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  Mumbai (90)
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  • Goa Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Nov 12 2005 Submitted by: Bradp&4

    Been in Goa for the past 2 weeks. It's a horrible place if you're single & looking for paid action! DO NOT USE - it's a SCAM!!! The guy robbed me & didn't deliver... I'm thinking of my next move against him. He asked me to deposit the money in a bank account, then said that the girl was busy, & asked to re-schedule... Then he said there was another girl available (a hostess, according to him) who costs more money... & when I deposited the extra money, he kept saying that she will come to my hotel in 15 minutes, which never happened!!! I know I was stupid to agree on depositing the money... after all, I neither saw him, nor the girls he was promoting!!! (Review # 13089)
  • Delhi Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Nov 11 2005 Submitted by: JACK sunny

    Hello. Are you aware of HIV passing through the prostitutes supplied by escort agencies? Then why not go to geniune persons who provide homely girls who are not sitting in the brothels. Beware of these creatures who supply cheap prostitutes from brothels, who confirm that these girls are high class. They use any garbage staff and for quite a high price, wherein these girls are not even worth Rs.200.

    So please BEWARE of these guys who supply pros from AIDS-infected areas, which may land you in getting AIDS. These agencies, like , , , . BE CAREFUL & BE ALERTED to an Escort agency running by the name JOBCAL from London. He is a fraud agent. Otherwise YOU WILL BURN YOUR HANDS. Take a look at the fraud sites who are similar sites of the same group:
    (Review # 13077)
  • Hyderabad Street Action Dated Added: Sat Oct 29 2005 Submitted by:

    I went to India for a visit, AUG/2004. Wanted to get a hot Indian girl. In Hyderabad, a place I found was Necklace Road (ask any riksha driver). The girls were 5.5-6.5 and it was 1500 rupees for all night, plus hotel. Also at the bus stop, there was some decent girls. I found one that was an 8. She was okay traditional sex, and they don't kiss. Overall, the experience wasn't that good, driving everywhere looking for a hot girl... and some pimps (and especially taxi drivers) are very crooked - so be careful. (Review # 12975)
  • Bangalore Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Oct 25 2005 Submitted by:

    Hi... I am from Bangalore and writing some advice to the new guys...... Guys.... please do not go for the road-side girls... They will take you to their own place and take away all your money, even if they won't allow you to touch their boobs. Just they will take up their dress for a few minutes for one shot only. These type of girls are available at Majestic, Ganga nagar, K. R. Market, and some places near by M.G. Road, Residency Road and Brigade Road. Do not go to these places ... If you have your own accommodation, then you can take them there and enjoy nicely. But do not go to their places. These girls take only Rs-300/- to 500/- per two hours, and 1500/- for the whole night...... Be careful with them. Recently I have lost Rs 2500/- for one shot only... that and I have not even touched her boobs in Majestic.... (Review # 12941)
  • Goa Street Action Dated Added: Fri Oct 21 2005 Submitted by: forget india for sex

    After meeting a girl, I checked into a hotel (so as not to bring her to my apartment). After we both showered, the 5 policemen and women knocked on the door, seached the room, and took both of us to jail. I was informed that it is illegal in India to be in a room with a female to whom you are not married. Since they had not seached me or even asked for ID, I assumed they were looking for a bribe. After threats of 7 years in an Indian jail, I offered to pay US$1000. They refused. I was asked how much I had, and I admitted that I had $2000. If they had refused this, I would have given the entire $7000 that I had. It was a set-up from the start. BEWARE! (Review # 12911)
  • New Delhi Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Oct 09 2005 Submitted by:

    Be careful, I visited the city and called from the newspaper and arranged for an erotic massage for Rs 1600.00 (around USD 35.00). After the hand job, her cell-phone rang and her "pimp" demanded I(pay her an additional Rs 12000.00 (around USD 250.00) for the "hand job" or he would come to my hotel room and slit my throat with a knife. Be careful. Full service can run about Rs 30,000.00 (around USD 600.00). Would not use the services of such crooks from the newspaper. (Review # 12835)
  • Bangalore Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Oct 07 2005 Submitted by: TruInfo

    There is this guy on MG.Rd near Caesar's Restaurant who uses a wheelchair as he is handicapped. This man is a very big pimp with some good girls. He will first quote 3000 rs, and then go down to 2000, which is quite a good price. This man has a lot of contacts. After deciding the price, he will take you to a place somewhere near Le Meridian. He is very reliable and very good in this buisness also... Have a gr8 time in the city... And his name is ARJUN... (Review # 12817)
  • Delhi Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Sep 28 2005 Submitted by:

    Checked out WSG and came across Nikki Vohra. As they say, "A picture is worth a thousand words."  Well, no words could express my utter astonishment when the hottie in the picture turned out to be just over 5 feet, and chubby. While I don't know if a "Nikki" actually exists, this little filly gave one hell of a great blowjob to completion. Nothing like "filling them up" to the choking point (he he he). So beware guys, this Nikki babe, and apparently a few others, are not what you hope for, and certainly not what is being advertised! (Review # 12762)
  • Calcutta Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Aug 31 2005 Submitted by:

    Best sex in Calcutta near the bk pal crossing walk along the tra. line towards Chitpur. You find Nepali girls standing outside a building. Sexy babes. They charge around 60 bucks for half an hour. Tip 40 bucks and you get the sex of a lifetime. (Review # 12578)
  • Bangalore Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Aug 16 2005 Submitted by: Once Bitten ......

    Folks... This has been mentioned once before in the Bangalore report but just to reiterate that these persons are still playing mischief. There are some folks calling themselves Amit / Anil. Once you contact them via their website (apologies) which lists a cell phone number, they ask you to deposit money in a bank (Prestige Towers on Residency Road). Once the money is deposited, they will need to be called, but unfortunately they do not send any girl, though they keep promising. They try and schedule it for the day after / the next week, etc. and keep on asking for 5-6 thousand more for a better girl (e.g. model / air hostess from the local airlines, etc.

    Net Net...It is all a fraud!!! You can call me a fool but I have paid more than 30,000 rupees (believe me, the guys seem quite convincing on the phone!!!). So be careful in Bangalore.......
    (Review # 12458)
  • Pondy Street Action Dated Added: Fri Aug 12 2005 Submitted by: GotAShotGun

    Hey guys, if u r in Pondy looking for some action, bet u r in the right place - though it may not seem so much. Get at the Bus Stand and find some auto guy who may look quite fit for the job.  It happened to me.  Had to spend 4 Grands. Believe me, the gals was sumthing around 19-20.  The room was A/C and was for the whole night.  It was totally worth spending. There are many other cheap strip clubs, but few among the strippers were good. I am not sure whether u get to ride them. Talk to the guy, and maybe u have a chance. But the key to pleasure is the auto rickshaw fellow. Me, I had fun guys - hope u too the same. (Review # 12429)
  • Maheji, Jalgaon Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Aug 08 2005 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Info current as of September, 2003. MAHEJI, JALGAON:  It was well past midnight when the Toyota Qualis drew up outside a fairly large bungalow in Maheji village, the horn loud enough to bring Karim rushing out. ‘‘Please come in. We can decide the price later,’’ he whispers with sickening obsequiousness. Minutes later, Reshma steps into the living room, still rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. Clients turn up at any time. It’s sex on demand, you see. ‘‘What’s your name? Who referred you here,’’ she inquires, her father Karim standing just a few feet away. ‘‘Suresh,’’ replies the ‘client’, who has brought along two friends. ‘‘But the name is irrelevant. Isn’t it more important that we are here,’’ he smirks. After some bargaining, the price is fixed at Rs 1,500 for an hour’s cheap entertainment. Maheji is a village where every family’s income depends on their daughter’s age and appearance. This village depends on prostitution for its survival, a century-old tradition here. So what if it falls under MLA and State Minister for Food and Civil Supplies, Suresh Jain’s constituency? So what if the squalid galis leading to the brothels are just 10 km from the minister’s farmhouse? Brothels abound and politicians and policemen are welcomed by the men, most of whom don’t work. It’s the rustle of currency that brings each household anything between Rs 70,000 to Rs 1 lakh a month. Some of the 150-odd unmarried, young women in Maheji are also sent to distant towns and cities such as Aurangabad, Jalna, Dhule, Nashik and, of course, cash-rich Mumbai to work. In Maheji, female bondage begins at age 16, when every girl dreads the nath utarna ceremony. It’s the adolescent’s initiation into the sex trade, where she entertains her first customer. After that, the family breaks into celebration. A rich client could pay as much as Rs 1 lakh to spend a night with a virgin. It’s another assured source of income. Assured because the women are under constant surveillance, they are threatened and battered psychologically, thrashed and even singed to make sure they ‘perform’. Intimidation is used with sickening regularity to break their will and keep them shackled. That’s why Rajendra Choudhary and Mona’s is a doomed love story. Choudhary, a local engineer, has been seeing Mona for the last two years and is negotiating with her father Karim and brother Vicky for her hand in marriage. ‘‘She is dying anyway and is fighting to keep off clients,’’ he says. Now, Mona is watched even more carefully. So eloping is virtually impossible. For the Maheji girls, marriage is a bad business proposition. While the male guardians discourage the girls from marrying, men from the neaighbouring villages are not too keen to marry anyone from Maheji. ‘‘It is very rare that a non-prostitute from Maheji gets married into a respectable family. Even girls from neighbouring villages like Kurangi and Nevasa are affected by the stigma,’’ says local resident Nitesh Patil. But Maheji has fallen on hard times. The shadow of HIV and AIDS has fallen on the village. Tuberculosis is rampant. Sona, Sheetal, Ayesha and Saira visit the doctor regularly while Sharmili, Meena, Haseena, Babita and Reshma are on the verge of contracting something deadly. Prostitution was brought to a halt between May 23 and June 6, when locals from neighbouring Kurangi tried to stop the flesh trade in Maheji. En route to Maheji, vehicles were stopped and villagers discouraged clients from visiting the brothels. But the girls were soon back in business. District Collector Prakash Sabde expressed surprise when The Indian Express asked him about the problems in Maheji. ‘‘Where is this Maheji,’’ he asked. However, Sabde later said he would have the matter investigated. Back in the bungalow, it’s business as usual. The sound of ghungroos heralds Reshma’s return. She is accompanied by two other girls, all three of them in the trademark bright saris, mask-like make-up and sari barely catching the hip. All three are worn and numb. As Reshma prepares to dance, her brother Vicky doubles as errand boy to fetch some beer. More than one client? No problem. Girls are summoned from neighbouring households. The more, the merrier. Besides, every ‘extra’ girl gets 70 per cent of the price. Clients are then led to a room adjoining the living quarters. Suddenly the music system sputters to life. Twisting and turning, Reshma opens her act, her feet trampling on crumpled currency notes. To encourage clients to be generous, Vicky throws some at his sister. There’s a repeat performance in an adjoining room, where Pooja is coping with other clients. Shabana’s engaged elsewhere. It’s a busy night. ‘‘The night never ends here,’’ says Reshma. The hour is almost up. Still dancing, Reshma approaches the client, drapes her arm over his shoulder. He must not leave. Every hour is a lucrative proposition. The ruse doesn’t work. The three clients stand up and minutes later, the Toyota Qualis is gone. No worries, a Trax saunters up. Karim and Vicky rush out to greet its occupants. Inside the room, Reshma wipes away the perspiration and takes out a fresh set of clothes. And the tired night wears on. (Review # 12388)
  • Chennai Street Action Dated Added: Fri Aug 05 2005 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    The following info about Chennai is from early August, 2005. The Chennai city police is employing a unique and refreshing new strategy to tackle the problem of organised prostitution. They have simply stopped booking cases against commercial sex workers and will instead target pimps and middlemen. "You book cases against them, they'll go pay the fine and take her out on bail. That vicious circle has been broken," said R Nataraj, Police Commissioner, Chennai. Police action has now become more women-friendly as female sex workers are being rescued from brothels instead of being arrested. Rehabilitation efforts They are treated as victims and sent to remand homes rather than prison cells. In a raid on a city brothel the police rescued a young woman who is being rehabilitated with the help of an NGO. She is one of the 74 women rescued by the anti-vice squad this year. "I am thankful to the police. This is not really my line of work. I have requested the police to find me a job. I want to lead a good life," said the woman. Extreme poverty - These measures are having an impact on organised prostitution. But on the other hand women continue to join the flesh trade either to make a quick buck or due to extreme poverty. "I joined this profession because of my poverty. Nobody forced me but my circumstances," said a commercial sex worker. While sex workers wear a yellow thread as a symbol of their married status, no one in their families or their neighbourhood knows about their profession. (Review # 12291)
  • New Delhi Street Action Dated Added: Mon Aug 01 2005 Submitted by: Bob

    Out of curiosity, took a rickshaw to GB road. Walked up and down for a bit - quite a bit of calling from the girls at the tops of stairs, but ignored as I knew what I wanted. Finally took the plunge and walked to the top of a few stairs - most had small rooms with various different girls. Seemed like a lot of Nepalese-looking girls. They hassled, but I managed to retreat until I found exactly what I wanted. Patience served me well.

    As usual, the room was full of average looking girls, but one caught my eye - a real local Indian girl, nice large breasts, a full figure, and a relatively pretty face. She didn't speak a word of English so agreed 200 for bj with the older woman who seemed in charge. Went into usual tiny room with wooden bed as described before. She tried to put on a condom and I motioned NO, and gave her an extra 50. She gave awesome head. I tried to feel and get her to expose those lovely tits that I so wanted, but again she didn't want to. Another 50 however got me a good look and feel. ;) Finally, when I was ready to cum she wanted to pull away, and for me to cum in some shitty rag. Again, another 50 was offered. She didn't seem to know what for, so I gently pushed her head down onto me again. After 3 or 4 times she realised, took the 50 and let me cum in her mouth. When I'd done, she tried to spit, but again with some gentle persuasion (no money this time), she swallowed.  So, for a total of 350 - less than $10 - I got an awesome BJ, a good feel of those lovely large tits, OWA and CIM. ;) Well worth the visit!
    (Review # 12237)
  • Delhi Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Jul 31 2005 Submitted by: suraj

    If ever you are looking for escort services, please beware of cheaters like

    These all are one & were linked on for a paid listing. There was a guy who was taking money from these site owners for listing their ad on his site. Now he too was cheated by them & took out the ads from his site. Beware of these fraud people, running many sites to confuse clients, to trap them here or there.
    (Review # 12230)
  • New Delhi Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Jul 30 2005 Submitted by: sam_aus

    Hi guys... Beware of newspaper advertisements. In Delhi you can find advertisements in English newspapers about massage services. They advertise in newspaper that it's massage service but they provide full sex service. I once had a terrible experience. In the paper it was given that beautiful, model quality "Russian, Indian, Spanish & Chinese" girls are available for massage. They gave the phone number to call a person called NOOR Mobile# 9811986768. (I think they change the mobile# every week or so). I called them and spoke to the guy. He said its Rs.10,000 for a night and that he will send a 20 year old Russian girl. I said OK.

    I was waiting at the hotel terrace and was watching the gate and waiting for the arrival of the girl. She came by auto rickshaw. I saw that & I went in the room. The girl came and knocked at the door. To my horror, she was an ugly old bitch(around 40 years, Russian with brown teeth, and very ugly looking). She asked me for money. I was reluctant but yet I gave her RS.10,000 as promised. She took the money, kept it in her purse and said, "I HAVE PARKED MY CAR ON THE ROAD.  I WILL PARK IT INSIDE THE HOTEL." (She wanted to collect the money and run away). I said Hey!! What are you talking about? I saw you coming by rickshaw. Then she said no. Call my boss. When I was calling her boss, she tried to open the door and tried to run away. I pulled her back. She started screaming that if I won't let her go, "SHE WILL SCREAM THAT I AM TRYING TO RAPE HER." I felt shocked. I spoke to that man (the so called boss). He said, sorry she is a bit cracked and that he will send another one. I said, sorry I dont want your fuckin' service and that I want my money back. He said the money can't be given back. I said OK, keep 2,000 and give the remaining back to me. He said it's not possible and that if I won't let that girl go, he will call the police & charge me with rape. I was disgusted & finally let her go.

    WOW...BEWARE guys!!!! Cheaters around. These things won't happen if you legalise sex trade in India like in Australia. Australia has brothels & escort services which were given license, and customers are treated well, with clean and sophisticated environment. They have a PNA# for every brothel/escort agency & you can lodge complaints with police if something like this happens, quoting the number. Those who work there will undergo a blood test every week or so.

    Either legalise the trade or take firm action against the sex trade. Of course there are some honest guys who advertise in Indian newspapers. I had a service before from another person. The service was good except that the girl was not worth the money. They said it's a "Model" girl & then sent some rural Indian girl, though she gave a good service.
    (Review # 12216)
  • New Delhi Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Jul 29 2005 Submitted by: borntolove69in

    Last time, I went to Delhi. I had a two hours break before I could catch hold of my next train. What to do? I thought of visiting the GB Road through the Ajmeri Gate route. I deposited all my baggage in the cloak room, including the money I had. Just carried around Rupees, seven hundred with me.  I prefered to walk along rather than taking a hand rickshaw or an auto rickshaw. As soon as I reached that area, a pimp-like person approached me so he can arrange a good girl for me.

    He took me to a Kotha, and as soon as I entered that place, I was approached by a auntie type lady. She demanded Rs. 150 and immediately gave that money to the pimp. Then she started searching me and my pockets. She took out all the money, and on one pretext or the other, she distributed the entire money, sometimes giving money to a girl who was not giving any service.

    After that, this whore spread her own cunt and I had no option but to fuck her with two condoms on. From then onwards, I stopped going to GB Road. My advice to all visiting GB Road:  Don't be fascinated, and do not do anything there.  Fortunately, I had kept most of my money in the cloak room.  Otherwise it would have been a problem.  If anybody else has faced similar situations, he may share his experiences.  I would also like to know if there is a good place in Delhi to monger.
    (Review # 12212)
  • Bangalore Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Jul 29 2005 Submitted by: john

    Hey men, Bangalore is a very cool city. Last week I visited there.  I finished my work and I had 2 days to explore the city. For escort I searched the net and found many numbers. I tried through almost every number. The average rate I found in Bangalore was in between Rs.4000 - Rs.10000 for a couple of hours. I contacted some agents and they showed me the photographs... MY GOD the girls were really not worth this much hefty amount. All the agents lied that they are college girls and models.  None of them were college girls or models.

    In the list of numbers I got a number of a guy called AMIT-09880349146. I asked him "which type of girls do you deal with?" He replied "Sir, we deal with college TYPE girls." I asked him what do you mean by  'TYPE'?  He replied, "Sir, we are very frank in this business. 'Type' means "of the same age group".  He then said "Sir, we are not here to cheat you. I know what all the other escort people do. They charge 5000-6000 for 2-hours, and the quality of girls they provide is not worth even Rs.1000 also." Then I asked him how much do you charge? He replied, "Sir, 1200 for half-an-hour & 2200 for 1 hour".

    I first went for half an hour and then for 1 hour, because the girl was really worth it. The girl was a north-Indian and was very cooperative. She satisfied me in all ways which were beyond my expectation. So whenever you go to Bangalore, contact Amit. His girls are really worth it for the amount, and I find his rates also very reasonable. AND BE AWARE OF PEOPLE CHARGING 4000-10000. For your convinience I am giving Amit's number which I have saved for my next trip to Bangalore - 09880349146 
    (Review # 12199)
  • New Delhi Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Jul 24 2005 Submitted by:

    Delhi is really a bogus place to have sex. More likely, you will be cheated. I happened to visit at G.B. Road. Some middleman approached me saying that I can just select the girl. He took me to a Kotha (a prostitute's place). They did not show any girl. They took all my money. Luckily, I had kept most of my stuff at the cloak-room in New Delhi Railway station and only carried about Rs. 800/-.  She just allowed me to fuck without touching her!  It was really a horrible experience.  I advise you to never go to the GB Road or hotels near it. (Review # 12160)
  • Bangalore Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Jul 09 2005 Submitted by:

    Hi all.... just thought I would put in a few words on here so that none of you get into the same shit I've got into. Beware of street hookers in Bangalore, especially the ones who stand on St. Marks Road and the ones who stand outside 5 Star hotels. Some of them are attractive and quote only Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1500 for a fling, however after getting into your car they make sure they rip you off every penny you have. No matter how much you give them they keep asking for more and you don't get anything in return at the end of it. They are out there to rob you.... Keep your wallet and cell phone away... they pretend to give you a blowjob and before you know it your wallet and cell phone are gone. They also refuse to get out of your car till you keep giving them money...... MAKE SURE YOU DON'T PAY THEM TIL YOU'VE GOT WHAT YOU WANT. They are all scammers. Don't keep your cell phone or any credit cards with you... leave them back somewhere else.... they take anything they can....

    Also, many of the street hookers are guys... so make sure the person you're picking up is a woman. Easiest places to find sex are massage parlors. Look in the local newspapers like TOI and look at the listings. Most of them are reasonable, charging Rs. 1000 for a normal massage with a hand job, Rs. 2000 for a body to body massage, and Rs. 3000 and above for full service. The girls are not as attractive (at times you find a decent girl... maybe a 6/10.... however they all give you a good time. Dance bar girls, I'm not sure as yet. People say they can be picked up, however I haven't tried it as yet. If anyone has had any luck, please share it.....

    Good luck and keep the news flowing....  

    (Review # 11978)
  • Bhubaneswar Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Jul 05 2005 Submitted by: try

    This is to inform you that you can get good and sexy girls for a nice fuck in Bhubaneswar, you can get girls from Hotel Management College in the city. It's near to the Coffeeday, they are experts in doing sex, for fun... (Review # 11922)
  • Bangalore Street Action Dated Added: Sun Jun 12 2005 Submitted by:

    Hi guys and travellers. Bangalore is the best for beautiful chicks. Most happening. There are prostitutes where there rates start from Rs 100 to 10000. I will give very valuable information some important pick up places in Bangalore. Note: guys if you want to pick up a girls in Bangalore that is only from to Bangalore railway station gate you can find lots of babes. Near Mekhri circle bus stop. T.V. Tower bus stop. Majestic area near national market you can find lots of live band babes but little bit expensive babes they are. So travellers and guys, happy hunting. (Review # 11749)
  • Chandigarh, Punjab Street Action Dated Added: Sun Jun 05 2005 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Chandigarh has over 3,200 prostitutes!:- Early June, 2005. One of India's thriving cities, Chandigarh has over 3,200 female sex workers, says a survey, but the police claim to have little or no idea about it. A recent survey by the state AIDS Control Society has found 3,224 females engaged in prostitution in the city. The figure has come as a "surprise" to the police officials, who claim they have been strictly monitoring prostitution in the 114 sq km city. Though police officials claim they had arrested several prostitutes in the last few years, the survey shows that sex trade is thriving. "If the police say they are ignorant of the sex trade, they are feigning it. We get many female customers seeking medicines for sex-related diseases that are possible only if they have multiple partners," says a leading chemist in the city's Sector 16 area. "Sex workers usually avoid qualified doctors." Unlike metros like New Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata, Chandigarh - which has a population of over 910,000 - has no designated area for brothels to be run. "Most of the trade is being run clandestinely by pimps through their network," a leading city hotelier, who claimed to know several such 'contacts', told IANS. Also, the survey is unlikely to have covered all the prostitutes operating in the city and its two satellite towns of Panchkula and Mohali. "Many girls operate from these two towns and other nearby areas of Chandigarh. Others come from smaller cities and towns in Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. They would not have been covered in the survey," says a police inspector. According to him, the number of female sex workers could be up to three times the survey figures. Over half the sex workers are believed to be operating from the city's ever-expanding slums that have a population of over 300,000. Most people in these slums are migrants from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. The survey was done to map the drug users in the city and monitor their activities. The comprehensive mapping revealed that around 1,670 people were taking drugs regularly. (Review # 11692)
  • bangalore Escort Review Dated Added: Tue May 17 2005 Submitted by: luther.

    Beware of shaji, Hi in bangalore there is a fellow called shaji...malayalee pimp...he will bring girls in a maruti van but if you dont take a pick, he will claim "demorrage charges" of Rs.1500 per girl for about 4-5 girls that he brings and if you dont pay ,he will pretend to call his local gang.From which gutter do these imbeciles crawl out from? Anyway,beware and stay away from this nerd. luther. (Review # 11485)
  • Mumbai Street Action Dated Added: Sat May 14 2005 Submitted by: Sexlover

    Hi dear all Who don't love to have sex. Last month I visited one "SEX DEN" in Mumbai's redlight area "Kamathipura".

    I was taken to this place by one of the Taxi driver, whom I called from the Grant Road station. It was at the begining of the Kamathipura street. There were a lot of Nepali Girls, all young, I selected one girl called "Reshma" She is a medium complexioned girl. It was Rs. 200/- for an hour, I tipped her Rs. 50/- extra. She slipped one condom on me and asked whether I require one more above it. I didn't want to take any chance (HIV and other) and asked her to put one more. Condom is free. I had a very wonderful time with her, she was very cooperative in every action. Must be careful while approaching Pimps in Kamathipura as they could be dangerous. Have nice sex always use condom & use double for more safety
    (Review # 11450)
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