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  • Mumbai Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Aug 04 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    I have been checking updates here for quite some time, not that I needed tips, I was and am just curious to know what's up. I do not have much informations out of my own knowledge except one. I had been to Mumbai many times and knew that getting girls is quite easy there but this time round I decided to check it for myself. I got a copy of Mid Day tabloid and checked the classifieds section. I found some funky ads for full body massage under the sub section Health and Beauty Parlours. I picked some cell numbers and called the guys. I asked them if they have offer services other than body massage and I asked them that I needed an escort to show me around. Almost all of them said that they provide escorts service but I have to go to there place pay upfront and then I was free to take the girl with me. But in a place like Mumbai commutation eats hard into your time. So I dropped the idea and called another number. I was told that it was an ayurvedic Kerala Massage centre and that they gave massage only nothing else. The lady quoted a price of INR 400 or USD 8. As the place was in the vicinity I decided I was a game for it. The lady gave the address of the place. I took the local train and reached Andheri suburb. Finding Tel Galli in the east Andheri was not very difficult. It is 5 minutes walk from the Andheri local train station. It was comparatively a calm street with little traffic. Soon I got glimpse of Kerala Ayurvedi Massage board. It was an old house and the entrance looked like as if it was not done up in years. The shabby looks of the place sort of asked me if I really wanted to go to the I kept walking down the street, turned and came back half way and entered the place. A guy who was sitting at the counter and two other girls welcomed me. I asked about the services gain and they confirm that I will get a massage by a girl for an hour. I bargained and finally the guy agreed at INR 300 or USD 7. There were two cubicles inside, covered with curtains a girl escorted me in the cabin gave me a loose underwear and asked to change. I did not want to choose a girl so I smiled at her and she was not bad either. The air conditioner was a relief. She asked me what sort of massage I woulk take,oil or powder. I choose oil. The girl was well at her job and was trying to be friendly while I kept mum. I was just enjoying the massage. She gave me full body maassage except my face and neck. Finally she gave a hand job. When she finished I checked the wall clock. Wow, perfect timing,my 55 minutes were gone. It lacked a shower. She gave me a sponge bath ! I came out at the desk counter.The guy was gone. I paid to the girl smiled and came out. (Review # 15271)
  • Mumbai Street Action Dated Added: Mon Mar 27 2006 Submitted by: Mr. Manners

    Go to the corner of Nariman and Marine Drive. Stand in front of a place called Jazz By the Bay (a nice bar - cute girls, fair drink prices) and wait. (After 1 a.m. is best) Someone will ask if you are looking for something - a tout named Ravi is a good person to know. You get in a cab and go to a brothel in Mumbai Central area. They bring you 8 - 12 girls to check out between 18 and 30. They are all 7's on the scale. I chose one neamed Gita - a definite 9 on any scale. She was 4000 INR for 1.5 hours and would do anything but anal. Beautiful girl, soft, sweet and deep throated with no condom and fucked with a double bag. I'd go back in a minute and probably will in June. Next post I'll give you the taxi driver's mobile number for easier access. One thing to be sure of - if you try and book an outcall at your room, they'll say "yes, yes, yes" and then change their mind. You end up having a good time there with sex and beer qand Hindi music, but you don;t get your full two hours and you pay another 1200 for the room (rip off). But again - this girl is incredible. Long dark, wavy hair, great English, great technique, she takes her time beyond belief until you're ready to jerk yourself off you are so horny - then she rides you into the ground. Enjoy. (Review # 14319)
  • Mumbai Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sun Feb 26 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    I am writing about my experience of 2 massage parlours in Mumbai. I tried Emanuelle in Marol after seeing in a newspaper advt. The place is good and in a posh building. But all 3 girls there were average. agreed 1000 bucks for a handjob. The girl stripped completely, allowed sucking and fondling of breasts, but no intercourse. I would rate the experience as average. Also called up another parlour advertising 'just call me jennifer'. Most parlours I called were reluctant to talk about service details on phone, but this parlour spoke clearly of details. I asked if they provide foreign nationals. She confirmed a rate of 10000 for a short time and service would be available in Andheri area. I confirmed the deal over the phone. Half an hour later. I was called and informed that foreign nationals were not available for service during afternoon so I had to wait until night or else go for Indian girl. She said tht she'll provide a college girl. I confirmed yes and agreed on 6500 bucks. Then her coordinator in that area contacted me, we decided to meet at citi mall near Oshiwara. A fat girl came in a rickshaw and waived at me, I joined her in the rickshaw, she took me to a somewhat sidey place about 1-2 km away. I was taken to the first floor. Nice clean airconditioned room inspite of bad surrounding area. Then 4-5 girls came there. All with good bodies, slim, good figure, average face, but defintely not college girls! Somewhat dressed in loud gaudy clothing too. The girl offered everthing blowjob, protected sex. The girl was obedient but not enthusiastic. Experience get 5/10. I have also been to a massage parlour in Malaysia. Paid about 2500 rupees. Much better place, very enthusiastic and naughty girls with much better bodies. If u have a chance to fuck abroad then better have fun there. India is expensive and bad quality. Also guys give more genuine reviews on India sex scene. Its 15 years we liberalised our economy, not please liberalise our desires. (Review # 14082)
  • Mumbai Street Action Dated Added: Tue Jan 24 2006 Submitted by: Pimp Guru

    Hey dudes! Check-out this place known as Kennedy Bridge, a place filled wid hot chicks. Well, you can ask any one for Lamington Road. Just take 2 right turns from the Plugin Shop which is on the end of Lamington Road. What you find is a bridge below where hot action takes place. There are around 4-6 building doing the same business. Just walk down the bridge many guys will approach you. Don't be shy tell them all your needs. They will show you the gals.

    Well, this a place better than Kamathipura in Mumbai with same rates. Charges are fixed, 350-750 for an hour includes room, gal and broker. Carry your own condoms.

    Be aware from cab guys. They may insist on showin' better place.
    (Review # 13812)
  • Mumbia--Santa Cruz, western suburbs Massage Parlor Dated Added: Tue Jan 10 2006 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Two more couples arrested for running prostitution racket Mumbai: Close on the heels of the arrest of a doctor and his wife in a prostitution racket, the city police arrested two more couples in a similar racket from the posh Santa Cruz area in the western suburbs here. Deputy Commissioner of Police Shashikant Shinde told UNI, a couple, Nizammuddin Khan and his wife Salma, had brought along a woman from Kolkata to Mumbai on the pretext of providing her with a job on December 28 last. Upon her arrival in Mumbai, the couple forced the woman into prostitution by taking her to a client's house. The following day, she was taken to a Santa Cruz house on the promise that she would be given a maid's job there. However, the Santa Cruz house belonged to another couple -- Cariappa Poojari and his wife Sundari -- who too were involved in running a prostitution racket. The woman was once again forced into prostitution by the Cariappa couple. On January 6, the woman managed to escape and was spotted by a good samaritan when she sat crying on the footpath. After learing her story, the man took the woman to the Sahar police station where she lodged a complaint following which both the couples were arrested. All the four were produced before a local court yesterday which remanded them in police custody till January 12. Meanwhile, police rescued eight girls forced into the flesh trade, six of them from Kolkata, one from Bangalore and another from Nagpur, from the Kamathipura area here. The girls were rescued by joint Kolkata and Mumbai police teams who conducted a raid yesterday. The police have arrested two women -- Divya Kampa Thapa (30) and Monica Rambahadur Thapa (35) -- in connection with running of the flesh trade. The two wre produced before a local court which remanded them in police custody till January 20. The court directed the rescued girls be handed over to the Rescue Foundation at Kandivali here after conducting their medical examination. (Review # 13660)
  • Dahisar Street Action Dated Added: Mon Jan 09 2006 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Old-age home or brothel? Early January, 2006 Gynaecologist Himanshu Desai’s wife Monalika has come down heavily on the police for accusing her and her husband of running a brothel. The couple, along with six alleged sex workers, was arrested on Saturday after the police conducted a raid at their residence at Akhil Tower in Dahisar. Says Monalika, “How can I operate a brothel when I have five to six senior citizens taking shelter at my place.” She said it was a trap to implicate her and Himanshu, who have been running an old-age home and hospital for the last 20 years. “Is this where I run a brothel? How can I be so cruel to allow people to have sex in front of senior citizens who are all nearing 90?” said Monalika and added, “We get women visitors to the hospital every day. When Himanshu was attending to an emergency with three women, a man rang the bell and entered. He went to my son’s bedroom and before I could ask for his identity, cops barged in and arrested us.” Shantibhai (96), a freedom fighter, said in a broken voice, “Kal raat jo aveyo maru guest che (referring to the three women, among the six who were arrested for being sex workers). But neighbours have a different story. “They may have senior citizens at their apartment, but why do men and women walk in at midnight?” asks a neighbour. The Dahisar police say the arrest was made on the basis of complaints. “We sent a bogus customer, who was shown six girls. Doctor Desai himself was seen seated between three women cracking jokes. The girls who were detained have confirmed that they are sex workers,” said senior police inspector Ravi Thakur. The police added that the doctor also confessed to his crime and said he did it as his hospital was not doing well. (Review # 13641)
  • Andheri Strip Club Review Dated Added: Fri Dec 30 2005 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community


    Andheri bar raided, 45 held

    Late December, 2005

    The Andheri police arrested 23 former bar dancers, who had allegedly taken to prostitution, from an Andheri (East) bar.

    In all, 45 persons—23 former bar dancers, the bar owner, 11 employees and 10 customers—were arrested at around 11 pm on Thursday from Mayuri bar.

    They were booked under the Prevention of Immoral Trafficking Act, on charges of prostitution and soliciting prostitution.

    Initial investigations have revealed that the women are Mumbai residents who worked as bar girls in the same bar, before the ban on dance bars. Jointly owned by xxx and xxx, Mayuri was a popular dance bar.

    ‘‘I had received a tip-off that these bar girls were involved in a prostitution racket under the guise of being singers and waitresses at the bar,’’ said Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone X) R P Sengaonkar.

    ‘‘At about 10.30 pm, we sent a dummy customer with Rs 1,000 to check if prostitution was on. He was instructed to come out within 10 minutes if there was no such activity inside,’’ he added.

    According to the police, when the ‘customer’ did not do so, they raided the bar. ‘‘We found the dummy customer with a girl inside a bedroom on the first floor. Other customers were also found in compromising positions with the women,’’ said Sengaonkar.

    xxx’s partner xxx, who is not in Mumbai now, will also be called in for interrogation, said Senior Police Inspector A S Mahavadi. ‘‘All those who were arrested were produced before the Andheri metropolitan magistrate’s court and remanded to police custody till January 6,’’ he added.
    (Review # 13516)
  • Mumbai Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Dec 30 2005 Submitted by: sauparnika

    With reference to one posting in Worldsexguide regarding India's no.1 site for escorts , I was curious to find out the reality. As I used their services in my earlier visit to India in Mumbai, I found their girls were very pretty, as well as the guys behind the site were well-educated and sophisticated in manner, and easy to deal with. Curiosity made me to contact Mr. Sameer at 9892097531 (Mumbai number).  He assured me to send me a girl in one hr time at Leela where I was residing. The girl whom he sent was really good looking and well mannered. I enquired much about Sameer from her, and got a very positive feedback. I firmly doubt the posting and confirm that the competitors of are placing negative feedback about their business. Needless to tell, Chamadi never take advance payment, nor conveyance, nor tips. It is my personal experience... you can contact me on my email for any further queries. (Review # 13510)
  • Mumbai Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Dec 19 2005 Submitted by: shweta

    Hi readers... In Mumbai, there is this female who arranges good men for all ladies visiting Mumbai, or living in Mumbai. Her name is Vandana. The men are decent and provide enjoyable and safe sex. Their rates are negotiable, and cheap too (around 200). They are basically college students who want to make some extra money. She is contactable only be email, and her email address is:, or vandana1811 at the rate hot male dot com. Women, do contact her if you are in Mumbai or are visiting Mumbai. She will make your trip memorable. Thanks. (Review # 13339)
  • Mumbai Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Dec 15 2005 Submitted by: johnny

    Hi Guys, I have been to Juhu Tara Road, near Hotel Citizen Bus Stop. There will be pimps standing in front of some old houses round the road side corner. The girls are very beautiful and worthy. They rate from for Short time: 600 + 100 (Commission) + 50Rs (Room Service)... Totally Good BlowJob, and good Fuck. I am sure you will enjoy. (Review # 13314)
  • Bombay. Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Oct 11 2005 Submitted by: bobby the hobbyist community

    I was in Mumbai a few days back and contacted almost all the escort agencies. First, I approached one Mr. Don. He promised me to send a best babe for 10000. He also assured to send the girl in 30 minutes time, but my servant was superb in front of her--- Back to the pavilion, contacted another agency - one guy named Kumar. His representative came to my room and collected 2000 advance, and after that, no one turned up. Pure cheating. Last but not the least, I contacted India's number 1 escort site - Indianmodels. This time I got a good girl, but the rate was very high...25000 for 4-5hours... So gentlemen, beware if you are reaching Mumbai. Don't pay anyone blindly, the men like Kumar and Don are there to cheat you. (Review # 12853)
  • Mumbai Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Sep 07 2005 Submitted by: Nikose

    Hi... This is a reply to the guy by name of Suresh who posted a listing stating to be careful about other agencies & he gave good remarks for Chamadi. In my personal experience, that site is a fraud & running ten sites under different names. Sameer, or Ajay, as he gives his name on the sites, is a big cheater. He is having garbage staff of girls, not worth spending Rs. 1000.  Also, this guy who wrote on the listing states that for Rs.25,000 you get good staff, but you will just burn your hands. Be careful.

    Want to know more about their sites? ...then check out these -- the number one escort CHEATERS. Jobcal from 09830755717. The number one fraud from listing ads in all the cities & that site owner (dummy name as Ajay) is making big money by placing ads in his site His real name is Prashant Bhatnagar -- big time cheater. Beware of this guy Jobcal. They will burn your hands. The cheater sites are listed below: , , , , , , ,

    Call & get convinced about the guys with whom you are placing a deal. I got good service from a new sight named as Check their photo gallery to place an order. You get what you see. This is what I experienced. Give a try. Worth it.
    (Review # 12630)
  • Mumbai Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Aug 22 2005 Submitted by:

    Hi, I recently visited Mumbai and used the services on They are nice people to deal with. I was very much happy with their way to operate. They are a bit expensive, but end of the day, you felt that the girls of this agency are worth it. I suggest you to use their services when you visit Mumbai. (Review # 12512)
  • Mumbai Street Action Dated Added: Thu Aug 18 2005 Submitted by: Comeon

    Hi. I visited Mumbai for my project. I was there for three days and one of my friends told me you will find nice girls outside VT Railway station. So I started walking towards Fort area. There I find a girl named Vijaya. She is nice, beautiful, very sexy. She looked very sexy in her sari. She charged rs 1500 a night. Taxi came and we sat & went into a nearby hotel. Hotel room cost around rs 1000. We both enjoyed a lot. 56 poses we try that night. Nice experience. I got with her but she also helped me in different styles. Every month now I visit that hotel with her. Nice & good fuck I get from her. Try her. (Review # 12485)
  • Mumbai Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Jul 17 2005 Submitted by: cameo

    Called up Nancy @ +91-98674-33451. She starts negotiating at INR 15,000. Told her I only had INR 6,000. She went down to 10,000 then 8,000 then settled on 6,000. Cute girl (7 outta 10). "Sonya" showed up with the driver (a big guy). Neither spoke English well so it's good to know Hindi. I paid him the 6,000 and he immediately started asking for a tip for him. I told him that's all I had - that's all I had -- that's all I had. Anyway, he finally left so Sonya and I could get down to business. She gave a great BBBJTC and then we took a break and she did it again. After getting dressed and waiting for her driver to show, she began asking for a tip like her driver did. In the end, it was all worth it, if you don't mind the pan-handling. (Review # 12067)
  • Mumbai Other Dated Added: Wed Jun 29 2005 Submitted by: dalal

    Been to mausam guest house. the girls are shit though its cheap. Below that Hong Kong Flat, but watchman sitting always tell that nothing is there. After detail enquiry and once he is sure that you are not from police dept., he tells that thay have to arrange girls from Andheri and it has to be notified in advance. Girl from Mausam Guest House told me that it is very expensive adn girls are nothing short of models. Anybody having more info on Hong Kong? (Review # 11869)
  • Mumbai Street Action Dated Added: Fri May 27 2005 Submitted by: Naughty DB

    Hi guys! I'm from Bombay and have a few interesting tips. The best girls hang out at the discos like Voodoo in Colaba, J49 at Juhu, etc. All the discos that are no longer hot spots, are pick up paradise. Try the brothels of Colaba - 2nd Pasta Lane and Bandra - Hill Road. Right opposite McDonald's on Linking Road, you will always find a couple of cars parked 10:00 p.m. onwards right through the night. Some guys hang around to negotiate and help you chose of babe. There are around ten to twelve to choose from. The darker skinned girls are the best. They will take you to a hotel close by. The girl will cost around Rs. 2500 for an hour (specify how many times you would like to cum in advance). The hotel would cost aroud Rs. 500. The service is clean and good. The girls blow and ride well. They will pamper you if you are nice to them. These babes are quite safe and are shit scared of their bosses. The bosses are well protected and also influential with the cops. Warning: Stay away from Kamathipura - its filty and infectious! Avoid the women who hanging around street corners and railway stations - You might as well jerk off! Many of them are transexuals - specially near Juhu, Linking road, Kalaghoda and Charni Road. The pick ups near Marine lines are a rip off. They will cheat you. Beware! Cheers for the whores of Bombay! (Review # 11598)
  • Mumbai Street Action Dated Added: Tue Apr 12 2005 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    More info on the Mumbai situation.

    [Footloose. Footloose. Everybody cut footloose...bah dah dah dah]

    Mumbai dance bars to be shut down Mumbai, April 13, 2005


    The Maharashtra Government on Tuesday decided to ban dance bars in the country's financial and entertainment hub on the grounds that most of them had turned into prostitution dens and adversely affected the youth. The state government had decided to shut dance bars across the state, except in Mumbai, late last month. It had then formed a committee to examine whether Mumbai should continue to have dance bars. Officials said the Cabinet on Tuesday decided to extend the ban to Mumbai after going through the findings of the committee. The government felt dance bars had sprung up across the city adversely affecting the youth, they said. Authorities alleged most bars had turned into prostitution dens, a charge denied by their owners. A representative of the bar owners' association said a decision on launching a nationwide protest against the state government's latest decision would be taken after a meeting on Wednesday. "We may take legal help and take to the streets to protest the government's decision. This (the ban) will throw thousands of people out of their jobs," said the representative who did not want to be named.

    (Review # 11250)
  • Thane Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Apr 07 2005 Submitted by:

    Near the railway station you will find many whores enticing you and calling you. I fell prey to one teenage, girl approx 18 years, wheatish complexion, with big boobs. I went to her and asked her how much to which she showed 1 finger (Rs. 100.00) and started walking towards a lodge. At the door of the lodge another woman also turned up and she told me Rs. 300.00 for a fuck. I told her that the girl asked me Rs. 100.00 to which she explained Rs. 100.00 for a fuck and Rs. 200.00 for hotel. She insisted for advance. I gave her Rs. 300.00 in advance but before giving her I clarified with the girl that I will make her totally nude, I will become nude, press her tits, put my cock in her mouth and she touched my legs and confirmed that she will take my cock in her hands, I can undress her, she will suck me and make me cum on her mouth or in her cunt or in her hands.


    Her talking like this made me very horny. Imagine a girl telling you all this. My cock was virtually erect. Then the other lady asked me to follow her. The girl with my side, we followed her and I hoped she will take me to a hotel. She took me a less crowded area (Thane is crowded and that too near the railway station) and put her hand in my top pocket to shirt pulled out all the money and shouted "You jerk, you want to fuck her" and I innocently told "Yes, she is very horny for me" and then she tried to put her hand in my pocket containing wallet and I pushed her. Some people watching this told me to run and told that this woman is a cheat and entices men using this young sexy girl. I ran but on the next day I could not find the woman again. I feel very bad as I gave money and also could not fuck the busty, young girl. I still mastrubate imaging the young whore giving me a fuck. I am told that all young girls waiting at the railway stations are cheats.

    (Review # 11215)
  • mumbai Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Jan 11 2005 Submitted by: suresh

    I was in Mumbai on 31st Dec and contacted almost all the escort agencies. First I approached one mr.Don, he promised me to send a best babe for 6000. He also assured to send the girl in 30 mins time, but my servant was superb in front of her---

    Back to the pavilion, contacted other agency, one guy named Robert. His representative came to my room and collected 2000 advance and after that no one turned up. Pure cheating, last but not the least I contacted India's number1 escort site - chamadi

    This time I got a good girl but the rate was very high...25000 for short term... So gentlemen beware if you are reaching Mumbai. Dont pay anyone blindly, the men like Robert and Don are there to cheat you.

    (Review # 10832)
  • mumbai Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Dec 06 2004 Submitted by: Laddu

    Hi everyone: I have been using this site for years and find it very useful, and have finally decided to submit a review.

    As indicated in one of the listings below: Please do NOT trust the scam artists from A friend and I called them up just to see what would happen. A guy showed up to my room and requested the money up front. He said the girl was downstairs waiting in the car and would come up in 5 minutes (yeah right!).

    I said fine, and asked him to take me down and show me the girl. He made some bullshit excuse and left. Next day me and my friend went to the police station and filed a report. These guys have been scaming people for 2 years, and tourists keep falling for the same scam.


    Now in regards to sex here in India. There are some very cute quality girls you can find in dance bars like Topaz and Night-Lover. They MAY go home with you for about $300 to $500 US Dollars, but NEVER give them the money in the club. They will tell you to wait outside and not show-up. Give them the money when they get in the cab with you or at the hotel. The girls that you get for $50-75 in the brothels are not very good looking at all. You can try a bar next to the Ruby Hotel called Ruby and may find a diamond in the rough for about $75. The problem with India is that there is too much red-tape and everyone from pimps to the police are paid-off. The average girl here in India is just too worn-out by smog, poverty, pollution, and the elements. I'm Indian and find the Indian girls in the States to be much better looking. Much better places for sex where the girls are better looking and much less expensive are Mexico Russia, Philipines, and especially Brazil. Be safe.

    (Review # 10553)
  • Anna Nagar Massage Parlor Dated Added: Fri Sep 10 2004 Submitted by: HelpingTheHobbyistCommunity

    Police raided a house in Anna Nagar which they said was a brothel in early September, 2004, arresting a woman, a pimp (called a "broker") and a 38 year old man who claimed to be working as a reporter for a Hindi daily paper in Mumbai. (Review # 10082)
  • Bandra and Khar Massage Parlor Dated Added: Wed Sep 08 2004 Submitted by: HelpingTheHobbyistCommunity

    In early September, the anti-trafficking cell of the social services branch of the CID raided four beauty parlors in Bandra and Khar. Thirteen women and one man arrested for prostitution and engaging in immoral activities. These parlours operated as "ladies and gents" beauty parlours in residential buildings. Police followed up on advertisements the parlours placed in newspapers and complaints by residents. They sent in "bogus customers" with marked bills and claim they caught the women "red handed." The places raided appear to have been Fatima Sahiba Parlour, Sana Beauty Parlor, Revision Parlour, and Gauri Beauty Parlour of Khar. (Review # 10056)
  • Mumbai Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Jun 12 2004 Submitted by: Simalraj

    guys I have been to this place, room no 333,(nepalis). kamathipura. Turn from Alexandra Theatre inside & ask the pimps. Girls are simple & cheap. Sit between them for a time & select. there are other places too, but you need to explore. (Review # 9308)
  • Mumbai/Bombay Travel Report Dated Added: Sat May 15 2004 Submitted by: Nikki

    Posting something for us women out there. been to mumba(india) last year to attend a colleagues wedding (I stay in Dteroit,USA). i had to stay in a hotel in Nariman Point(Mumbai town area) as my friends place was full with her family friends and relatives. during my 1 week stay i discovered this racket in Mumbai which i had never heard of before. there is this group of well educated MBA kinda guyz, who offer their services for Lady tourists like us. i got this information from another colleague of mine and thought of giving it a try. this guyz can be contacted through email only. just mail your requirements along with the your hotel address and time and wholla the guy is at your service. i tried two of them in two days and let me tell you, they are worth the money! they lick,french,anal and fuck like crazy. money has to be negotiated before the encounter. don't pay more than US $35-40 (1500-1800 rupees)they even accept foreign currency(US $). worth giving a try, guyz in their early 20's and can be contacted at friends give it a try, its worth it. i'll try them again when i next visit Mumbai next year. enjoy! (Review # 9082)
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