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  • Tanjung Balai Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Mar 10 2008 Submitted by: CStudies

    Men I guess you are all really less than average in looks.

    Let me see,. old 50+, receding hair line, fat, big bellied, bad breath, having body odor, or should I say,. a look that only your dead mothers and wives of 25 years can take and love. (I hope they are still breathing!) So all that you men talk about are prostitutes, bragging how machos you are heh!,like how you made the poor girl down dirty.

    Its nothing but EGO and insecurity to your self that you all cannot spell out so you lash it out to those women as a mask of your real trouble inside.

    Hey I bet you all think that all women there are the same type even if they said they are not, that they would all get down and drop on your crotch for a show of dollars bling. so grand child of the prostis,daughter of the prostis, part time prostis, trans-prostis all prostitutes would end up the same in the chain.

    Bear in mind that most of these women are forced to do this kind of dirty job there, either by syndicate, because they all have no choice, or circumstances forced them now to accept it. the more that you patronize them the more women would end up to be like one dead prostitute, or missing person from their country of origin.

    I have been to Batam and Karimun for case studies,and report the scenes of prostitution, and its so sad to see hows the trade handling are in these places.

    Why dont you men just simply go home be happy to your family and wife. Just hope that your daughters wont have the same fate one day.
    (Review # 22534)
  • Nagoya Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Feb 14 2008 Submitted by: Educated Consumer

    Batam is some sort of special economic zone and Nagoya, where hotels and action is, appears to be a quite well-to-do place. Roads are passable, McDonalds and some grocery stores open 24 hours, plenty of restaurants. Surprisingly, there are no beggars and at night I didn't see any criminal types in the streets. That is nice, but there's downside to urban and ecomonical development. It makes sex scene less boring. In Nagoya, it's very mediocre, with demand overweighing supply. You wouldn't believe a horrible things I've seen in Batam. Bars full of Westerns, some in their 20s, no women, except for barmaids. Other bars with working girls, with Westerners outnumbering them, like, 3 to 1. White businessmen in their 50s having dinner with hookers old enough to be their younger sisters. Brothels unable to accomodate customers, because all the gilrs are taken already.( I suppose, one can wait, but, c'mon... ) Things are just sad. That's not to say I didnt have a good time. I hooked up with a cute freelancer I met in a old-fashioned way, in a street. Stuck with her for a week, she was sweet and low-maintenance, but, when I got tired of her, finding a suitable replacement wasn't easy. However, I've done some research and here's some bits and pieces:

    Do not go there for sex if you look older than 40 and require a young girl with a GFE experience. With so many foreigners working there and Singaporeans flooding this place on a weekends, there are not enough young girls to begin with and many aren't willing to be seen with a customer in public. It's like wearing sign "whore" on one's forehead.

    PP Banana mentioned on this site and other's, too, is a tiny little dump with only two heavily-used ho's working there by 11 pm. One told me that total was 6, but 4 was taken out. See what I mean about supply and demand? There are number of bars in a walking distance that have better-looking women, but if you see something hot, better grab it early. Fortunately, many Westerners that I mentioned before are English or Scottish and care more for their booze than pussy, but, apparently, they still represent competition, when they finally are waisted.

    Most taxi drivers, motorbike and regular, will offer you a trip to "ladies". That means brothel. Standard short ride in a city is 10k for a bike and 20k for a car. Budget concious must learn numbers in Indonesian, otherwise you will be charged double for taxi and many other things. But 10k doesn't hurt to pay if you feeling adventurous. Brothels offer wide selection of girls, however, 80 per cent of them are straight-up ugly, some old, some ugly, some both. If a girl looks pretty, I guarantee, there would be something very wrong with her, when she takes her clothes off. The right price is 300k for a all-night takeout, anytning above that would mean a commision for a taxi driver. However, the fee is not refundable and there is absolutely no guarantee of good service or anything that qualifies as service at all. You can fuck a girl in a brothel, short time, for 150-200k, in a tiny room or a cubicle with a small bed in a shower stall that doubles as toilet, if that's your thing.

    There are two major discos in Batam, Planet and Pacific. Both offer hookers for a company, this shit being uniquely Indonesian, brothel in a disco, in Jakarta, for example, quality is exceptional at 250k short time, couldnt find out about Batam; had a girlfriend on my hands in Planet, and in Pacific, they were all busy by midnight. Finding a freelancer in a disco is quite simple, all you need is a bit of local language and confidence to speak it through non-stop defeaning techno. Ok, just kidding, speaking isnt important, but this places are very dark and its hard to see the girl face. Someone came up with an idea to use a pocket flash light, similar to what waiters carry to insure a proper payment. I think that would look look ridicilous, but its just me. Most girls in a disco are for sale if uncompanied, you can catch them outside, its easier. Most of them have pimps, which they would refer to as brothers or uncles. The service is usually good and unrushed, but most of them woudn't be interested in spending a night, since they need to report back to the "family" as soon as possible.

    Anyway, I would give Batam 3 stars out of possible 5. Getting laid isn't a problem in general, but one has to adjust his standards a bit.
    (Review # 22413)
  • Batam Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Dec 17 2006 Submitted by: MuchAmor69

    Just spent a few days in Batam and I think that the place is underrated by Westerners who don't often travel there. Only one hour from Singapore by ferry and suddenly, the clinical materialism of Singapore is left behind. The girls are lovely and loves giving BBBJ (I had a struggle to convince them to use a condom!)

    Stay at the Panorama Regency (formerly Regency) for 4 or 5 star luxury in the middle of the third world. Only 100 metres from the hotel is PP Banana which I believe is the best place in town. The pub downstairs is Lucy's (no available ladies when I was there, but nice friendly bar maids). PP Banana tries to copy the Thai go-go bars and although the floor show is not so good as i'ts Thai counterparts, the ladies are lovely and available. 7/10 to 9/10 for looks. The going rate is 300,000 rupiah all night (give them a 100,000 tip and the whole night costs you £20!!!).

    They love coming to the Panorama Regency just for the bathroom. The Regency costs approx £35 per night for a double room - compare that with Singapore! Go to Batam - you won't be disappointed.
    (Review # 16626)
  • Nagoya Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Sep 01 2006 Submitted by: Deeplove

    Updates! All night booking is around Rp.300,000 - Rp.320,000. Hotel Pelangi (Suite Room: the largest room) in Nagoya is only Rp.300,000 - Rp.350,000 Start hunting the girls at 11am - 1pm. The best "service" girls are not necessarily tempting on your first look. While the girls with pretty faces and sexy bodies are typically irritating and very uncooperative. Trust me. If you have no idea which girl you want, try asking the bartender or the staffs there. Without asking for a tip, they will gladly tell you the most popular ones. And then, you can pick for the sexy looking or the best services. Please beware, some of the girls could ask you for money and more money to buy ecstasy or anything to get "ON", etc. Do not follow what the girl wanted. If she still being irritating, just tell her that you could report a complaint to her Boss and claim your money back or replace the girl (if you haven't done her that isÖ) Usually, she will be afraid and follow what you wanted. But remember, no matter what happen, you will still get a no answer for anal sex. (Review # 15468)
  • Karimun Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Jan 01 2003 Submitted by: great fuck at kariumun

    Just came back from Tanjong Balai Karimun, Indonesia. About an hour ferry ride from Kukup Malaysia. ~~Very nice and young girl. Can get a good fuck for about US30 whole day. Girls about 18 to 25 years old. ~~

    ~~If u stay at Gabbion the owner will take u to the red light area for free. Choose the girls you want and go back to your hotel. The girls will go to your hotel by themself. ~~Donít get the service of taxi. U have to pay more for sex if u ask for their service. Get the reception from the hotel to get the service of bikers. It is cheaper to do so. All the best.~~ (Review # 6629)

  • Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Nov 22 2002 Submitted by: JJ

    Well. in Batam Disco there are alot of Free-Lancer(FLs). Be very careful not to get them before agreeing on their price. Now the price is $250K to 300K(US$30 to40). You might want to bargain for it. It is booking price (Midnight to early morning). The price for establishment girls is $280k to 450K. You can bargain if the Mamasan charge you higher than $300k. If you arrive by taxi usually the driver get commision from you - deal. (Review # 6453)
  • Nagoya Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Oct 22 2002 Submitted by:

    White guy, late 20s, working in Singapore. Been to Batam a few times for partying (just over half hour boatride from Sing). Nagoya is a really run-down poor town, but has a few good house/techno clubs where you can really let loose, reminding of the rave parties long time ago in Europe. Spinx, Planet and Ozon are the three best clubs, and are packed on Saturdays. Open all night, at least till 7 in the morning. Lots of girls inside, but there's virtually no light so it's tricky to determine if the girls actually are pretty or not. You may want to bring her over towards the toilets, where there are some lights, to have a look before you make up your mind.~~~~

    ~~It's possible to bargain it down to 100k Rupiah (US$11) for all night, but you're more likely to end up at 200k. Many in their early 20s and quite pretty. Their English is quite limited. Not a lot of money anyway, and you're likely to spend a lot more on drinks.~~These 3 clubs have a bit shady reputation, as the waiters, bouncers and management makes more money from selling ecstasy than drinks, but guests who just say they're not interested are not hassled in any way. Drinks can be expensive if you're Westerner, as the waiters just makes up the price for the drinks on the spot based on how much money he think you have, and you can forget about getting your change back after paying. Avoid trouble by not pissing anyone off, as you'll be on your own in a quite lawless place if something happens.~~~~

    ~~If you're not into mixing clubbing and girls, the town is filled with "escort services", where you can book your girl early in the afternoon and keep her all day and night.~~ (Review # 6325)

  • Tanjong Pinang Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Dec 04 2000 Submitted by: Rider

    Well I went to TP with a friend Last weekend.... Even it was our 1st time there with all this review out we knew where to go..... The exchange rate in the Hotel is not 5300 to SG$1 out side is 5400 to SG$1

    IT was really fun our girls were exceptionally caring to our needs friendly.. they did not demand any tips from use we still give then S$10 anyway... they were good BBJ = 8/10, hand job = 6/10,Butt Fuck = 8/10,FJ = 8/10 Body = 7/10 as soon as I went into the room I watch some tv talked to her and played some cards.... after some cards playing I side I needed the shower so I went to take a bath.... closed the door then half way through she came in and did her stuff and joined me in the show which was to my surprise so spontaneous..... so after a nice hot bath together I went tot he bed and watch some more TV she came out and sat right on top of me and started "playing". She was a really horny little bitch.... we got her at one of the place near Rainbow Hotel it's just a 10 mins walk away from the hotel I cant remember their name sounded like Santu******'s a wooden hut by the river.

    The girls there are friendly... not proud, really takes care of you... so by our first experience it was really good..... she worked me to the bones.... My friend got a spicy one that doesn't even leave his brother alone when we are out side always squeezing his dick..... He had a hell of a time...

    We paid 180,000 each for them to spend the nite..... which was really worth the price.... I know I will go back there again.... and the shopping at 88 and 99 was really good... we but plenty to VCDs at 10,000 a piece!!! That's like SG$2
    (Review # 2820)
  • Batam Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Jul 02 2000 Submitted by: Clover

    Lover's Guide to Batam (Nagoya) by Clover

    I'm just back from Batam (Nagoya) and had a wonderful time. After reading all that is to read from this place and Network 54, I've decided to write a brief on those wanna-goers and those who require more information.
    ~~Preliminary Requirements
    The first thing to note in going to Batam is that you need the minimum of the following for a 2 day/1 night stint:

    ~~A valid passport with 6mths on it
    ~~About SD$200, more than enough
    ~~World Trade Centre/Batu Ampar tickets (about $26 max)
    ~~Condoms (6 or 12 depending on your stamina!)

    I would suggest that you book your tickets one day in advance over at World Trade Centre and use the Penguin boat services, which run every hour, they are fast and clean.

    ~~Travel Time & Batam Time: Batam Time is 1 hr ahead of Singapore, so when you leave here at, say 10:15am, you arrive there at 10:15am. If you have booked your tickets the day before you can be at the WTC complex 30mins before time otherwise give yourself an hour.

    Money Changing: I would suggest changing only $50 over here and the rest over there, the exchange rate there is about 200Rp more than what you can get over here, and there is a money changer right at the Batu Ampar Ferry Complex. It is still safe to convert there, as there are no touts yet to get you. Incidentally, SD$1 approx. 5,000Rp for quick conversion. Notes are usually in 100K, 50K, 20K, 10K, 2K, 1K, 500, 200 and 100 Rp. Change into 50K, 20K and 5K stuff.

    Arrival at Batu Ampar: Ok, depart Singapore arrive at Batu Amper in 45-60mins time. You have to fill a white Indonesian immigration card, usually given out by the ticket sales in Singapore. Arrive Batu Amper, go through immigration, money changer and then face the hordes of taxi touts there.

    I suggest that you walk straight past them and look out for any of those Yellow Cabs around. It will be about 20,000Rp to get you into Nagoya (which is 3Km away). This would be about the most expensive taxi ride you have to pay over there.

    Hotels: My preference is one of the 4 star hotels, going rate is only about SD$65 to SD$85 per night. I like Melia Perdana, because of the nice rooms, pool, view and sandwiches, but others like Mandrin, Novotel are good as well. I would suggest that you grab one of the following (you'll see why later). Hotel 81 and Hotel Formosa are the cheaper ones ($55 and below), if you are into that, then choose Formosa, that's the best!!

    Transportation:Walking~~Within Nagoya, I like to walk. Staying at Melia gives me a panoramic view of things and everything is within a 1-2 km max distance. Walking also shows me things that I don't usually see. Don't carry cameras, don't use back streets, stay away from street corners where youngsters are squatting, be brave and walk in the middle of the street. You won't get mugged or accosted, but you live in the danger of being run down. I usually carry an umbrella (full length) for sun, rain and whatever. Had to use it only for the sun and the rain.

    Ojeks: These are motorcyclists who give you lifts from here-to-there. For the first-timer, they can give you the shock of your life as they come near you and beep-beep you (would you like a lift?) I usually wave them away and give them a smile, they are ok if you do that. (Never tried them!!)

    Taxis/Cars/Bone-shakers: These are yellow cabs, green cabs, unmarked vehicles, vans, Demolishing-Derby cars, and anything on 4 wheels. They are handy when you feel tired. Any trip within Nagoya should cost you only 5000Rp max. Always ask and negotiate, I seldom bargain. The problem is where to ask them to go? Ahhh, now here is what I suggest.

    Hotels - no problems
    Pubs etc - no problems

    Whorehouses - here is a guide, to prevent paying the commissions:
    ~~Goto Lucky Plaza - for Queen Massage, Dynasty99, Hotel Formosa Karaoke
    ~~Goto Hotel 81 - for Karaoke just up the street
    ~~Goto Perdana Shopping @ Melia Perdana for Memory KTV
    ~~Girlie Places pricing about 200K to 270K

    Queen: Lots and lots of girls there in a fish tank style. Sometimes you don't know whether it is a whorehouse or market place. There is a security guard at the front. Ask for Capri, who can guide you. Dynasty 99 Karoke directly opposite Queen, just as popular, though not as many girls. The girls there are not quite as pretty, but sometimes looks can be deceiving.

    Hotel Formosa Karaoke: Quite good, the mamasan there can help you. (See I told you that Hotel Formosa was great!!!!)
    ~~Orchid99: Same thing, lots of girls there, but I have yet to call anyone from that place.
    Memory karaoke: The girls here are on the plumpish side but like I said, girls looks can be deceiving. They have so far been the best of the lot, very obliging and no airs. Usually very quite about their wants.~~The girls are of varying ages. Some pretty, some not. Mostly plumpish few skinny. They are fine in accommodating you in bed, however may turn down the request for Blow Jobs (carry Strawberry flavoured ones or Mint flavoured - it helps). Most of them do have bad breath (reason for mouthwash) and most do not speak English though some can converse in Hokkien.

    I have never had any luck on twosomes or threesomes or pool parties with the ones that I pick. Tried twosomes before, most of the time the girls feel shy about their bodies and while you are bonking one, the other prefers to turn around or pretend that you are not there. If anyone can recommend me a "cooperative" and "show-type" twosome, I would appreciate a lot. I had a semi- cooperative twosome before from Memory KTV, while I was bonking one, the other just sat beside me and watched - I don't call that being cooperative, but that's as far as I've got, you may have better mileage.

    Beware of cons, sometimes when you pick the girls up early, after the first session, they say they have shopping or other things to do (probably to head back and get some more bonking!!). They would also ask you for money etc. It falls on deaf ears.

    Don't believe the pimps, they will agree and tell you everything. I'm not going to go into rejecting girls etc, as that has been covered elsewhere, and for the price, I can't be bothered. Usually, I tip the girls 50K if the service has been good, otherwise 30K, if she has been a bitch, send her back and make the mamasan deliver another one, of course you have to pay another 100K, for the exchange, even if you have not bonked her.

    What to do there in the afternoons and evenings?
    ~~1. Bonk
    ~~2. Bonk
    ~~3. Bonk
    No, you can always go to a pub, disco or bowling etc. I wouldn't go shopping in the afternoon with the girls in tow, some locals just don't like it, and it's not nice to provoke them, especially when you see them selling Samurai swords and parangs etc on the streets.

    Beware of discos, if you are in to those type of things, Ecstasy (sp) or Ubat as they call it are rampant and most of the girls are into it, though not in a big way. The worst thing that could happen to you is to go to a disco, enjoy, buy your girl some "ubat" and she pops half into your drink. Wouldn't like the Customs & Immigration at WTC taking a look at your urine!!

    Pubs are ok, beer is cheap if you are into that thing. I usually bring a pack of cards, bottle of brandy or whisky and share the night with the girl. Usually in the evenings I pack a swimsuit and bring the girl swimming in the pool when the lights go down. Treat them well, and some of the girls really do enjoy your company.

    Coming Home: Give yourself 50mins at least to clear your hotel bill and grab a taxi over. The ride takes only 10 mins, and you have to check in 10-15 mins before time. Remember, Batam time is 1 hr ahead of Singapore time.

    As you get out of the taxi, beware of touts who will ask you for your ticket and immigration card, which they will hand over to the counter for you, they will also grab the boarding pass and immigration card from the counter and hand it back for you for a tip. I was accosted once like that, but the trick to do is to take it back from them, pretend to search your pockets and at the same time walk towards the Police officer at the entrance, they will stop following at about 10 feet away!!

    Well, enjoy yourself, play safe and if you find a nice pair (pretty, slim ones about 20-25yrs) that enjoy and perform 2-somes or 3-somes let me know. Always had a fantasy of one of those like you see in the XXX movies. Oh, BTW, don't bring back any VCDs and such, all luggage is X-rayed at the WTC, they will confiscate the lot, but before you reach home, they will already have 2 officers there searching for your hoard. The going rate is $500 per copy found (my, my what an expensive hobby we have). Usually the officers are Customs ones, so they have a right to search for illicit material.
    (Review # 1888)
  • Batam Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Feb 11 2000 Submitted by: John Lee

    Batam is a fast developing island, in Indonesia, about 1 hour by ferry (15 miles) south of Singapore. The main town is called Nagoya and has a large Indonesian Chinese population.
    GETTING THERE: Nearly everyone arrives in Batam from Singapore. Batam also has 6 daily flights from Jakarta. Batam has 4 international ferry terminals, linking the island with Singapore. The best one to arrive at is Batu Ampar, about 10 minutes from Nagoya. Ferries depart Singapore World Trade Centre (WTC) every hour. The Sekupang terminal has more frequent ferries, but is 30 minutes by taxi from Nagoya. Taxis in both terminals are expert at overcharging newly arriving guests. When in Batam, NEVER allow any financial transaction to be conducted in terms of Singapore Dollars. Always insist on prices in Rupiah. If you pay Rp15,000 for a taxi (not unreasonable), you are paying far more than me (a local).

    WHERE TO STAY: Nagoya has some excellent hotels. The Melia Panorama, Harmoni and Mandarin are all 3 star rated and charge about US$30-40/night. (US$1 = about Rp10,000). All are in walking distance of the most popular entertainment spots. Down from this standard are dozens of cheaper establishments. As little as $15 can get you a clean aircon room with private bath (always inspect the cheaper places' room before checking in). Every hotel in town tolerates "room guests".

    THE SCENE IN INDONESIA... nowhere near as popular with foreign single males as the Philippines or Thailand, as presentation of the merchandise is very poorly done and there is very little English spoken. Nonetheless, Indonesia has a huge and flourishing sex industry. Many old Asian hands will declare that Indonesian girls are the best lays in the world. At their best, Indonesian girls are refreshingly sensible and open minded and have a good sense of humour... as well as being fantastic in bed.

    THE ACTION: The best places are run by Chinese. Not much English is spoken. Within walking distance of the aforementioned hotels, try the following: Rio Rita, Memory Karoke, Dynasty 99 (opposite Matahari Lucky Plaza) and Femina. Each has about 60 - 80 girls, mostly aged between 18 and 26. Quality and beauty varies a lot. The best time of day is 1pm to 5pm. Most have short times upstairs for about Rp140,000 ($14), or all night "booking" for about Rp250,000. I like to short time a girl upstairs, before booking her. It is worthwhile to make an effort to check out several establishments before making your choice. Last month a place may have a lot of rough dogs, this month it could be filled with young beauties. Five minutes by taxi brings you to the Pelita area, where you can find Maxim's and Sensasi. Also well worth a look is the Golden Star. The system is geared to Chinese male customers, who depend on the "mamasan" to bring girls to your table. (As a Westerner, I don't like it; I would rather mingle with the merchandise and choose for myself. I also don't like sitting at a table in dark, noisy karoke joint being polite to some girl I don't fancy.)

    Therefore, my favourites are those where I can mix a little freely with the girls. The Golden Star has a wooden bench at the back of the room, where you can sit and joke and flirt without formally sitting at a table. The Dynasty 99 and Rio Rita has a bar, where you can sit and see the girls. Maxim's and Femina have a fish tank, which I don't like all that much, as you cannot gauge chemistry between you and girl. Memory is terrible: the girls are often hidden in a dark corner.

    FREELANCERS & ENGLISH SPEAKING HOOKERS: The Skyline Disco near "Twenty One" is still the best. It gets going at 11pm. Thursday is Ladies night .. often lots of young freelancers out to try their luck. Many other discos to choose from, but I can't stand the dark and the noise, so can't make any other recommendations... ask around.

    Due to Batam's high cost of living, a freelancer hooker's life in Batam is a hard one. The girls are accordingly quickly hardened too. But if you really want someone who speaks a little English, go have a drink in the Sugar Pub (behind the Hotel Mandarin Oriental) after 7pm. Always a wide variety to choose from. I know a couple of girls in their late 30s there, who are still fooling the newcomers into thinking they are 24! Freelancers are cheaper than the Chinese joints, as there is no mamasan keeping 50% of their earnings. Always agree on the price before taking a freelancers home and strongly consider using a condom, as many freelancers don't take good care of their health. Batam has a high incidence of VD amongst freelancing hookers.

    FINDING "NICE GIRLS": Like most of Asia, Indonesia has rather black and white views about female sexuality. Either you are a hooker or you are a nice girl. Nice girls don't engaged in free sex (or if they do, they may think it is an immediate prelude to marriage.) In most of Indonesia, be very careful of bedding nice girls. You may have the whole family after you! The good news is that Batam is a boom town; 96% of the population is from elsewhere, including thousands of young single girls working in electronic factories. Some of these girls, while not at all hookers, may be a little more willing to "experiment" than the typical nice Asian girl who still lives with Mum and Dad. There are several ways to find these girls:

    ONE: go to the Muka Kuning Industrial Estate in the late afternoon (after 5pm is a good time, as the Chinese bars close between 5 and 8 anyway). Ask around how to find the "dorm" area in the back of the estate... spend from 5 till 8 or 9 socialising around the dorm buildings. The place is huge .. tens of thousands of single factory girls, lonely and far from home. You won't get laid in your first night, so you will probably want to head back downtown around 9pm. Be generous with money and gifts.

    TWO: Have a few drinks in Lucy's Oar House Taverne... in spite of it's name, most of the girls who hang out there actually work in electronic factories and are not officially hookers. Lucy's is up the road from the Hotel Melia Panorama and opposite Rio Rita's.

    THREE: Check the girls hanging around the Skyline Disco, particularly Thursday to Saturday nights; a few are electronic factory girls looking to make some extra $$$ over their pitifully tiny salaries.

    THE "CEWEK" SCENE in Batam is almost non existent. (A cewek is a girl, often with her own money and/or a steady job, who does it for fun, rather than money.. often found in Brangigans and Tamamour in Jakarta.) Often found in Java's cities .. don't bother looking in Batam, yet. (The factory girls in Lucy's Oar House don't meet the full cewek definition, as they still need money.)

    SAFETY: Batam is a reasonably safe place. The bars and karoke joints are quite hassle free. Nonetheless, a lot of young men come to Batam from the far corners of Indonesia to seek their fortune. Of the many who fail, some resort to crime to feed themselves. Don't wander down dark alleys at night; stay in the busy well lit parts of town. Avoid depending on taxis if you are alone, some of them are villains. Don't flash your wallet full of money in public (hard to do, when the most commonly used note (Rp10,000) is only worth a dollar).
    (Review # 1556)
  • Batam Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Feb 11 2000 Submitted by: Roger G

    MEMORY KAROAKE Rp120,000 Rp270,000~~
    RIO RITA Rp120,000 Rp280,000~~
    HORIZON PUB/KAROAKE Rp150,000 Rp280,000~~
    QUEEN MASSAGE Rp100,000 Rp280,000~~
    CROWN KAROAKE Rp120,000 Rp270,000~~
    MUTIARA KAROAKE Rp150,000 Rp280,000~~
    DISCOUNTS: If you arrive without a taxi driver, on a quite mid week afternoon, you should be able to cut these prices by 10 - 20%~~
    (Review # 1555)
  • Batam Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Feb 11 2000 Submitted by: Johnno

    Batam Report: Waterfront City, Jodoh, Hotel Melia~~
    by Johnno Visited Waterfront City (WC) in Batam yesterday. WC is a suitable acronym for this badly run wanna-be resort. But WC does have a brand new Holiday Inn, which opened last week - in addition to the clean and well run Hotel Quality Resort Waterfront. WC has a nice clean ferry terminal with hourly ferries to Spore. But it is a bit far from Batam Island's main town of Nagoya: about 30 minutes by cab.

    HOWEVER, WC has a string of newish seaside cafes, pubs, disco, karoake. I am pleased to announce that nearly ALL girls working there, even waitresses, seem available for booking. Some very cute ones among them.

    The only problem was the prices .. a tad too steep: Rp170,000 for ST and Rp250,000 for all night. We didn't try to bargain. Rp100k ST and Rp200k for a booking would have been more reasonable. A very pleasant spot to hang out for an afternoon or evening.

    Back in downtown Nagoya, my mate and I spent the late afternoon in the crowded shopping malls of Jodoh - can always find tons of factory girls there. We had rooms in the Hotel Melia Panorama, 2 blocks away.~~
    We ran an interesting test, to see how fast we could:~~
    1] Meet a passably attractive factory girl~~
    2] Invite her back to the hotel room~~
    3] Bonk her.~~
    My mate won: 45 minutes from the time he walked out the hotel door, to the time he had a girl back in his room with her pants off. It took me a little over an hour to achieve the same result.~~
    "Orang Bule" (white men) are still a novelty to most Indonesian girls. I think that many are simply curious to try one out. A fortunate curiosity, which I most happy to oblige.

    TIP: "Nice" girls are often not brave to come to a hotel room alone. But if you take one of the Melia's "Junior Suites", the girl's friend can watch TV in the living room, while you have your evil way in the bedroom. It is also possible to enter the hotel via the adjoining Galeria Shopping Centre (from the 2nd floor), so the girl avoids the embarrassment of entering via the main lobby.

    Batam's factory girls receive miserably tiny salaries. So a nice Rp80-100k "tip" is always welcome. The nice thing about Batam is that nearly all the girls here are far away from their home village, so social mores don't apply quite so strictly as elsewhere in Indonesia. I think that with a Melia junior suite and nice smile, it should be possible to bonk a different girl in Batam (non hooker) every day for the rest of your life.~~
    Found at
    (Review # 1554)
  • Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Feb 11 2000 Submitted by: 69Sniper

    Found at
    Tg Pinang FAQ V10.3 Jan 2000~~
    by 69Sniper Q: Is there any Chinese gals in TP ?~~
    A: Typical answer will be NO. Although we do come across some during our outting, we do not recommend you come specially to TP looking for Chinese gals only. the ratio is like 1:300~~
    Q:How much should I bring if I just wanna stay 1 nite ?~~
    A: Hotel -$40 / Ferry - $38 / Gal - $45 + $20 tips (optional )/ Transport - $10 / Meals : $30 - $60 (depends on what & where to eat ) / disco/ktv - $10-30 ( optional ) bare min is $170, $250 is more than enough for most~~
    Q: Where do you arrange for the driver in TP and how much do they charge?~~
    A: Most hotel would send their driver to meet you at the jetty and on the way, knows where are the places where you can book the gal. The driver would gladly detour to these places before sending you to the hotel as they get commission from these places.~~
    Most hotel also have shuttle services to town and as such, you do not really need a driver. However they do charge about S$8 per hour if you intend to go any places and have the driver and vechicle with you all the time.~~
    NEVER, Never and never select a drivers that is hanging around the jetty !!~~
    Q:What are the departure time of the ferry from SG - TP~~
    Berlian 0850/1025/1305/1420/1820~~
    **Auto Batam 0910/1110 (Sat & sun only)/1310/1525 (Sat & sun only)/1715~~
    Dino Shipping 0900/1300/1505 (Sat & sun only) /1700~~
    Indo Falcon 1020/1425~~
    ** Auto Batam sold to new company, now known as Penguin Shipping~~
    Q:What are the departure time of the ferry from TP to SG~~
    All time in SG time~~
    Berlian 0740/1040/1215/1615/1815~~
    Auto Batam 1100/1300 (Sat & Sun Only)/1500/1700 (Sat & Sun Only)/1900~~
    Dino Shipping 1100/1500/1730 (Sat & Sun Only) /1900~~
    Indo Falcon 1230/1620~~
    Ferry - Local Contact~~
    Auto Batam (65) 2714866 ext 231 to 234~~
    Indo Falcon (65) 2783167~~
    Berlian (65) 5468831~~
    **Please note that the author and friends had find the Auto Batam schedule / services unreliable and poor. Schdeule could be cancelled or delayed by as long as 2 to 3 hours.~~
    Q:Do the gals do hj, fj, bj, anal, facial, poo-sex, gangbang, switching whatsoever ?~~
    A: There is no sop with the gals here, Julie might lift her arse to Harry but do not blow him; but she might let Tom cum in her mouth but wouldn't turn her back to him. It all depends on how well you click with the gal~~
    Q: Good Hotel & Contact Nos~~
    Rainbow Hotel 011-771-21982 ( Promotion - 50% off every third~~
    night and free room on every ninth visit )~~
    Sentral Hotel 011-771-312000~~
    Q: Where to exchange rupiah~~
    A: Generally, the rate is better in Tg Pinang than in SG. Rate at TP's hotel is slightly lower. Example if the hotel rate is 4500, you can expect to get 4600 in town. One known place is Bintang Indah. Most hotel drivers knows where it is.~~
    Q: Where to find girls~~
    A: These are only 4 out of the 100's places where you can find gals and are only my personal favourite places. Should also check 24th miles and 15th miles but suggest you wear double protection for gals there as they do short time business with the local guys where else "town" gal who do short-time only do it at a hotel and at RP100K. Their counterpart at 24 & 15 miles do it for RP30K ;-)~~
    Salon Puteri 011-771-312098~~
    Wisma Pringgondani - Ah Seng 011-771-27704~~
    Karaoke Marina 011-771-313125~~
    Golden Blue 011-771-25432~~
    Q: How much tips to give to the gals ?~~
    Tips is something personal and to each his own. Generally, Rp50K to Rp 60K~~
    Q: What is there to do beside fucking the gals ?~~
    A: Free & easy , you can play daidee (card game ), mahjong, table pool, swimming, table tennis, tennis, fishing, eat n sleep .~~
    Q: I don't speak much malay or not at all, is that a problem ?~~
    A: Quite a problem but then there is this thing call sign-language ;-) It also depends on what are you looking for with the gals, but if you can speaks a bit of malay, it will definitely be an added advantage. Most gals here do not understand English, only some might be able to speak a few words in the local hokkien or English~~
    Q: Where is Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal~~
    A: After the SAFRA Resort, turn right on the traffic light.~~
    Q: How to go to TMFT by public transport~~
    A: Take the MRT to Tanah Merah station and take SBS service nos 35 or take service nos 35 for Bedok Bus Interchange. For those who is driving there, whole day parking is S$3.60~~
    If you have any question not listed here, please send your query to we will try to answer it for you and include in the nest update TP FAQ. Thanks~~
    Compiled by Quint7 & 69Sniper~~
    TP FAQ V 10.3 Jan 2000~~
    (Review # 1553)
  • Nagoya Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Dec 19 1999 Submitted by: Henry

    If traveling from Singapore, go to the WTC (World Trade Centre) and buy a return ticket to Batu Ampur with Widi ferries ,its S$ 26 return including tax. Ferries leave every 30 or so minutes. After clearing Immigration don't get a taxi from the hustlers outside the terminal as they will want 20 or 30 thousand Rupiah (7-12 $ sing),walk towards the exit and you can get a taxi to downtown for 10,000

    The Pelita hotel is $ 36 per night, rooms fair. A better bet for the same money is Seruni hotel, better rooms and one big plus is that it is connected to Sphinx disco which is IMHO the best of the discos in Batam, so after a nights drinking and selection of your nights partner you only have to stagger over the road to your room.

    A few bars worth checking out early evening to get a "booking" girl for all night are Ice Pub,Honey Pub, Jungle Pub and Sugar Pub. It was in the latter where I met a gorgeous lady with the most enormous boobs I have ever seen/fondled etc., I ended up seeing her a few times on subsequent trips. All night can be had for between 200,000 and 300,000 rupiah depending on your bargaining skills, perceived worth etc.

    From hotel to the pubs don't pay more than 10,000 although the taxi drivers will hustle you for more, saying its 20,000 minimum, just throw them a 10 and walk off. By the way you can get a great and cheap haircut in Seruni hotel

    In my experience, the disco girls who are the exhibitionist types are the ones that turn out to be the worst in bed, some are on ecstasy and after getting back to the room they switch off. The best ones are the more demure types and also the bar girls are OK. Also, with the bar girls you know where to find them again if it either turns bad or ,of course ,you want to meet them again. To sum up, one can have a whole weekend in Batam for the same price as 1 night out in Singapore, enjoy!
    (Review # 1204)
  • Batam Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Sep 19 1998 Submitted by: Anonymous

    Report on Batam Island, Indonesia

    September 20, 1998

    US$1 = S$1.75
    US$1 = 10,500 Rp (Indonesia Rupiah)
    S$1 = 6,000 Rp

    Batam is an island owed by Indonesia and accessible by a 45-minute ride from Singapore. The population is about 1/4 million and language spoken is Indonesian, although some people can speak simple English.

    >From Singapore's World Trade Center, buy a return ticket (S$30; about US$17) at the Singapore Cruise Center for a ferry ride to Batam - tickets are readily available and there's no need to purchase in advance. Each trip is about 45 minutes and frequency of departures is every 1/2 hourly. The ferry operates from 7 AM to about 8 PM both ways. Of course, bring your passports along as you are crossing international borders (check visa requirements for your specific country; Singapore citizens requires no visa). It is also a great idea to buy an Indonesian-English phrase-book in a Singapore bookstore first (at World Trade Center, go to Times the Bookshop but try to get one in downtown as there are more selections and less chances of being out-of-stock).

    Upon arrival at Batam at Sekupang Ferry Terminal, you'll notice that many cabbies tout outside the exit. They'll usually ask for 60,000 Rp (about S$10 or US$5.70) to take you to Nagoya (Batam's downtown). However, the normal rate is about 30,000 Rp. Instead of accepting a ride from the touts, go the taxi information counter (located inside the ferry terminal building) and ask for a cabby - you'll usually get it for 30,000 Rp. Also, remember to ask them for a map of Batam (it's free) before hopping on the taxi. The taxi ride is about 30 minutes taking you to Nagoya.

    As an alternative of taking a single-trip cab-ride to downtown Nagoya, you can also consider chartering a minibus for S$30 (about US$17) until the next day 12 PM (if you are on an overnight trip). With a minibus, you can direct the driver to take you to anyway you want. The is a definitely recommended solution especially if you go in a group. Do also note that the driver cannot usually speak English, so use sign language.

    Once headed into Nagoya, you can get off at a place called Batam Lucky Plaza - a shopping complex. There're about 5 to 6 places to hunt for girls within the vicinity. There are the karaokes/lounges and massage parlors - don't be mistaken by these names thinking they are places for singing or aromatherapy. They are all, in fact, directly engaged in sex trades. When night falls, you can easily recognize them as they all have colorful blinking lights. However, it is advised that you start your hunting as early in the afternoon as possible. Most places start business at about 1 PM (or earlier during weekends). Good girls are usually fast taken out being ""booked"" and you get leftovers the more later you patronize.

    In all these places, they will usually be someone who can speak English to help you. Some are with mamasans who speaks Mandarin or Fijians Chinese. However, the girl you get usually cannot speak English, or maybe some very basic broken English. If you like romancing with your girl before and during sex, you must be armed with an Indonesian-English phrase-book.

    For all the places, there are 2 kinds of services: short-time and overnight booking. The rates for short-time services are ranges from 125,000 to 200,000 Rp (or about S$20 to $33; or US$12 to US$19) - depending on the quality of the girl. You'll be provided with a room to have sex with your selected girl for an hour plus. Overnight booking ranges from 240,000 to 400,000 (about S$40 to S$66; or US$23 to US$38) lets you take your girl to your hotel until about 9 AM next morning. You can choose to pay in Indonesian Rupiah or Singapore dollars; some places will even accept U.S. dollars and credit cards.

    In karaokes/lounges, the lights are usually quite dim and dark hence make it more difficult for you to see the girls' faces and bodies. There are usually about 50+ girls for your selection. Well, there's no need to order any drinks - just get in, book your girl or simply leave if nothing suits your taste. Some around the walking distance of Batam Lucky Plaza are Dynasty 99, Golden Star. Some of others are Bo Vo, Memory, plus much more.

    In message parlors, girls are put behind a glass window with lighting bright enough to see their bodies and faces. The number of girls are as much as those in karaokes/lounges. Around Batam Lucky Plaza, you must try Queens' Massage Parlor.

    The building just next to Batam Lucky Plaza enclaves a hot place in cases if you arrive in the evening. It's karaoke-cum-lounge located on a top floor called AliShan (pronounced as ""Ah Lee Sahn"" or ""Ah Lee Sarn"") and business starts at 7:30 PM. Girls usually flock in between 7:30 PM to 8:00 PM and put behind a glass window for your selection pleasure.

    Incredibly, I have found some broken hotels for 30,000 Rp (about S$5 or US$2.85) per night. They are not clean and do not come with an attached bathroom, hence not recommended. On the average it should be S$35 (or US$20) for a good 3-star class accommodation - with bathroom, TV, safe deposit (at the check-in counter), fridge, room service and breakfast included. Recommended: Hotel Singa - S$35/night; check-out by 12. For a higher-scale, try Mandarin Regency Hotel and ask for S$75 (about US$42.85) - although the quoted rate is S$168/night. Note that almost all hotel have a quoted rate and you can usually ask for discount especially the more higher it is (even you just want 1 room). Payment can always made in Singapore dollars.

    You can head down to a discotheque called Ozon Discotheque. The disco is too loud, too dark and on the dance floor nobody knows how to dance! However, your girl will like it and if she's crazy enough she will ask you for money to buy marijuana and ecstasy pills to enhance her sexual desires. Marijuana is 50,000 Rp for 10 pre-made sticks but it either contains very little or nothing at all. Each ecstasy pill is 60,000 Rp. All these can be purchased directly in the disco from the waiter. The local police won't bother. If your girl takes an ecstasy pill, you must allow her to dance for as long as she wants to ""sweat it out"". By the way, the entrance fee is 15,000 Rp (S$2.50 or US$1.40) and entitles you to 1 drink; ladies are always free but no drink entitled. There's also a money changer inside.

    Later in the night you will be heading back to your hotel with your girl for magnificent sex. Depending on your girl, some might be too shy while some are too wild. If you are really unlucky you could get a rubberdoll - no french kiss, no oral sex, just plain boring intercourse sex. On a word of advice, try to get 22 or older girls. Usually, the younger the girl the less experience and probably less willing. The age of girls can range from as young as 16 to 40+; majority are ethnically Indonesians while a few are Chinese Indonesians, being mixed blood, or very fair skin Indonesians.

    Being absolutely lucky, you might get a gorgeous beauty who's willing to take ecstasy pills to drive up her sex desires, do french kiss, have erotic bath together and oral sex, playing all sorts of positions for intercourse sex, and best of all - staying up all night!. If you like sex toys, it is quite difficult to get in Batam. Hence, get them from the 2 condom shops (one called Condomania) at the basement of Lucky Plaza in Orchard Road, Singapore before your trip. You might probably need to romance with her before she lets you use it on her.

    If you are planning to go Batam for a day trip (leaving at 10 AM and be back in Singapore by 8 PM) to have a couple of ""short-time"" encounters, take along S$75 to S$150 (about US$43 to US$85) in Singapore dollars - depending how many sexual encounters you want) plus about 150,000 Rp. (S$25 or US$14) in Indonesian Rupiah. Of course, if you go with a friend, cost can be reduced in taxi fares.

    For an overnight trip, budget at least S$200 (about US$115) - for everything including dinner, tipping for your hotel, disco, etc. - and bring it along in Singapore dollars as the hotels, karaoke/lounges, message parlor will all accept it. Additionally, convert S$50 or about US$28.50 to Indonesian Rupiah: you will get 300,000 Rp.

    Lastly, please tip the girl if she gave you great sex. Giving her a S$10, S$20, or maybe a US$10 note would make her very happy. Also, give her most of your remaining Rupiah but don't forget to keep at least about 25,000 to 30,000 Rp. for your cab fare back to Sekupang Ferry Terminal. If your girl turns out to be a rubberdoll, then ignore this paragraph.

    When you get back at Sekupang Ferry Terminal and if someone opens the door for you asking for your ticket and passport, ignore him and tell him no thanks. He wants to do all the checking-in and ticket confirmation and ask for a S$5 tip.

    Welcome back to Singapore after a magnificent experience!
    (Review # 242)

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