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  • Kuta/ Bali Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Nov 06 2008 Submitted by: Jan

    Hi there read a few reports, just like to give my 5 cents here. I got to Bali once a year for last 20 Years. 1.

    The girls who work in Bali are not from there, Bali girls work in other places not at home. So 90% of working girls are from east Java. Prices range from IDR50.000 to 1 Mill. You find them in any Nightclub and Bar. Best option is the girls in shops and some restaurants, they not working girls but supplement income 1-2 times a month. Massage girls on street.

    Some are very good, but only provide massage in most cases. Make sure only the one girl you ask is massaging you any others who join in kick out, because they want payment too. If you good looking try Hard Rock cafe during indo school holidays because the Chinese girls that come to Bali at the time like to try out Bule (western Guy) meat 
    (Review # 25150)
  • Samarinda Massage Parlor Dated Added: Tue Sep 30 2008 Submitted by: Looney

    Flamboyan massage parlor, located near a shopping mall called SCP. Rp60.000 for a massage. 1st time I went there was a plain massage. 2nd time I went there was a true great night, while I was waiting for an empty massage room, I met a horny massage girl. She's about 24 curvy body and nice form of breast. I didn't get a massage, but I did get a sex. She didn't serve BJ but she serve everything else mind blowing great. I thought I don't mind to pay her high for the sex, and I asked her how much did she expect, she asked 60.000Rp. I wonder if I can get her again next time, I guess I am just lucky that night (Review # 24809)
  • Jakarta Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Jan 25 2008 Submitted by: Goodstick

    Block M: very quiet with only old girls. Good place if you want to play pool. In a January night, when I was there, there were only a few customers even by midnight. Girls are eager to serve but the selection is not good, I am sorry to say. And then you have also to bring them to your hotel.

    Stadium Disco: this place is simply crazy and looks dangerous. In case of an emergency, like a fight or fire, you won't find your way out and will probably be killed merely by the big crowd. As soon as I entered the disco, a mama immediately approached me bringing with her a girl. I told her I don't need girls, but she kept returning with different girls pushing me to take them. I did not have a moment to finish my beer. I was so upset that I left within 20 minutes. This place, again, looks quite dangerous with a huge crowned of young local men, security personnel (who just sit outside by the way), mama, girls, and a bunch of men waiting outside the disco (for something I don't know). It is an interesting place to check out but could be problematic.

    The massage place: interesting experience. The girl baths you then moves her wet body on your wet body. It is however very mechanical in my opinion. Most of the time, the girl is in charge and you just lay there like a piece of meat.

    The best place in my opinion is still Today Country bar in Mangar Besar (in the plaza): well-organized, straightforward, set price (250,000 Rp as in Jan. 2008). The rooms are right in the disco, clean, sufficient. You can do the business anytime you want then come back for a drink, then do it again if you still have "power". No need to bring the girls to hotel, or to negotiate the price. Very few foreigners in sight though. But don't worry.  It is safe. The bar is in a huge shopping plaza, well lit.  Please leave the girl some tips. Given the complex operation of this place, the girl probably gets very little.

    (Review # 22319)
  • Bali Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Jan 18 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    All I’m reading here is prostitutes, are you guys so ugly you have to pay, first time I ever went to Bali I saw a pretty girl in a bar, I checker her out day after day, finally for the courage to pass her my number and when almost walking away she call me back and we met up after, she only wanted to be friends but she was sweet and beautiful, we met up every day over the next 2 days and then I flew home promising to return, a few months later I returned, another great no sex month, I loved the girl (have a little respect) anyway over 2 years I couldn’t be apart from her and visited often eventually building a long distance relationship, when the time felt right we had sex all month long, I flew home again promising to return and when she called to say she was pregnant I felt great and now 2 children later, married and 6 years strong. She wasn’t a prostitute, just a girl I care about, and respected enough for her to care about me.

    She was scared of me at first I earned my trust. Just a note guys: all those beautiful Balinese girls you’re having sex with, there not from Bali there from java. Safe sex but blow jobs and licking there hole, aint so safe. Another story from Bali I could have had a prostitute, couple local friends tried to push me into it, but I have too much love for my at the time girlfriend and women in general, if they say they love fucking strange men there lying the truth is they have no job, no money and need to feed there selves, and using a prostitute is as bad as being the pimp, true love does exist,.

    (Review # 22298)
  • Bali Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Jan 02 2008 Submitted by: Terminator

    Hey guys thank you for this forum because it helped me a lot before my trip to Bali. I had an awesome time in Bali. I stayed in Adi dharma hotel for two weeks. First night out on the 18th of Dec me and my friend got to Bali at 12 o’clock in the morning and we decided to go out hunting. We went to this bar called Crossroad (something like that can’t remember the exact name) on Legian Street and nothing was happening there.

    Just a few tourists and a few average looking girls. We chatted with the girls and no luck but they gave us directions to Mbargo which was just 5 to 10 meters away from the bar. Mbargo was filled with girls and we could not even manage to buy a drink for us that the girls just virtually attacked us lol. I got surrounded by two girls one of them is grinding against me while the other one is hugging me from behind. I was quite enjoying the treatment and I remembered about my friend.

    I looked around and saw him busy with another girl doing some dirty dance. Anyway we took those girls back to our hotel for some wild fun for 500000 which was the first price quoted and we did not even bother bargaining since we were both horny. My guess is Rp 300000 is a good price to pay so if you bargain it does come down to that price. Any how the good times were gone by the next night that was 19th of Dec when we went to Mbargo and expecting the same but found nothing except a lot of foreigners mostly male dancing and drinking and the girls with highly inflated prices and a very non friendly attitude.

    Me and my friend were quite amazed by this turn around and later on we found out that it is coming to the peak time where a lot of tourists visit Bali so one golden piece of advice never go to Bali when it is high season just avoid it and you will be treated like a king at a very lower and affordable price.

    (Review # 22205)
  • Danpasar Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Dec 30 2007 Submitted by: Ryan Bremner

    Hi I was in Bali early December. At night time I was walking thought Popple Land 2 at 11pm at night. I walk half the street then a Balinese girl jump out in front of me and said, you want massage plus good fuck. Then I said how much, she replied 250,000rp for 1 hour, Then I said me Ryan can get a girl in Jakarta from 100,000rp for 1 hour the Indonesian price. So I walk away from her. Then she follows me down the street and said no problem 100,000rp for 1 hour or all night if you want handsome. So I said ok but me have to lair about my age first saying I 19 years old, but me 30 years old, Plus I said I live in Jakarta, But I live in New Zealand, Plus I knew a bit of Indonesian words and good pick up lines.


    I and the Balinese girl walk together back to my Hotel Ratna. Have a shower first together then I put on some black boxes short. So I tell the lovely lady to put on her sexy black lingerie and slowly come to me standing up in the hotel room. Then we massage dance in room. I touch her butt and pussy then she touch my banana and glad my crown jewel that my balls. Then I said glad then harder darling because I love pain and I got hornier when I feel her suck it-pain on my balls. It makes my banana bigger for her. Then I and the princess in sexy armor went to bed still in our underwear kissing massage each other first like a romance movie.


    Then she took off my boxes short. Suck my banana lick my balls, suck balls too. Then she started giving me real balls busters lesson. She was happy that my banana was so horny from sexy pain. She need, kick, and slap my balls as hard as she can. I said babe give me more pain. She smile and kiss me. Then she took off her underwear then we start fucking 2 times. After that we started to massage each other naked. After 4 hours I pay her 100,000rp plus 20,000rp for the taxi to take her home .She said thank you and leave the hotel at 4 in morning. Me could I got her until 8am.But me was tried and want to catch up on my sleep.


    It was the best sex and dragon balls lesson I much enjoy for 100,000rp.Remember to lair and say you live in Jakarta. Only in Bali holiday only, plus know a few Indonesia words. That’s why I Ryan got Indonesia price for girl not tour price. Think smart don’t me too keen. Email me for tips of the trade. Most Indonesia women you can get for 300,000rp a night if you head to bars and find them on the streets. Massage Parlors you always have to pay girl and the pimp too. Remember the pimp that it’s between 40% to 60% of the working girl money at massage parlor. Cheers from Ryan Bremner

    (Review # 22197)
  • Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Mar 04 2007 Submitted by: Melati

    This is so sad that every one on here described Indonesian women as prostitutes. Not all of them are but you all just generalized them on here. You see women as an object to sex, whatever happened to mutual pleasure? While some women here are actual prostitutes (for whatever reason they are doing it), there are some who are semi prostitutes, but there are also a lot of them who are genuine girls who are attracted to men like your moms attracted to your dads.

    The last kind of girls got mixed up with the other two because people like you think that they are all prostitutes. It can mess them up and it is so unfair. Imagine some one treat your sister as a prostitute just because of her nationality, wouldn't she be extremely pissed? Wouldn't you be then too? The point is, you don't always have to pay to have fun. Sex in Indonesia doesn't always have to be a commodity. Not all Indonesian who are with or want to be with white man are in need to trade sex for money. Be extra careful as some of the girls can in fact be very rich influential girls, if you offended them they can get vicious. Have fun but be good :-)

    (Review # 17630)
  • Bali/Jakarta Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Jan 25 2007 Submitted by: Nick

    Ok people since I used this guide to get laid I guess I should take a minute and submit a report. First time in town didn't have a clue where to go or what to do so the guide helped a lot! Anyways hooked up with beautiful little Balinese girl 21 years old. Later I saw her ID and noticed she was 20(first time I've experienced girls lying about their age older).

    Anyways seems she left her husband and kids cuz he's "crap" Yep I know there’re lots more to this story but why even bother asking. Anyways we hung out, very inexperienced sexually but so sweet, beautiful little brown body, nicknamed the "little girl" I don't know but I think she was hoping to find a cash windfall somewhere?? Did her several times and it started getting better and knew she had real potential to become a hot lay, however other things came up particularly a trip to Jakarta. Jakarta is the shithole sewer of Asia. However overflowing with hookers young and old.

    I Went to stadium what a wild place, a dive down the street with some hotties and the cowboy my mate decided on the first girl mamasan shoved his way and scored nicely. Anyways turns out this girl just had her 17th birthday, surprised me as she looked much younger? Frankly I think mamasan made it up as we had been informed sex is not legal under 17 years old. Anyways she was tiny and he said she was outstanding and stayed all night for something like 500000 rp.

    She sucked and fucked him preferring no protection. He gave her the regular lesson on aids and all and fucked her again without protection (why would it matter now). Back to Bali went to a place with a name something like "Paris" but not that. Anyways got another Balinese beauty with strangely enuff the same name as the little girl. Second I saw her I thought....what a hottie. I guess she sensed it and left her dance partner to visit me. So being the first hooker I've ever hooked up with (get the pun). She asked for 800000 rp I knew if she fucked half as good as she looked she was worth it.

    She spoke great English with an Aussie accent....very hot! I liked the idea she thought she was worth so much and promptly offered 400000 and a 100000 tip. She countered 500000 I countered back several times......finally I figured its my last night in Indonesia and 500000 either way grabbed her hand and promptly put her on the back of my motorbike. Now I was a little apprehensive about this whole thing especially such a tiny young girl taking off with a big bule like me on a motorbike without helmet.

    She drove me down so many tiny alleys and walk paths and we never went down a major street. I was waiting any second for a dead end and a baseball bat. She took me right to my hotel and promptly handed her ID to the security. I felt better and we both showered. She explained that she lived in a village and her family had no idea what she was doing but she just loved her work especially sucking and fucking. This proved to be the case, next words out of her mouth was You can go 5 times right?? I thought she was kidding.....she wasn't. She was intent on fucking me 5 times. I was saved by the condoms...seems they come in a box of 3 I now know why.

    I explained that I was sorry no more condoms she decided I had to cum just one more time and gave me a blow job and jacked me off! I was spent then she just began dressing I say.......whoa hold on we negotiated for all night, and frankly I was looking forward to a few hours sleep with this dark skinned beauty then blowjob number 5.....she says yeah baby all night, runs over and opens the drapes and its morning already! Wow I really couldn't believe she kept me going all night. She said all her clients leave happy and I believe it. All I had was 600000 total so I gave her all my money figuring she was worth twice the price including the 100000 tip.

    She said she couldn't take all my money and giving me back the 100000rp and says call it a tip! I told her that’s outstanding and makes me like a manwhore, she smiled kissed me and ran off singing something about a leaving on a jet plane. So here's the lesson learned maybe there is something to this hooker thing (she called herself a prostatuta). She was a real pro and just like she said enjoyed sucking and fucking doesn’t get any better than that.

    I think I may try it again! In fact I think I may understand why the rich and famous prefer hookers. BTW there were a couple more girls mixed in but frankly compared to these girls I don't even remember them.

    (Review # 17114)
  • Bali Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Jan 20 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    A friendly waitress said her husband could hook us up, so I took up on the offer. Was a little leery driving with them in the middle of the night to pick up the girl because of some of the things you hear about safety in Indonesia. They wanted me to go to a room they had but I wanted to take her to my room. Downside is the hotel... wants you to pay for an extra guest. They told me to hold her like she was my wife but there was no mistaking my Anglo look with a local girl!

    I know I could have done cheaper, but $60 plus the room extra for all night was ok with me because it was my last night. More relaxed in my room. She was good, showered, light kisses, massage, let me do whatever I wanted. Licked my balls, sucked my dick, fingered her ass, put her on her knees, my choice on fucking with or without protection. I wasn't taking that chance, laid there for a while, went some more, no rush at all. About 3 hours. Face 6,body 8, sex 10.
    (Review # 17037)
  • Bali Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Jun 03 2006 Submitted by: Oxossi

    I sent a review last week but it hasn't come up on the website yet. Anyway, here is a postscript. I met a guy who brought me two girls and I chose one of them for 200,000 Rupiahs (USD 20)for an hour or so. I ended up keeping her for the night for another 200,000 Rupiah. Seemed the going rate is higher (maybe 500-600) but if you stick to your price you will probably get it. Normal monthly salary (for long hours) is USD 100. The USD20 for an hour or so included commission for two guys. Tri gave me her mobile number. For sure I could have engaged her again for USD30 for the night, maybe even USD25 without her having to share it with the guys. All the people I met were really friendly, the girls and these guys. Cool. Tri really enjoyed sex. She had a great body, a pretty face and a really sweet personality. We used a condom but she kissed and sucked my cock. I licked her till she came also. We had a great time. Girls will tell you they need money for a taxi (USD 5) but then they will likely ring up a (male) friend to take them home on a motorbike and save most of the money. The last night I invited a waitress I'd made friends with over the previous two weeks, to go out after work. She was cautious, and it was only after we fell asleep together that we made love in the morning. And then we made love again. I didn't have to give her anything, but she was happy to accept a month's rent on her apartment (USD 50). She rated 9. I don't think any of the girls I have been with over the past coupe of weeks have been Balinese - mostly from Java, and also Flores. Word gets around in Bali, so if a Balinese girl starts sleeping around; word soon gets back to her community. I wouldn't discount the possibility, but suggest it is a bit more complex. I've heard that some guys go first to Jakarta (eg Bats at Shangri-La) and pick up a girl (there are lots of willing beautiful girls there apparently) and fly them to Bali for a week or two. Don't forget to bring your international driver's license to Bali as it is complicated to hire a motorbike or car without one (you can but the risks are not worth taking in my view). Happy hunting. (Review # 14876)
  • Bali Escort Review Dated Added: Mon May 29 2006 Submitted by: Oxossi

    Bali report Try clubs Santa Fe, Déjà Vu, Embargo and Baiana in Legian. Expect to pay 300 Rupiah plus taxi for the girl to go home (50 Rupiah). At time of writing, AUD$1= 7000 Rupiah, USD$1=9000 Rupiah. I’ve been staying in Legian. The first night I went to Jalan Dhayanpuri, also known as Jalan Gado Gado. There is a known concentration of clubs here, but as you get closer to the beach, you move into the gay zone. I went to club Santa Fé. My friend was talking to a couple of girls – pretty average in my view – when I saw a beautiful girl walk in. I followed her and soon struck up conversation. I offered to buy her a drink and soon we were touching. She and her friend were going to another club and she invited me along. My friend was by now quite pissed and he stayed back with the other girls. We went to the club Baiana just up the street. This is a great club to hang out if you are into salsa, meringue and cha cha cha – which I am. Although Aiu didn’t dance Latin, she caught on quickly. She danced merengue real close – always a good sign when a girl feels comfortable with you dancing merengue (with one leg placed firmly in the girl’s croch). She then took me to another club – Déjà Vu – located some blocks away on the beachfront. We then went back to my place and I handed the security guy 10,000 Rupiah. It is about a dollar or so, and although he didn’t ask for it, it pays to grease the wheels. I took her to a beautiful swimming pool set in the gardens and we swam naked. She had the most gorgeous firm breasts, and exquisite coffee skin. I took her back to my cottage. She said she was tired and wanted to go to sleep. This was code for ‘you need to pay me some money’. I agreed to ‘help her out with her rent’ for 350,000 Rupiah. Then she opened up. I licked and sucked her gorgeous pussy (although she had a delicate muff, she’d shaved, which was a minor disappointment. When you’ve got such cute wispy hairs, show them off !). We didn’t use a condom – highly risky I know – but anyway – we fucked our brains out. (I take half a Viagra just to be sure. It usually means I have a hard-on for sometime after I cum). While Asian girls often have a flat bum, I realised that here in Bali many girls have cute curvaceous bums – you just have to set your standards. Aiu had a beautiful bum (beautiful everything – God !) Next morning, Aiu wasn’t interested in fucking. Pity because this is the primo hour for guys as we all know. Aiu lay on the lounge looking beautiful (‘chayway indah’ – beautiful girl). The maid came around to clean. A masseuse came around to give a massage to my friend. Aiu also got the masseuse to give her a massage and then billed me for it (50,000 Rupiah). It’s not the money – but I need humility from a girl. We ended up screwing again in the bedroom after some discussion about paying more rent for her apartment. I told her that I would like to stay with her for five days or more at 350,000 Rupiah a day. We had another excellent session (still no condom). Then just when I was peaking she mentioned rent again. I decided that although she was incredibly sexy, and enjoyed making love, she was pushing too much on the money side. I told her 350,000 Rupiah a day, no more. She ended up leaving disappointed. I guess for her at least, you would need to look at about 600,000 Rupiah for a 24 hour day, (plus food of course) plus other extras if you weren’t careful. The experience was quite different to what I was use to in the Philippines, where the girls are far more easygoing with the money thing {one time I was paying a girl the equivalent of 175,000 Rupiah for a full day (1,000 pesos, but then there was also a 500 peso per day bar fine), but she told me because I was going with her for a few days, I only needed to pay her 122,500 Rupiah equivalent a day and handed money back to me! And even though I invited her to fancy restaurants (but still cheap for me) she would like to go to food stalls where the food was practically free…} Next few nights I went back to the Baiana and danced with a lot of girls, but didn’t score. Rather I picked up a girl, Rani, at Santa Fé. She was petite and also had divine skin, even more tantalizing with sparkles on her shoulders. While her breasts were not as heavenly as Aiu’s, they were still very nice. And she had the cutest little bum. She hadn’t shaved and had a yummy pussy with a few soft pubes. I licked her till she came. Then I fucked her gently (she was small) but could gradually move up gears as she loosened up. Unlike Aiu, she wouldn’t kiss on the mouth. And we used condoms. Sadly she wouldn’t stay the night saying she had to get up for work next day. I’ve been back for Rani four times now and I like her a lot. She sucked my cock without a condom but I didn’t cum in her mouth (well I usually lick her out until she cums, so I’ve got credit in that department). I gave her a full body massage with coconut oil last night. Seems that most of the girls have day jobs so you can’t take them for a trip. The good side is that if you can find one without a job, there is no bar fine or mamasan to worry about (as in the Philippines). They are independent operators. Rambuan. I got a guy to take me by motorbike to Sanur where you could find ‘cewe’ – pronounced ‘chayway’, girls, in the ‘rambuan’ or brothels. It is a fair way to go and I paid him 80,000 Rupiah round trip (taxi 60,000 Rupiah one way). The brothels were series on rooms leading off narrow alleys. They were run down. The first place I went into had some pretty girls but the woman running the joint wanted a ridiculous amount for me to take the girl away for the night (started out at two million Rupiahs and then came down to one million). These brothel mazes were located on Jalan Dano Tempeh and Jalan Dano Posa in Sanur. It was hard to see the girl’s faces as the light was dim. The better looking ones didn’t seem so keen. I guess the price was about 500,000 Rupiah for the night plus taxi – say three trips – maybe another 180,000 Rupiah. The brothels are designed for a quick bang at maybe 100-200,000 Rupiah for the locals and 300,000 Rupiah plus for foreigners, though I expect foreigners rarely go there. Although prostitution is illegal in Indonesia, it is tolerated. I heard a story of a girl who falsely accused a Westerner of stealing her money. She went to the police and filled out a report, including how much she earned as a prostitute, and the guy spent about 24 hours in Gaol until a friend with connections could get him out. Anyway, I think this is a rare incident, but get a feel for the girl you are with. If she seems like she could be a bitch, stay away no matter how good looking she is. But the worst is that you might have to pay a ‘fine’. It is nothing like being caught with dope, or other drugs, which is big time bad news. The working girls in Bali all seem to smoke cigarettes which is another difference with the Philippines where all the girls I met didn’t smoke. But like the Philippines, girls often prefer to drink a fruit juice rather than beer or spirits. Because wages are so low in Bali, I am sure you can find good girls who will sleep with you after going out once or twice, and payment would be more or less up to you. If I had more time, I would explore this option more. Everyone seems to be on the beach in the late afternoons, and once you have made a few friends, you tend to make many more friends quite easily. Ladyboys Twice now I have been virtually accosted by ladyboys on motorbikes as I was walking home late at night. They would stop and ask to suck you (for maybe only 50,000 Rupiah or less), and then when you say no, they would ride up ahead and try to block your way and fondle your balls. Unless you are into ladyboys, which I am not, just don’t equivocate for a second otherwise they’ll persist ad nauseum. If staying in an 'expensive' hotel (eg luxurious Jayakarta USD$55 per night for two including breakfast), be prepared to pay security a lot more than the 10,000 Rupiah I offered my guy. (I've been staying at my friend's cottage). Labuan Bajo This is a sleepy town in Flores, another island an hour's flight away. Flores is a stepping off point for boat trips to Komodo Island to see the enormous Komodo dragons, and do some diving. There are about four karaoke bars in town with rooms in the back. I went to one a couple of kilometres out of town. I bargained with one girl, Yenni, (with a interpreter as my Bahasa is about 30 words, and her English much less). She wouldn’t come to my boat or hotel. She’d never been with a foreigner before. She said 300,000 Rupiah for an hour. I tried to get her down to 200,000 Rupiah or even 250,000 Rupiah but she got up and walked away. So I gave in to 300,000 Rupiah. We climbed up steps to one of several basic rooms up top. The bed was big, though no bounce. Yenni kissed and that was nice, gentle and sweet. She was slightly plump, but had a nice body, and beautiful fairly large, yet firm breasts. As usual, I had chosen a girl with immaculate coffee skin. She had a very pretty face. Soft delicate muff. She didn’t want me to lick her out. I fingered her. She was a little dry to begin with, but soon moistened up. There was some great Indonesian music playing, a bit like popular Indian music. Gave a great rhythm to our fucking. I turned her over and fucked her from behind. She was enjoying it. I was there for 50 minutes, and about 30 minutes of that was full-on fucking – I reckon a long time in anyone’s books. And she was into it - no sign she was getting tired. Good working girls love to fuck. And holding hands and gentle caresses while fucking is the most intimate experience on the planet. I usually get a little spontaneous love from the girls I fuck, and I usually give plenty. It is good enough for the brief time you spend together. Doesn’t need to be anything more. Aiu was detached even though she was a great fuck. But Rani gave a little, and Yenni also gave some. So sweet ! (Review # 14847)
  • Bali Street Action Dated Added: Fri Apr 21 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    I just returned from a trip to the wonderful island of Bali. My experience was quite different from what I read below. My conclusion: You can find as many girls as you want and better still, at a fantastic price. I stayed in a 5* hotel in Sanur. While the hotel was fantastic, the bad news is that the bigger hotels don't make it easy to bring girls into the hotel. Sanur and Nusa Dua are relatively the quiet and relaxed beaches of Bali. Kuta is the most happening place with lots of pubs / discotheques / night clubs. But Kuta is not a good place to stay in. My suggestions are stay in Sanur / Nusa Dua and hit Kuta in the evenings for a piece of the action and get the best of both worlds. I explored Sanur quite a bit and I enjoyed 8 girls in 5 days. Bali girls are very beautiful and they charge surprisingly low amounts. I was feeling guilty when their asking price was as low as (100,000 rupiah) $10 per hour (they charge by time and not number of shots). They are not the cheating hookers that I encountered in several other places. They are very honest and wouldn't do anything that would upset the tourists. Almost all of them were great with blowjobs and they are more than willing to do anything you ask them. Now, to the places where you can find. Just about 1kilometer to the left of Hyatt(towards airport), there is a small place with a yellow board "massage". Here, you normally find the girls sitting outside and calling the people on the road. They have small air conditioned rooms, though not as clean as I would have liked. There is place for washing after the act with soap etc. Day 1, I was with a girl called Eka. She was about 22 and she did a great BJ and we followed it with a nice fuck. 2 days later, I went back there and spent an hour with a girl called Rina. I went at 11am and she had barely woken up from sleep. But in her half-sleepiness, she took me nearly to the heaven. I went back again the next day to try another girl (Dela) who is about 24. She was very active and displayed genuine interest in engaging in sex and not as if she was doing a "job". Another place is address 6X on the main Sanur road where Bali is located. This place has several very young and beautiful Bali girls. Some of them were stunning. The price: just $15 per hour. They had aircon rooms on the first floor (it looks like a cafe on the ground floor). I picked a very young looking girl who didn't speak any English but she was quick to undress herself and me. She seemed very experienced for her age. I was somewhat saddened when I saw red marks on her back indicating that she got thrashed by someone (possibly for refusing). I tried asking her about it but she didn't understand what I said. There is also a massage parlor on the beach of Hyatt (technically not a part of Hyatt). A massage in the open-air costs $10 per hour. Most of them are very old women but there was one young girl by the name Rushti Ayu and I offered to pay her $5 extra if she gave me a private massage. She took me to a small shop which was 50 meters away and in the back of the shop, she gave me a handjob for $5 extra. She allowed me to suck her boobs but no more than that. If you can't locate any of the specific places above, don't worry. Just walk on any street where hotels are located and I will bet my life that you will be approached by at least 10 people who will first offer you "taxi" followed by "massage" and "young lady". Almost, every taxi driver will directly ask you whether you need a young lady for sex. So, you don't have to search for the girls as there are thousands of middlemen around. Sex is illegal in Indonesia but the police seem to have completely ignored the activity around the place. It is therefore very safe to pick up girls here but don't do anything stupid. Be kind to the girls and pay them $2 - 4 more and they will be thrilled. Remember that it may not matter much to you the little extra you pay but it can mean a lot to them. Go to Bali, enjoy the beaches and the very sexy Bali girls. (Review # 14507)
  • Bali - Kuta, Seminyak Street Action Dated Added: Wed Mar 29 2006 Submitted by: Cokecowboy

    I just got back from 2 weeks in Bali. I found heaven. The women are attractive and friendly. Don't bother about massage parlours or such. Any nightclub will fill your desires. While I was there, in Kuta, go to Bounty, and MBarGo. In Seminyak, about $2-$3 away in a taxi is Santa Fe, De Ja Vu and Double 6. All of these nightclubs are filled with gorgeous women, split into two groups. Group one is "kupu kupu malam", or night butterflies. Basically prostitutes but act more like girlfriends. Their starting price for a full night is 1 million Rupiah, about $100US. But you can get that to below half very easily. They are fun, friendly and either they approach you, or you approach them. Many hang on the beach during the day. Walk up, introduce yourself and ask if they are going to a nightclub that night. Its that easy. Had one gorgeous woman who couldn't find anyone one night, I told I only had 1oo,ooo Rupiah$10US, which was the truth. She said wait until the nightclub closes and if she doesn't find anyone else she would go with me for the night. Unfortunately she found someone 10 minutes before closing. There are far more women available than men, so taking your pick and negotiating is simple. But always use condoms and be respectful. They are friendly and nice. Do the same. The second group are looking for "Bule", bull with a short e sound. This means foreign tourist boyfriend. These are women who will try to date you. They range from average looks to absolutely gorgeous. Some hope you take them with you when you leave. Others hope you send some cash every month when you go home. The average income for normal workers in hotels and clubs is about $70US a month. If you intend on doing a lot of shopping, send her first to get a local price, usually at least half of the lowest price you can get. Again wear condoms and have respect, probably moreso in this case because these women are not prostitutes. They are looking for a better life, and you can't blame anyone for that. This is the place where Mr Nice Guy wins. I stayed at the Melasti Hotel. About $35US a night, big room, next to the ocean. Also comes with free nights for longer stays. Place next door is triple the price. No problem taking women to room. Security will hit them up for money so walk them out and give security 10 to 20,000 tip yourself. If you're after ladyboys, "trannies", or known in Bali as Ban-Chong, they are everywhere. They'll find you. I can't wait to go back back. P.S Drink and have as much sex as you want. Do not do drugs. Very long prison sentences or if lucky, bribes in excess of $1,000US. (Review # 14335)
  • Jakarta Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Dec 15 2005 Submitted by: naga73

    Just got back from Jakarta and the sex life is alive and hot.  Visited Mawar by Mangga Besar, and the room is packed with probably 100 girls. Mamasan by the name of Lily greeted us and asked us what are we looking for, and bring the several girls to choose from. That night, we have a couple hot ones, 7/9... took one of them upstairs. Just be nice and they will treat you like a king.

    This girl was probably 5'3'' and have a hot body. We went to a fairly small room with shower. She cleaned me up and did bbbj in the shower. Continuing on the bed and we do 69. Nice and smell good. I got so hot, as well as she. I got on the top of her and start sliding my cock bareback in her. She want me to come deep inside her. We did several positions and I explode deep inside of her. She french kiss with me and tell me how she came at the same time.  I guess she likes me a lot and I get her phone number. For the next 3 days, I had free pussy, just spending minimal amount for food and gifts.
    (Review # 13311)
  • Bali Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Nov 22 2005 Submitted by: Fantastic Four

    Hi Guys... We are writing this report to help all action-lovers to make things easy in Bali. Before we visited this lovely island, we read articles which more or less were very negative about the action in Bali. Some articles even went so far as to say that girls cannot be taken to the hotels for the night. We spent 5 days in Bali and took all the girls we wanted to our hotel without any problem. If you need to get good girls, the best place is Bounty. This is a high-tech Disco on the Leigon Road, where girls of all types are available in any variety that you like. The going rate for a full night is Rp 250,000.00 - 400,000.00. Do not waste your time in going looking around Sanoor. It just wastes your time and money. Best would be to hang around at Bounty and pick what you want.

    Girls love to be pampered a lot. They also have a thing for well-endowed men. You may end up getting your fill free, if you treat the girl right!  Always make sure that you drop the girl to a taxi after the action, as the hotel security rips them off, if they walk out alone from the hotel. Do not get caught by pimps. They simply jack up the price in order to get a better cut. Always negotiate directly with the girls and you may end up getting a good bargain. Never walk alone in the night in lonely places. Do not touch grass unless you are absolutely sure that you do not have suspicious-looking people around. Try to take a trip to Mount Batur, if you can find time to get out of bed!!!!!
    (Review # 13151)
  • Pulau Weh Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Oct 29 2005 Submitted by: jones

    Just because you're in Aceh, doesn't mean you can't get some pussy. Keep in mind you have to keep it quite discreet, but it's very easy to find on the island of Pulau Weh. If staying in the tourist area of Iboih Beach, one girl not to miss is Suryani, or Sur as she is known. (If you stay in Iboih, you won't miss her.) Sur lost everything, including her father, in the tsunami so she needs some extra cash. Don't feel bad about it - she was a serious nympho before the tsunami, and never charged for it back then. And this girl is a fucking and sucking machine!! Although a little shy with sucking every now and then, once you get her going, watch out! Get this bitch stoned and you're in for the fuck of your life. She's starting to realize that she is hot, and the price can go up to $30-$50, but she still often fucks for free if you're a young guy. I spent a year in Asia, and she is the horniest girl I've ever known.... State-side included.

    Another girl NOT to miss in Iboih, is Ruly. She stays at O'ong Bungalows often. You might be able to talk to Norma who is the owner of O'ong, and she could arrange it for you. Ruly is an orphan girl and can often discreetly be rented out for the night. She's not nearly as good a fuck as Suryani as she's a bit young, but she will have a tight, tight pussy for at least a 100 more fucks. Very nice little body and perky tits. Although a little boring in the sack, she has a killer body and she's a trophy fuck.

    You can look for Ratna in Sabang. She doesn't speak English, but is the easiest girls of all to bang for cash. Too small for me - I didn't screw her because I thought I would break her! She shouldn't be expensive as she usually doesn't service westerners.

    There is a nasty slag named Betty. Ugliest bitch on the island. This girl tries to fuck every single tourist that comes to the island. This girl is free.....but beware........I caught this bitch going through my wallet when I went to the pisser. This bitch knows she's too ugly to charge so she gets in people's shit and steals.
    (Review # 12966)
  • Medan Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Oct 29 2005 Submitted by: jones

    If going to the city of Medan in Sumatra, there are many options for girls. Hang around Yuki, Cafe Raya and you can meet the tourist sluts. These girls are not openly "working" girls. Don't let them fool you as they are looking for a long-term boyfriend to take care of them, and that is their first priority, but they will accept some "business," if done discreetly. They are quite lovely and most can speak English well. If you're a young guy and sticking around for a couple days, just invite them to go to Lake Toba Bukit Lawang, or another tourist destination. You can get away with feeding them and lodging them, and fuck them for free. They are a lot of fun.

    For tourist sluts you can expect to pay $20-$30 for long time. For more fun, you can offer them $10 a day for 7-10 days, and more than likely they will accept. If you are a young guy, don't offer them anything except for a free short holiday, as they think they can make you fall in love with them and send them $50 per month from abroad.

    The 4 star Danau Toba Hotel is a bargain at $20 per night. It has two restaurants, two live music venues, swimming pool, pool hall. Stay there and your chances of getting girls to fuck for free sky-rocket. Invite them to have a drink at Danau Toba, get them liquored up, and take them to your room. There are also girls at Danau Toba in their live music bar called the Tavern. I'd say they are not so hot and ask the ridiculous price of $30-$40. If they can speak English, they take the price up and up.

    Istana Hotel has a few nice girls, and fairly cheap. $20-$30 for short time. Much better than the $5 girls at Bandar Baru. Beyond this there are dozens upon dozens of places to find girls, although most don't speak English and you'll need a good English speaking becak driver.
    (Review # 12964)
  • Jakarta City Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Oct 21 2005 Submitted by: WareMan

    My buds and I have been coming here for assignments, and we all share similar experiences. Not many places in the world with women as complicated as the pack here. My advice to foreigners in Jakarta... BE WISE! In Asia, Thai women are straightforward about their trade. Vietnamese... pretty, but hygenically challenged. Philipines... US style money up front. Forget about Malaysians... dangerous. In Jakarta, pretentions are all over and we don't understand why. Beware of some ladies who are men (never happend to me, just some dude told me so), and some married women who pretend to be singles (fucking around for pleasure???)... very pretty pictures but really ugly in person(messing up your mind???)... University girls who are really prostitutes (to support their education, man)... prostitutes who are really thieves (as in, you spare change and bills and pens, anything you might not remember really!).

    Many pretentions in this town. They make you feel like gods, but they actually think of you as shit, and a source of cruel fun... like taking your picture while you were sleeping and mailing it to your gf/wife (haha, never happend to me but to someone I know). Lure, lure, lure... bait, bait, bait... Every day in this town... daytime and night time. My advice is just go get yourself some proper hooker from Blok M. Many top escort services (great service, mind-blowing sex, cheap price... US$15-30... depends on age and package). Since at the end of the day, they all are prostitutes anyway, and dude... dont give your real name (they don't care about your name)... don't give your number... just bang them like crazy... bbbj, oral, anal, handjob, and if you want, even without condom?? Get your money's worth. At least you don't get messed up in this psycho-drama shit of their complicated sad-story lives. They are not interested in you as they "pretend" to be.

    My advice:  Just hop around different women, and make the best out of it. What do you wanna do with the same same chick? Imagine them to be your girlfriend? Get a life... Every dick is their boyfriend. Don't fall prey to these women. Just keep it simple, and pay and leave!
    (Review # 12912)
  • Jakarta Massage Parlor Dated Added: Tue Aug 23 2005 Submitted by: the rodney

    Sekar Waru has a nice list of girls, including the legendary Eva, who has never been in house when I have visited - Damn! Last time had a cute, slightly plump but firm, Wati, 200,000 and 50,000 tip. Said she was 24. Of course, speaking the local lingo helps, and made for a relaxed time. She had a cheaply scented but fragrant enough pussy, and her body was like she had just generously rubbed herself down with lots of cheapo body lotion, but what the hey!? We went from missionary to jockey to doggie... She was thickly haired, and it felt good... hehehe.

    Later, she wouldn't go again, but after some persuasion, went for a blow job - hand job combo while I lay back enjoying a spicy kretek. Some good pre-lunch sex on a wet Tuesday. Best part was, she gave me her phone number, and after a few calls, I was able to cajole her into visiting me at home, with her 20 year old sister as a chaperone... haha... a coupla weeks later! We had a thoroughly wicked 24 hours, with pool action. She was desperately keen to become my girlfriend, but by then the delectable Ida was in my sights. And that, mon ami, is another story altogether.
    (Review # 12519)
  • Other Dated Added: Fri Jul 29 2005 Submitted by: Gempar Kusuma

    Hey guys, I'm a local Indonesian who's just tryin to help.  The main thing with Indo girls is that typically they love the western man, for their big, white and tall appearance, and for their money.  Rule number one is to be aggressive, but not in a sexually abusive type of attitude.  Chat with the girls for a while without mentioning sex and you could possibly have a one-nighter without throwing out cash, or even a long term serious relationship, depending on what you are looking for. Treat them with respect, seriously, and don't bother pushing your luck.  If they're not interested, you better move on ...but it's a 9 out of 10 chance.   (Review # 12203)
  • Yogyakarta Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Jul 08 2005 Submitted by: Suwarno

    This month, during my business traveling in Indonesia, one of the cities I visited was Yogya. You will find there the House of Chicken. Around 15 girls, age from 18 up to 25. Average price: IDR 1,250,000 (= USD 125) for one night. 3 Star hotel service class, generally college/university student. Some chicks speak Bahasa. Do not hesitate. Contact Person: Rahma 0274-588 088 (Review # 11955)
  • Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Jul 02 2005 Submitted by: Experimenter

    I visited this place from Kuala Lumpur three times in a year. First you go to Pontian 40 km from Johor Bahru. Reach the Kukup harbour. Get a ferry. There is a ferry every 15 minutes. Since the violence rumours about South Thailand started, the ferry prices went up from RM 30 to RM 70 (to and from). There is a car-park looking-after service near the harbour. All three times I went, at the advice of experienced visitors, I employed the following tips: 1. First timers must get some experienced person to accompany you. Otherwise the taxi/hotel touts will harrass you. Contact a person called Lan working at Tikus Car Park. If you dont want him then wait around at the harbour to look for some seasoned person carrying a small bag who is going for one night's stand in Tg Balai. I have seen such persons a lot. They will be ready to see you through the trip. 2. Change your money at the harbour moneychanger. 3. When you reach Tg Balai, get a hotel walking distance from the port. So you dont have to get a Kijang (van taxi) or Ojek (motorcycle taxi). These services are expensive and will lead you to expensive girls. 4. Never flash the contents of your wallet. In fact after you change your money keep some in one pocket, some more in the other pocket and a little more in shirt pocket, so you dont have to take out the whole lot. People are watching how loaded you are and how to fleece you. 5. Picking girls: there are communities dedicated to supplying girls, like Batu 6, Batu 15 and Villa. Never take a girl who is over friendly, or too active, because she may be too eager to get out of there, and actually makes appointment with her boyfriend after short time in hotel with you. It has happened. 6. Never pick a girl who doesnt like you. She may be sick and never serve you well. You may have to bear with her presence in your room the whole night. 7. Massage parlour girls: I have taken the same girl during the three trips from a massage parlour on hourly basis. Not only you get to be massaged, but you can bathe with her, f__k her, romance etc. And after the hour you can go get another girl from a massage parlour. And you can sleep soundly at night alone without fearing for the safety of your valuables. At the prost-settlement or villa, the mamasan may promise and guarantee good service if you take such and such a girl. She may even say blow job, etc. Back at the hotel the girl may suddenly claim that she has a mouth ulcer or tooth ache so no bj. Some experienced all night girls have learnt to come with all kinds of excuses to avoid serving. 8. At the hotel call the operator or receptionist and tell her to block outside calls: "block semua panggilan luar". Why? Because when you check out the next day you realize that the all-night girl whom you booked for the night, had called her home town (Jakarta, Medan) and now you have to pay RM 30-40 for the call. This doesnt happen with massage parlour girls. 9. You can get to know massage parlour girls by visiting the parlour, picking up a sweet looking girl, getting massaged by her, and while doing that negotiation, how about giving massage in my room in the hotel. What can you do? Will you bathe with me? etc. How much. 10. Then get her employment number in the parlour, telephone number. You can place a booking for 1 hour, say 8pm in the night then and there in the reception. "I want this girl at 8 pm, my Hotel is Palappa." She will be there. I have a lot more to say about what I learned. Maybe the next time I write. (Review # 11904)
  • Batam Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Jun 14 2005 Submitted by: Ken

    I and group of friends juat came back from Batam and we spend 3 days. We stayed at Ozon Hotel which quite cheap and the food store served some good foods. We went to Pacific disco for 2 nights is a good and decent places but the DJ keep on repeating the songs which turn quite boring. A lot of freelance girls are they looking for single guys like us. Don't not simply smile wiht the girls as it will end up standing beside you. The realproblem is the place is dark so you hardly have a good chance to really look at the face and maybe end up some ugly faces. The 2nd night is the best night and I pick up this girl by the name of Sheena for Rp3,000.00.She give you a good fuck all night and the positions you want. Good BJ and she wanted more and more from you. Just be careful of your money and simply show it. Is dangerous. (Review # 11761)
  • Bali Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Aug 11 2004 Submitted by: JaMMan

    Doesn't look like there's any reports on Bali, even thought its one hot tourist destination. I've just been to that place, and its definitely paradise on earth. But remember sex is illegal and a criminal offence in Indonesia, that's why you don't see anything going on or any advertisements. You just need local knowledge and for that, just part with some money to the locals. For what you can get with your money, that's definitely heaven on earth. Girls there are really varied and they come in all different sizes, shapes and exotic complexions as well as cater to all different tastes.


    There are the darker tanned ones, and fair-skinned types from the highlands or from the neighbouring island of Java who comes to Bali to earn a living. Best thing is, most of them come really young. I stayed in a 5-star hotel in Kuta Beach, and that's not good considering prices and bargaining power. The taxi drivers and guides will offer to bring, but make sure that a condition imposed is that if it doesn't suit your taste, the girls go home, i.e. no obligation. You can bring anyone back to your hotel room anytime, however its good to just tip the hotel security men 10,000 rupiah just to keep the peace as they say. Girls range from 100,000 rupiah onwards for a short time of 1 to 2 hours (they count by time, so you can have as many shots as you please within that period) or 200,000 onwards for the entire night. Always make sure what you pay for is absolute, no further tipping, but that's up to you, however its good to pay the girl for the taxi ride home. The more tourists there are in the area (like Kuta), the lousier, diseased and expensive the girls will get.


    Get out further to places like Kintamani, Denpasar and my favourite Sanur. I have been having one babe every single night during my trip, but the best was I got this real young one for 300,000 rupiah all-inclusive. She was an absolute sweetie. Good service and she didn't complaint when I did not use a condom and came in her. Got her through a cab driver whom I was friendly with at the hotel, and I tipped the driver 20,000 rupiah. She gave me her phone number and I'll definitely be going to see her when I return soon.

    Another place worth checking out is a so-called massage place called Kuta Bugar, located at Jl. Setiabudi 23-25, Kuta, Bali. They've got a fish tank loaded with ladies and you just pick up one and pay 100,000 rupiah for a massage, and the rest you negotiate with the lady in the room.

    There's another local watering hole at Jl. Matahari Terbit where you could go drinking cheap beer and girls will come and sit with you. Some will drink but not much, some just chat. But if you get lucky, you can take them home. However this is a local area so they don't speak any English and only speak Indonesian. Alternatively try the karaokes and bars. Most of the time the girls aren't pretty and want a lot of money. No harm trying your luck. You may see something that catches your fancy. I would always avoid the places with most tourists, and one of them is Jl. Legian where there's an entire street with loads of bars. This is where the 2002 bombing happened. You could chat up one local bird there and bring her back with you if you're feeling lucky. However if you ask me, being a frequent visitor to Bali I'd prefer to get a taxi to Sanur or Denpasar and hitch one home along the way. Money well spent and no complaints this way.

    (Review # 9832)
  • Bali Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Aug 09 2004 Submitted by: Moon Man

    Hello my fellow WSG Users. Just wanted to give you a heads up on Bali. There are two options available to you.


    The first is ordering in to your room. I stayed a hotel/beach club in Kuta. I had the hunger look in my eyes so one of the bell boys wanted to know if I wanted to order in. I did. We agreed to 300,000 which is like $35 USD. The downside to this is you don't know what you are getting until you get the knock at the door.


    The other option is the "hotel" just outside of Kuta. I believe it is called Hotel Diyan....or something like that. It is about 12 minutes outside of town (East) past Planet Hollywood. A taxi driver will know the place, but maybe not by name. You'll drive down the main road for 11.5 minutes, then this side road for 20 seconds and you'll pull into this courtyard (there will be other taxis there - maybe).


    Big Boss comes out, claps his hands and about 40 girls come out screaming "Hello". The Big Boss wanted 600,000 or $65 USD. You can talk him down. I didn't close the deal there so I don't know if you use their facilities or you can take home. Good luck and have fun.

    (Review # 9807)
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