, there won’t be anything to steal. (If you don’t have a car, you can go with a friend and have him hold your personal items while you go in. Then you can hold his items when he goes in.  Most of these places are located around restaurants or bars so you can get something to eat or have a beer while your friend is getting serviced). A reputable place will always have walls separating the rooms, not curtains, and will keep your personal items in plain view where you can see them at all times. Some places have lockers for you to secure your things, but I don’t trust them. I’m convinced this happens because most men that go in never tip! Once you become a regular somewhere, and the girls know that you tip, you won’t have to worry about this happening.

    RULE#9:  Bring your own condom(s). It’s amazing how many places don’t supply condoms to the customers.  If you’re going to get any “special services”, be sure and protect yourself.  STD’s are usually not a problem in these places because the girls are checked. Also, don’t feel obligated to get “special services” when you go. Sometimes all you want or need is a massage, or a haircut, or a shave!

    RULE#10:  Learn Korean.

    That’s it for the Golden Rules. Learn ’em, live ’em, breath ’em. Now let's get down to the meat of the issue and learn how to recognize an an-ma.

    RECOGNIZING AN AN-MA:  Let me start out by saying that there is no one indicator that will tell you if a barber shop is a massage parlor. Rather, there are several indicators that, when combined, give you an idea if a place is indeed an an-ma. You have to put all these things together like a puzzle to make your determination. Once you start looking around at some places and have an idea as to what is an an-ma and what’s not, the places will start sticking out to you like sore thumbs. You’ll then start laughing at all the other people when they say, “Look it’s a two pole barber shop!” indicating that they think it’s a massage parlor.

    Occasionally you will make mistakes. I still walk into places that have all the indicators of being an an-ma, only to find out that it’s a regular barber shop. You will know immediately if it’s an an-ma the minute you walk in, if you follow the guidelines below and combine all the indicators.  You will have an accuracy of about 90% when recognizing an-ma’s. Different cities have different rules, but for the most part, the rules are extremely close.

    INDICATOR#1:  Let’s start with what I call the common sense indicator. Most an-ma’s are located in the basements of buildings.  If it’s not in the basement of a building, the windows will be boarded up or blacked out. The reason for this is that they don’t want people seeing inside.  So if you see a barber shop located in the basement of a building, or one with the windows boarded up or blacked out, that’s an indicator that it may be an an-ma.

    INDICATOR#2:  Multiple poles. I did not say two, three, or a dozen poles... I just said multiple poles. Usually there will be three or four poles out by the road along with other poles placed strategically around the building, where they will attract attention. There may be one by the entrance; two by the road. There may be smaller poles and bigger poles together, or separated. Usually, there will be poles on the top four corners of the building as well. One thing you cannot do, is rely on the number, size, or rotation, of the poles. Remember, the more poles means that the owner just had more money to SPEND on barber poles.

    INDICATOR#3:  While we're on the subject of barber poles, the one thing that is always common among an-ma’s is, the small one to two foot barber pole immediately at the front entrance to the barber shop. You will recognize it right away. It turns really slowly and, like I said, is only about one to two feet in height. What this indicates is a barber shop that only cuts men’s hair.  Regular barber shops have them as well, but since an-ma’s only cater to men, every one of them will have this pole. If the barber shop is located in the basement of a building, it will be half way down the stairwell so you can see it from the street.

    INDICATOR#4: The code word for the city or province is the last word in the name. Naturally, you have to be able to read Korean to know this. Every an-ma in a particular city has the same code word in its name. It is always the last word in the name of the business. For example, if the code word is “town” then the name of the barber shop could be “Mr. Kim’s Barber Town”. All this will be written in Korean, not English. This is perhaps the best indicator of all. Again, this code word is different for different areas of Korea. The easiest way to learn the code word for your area is to ask someone who knows. You can also get a taxi driver to take you to one. Just say: od-a-shi ma-ssag-ee. If you use this method, the taxi driver will probably take you to one of the pricier places since he gets paid a commission for bringing customers. You can also use the other indicators until you find one. No matter what method you use, read the last word of the an-ma that you’re at and then you’ll know the code word for the other places too.

    INDICATOR#5:  When you walk in, you will not see any barber chairs.  Instead there will be only a front desk.  If there is a Korean man working the counter, and all the other indicators are there, it’s a sure-fire bet that it’s an an-ma. The Korean man is usually the owner or manager. He is also there to take care of the girls in case a customer gets out of hand. He will also stand outside a lot, guarding the place in case the police come, drunks try to enter, or street gang members try to enter. Prostitution is technically illegal in Korea, but not enforced.

    By combining all these indicators, you can usually tell if a barber shop is really an an-ma or not with an accuracy of about 90%.

    I FOUND AN AN-MA. SO NOW WHAT? Once you find a place that you think may be an an-ma, all you have left to do is walk in. You'll probably be a little nervous at first, but hopefully what follows will give you an idea as to what to expect.  When you first walk in, you will be greeted by either a man or a woman at the front counter. They will more than likely escort you to one of the many rooms or booths that they have available.  Before you walk any further than the front counter, be sure to remove your shoes and put on the slippers that they will provide you.  Once inside your booth, they will close a curtain so no one else can see inside. The attendant (person who escorted you) will ask what you want., You inform them that you want a shave, haircut, and massage (full service).  They will tell you the price and you pay them. After you pay they will tell you to remove all your clothes with the exception of your underwear.  They will then seat you in a barber chair and recline it all the way back so it's kind of like you’re in a dentist chair. They will then cover your private area with a towel. After about five minutes, your service girl will enter and begin to wash your feet.  She will then wash your arms and hands. They don't do this strictly as a service; they are checking for rashes on your hands and feet to make sure that you’re not in the second stage of a syphilis outbreak. After this, they will trim your finger nails and toe nails, and some places will manicure and pedicure you, too.  She will then shave you with a straight razor, followed by trimming your ear and nose hairs.  She will clean out your ears too.  She will then give you a facial massage with hot and cold towels.  She will then massage your head.  She will then give you a full body massage, that should put you in seventh heaven!  All this, usually lasts about 40 minutes to an hour. The massage will finish with your legs.

    At this point, she will turn the main lights off and turn the pink lights on.  She will sit at your feet, and then slowly work her way up your legs to your dick.  Some places, the girl will stand next to you and will massage your arms.  By touching her gently, you’re indicating that you want some "special services".  At this time, she will ask if you want "special services".  If you're like me and go to the more rural places that include these services, she will remove your underwear and start immediately. If you’re in a bigger city, she will usually charge extra for "special services". Seoul prices for "special services" usually range from about $50.00 for a handjob and $100.00-$150.00 for a blowjob. Intercourse is usually not an option anymore. The mid-size cities will charge $30.00 for a handjob, $50.00 for a blowjob, and $75.00-$100.00 for intercourse. The rural areas usually don't charge for handjobs or blowjobs, but may charge $30.00 or so for intercourse.

    Remember, these prices are in addition to the full service price you already paid.  Now you can understand why I say to stay away from Seoul.  If you get special services, she will give you an exam of your genitals to make sure you don't have any open sores, rashes or blisters.  She will also open your pee-hole and look inside for grayish bacteria or Chlamydia discharges. If you check out, she will perform your "special services".  If she looks like she's not going to supply a condom, indicate that you have one in your pants pocket. She will then get it and put it on for you. After she performs your "special services", she cleans you up, helps you get dressed, you tip her, and you leave. The whole experience should last an hour or so. As you can see, you can't be going to these places every time you need to get laid, but there's nothing wrong with treating yourself like a King once in a while.  On average, I go every month or so and it costs less than $100.00 since I'm sticking to the rural areas.

    FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS:  This is an update to this guide of some of the more popular questions we have been asked...

    QUESTION#1:  It seems that the girls do a good job of checking out the customers before engaging in sex. Why do I need a condom?
    ANSWER:  The girls do well by checking the customers, but these checks are only good if someone currently has some form of outbreak.  There is a two to three day incubation period before and after an outbreak where you can’t see anything, but the person carrying the STD can still pass it on to others.  These checks also do not protect against AIDS.

    QUESTION#2:  How often are the girls checked?
    ANSWER:  All the girls are checked prior to being hired.  After that, it depends.  Some get checked weekly, others monthly, and still others get checked only when they experience a problem.  Since you don’t know when the last time a girl has been checked, or who she was with before you, be sure to always wear a condom. Most places do have some form of routine check for their girls. (Let’s face it, a place doesn’t want someone catching a disease because then their reputation is ruined and they lose business.  Also, if a Korean man goes to a doctor with an STD, he will tell the doctor where he caught it. The police are notified and the business could get shut down.)

    QUESTION#3:  All I’m getting are hand jobs or blow jobs.  Do I still need a condom?
    ANSWER:  With hand jobs you probably don’t.  Unless the girl has open sores on her hands, you don’t have anything to worry about. Blow jobs are different. While it’s true you probably won’t get AIDS from blow jobs, you can still catch other diseases like syphilis, hepatitis, and herpes.

    QUESTION#4:  My condom broke. What should I do?
    ANSWER:  What are you asking me for?  Go talk to your doctor!

    QUESTION#5: Where are these rural areas you talk about?
    ANSWER: They're all over.  My main point is to stress that you leave Seoul.  You can hop on a train for no more than $4.00 or $5.00 and go north or south to a smaller city. When you get out of the subway you can catch a cab and have the driver take you to an an-ma.

    QUESTION#6:  What do you mean, prostitution is technically illegal but not enforced?
    ANSWER:  The police simply look the other way.  Prostitution has been illegal since the 1988 Olympics.  Before the Olympics, prostitution was 100% legal.  In Korea, prostitution is like alcohol prohibition was in the U.S.  The police didn’t enforce alcohol prohibition because they didn’t think anything was wrong with drinking.  Prostitution has been part of Korean culture for centuries (although most will not admit it).  Koreans simply don’t see a problem with it.  The only time a place gets shut down is when someone contracts an STD.

    QUESTION#7:  Do the police get paid off to look the other way?
    ANSWER: Don’t know.

    QUESTION#8: Are these an-ma’s connected with organized crime?
    ANSWER: Don’t know.

    QUESTION#9: Why do you recommend NOT negotiating the price?
    ANSWER: I know that at first this seems to border on insanity, so let me explain.  When I first started going to an-ma’s, I always negotiated the price.  It seemed that although I got a cheaper price, the service was always half-assed.  Then I found out that the girls get a COMMISSION of what you pay.  By always paying the price they asked, it made the girls happy and the services improved.  It amazes me how many people will give up quality of service to save $10.00.  Like I said, if you're quoted this outrageous price, simply so "no thank you" and leave.

    That's it for now. We’ll try and keep this updated as things change over here. We hope this guide helped explain some things to you, and we wish you luck on your new adventure!
    (Review # 12167)
  • Seoul Massage Parlor Dated Added: Tue Jul 05 2005 Submitted by:

    I am visiting Seoul for 3 months. They have some really neat barber shop places that double as massage parlors. I went to 2 different ones in Gwanak Gu in the south of Seoul. One of them was excellent and I went back two more times. It is next to an alley of love motels. The girls ranged from 30-40. Kind of old, but very experienced, and because Asian women look young, not at all ugly. Each time they started off with a massage and foot and hand wash. Then they ask if you want anything else. A good thing is to make the blowjob sign and ask for some mouth action. This tends not to be the norm. At one place the girl absolutely refused me and proceeded to give me the worst handjob ever. She also did missionary with a condom but was so loose I couldn't feel anything.

    I've found that the older ones are more comfortable with what they do and are more open to blowjobs or sex in different positions. Several of the older ones (mid 30's) gave some of the best bare back bj that I've ever gotten. All of the ones who did allowed me to come in their mouth and very discreetly spit it out later. The key with these places is finding a good shop as the owner tends to pick the same kinds of girls, and if one of them is to your liking most likely all of the ones there will be. It was about 60,000 won or a little under 60 dollars. Not bad for some good head for about 15 minutes or so.
    (Review # 11929)
  • Seoul Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Apr 23 2005 Submitted by: orangeman

    Korea is a place best avoided right now. They are in the middle of a major crackdown. It started with underage prostitution, and the public was behind that completely. Now they have started with the over-19 (age of majority in Korea) prostitution. And they are serious.


    Major red-light districts in Seoul are scheduled for massive redevelopment, and the whorehouses have been given notice that by 2007 they'd better have something else to do. A lot have already closed up shop anyway. There was also some bad press last month when several prostitutes were killed in a fire at one of the shops. There is still prostitution at hotels and stuff, but you should beware that some of the "whores" are undercover cops. Like I said, they're taking this stuff very seriously. An acquaintance was arrested for soliciting what he thought was a prostitute and he got the shit beaten out of him while being interrogated. The plan is to fine him, deport him, and report his actions to the local media and law enforcement in his hometown back in Canada. Take no prisoners. Best to bring your own movie files for the duration. Not worth it to end up in jail or worse. 

    (Review # 11317)
  • seoul Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Mar 20 2005 Submitted by: kam

    If you want to guarantee a lay and good sex then go to Itaewon and don't show up with less than 150 dollars in American and be sure not to give in on the first chick. Make sure you scope the area out. You can have a great time. The typical cost may be from 30 dollars for some cheap ugly chubby but a hot chick will be at least 150 or more. Or if you are lucky you do it for 100. (Review # 11138)
  • songtan Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sun Jan 16 2005 Submitted by: kam

    The name of the place is Sports massage in the hotel lobby and they do an outstanding job of taking care of you. Most of the girls are of age 20 to 29 and I tell you this is something you can't get in America.

    The girls give you a bath they then dry you off and massage you with hot oil and then they wash you again and you get dried off again. After that they give you a full naked body massage using their body and she will use both sides of her body on both sides of your body. After that they do a nice job of giving bj and then sex. Once you finish sex they will wash you again then give you a drink and politely send you on your way. The girls are from 7 to 10 on a 1 to 10 scale. The girls will take their time and do you right, I have had more time there than I did in Itaewon and it was cheaper. It is better than boys town in Acuna.

    (Review # 10857)
  • Incheon Street Action Dated Added: Tue Dec 07 2004 Submitted by: Arfaq

    Dear Friends, I have a job here in a company in South Korea.

    There is new place here in Incheon city known as "Hagik Dong". Just talk with a taxi driver and ask him to go to Hagik Dong Yellow House........ just opposite of the street where the taxi takes you off.....You will see one street with not many housese, approximately 30, and believe me the girls are really stunning....

    If you are a foreigner they will not accept you at first but just at the end of the street there are some who accept foreigners too......the girls wear very nice clothes and sexy short jeans and bikinis etc... Price is 70,000 won to 100000 won. But service is great...Really worth your good luck for this new place in Incheon.

    (Review # 10559)
  • Tongduchon Other Dated Added: Sat Oct 16 2004 Submitted by:

    I am a white guy in the Army and have been stationed in Korea twice. Just leaving there this year and before in 1999 to 2000. I really enjoy Korea and plan on teaching there when my enlistment is finished in the Army. I have had many experiences with the girls over there, mostly Korean.


    Living in Tongduchon, I had the experience of the bar girls that work there, mostly Filipino and a large number of Russians. Filipinos aren't attractive to me, most have small moustaches and no T&A. Russian girls are too manly, so I preferred to stay away from those clubs. If you want to get laid, you'd have to pay about $100 to $150 and take the girl to a hotel room. Some clubs have rooms upstairs to take care of business and will cost between $60 and $100.


    Anyways, I preferred to stay away from there with the crackdown in the past few years by the military for prostitution. Downtown Tongduchon was a good place to go for the red light district, several years ago they wouldn't take ANY foreigners, but now half the girls accept them. The place is located behind the bus terminal downtown and with a little effort, you will find a decent looking Korean girl for cheap, only about $50.  

    (Review # 10299)
  • Seoul Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Aug 17 2004 Submitted by:

    I had to spend an entire, long year in Korea a few years back, I wound up spending lavishly on tits, ass, beer and more beer!!! It's my observation that the folks behind the sex scene in Korea are of the greedy sort, I spent almost $15,000 over there in just a year.


    You can, as of 2001, find a dreamy, sexy gal to play with on Hooker Hill......but bring a FAT wallet with you!!! Some of the most erotic and sexy action I ever had was just on top of that famed hill....two gals (one was an utter knockout) took me hostage, and gave me a serious handjob for something like 60,000 won. It was so exciting having them both waiting and watching for me to pop, boy did I ever. The gal who was smoking hot was short, tanned....with the sexiest tits I ever did see!!!!


    On another occaision that year, I found a very young cutie with near perfect Geisha-like looks about her, I soon took notice of her sweaty, beautiful young hands.....which got me thinking......hey, this cutie has some sweaty, sexy salty feet too!!! I was able to explore some of the best foot fantasy with her!!! She asked me for a drink several times (as they all will do)......but I went to town kissing her super sexy feet, taking my time and enjoying the piss out of it. She didn't seem to mind, so I did it again!!! That toe kissing was a wild turn on......the second time I did this in slow motion.......just sublime!!! You can be sure, next time I am in Asia, I will be looking for her look-alike to kiss some super sexy Korean Geisha feet again!!!! Happy hunting...!!!

    (Review # 9888)
  • Cheju/Jeju Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Jul 05 2004 Submitted by: Anon

    Got to be the WORST place in Korea for action! I'm serious as a heart attack! The AMP girls DON'T give real BJ's or FS to non Koreans. They go through the motions and bob their heads up and down like you are getting a BJ but you are not!

    The bankers association and the dentists association held their annual meetings in Jeju last month and these are guys from all over the world and most complained about the lack of FS available to them as well as the fake BJ's. You pay 70.000 Won, about $60.00 for a massage and you'll get a half ass massage and a HJ. Even if you pay $100.00, you get the same half ass service! The group I was keeping back went tried about 40 different places all over the island over the 7 days they were in Jeju and no one had a good thing to say. The same with other cities in Korea, you MIGHT get lucky a few times but overall, you will waste your money. If you have had luck in Jeju or elsewhere, share the info!
    (Review # 9521)
  • Suwon Massage Parlor Dated Added: Fri May 28 2004 Submitted by: Asian Lover

    The red light district of Suwon is right outside of Suwon Station. After exiting the station turn to your left (north) and find the underpass to cross to the eastern side of the busy street. Once across, continue east and you'll see a small street on your left. Go up that road and you'll see all the Korean girls in their windows. If you're Korean, they'll all be calling after you to go inside. Service should be 30,000-50,000 won. If you are Western, they will ignore you, but don't despair. Continue north on the little road, take a left at the intersection and walk back towards Suwon Station. Before you hit the main road, you'll find about 4 windows that have girls willing to serve foreigners. Price probably won't be less than 50,000 ($44). (Review # 9193)
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