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  • Bombay Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Jun 04 2001 Submitted by: Atul

    We visited 2 dancing bars during my stay in Bombay. Space Garden in Juhu and the one~~outside Mira Road station. Both are pick up joints. Space Garden
    ~~is more expensive. Inside the bar the girls are conservative both in dress and conduct. No~~touching/fondling is allowed inside the bar.
    ~~Also visited a beauty/massage parlor called Aashiana in Tardeo. For massage, one has to~~enter through a closet/cupboard door and into a room with several cubicles. Which is an~~indicator that such activities are done on the sly. There is also some risk of a police~~raid. A parlor in suburban Bombay was raided last week.
    ~~Having been to Bangkok, I can say that Bombay comes nowhere close to the quality and~~service one gets in Bangkok.
    ~~In Bombay, unless you visit a massage parlor/bar frequently, there is a high risk of being~~shortchanged since money is demanded upfront. If the politicians/rulers change their~~hypocritic attitude, there is good potential in Bombay. Otherwise, if you have the money,~~it is worth taking the 4 hour flight to Bangkok and spending a few days of unrestricted~~fun.
    (Review # 3681)
  • Bombay Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Feb 19 2001 Submitted by: maloo

    I have been to Mumbai ( Bombay) few days ago. It is true that Mumbai is the fuckers paradise now. It seems about 2,50,000 prostitutes in Mumbai alone. All kinds and types of girls are available at any part of Mumbai.

    I had an experience two days ago. I went to a hotel in Powai (near L&T on the SakiNaka road) and the bar was on the first floor. When I climbed the stair case I saw a dancing floor in the middle of the room and one very attractive girl was dancing to the Hindi song in the traditional Indian attaire (Saree). It was about 8.30 in the evening. the bar was comparatively empty and I wanted to see what the action is. I ordered a beer and started drinking slowly. By the time it was about 9.45 to 10.00 the hall got full with boys and even 15-20 girls started pouring in from the a room in the backside. I had three bottles of beer by that time. I just wanted to try my luck. I gave a 50 Rs,( 1USD) tip to the waiter and asked about the availability of a girl. He enthusiastically asked which girl I would like to have. I pointed to the beautiful centre girl and he immediately went to her and she was ready to come with me. The hotel has got some arrangement with a lodge few kilometers away and the girl came with me to that hotel by my car. I had to give Rs. 700 ( About USD 14) to the waiter and I came to know from the girl that she received only Rs.500 ( USD10)The lodge fellow took about Rs.300 (USD 6) for the room and it was safe and it was a good fuck. All over India now the cabaret dance is banned and only the "ladies dancing" is allowed. I am sure that you go to any ladies dancing bars and you can get decent girls at very attractive rates.
    (Review # 3182)
  • Calcutta Street Action Dated Added: Sun Jan 14 2001 Submitted by: Sboe

    Dear Friends & Travellers, Some stuff for those going to Calcutta, India. The best value for money, sex spot. Place to go : Sonagachi (on Central Avenue, north Calcutta) This is one of the biggest sex joint in Asia I am told. There is no problem with Cops if u r visiting anytime before 11 pm. It is open thru the day though the action (when u have choice of all the girls) is between 5.30/6 pm to 11 pm.

    How to reach : Take a cab and ask for Central Avenue, near Grey Street. Having got in and traveled in a cab for sometime ask the driver -sonagachi...some may not like it, but anyway they'll drop u right in front with a frown. U may tip some extra. There r 4 roads leading inside from the main road (central avenue)at interval. Enter thru any one and walk in. U will be surrounded by pimps. Don't get hassled. They won't hassle u once u have fixed on one. Taking a pimp is a must preferably the one who comes first as they r in que (or else they might start to argue amongst themselves). There is a strict rule of the pimps of which all places they go...all will not visit all the houses. Anyway settle with the pimp that you'll look around at least 5-6 houses and tip him a Rs.100.

    There are 3 kinds of service :
    1. Straight sex...all females do this
    2. Dance....where these girls dance nude for u.
    3. Blow jobs...very few in nos. (not the better ones).
    I strongly suggest one should see a nude dance apart from having a fuck. This will cost Rs.1000 to 1500. for 1 hr. It starts with a dance and the female will bare all and dance for u with blaring Hindi music. Once u r hot, u can fuck. Once over, u can ask her to continue the dance as you've settled for 1 hr incl. a screw. Some will frown as once the fuck is over, it is assumed that you'll leave.

    Places to visit : a) Neelkama building, b) Rajkamal building, c) Sangam building (you'll get lot of dance females)and similar ones. Some girls r gorgeous and once in the room u may wish to tip them Rs.100-200 to make them feel good. U will get much better behavior (as the pimps also have a good share of what you're shelling out).

    U can also take these females out into hotels, but best is to have sex there and try out more females. This place is an absolute beauty though it may not be as clean as u want. For more info on Calcutta sex life write to
    (Review # 2985)
  • Mumbai Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sun Nov 26 2000 Submitted by: Anon

    I was new to Bombay . I didnít know such places like massage parlor in Bombay but on the advice of my friend I went to one massage parlor at mulund(w) near kalidas hall ,the quality of girls is o.k but you will get all sort of services at a very good cost rs450-750

    2 second good place is a massage parlor calledaroma clinic the quality og girls are very good range is rs 500-900 phone no is 8652136 ask for lata or aarti they provide the quality services

    3 third place is fatima beauty parlor at bandra (w)~~ph is 4361275. have a nice day~~
    (Review # 2782)
  • Mumbai Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Nov 16 2000 Submitted by: Non-Indian

    Just back from India. can't find any places in New Delhi, maybe is different for Indians themselves, but as a foreigner. Any Indian in here to tell us some places?

    In Bombay go to Colaba, a district in South-Bombay. Just walk around the area between Colaba Causeway and the Taj Mahal Hotel after 7 or 8 PM, some touts will contact you. Also some street-action here, but I didn't try it. I've been to The Green House Brothel, no sign like all the other brothels, good service, you can choose between 7-10 girls, the half of them are real beauties, age between 18 and twenty something. The rooms are nothing to tell about, sticky cubicles. Girls won't do anything bareback or anal, but are really nice. I paid all about, many guys wanted some tip, 2600 rupie, some 50$. All the beauty parlours offering body-massages seem to be nothing special, no special service possible, not even female masseuses. To get a working girl or a girl working seems simple in Bombay, but not to compare with Bangkok or other SE-Asia places. See you, D.
    (Review # 2733)
  • Calcutta Street Action Dated Added: Sun Aug 13 2000 Submitted by: cvalover

    Bad Experience! A friend and I picked up this prostitute on Theatre Road at about 9:30 in the evening. She was about 25 - 28 years old and appeared well built but not fat. We brought her to my house at an agreed price of Rs. 2,500 for 3 hours for both of us, she to do whatever we wanted. She was all sugar and honey and agreed to everything. We brought her in a cab but after we entered my house and paid her she changed subtly. She refused to do a 3sum and even made it clear that in a 2sum, the other could not watch. She refused to go on top or to open her legs which she kept clamped tight; would not even allow me to feel her pussy. Kissing was not permitted, too. After one hour of this nonsence she said she had to go as she came from Bally (a suburb) and would not get the night train back. We had to accede to all her wishes or she would create a noisy scene in the locality and that would just not do. Very dangerous situation. Well, we went out and actually had to take a taxi and give her a lift back to Theatre Road! A horrible ripoff. Needless to say, I did not even get it up let alone shoot my load. (Review # 2150)
  • Bombay/Mumbai Other Dated Added: Wed Feb 23 2000 Submitted by: DeeJay

    On an advice from an Indian friend, I avoided all the down town hotels and stayed in one near the domestic airport of Bombay. There are several such small hotels around the airport. Reasonable, clean and comfortable. (Hotel Centaur to be avoided). Normally if you stand outside the hotel after dark, some guy will approach you. If not ask the security guard outside. Give him your room number and wait. Very soon (in my case about 30 minutes) a guy will come in. Ask him what you want. He will then get three or four girls for you to choose. The rates quoted would be around $200-250. But you could beat him down to about $150 for the night. I struck a better deal. Got two real cute girls for $200. You could order drinks and food from the hotel room service, but it is better to carry your own liquor. Had a wonderful time. First watched them play with each other and then get down to me. It was a freak-out night where no one slept too much. It is not necessary to tip the girls, although you may if you have had good fun. And it is quite safe, since the hotels seem to have some arrangement with the police. No one disturbs you. The only thing is that they charge you for double occupancy. Happy hunting. (Review # 1680)
  • Calcutta Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Jan 07 2000 Submitted by: Harry

    Ok folks here's my bit on Calcutta. Just returned with a friend from Calcutta. When We arrived at the airport, we were accosted by several taxi drivers all eager to drive us to a hotel and will offer to be your driver during your stay. We agreed and the guy was more than helpful during our entire stay. First night he took us to Sonogachi. Calcutta's famous red light district and WOW! the girls are beautiful. We walked through several 3 - 4 story buildings and on each floor the girls all aged between 18 - 28 stand for you to see. I would say 6 - 10, some of the girls are real beauties could fall in love easily, all heights and all very slim, cute and sexy.

    Our guide was very useful in negotiating the prices around $10 - $20 for as long as it takes. All night will cost around $60. We had great girls there on several nights and on the last night took a girl to the Oberi hotel and had the best night I can remember. Had to sneak her in though which is pretty easy. In Calcutta, you are treated like a king and ANY taxi driver, rickshaw puller will take you to the girls. Apart from Sonogachi, there are hundreds of other places to find girls and all are very cheap but you must negotiate prices or better still use a guide he will do a great job for you. Our guide was with us for 10 day's around 100 hours and cost us $120. In Calcutta, you can have anything you like for a low price, the girls are fantastic and I will be back there in a March 2000 and will visit Bombay as well. If you have any questions, email me at
    (Review # 1265)
  • Calcutta Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Dec 21 1999 Submitted by: Sariwalla

    Surprisingly, Calcutta has a very safe red light area. In Calcutta, there's not even any danger in wandering around drunk at midnight in the (tiny) red light district Sonarghachi. Try that in Boston, if you dare! I know this for sure, and please don't ask how :-) It's quite amazing how safe Calcutta is, incredibly so since people here are so poor. Violent crime (unlike say pick-pocketing) is amazingly rare.

    I remember one report that says Calcutta prostitutes insist to a greater extent on condom usage than their counterparts elsewhere which correlates with the relative lower rates of AIDS in Calcutta red light districts. The credit goes mostly to the NGOs.

    For instance, there's a social project in Sonagachi that pays 180 prostitutes about $1 a day each to spread the word about AIDS and condoms. The British government, long the colonial power in India, pays for the project and is one of the largest foreign aid donors supporting health programs here. One year the Indian government, with about $50 million in financial backing from the World Bank, began using nonprofit groups and government agencies in a nationwide effort to mobilize prostitutes against the disease.

    The result is a marked difference in the moods of the red-light districts of Calcutta and Bombay. This can be sensed immediately. In Calcutta, many prostitutes talk openly in front of their madams. In Bombay, they speak quietly, glancing furtively over their shoulders to make sure no one hears. In Calcutta, many of the prostitutes wear decorous saris in muted colors and look a lot like office workers waiting impassively at a bus stop. In Bombay, they are tarted up in shiny red lip gloss, midriff-bearing halters, skin-tight velvet pants and gaudy saris. They pose aggressively and their faces are set in a sulky come-on. They stand in the lurid light of Falkland Road like lowlife Broadway actresses on a gritty stage. Unprotected from HIV, they are tempting death to come asking for a deal.
    (Review # 1036)
  • Mumbai Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Dec 21 1999 Submitted by: Strange Lover

    The main red light district of Mumbai (Bombay) is called Kamatipura (or Kamathipura). It became known for prostitution by the end of the 1800's. It is rather central to the city, bordered by Hornby Vellard to the north, and by Grant Road to the south. The main road that runs through it is Falkland Road - the place for "The Cages", where women are put on display behind barred doors. An estimated 200.000 prostitutes live and work in here, making it one of the world's largest brothel and prostitution area. It is about 30 minutes walk north east of Chowpatty beach).

    I personal experience: Once I got off the taxi, instantly I got mauled by all sorts of girls offering their services. The girls range form 2 to 10s. I am not into the dark skinned southern Indian women so I only looked for the light skinned or the Asian looking type. After 20 minutes of walking around I finally went into a room upstairs. (they are everywhere). I was offered about 15 women.

    I chose a cute little Nepalese. She looked pretty mature in the line-up. She told me she was 18. It cost me $20 for the whole night. However later I went with a Indian friend He negotiated about 200 rupies which is about $5 US. The sex was OK, though nothing great. I think she wasn't really into it. She tried to act as if she was but I could tell. Afterwards, she was very playful in bed. I think I had more fun after the sex than during the sex. Since I could not speak any of the language it was impossible to communicate.

    The next day I read this in an English language newspaper: 52% of sex workers in Mumbai had contracted HIV by 1994. The obvious result of rising HIV rates among sex workers has been the increasing prevalence of HIV among various groups of clients. - Stuff to think over...
    (Review # 1035)
  • Calcutta Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Nov 24 1999 Submitted by: main

    Although a conservative city regarding sex matters but one can pick average chicks with heavy bosoms in Theater Road after 8.30 p.m. They charge you rupees 500 for bj, it could be inside the car or u can drive them away to a lonely place and fuck them.

    They r too expert in oral sex and can~~bring u orgasm in minutes through bj. They prefer bj and like men on top position while getting fucked. Nice experience (Review # 267)
    (Review # 834)
  • Mumbai History and Information Dated Added: Wed May 26 1999 Submitted by: Bookworm

    On the full moon of January, a religious festival takes place in a temple dedicated to the goddess Yelamma (at times spelled Yallama or Elamma) in the town of Saudatti near Belgaum in the South Indian state of Karnataka. Belgaum is about 600 km south of Mumbai. Saudatti is circa 100 km west of Belgaum. Here hundreds of girls are initiated into the Devdasi cult every year.

    This takes place as a secretive part of the annual pilgrimage to Saudatti, site of the main temple for Yelamma, who is a manifestation of goddess Renuka. The festival, which lasts three days, starting with a feast, attracts tens of thousands of pilgrims who come by foot, car, bus and bullock cart to throng the streets of Saudatti, which for the occasion are lined with images of the goddess, molded from mud. The pilgrims bathe in a filthy pool before making a five km (three miles) uphill trek to the temple. On the final part of the pilgrimage, worshippers with faces smeared with tumeric and bodies plastered with leaves will walk and crawl. Women roll on the ground in trance, possessed by the goddess.

    The secret rite - which no longer takes place in the Yelamma temple due to the presence of police and social workers - is essentially a symbolical marriage of each girl to the goddess. Traditionally the central part of the elaborate rite was the moment when the girl received a red and white necklace, transferred from the image of the goddess, as a sign of her status. Today this is done in a quick, abbreviated puja (sacrificial) ceremony in private homes. The practice has been outlawed but still persists in pockets in the South.

    - Of course there is a mythological story behind the cult of Yelamma:

    ""Parasurama's father was enraged because of his wife, Renuka's, impure thoughts - she had become attracted to another man - and he ordered his son to cut off the head of his mother, which he did. Out of sympathy an outcaste woman took the dead Renuka in her arms. She also had her head cut off.

    The father now promised Parasurama a reward for his extraordinary obedience. The son expressed his wish to have his mother restored to life. The father approved of this and told him how to put Renuka's head back on her body.

    In his eagerness Parasurama put his mother's head on the body of the outcaste woman and vice versa before they were restored to life.

    Since then the woman with the high caste head and the outcaste body has been worshipped as Mariamma (or Mari), the goddess of smallpox.

    The woman with the outcaste head and the high caste body is worshipped as goddess Yelamma.""

    In other words: The cults of Mariamma and of Yelamma represent a mix of high caste Hindu traditions and primitive low caste practices. And they are both for deities that came out as results of a messed-up resurrection of a goddess slain because of her unchaste thoughts. - Both of these female deities have Devdasis (often called Basavis in South India) as an important part of their cults. Yelamma just seems to be the one that still remains active on this point.

    - After her initiation, the new Devdasi (or devadasi) girl returns to her home where she stays until she reaches puberty. Traditionally she could be identified by her matted hair. On reaching puberty she will go through another ceremony where she in effect is sold to the highest bidder who keeps her for sex for some weeks. Once again she returns to her home, now unmarriable because she is no longer a virgin. The parents will sell her again, this time to some pimp or brothel owner, for 5000 - 7000 Rupees (app. 150-200 US dollars). Many of the Devdasis will find work in Mumbai's Kamatipura (or Kamathipura) district where an estimated 14.000 of the prostitutes are Devdasis. 10.000 others are to be found in Pune, the second largest city of Maharashtra.

    Authentic Devdasis can also be found in Goa, recognizable by their matted hair and chunky gold jewelry.

    According to informed sources about 1000 girls are initiated as Devdasis every year, most of them belonging to the Shudra caste, the lowest rung in the caste system, and to the Dalits, the outcaste people.

    The cult, however, also accepts boys for initiation. They become transvestite prostitutes called Jogappas.

    1000 new initiates is a sign of progress compared to just ten years ago, when the annual influx of new Devdasis was estimated to 6000. The Devdasi institution of Yelamma has now come under attack from authorities and social workers after having existed for 300 years. But it is not easy to suppress because it has social and religious acceptance in the Shudra and Dalit community where Yelamma is a popular goddess, believed to protect her followers. There are Yelamma temples in various places in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andra Pradesh. - Even the Devdasi prostitutes themselves, who are victims of the cult, harbour no ill feelings towards the deity.

    Yelamma is known to ask for at least one female - at times all female members - of each family to become a Devdasi, ""handmaiden of the god"".

    The basic reason of course is poverty in the villages. Therefore the government ban on the Devdasi system is not easily made effective. Indeed, the custom of offering a young girl to a god or goddess is not limited to the Yellama cult. A few generations ago, many gods' and goddesses' temples had Devdasis, young women whose tasks included singing and dancing before the god and in processions, fanning the divine statues, carrying a sacred light, and sometimes perform dramas in the temple. They were also important for the esoteric Tantric practices of ritualistic sex, the so-called ""left hand path"" which is central to the cult of Yelamma.

    This system was sanctioned and cultivated by the Brahmin priests. It was not necessarily a tragedy for a woman to be a Devdasi - often they held high status because they could read and write and were accomplished in weaving and the blending of perfumes. According to Hindu property law they were to be treated as sons - in fact this was one major reason for the Devdasi system, that a family without male heirs could pass on its property as inheritance to a daughter if it let her become a Devdasi.
    (Review # 457)
  • Calcutta Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sun Dec 19 1999 Submitted by:

    Good parlors are operating in the New Alipur area. These go under the name of "Beauty Parlors" and are discreetly located on the 2nd floors (with only a small sign board on the outside of the building).~~
    Average to good females: usually u choose from 3-5 females. The parlor charges Rs. 300 for 30 minutes. Females will give a bj or go all the way. Bj costs Rs. 400 and all the way Rs. 750 or so. Nice setup and no fear of being ripped off. Good experience. Air conditioned with music. For the best female ask the parlor operator.~~
    (Review # 414)
  • Mumbai Street Action Dated Added: Sun Apr 22 2001 Submitted by: A friend

    hi friends, I read some information on wsj and went to the street detailed in it near juhu beach, then waited their then two girls came in auto-rickshaw a three wheeler and said "you can do it for Rs 100" means 2 dollar. She took me to a nearby room for which I paid Rs 70. Then is asked both of them to come with me so she took Rs 100 more and then asked me to remove cloths as I removed cloths, she didnít. When I asked her to remove cloths she only removed panties then she took penis in her hand and put a condom over it. Then said fuck me and it was over in 2 minutes she took more money for sucking but didnít suck it was too bad a experience ,you must first define what is required and fix rate accordingly or it all goes bad. (Review # 385)
  • Calcutta Street Action Dated Added: Thu Apr 22 1999 Submitted by: subhas

    Calcutta. although a conservative city regarding sex matters but one can pick average chicks with heavy bosoms in Theater Road after 8.30 p.m. They charge you rupees 500 for bj, it could be inside the car or u can drive them away to a lonely place and fuck them. They r too expert in oral sex and can bring u orgasm in minutes through bj. they prefer bj and like men on top position while getting fucked. Nice experience (Review # 265)
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