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  • Mumbai Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sat Oct 25 2008 Submitted by: drg21

    A good and cheap action can be found at mira road, just outside mumbai. If older reviews are seen the massage parlour name and number is there. go to that place and ask for new adress as they have shifted. Girls are good in service but not model types. They offer Fuck, Suck Lick and all for Rs 800 to 1200. If 2 or 3 girls are taken the charge is about 2000 Rs. The girls do everything without much hassle. Some girls do not lick ass or take semen in mouth. But many girls do it. If you tip them 200 Rs or so they even let you photograph them in nude. Ask for pinky, she also does lesbien to some girls.

    Few girls are very good looking, but they give less service. I got 3 girls to do suck, kiss, suck my nipples, ass licking, pee drinking. If Uma is there she also licks your shit of ass. Get some vegetables if you want to fuck them with it. Girls are free to let men suck their tits, pussy and ass. It is one of the most fantasising place to be. The place is very shabby and so looks cheap, but good sex. 
    (Review # 24987)
  • Mumbai Street Action Dated Added: Sun Oct 05 2008 Submitted by: Bhog Samrat

    Dance bars in Mumbai is now history, but the ladies bar in Mumbai suburbs are in full swing, especially the pick-up joints in Dahisar, Mira Road area.

    Right from Dahisar Check Post, you will find bars like Springs, Red Horse, Mili, Mela, Millenium, Swagath, Maina on both the sides of Western Express Highway while driving towards Ahmedabad. These bars open at about 5 Pm and run till about 1 AM, while the girls leave by 9PM. The girls are good, and charge from Rs. 1000/- onwards for a BJ. Good girls charge between 1500 to 2000. If you are a frequent visitor to these bars, the manager there can even arrange a girl for you for the whole night. 
    (Review # 24840)
  • Mumbai Street Action Dated Added: Sat Jul 19 2008 Submitted by: Dimag

    Juhu is wonderful for cheap service. After 2000hrs, u get varities of females to offer services. Make sure to boldly say your wish of services. They charge Rs.100 for HJ with body touch, Rs. 500 for 30 min for full service in nearby hotel. (Review # 24272)
  • Mumbai Massage Parlor Dated Added: Fri Jul 18 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    Hi friends, this is about the massage parlors in Mumbai. Most of the time advertisements given in local newspapers are right and you get what they promise not like Delhi. Girls giving you massage might not be good looking but for handjob and little bit of touching they are fine. the one i visited in Jogeshwari near 'behram baug signal' named Panchakarma (near some EYE clinic) is a little shady place many might not enjoy it but its okay types. The girl named 'seema' was very good though she was fat and not at all beautyful. but these girls are like normal family girls they dont look whores. one more thing i wanna mention that the most talked about parlour i.e Swati Parlour is At Khar West is been sgut down and was major dissapointment for me. anyways please post good maasage parlors now...with correct addresses (Review # 24269)
  • Mumbai Massage Parlor Dated Added: Wed Jul 16 2008 Submitted by: Pks

    I visited some parlors that give kind of standard service of massage as they call but actually it a hand shake and some allowence to plat with tits and sucking nipples or exploring their body. Price is normally Rs. 500 for 30 min. And 800 for an hr. In a average parlor. Not good bodies but yet they milk out your money because you are horny boys ;-) (Review # 24257)
  • Mumbai Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sat Feb 23 2008 Submitted by: LoveMumbai

    In Jan '08, I was in Mumbai on a business trip and stayed at the Heritage Inn in Byculla - central Mumbai. Outside the hotel - on the main thoroughfare - there is a fleet of taxis whose drivers are knowledgeable of all the red light hot spots in town. Outside of Bangkok, Mumbai is the ONLY other city in the world where I have felt at complete ease, safe and treated like a complete royalty. People in both parts of this world are considered descendants from "one" set of people. So on my first night (at around 7:00pm) of arrival, I decided to venture out of on to the street. As soon as I came out the hotel and made my way through the small causeway, I was literally mobbed by these taxi drivers. Everyone wanted to serve me - not because of money I had - but because they wanted to show me around their wonderful and beautiful city.

    So I decided to talk to a few of them in person and asked them a few "mass" critical questions like: - do you the right hot spots in town - there was one who hit the right button - "saab, MAIN aap ki puri sewa karne tayaar hoon" (Sir, I'm here to serve all your needs). So I picked him, and naturally, all other whom I hadn't picked were disappointed. I then asked the driver if he knew of a place(s) where there were ladies dancing to music - dancing bars or Mujra places. To which he replied. Sir, dancing bars have been banned in city of Mumbai for the last couple of years. But sir, I know of this one place - its about a 25 minutes ride from here - its Mujra place - but not a dancing bar. Its a private place where ladies dance to the music but no is served but you can buy your own alcohol from outside and take it in. So I decided to go out to this Mujra place and see for myself. I watching street signs - even though I was not familiar with the city - just in case if he turned to be a rogue cabbie driver. After we arrived there, he opened the door for me - such were his courteous manners - I was impressed by his character. I asked him to go and buy couple of cold beers for me - off course I gave him the money for it. And then we proceeded to the Mujra place.

    I glanced at my watch and it was around 9:00pm and was quite dark. The Mujra place was located on some winding street which would be difficult for any stranger to locate who doesn't know what this place is. at entrance, we were greeted by some chubby looking lady (who knew the taxi driver by name) and asked us to sit inside a small room which was dimly lit. She followed us and asked me what I wanted? To which I replied: I was here to see some "nachne wali larki" - dancing girls. So quoted me a price of 500 rupees for couple hours of dancing by 3 fully naked girls. I agreed, paid her the money up-front and after a few minutes 3 young cute looking gals (I would say 6/10) walked in the room and started dancing to the Bollywood tunes for the next couple of hours as I drank my beers. Towards the end of each song, each lady would be completely naked and off course I would shower her with some money.

    In all, I must have showered around another 100 rupees on the three gals - but who was keeping the count, I was there to enjoy myself. After couple of hours, mamasan walked in again and asked me if I wanted the dancing continued? I said no. She then asked me if I was interested in spending time with any one of the gals to which I declined the offer. All the time my taxi driver was waiting for me outside. Before leaving, I asked mamasan where this Mujra place was located and she said they were in Colaba not too far from the waterfront. I asked the driver to take me to a massage place to which he obliged. It was around 11:15PM. We arrived at this massage within 10 minutes from the Mujra place. This was not too far from sports bar - still within Colaba City precincts.

    There was a guard stationed on the staircase - I presume as a lookout person for any cop raid - he asked us to proceed to the massage place. By the way, he knew the driver very well just like mamasan did. We then proceeded to the massage place and were ushered into a room. I noticed there were other clients sitting in the front room, but my driver cautioned the auntie (lady of the house) that I was his guest and that I needed privacy from others. After few minutes auntie walked in with 10 looking stunning gorgeous gals all dressed in different styles - some in saris, some in shalwar kamees, and other in jeans. I was asked to pick from one and after few minutes of total silence (some gals were giggling) - I selected this stunning 9/10 from the whole pack. I asked to spend the whole night with her and told 4000, but bargained down to 3500. I motioned my driver driver and told him that I've decided to spend my night over here. He said: "koi baat nahi saab, main aap ka bahar intezar karunga" - No problem sir, I will wait you outside and see in the morning. I hadn't paid him for his services throughout the night. He knew which hotel I was staying in, but such was his trust in me.

    The gal I chose came in and my first act with any gal is to stand and kiss her all over - standing off course - it gives me that GFE. After 15 - 20 minutes of kissing, hugging, caressing, I asked her to take my clothes off my clothes to which she obliged. as she was taking my clothes off, I asked her what was her name (in hindi off course), to which she replied: "Nandani". I then asked her how old are you, to which she replied...main 18 saal ki hoon - I am 18 years old. I am 45 and here is a gal who is less than half my age, but of absolute stunning beauty. She was from Bhubaneswar in Orissa.

    Wow, I didn't know they made gals like her in that part of the world. I then asked her to proceed to give me a BBBJ to give me a blow job without even asking me to put on a condom. After a couple of minutes, I splurged into her mouth and she swallowed it - wow man, this gal is something else. She cleaned my dick completely and we proceeded to the bed. This gal was so hyped up that night (I wouldn't be surprised if she was high) that she wouldn't let me sleep for even 10 minutes for the next 3 hours. Her hands and body kept on moving all the time around my dick. I recall being like her (hyed up) when I was her age = 18 myself. Lots of sexual energy. She made me cum 5 times withing a space of next 3 hours - and then we both got tired and went to sleep. At around 8:30AM in the morning, she woke me up and we both proceeded to have shower together. Again, she gave me a BBBJ sans condom. Before leaving, I told her I would be back to see her again. I left, and the rest is history. This gal fared even better than all the girlfriends I have had.

    (Review # 22450)
  • Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Nov 04 2007 Submitted by: Hulala

    Hello all fuckers visiting Mumbai, Delhi or Bangalore for the first time,

    My sincere advice is if you ain't of Indian ethnicity steer clear of visiting the infamous prostitution zones like "kamathipura" (Mumbai) and GB Road (Delhi). You'll probably be fooled by some pimp and go for an AIDS-VD-Herpes infested whore and spend a good USD 50 for a pure shit-fuck.

    It’s best if you simply check any leading newspaper/tabloid for ads on massage parlors and visit them. They are clean, cool and discreet. More importantly not pushy. Girls are pretty good looking and can speak a bit of English. For around USD 20 - 30 you can get a good 60 minute massage including a hand job.

    For a BJ you may have to pay USD 5 but not many girls are willing to give a blow job. So don't push your luck and don't pay more than I have mentioned unless you are visiting India to do charity. Actually we don't need charity considering thousand of American/ European jobs are anyways outsourced to Indian call centers every month. Enjoy a good time in India

    (Review # 21688)
  • Mumbai Street Action Dated Added: Sat Sep 15 2007 Submitted by: Crazymaker

    To talk about Mumbai. It’s the place where i found the extreme pleasure of having a good time with less amount of effort. I am going to classify according to budget. From USD 2 to 20. There are tons and tons of girls around this range. Couple of them are really pretty and young. The areas to look for are in Bandra, kamathipura, and nearby. The best way to find one is to go two streets from Kamathipura area (which has cheapest and most with HIV girls) and go to an area where you will find males standing and ask them for arranging a girl. Good thing is that you will find some girls who aren’t used a lot and don’t have STDS.


    Bad part pay $5 to the pimp. But hey it’s worth it. From USD 20 to 50. This is the range which most of the people fall in and like to have. I mean personally I also prefer this range. Can try more with less money and leaves garbage out. Well this you will find near Bandra West, Andheri, Juhu, Santa Cruz, and Juhu Tara road. The best bet is to go during time span of 8 - 1 and find a girl. She would come for less than $ 70 for night can’t beat that. Also you can find a girl at Thana side and tat area is much safer and better to go at.


    I personally prefer that. From USD 50 to 200. This is the high class range. Best way to find this is to go to clubs like enigma, j49, and several others and just get a entry and go in don’t drink and waste money and talk with a girl who will be a student or model struggling. She would come for the whole night and cost would be more than 100.


    Also if you really want some one of high class go to infinity mall in Lokhandwala and sit outside looking for girls some times a eye gaze could lead to a great time. I have had it just spent 2 hours and got a gorgeous beauty. Also try Nariman Point Area and get girls there. For USD 200 or more.


    You shall get India’s finest but to get a hold of one its really hard. Best bet to contact a cab in Juhu area and ask taxi driver if he knows a high class model. Most of them do but only in Juhu area. So they will get you on and get a girl easily. I stayed for two weeks and enjoyed like hell. I spent more than $1000 USD. but its worth it.

    (Review # 20737)
  • Mumbai Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Aug 28 2007 Submitted by: Kumar

    Foot loose in Bombay once again. This time it was in July with heavy rains. Any way, I was horny and with Rekha there, I decided to spend time with her. But this time I purchased a good cotton saree for her with a matching blouse piece, petticoat and a saree fall. Again I went to the brothel, this time at 4 PM in the evening. The usual place..all woman sitting over there. Before entering, I bargained with the pimp outside. Rainy day…no customers, we settled for Rs 500/- for one hour in an AC room. My favorite Rekha was sitting there. She gave no hint of recognition to me. I told the pimp to send her. The moment she came to the room she bolted the door and threw herself on me, hugging and kissing me. She stripped me down and stripped of all her clothes, made me lay on the bed and mounted me.

    I told her to relax as I had just come to meet her. With that I presented her the saree that I purchased for her. She was thrilled and again hugged and kissed me. With the love she was showering on me, I wanted to fuck her leisurely. She had a different thought. She pushed me flat on my back, slipped a condom and rode me. I was relaxed and after about 10 minutes, I came. She asked me where I was staying. I told her that I was staying in Mahalaxmi area in a four star hotel. She then told me that she would then spend the entire evening and night with me. I asked her how she would leave the brothel.

    She told me to leave that to her and asked me to wait at a particular restaurant near by the brothel and she would join me there in half an hour. All the while she was fondling my penis and I had a huge erection. I again fucked her and left and waited at the restaurant. I did not have to wait for long and she joined me in 15 minutes. She looked totally different. She was wearing Levi’s Jeans (Fake?), a nice lose fitting T shirt, wearing sports shoes and had a light make up…looking like an average attractive woman. She asked me which hotel I was staying. I told her the name of the Hotel near Mahalaxmi. She asked me for 200/-. I did not question her and gave her the money. She told me to go to the hotel and wait for her. She would join me by 7 PM. On my return to the Hotel, I picked up a scotch bottle, a beer bottle, few cans of coke and Mutton Biryani.

    I reached the hotel at 6 PM. I kept the Biryani on the table and kept the beer and coke in the fridge that was provided with the room. I ordered a cup of coffee. While sipping the coffee and smoking, I heard a knock and Rekha entered the room. It was just about 1820 hrs and I was surprised seeing her so early. We hugged and sat on the sofa. She was happy in seeing the 4 star hotel suite. She went around the suite, humming to herself, opening the cupboards, drawers, study table, dressing table and lay on the bed, enjoying the cool AC suite. I opened a can of coke and gave it to her as I finished my Coffee.

    I asked her why she took the 200/- in the first instance and later returned it back to me. She told me simply that it was to bribe the hotel guard in case she was accosted by them. She had no trouble in entering the hotel and had come straight to my room without any suspicion being raised and that’s why she returned my money. She told me she wanted to enjoy the luxury of the room and my friendship. She hugged and kissed me as we lay in a tight embrace on the bed.

    After a while, she got up and said that she would freshen up. She went to the tub, filled it with water so that it was warm…more on the hotter side, stripped and slipped into the bath tub. She asked me to join her and I told her to enjoy her bath alone. With that I closed the bath room, opened my lap-top, took out a DVD of blue movies and watched it while I enjoyed my scotch and cigarette. After about 45 minutes Rekha joined me. She was looking real pretty, fresh from a bath. She was wearing my bath robe, her hair damp, her skin gleaming in its dusky colour and eyes brightly lit. She came and sat next to me and watched the movie. She curled up against me and started massaging my penis over my trousers as she rested her head on my shoulders. I asked her if she wanted to have whisky or beer. She refused saying she never drank alcohol but would do with a coke.

    I got up, went to fridge and returned back with a can of coke. She had slipped off the bath robe and sat on my lap as I sat on the sofa. She hugged me as she sat on my hard on. We enjoyed the movie as I sipped my scotch, fondled her breasts, played with her nipples and finger fucked her. She in the mean while was rubbing her pussy on my hard on and was nibbling on my ears. After awhile she was impatient. She pulled me off the sofa, took me to the bed and stripped me. She bent in front of me. I slipped on a condom and took her doggie style. We fornicated for about ten minutes before I had an orgasm.

    On my orgasm, she pulled off my condom and gave me a blow job. Once I became hard, she urged me to take her arse hole. I then had a go in her arse. After taking her arse, we both were hungry and gobbled up the Biryani. After dinner she told me that she would wash her pussy and arse and I could then fuck her fresh arse and pussy. We then fornicated and I then fucked her thrice while watching the blue movies.

    We ended up with me shooting my load down her throat. After that we slept at about 11 PM. I woke up at 0430 hrs as I felt Rekha sucking my penis. She told me that she would leave shortly. My penis was rock hard and I fucked her straight in missionary style. After that she had a quick bath, wore her clothes and was ready to leave. I gave her Rs 2000/-. She just picked up the money, opened my wallet and put it back. She told me her mobile no. and that from now onwards, when ever I was in Bombay, she would wait for me near the hotel and we could check in as Husband and Wife.

    She said that as long as I was in Bombay, she would stay with me, enjoy the luxury of the hotel, relax, sleep and I could fuck her as many times I wanted. She did not want my money. Just before leaving, she made me lie on the bed and gave me a blow job. As she was leaving, I took the 2000/- hugged her and slipped the money down her back into her panty and told her to keep it. She hugged and kissed me and left with my money warming her pussy for the next time!

    (Review # 20587)
  • Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Aug 23 2007 Submitted by: Kikks

    Have been to Mumbai a number of times and am getting to understand the do's and don'ts of the place. If staying a week or more, rather than staying in the ridiculously expensive hotels, you're better off renting an apartment and getting more privacy. I once had to turn away a girl at a hotel because security wouldn't let her through. To pull, go to the nightclubs at the hotels - especially near Juhu.

    Waiting outside there are usually a couple of girls looking for someone to pay for them to get in. Or once you're in any girls which are by themselves are typically available for hire. Be generous buying drinks, don't be obvious and don't look to leave straight away. The best situation is if you find someone, whose happy to be your girlfriend for the duration of your trip and actually stay with you.

    The first night might cost you, but there after it becomes much cheaper. I paid $300 dollars for four nights with one girl, and also had to pay for meals and drinks going out. Not only someone to fuck, but also did some ironing and cooking and showed me around the city. By the fourth day I was a bit bored with her- but on the whole not bad value.

    (Review # 20542)
  • Mumbai Street Action Dated Added: Thu Aug 16 2007 Submitted by: Horny One

    Looking for some street action went to Kennedy Bridge near Grant Road Station. First you can get down at Grant Road Station East and walk towards Kennedy Bridge, which is a mere 5 Mins away. Proceed towards Ravindra Natyalaya, there on thee road just stand for a min or so, some pimp would come to you. He will take you to nearest brothel. Once you in brothel, the brothel owner would take you to one inside room, and call for around 10 girls to choose from. You can just point out one which you like.

    The girls here were young and sexy. After selection comes the haggling. The brothel owner would ask for Rs. 1200/- , but I managed to bring him down to Rs. 650/- (I quoted Rs. 600/- initially). All agreed, I paid him the advance, Rs. 50 to the pimp and Rs. 50 for the room service. The rooms were clean and had AC and was included in the price. The girl I selected was having knee length hair. Movement I got in, she started stripping herself and then stripped me of all my clothes. Later she started smooching me, followed by oral (with a condom). After some cuddling, and sucking her 33d firm 18 yr old boobs, I penetrated her, using double condom. She was really great in bed.

    After about 15 min or so I cummed into her. After that, she removed the condom from my dick and gave a good hand wash, and dried it with a clean tissue. I tipped her Rs. 100/- and she helped me in dressing back. While leaving she gave a good bye kiss. The place is very safe, Clean and hygienic. My Rs. 850/- were well worth.

    (Review # 20484)
  • Anon Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Aug 16 2007 Submitted by: KC

    Hi Dudes, One more story about my sexcapade in Chembur. I was walking along Diamond Garden at noon about 4 pm. I saw this dusky decent looking chick at the Diamond Garden bus stop. Since I'm a pro at "eye contacts" I signaled her to follow me (look straight in her eyes & tilt the head slightly to the right). I walked in a nearby lane for a few minutes till she joined me. We fixed the deal at Rs.400 and I confirmed that she gives a blow job. Caught an auto rickshaw and went straight to the dingy hotel opposite Basant Theatre about 2 minutes ride from Diamond Garden. Got an a/c room for 1 1/2 hours with condoms for Rs.250. As soon as we checked in, the whore revealed her heat. she quickly stripped to her undergarments which I yanked off with professionalism. Now here is my best talent.

    To speak politely yet with no-nonsense style. I told her that I pick girls off the street twice every week. So if she gives me good service, I'll start picking her twice every week. She smiled n told me to just wait and watch her service. We started with fondling our nude bodies, me caressing her tits and pecking her on cheeks n neck. I found her to be clean with no bad breath and shaved pussy n armpits. She was soon aroused and offered me her lips. I made her untie her plait. God! I freak over the Indian black silky hair (which she had). I made her sit and yank my Johnny till it stood erect.


    Then I forced my Johnny in her mouth, pulled her hair back with one hand and with the other started pushing her head up n down my dick. She put her one finger in her clit and started moaning. Soon I pushed her down, slipped a condom on and inserted in her. I made her put her legs on my shoulders, squeezed her arse with one hand, sucked her tits and banged her as if its the end of the world. We did this for about 10 mins and then rested. Bot of us smoked and she put her head on my chest as though she was my fuckin gf and caressed my chest hair. I was amused but liked it though. We spoke for about 15 mins after which we went for round 2. This time it was doggy style which she simply lovvveeeddd.


    Another 10 mins of furious banging and I was ready to squirt. Now I don’t fancy squirting my load in a girl's pussy than I love shooting it in her mouth. So I pulled her face towards me and thrust my Johnny in her mouth and squirted all the load I'd ever produced. She tried to pull back but I pulled her hair tightly and made sure she gulps every drop of the creamy froth. I then made her lick every drop of the remaining cream on my dick till it was squeaky clean. We both cleaned up. Got dressed, exchanged our mobile phone numbers.


    The best part is that I just gave her Rs.300 (Rs. 100 less than decided) and she was happy to accept. I got to know she works in some shitty shop in Chembur and turns a whore whenever she needs some money or whenever she's desperate for sex. She told me she needs sex at least once a week and then calls some of her friendly customers. Doesn't charge them. I told her to feel free to call me whenever she needed my Johnny at her service. We have planned to meet next week where we drive in my car and she gives me a blowjob in the car. Then we plan to go to a lonely spot outside Mumbai and fuck under the goddamn sky.

    (Review # 20482)
  • Mumbai Massage Parlor Dated Added: Thu Aug 09 2007 Submitted by: Worldtraveller1000x

    One billion people on this subcontinent, and I had to meet the one who wanted to talk after sex. I was in India for business, working to destroy America by helping dell outsource its tech support. As the plane landed, after a 15 hour flight, I knew one thing, if I didn’t get my dick in something fast, there would be trouble. As everyone knows you can't take a taxi in India cause of all the fucking cows wandering the streets, so as usual, I had to take a rickshaw.

    As I’m bouncing through the streets, I turn to my driver and ask if he knows a good place to score some pussy. I don't know if he spoke English, but pussy is a word that crosses all language barriers; he just looked at me and smiled. As we crept through a side alley, he stopped the cart in front of a rag covered door. He pointed toward the opening and I went in after tossing him a quarter.

    As I passed through the curtain, I was almost knocked down by the mingled smell of curry and pussy. I knew I was home. The madam led me to the main room and took out an album of pictures I was to choose my girl from it. Now, I don't know who these pictures really were, but the girl I selected looked nothing at all like what her picture led to be believe.

    Strike 1 she had to be in her mid 20s, but she had the look of am amateur, her dot wasn't even centered. I came here to get the real experience, so I wiped it off and made her draw it back on. Apparently she didn't have any 'Handoi' clay, so I drew it on with a sharpie. Then; it was down to business.

    As I laid her down on her cot, I had the wonderful time of trying to take off her 'sari' which is apparently Indian for stupid woman toga because it took forever to pull off. It was like unwrapping a mummery, and I'm not into bsdm!!! Ok, so after I had her down, we talked about price. She had the audacity to demand 200 rupees. She must have thought I was some fresh off the plane newbie. Nice try. I told her she'd get what I felt she deserved if she pleased me - she was on my cock before I was done talking. She was good at that at least, the missing teeth really added to sensation, and she knew the 'knee-elbow' position, my favorite. Now, I ride it safe, but there are times when you just need to rock it raw.

    After peeling the condom off, I threw it in her hair and railed her harder than I could imagine both ass and pussy. So that was pretty fun. After I rolled her onto the floor to get some must needed rest, I fell asleep for about 15 min. When I woke up, she was still in the room. I thought, maybe, she was just waiting for sloppy seconds. But I was wrong. Apparently she spoke broken English, and starts asking me all these stupid questions about America. First, she wants to know if I know Bruce Willis, so I’m like 'hey, you stupid bitch, do you know Ghandi!?' She starts to cry. It was really awkward.

    So I tried to cheer her up and say that curry was my favorite food, she says to me "curry is just general term for meat rice and spices mixed together, what kind of curry do you mean?" fuck this, there’s a reason I don't screw my wife. I went to the corner, pissed, and left. Pros: good head decent price close to my hotel cons: saris hard to take off talking

    (Review # 20404)
  • Mumbai Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Aug 01 2007 Submitted by: Kalhiru

    I was in Mumbai for business last week February this year. I stayed at Intercontinental hotel, when I checked whether it is a Girl Friendly Hotel, I got to know - NO. But the guys over there told me that girls can come, if they are good looking and coming by a hired cab, and posh looking. I got a friend of mine who came down there for that business meeting from Bangalore, who got some contacts over there. He talk to some friends and got two girls arranged for us that same night. We went to another place within Andheri West to have a look at the girls and select the one we need for that night. It was a Flat - a house where we met 7 girls.

    They were just like visitors, and actually it is a house. We were two guest again, and those girls were very friendly. And finally after about half an hour we picked the girls we wanted. Guys - they were gorgeous and in their early 20's. Different models to be selected from Slim to fat, Long legs to short legs. I selected an average girl about 5'5" in height. And we paid INR 1000 to the guy [His name was Ravi] and we came back to hotel.

    The time was around 3/30pm around 5pm we got a call and the girl was on phone. And she was asked to come to my room, and guys she in a dress that no one will recognize her that she is for hire. Very beautiful just like a model. No problems with hotel staff. She came in and we were just chatting and she asked me to extend the hotel room to double stay, which I did without hesitation and hotel guys send me that additional key.

    So from then onwards she was with me for 2 days [Friday Night till Sunday night] She gave me everything, not hesitations, ass, mouth, pussy, legs, tits anytime for any long. At the end of the session, I ask my friend how much is my damage will be. Guys it was just INR 8,000. But we paid INR 2,000 extra to each girl besides their shopping’s which was about another INR 4,000. But they were very clean, sexy, provided me the best they can offer.

    They actually offered what they have to offer without hesitation. I will get hold of my friend about the contacts, and will post locations and directions for you guys to contact them. Hoping to be there again in Mid August and I have already added 2 extra days for those beauties to join me.

    (Review # 20358)
  • Mumbai Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sat Jul 14 2007 Submitted by: John

    This is my review of massage parlors in Mumbai. I have gone to a couple of massage parlors but tell u none r good. The girls there are not at all pretty I would give 2/10. forget about fuck u wont even get a fuckin’ blowjob. u have to pay like 400 for just the massage and then the girl would ask u if u would like to have extra services or 'cooperation' as they call it. What you get then is just a handjob for an extra 200 (playing with tits with her clothes on included -for topless pay another 100rs).

    Now if u really press her hard on having sex. She would give her cell no to you and charge u 1000Rs for sex at your place but no way at the parlor. But I tell u they r really not worth a 1000 rupees u could find much better ones from the brothels and for much less. I heard u get college chicks for 1000-3000. If anyone knows how or knows any place better then mail me. Also let us know of your experience

    (Review # 20185)
  • Mumbai Other Dated Added: Thu Jul 12 2007 Submitted by: George

    Hi guys, been to Mumbai regularly for my business visits and after a lot and lot of whoring around. Found the following to be the best:- Go to grant road- a bar called Pooja Bar.

    Ask any local pan stall will tell u. this is a pick up bar. girls are avg 6-8 rating. beer is 250 INR have smokes and beer and tease and fun with the girls, get high, get highly aroused and the go to nearby place called "White House" where close to around 50 babes of all size and shapes available. In the building there are 2 rates one side near the bridge is 400 - 1000 the other side some comparatively elite looking babes for 1000 - 3000 for a couple of hours.

    I usually go to the bridge side take a girl finish the hot hot throb in my pants, come out have a beer, pop in a Penegra-100mg, buy more condoms go to the other side pick up some really voluptuous, curvy Bengali babe(s) and have non stop fun for 2 hours. price for 2 babes can be negotiated to 2000. Been there 10 times in 1 year and always found that Bengali(Calcutta) babes to be more beautiful and the warmth of care is always there.


    They are usually fair, long silky hair, round globular boobs, with big round eyesand they are very eager for sex. Just praise her that she is the best there and heaven will be in front of you. I also use this technique if I want more cooperation, I go in see the array of babes, select one in my mind, come out have a smoke, go in again and pin up with the girl and will tell her that "I saw the nearby establishments too but found her to be the best, and that’s why I came back" This will give her enough high to give u a mind-blowing BJ. Tried it around 10 times and worked all the 10 times. No extra money just pure plain praise. Have fun guys and keep posting!

    (Review # 20153)
  • Mumbai Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Jun 17 2007 Submitted by: The Rock

    I actually do not have a recent review to list but however, it is still a review. I visited Mumbai 5 years back and I know it has been a while my experience was good and still seems fresh as if it were yesterday. I stayed in Mumbai for 4 nights at the JW Marriott Hotel in Juhu Beach. The coolest hotel I have ever stayed in my entire life. I forgot the name of the nightclub inside of the hotel but it was the best nightclub I had ever experienced.

    The most amazing and most beautiful girls you will find inside of that club. They were clothes skimpier then the girls in the clubs here in the U.S. Picked up a hott and sexy Indian girl from that night club and took her back up to my room for a private rendezvous. The next afternoon me and my friend asked either the guy who was working as the bellhop or the concierge where we could find some hott girls to have sex with. He gave us the name of a couple bars and also took us to some whorehouses where they lined up the girls for us and we just take our pick. Kind of like window shopping you can say. They come back with us to the hotel for the night. You do have to be careful though because one girl that came back with me saw where I was staying and the minute she got inside my suite she started ordering room service and making phone calls to Delhi.

    I was like no way. I told her you don't order chicken and rice before we screw. I didn't bring you all the way up to my room to buy you dinner cause if that was the case I would have brought my girlfriend with me cause after I buy her dinner and a movie she also fucks me. Ha ha ha. Anyways, you can find some pretty good whorehouses in the vicinity of the JW Marriott hotel. There is a small hotel across from the JW Marriott next to the Pizza Hut and there is a guy who works outside of that hotel who is like a pimp and he will show you like 10 girls for you to pick from.

    There was one hott girl named Nikita Aurora that I hooked up with and she was damn good but she costs about INDR 25,000 for like an hour. I am going back to Mumbai in 8 months in February of 2008. I booked my tickets already a week ago and I am so excited just thinking about the Indian girls there. I will be staying at JW Marriott of course but I hope I can hit up some new scenes while I am there. I did hear from a few people while I was there that people who have deep pockets can also somehow make contact with the Bollywood Film actresses or soap opera actresses or famous models and hook up with them for the night as well. I don't know if this is true or not but if it is then I hope I find out in February.

    If anyone reading my review knows if it is true or not please let me know. Also some of these big name hotels in Mumbai have hott and sexy ladies working inside of the hotels as the front desk agents and if you play your cards right and befriend, even they will hook up with you as well, and some of them will even do it free of charge just because of the fact that you are from the United States and they are yearning to get laid from a must be fairly decent looking for this to happen though. I had this experience when I stayed at the Leela Kempinski in Mumbai but that is another bedtime story that I will share one day.

    (Review # 19588)
  • Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Jun 04 2007 Submitted by: KC

    This info is for those staying in Mumbai's suburbs of Chembur, Kurla, Ghatkopar and Sion. If you are looking at low-budget street action yet an exciting time, then visit the "Diamond Garden" at Chembur.

    You need to reach the garden between 7 pm to 7:30 pm. Just walk on the outer boundary (promenade) of the Garden. You will see a lot of street whores roaming around the same promenade looking for customers. Most of the girls are dark and average looking - 5/10. Some of the more lovely ones wear a burkha and masqeurade around. You need to have an eye to assess their beauty through their eyes and hands (exposed parts). Some girls could be way younger than 18 years yet with firm plump boobs. All these girls are either from neighboring Govandi or Kurla and are filthy poor. Will do a lot for some extra money and they are there everyday from 7 pm - 9:30 pm when the Garden closes.

    Just stop by them and do the deal. Ideally, a fuck with boobs squeeze & tits suck should cost you Rs. 400 for 1 hour. The hotel room will cost you Rs. 200 - 250 for 1 hour. If you are as intelligent as me in negotiating with a smile, then a suck would come for free, else you may have to pay Rs. 100 - 200 extra for the blowjob. Always take the girl with you in an auto rickshaw to the nearest hotel which she will suggest. Don't let her take the money and go alone with you following in another rickshaw, because u;ll surely lose her. Always wear a condom and never let the girl go out of the room even for 1 minute with the money.

    Alternatively, if you bring your car along, just ask one of the girls to hop in, drive to a nearby dark lanes (after 9:30 pm) and get a hand job / blow job for Rs. 200/- for 20 minutes.

    You can take the Harbour Line Train and get off at Chembur station. Diamond Garden is a mere 10 minutes straight walk from Chembur station, else you can take an auto rickshaw from the station for Rs.9/- Alternatively a lot of buses stop at Chembur station - Nos 8, 92, 504, 521, 371, 374, 375 etc.
    (Review # 19422)
  • Mumbai Escort Review Dated Added: Tue May 22 2007 Submitted by: Bootypincher

    To all those visiting Mumbai - If you are not Indian by race, I suggest you skip visiting the brothels or picking up whores from streets. Most likely, you'll either end up getting ripped off or have a disappointing experience. The booming software and call center industries have tripled the salaries of young executives. Therefore there are many "massage parlours" in Mumbai full of sweet and courteous girls catering to educated and qualified clientele.

    I suggest you just look up the "Mid-Day" tabloid or the "Bombay Times" for the various advertisements on massage / beauty parlours. Call them up and ask for the services indicating the "extra" service or as they call it "co-operation". Don't be lazy to ask them to send a girl at your place, unless your cock is dead tired. They'll charge you almost 50% extra. Instead, move your arse up their massage parlour. Remember, most often the current rate for a 45 minute oil/ powder massage + girl + handjob would cost you Rs. 1000 or so (USD 25). You are free to ip the girl around Rs.200/-. Normally the girls would not agree to give a blowjob and even if they do they may charge you as high as Rs. 500 extra and yet make a mess of it. So just relax and squeeze the girl's boobs and arse and let her play around with your dick. Have a great time laying!
    (Review # 19088)
  • Casper Escort Review Dated Added: Tue May 15 2007 Submitted by: Teninchezlong

    This is just a comment about the Tokyo Massage Parlor what a joke! I've been to way better whorehouses overseas! I'd rather drive down to Denver and get a streetwalker than to play the games and waste my money on their services. Sure they shower you and all that B.S., but the girls there are weak in the sex department! I made out better going down the road less than 500ft. to that hole in the wall bar "The Horseshoe" and picked up 2 chicks for free.

    I had better sex with them and it was free! I would not recommend Tokyo Massage to anyone. I wouldn't even recommend the hole in the wall bar down the road from it.go to Denver! Much more variety; the girls there are more hip; very sexy; and really are attentive to a man's needs! If you don't believe me look Vanessa up on Denver back page dot com. Look over to the personals section and click on adult services. You will eventually find Vanessaís ad! She posts her ad everyday! Damn she was worth every penny spent and she was real just like the pics in her ad!
    (Review # 18856)
  • Mumbai Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Mar 20 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    In Mumbai its not good to pickup girls from streets, some known streets may have sexy looking girls walking but many times these are homosexual (eunuchs) who do makeup to look like beautiful sexy woman. They’re genuine prostitute woman also but you might not be able to easily identify.


    They may rob you once they see your purse or place where you keep money. Also they have their backup team which will keep track of where you take her. Also the network of prostitutes and police work together in India. If you are sometime caught by police for anything then just quickly bribe him and move on if he is single guy something like US$20 for a single guy is more then enough if he catches you with prostitute. But if there are more then one guy, then wait for their main guy to come and talk to you, just take him to a corner and talk to him politely and tell him things like you are a Government officer (not businessman or tourist) in your country and is on some diplomatic work for some India government mission. He will be scared little bit and will settle for very low amount may be like US$40.


    Also never fight with the police with arguments. It can create more trouble or pointing those things you are doing is legal and you were just talking and planning. They are very egoistic and hence if you start arguing they will trouble you more. No policeman in India like to take any legal action against you, he just want to threaten you and get the maximum money out. Hence if you get afraid and tense, then you will need to pay more money. On other hand make him tense with some polite talk and you are done. If after bribing the policeman become polite and you need more sex then no one other then the policeman himself can be your best guide to best sex in the town.

    (Review # 17912)
  • Mumbai Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Mar 20 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    In India Mumbai & Calcutta are the best places for sex. But to get quality girls is not easy. There are some well known brothel streets where price for sex can be lowest you might have ever heard. It starts from US$2 and $10 could be the highest. But these streets are not secure for foreigners. Dance Bars are second most known place for Sex. Dance bars have selected (normally good looking) groups of girls who dance in the bar on Indian songs entertaining the customers.

    Many foreigners who visit here do not realize that the dance bars are also like place to select girl for sex. It’s done in hidden way because prostitution is not legal in India. If you like some girl you can tip her to show your interest in her. You can tip say US$5 for a good looking girl you like. Also you can tell waiter that you are interested in that girl, he will pass on your message.

    Girl will normally give you her phone number thru waiter and then you can call her after she leaves the bar and make arrangement. Normally you can call her to your hotel for US$30 to US$50 but some girls will charge quite high, you should normally stuck to your price.

    In India people can demand even 5 times their standard rate and do not have any ethics. Also bigger and more famous bar you go, better girls you will get. Taxi drivers can let you know about the most famous and hot dance bar in your area. Also note that you have to go to dance bar and not to simple bar. Many bars also work like brothels or have brothels in adjoining building. You can ask waiter that you need a girl. He will take you to the place where these dance bar girls will be standing in line you can select one of them and have sex in private room.

    Again rates should not go above US$50. This is quite a lot of money for any girl and pay for room and middle man. Normally it’s possible to have a girl for US$25. It is normally risky to pay more in India. If middleman and others see that you are paying quite high then they will think that you are first time person and not aware of things in India. This may also attract unwanted elements to you.

    Third most easy and quick way to do sex in Mumbai is to just ask a young taxi driver. He can take you to good quality brothels as per your budget. Here you can find at least 10 girls to select from but you need to have sex there. Normally they will not send girl to your hotel.

    Fourth way to find girls for sex is to ask your room service boy of your hotel. Normally good hotel service boys will not tell anything, you will need to stay in some hotel mentioned in worldsexguide reviews or nearby to the areas mentioned. Many massage centers are also brothels but it’s not easy to find as they keep changing their place. Also in India prostitution is illegal any massage center or particular bar mentioned in sex guides might not be valid or useful after six months as they change their address and name.

    It is always better in India to go thru a middleman like taxi driver, waiter or person recommended by them. Doing things alone can put you in trouble with police or wrong elements. The middle man knows exactly where to take you so that risk is the least and they know, they will get their commission only if things go smooth. Also its better that you tell the middle man to take his commission from the other party and you may just give him some tip like US$2 if things are fine.

    Also if he takes you to a place where girls are not good then ask him to show other places also. Normally he may tell you some standard prices but you will always find the final price is quite high. Also if you make some friendship with some brothel owner, like by giving him good business in 3-4 days, and be kind to the girls and also give some tips. Then the brothel owner may let you take the girls to your hotel for little higher price. Also you can ask him to send one girl with you for few days.

    (Review # 17910)
  • Mumbai Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Dec 27 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    I'd given up trying to get laid in India during my business trips cos the price is so high and the quality so low. But recently I had a spot of good luck - by talking to one of the locals. I was staying at serviced apartments in Bandra for a couple of weeks and got chatting to the receptionist, Priya - she was quite westernised, maybe about 25, not bad looking, spoke English and wore jeans. In the end she came upstairs to my apartment and we had quite good sex and a BJ for 3000 rupees (about 100 dollars).

    Then she suggested going to a club - and she invited her two sisters! It turned out they actually were her sisters. Deepa was 18, the other Puja, 20 - both good looking, with tight, fit bodies especially for someone 40 years plus like me. We went out... had a fantastic time, drinking and dancing. Despite the lust stirring inside me, I made sure I was a perfect gentleman and generous with the money (by Indian standards) - spending maybe 200 dollars on food, drink and club entry. We got back to the flat in the early hours and all three stayed over night in the spare room.

    Priya came into my room in the morning and asked me if I wanted more sex. I said yes but would prefer to try Deepa (the 18 year old) - if that was at all possible (I held my breath to see if I would be slapped). Priya went into the other room and came back with both girls. Told me that Deepa had to go to college but could give me a blow job before she left. She told Puja to strip down to her bra and panties (which she did) - and suggested I might want to spend the rest of the day with her until Deepa got back from college.

    In the end, Deepa gave me a deeply satisfying blow job (in her college uniform - which I loved), while Puja played with her pussy and tits. Finally, Priya and I made an arrangement so that all three of them would party with me for the next two weeks I had remaining in Mumbai. I paid all expenses, plus a generous daily personal allowance for each girl. In total, the two weeks cost me about 2000 dollars - but worth every penny. I was surprised that these middleclass girls, were so relaxed about sex for money - but I think in the new India where money and consumerism means everything, this was an easy way for them to hang on to the lifestyle they want to become accustomed to.
    (Review # 16808)
  • Strip Club Review Dated Added: Sat Dec 09 2006 Submitted by: Meanderer

    There's not much skill or effort required to hook up with a pretty good whore in Mumbai, you just get a taxi to somewhere close to Kamathipura, wander about and you will get enough offers to make your day.

    I didn't find any strip clubs, I would be surprised if there were any. If anyone knows of any, I would be please to know where.

    What is particularly interesting, really, really fascinating at least to me are the bar girls, which seem to me to be quite unique to Mumbai.

    I used to think the bar girls in Shanghai weren't particularly good value for money, you shell out for them to chat and flirt with you. But the bar girls of Mumbai are something again. You pay, and they still won't speak to you.

    To understand the bar girls you really need some context. In most cities and towns I came across in India, bars are places for men to drink and talk with their buddies. There are no women at all in bars. But in Mumbai things are different.

    In Mumbai, in some of the bars you will have a group of say 20 to 40 girls in the bar. Often they are standing in a gaggle together, or around a circle in front of the customers.

    These girls are the most beautiful young women I have ever seen. Such curvy bodies, such beautiful faces. So lovely! Did I mention that they're fully dressed, wearing their Sunday best sari?

    Now you pay them, 20 to 50 rupees seems to be a standard tip and in return you might get a smile. If you tip they hang about, they won't speak to you, but it seems to me a smile from these girls is worth a lot to me at least. I enjoyed it a lot, but I doubt that it's going to satisfy everyone.

    Sometimes a customer will get a plate full of 20 rupee notes and throw them over the head of a singer.

    One night I got a phone number of one of the girls I was tipping and I imagine that the opportunity to meet outside of the bar is what most of the lads are after.

    I never rang it, but I guess that there's an opportunity here to meet, to chat, and who knows. I'm not much a flower to look at myself, so I imagine whatever would have happened would have had to be on a commercial basis.

    There's no certainty about anything happening mind you. One night I was feeling silly and I was tipping one of the girls 500 rupee notes, just for the hell of it and nothing at all resulted from it. Her fingers brushed mine, as she was taking the money. Maybe that means more to an Indian than it means to me. I don't know. She just whispered to me at 6:30pm that her duty was done and that she had to go, and that was that.

    I imagine for most of the time they're dealing with dreams, fantasies, the possibility that something is going to happen. Of course mostly nothing does, but for a time, at least you have the dream that something might. Is that worth anything? It is to me, but at times I'm a sentimental fool.

    The only suggestion I have in all this is that it is really worth while ingratiating yourself with the manager, by tipping them, say 20 or 50 rupees every now and then. When you start doing that, they look after you very well indeed!

    I'm going back there one day. They are so lovely. Indian girls are really the best of all.

    (Review # 16569)
  • mumbai Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Sep 14 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    Hi everyone! I went to Mumbai March 2006 to watch cricket (Ind v Eng).Only got to see one match but evenings were a revelation. Iíve got a couple of friends there but didnít mention I was looking for night entertainment as didnít want them to know. If you are looking for just a massage get the Mumbai midday paper which has loads of ads. Just call up and they will tell you where they are located. girls will charge 400 Rupees (£5) for one hour massage with hand relief 600 rupees(£7.50)Now for the real deal-went to a "dance bar"(girls donít actually dance anymore)in Andheri, the place was packed with men and about 30 girls all stood in a circle. The idea is that if u see a girl u like u throw money at her(10 rupee bills in my case)or u ask one of the waiters to hand it to her. if she likes the look of u then she will slip you her Tel no. The girls are very clever at enticing u to give more money and u may not get to go with her as u are competing for the good ones with other punters. I got lucky twice without throwing any money as the girls seemed to like my smiley face in a room of mainly straight laced Indians. A girl called Surekah gave me her Tel no. via a waiter but as I was too pissed that evening gave her a call next day. I spent the afternoon with her (3.5 hours) with a full GFE. I Gave her 5000 Rupees (£65) Bargain. She was on a scale of 7-8.If u are looking for girls in Mumbai just ask taxi or rickshaw drivers. (Review # 15551)
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