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  • Jakarta Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sat Jul 09 2005 Submitted by: jinkster

    OK, I just got back from trying out Tiara Ciera at the Lokasari Plaza in Mangga Besar; while a previous post does give a half decent report, there is more to share that will help the uninitiated. First, it is to be found on the second level of the Lokasari Plaza, but outside of the central shopping mall. One must make their way to the car parking area on that 2nd level. Second, the music is loud. And I mean FREAKING loud. Forget any chance of communication, even if you do speak Bahasa. Third, once you are escorted to your room and commence the proper proceedings the clock starts; at exactly the 60 minute mark a buzzer sounds (quite disconcerting if you are just approaching that critical moment…) and the girl responds like Pavlov’s dog in reverse – the salivating stops and the intensity diminishes rapidly. For the leisurely-minded and/or the long-winded it’s best to pay double up front and get two hours.

    The fees are as follows: 15,000 Rupiah is the cover charge at the door (which gets you a “free” soda of your choice once you’re properly inside). 50,000 Rupiah gets you the room for one hour (NOTE: they charge per room/per girl; i.e. 1 girl in your room = 50,000; 2 girls in your room = 100 000; etc.). 200 000 Rupiah gets you the girl for one hour (or 400 000 gets you two, etc., but for one hour only, regardless of the number of girls with you).

    20 - 30 000 Rupiah is a decent tip to give the Mama-san. And it’s best if you do, regardless of how the girl you were with performed. Mama-san speaks good English and is eager and insistent that you find the girl(s) that will make you happy. It’s worth the small price, especially if you anticipate a return visit. 10 – 20 000 Rupiah is a decent tip to give each girl if you are happy with the way she gave you pleasure. (Don’t bother tipping if it was only so-so. Mama-san will support you on this aspect.) 5,000 Rupiah will get you that condom you stupidly forgot to bring with you.

    All in all, 350 000 Rupiah will safely ensure a fellow gets one hour of female attention in a reasonably private and quiet room. And Mama-san did mention that 500 000 will get you a girl for the night at your hotel. This particular go round I opted for two gals and lucked out when one spoke a little English. One of the girls interestingly refused to give a blowjob but was OK with getting boinked (with a condom of course).

    It is my opinion that all these gals are very much the amateurs getting paid for professional services. The pluses: A goodly number of girls from which to choose; Mama-san’s English is good and so is her eagerness to assist; a comparative $35-36 USD was splurged. The minuses: That irksome buzzer at the one-hour mark; girls who are afraid, shy or unknowing of how to really get into it; the ear-splitting music volume in the “dance hall”. It wasn’t the best bang for this buck; but my overall assessment? It’s at least worth a second visit.
    (Review # 11967)
  • Jakarta Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Jun 24 2005 Submitted by: Firstimer

    Just travelled to Jakarta. Visited Stadium as advised by the other forumers. Yes, the action is definitely there at the disco. However, the girls are now inside, not outside the door as reported. Hence one has to pay Rp20,000 cover charge to get in. The charges for bringing the girl to the "massage room" at 3rd floor are Rp250,000 for normal room and Rp320,000 for VIP room. One can also bring the girl back to the hotel for a price, subject to negotiation. Took one young girl back for Rp800,000 for whole night. Man, she was hot and worth every dollar. Other than Stadium, the other places such as JJ and Lokasari were quite subdued, although girls can be found in almost every karaoke all over the places. For those who plan to travel there, try Hotel Sparks. It is situated right in Kota (where all the actions are within walking steps). Very new and comfortable, all for USD40 per night net of tax. (Review # 11839)
  • Massage Parlor Dated Added: Tue Jul 13 2004 Submitted by: On the sly in Jakarta

    I went to the Stadium Disco in Kota (on Jl. Hayam Wuruk). Basically it is a 24 hour non-stop party place from Thursday night until Monday morning. You don't need to leave if you don't want to.


    However, even if dark rave, loose women and extacy pills (pushed by the waiters) are not your scene, even then it is still worth a visit due to the 3rd floor disco with a lot of women hanging around the entrance and some "comfort rooms" on the side. There also is a "fish tank" there but there often no one there as they all hang around the disco doors instead. The disco is very dark, but the bar is near the door if you need a drink before or after. Mamasan will help you if you cannot find a girl right away. Standard fee is 340.000 Rph for the girl and room. Pay at the bar. The bus boy will have condoms if you don't have. Girls here are usually younger than 25 and working there in order to get by, so tip the girl afterwards. Tip depends on the service level. If you arrive after 3 AM, then the 5th floor also has comfort rooms, but you have to ask the Mamasan.

    (Review # 9596)
  • Massage Parlor Dated Added: Wed Jun 30 2004 Submitted by: On the sly in Jakarta

    Indonesia has a lot of Karaoke bars for all price levels. Some are straight Karaoke and some with varied levels of service. It all depends on the place and your wants n needs. This review is for an upscale and not so cheap Karaoke place!
    Rupiah rate is approximately 8.700 to 1 USD.

    The place is called 1001 Club in Kota located at Hayam Wuruk Plaza on Jalan Hayam Wuruk. The place is basically a 3 floor entertainment center with focus on restaurants, a disco and an upscale Karaoke bar which is definitely not for cheapskates. Service, drinks and environment are all higher level but prices (if you do it right) are affordable.

    In this club, the service is very good and you can basically stay until the wee hours of the morning. It all depends on what type of budget you are running. We have tried both the cheap run and the more expensive all nighter there.

    The most fun is definitely to go to the Karaoke bar and if you are a group, get one of the bigger rooms (can fit up to 30 people but very accommodating for 4-5 guys and then fill it up with girls). There is usually a plush sofa seating with everything from small rooms that fit 6 people to big rooms that fit up to 30. The bigger rooms have a bedroom as well as a very nice marble bathroom attached. The choice of girls there is wide and they vary from extremely pretty, to lower end. All in all they have approx 300-350 girls working there. They have Thai, Chinese, Indian, Russian and of course Indonesian and the Mamasan will parade them in groups at a time from one country at a time. Be wary, if you choose the Russians or the Thai, they will charge you extravagantly (up to 3 Mill), but then you can screw them without paying a fee. For the locals, you will be charged the house fee (usually 250.000-300.000) but if you want to have sex with them they will charge another fee which can be up to 2 Million Rupiah. So forget screwing the 'sit and sing' hostesses. Choose a few pretty girls to sit and cater for you and let them pamper you. You can kiss and feel them, but there is no hanky panky unless you get their number and do it outside the establishment (which can happen if they like you). No, the fun thing is the strippers. You should tell the Mamasan that you want to have a strip show at one point and she will bring in a new set of girls for you to choose from. Some of them are real lookers too.

    Then whenever you decide it is time, the hostesses will leave and the strippers will start. The strip show usually is very good and basically right in front of you or actually lap dance you. You can touch all you want. You can also try a "fruit buffet" where they will serve fruit platters on the girls, but you should order in advance.

    After a while, the strippers will grab you and bring you to the bedroom or the bathroom (if the bedroom is already occupied) and you will get a hand job for which you should pay between 100.000-250.000. You can even trade off the girls after you are finished as the girls will stay as long as you want. There will be a base charge on the bill for each girl you take for stripping of approx 250.000 each. After the strip show and after you have relieved your tensions, then you can enjoy a few drinks with the hostess. You should tip her between 50.000 to 100.000 afterwards if there has been no action. All in all, for 4 people who each had a hostess and 3 strippers, we paid 5 million including all our drinks (varying from booze to beer and including hostess drinks) and the room. The extras paid were up to you depending on the girl and her services. The other end of the scale, a bachelor party with Chivas, 12 guys, a big room and 2 girls each, put us out at approximately 18 Million (meaning approx USD 175 each). Fun place if you are a group!
    (Review # 9478)
  • Jakarta Massage Parlor Dated Added: Wed Jun 30 2004 Submitted by: On the sly in Jakarta

    Just recently we were a few guys who decided to try out a new place in Jakarta called Kartika. We heard from a friend that it offered real Thai Massage with full body to body soap downs.

    The establishment itself is in a seedier area called Kota near a few other upscale and lower-end joints that all cater to a man’s every need (some more reviews will follow). If you drive up to Kota, find the street with the 5 floor, 24 hour disco and "more" place called Stadium (on Jl. Hayam Wuruk) then it is on the next street down. Look down the small dead-end street, and near the end on the right, you will see the sign. Not too difficult to find if you are looking for it. If going by taxi, then just tell the guy to go to Stadium and then cruise down towards the next street.

    Entering the place we were confronted with approximately 50 aggressive girls who all were willing to give you full treatment. Don't feel pressured to take the aggressive ones, but take your time to choose. There was something for every taste but none very pretty. You can enjoy a beer in the bar while choosing the girls, but you won't sit there long mainly because it is not a very interesting environment to sit and enjoy a beer.

    Basically you choose and they bring you to a room which has mirrors around the rubber bed and a bathtub. First you get a very good rub down (one thing I can say is that we all agreed that they were trained well in the technique) and then you can enjoy full service after. Different girls will be willing to do different things, so just ask in advance and don't be afraid to tell the Mamasan what type of girl you like. They don't take offense.

    You will have to pay the girl directly (no hidden charges in the place) who in turn will pay the place. So depending on how well you liked the service and the girl, a decent price would be between 300.000-400.000 Rupiah. Enjoy.
    (Review # 9477)
  • Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Jan 25 2004 Submitted by: Nightcrawler

    This is Nightcrawler again with another update for Jakarta. Currently I'm in Jakarta for a month and will bring you up to date on several of the places mentioned in previous reviews. First of all, the last reviewer was way off in his conversion of Indonesian Rupiahs to U.S. Dollars. The Dollar has taken a hit in the past year or so, and the current exchange rate is about 1 U.S.$ = 8,400 Rupiahs. You can do the math, but 200,000 Rupiahs is now well above U.S. $20. For Americans the Dollar weakness is significant almost everywhere. However for Eurozone travelers, Aussies and others whose currencies have come up against the Dollar, you'll do fine. Even for Americans most things are still cheap in Indonesia, although not nearly as cheap as two or three years ago.

    Tiara Ceria in Lokasari Plaza, Mangga Besar, in north-central Jakarta. This is still a fun place to deal with schoolgirl fantasies. See my January 2001 review for instructions on how to find this place. A "quickie" (one shot and you're finished) at Tiara Ceria is now Rp. 200,000 (Rp. 50,000 for the room, as before, but now the girl gets Rp. 150,000). There is now a Rp. 15,000 cover charge every day to get in. If they have live music, the cover charge might go up, but probably not more than Rp. 40,000 or so. The cover charge will get you a beer or coke. There are pro's and con's about Tiara Ceria. On the plus side, the cost is still more than reasonable by world standards and the girls usually seem fresh and at least somewhat innocent despite the obvious fact that they're getting through school on their backs.

    However, almost all of the girls speak only Bahasa, and many seem more or less intimidated by foreigners. If the mama-san tells them to go to the room with you, they'll usually go. But some of the girls end up doing a good mannekin impression when you're trying to get them in the mood for sex. Don't get me wrong -- many of the girls there are great. However you can't easily tell ahead of time, and sometimes the mama-san's recommendations are self-serving and way off base. Caveat Emptor! Despite the price rise, the girls and the mama-san expect a tip. Rp. 20,000 should suffice, and don't give a tip if you're unhappy in any way with the service.

    Yesterday I sent a girl back because of a strong vaginal odor (she needed more than a bath -- she needed a doctor) and a refusal to even minimally get interested in screwing. She was strongly recommended by the lone English-speaking mama-san, who didn't want to believe that the girl might have a medical problem. In this case, despite no service except a brief photo session in the room before the anticipated sex, I was still out the room fee and Rp. 50,000 the mama-san asked me to give the girl. Another issue with Tiara Ceria is that it's in one of the worst locations in Jakarta. Traffic is always miserably congested in Mangga Besar, and getting there from most areas in Jakarta will take time and may not be a pleasant ride. Also finding a taxi afterward often isn't easy or quick, and the drivers parked at Lokasari Plaza won't want to use the meter with a foreign passenger -- they'll want to negotiate a much higher fare. Just keep things in perspective -- while the driver thinks he's really scoring, you're still getting one of the cheaper taxi rides in the world.

    Blok M, Hotel Melawai, 6th Floor Massage Parlor. Girls here are usually in their 20s and well past their innocence. In other words these are hookers, some of whom also give passable-to-good massage. Condoms are optional, which is usual in Jakarta. An hour in a private room is now Rp. 300,000, including the girl and the room fee. The girls will hint at a tip, but they're already getting a good fee and it really isn't necessary unless they are really exceptional. Some of the girls will do anal (ask her beforehand), and oral in either direction is customary. You're there for an hour and you can have more than one shot if you're up for it, or you can opt for a lay followed by a massage session on the bed. Quite a few of the girls speak passable English, and if you show them some warmth and humor you can have a good time with them.

    However the atmosphere is more than a little seedy, and the slobby, overweight expats sitting around the bar don't add much to the ambience. A beer is Rp. 20,000. This place opens at 10 a.m. and closes at midnight, so you should be in the room with your girl by 11 p.m. to get full value. B.A.T.S., Hotel Shangri-La. Still the same rockin' band from Montreal on most nights, and still lots of hookers and good-time girls around the bar. The band starts playing a bit after 10 p.m., and I think they play until closing at about 2 a.m. A cover charge of Rp. 60,000 gets you a beer. Before 9 p.m. no cover is charged, and the beer is Rp. 42,000. Being more of a morning and afternoon guy, so far I've not taken a girl home from B.A.T.S. My guess is that most girls would expect between Rp. 250,000 and 500,000 to go home with you for the night. Why anyone would pay more than Rp. 500,000 (or even that much) for sex in Jakarta is beyond me. Don't do it -- you screw it up for the rest of us.

    You should keep in mind that while some (maybe most) girls are there for the money, some are mostly there for a good time. So you should try to be clear with a girl you find there about what you and she expect from your encounter. Any readers who have experience with B.A.T.S. girls, please speak up. Tanamour Disco and J.J.'s. These formerly rockin' places are now the last resort for boys and girls who don't score earlier in the evening. I've been in both places as late as 1:30 a.m. on weekends and they were both dead. After the popular discos around town close, I'm told these places become more active, and they stay open until about 5 a.m. For those still horny after a long night of beer and cigarette smoke, scoring before these places close shouldn't be much of a challenge. Tanamour's cover charge is Rp. 40,000 and J.J.'s charges Rp. 35,000. Both covers get you a beer inside.

    Tanamour recently did an interior redecoration, which I thought left it looking sterile and uninteresting. J.J.'s is a bit "friendlier," and there is a pool table upstairs. Be aware that many of the cute, friendly girls flirting with customers near the entrance and encouraging patrons to play pool and buy them drinks are employees of the bar. They won't go home with you (the establishment doesn't allow it), so why waste a lot of time and money on them?

    Over the past three years I've spent quite a bit of time in Jakarta and am familiar with the above places. Maybe for that reason, I'm starting to get rather bored with them. Does anyone have a new place they'd like to recommend -- especially somewhere to go in the morning or afternoon? Good luck, and good hunting! (Review # 8228)

  • Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Jan 19 2004 Submitted by: Bonzo

    I've been to Jakarta many times, and I still say it is the best place in the Pacific Rim for sex, w/ close competition from S'pore. Sex is available everywhere, and if you are white, it often won't cost you a thing. Some of the best places I've been to include the regular spots mentioned elsewhere here, like Hotel Melawai, JJ's, and Tanamur, among others, but I've found that you don't need to go to anyplace special to get great sex--you can find it just about anywhere. On my first trip there, I was schooled by an old, obese Australian fellow at the Menara Penninsula Hotel who had a gorgeous little Indonesian honey w/ him, and he told me that white guys truly get the pick of the litter in Jakarta. He proved it by asking one of the hotel staff--a cute, young Indonesian honey--to join me in my room for a 'massage,' and she was only too happy to oblige...

    The best experiences I've had have come from ordinary places, like the mall (Tamman Anggrek, Sogo). Girls are just waiting to be asked to spend the night w/ a white fellow, and while you might not hit a home run every time, your average will be well above 60 percent. Perahps my best experience came w/ a little Indo/Chinese girl named Christine, who apparently works for Indosiar, tha national TV station. She just loves white guys, and will drop her clothes anytime and anywhere for you. And since she is part of the working class, she gets offended if you offer to give her anything other than a stiff boning. She loves oral, anal, straight--virtually anyway you want--and loves to take that white jizz in her mouth and on her face. On my last trip there, she even asked me to do a video of her; go figure. I still get emails from her asking when I can come over and bring her some American 'milk' again. Truly an insatiable little jizz guzzler...

    But girls like this are everywhere in Indonesia, and I'm just an everyday, ordinary guy--not exactly some hot-shot stud. Jakarta is truly a sex-lover's paradise, and given the number of willing girls, it's worth the trip. (Review # 8200)

  • jakarta indonesia Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Dec 21 2003 Submitted by:

    I was just in JAKARTA and the place is full of good bars and * panti pigits* or massage places. Over at the Super 8 Massage and Club in the Kota District (near downtown) the girls were great. The going rate is about 200,00 rupiahs orabout $19 U.S. dollars. Very friendly too. (Review # 8056)
  • Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sun Mar 23 2003 Submitted by: bolletje

    ~~I have very good experiences in Jakarta. There is a place called "Kali jodo", which is not a clean place, but you have an enormous amount of women. It's in Cengkareng, some taxi-drivers know it. From the outside you see nothing really, only a small alley. But a lot of people hang around there. It's better not to go alone and don't wear jewelry etc. The first time I was there I had difficulty with choosing the women. It looks like many houses and you can go to the "guest room" and choose your woman. Be aware that once you go inside, you MUST choose a woman. There are other houses where this is not necessary. You know, because the pimp is always standing at the door.~~

    ~~Near Kali Jodo there is also another good massage parlour. When you leave Kali Jodo, you cross the street, walk across the bridge and under the big highway. It's a 5-10 minute walk. Then you will see some stores at the left hand and there you will find a good massage parlour. About $10 for 1 hour. It includes massage if you like and you can shoot twice. First I fingered her. I noticed that fingering is not done outside of massage parlours. And her body was... oh man, like a guitar! I will surely go again!~~ (Review # 6990)

  • Street Action Dated Added: Sat Mar 01 2003 Submitted by: The Rodney

    Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza - Met a small horny 30 something woman from Manado in the coffee shop here. She was out by herself after work and was mad on fucking white guys! She came to my hotel every night for three nights after work and we would have dinner and drinks out and fabulous, fabulous sex all night after. Then she'd go off to work in the morning, no problems. Manadonese are very pale and quite different to Javanese. She had a shaved fanny, great lines and a tongue to die for, loved oral and always wanted "many rounds" Guys, she really worked me over! Any suggestion of money or even presents offended her mightily, "What? You think I'm a slut?" No she wasn't, just horny, hot and a grade A lay! Said she doesn't hang at the holiday Inn, but who knows? Name is Elen. (Review # 6918)
  • Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Dec 18 2002 Submitted by: dave

    Hi, I just returned from Jakarta and want to share my great experiences there. I traveled in some Asia countries~~but there's no places for amazing sex like Jakarta. In this city we can get sex with beautiful and shaved Indonesian ladies~~only 10 USD. during 10 days in Jakarta I fucked 30 women for 350 USD !!!!.~~

    ~~For information, you can find sex in everywhere at this city. my first day, I go to manggabeasar area, my local guide told me~~that this area is Jakarta sex shopping center. We go to lokasari mall and visit tiara ceria. I find beautiful young girl here~~her name ranti, 19 years old, nice tits. When we were in the room, she help me to take off my clothes and then do hand job to my ~~jonny and then give me great bj. She done that bj for about 15 minutes and then she asked me to play with her pussy, I made some ~~action to her pussy and she said yeah..yeah...yeah, I fucked her in many position including anal and she drunk my sperm. for 2 hours~~I gave her 25 USD and she was supprised for that amount then she taked my johnny again give great...great BJ.~~~~I got 2 other women for threesome in that night and each of them only 20 USD. ~~

    ~~I went to other place like kartika message in gajah mada, stadium and go to tanamur, jj, BAT and dan yogot area. My last day ~~in Jakarta, I try to use very high quality call girl that my guide recommend. I didn't remember the place, but in kebayoran area.~~When I came to there's 12 very beautiful women. I choose one of them, her name Linda, 20 years old, about 176 cm, beautiful tits. Her~~face is very beautiful movie star quality. I fucked her many times in that night and she give me full amazing service, oral, anal, everything~~I only paid 150 USD for this unforgettable services. and truly she was most beautiful woman that I ever fucked until now.~~~~ ~~ (Review # 6561)

  • Massage Parlor Dated Added: Wed Dec 04 2002 Submitted by: Jaap

    On my first business trip to Indonesia (Jakarta) last October, I finally got the chance to act out my sexual fantasies with Indonesian girls/women. ~~

    ~~Being Dutch and white, I have this thing about Asian females.. and being in Jakarta for only two nights, I virtually had no time to sleep.~~

    ~~Straight from Jakarta airport I checked in at the Mealawai Hotel in Blok M area. This place recommended to me because of its famous massage parlor on the 6th floor. The hotel was cheap (100,000 rupiah = USD10) and dirty, but what the heck as long as I can fuck cheap and dirty too.~~

    ~~So after taking a quick shower, I went to the 6th floor. It was dark but you can hear the music and the girls giggling as you walked in. There were a few white males by the bar having their beers and as I step in to the lounge I was greeted by 3 Indonesian girls in short skirts who asked me the same question over and over again "massage mister?". Later I found that bluntly interpreted it meant "wanna fuck mister?"..~~

    ~~I was a bit nervous so I went to the bar and ordered a beer while I took my time looking around. Then I saw this petite girl, her name turned out to be Lusi, smiling at me from where she was sitting a few feet away and I smiled back. Then she stood up and walked towards me and I could see her big breasts juggling as she approached me. She said hi and asked me in limited English if I wanted a massage and I said yes. She explained that it costs 250,000 plus the room fee 15,000 rupiah. Lusi was so sweet and I was so horny so immediately I agreed to book her.~~

    ~~Five minutes later I was in this small room getting undressed by this sexy Indonesian chick. Lusi was a godess to me, she was surprisingly white in color and she had this gorgeous petite body with huge.. i mean HUGE and full breats. She quickly showered me and asked to lay down. She then caressed my already stiffed cock with her tiny hands as she looked me in the eyes. I aked her to give me head which she willingly complied.. oh man this girl can suck dick! She took my cock deeper and deeper, slow but deep. I almost lost it when she started to moan while intensely sucking on my horny cock. What a pretty sight.. a beautiful asian girl moaning with her mouthful.

    ~~~~I had to ask her to stop because I really wanted to do her and then cum all over her face later. So I had her on all fours, facing the mirrored wall (yes there was mirror all over the room), then I started fucking her doggy style. Lusi was so delicious, she encouraged me to fuck her harder with every thrust and I loved it when she moans and asked me to cum on her face when i'm ready. A few minutes lates I was in Haven... I told Luci I was coming and she immediately kneeled before me and I grabbed her head by the hair and started giving the facial that she wanted so much. ~~

    ~~I ended up fucking Lusi the following night as well, this time I took her to my room after her work shift. Lusi really was special as she didn't really look like a prostitute, but she was definately a pro. The kind of service I was after.~~

    ~~If you are ever in Jakarta, visit Hotel Mealawai, 6th floor, asked for Lusi. Treat her nice and she will treat you even better.~~~~~~ ~~ ~~~~~~~~ (Review # 6495)

  • Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Oct 28 2002 Submitted by: XRH

    Try Meales (I think this is the spelling)discotheque in Jakarta Lokasari Complex. Many nice young amateur girls. You don't have to go on the weekend. Entrance charged at Rp 20,000 only which includes drink. Many of the girls are also freelancer, you negotiate direct with them. You can take them out to hotel.

    ~~You can also find many foreign Chinese girls in Jakarta now. But they charge much higher. They can usually be found in Karaoke lounges.~~~~ (Review # 6354)

  • Jakarta Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Jun 27 2002 Submitted by: penetrator

    I lived Indonesia for sometime so here is my advice. For those looking for action in Jakarta I would recommend looking for amateur girls looking for a little extra cash. Stay away from the "massage parlors" or the girls the hotel bellboy will find you. Girls are very easy to make eye contact with, try the large shopping malls, parks or hotel receptionists, bands anywhere you find cute girls etc. Girls are very friendly and normally more than willing to talk to bule. Ask the girls out on a date or ask them straight back to your hotel (I used to use the excuse so I could practise my bahasea with her) You will normally get what you want and are typically not asked for money. ~~

    ~~Occasionally you get an innocent girl who will go back with you to a hotel and not realize it is for sex, just pay for her taxi and let her go. I once made the mistake of convincing a virgin to have sex, the next day her father and brother came for a visit. I tell you it was not worth it, bad sex and then her family hunting for the next couple of months.. Don't do it!!~~The girls will normally stay for the night. I would normally give the girls money "for a taxi" in the morning of around 200,000 (a bit more if she did anal or made a video) which is a polite way of paying her. Most of the girls will give you oral and sex. Most with a bit of persuasion would swallow or let you give them a facial. Only a few girls seem to enjoy anal.~~~~If you meet a girl who offers you "puki Madora" I well and truly recommend trying it. (Puki is pussy in Bahasa and Madora is a place in Surabuya). These girls seem to be able to make there pussies pulsate, even travelling through Thailand I have never quiet found anything quiet the same. It is well worth it even if you have to pay a seasoned pro for it.~~~~happy hunting...~~
    (Review # 5666)
  • Jakarta Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Jun 18 2002 Submitted by: Come in Mouth

    You DON'T NOTHING about "coming" (orgasm) until you come in a mouth and sucked dry!! ~~~~There is a place on Hayam Wuruk Street, the name is Paripurna or they call it PP. It's cheap and not so clean. I rate it OK and it's only Rp 100.000, ($10) room included. You only have 30 minutes to do the job.~~

    ~~The girls stand outside their room. Almost all of them will do BJ and fuck w/o condom. Some of them even do asshole. Some of them are really pretty.~~~~I always ask for "coming in the mouth". I consider it the best delicacy in sex.~~~~Try it and you will never want to come in a pussy no more.~~
    (Review # 5627)
  • Jakarta Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Apr 25 2002 Submitted by: wally

    Here's an update on the places we've read about. BATS, at Hotel Shangri-La is still the best place to meet better quality women, pros and otherwise. Tigah Puluh and CJs are runners up. They all close about 1 or 2. You'll see some of the same gals later at Tanamur and JJs, both open until about 5 a.m. Tanamur is quieter than a few months ago and draws the same faces night after night; more women seem to be available next door at JJs. The places are under the same ownership and are virtually interchangeable. Any taxi driver knows these locations. Prices are negotiable, probably averaging $20 if the guy doesn't look too rich or repulsive. I grabbed one girlfriend for free here and pulled another all-nighter for $15. Both were lookers.~~~~

    ~~For quickie action, Jakarta's (and probably Asia's) best venue is Tiara Ceria, open daily from 2 p.m. in Lokasari Plaza, north of Mangga Besar (taxi drivers all know it). As mentioned earlier, enter the parking garage and follow the ramp. You can take the mamasan's choice or scout the 100 to 200 girls swarming the place. Girls here claim to be as young as 13 and look it, but Asians are normally petite and youthful, so I can't swear to their ages. They look like young teenagers to me. The fixed price is $15 for the girl and $5 for a room ($1 equals Rp 10,000). A condom (optional) costs an extra 50 cents. The girl may entertain your foreplay, but when you come, you're done.~~~~

    ~~Bintang Mawar, on the side street paralleling Lokasari Plaza to the west, is a step down from Tiara Ceria. The price is the same, but there are far fewer girls. Some are gorgeous. Also open from 2 p.m.~~~~

    ~~Kartika is still a good venue for a Thai-style full-body massage. The price is $17 (including room and condom) for a thoroughly erotic experience as previously described. The number and appeal of the girls is a step down from Bintang Mawar. It opens at noon. (Note, Kartika is behind a bus stop, not a bus station, one alley south of Mangga Besar on Jalan Hayam Waruk.)~~

    ~~~~Berlian, adjacent to Kartika, had scarcely any women on board when I visited and none of them looked especially interesting. Maybe it's better some other time. ~~~~

    ~~Super is still in business near the Jayakarta Hotel (off Jl. Hayam Waruk). This place lets you select from an array of studio photos, misleading at best. You can ask the attendant (if you speak some Indonesian) for guidance in making a selection according to your tastes. The price is $15, including room, condom and shower. ~~~~

    ~~The right taxi driver will be able to take you to any of scores of fishbowl places where you can check out a selection of take-out delicacies. The going rate is about $25-$30 for average girls (who would be regarded as knockouts in America).

    ~~~~From my experience, the girls available in the big, flashy disco-karaoke temples like Stadium are fairly expensive, ranging upward from $50 short-time. But my experience here is limited because I've been discouraged up front by the price and selection.~~

    ~~Jalan Jaksa seems to offer very limited options. I've kicked around here a fair amount at night and rarely see anybody worth entertaining. I've also had darn little luck connecting with anybody in department stores or fast-food places, but maybe that's just me. ~~~~ ~~~~
    (Review # 5338)
  • jakarta Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Apr 16 2002 Submitted by: boots

    One of the best and fun places I have met willing indo babes is at the golf courses around town. My personal favourite is Cenkareng Golf Course out near the international airport. All the female staff, which account for almost 100%, are good quality, young vixens. And they all wear these little/short yellow dresses, leaving little to the imagination of any man. The caddies are the most fun because you spend more time with them on a 1 to 1 basis throughout your golf round.~~

    ~~I remember one time when it started raining really hard and golfers and caddies alike were running for cover under trees or into shelters. My caddie and I ran into a small cabana styled shelter, and were the only ones there. After basically no persuasion, my caddie "Nomi" agreed to give my neck and shoulders a massage, and then she started on my legs while kneeling down in front of me. Within a few moments I asked her if I could see her breasts and she was a bit reluctant at first, but again a little more pleading, and she produced a lovely little pair of hard firm tits.~~

    ~~I told her that I thought she was very beautiful and that her tits were the best I had ever seen (lying always is recommended when attempting to get laid).~~Not being the type of guy to disappoint the young thing and hurt her feelings, I felt obligated to do the only decent thing I could think of on behalf of all gentlemen. I pulled up her little yellow dress, pulled down her panties, bent her over my clubs, and slipped Mr. Wigley right into her awaiting pussy. She seemed to really enjoy this wee break in the golf play and thrust her small firm ass back against me as I kept up my vigil of thrusts myself. It was so pleasurable that I rewarded her for her efforts with the mother of all sperm dumps. Filled her right up I think.~~

    ~~Wiping my dick off on my golf towel, I asked her if she enjoyed herself, to which she said she did. It was at that moment I realized that 2 of the other caddies had been sheltering themselves around the back of the shelter and had been witness to the whole event. Without the least bit of shyness they both just giggled and said "You strong mister, you take long time, and you have Burung Besar" (translated "big Dick").~~While promising them that at a later date they could each try me out, the rain let up and the sun came out allowing us to resume our round of golf.~~

    ~~As I walked down the fairway to by ball I couldn't help but think that this is the place they send all real good guys. Where else can you get a good round of golf and a piece of ass without any of the usual nagging and bitching bred into the average white north American bitch. I think I'll stay.~~ ~~
    (Review # 5300)
  • Jakarta Other Dated Added: Sat Feb 09 2002 Submitted by:

    Oscars in Block M is a pretty cool place. Lots of girls and a surprisingly high quality band that plays blues, rock & roll, rock, etc.. Most of the girls are amateurs, though some obvious pros. No heavy sell though and if they realise they aren't what you want, they'll try and help you find what you do want. Took two girls back to my hotel from there. Asking price was 300,000 Rupiah each for short time but after only some feeble haggling, they dropped to 150,000 each (about $15). The first girl finally left after about one and a half hours/2 hours. The second finally crawled out of my bed at 2 pm after we'd both fucked ourselves to a complete standstill! She definitely got turned on with watching me fuck her friend and started rubbing her friend up too, though the other girl wasn't really up for this. Lovely body, with small tits and a voracious appetite and ability to get into positions I'd never seen before!! ~~

    ~~~~Also took another girl back a few weeks later when I was passing through again. Lovely face but a disappointing body, with stretch marks and sagging tits. But was good fun and stayed the night for the same price as before. Very important to sort the price before hand however...~~

    ~~~~D's place, a bit down the street from Oscars, is a little bit more up-market, with a disco upstairs and wall to wall pussy.... If you can't find what your looking for there, you may as well give up and go home! Took one girl back, she was about 23, but had only the tiniest amount of pussy hair, totally natural too, and loved to fuck.~~

    ~~~~Across the road is Top Gun. Reminded me of nothing so much as the dockside bars and clubs I used to frequent when I was a sailor many moons ago... Girls are obviously all out to do business, with little subtlety. They do have pool tables though.~~

    ~~~~Another place recommended to me by the hot one of the pair I mentioned above is Club Lintas Melawi. She seemed to think I would find whatever I was looking for there. Club Stadium was also recommended by a friend who said that for 250,000, you can have the girl you want for an hour with a room upstairs, apparently quite good rooms too. The place is effectively run by a mama-san who will pick out the girl you want...~~

    ~~~~Off to Surabaya next week so will definitely check that out, as well as Yogjakarta, which has a reputation of being fun....~~~~Should you ever, for whatever reason, find yourself in Banda Aceh, - not a place I'd totally recommend - Hotel Sultan is the place, with a disco which has some pretty dire music, but is the only one in town... Some girls hang out there but the choice is not great. The other problem is that it is a haunt of off duty military and police fighting the insurgents and they come in for the weekend and get I’d up and party hard... Bear in mind that it would make a choice target for the rebels if they ever got their act together!!!

    ~~~~~~Otherwise, I love it here. I feel that I've died and gone to heaven. Over the last 3 decades, I've worked my way round the world several times and this has to be the best place I've been! The numbers of knock out gorgeous women is unbelievable and political correctness and women’s lib, western style, are concepts which just do not exist. Not that the women aren't strong and independent, but in a very nice way!!! 10/10. Also, unlike south Asia, they do not lie like a freeze dried board... They enjoy sex and have a natural ability at it that leaves fucking most western women like fucking a blow up doll, but less exciting~~
    (Review # 5016)
  • Jakarta Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sat Aug 25 2001 Submitted by: Firmtit lover

    I went to a very nice place in jl.Hayam Wuruk in an alley full of massage parlours. Before the Hayam Wuruk Plaza there is Pasopati Travel Agent on the junction corner of jl.Hayam Wuruk and the alley (sorry forgotten the exact alley name). Anyway I went to MUSTIKA Massage Parlor. Nice ladies, talk to Betty or Fenny the cashier. Very courteous folks. Their phone 62-21-600-7450. I have been there a few times, some of the ladies I recommend are: Sri, a very pleasant, soft spoken indigenous Javanese girl; Imel, Sundanese (West Javanese) with nice tits; Eppy, Javanese petit with nice, large, firm tits; Wati Kecil, from North Java, firm tits. These are ladies are experts in BJ and fucking, and should cost you Rp.100.000.- about US$12 for the hour. The VIP Room costs about US$ 6 per hour. It’s very clean, air-con, and comes with a bathroom.
    ~~On the alley before Mustika, there is a place called Kartika. This is the place for what the local call a “cat bath” -- the ladies licks you and bathes you with her body. But I found it too commercial and heartless compare to Mustika. I must agree that Indonesia is now the best, most hedonistic and cheapest place to have a good and memorable nights.
    ~~The mall concept is catching like wildfire. This is also the place to get freelance girls, usually they dress very conservatively but just stroll and look around casually you will find them. Be gentle and just ask as if you are looking for info or directions. If you are lucky you might get yourself a friend as they are not all looking for money. Near the French Embassy in jl.Thamrin is Sarinah where the Hard Rock Café and McDonalds are located is one of the more popular hangouts, as this is where also most of tourists and businessmen are. Still a good bohemian atmosphere despite of that. Mall Plaza Indonesia where the Grand Hyatt is another. Citraland Mall tends to have more Chinese ladies since they have the karoke and massage parlor Hotpants just behind the building. The huge Taman Anggrek Mall is also a good place to be picked up. The food court is one of the best locations to check out. Great local food, too. If you are going to be in country for longer, go to mall in the suburb like Kalibata Mall, Blok M Mall, Cinere Mall, or Metropolitan Mall Bekasi.
    ~~As a rule of thumb, freelancer cost between Rp.200.000-Rp.500.000. This is one tired country /nation after nearly 4 years of political and economic turmoil, and the people want some kindness. That is probably why many girls are just trying to forget their burdensome day. On security, just be smart like any metropolitan area in the world, be it London or Jakarta. Bring just a photocopy of the passport and just enough rupiah for the day. Rp.1.000.000 is equivalent to about US$125. That should be enough to cover your foods, drinks, and lady for the night. Security in general is much improved. Bring some smaller change like the 5.000 and 10.000 notes to give tips. Tips of Rp.5.000 (around US$ 0.70) is consider sufficient to most. Street parking is usually Rp.2.000 for 2 hours.
    (Review # 4217)
  • Jakarta Street Action Dated Added: Wed Aug 22 2001 Submitted by: donny

    Around the Senayan Stadium complex are a whole bunch of street side plant sellers. Buying one day, one of the girls working at the joint was giving me the eye, so we made a date. I picked her up at 7 from the spot and she was sucking me off within about 30 seconds of getting in the car! Drove to a fuck pad and she revealed herself in all her glory. A tight, muscular, tanned black body from all that outdoors work, small tits but a pussy with an internal massage machine, which worked wonders. And she loved being on top with my finger up her ass! Babe great. Sex great. Price great. I have her about once a month and each time is tops. She tells me a couple of the other girls, but not all, selling plants in that area also love to hump. Oh yeah, I speak fluent Indonesian and it does help in those street action situations. In Bandung, the railway marshalling yards are just the best! Starting about sundown, action plus. The girls range in age up to 30, in looks from ok to gorgeous and in sex they are all great. I first asked to be shown around by this shortish, ordinary looking mid 20s babe. I slipped her a few rupiah and she gave me a tour. Sex, sex everywhere. Gang bangs, anal, people were humping all over. You get so horny you feel you could fuck one of the rats that scurry around these places. I ended up fucking her doggy style in a carriage where 3 or 4 other couples were humping and I got such a charge that I powered for ages, almost fucked her head through the wall and had a huge cum! Later I sat on the steps of a carriage, as she stood on the ground and sucked me off, with people walking past and all. Great, stupendous, and highly recommended. All over Java the railway yards turn it on! Once again, without Indonesian language skills it may have been far harder to find out where and what was going on. Hope this helps. (Review # 4196)
  • Jakarta Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Aug 09 2001 Submitted by: 3 amigos

    I want to say something about Indonesia, because I have an Indonesian girl at this moment whom I met here in Holland. All of you pople who paid more than 50,000 rupiah for sex in Jakarta are being ripped off. I was there in November last year and will be there again in September of this year. My visit to Jakarta was the CHEAPEST SEX I have had in my life. Please do not spoil it for others to give the girls more money then they deserve. Thank you. (Review # 4129)
  • Jakarta Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Jul 06 2001 Submitted by: K

    I visited Jakarta January 2001. Reading the reports for this city I noticed that almost everybody is paying too much for the sex. At JJ's you can have a girl for whole night for Indonesian Ruppiah 150,000 to 250,000. Guys please don't spoil the market. Treat them nicely but don't pay them too much. (Review # 3935)
  • Jakarta Other Dated Added: Tue Jul 03 2001 Submitted by:

    Thanks, Nightcrawler, for the in-depth review; you told me about some places I hadn't tried or even heard about. You do seem to get around fast.
    ~~Jakarta is still a great place for sex, and in many cases it won't cost you a dime. My last time there I hooked up with a girl I had met through one of the many Asian internet dating sites. While she was a bit flat-chested, she had a real cute face and a great ass, so I figured what the heck? She said she was looking for a husband, but after a bit of observing and some basic detective work, I learned she was already married to an Indonesian fellow -- not that I was looking to get married.
    ~~Anyway, after picking me up at the airport, she took me to a room she had at a 4-star hotel. It didn't take her long -- I had barely set down my suitcase and she already had her panties off and was on her knees, waiting for a mouthful. She would let you do her anyway you wanted: oral, straight, anal, group, with or without a condom, and she especially liked it when you blew your wad in her mouth or on her face. She was the most depraved little slut I've ever known, and never asked me for so much as a single rupiah. And get this: she told me the next time I came over, bring a camcorder and I could film the action.
    ~~If you get the chance, do check out Jakarta; try some of the places Nightcrawler mentions, or just hang out at Taman Anggrek, the main mega-mall. If you play it cool, you'll be drained before you leave, but your wallet won't be.
    (Review # 3915)
  • Jakarta Other Dated Added: Wed Jun 27 2001 Submitted by: Anon

    Moved here from the uk a year ago and this place still never ceases to amaze ~~me. girls are not just in the bars mentioned in your review. practically every ~~bar and hotel has girls available. some of the girls in the bars tend to charge ~~a very western price. these girls apparently hate having to do what they do so ~~want to be paid well for the occasional time they do work. I met a girl at cj's ~~who told me she was a hooker the morning after we shagged. she didn't want money ~~form me though. very strange, I know.
    ~~town and country is good cheap action although, there are two types of working ~~girls there. the free-lancers are mostly very young students, some are virgins ~~that will only wank you off, hardly any of them will give you a bj. if you ~~wanted a girl with no reservations you have to specify that you do not want a ~~free-lancer. the price is the same I think. rp150,000 for a short time.
    ~~anyway. if you cant get laid here, you wont get laid anywhere else in the world. ~~just be careful, kind to the girls and patient. I haven't had anyone try to rip ~~me off yet.
    (Review # 3867)
  • Jakarta/Bali Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Jun 21 2001 Submitted by: Pussy Mongerer

    Hello Pussy Mongerers,
    ~~I've been meaning to post for some time (so my posts are a bit out of date), but ~~nonetheless, here's a rundown of my adventures in Indonesia.
    ~~On business, I had to visit Jakarta. I took a bit of vacation before hand, so I ~~had a couple of weeks to explore this region. After reading the posts on WSG, I ~~decided to stay at the Melawei Hotel. Of course they placed me on the 6th floor, ~~where the "massage parlor" is blatantly located (I wasn't aware that there was a ~~nightclub on the first floor). Jetlag called, so when I arrived (at around ~~8:00am), I hadn't (and couldn't) sleep. So I walked around the block. I tried to ~~enter one bar, and was told (before I was seen) that it was closed. Once a woman ~~of about 40 saw me, she gladly tried to lure me in, but I declined. I instead ~~walked around a bit and waited for the bar on the 6th floor to open (10:00am). ~~Once in, I spotted a very beautiful and lithe girl of about 18 (I later learned ~~that she was from Surabaya), and paid 300,000RP to take her to my room (which, I ~~should mention, had a "safe" ... no reason for the quotes. I'm just paranoid). ~~We showered together, then proceeded to the bed where we did a 69 for about 5 ~~minutes. I came very quickly, and, since I made it a point not to have an orgasm ~~with my girlfriend for a week before my trip, came a lot. An awful lot. She must ~~have breathed in just at the time when I shot in her mouth because she coughed ~~and choked. I apologized, but I don't think the received the message. She was a ~~bit pissy and cold.
    ~~The next day I hired a taxi to take me around the city. I paid him 100,000RP. It ~~was basically a picture-taking expedition. I asked him about where to get the ~~best girls, and he said he didn't know. So I took a lot of pictures and went ~~back to my unpleasant room. Later that night, my taxi driver returned (wearing ~~new clothes), asking if I still needed his services. I didn't.
    ~~Being a foreigner and feeling uncomfortable in this grungy hotel (feeling like ~~everyone wanted to hustle me), I decided to check out of the Melawei and checked ~~into the Mandarin, no doubt a 5-star, prestigious hotel. I paid $100US for the ~~night. While here, I received a truly wonderful massage (and hand job) from an ~~older and chunky masseuse who works for the hotel. I then went shopping in a ~~mall (where I later found that I paid 5x too much for wood carvings), and then ~~to the Hard Rock Cafe. It was early (about 8:00pm), and the only people there ~~were about 4 men, and two older females (that approached me and showed me ~~pictures of one of their husbands, asking me if I wanted to go home with them. I ~~declined, and went back to my room. Alone and frustrated.
    ~~The next morning, I met an extraordinarily beautiful hotel worker who wouldn't ~~have dinner with me (out of innocent curiosity, I asked her what her salary was ~~.... she rightly told me what a rude question that was). After salvaging a ~~conversational relationship, she asked what I was doing in Jakarta on a weekend ~~(I think her exact word were "this sewer.") She suggested that I should check ~~out Bali (only upon writing this do I realize that she only wanted to get rid me ~~;) I contemplated this, but, the next morning, I checked out and went visited ~~the Ho Lai (?) in the Ancol district. I read that there were lots of Chinese ~~women there, but I found none. I stayed at the Hotel Horison, and went to the ~~disco on the first floor. There is a pleasant mamasan there, and she pointed out ~~two ... maybe three girls available. I really wanted to entertain one sweet ~~thing who was behind the desk, but she was not for hire. I settled for a ~~nice-looking girl who, I later found (upon visual inspection) had a child. I ~~didn't have sex with her. Instead, I settled for a hand job. The next day, ~~missing those sweet lips around me, I went back to the Melawei.
    ~~While here, I found a woman that spoke English, and decided to have her and the ~~first girl I was with here. The one who spoke English was older, about 30, was a ~~bit chunky, and had hairy armpits (which I really didn't like). I paid the both ~~of them 300,000RP apiece (about $35 each). After the three of us showered, the ~~older one asked what I wanted. I then asked her if she would go down on the ~~younger girl, and she complied. What a site ... a gorgeous girl getting eaten by ~~another woman. I then laid in the bed (next to the young one) and started french ~~kissing her (later I wondered if this was such a good idea). The older one then ~~gave me head until I came in her mouth.
    ~~Still horny, decided that I wanted another gem. I told the English-speaking ~~woman that I wanted a different girl, and she introduced me to one, again ~~available for 300,000RP. Again, I have no idea for how long I "rented" her. What ~~a fantastic girl. Absolutely gorgeous. Wonderful tits. Sweet ass. Angelic face. ~~We showered together, where she lovingly washed my balls and asshole. Then we ~~went to the bed. I wanted to "do" her right away, but instead we did a 69. I was ~~trying to hold off for intercourse, but she was so gentle, and her muff so nice ~~looking (I don't really lick, I just like to explore), that I came very quickly. ~~Again, in her mouth. She only smiled and licked everything up (I'm not sure if ~~she swallowed, but I didn't care). We then showered again. I thought about ~~finally doing her at this point (I later wished I would have, but hey ... it ~~lends to a lifetime of fantasies), but instead got dressed and headed ~~downstairs. Thinking about Bali, I decided I should try it. Lugging my baggage ~~into a bank, I found that a $100US bill is scrutinized if it's been visibly ~~folded, and is thusly given a lower exchange rate. Go figure. Anyway, I caught a ~~taxi to the airport and headed to Denpasar.
    ~~Checked into the Hilton. Very nice, but a "couples-type" scene. Very wholesome. ~~Enjoyed the night's rest. The next day, I checked into the Villa Bintang (which ~~is right on the beach). I went to a pub where I met some South African who was ~~on the run from the government and trying to convince me to get into a business ~~with him. We had fun playing pool, but I had to pass on the business ~~proposition. The singer at this pub was a small Indonesian who tortured the U2 ~~songs he was trying to emulate. The young Ausie women, however, were draped all ~~over this guy. Go figure. Went back to the room and masturbated.
    ~~The next day, I hired a taxi for 100,000RP for the day, and we drove all over ~~the island where I took pictures. Afterward, I told him what I was looking for. ~~He took me to a village (near Kuta) where we parked and he apparently told the ~~folks what I wanted. After several minutes, a couple of freshly-showered girls ~~presented themselves to me. They wanted 50,000RP for the night, but I declined ~~(I later regretted this). We then went to a place that is well known on this ~~post where we drive up and about 20 women come out. I saw one that I liked, but ~~while I was contemplating, another taxi drove up and snagged her. Finally, we ~~went to an exclusive-looking home (near a Hyundai? Isuzu? sign ... and a huge ~~statue near a shopping mall) where a Chinese "gentleman" presented me with 3 ~~"superstar" women for 900,000RP. "What the hell" I thought. You only live once. ~~They all had great bodies, and their clothes made this mouth-wateringly plain. ~~One spoke very good English, but her face was pocky. The other two spoke very ~~limited English, but were very cute. It was a difficult decision between the two ~~until one of them smiled. Snaggle tooth. I chose the one who didn't smile (she ~~ended up to have a very nice smile). She was about 19 years old, and was very ~~nice looking. I took her shopping for an expensive dress and pair of sunglasses ~~(it later occurred to me that she more than likely returned them for cash), and ~~had a very nice lobster dinner. We went to my hotel, where I had to pay about ~~100,000RP extra for her to be in the room. I love a woman's ass, and so nudged ~~her into sticking it up for me. I then noticed a cigarette burn on one of her ~~buttocks. It was at this point that she was adamant about a condom. I then ~~visualized her Chinese pimp grabbing this girl from a village by paying her ~~parents about 20 bucks, screwing her, and, as he came, sticking a lit cigarette ~~on her ass telling her to never, NEVER, let someone screw her without a condom ~~again. What an imagination. Anyway, she screwed like a dead fish. The next ~~morning, she got up early and spent about 30 minutes in the bathroom, later ~~telling me that she had an upset stomach. I assumed this was a ploy. What a rip. ~~To script, the original taxi driver was waiting out front at the same time she ~~"had" to leave.
    ~~My most memorable non-sexual experience in Bali is in a restaurant. I forget the ~~name, but it is right across from the Villa Bintang. There is a young kid (maybe ~~25) who is "in charge" in the evenings there. He has an obvious attitude against ~~westerners. One of the items I ordered was large prawns. They were small. Not ~~only that, they had a weird texture and were cold. After paying for my dinner, ~~he "forgot" to charge me for the shrimp, and charged me an obscene amount for ~~them ("couldn't" produce a receipt). Anyway, I later realized that he either ~~stepped on them or peed on them (or something worse). I really wish I could ~~remember this restaurant name, but I can't. All I know is that it's straight ~~across from the Villa Bintang Hotel and to the right.
    ~~In all, I had a decent experience in Jakarta/Bali. I'm currently doing a stint ~~in Bangkok, but, believe it or not, look forward to accruing vacation so that I ~~can return to Indonesia.
    (Review # 3817)
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