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  • Jakarta Street Action Dated Added: Wed Aug 06 2008 Submitted by: kingston

    Hi there everyone,goodday! I just returned from the city of jakarta yesterday night after having spent a total of 2nights there.  As a frequent visitor of wsg I felt that I just need to share with u guys what I saw+experience there..moreover,there are very few updates from those who visited there after their return..maybe lazy to elaborate OR just nothing great to share?


    My story goes like this: Blok M-I only visited my bar located at jln pelatehan.I am truly amazed with all the girls there as well as the loud music! It does not take long,say 20 mins before a girl came to shake my hand introducing herself! Just ignore her first to test her...if she stick loyally to u,u can actually buy her a drink!  She even offered herself to follow me back at ibis arcadia at jalan wahid hasyim which I declined politely coz before that,  i already screwed 2 girls!   As it was late already,she wanted to go home and asked if I can give her some cash for her taxi which I gave her 20,000 rupiah,not more than that!


    I just continued watching the girls dancing wildly into the night and must admit that they are really good in it!  Can see 2 girls kissing and dancing one another while on the other corner, a girl was dancing on the table at the same time almost wanted to remove her t-shirt...what a scene!  This bar is highly recommended to all...


    Oscar-did drop by on the 2nd floor to have a drink but never exciting there..was told the disco is actually downstairs but after paying the bill, when passing by the disco, was all quiet inside, maybe was just too early coz that time was only 9pm!   Regretted of arriving early so guys,take note about this coz later realised that all the excitement only starts at 11pm!


    As was still early,took a cab from the beginning road of pelatehan to melawai hotel nearby which costs 20,000 rupiah.One thing to take note though, NEVER take a cab parked outside of ANY pub coz these people actually conspire with the girls to rip u off! 


    The ones outside the road waiting are either bluebird or silverbird taxis and they are trustworthy and reliable! Melawai hotel-heard so much about this hotel from wsg.  Went straight to level 6At the entrance to the bar,at least 20 'big breast girls' will say hi to u!  Just ignore them and walk straight inside the bar..order yourself a drink and start to look around the surrounding coz they are also girls within the pub area.


    There was a girl who approached me and shook my hand..even rubbing my arms with her breast and asking me to take her but I said not yet, let me finish my drink first!  I saw another girl seated on the couch and signalled her to come to me and asked how much to massage which she replied 400,000 rupiah!


    I took her and she led me to a room..enroute to the room,the previous girl whom I met earlier persuaded me to take her as the 2nd girl which I declined too...she later teased me saying that I'm proud which I ignored her...


    This girl called nia is a very agrresive girl! She removed her clothes and I removed mine too,later she took a shower for me including massaging my cock.  After 5 mins, I was lying on the bed and she start to massage my body using her big breasts!  Then,she grabbed my cock and started to suck it...including my balls!


    My goodness,  I have never experienced such thing which made me almost want to come in 10mins!Later I stopped her and ready to screw her.  She put on a condom and sit on me and jump as hard as she can!  I also pushed and banged her hard like there's no tomorrow..can only hear the loud flesh sound hitting on each other!  Oh felt so good!  I never had a chance to change position actually coz about 5 mins into it,i just came!  I was angry with myself for such a short game coz I know usually I'm not like that but I think her agrresiveness really worked well.  Moreover, in my opinion she is the most pretty there so that is why I came fast...Nia is highly recommended to all!


    Most of the girls there are big breasted... I do not know if they are genuine or injected ones or not coz did not ask..


    At sultan hasanudin road,very near to the bus terminal(which is actually the front side of jalan pelatehan),  there is a pub called the club.  I'm not writing about the club but want to elaborate on some of the girls standing in front of the club. 


    Look for one of the girls called MAYA.  I understand from the taxi driver that she is there for at least a year already and she is good,really good besides pretty of course!  Unfortunately she only provide short time service which comes at a price of 500,000 rupiah!  It was worth it!  As my hotel was far,  I paid another 100,000 rupiah for a nearby hotel.   She has a solid body despite giving birth to a baby already,gives blow-job but not anal!


    The hotel that I was in was hardly a hotel at all...more like a residence home actually!  As it was only for short time purpose, I did not mind.  Unfortunately,  I found out later when tried to sms her after arriving home that I was a faked one...if not,will surely post it here for u guys to arrange a meeting!


    Was told that mangga besar was a sex shopping center in jkt was just could not find it!   In fact,went twice to look for lokasari plaza aka tiara ceria by taking a transjakarta bus which stopped at mangga besar but to no avail even though armed with a map!


    Guys,PLS DO NOT stinge on the taxi like me ok...i have learnt my lesson!  If not because of staying 2 nights only due to time constraints,  I will surely hire one already by then... Compared to manila, jkt is still a relatively cheap city for sex!  I used to visit manila at least 4 times a year but think will change direction starting next year...anyway,  I'm confirmed going to manila in early oct,2008 so shall see how is it like as it will be in 2mths time...


    Guys,remember every single girl that u screw be it from the massage parlor,pubs or discos pls play safe ok...never play without using a condom!  Every single girl will surely say that they are clean but I don't believe a single one of them!


    Also,every hooker standing on the street,which I just got to know, has to pay a rental fee for standing there about 100,000 rupiah a night!  Pay to who I do not know.Try not to neg too low from the price quoted as they too have their predicament to face.If u are not happy with their price and they are not willing to lower it,just walk away coz both must be in win-win situation to make the transaction right? Ok,i have written long enough....thank u for reading!  

    (Review # 24429)
  • Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Mar 17 2008 Submitted by: PremiumOnly

    Based on a couple of reports down there I visited Hotel Alexa.. well to be honest I didn't find one girl who I would want to fuck... I do have high standards and I like the premium - the cream ala cream but fuck sake. it was so horrible that I left after 30 mins. and this is after paying a bloody 50,000 taxi ride there, 50,000 back and 50,000 to get in.. went to Shangri La. Picked up a hot long curly hair Indo. Cost 800k for the night, fucked her long and hard three times, 2x in the night, once in morning. Pricey but worth it. I don't know how much less someone else would be but I was happy with what I tasted... couple of more hotties there that id like to taste over next couple of nights.

    But fuck sake. hotel Alexa was a complete bummer don't bother. No foreign chics, even if they have Chinese and Thai and Taiwanese they have some poor quality ones.
    (Review # 22623)
  • Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Feb 21 2008 Submitted by: Jon

    I've been stayed quite sometime in Jakarta. so let me tell you something about it.

    stadium. its a 4-floor building. downstairs - nutting much. just a place to sit, drink,chat. 1st floor - I dun remember what they have ere. skip by most people 2nd floor - karaoke. last year when I was there the whole floor is under renovation. 3rd floor - massage. not a massage parlor, just a prosti. lots of it. cost around IDR 200k short time. also got a live band performance. local band. 4th floor - disco. huge dark dance place. drugs, beer and grills. mama will push you to take her grrl. different sets of group from 3rd floor. can fuck at upper floor room. cost IDR250k short time.

    stadium known as a 'public toilet'. a lot of young girl. all local mostly from village.

    If you prefer higher taste, go to her neighbor. 1001 club. cost ranging from IDR 200k - 1.5million. its a karaoke place. some room have private bedroom. can have orgy in the room. have done it lots a time. and also got stripper. but extra service may include extra cost.

    or if you wanna try karaoke with jacuzzi, you may try the karaoke club at hotel Alexis near Ancol. just imagine group sex in jacuzzi. done that too.

    if you like spa-sex. u must try go to sumo. lot of variety of girls. and they are 8-9. local, china, Taiwan, Uzbek, etc. the foreigner cost around IDR 1-1.5million for 1.5hour.not only the prosti, u can also fuck the masseur even the china girl for reflex. get a room. great place to hangout.

    actually in Jakarta its all can be special-delivered to your room with cost ranging from 500k - 1 million till morning. get a contact (easier to ask from the security) ask them to bring 3-4 girls so u can choose.

    Jakarta is a place where everything is possible.
    (Review # 22442)
  • Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Aug 22 2007 Submitted by: Mr. Alex

    I already read all of your post reviews. Anyway, I just want to inform you all that there are 2 places that you have to go. The first one is Malioboro and Hotel Alexis. The first place is located at Jl. Hayam Wuruk, just before the Central Jakarta District Court. It is a full equipped place, it has disco, massage, and spa, and for the girls they have both locals and imported pussies (Thai, Uzbekistan, and Chinese (in Indonesia it is called as "Cungko"). The price for enjoying the local girls is 350000 for a full service. Don’t worry full service is includes fucking. All the local girls, from my personal point of view are considered as "really beautiful".

    The imported pussies as informed by the staff at the place is priced for 1.5 million rupiah. The second place, Hotel is located in Ancol, you're not gonna miss this place for it is located next to the Ancol Toll Road and has a very unique building architecture I have to say that this place is unbeatable. I’ve never seen or tried place like this before, where you could go down with the girl first in a beautiful hot pool before you nail and bang them in bed. Unfortunately, the price was higher than other similar places in Jakarta. Local girls are priced for around 650000-700000 and the imported pussies are for 1.500.000 its been a pleasure to share this information with you guys.

    (Review # 20527)
  • Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Aug 14 2007 Submitted by: Helping the Hobbit Community

    Jakarta has got to be one of the shittiest hellholes on earth. You can spend half the day stuck in traffic and the pollution is so bad it turns your teeth black. No man in his right mind would want to stay there more than a couple of days out of choice but if you find yourself there, there are a few decent options for foreigners (Bule). Jakarta is conveniently divided into three areas geographically. The north is called Kota which is also Chinatown.

    The scene here caters for locals so you will not find any girls who speak English. The main problem is that many girls refuse to go with Bule. Today Country can be good but I was refused by 4 girls in succession and got real pissed and left. I guess they must be scared that I got a big dick or something lol. The most Bule friendly place is called Stadium. Forget the disco on the 4th floor which is loud and dark and sucks a rats and walk up to the third floor.

    A nice selection of girls ST for 256,000 R which is about $30. Nice rooms too. Central Jakarta is where all the 5* hotels are located. Each has a club. Here you will find girls who speak good English but they don't come cheap. Most want about 1 million R for LT which is $120. Are they worth it? That depends on your wallet and your standards. I was not impressed at all. BlokM is the south of the city and the Bule bars are situated in a street called Falatehan. Only 2 places are any good, Top Gun from 10-midnite then My Bar from midnite-5.

    Girls here speak a bit of English but as someone mentioned are nearly all single mothers. It is impossible to guess what their body looks like beneath their clothes but I guess it helps to be drunk. They will want from 300,000 - 500,000 to spend the night but you will pay almost that amount just buying drinks for them and their friends if you want to hang out with them in the bars first. They will almost certainly rape your hotel mini bar. Keep valuables out of sight.

    (Review # 20467)
  • Jakarta Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Aug 01 2007 Submitted by: David

    Kartika massage is down at the end of an alleyway, one block south of Manga Besar. There are a couple of similar places on the same street, the other famous one is called Berlian.

    Anyway inside around 6:30 pm, about 10-15 girls around, OK looking rather than beautiful, a step down from Today Country for sure. Some overweight and mostly well into their twenties at least. I sat at the bar and drank my beer while having the usual 'where you from, you handsome' etc conversation, not unpleasant especially as one of them was rubbing her hands all over me.


    Anyway I chose a skinny girl in a short tight dress and said 'OK' to her, she led me upstairs. Unattractive room, not too dirty though. Vinyl covered bed, I was wondering why she didn't put the sheet she'd brought on it but soon found out. We both undressed, she washed her pussy, and she told me to lie face down on the bed, my head on the pillow.


    She then made up a soapy solution, came over and washed my back with this warm water and then rubbed all of my back, legs, arms etc, first by hand and then with her whole body, breasts, then squatting down with her ass. Then face up, even more fun! She was sliding all over me including my by now rock hard cock. This went on around 10 mins, the best massage of my life.

    She was in control all the time, next she led me over to the bath and showered me clean, put a sheet on the bed and sucked me nicely for a few mins while I fondled her. Then condom on and fucking with her on top, felt good but after all that build up I didn't last long, even though I'd just done another girl (see Today Country report below) only an hour or so before!


    Then more showering for both of us, she smoked while she dressed and clear it was all over (after around 30 mins I guess). I'd been told downstairs price was 250,000 Rp, I rounded up to 300,000, she didn't seem impressed and asked for 100,000 more which didn't impress me, she didn't get it but that was a sour ending. In spite of that, a great experience, actually I'd choose one of the chubbier girls next time for that body on body treatment. Try it!

    (Review # 20357)
  • Jakarta Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Jul 31 2007 Submitted by: David

    Today Country at Lokasari Plaza mall. I thought I could walk from the bus way but too far -take a taxi. Through the main entrance, up to second floor on the left hand side, you can see some lights through a dark passageway -strange entrance through part of the car park. Pay 20,000 cover charge that includes first drink and go downstairs -as everyone says, it's very dark. Sort of Western (as in Wild West) theme, funny place but not unpleasant.

    Anyway -the girls: two choices -either let the mamasan bring you one after another until you find one you want, or take your time to drink and adjust to the dark then cruise around looking for the hottest girl -I prefer the latter approach. There's not much pressure. The mamasans speak English but the girls don't. Plenty of hot young Indo girls, mostly late teens to early 20's, 5-8 scale I guess.

    After chatting to a few I chose a cute one. Lima belas was her name. I followed her to the rooms, paid 250,000 at the counter, handed a condom and went into this small unsuited room. After we both washed, she lay down, I enjoyed touching her firm body, then I lay down and she sucked me bareback, OK, not great. Then put the condom on and did her in a few positions. She didn't seem to mind when I put a finger in her anus while fucking her, though she seemed too innocent to ask for anal sex -maybe next time.

    I was planning to pull out and cum on her face but was enjoying her pussy enough that I stayed in her all the way. The pulled out, washed, touched and chatted in a limited way. Cute girl, good value, clean, sex good but not amazing. Recommended.

    (Review # 20351)
  • Jakarta Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Jun 30 2007 Submitted by: Oscar

    I visited Melawai Hotel in Blok M for the first time a couple of days ago. It's been described on this forum as 'a real shithole' so I was pleasantly surprised by the hotel reception area, a standard low-middle range hotel, not bad at all. Mostly it does seem to be a 'normal' hotel, used mostly by Indonesians by what I could see. Took lift up to 6th floor (tattier but still OK) and followed signs to the bar. It's a very small bar, and no pretence of being anything other than a 'knocking shop' by the time you reach it. You have to pretty much push your way through all the girls to get to the bar, which has a handful of stools. I was there around 6pm and was the only visible customer.

    I ordered a beer and looked at the girls. There must have been about 20 of them, and they were all looking at me and smiling, some also saying 'massage' or just 'hello'. They're fully clothed, not like a BKK go-go bar. Not much attempt at conversation apart from by the youngish mamasan who I thought was just a less attractive girl to start with. She tried to persuade me to take two girls but I said one was fine. So -after enjoying my cold Bintang and looking from one girl to another I decided on a young-looking one with a pretty face who was sitting nearby.

    She took me to a room, collecting a key on the way, and past several more girls who were waiting on a sofa outside the bar. Several of the girls offered themselves as extras, I declined. So the girl I'd chosen -Laly I think- took me to the room, a small windowless hotel room with cold A/C which I unplugged, and a bath/ shower in the room. Double bed with a long mirror alongside which proved useful later on. The girl left me in the room while she went off (to wash?), she came back with a box containing oil, condoms etc. She was 23, lovely firm body, but an unshaved bush -I much much prefer hairless or at least heavily trimmed but it seems unusual here.

    We took off our clothes, touched and kissed, I told her I wanted a massage. She massaged my back, legs etc for about 10 mins, did a good job, then I turned over and asked her to suck me. She took my cock in her mouth with me lying down, and did a great job. She didn't even ask to use a condom. Lots of licking of cock and balls, used her hands a bit but let her mouth do most of the work. She didn't come up for air/ a break at all, changed position after a while and I had a great view of this pretty girl sucking me off, thanks to the mirror.

    Anyway this was probably the best BJ I'd ever had and I had no intention of stopping her, so she just kept on going. Eventually I told her I was coming, she kept her mouth around me until I'd squirted all my load into her mouth. She seemed quite happy with this, no complaint at all, and after a minute she got up and spat it out into the bath, then cleaned her mouth with water. The she started cleaning herself, I joined her and she soaped up my cock and stomach (although all the mess had ended up in her mouth anyway, I was really clean!) and showered me. Afterwards she gave me another massage, after about 10 mins I said enough, touched her body and said I'd finished.

    She definitely would have been up for another round if I'd wanted to -time didn't seem to be a problem at all. If she'd been shaven I would have liked to have given her pussy a go, but as it was this was a great BJ and a nice experience. Cost was Rp 350,000 according to mamasan, no mention of this by the girl all along, but at the end I gave her 400,000 for good service and she seemed happy. Overall I liked it, you don't get the pleasure of flirting, drinking, chatting or dancing with the girls as you would in a real bar but it sure is convenient, good value, safe and with plenty of hot young girls (5-8) to choose from.

    (Review # 19872)
  • Jakarta Travel Report Dated Added: Fri May 18 2007 Submitted by: JMan

    I’ve been living and working here in Jakarta for almost 4 years now, and have been to every place mentioned before on the list. A couple of new ones: The Disco at Hotel Sentral in Menteng: tons of young girls and hardly any foreigners. Sands disco in Ancol and Rajamas in Kota: rave discos like Stadium with tons of chicks, E, and the whole 9 yards. Second floor of Sands has an Indonesian-Style “strip club” (down to a 2 piece bikini, but no nudity, but the girls are smoking’ hot and worth the look anyways.) But best part is, you can actually take any girl home for the right amount of cash $30-$50 depending on looks, short-time, long-time, etc.

    But I must warn the newcomer and traveler to Jakarta that these girls are more complicated than anywhere I’ve seen in the world. Latin America, Europe, other parts of Asia, women are generally up-front about their trade, but Jakarta, the girls will play all sorts of games and bullshit to make you think you are their “boyfriend” and vice-versa. They “pretend” to be interested in you or care about you, but the bottom line for them is Cash. For example, a common trick is for a chick to say she has ‘issues’ with you sleeping with other chicks, and make you think she wants a serious monogamous romantic affair. The reason why? Cash—she wants you to give her (or at least be spending) all your free rupees on her, and not spending it on other girls. While she will probably be leading a double-life and sleeping with other dudes from the club, have another overseas ‘boyfriend’ wiring her money. Another trick, she’ll buy you a cheap, inexpensive present every once in awhile to make you think you are “special” to her to keep you on her client list of regulars. Don’t fall prey to these gals. They make you think you are someone special, but actually think of you as a cruel source of fun, at your expense. The bottom line is they are all prostitutes, and every dick is their boyfriend.

    No matter what the chick does or says to you, don’t be pussy-whipped and be a real man and don’t listen to them or fall for their bullshit games. Jump around to all the different bars and clubs mentioned in here and have fun with it. Live your dreams: 3-somes, 4-somes, anal, bbbj you know, all the stuff you never got back at home. It pays to jump around to different clubs rather than be a constant regular in any one because the girls will be talking about you (how much you pay, how you treat them, how gullible you are to their lies and deceptions). Just take different girls from different bars each time, pay ‘em, and send them home. You don’t need their name or phone number to fall prey to their games. Keep it simple and keep it real.
    (Review # 18971)
  • Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Apr 18 2007 Submitted by: Free Radical

    If you are new to Jakarta and can survive the traffic and rats make your way down to Blok M, where the best action occurs for foreigners. The 6th floor of the Melawai Hotel has a massage parlor 300,000 Rupiahs (approx $33) for one hour of everything imaginable.

    This really is the Holy Grail for Jakarta. Girls range in age from 18 to 30 and have big tits as a rule. At weekends, go to my bar in Peletehan Street. Gets going around 11 p.m. Girls there can be very pushy and most are single mothers - unless you want a girl with a caesarian section and sagging tits, make sure you ask them first. 300,000 R for LT. Watch out for police when you leave the bar - they have been shaking down girls and foreigners for ID recently and then extorting fines if you don't have your passport on you. Enjoy.
    (Review # 18354)
  • Jakarta Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sat Apr 07 2007 Submitted by: Hubsing

    I have read a lot of stories about Indonesia and the Girls in Indonesia and in Jakarta there are a lot of good tips but some of them not updated. Blok M is still a place to pick up but these are almost the street action level.

    If you want to get something safer and cleaner you should go into one of the hotel bars or in the massage parlours. Best Place with good price is Hotel Melawai close to Blok M in Jalan Melawai go to the 6th. floor you will find a Bar with around 2 dozen of girls calling "hallo mister massage" take your time take a drink or two and than take your choice.

    Always they’ll ask you for “take two Mr. " if you can do it do so its real fun they do a good job over there. They are open from 10 AM until midnight at around 5 pm is Shift change so if you come around 5:30 pm they are fresh.

    Another Place would be in Mangga Dua Area a mall called Lokasari Plaza go to the first floor to the parking lot there you find a entrance for a dark disco like club. it’s dark . Here you’ll find the youngest girls in Jakarta. Service is ok and cheap but still Melawai is better you see what you get here its pretty dark. In this area is also a hotel called Hotel Bintang on the backside you get an entrance for massage & spa ask for special massage they guide you in a health club room where are around 20 girls from all over Asia Chinese, Philippines, Thai and so on so experts in their business It’s expensive here. 100 US $ up but the service is amazing I never got such a blowjob.

    If you are interested in picking up a girlfriend for a couple of days go to Jl. Daan Mogot there you find two massage parlours one is called Bandara and the other one I forgot but Bandara is a good place book one girl test her and than take her where you want. I suggest Fitri. She is the best girl I ever had in Jakarta tall nice tits and long legs. She always accompanies me when I call her. Last time she organized for me a friend what I asked for a real virgin. Was not cheap but it was an awesome experience. Anyway I miss Jakarta have fun guys

    (Review # 18171)
  • jakarta Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Mar 19 2007 Submitted by: Educated Consumer

    Jakarta is beautiful and decadent city. Smoking is permitted in a restaurants and Dunkin Donuts, ecstasy is openly sold in clubs and "no condom, no problem" is a modus operandi for many of this city's friendly street hookers that are never further than a short taxi ride away.

    It’s strangely devoid of foreign tourists outside of 5 star hotels, Indonesians are a bit reserved towards them and language barrier can be a real problem, no English or other European language is spoken in the streets except of Jalan Jaksa, which is a short street and hosts a few tourist oriented businesses, western food restaurants and flophouses. It got friendly pimps offering low-quality hookers at 200000 Rupiahs per shot and a few weird looking, down- and out experts attracted by $4 rooms.

    I've stayed nearby on Jalan Wahid Hassyim in Paragon, which proved to be monger-friendly at about $36 a night, beautiful hotel, 3 star rooms are small, but cozy. Prostitution is highly immoral and illegal in Indo conservative, not to mention Muslim society, so prices are pretty high for an Asian and freelancers who would hang out with a tourists in order to get next night, next 2 days booking etc. are rare.

    If you live in Jakarta, renting a house, let’s say, it’s a different game, but for a tourist most girls wouldn’t take risk being harassed by a police at night in a taxi, getting scornful looks from her countrymen in a restaurant etc.

    Many good reviews are posted on this site with a quite accurate prices, but let me clarify this, those are short-time prices. You are not gonna be rushed but when the deed is done, girl would want to go back to her pimp/boyfriend, family, friends or all of the above. She may stay all night, but don’t expect a girl from "My Bar" to be happy with 350,000 Rupiahs or a girl from BATS with 700,000.

    Language barrier, again, is important. The more you can reduce it, the more time you may get with a girl you like. Buying a dictionary is a must in Jakarta, although believe me, most girls from My Bar aint worth it. Good news are that Indo bitches are the hottest I've seen in Asia and give the best service, completely free of Thai shyness, Khmer disgust for oral sex or Filipino business-like attitude. With a firm, well-developed bodies and fairly long legs they combine Asian submissiveness with a Latino-like temperament, in a way they kiss, suck and fuck, they reminded me Havana's jineteras. There's something about tropical islands with a long history of colonial oppression and authoritarian rule.

    They say Philippines used to be that way, but I guess, globalization and feminists fucking spoiled it. Regretfully I can’t add any new places to the list on top of those that been mentioned already. Once I discovered Stadium, I just stuck to it. Best whorehouse I've seen in this world. Or yeah, there's also a disco, karaoke and restaurant all in one building. You can come around 5 pm and wouldn’t want to leave until next morning.

    If you’re leaving by yourself, walk down the narrow lane to the main street and don’t get a taxi right away. Look around it’s a hardcore third world street scene, intimidating perhaps, but a really bright street talent can be picked up and taken out for 300,000 or less. No condom, no problem. 

    (Review # 17888)
  • Jakarta Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Mar 18 2007 Submitted by: RollingLucky

    Ok guys. I'm originally from the USA and have lived in Jakarta for one year now and thought I would give some information to you guys who do the travel and stopover thing in this fine sex city.

    Living here has its advantages and disadvantages, and one advantage is that in a year's time, I've seen the bigger picture and how things work and operate with the girls. First, some of you guys are way overpaying for your girls. The amateur hookers you find at places like Block M and 3 horses (Hotel Menteng 2) will easily go home with you for 200,000 - 300,000. Never pay more than 300,000. For the more upscale places like BATS (Shangri La), CJ’s (Mulia Hotel), Tigah Paluah ( Le Meridian), DaliLama (Patra Jaya Tower) will easily go home with you for 300,000 - 400,000. If you pay more than 400,000 they are ripping you off. I don't mean to sound like a cheap pass, but many of these girls are actually quite well off, come from middle class families, or have more money than you might think.

    I'll explain a bit further. I have gone out with 3 girls (each for a period of 1-2 months) that I have met at the popular BATS nightclub at Shangri-La. All 3 were "free" girls for the first night because they knew I was a Jakarta resident, and that they would be seeing me again. So if you really wanna be a cheap pass, stay in a house on your stopover visit and make 'em think you live and work here or whatever and that you really like them and want to see them again, and you'll probably get by with just taking them to lunch at Semaggi and taking them home on the next day, as I did.

    If your flight home is the next day, great, but these girls are still working their game on you and you have to be careful at this point. About the 2nd or 3rd date, they will hit you up with some big expense they have to pay such as College Tuition, rent and money for their sick mother in the hospital.

    Some of the time it's bullshit, sometimes true. If you really like the girl, best thing to do go to the college, rental office, hospital and pay for whatever it is. If you do this they will adore you that you care for them. Don't just hand them cash or they will see you as too trusting and come to you for all sorts of money requests and you'll be paying up the ass for this chick. In fact, some of these girls, good at their game, have many Bule boyfriends they've met at the nightclub over the years scattered all over the world wiring them money to their bank accounts.

    One BATS girl I was dating had a gentleman in the UK wiring her 3 million Rupiah a month, and another guy in Germany wiring 400 Euros a month. So, for little effort this girl was bringing in close to 8 million Rupiah a month just for flirting with these guys on the phone, email, etc. Plus they are also working the floors at BATS, CJ’s or wherever their place might be. So that's why I tell you guys never to pay more than a reasonable amount as I described above. And if you are wiring her money, odds are at least one other guy is as well, plus she's sleeping with any dude who will cough up the cash for the night. So don't be a sucker and use your head when it comes to your wallet.

    The post before this did a nice job of covering all the main spots, a couple more I can add to the list: 1. 3 Horses Nightclub at Hotel Menteng 2 in Menteng. It doesn't happen here until 3AM or so and party goes till 6 or 7 AM. There's a mamasan with about 6 house girls that go for 250,000 a night and plenty of freelancers like at Block M. Stick to a 300,000 Rupiah lady budget and you'll both go home happy and have cash in your wallet the next day. Most of the clientele here is from Arab nations, but the guys are really cool to hang out with to Dali Lama (Patra Jaya Tower). In ground floor of a huge office building tower.

    Clientele is also mostly from Arab nations, but more upscale club than 3 horses. Plenty of freelancers working here. Stick to a 400,000 Rupiah lady budget. Have Fun, Get laid, and use your head when it comes to the cash.

    (Review # 17857)
  • Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Feb 24 2007 Submitted by: Boo Gaga

    Jakarta is what a bunch of you folks seem to be hinting at. If you know where to go it is a stunning paradise of beautiful women willing to fuck your brains out for virtually nothing a sex tourist's paradise. Thing is, you have to know where it ain't easy like Thailand. Seems you all need some additional places here goes:

    Clubs - there are a few places around where there are basically higher class hookers. These joints are mostly at the mainstream hotels. For instance, if you go to the Ritz-Carlton, you can get in with a drink, and about 50% of the crowd is either hardcore hookers or "freelancers" as the term goes. You can find completely stunning women in these places.

    Indonesian women seem to think that getting a western guy is the ticket to financial heaven, and really they're not all wrong. Another good place is 30 at the Le Meridien (downstairs, again you have to buy a drink to get in). It has stage shows (like the Ritz). I picked up a truly stunning woman there, model type at about 180cm. Cost: Rp. 1 million. There's also the pretty well known BATS bar at the Shangri La Hotel. This place has an air of moderate decency. About 1/2 of the women here are looking to pick up western boyfriends (or rich Indonesians) not really hooking.

    Of the remainder, half are hookers and half are freelancers. Massage parlours - ok, honestly, I don't do this kind of thing. It's just not my style. I prefer to pick the girls up and take them upstairs. Fact is you have to hunt hard for a place that doesn't offer a happy ending, even at nice hotels. I'll leave it to some other gents to clear up where's good to go on this end. Bloc M - There's a nice shady street of bars here. "My Bar" is absolutely packed with low to mid level prostitutes.

    Across the street, "Top Gun" is a little better, and a nice easy atmosphere. Again, basically all the women in this place are there for the money (they get paid to be there in the first place, and some don't accept pick-ups, as their fare is good enough but this is rare).

    The Sportsman on the same street is a nice place, but strictly no ayam (the Indonesian word for chicken, but the basic lingo for prostitutes). There are a bunch of other places as well as street walkers, but that's really not necessary. Also check out the bars and pubs in the Ambhara Hotel area, again very sleezy and generally lower class hookers, but interesting if you're into the cultural scene.

    The pubs are chill, nice places to hang and swing. Cost for hookers in this area is basically Rp. 350,000, but I give them Rp. 500,000 as a rule. Why be cheap when it's bloody cheap to begin with?

    Dancing girl places - there are a number of spots where you can check out girls dancing on the bar (and get them in bed later). Don't get all excited though. This is Muslim Jakarta and the clothes stay on. There's a club in Kota called 35, which has a nice mix of different ethnicities dancing. It's a nice place. The girls come down off the bar and sit on your lap. It's a bit less of a Bloc M whore mongering place, but still a touch sleazy. There's also a place called Zen (far more upscale) where the girls dance on the bar mostly a Chinese place stunning women. Zen is getting into the high class market girls there seem to want to get a high price (reasonably low on the global market, but high for Indonesia Rp. 1.5 million-3 million. All of this being ridiculous because you could basically fuck a movie star in Jakarta for Rp. 2 million). This actually happen movie stars are on the circuit too here gents.

    Brothels - I'm not too up on this, but The Classic Hotel - this is a serious brothel. The mamasans attack you at the entrance. It's the only place that has girls actually strip, and not much either. But, you'll be laughing when you enter. The place has the women priced by the freakin color of their outfits. Girls wearing red are Rp. 350,000; blue Rp. 500,000; purple Rp. 750,000 and all foreign girls are Rp. 1.5 million (you'll find everything under the sun Russians, Japanese, Chinese, Eastern Europeans, Latin Americans etc.).

    The ethnic Chinese women here are serious model quality stunners, sitting at the bar enjoying themselves. It's a weird place, but 100% brothel. You go upstairs once you choose a girl. If you want to fuck, this place holds absolutely no pretensions. That's what everyone is here for.

    Another place, already referenced here is Stadium. Stadium is a drug haven place, and you can find about 1500 people dancing here any night of the week, and hell, even on Sunday afternoons its nuts. If you find someone there, they have rooms upstairs for Rp. 150,000 and a blowjob is Rp. 200,000.fuck 350. Pretty damn sketchy place if you ask me, and beware of the ladyboys, who are all over the place.

    Private parties - if you're known around town, there are a number of sex parties every night. This is not easy to hook into you have to know the right people. But at these extravaganzas, literally everything goes.

    The last one I went to included an orgy of 20 people. Amazing actually, although I suggest you learn Chinese if you really want in. Most are in the late afternoons or early evenings to allow the Chinese businessmen to get home to their wives at a decent time. Private parties are nuts, but I dare you to try and find a venue. If you do, it's crazy fun! Ok that's my addition, and by the way, it is really only scratching the surface.

    Jakarta is so much raunchier than you think. You just have to look a little. Hope this helps, and please gents, let us know more. I tell you my little list here can only cover a small percentage of what's really out there. Keep the info coming!

    (Review # 17514)
  • Jakarta Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Feb 03 2007 Submitted by: Spunker

    Jakarta is the shit hole of Asia and not a place you would necessarily want to visit. But if you happen to be there for work or stopover, you can have fun if you go to the right places. Many of the massage parlors in Kota etc cater for locals and the girls don't speak English.

    A lot of them will refuse to go with "bule" which is there name for foreigners so the best places to head for are the clubs in the 5 star hotels like Tiga Puluh and CJs. You can find a girl to spend the night for 500,000 rupees which is over $50. Then there are discos, the best is called Stadium.

    It is very dark and noisy so bring a cigarette lighter or you can't see what the girl looks like. If you see no girls then go down to the 3rd floor and there is a fishbowl thing if you can find it. Best time to go there is midnight. For cheaper girls you should go to Block M. The best bars are My Bar and Top Gun. The girls are good fun and will go for 300,000 rupees. The only problem is that a lot of them have had babies real young and their bodies not as nice as in your imagination. Have fun guys, I did. And keep away from live chickens, I mean the fowl kind.

    (Review # 17304)
  • Jakarta Other Dated Added: Fri May 12 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    Hello good people. In my opinion, if you haven't seen any sex life in Jakarta then you should make an appointment with your local eye doctor. I have been staying at the Shangri-la and they have an "American style pub/disco" called b.a.t.s. where a lot and I do mean a lot, of local girls hang around and they all speak English. I have already had 3 girls paid around 50 usd/ girl and they perform excellent services. Sure the girls on block m are cheaper but hell they don’t speak English and where’s the fun in that? Yesterday I took 2 of them to the room and I had a night to remember. B.a.t.s is not only for Shangri-la guests even if you are staying in another hotel you can still go there and pay an entry fee just like any disco, its free entry for hotel guests. The hotel doesn’t mind if you take girls to the room, you don’t even have to register them. All the rooms in the hotel have a safe in them where you can keep your valuable stuff. So if you don’t feel safe going around the city (which in my opinion is safe enough) or you are a lazy bastard like me then make life easier on yourself and do as I did. Just wear a condom because some of the girls will let you do them without one and that’s not recommended. Don’t dig your grave with your dick. Muff diving and kissing is ok with them. I have not yet tried any massage parlors but ill do it during my next business trip here. (Review # 14704)
  • Jakarta Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Mar 04 2006 Submitted by: John

    I was staying in one of the hotels in Jalan Jaksa, Jakarta. I met this lady named Evie with curly hair, short, big tits, dark skin and always wearing sun glasses. She always hang around in one of the restaurant in Jalan Jaksa, called Margot Restaurant and another one called Absolut still on the same road. She loves playing pool and chatting on the internet to get clients. I had a bad experience with lady. I knew that time she was a prostitute and we agreed to meet in my hotel. I invited her to come to my hotel to stay with me. I took her out for drink and dinner being a nice gentleman. We went back to the hotel afterwards. I fell asleep and feeling tired that night. When I woke up she was gone already , my wallet gone too including money and mobile phone. I didn't expect her to steal my money, she look like a nice girl at first. I wouldn't recommend her to any body at all. Avoid this lady in Jalan Jaksa, she made my trip to Jakarta ruined and I wouldnt come again to Jaksa. Please be careful if you meet this Evie lady. (Review # 14138)
  • Jakarta Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Nov 27 2005 Submitted by: Botak

    In case you are a lucky bastard and get to spend some time in Jakarta, I could recommend you a lot of interesting places. To name but a few:  Block M - if you enjoy Karaoke - or the nearby "My Pub" in case you need to spend your time with a mainly ex-pat crowd. Stadium Disco or Club 1001 give you the experience of how Asians enjoy nightlife.

    Jalan Jaksa is remarkable because this is the only place in Jakarta where you can find some beer and girls during the first and last days of the "Puasa - Ramadhan." However, all of these (and a lot of other) places are for the amateurs, since if you are familiar with the Indonesian customs, you simply don't need to go to a pub, bar, disco, etc. to find someone to spend a night with. My advice is to head to a shopping center (for instance, Semayan Plaza or Mitra Oasis), where you can find plenty of girls who are keen on meeting Caucasian guys. Don't let them wait for you so long!
    (Review # 13179)
  • Jakarta Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Nov 27 2005 Submitted by: Drongao

    My only regret concerning Jakarta was that I hadn't been born with an extra schnutz. The people there are friendly and good-natured, and the country does not deserve the bad international reputation it has acquired. The girls are beautiful, sexy, loving and tender... so what more do you want (apart from another schnutz)? I would even go as far as to say that many of the local people take it as a compliment that you have braved prejudices to visit their country, even if only to drink their women and shag their beer.

    I read some of the previous reports on Jakarta on this site, and have the distinct impression that some of them may have been verging on exaggeration, if not pure fantasy. Anyway, I hope this will put the record straight. Before you go, I would recommend that you learn a bit of Bahasa Indonesian. It's a piss-ass easy language and a little goes a long way. Very few girls speak English, especially the best-looking ones. Also, bring a photocopy of your passport (more about that later) and a small flashlight or cigarette lighter so you can see the face of the girl you are talking to. Some of the discos really are pitch-black dark hell-holes. If like me, this is your first trip and you are wondering where to locate yourself in the city, the choice of convenience is between Blok M in the south and Kota in the north. I chose Kota because, being the Chinatown zone, I expected to find good food, and I wasn't disappointed.

    I stayed in the excellent Prinsen Park Hotel just inside the Lokasari Plaza shopping complex, half-way along Jl Manga Besar. Monger-friendly air-con rooms, and condoms that come with the minibar, 170,000 rupiahs ($17), and they don't do ID checks on your guests. Inflation in Indonesia currently stands at 14%, so expect all the prices I mention here to be higher by the time you read this. Another hotel for the same price is the new Hotel Olympic across the way, which has its own sauna and karaoke scene.

    The mongering attraction in the Lokasari Plaza is the cosmic Today Country (also known as Tiara Ceria) live music pub. It also doubles up as a brothel with two sets of short-time rooms. There are two entrances. One is through the shopping mall, up one set of escalators, then straight through to the parking area at the back. Alternatively, walk to the left of the shopping mall, past the kiddies' game center, and you will see another entrance. You pay 20,000 to get in, which gets you a beer (except on Saturday and Sunday when there is a disco). The place is shit-ass dark and a mamasan will normally greet you and lead you to a table, before asking if you want a girl. One mamasan there speaks very good English. If you don't like the look of the girl she brings you, or vice-versa, get her changed till she brings you one you like, and who smiles. You will then be led to the short-time rooms and pay a cashier 250,000 for the gig.

    When you're done, that may be the last you ever see of the girl unless you want to pay for another shot. None of the girls are over 20. If you ask a girl how old she is ("Umurnya berapa?"), she will almost certainly say "Tujuh belas" (17), the legal age of consent in the country. I went there 6 times and after the second time, the mamasan knew what kind of girls were my type and vice-versa, and always brought me the new ones to break in. Life can be a bitch. The mamasan will expect a tip of 20,000 R every time, and she'll treat you like her own son. Today Country opens around 14:00 in the afternoon and closes around 23:00, so you can get a shag before dinner. Don't expect to see many other foreigners here.

    The other attraction in the area is the Stadium Disco. I only went there once which was enough for me. The only word I can find to describe the place adequately is "evil". It is off the main road Jl. Hasam Wuruk down an alleyway, so a bit hard to find on foot. Turn left going south from Jl. Mangar Besar and it's in the fourth alleyway on the left, just before you get to the 1001 building. Go up to the disco on the top floor where the action takes place. Entrance charge is 30,000 - 50,000 and gets you one beer. The mainly Indonesian techno is deafeningly loud and oppressive, and the waiters sell ecstasy over the counter. If a girl doesn't find you, a mamasan will bring you one. Girls here are generally aged 18-25, and not as inexperienced as some of the girls at Today Country. None of them are there for their health, or to pay their way through school. They are professional prostitutes. There are short-time rooms here too.

    Three alleyways back towards Jl Mangar Besar are two massage parlours, called Berlian and something else. I had a look in Berlian and the women had all seen better days. 250,000 for body-to-body massage and full sex. If you want a lively place just to hang and watch action, try Club 36 next to the Jayakarta Hotel. This is a disco which caters for groups of Chinese, and not so dark that you can't see people's faces. 30,000 for a draft Bintang. The hostesses here are really gorgeous and dance on the bar counter. There is a ladydrink system and I suspect rooms upstairs too, but I reckon you are talking about serious cash here if you want to nail one of them.

    Blok M is where the foreigner nightlife area is to be found. One bus goes here direct from the airport. Check out the excellent website at .The best and also cheapest way to get around Jakarta incidentally, is to use the Trans-Jakarta bus, only 3500 R a hop. It runs on its own exclusive bus-lane, so doesn't get caught up in traffic jams like taxis do. Runs on the same route from Kota to Blok M, from 0500 to 2200. If you find yourself in the bus terminal basement lobby, take Tunnel Two out and the left exit. You will see the small street called Pelatahan with all the bars, with Oscars in the corner... great little place for live music, and hookers over 30. D's Place is where the over-50s grizzly ex-pats all drink, engaged principally in oil, gas and mining... an affable crowd and a mine of information for the newcomer.

    The only place to go after midnight is My Bar, open till 0445. Beers are 27,000 and the place is packed with poontang, especially Fridays and Saturdays. Girls will want 300,000 to 700,000 to spend the night, and it may be the case that the older you look, the more they will expect. After 1:00, it is not unusual to see girls from the Japanese karaoke bars coming in who will ask for 1 million rupiahs initially, but you should be able to knock them down. Girls here are very, very good at getting you to buy them drinks, so bring plenty of cash. Once the management knows your face (took me two nights), they'll let you run up a tab, which I think you can pay by credit card. Don't use any of the taxis parked in this street... they'll fuck your ass and ruin a nice evening. Turn left out of My Bar, and at the end of the road to the right, you'll see a line of Bluebird Taxis... the only taxi firm in town with a reputation for honesty. When you get in a parked taxi, you have to pay for their parking space, typically 2000 - 5000 R. The taxis outside My Bar want up to 100,000 R just to turn the engine on and are in league with some of the girls too, so don't put up with any shit.

    I mention the Japanese karaoke bars because when I looked in a couple of them, the impression I got was that the best-looking girls in town are to be found there. There was a time when you had to be Japanese to get into these places, but not anymore. The bar street is to the left of the Lokasari Blok M Hotel (confusing name) - 240,000 including breakfast. (I would have stayed there if I hadn't liked Kota so much). You need to negotiate a package with the mamasan which will include drinks for you, lady drinks, karaoke, and the right to take the girl out after. I was quoted 700,000 with beer for 5 hours in Mikado, and 30,000 an hour with beers at 50,000 each in Sei Ji. They close at 0100 so you need to get there around 8 or 9 to make it worthwhile.

    The Hotel Melawai is a walk away and has the notorious massage parlour on the fifth floor. I was taken to this hotel one night by a young seductress, but they wanted 400,000 just for a room, so I called it a night. She didn't want to come with me back to Kota because she said it was too far, so it is a major advantage to have a hotel in the immediate vicinity of where you plan to take girls. The taxi fare to Kota is 40,000 and takes about 25 minutes at night.

    I checked out the famous and long-established Tanamur and JJ's nightclubs during the week, and they were closed both times. The ex-pats I talked to said these two places have been going steadily downhill over the past six years with all the new places opening up, so can probably be crossed off the mongering list. The other famous bars in town are inside the big hotels in the centre. I went through four security checkpoints to get into the Shangri-La Hotel for the BATS bar in the basement, where I was refused entry for wearing sandals, shorts and a sleeveless tee-shirt. They did me a favor. I heard that beers are 70,000, and in any case, I wasn't looking for a 35 year old "high class" hooker to talk current affairs with. The Aryaduta Hotel is home to the Tavern bar, another popular pick-up joint. I was refused admission there too.

    I was in a Bluebird taxi from Blok M going back with a Japanese karaoke girl to my Kota hotel one morning at 0430, when we were flagged down by a police roadblock in Jl Manga Besar. I did not have my passport on me, so was offered the choice of either being taken down to the cop shop or paying an on-the-spot "fine" of 100,000. The girl didn't have ID for Jakarta (they are clamping down on out-of-town Indonesians without residency permits for Jakarta), so I had to pay the same amount for her too. You can't call yourself a monger till you've been to Jakarta. Enjoy.
    (Review # 13177)
  • Jakarta Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Nov 09 2005 Submitted by:

    Well, after being out with colleagues and getting back to my hotel around 11.00, I had mentally given up for the night - it was too late to go hunting for action and I was too tired to be out beyond midnight. I came into my hotel wishing I could open my room and find a honey in there waiting for me - and that's almost what happened! Three beautiful Chinese women were sitting in the lobby lounge with roving eyes, and one made eye contact and smiled at me. I walked right up to them and said hello - then asked their names in Chinese - they didn't expect that, and were delighted that I could speak Mandarin. All 3 were busty and sexy, but one in particular was classy-looking - beautiful highlighted hair, nice clothes, great figure and a lovely, pleasant smile that lit up her gorgeous face.

    They were obviously working girls - sitting there ordering bottled water to hold their seats as long as possible. They offered to all come up with me, but I wasn't up for that - one was all I really wanted, and I'd decided it was the classy one. So, a few minutes later, I settled their modest bill for 5 bottles of water, and took my honey up.

    She was perfect - slim, really busty with large, sexy nipples and neatly trimmed pussy hair. After a quick shower we got to work - I gave her a thorough pussy-licking until she was all wet, and then it was on with the condom and into the breach. Then we spent some time smoking and chatting, and after awhile we started some slow, tender love-making. Her tits were fantastic and she let me have a great cock massage with them - I then took her from underneath for a while and then wheelbarrow style, squeezing and sucking those incredible boobs and stroking her slim, fair thighs until I couldn't hold back any longer.

    Because she had friends waiting downstairs, we'd agreed she'd leave around midnight, so she did - but she gave me her number and promised that the next night she'd be around the whole night for me. She is probably the most beautiful woman I ever had sex with - in between the sex, we were content just looking at each other, and kissing and hugging... I gave her a tip at the end, but it was really not much - about 50 bucks - and she didn't haggle or look disappointed at all...

    So this is a new source for me - just hanging around hotel lobbies late at night - quite possible that these girls had finished a job and were hanging around in the hope of a small bonus - but far more pleasant than the rather grim Melawai and other parlours I've been to... great sex and a real GFE.
    (Review # 13063)
  • Jakarta Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Nov 01 2005 Submitted by: pitarse

    Please note that Ramadan/Ramzan (Muslim fasting month) is a bad time to be anywhere in Indonesia if you're looking for sex. Most of the massage parlours and pubs/discos or places where you can pick up girls remain closed. I was in Jakarta for a week during this period but was lucky to find some fun. I picked up one hot chic from B.A.T.S. the pub at Hotel Shangrila. Just take a seat in there and look around for a girl you like. Call her and str8away negotiate the price. Cut the small-talk unless you like it. My girl was more than average, and not with the typically Inodnesian flat face. She asked 100 USD first, to which I said NO. I offered 400,000 rupiah (40 USD), but finally we agreed on 500000 Rp.

    I took her to my hotel room and she really gave me a nice fuck. Had knocker tits of size 36 and a gr8 butt. I ejaculated twice, and she came 4 times. She said she was very horny and hadn't had a nice fuck in weeks. Her moans added to the excitement. Like most Indonesian girls, she didn't do anal, so if you want that, better ask in advance. Remember, you also need to pay some money for the taxi for her to go home. Don't pay if not agreed to b4 or if you're not satisfied by the service.

    The other place I picked a not-so-good girl was at CI's, the pub in Hotel Mulia. Was lucky to be there on a Wed. night, which is a Ladies night. Fixed a price at 400,000 rupiah. This one gave me a nice blowjob and was really good at licking dick. I even came on her face and she enjoyed my cum. Didn't do anal, but agreed to fingering her butt. Took a shower together where she peed, which was fun to watch. Only bad thing was that she smelled of cigarette smoke, as she was a chain smoker. Even brushing didn't help :-( so I avoided kissing and made her serve me!! You could even ask for a massage in your room in whichever hotel you're staying.

    If you like the lady, just ask for sex. They call it a special massage and will offer you themselves if your dick responds to their finger tickle. Most 4/5 star hotels charge 150000 Rp for a 1 hr massage. You have to finish the massage and sex within this time. So be quick to decide coz they won't wait due to restrictions. Pay around 150000 for a body massage on your dick. She will get nude and rub her tits on your dick. I did with oil and it was fantastic. If you want intercourse also, which they call "make love" in their broken English, pay around 300,000. But it's not worth it as it's only for a few minutes - unless you wanna sacrifice your massage time for which you already pay 150000 Rp to the hotel.

    Most Indonesian ladies don't like blow jobs, so ask in advance. 'Cuz I was disappointed as she woudn't do it. They like to massage with their hands and fingers. Tried the same thing in my hotel room in Surabaya as well, twice. First massage lady was good and gave me head. She was trying sucking cock for the first time, but enjoyed it. I came in her mouth accidentally, but she didn't mind. Wanted to go inside her, but she was in a hurry due to time restrictions. The 2nd one was not so good-looking and was also short. But had a nice butt and tits. Gave me a nice massage with her tits. Both the ladies in my room along with massage for just 150,000 over the massage rate.  No intercourse.
    (Review # 12993)
  • Jakarta Other Dated Added: Wed Oct 26 2005 Submitted by: gregg

    Surprised that "MY BAR" in Blok M wasn't mentioned. Girls don't show up til around 11pm, but the fun atmosphere gets cranking, girls dancing and checking out us guys. Decent selection. Friendly place. (Review # 12949)
  • Jakarta Other Dated Added: Mon Oct 03 2005 Submitted by: italia

    Let me tell you something... Jakarta is the party place which you will never regret! I went during the month of Ramadan, and everything was closed, except STADIUM DISCO was open from 8 pm til 10 am next day. The only three things you get in there are drinks, drugs and sex. 300,000 rupiah for an hour. Wow. (Review # 12792)
  • Jakarta Other Dated Added: Sat Aug 27 2005 Submitted by: crimson

    Was in Jakarta recently and found a great place that wasn't mentioned on this site. Called 'MY BAR' in Blok M, 16th street or whatever. It's a street with many bars, taxis may not know it but they should know 'Sportsman Bar' and it's just a few doors down. Many many girls, good selection, fun bar/dance club, not too big, not too small. Lends itself to easy interaction/mingling. Seems to be a popular place now. Freelance girls. I guess 150,000 - 300-000 tops. Don't pay more than that. Hold out, they'll come down in price. Dont cause inflation!!! 200,000 is = $20 US. That's a good average price. Went to Stadium Disco and it was not what I thought it would be. Too dark - can't see anyone. Not a lot of girls as I thought there would be. Mostly a club for people trippin on E and dancing. (Review # 12556)
  • Jakarta Street Action Dated Added: Thu Aug 11 2005 Submitted by: the rodney

    Had a ball at Hotel Cemara. Carpark guy offered me a girl as I came in one night... she was crouched between cars, looked a bit old, 30-odd slapper, but the twinkle in her eye and luscious full, ruby red lips caught my attention, so had her up 2 the room.

    Well, great ball sucking blow job! Cool. Next night she came up with a younger friend. Shorter, darker, great full tits. They were coy about a 3-some, but one blew me while I sucked the busty one's tits. Fucking though, they wouldn't help each other. Late in the night had a tremendous fuck doggy-style with the darker bustier one, with the old slapper finger-fucking my ass as I blew my load deep into her friend's lovely hot brown cunt. They stayed till morning and I had a nice shower with one of them. :) All up, $55 for the two nights of damn good diversion. Thank u Hotel Cemara!
    (Review # 12421)
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