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  • Bandung Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Nov 01 2005 Submitted by: pitarse

    Please note that Ramadan/Ramzan (Muslim fasting month) is a bad time to be anywhere in Indonesia if you're looking for sex. Most of the massage parlours and pubs/discos or places where you can pick up girls remain closed. I was in Bandung for a couple of days. It was Saturday night and I wanted to have some fun. Got into a taxi and told him I wanted a lady for the night. He took me to a deserted street where a pimp came with some photographs of girls. I said I want to see with my eyes b4 I take the girl. They said it wasn't possible as police were patrolling. Same situation at a different place with girls' snaps. Since I was desperate, I approved one.

    The charge for 3 hrs was 250000 Rupiah. Do not pay more in advance. The pimp will bring the girl to your hotel room and you pay the pimp in advance. But I was in for a surprise as the girl was much skinnier than in the snap. Size 36 tits were actually only 30. Plus, a flat butt. But she made me enjoy the intercourse. Note that Indonesian girls do not give anal. So ask b4 if you really want that. Even a blowjob and cum on face comes only on request. Don't try to force or you're inviting trouble. Try to be gentle as most girls can't speak English. So try convincing with actions and you will surely enjoy, if the girl agrees.
    (Review # 12992)
  • Bandung Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Jun 23 2004 Submitted by: PutraBandung

    Well... to help you enjoy your stay in my lovely country I decide to write this information. Bandung is well known as Paris van Java... not because of it's exotic beauty nor it's romantic atmosphere... andung is Paris for the scent of sex you'll breath!!!

    [HOW TO REACH BANDUNG] You can use train from Jakarta or any other main city in Java. Jakarta-Bandung will cost you Rp80.000,- (1 USD is less than Rp10.000,-) for 3 hours trip. Train departs every hour from 7am to 8pm. There are also direct flights from Jakarta and Surabaya. Flight Jakarta-Bandung will cost about Rp300K, Surabaya-Bandung Rp600.000,-. We are very open to foreigner. Get information from Tourist Information desk in airport. You may also ask people, look for students as they are learned English in school.

    [HOTEL] Price range from Rp150.000,- (Melati-class motels) to Rp1.5 millions (Hyatt Regency - 5 stars). If you're tight in budget, try Hotel Cemerlang at Jl. Pasirkaliki (Rp100K-300K /night, breakfast included) - 3 minutes walk from train station. From there you can access many places at ease.

    [LANGUAGES] Girls in massage parlors / prostitute center usually can't speak English. They use local language (Bahasa Indonesia). But their pimp usually can speak common conversation in English. Don't worry... even if you know nothing about Bahasa, you still can communicate with them with body language since Indonesian is very patience and open-minded!

    Note: 'Jl.' is acronym of 'Jalan' - means Street.

    1. Crystal (formerly known as Alooha) - 7pm-11pm Jl. Otto Iskandar Dinata, less than 5 minutes walk from train station. This MP is actually shielded prostitution service. You'll get two kind of services: 'body massage' (breast and pussy massage, actually anything but intercourse - cost 75K) and 'all-in' -- no need to explain - cost 200K. Choose girls lively from 'etalase'. Age range from 18 years to 35 years. Medium quality.

    2. Valentine - 7pm-11pm Jl. Jend. Sudirman. Use taxi to get there (cost about Rp20K from Train Station for 20" ride - negotiable). Beautiful girls, you'll get massage but if you nice with them maybe you can get everything you want. Service cost Rp30K / hour. Give tip 50K-100K if you satisfied. Choose girl lively. Age 18-28yo.

    3. Jayalestari - 7pm-11pm Jl. Jend. Sudirman, 5 minutes walk from Valentine. Fresh local girls, better chance to get sex. Just polite and gentle with them. Massage service will cost you Rp20K / hour.

    4. Prameswari - 7pm-11pm Jl. Astana Anyar - Use taxi to get there (cost Rp10K from Train Station - 10" ride). Service is not different with Valentine but if you like shy amateur local girls.. this is the place for you.

    5. Sariayu - 7pm-11pm Jl. Astana Anyar - One building next to Prameswari. Not differs much with Prameswari.

    6. Cibadak Shiatsu - 6pm-11pm Jl. Cibadak - Use taxi to get there (cost 15K - 15" ride). This is CLEAN massage service, no SEX! For only 35K you'll get one hour Shiatsu massage plus free spa service. Still there are about five other massage parlors with service like Valentine/Prameswari, ask taxi driver. There are about 20-30 girls in each place. Happy hunting!

    Another way, read Local Newspaper 'Pikiran Rakyat', look at classified ads section 'PIJAT' (pronounced like PEE-JAT - pijat means massage). Be careful not to choose Gay service except you really want it. The offers is not clearly stated as it is violation to local regulation - they usually offered as 'Pijat Kebugaran' (refreshment massage) and 'Segala Macam THERAPHY' (every kind of theraphies). Also avoid 'TUNA NETRA' as it means blind-person.. except if you're really looking for real massage.

    This is some list from today ads (June 23, 2004):

    "BINTANG PUTRI MASSAGE" -> Bintang=Star, Putri=Princess Jl. Holis 23, phone 081-573-066-751
    "SHINTA MASSAGE", Theraphy Pengobatan. Jl. Pesantren 118, Phone 6611912
    "YULI" Pijat Kebugaran & Therapy Jl. Banjarmasin 20, Phone 081.2224.1629
    "MIRRA STRONG MSSG" Mengatasi KEBUGARAN,Pengobatan&THERAPHY. (Panggilan 24 jam) --> 24 hours call service. Phone 0813.2001.2921
    "SOFIE" Pijat & Lulur - Khusus Panggilan --> Call service only, no room available. Jl. Sukamulya 49A, phone 081.222.450.55

    Massage call service will cost you from Rp150K-500K for short-time (3 hours), 300K-1000K for overnight. They have beautiful girls. You may speak English, but say it slowly and clear, use common words. Ask what kind of girls you do want. Sometimes they have amateur freelancer (student, office worker, etc.). If you lucky enough, you can find Indo-chinese girls (very rare). Usually call-service massage is shielded prostitution, ask clearly from phone whether they provide sex as included service.

    [PROSTITUTION CENTER] Altough Indonesian law doesn't allowed prostitution, there is still tolerance for prostitution as it is no way to eliminate it completely from our community. The way out is by localizing them in one area (that's why we call the prostitution center as 'lokalisasi'). In lokalisasi, you can enjoy sex freely in safe environment. No need to fear robbery etc since guest is highly respected.

    One famous and biggest lokalisasi in Bandung is 'SARITEM', consists about 200-300 young prostitutes with age below 25 years old. Price range from 50K (low-quality service, average face/body), 75K (medium-quality service, pretty face with average body), 100K (high quality service, usually willing to do anything, very beautiful). There are about 5 different 'club' - place to look for girls and get room. Just get in and order some drink. Some pimp will approach you. Ask the pimps for girl type. They will pick the girl according to your description (tip them 20K-50K after you get the girl you want). Don't hesitate to reject a girl (just shake your head), they will try to find another girl for you. It's their job there ;) The pimp will order a room for you. Room cost 15K-20K per hour, bathroom available, wall covered with mirror.

    The girl will do blowjob / cat-bath (lick you all over your body) as initial service. Then you can get at least 2 round of good fuck. Ask them politely if you want anal, but usually they will reject the request. Respect the rejection as anal is considered as extra service (non-obligation) in Saritem. Pay the girl in bar-like reciption after service over. If you satisfied, like usual just give them Rp50K-100K. If you ever went to Dolly Complex in Surabaya... Saritem is Dolly of Bandung.
    (Review # 9408)
  • Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Feb 25 2004 Submitted by: Sylvester

    Hello Guys! I just returned from Bandung. Stayed there for three full expecting a lot but in vain. Visits to Planet 2001, Ceasar Palace and Tropicana are sure places to get girls who will approach you anyway. The problem is that these discos are pitch dark, music extremely loud which will prevent you from taking a good look at the girls or have a conversation with her.

    But who cares? If her body is 7-8 then take her to the nearby restrooms entrance to have a good look at her. Then bargain the price. Do not agree more than Rp300,000 for all night. Do not even dream about getting Indo-chinese girls. They are not in this line. Guys pse take my advice, you wanna have good, interesting and not so expensive sex, pse don't waste time. Go straight to Jakarta or Tg Balai, Karimun (About 1.15hrs boatride from Singapore). Happy Hunting. (Review # 8432)

  • Bandung Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Jul 10 2000 Submitted by: DiscoFlyer

    This is DiscoFlyer. You can see my other posts on Thailand. Will also post on Jakarta. I returned from a nice long stay in Indonesia a month ago and I included a trip to Bandung. The North Sea Bar was my hangout for several nights. It's on Jalan Braga near Jalan Lembong intersection. Next door is Amsterdam Cafe. It's sort of an expat hangout, and it's a good place to eat and get a beer, but the place is filled with girls on the game. I had a great time talking to an Australian guy and deciding which girl to take. My indecision was the challenge! It's also a chore to be detached, because some girls you don't want, but they will approach you anyway. You have to keep your cool until you're ready to make a selection. One night I took a hot sexy bitch over a pretty, vivacious fun-lving girl with a great body and affectionate demeanor, and I regretted it. Go for personality. An 8 who is a sweetie is better than a 9 who is a bitch any day! She asked for 350,000 the next morning; I gave her 250,000. Some girls are good for a quick fuck; others are girlfriend material. Go to Indonesia. Jakarta has great nightlife/sex-life, but kind of boring. Bandung is more vibrant, and interesting for non-sexual pursuits. So make some time for it. As well as the beach of Pangandaran. (Review # 1901)
  • Bandung Escort Dated Added: Mon Nov 02 1998 Submitted by: carlcox

    I just want to share my experience in Bandung, Indonesia. There's a new place
    called 'CGN' in bandung. The girls are very beautiful most of them
    are freelancers such as college students, office girls, sales girls, secretary,
    artists, and even housewives !! rate is pretty expensive compare to others
    but its definitely worth it! The pimp name is Effendy he can be reached
    at 0811-208871 or 022-686-4181
    (Review # 226)

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