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  • Kochi Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Nov 24 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    I was on a business trip to kochi last month.  I had really gone mad after hearing a lot about mp.beleive me this was the first time i was making an attempt for live the indian express newspaper tried a lot of numbers.most of them do not offer ladies massage as police have become strict.thats what they claim.finally got one number.the guy told me to come near mathrubumi not tell anything to autodrivers.sometimes they bring u more trouble.they are not as good as their mumbai counterparts.

    finally reached the jn and called him up.after 5 minutes this guy turned up.basically this guy was checking up whether we are original customers or police. then he took me to a house in an was looking like a genuine mp.paid him 1500. then went intothe room.there was only one girl who was sitting outside.she was not all that great(6/10).

    went inside the room.the babe turned up.first spoke to her in mixed malayalam and tamil.her name was sabitha.told her i was not interested in massage and wanted pure entertainment.then she removed all my dick was getting bigger.then i started kissing her.we were smooching for almost 4/5 minutes.then slowly removed her tops.then kissed her with just bra.her boobs were also getting bigger. then i myself removed her bra.she never said no to all these.she was alsoplaying with my cock.then i was tasting her tits for almost 10 was really pleasure and i had my heaven that day.

    then i asked to remove her lower pants.initially she said no.but i told her i will give tips.then no protest again.i asked her why she was doing this job.usual kerala lady answer.husband in dubai.he is not sending enough she is working overtime.i saw her only with panties.poor lady her panties were in a bad condition.i said i will better remove it otherwise it will be torn badly.she could not control her laughter.. then she showed her magic i was about to fuck her..but better sense prevailed as i did not carry condoms and neither did she decided not to take a risk in life..guys plz take this point in mind.kerala's contribution to hiv/aids is on the rise.this state is known for std among lesbians and gays..this is my request.. then again was hugging and playing and i was just enjoying the warmth of her body and it was almost one and half was time out for me..i just gave the lady 200 bugs..she was very happy.then told her to buy a new set of panties and bra.then i gave her another 200.poor girl she did a good job.then happily i came out. good luck guyz
    (Review # 25243)
  • Hyderabad Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Nov 14 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    Hi guys, I was in hyderabad for a week with a weekend in between. On Saturday and on Sunday I scouted the entire region of Punjagutta and Banjara Hills but to no avail. A bit disappointed, on Monday I decided to try out the newspapers. I picked up the TOI and found some massage parlour ads. Called up one of them and for 2,500 bucks I got an offer for a full service. I went as advised to Ameerpet and met up with the person who was waiting for me at a local bar. He took me to a residential colony and introduced me to a girl. I paid Rs 2500 + 500 as tip to the lady who was with the girl in the apartment. Trust me guys, in the last 8 years that I have been seeing women, this was the best experience I had. The girl had no complaints about blow jobs, hand jobs etc and she gave me the best of hand jobs and blow jobs... Ultimately when we really did f***, it was the best experience I ever had... (Review # 25189)
  • Banglore Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Nov 02 2008 Submitted by: Pamrone

    This is my second time in Banglore mongering. This number in the Newspaper (ads as MP) said he can bring young girls from nOrth and East India to a particular Hotel. Rates 4k.Girls 20 yrs and model types. Reached this hotel and took the room.

    The guy phoned and brought the girl. A short young wheatish skin girl in jeans and body tight T shirt with her overnight bag walked in. While discussin with the guy I asked him to bring a pk of Condoms which he gave me. Very cooperative guy. The hotelboys new him well. After he left the girl kissed me and held me tight.

    She is from Bihar and has an early marriage and a child back home. looking at her body one would not think that she has had a baby. She is like a model with taut skin and tight booty and thighs. The boobs are medium but really perky. I sucked them for a long time. She started massaging me, a really professional at it. She stood on my back massaged with toes. really good experience.She then asked me to massage her. Back and front and thighs. A very horny experience indeed. allowed to tongue massage with biting on the back. A really good experience.

    After I asked her to take body bath she took bath. allowed to soap her. fingered her wet pussy and played with her boobs. Pinched her body. With soapy finger she allowed me to finger her arse. She kissed my bottom with toung reaching the rim. She was really horny. I had taken a viagra tab before getting into act. She took my ck in her hand and played with the balls. Back in the bed she sucked the ck. With a bit of persuasion she sucked the balls also.

    She wanted me to finger fk her while she sucked me. Really horny girl. When in full flight she grabbed ck and sat on it with her tight cunt taking the full length. She rode till i shot inside her (inside the condom). after a rest we did rear entry. washed her cunt again and I went for cunt eating session.She literally cried out of pleasure.

    During the night she massaged my head and face and slept right on top me with her cunt grinding on my face. very good experience. Around 5 am she got up and we did another round on my ck and she left. It was very enjoyable. She said it will be difficult for her to meet the same customer again as she travels to another city with another agent. She asked for food and drink. She drank hot spirit. and ate little. She was saying that I enjoy to the full while pleasing the man. A good attitude. all services except Greek she allowed.She even gave me mouth freshners during the night. So professional. Pamrone
    (Review # 25081)
  • kolkata Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Oct 17 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    I am from Hyderabad and often travel Kolkata on business. I visited several places over there based on the report in wsg. The reports in wsg seems to be written by the content writers of the site. Most of the information is bogus. The information is correct to some extent but the details and vivid description of details are all wrong. Besides there are police all over. They take to the police station.

    Once i was taken to the police station and manhandled and my family members were informed. I do not have the guts to face the family. My advice to all sex lovers, in India do not go to prostitutes. The police, pimps and antisocial elements are all there to fleece you. Better go to Bangkok or some other place. Go for sex in India only if prostitution is legalized.
    (Review # 24892)
  • yerkaud hills SALEM Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Oct 17 2008 Submitted by: Chennaiwala

    everyone knows that yerkaud hills once had nearly ten pimps and 300 girls changing everyweek. now when I visited recently after a year I was shocked to see no pimps and girls . but with help of a cottage manager I found one pimp named kannan . he said old pimps murugan, selvam and lot of others stopped doing business because of police raids . now I managed to get a kannada girl who speaks tamil also for 500 RS for one hour . nice girl in 20s did bj also (Review # 24889)
  • Kolkata Street Action Dated Added: Mon Oct 13 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    Hi, this is a real event which happened to me. 2 months back I was in kolkata on vacation..let me tell u I am native of that place, but had never tasted street action I decided to check out the action near esplanade metro station....

    I was quite horny that day and wanted to fuck almost at any cost....I was standing near the soiety cinema which screens A'movies....feeling really horny I just wanted to relieve my load.....Suddenly I saw a woman approaching... even thought he looked like a hijra, I could not make out properly....she offered me a fuck for 500/-..i dont know what happened to me, I started follwing her....she took me on the other side of metro where she boarded a taxi... that's when I realised she was a shemale.... as luck would have it I sat beside her on the back seat of the taxi... she called out someone from the crowd, and suddenly I found a lady in her mid 40's entering the cab and sandwiching me with the hijra...and that when it started turning ugly....

    At first the hijra said I pay her 1000/- upfront and then I can take the lady to a lodge nearby and fuck her the way I like for hours together...then she wanted to see my purse... I had 600/- in cash which she forcibly took away... luckily she did not take the ATM card....the bitch also took extra 100/- bucks for the taxi ride.....she said I need to give her commision for the arrangement... when I said I don't have cash, she said why not withdraw from the ATM... I was so helpless I almost told her to leave me.... by then that bitch showed her true colour and said if I dont pay up 4000/- she would make a cry on the road that I have raped her friend... We got down near a Citibank ATM...I was trying to delay my cash wethadawal....that's when she started shoutig the public....Finally I don't know what happened to me.... I just started runing on the road.. At the end I managed to board a bus and escaped.. Total damage 2000/-. profit=0......GHuys just be careful.. I was too horny and made a grave mistake..... Stil dont know how to lay in kolkata
    (Review # 24874)
  • Kolkata Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Sep 30 2008 Submitted by: Hardhotdick

    It was a cloudy afternoon in Kolkata.I was staying in a moderately luxurious hotel around Park Street in connection with some business assignment..feeling aroused, wishing for the juicy holes of a young slut..A room attendant,Raju,proved resourceful. He gave a couple of mobile numbers to contact agents who could arrange a good fuck in the evening.One of the two mobiles was switched off, but the other responded favorably.

    A girl called Natasha was at the other end. I told her about my requirement, that my cock was hungry, and I couldn't wait beyond an hour. Natasha called back in about 45 minutes and the deal was settled..I was to pay 5000Rs for 2 hrs.

    A pair of college-going sisters living with their widowed mother were available in an apartment around Theatre Road, a location near my hotel. Delighted with the prospect of banging sweet teen holes I left my hotel without further delay to reach the destination. It was a 6th floor apartment in a multistoreyed building.The mother opened the door with a smile.Tina and Sweety were the twin sisters I was supposed to choose from..T

    hey looked just about 18, fair and tall with enviable figures, and extremely raunchy. Choice was difficult and I wanted both of them..Rs 10000 and an additional Rs 1000 for some hot drink were worth-spending. The next 2 hrs were pure fantasy. Tina gave me a good blow-job while Sweety licked my crack and ass with great passion..I titfucked both the sisters, fingered their shaved pussies,squeezed their boobs till my dick got hard and hot..I had a deep anal with Sweety,cummed her ass with a jelly load..Tina had a nice tight pussy and I fucked her down to her clitoris..They didn't like me to wear condom and I too never thought of reducing my pleasure.. It was a real pleasure evening..I'm very grateful to Raju and Natasha to give me the best young whores that I have fucked so far..
    (Review # 24812)
  • Cochin Massage Parlor Dated Added: Wed Aug 06 2008 Submitted by: Pamrone

    Cochin, in Kerala is a conservative city compared to many metros of India.  Finding a chance for mongering is not easy. As I had seen in other metros the dailies carry small ads for MPs. Tried calling them. many of them have only men giving massage at hotels or homes.


    One number however said he can ato send females for massage; not at their place but to hotels or homes. I was in a friend's place and alone for few hours. asked for details; the guy said there are ladies of different ages; mostly house wifes who will come and give massage for 1-2 hours. Only massage? He said some of them would give full service.


    Agreed on a price and gave directions to the house I was staying. After some time This lady accompanied by a man came in. The man collected the agreed amount and waited in the living room. The lady came to the bed room. She was about 34-36. Very good loking and fair. 7/10. Very sexy in nude and had no hesitation to kiss my chest and suck the nipples. Played with her boobs- a good handful. Sucked my hard cock with a condom on. Licked the balls. allowed to finger her cunt. Good deep hole. Got horny and started eating her pussy. Clean and no smell. She seemed to enjoy it. Sat on my cock and really gave good cunt squezzes (never experienced before this particular type of Cock massage by a pussy. Continued till I cum. Enjoyed every bit. She gave her number and invited to her place. I could not make it as I left the city.

    (Review # 24433)
  • Kolkata Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Aug 04 2008 Submitted by: Sumit

    During evening after 8 PM walk in Park Street, near Park Hotel. Don't take any bag with you. Look on both sides and walk slowly. You will find agents coming and whispering about College Girl, Hostel Girsl. Make your deal. Best of luck (Review # 24414)
  • Delhi Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Jul 19 2008 Submitted by: RS

    hi I went on business trip to delhi.  I was in my car and as I turned from south ex flyover I saw a lady ask for lift. I offer a seat in my car.  she start talking about herself she told she has husband in army and she`wants a company I asked whether she like to visit my place she said yes.

    I took her in my apartment. After sometime she start talking of sex.  I touch her and she start smiling after that she got so opened we had every kind of sex except anal.  It was surprise for me but later she demanded loan from me.  I gave her 500rs and I know she will never give it back to me.  She was a smart lady ,but I enjoyed it.
    (Review # 24277)
  • delhi Massage Parlor Dated Added: Fri Jul 11 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    DELHI PROSTITUTION ARRANGEMENTS.28/06/2008 While in India, for dental implant treatment I decided after reading some earlier reports just to investigate exactly what the situation was at least around the New Delhi station area.

    As suggested in one report I looked in the Delhi Times, which is distributed usually free in most hotels. And was a little perturbed at the ambiguity in the adverts for female masseurs usually specifying for medical complaints. On talking to a floor guy, he was a little surprised that I enquired about a masseur, as most masseurs I Advertising in the beauty parlours India are male. Thus lending a lie to one of the earlier correspondents.

    I then looked at the Hindustan times, again a free paper in English and found many explicit adverts for female masseurs. This paper is available online from the Hindustan Times With nothing better to do on a Saturday, I decided to make a few phone calls. Their lay the difficulty. Most were answered but as soon as I asked slowly, do you speak English, the call was cut. Though the advert explicitly said, catering to overseas visitors, and it only visiting five-star hotels. After several abortive calls a female who could speak a little English answered and asked me to wait for a call back at last picked up the telephone.

    The conversation was slightly stilted, mainly exploring what a type of service I wanted and are waiting for me to say specifically. Deciding to be blunt, asked whether or not they did sexual services including blowjob and massage. I got no explicit answer, except asking for my hotel and room telephone number and they would call me back. Again a wait of five minutes, and my room phone rang, obviously checking. She asked me whether or not I wanted a girl to come to my room for a massage, or whether I needed to go to her. I explained that I had a strong feeling that females were not allowed in the room, at which she said they would try it if not I could come into then.

    She then asked me the time and I wished the appointment, to which I replied 6 o'clock in the evening, not wishing to be out too late in a strange city in a strange country. As the time was then 1.30 She said she would call me back at 5 o'clock to confirm. She then asked what level of service I wanted, 6000, 8000 or 10,000 equivalent to approximately 75 pound, 90 or 120 English pounds. Being cautious I went for the 6000 5 o'clock came and went, and I decided that it was a no-show and went to the travel agents to check a flight to Nepal.

    On returning at 6.10 the phone rang and the young lady I had spoken to before asked me if I still wanted a masseur. To which I replied yes but I thought she said 5 o'clock not 6.10. The voice then insisted did I want a girl on not. As the trip to Nepal, was £156, I decided to investigate further and agreed to a meeting at 7 o'clock outside the hotel. Again a long wait and at quarter to eight, after several phone calls got into a large Mercedes outside the hotel and after talking to the girl, passed over 6000 rupees to the fellow driving, he then in the Indian fashion demanded 500 rupees extra as a room charge?

    The girl was about 18, lightly coloured and quite attractive dressed western style and quite pleasantly spoken. Seemed quite willing to come with me to the hotel. However as I suspected as we got to the lift, a loud shout came from reception, specifying no females in room. We then retreated to the Hotel entrance, with the girl who’s said she would make a telephone call to her pimp and they would arrange for me to visit their flat. Can Realizing that I had forgotten to pick up cigarettes, I had no option but to leave her there, while I went back to my room. Surprise, surprise when I came back there was no girl. However I had a telephone number, and a call which was a long time in being answered, said wait there they would be back as the driver had been moved on by the Door man.

    Fully expecting never to see them or my 6000 again I decided to wait. However five minutes later the Mercedes, drew up outside and I was beckon to enter. Getting into the car, which now contained two more people, a slightly older woman and a second young male.

    They explained that they were going to take me back to their place, and there I could do the girl. Before going out I had emptied my wallet except for 8,000 rupees, and after paying for the girl I had about £30 in cash. I had also left at my hotel room, my other credit-card debts and only carried one that had already been used to the limit, that day but could be used if necessary for taxi purposes etc.

    The first thing in the girls madam asked me was how much money I had with me, in which I truthfully replied about 2000 rupees, in which she asked me for my wallet and removed all of it. She then asked if I had a credit card, I said yes. By this time the car had travelled several miles in the direction of her flat. I didn't feel particularly threatened, and in fact the humour in the car was quiet light the girl whose services I had paid for sat in the front with the driver, and it was obvious from their body language that he was her boyfriend.

    A little while later, she said she would stop at an ATM, and could I draw out another 3000. Unfortunately I explained I had drawn out all the limit on the card that day, and that wasn't possible. After a word with the driver, she said I owed him the 500-room charge. Could I pay for petrol? 500 rupees is about six pound UK money, which wasn't going to bother me so I agreed.

    The atmosphere in the car was again not threatening, but to keep the group sweet, I offered them cigarette as they were smoking from the same one. There was no smell of drugs The madam in the car didn't say much to me in English, so as a precaution I memorized landmarks as we drove. After about half-an-hour, the madam explained it, that they were getting close to the flat and we must all be extremely careful. Saying that the driver would get out of the car and walk in front of me and I was to follow but not too closely. They would be behind; there was no doubt about it they were extremely nervous of being found out by the local population.

    The older girl explained that, after the massage the other guy would run me back the hotel, if I would pay for the petrol I followed the guy up five flights of stairs, to a sparsely furnished room, which was obviously one of their living quarters. It was obviously a poor neighbourhood and their possessions were quite basic and there were no luxuries. The bed was basically a blanket folded double on the floor, something I had seen in many developing countries.

    These people were certainly not rich, the Mercedes I suspect was either work related or borrowed. Though possibly this was a borrowed flat However he was no sign of the young lady who had come into the hotel, and it was obvious that the madam was going to substitute herself. All this time there was no threatening behaviour, just straight businesslike.

    After a very professional but well-done massage and blowjob, I then went left with the guy in front of me back to the car. The young girl was down in the garage with her boyfriend / pimp and that was the last I saw of her. However the madam and the driver drove me back to the hotel via stopping at a garage where he asked for my credit card. I assume, the prices charged equivalent to 6000 for a blow-job, 8000 for straight sex, 10000 for? Knowing that's the card was Pin protected, or would require a signature I had no problem as I would refuse to pay if he took more out.

    My suspicions were soon aroused by the amount of time that it took to fill, and I complained to the madam who was still in the car. Who assured me it would only be 500. I wasn't particularly perturbed, as diesel in India is about 50 pence a litre, the most they could get on my credit card would be about £20, and I still needed to sign or enter the pin which I would refuse to do in a crowded area. However the driver eventually got back into the car, gave me my card back, which I realised I hadn't signed and started the car.

    Again the assurance that only 500 had been taken, despite my pointing out that the fuel gauge was now pointing to full. The trip back to my hotel was otherwise without incident. The whole experience, which lasted till 10 o’clock, was quite entertaining, and at no time he did I feel threatened. Okay it cost me about £100, but the girl would have come to my room if we hadn’t been stopped however it had been a interesting adventure, and gave me a insight to the prostitution scene in India. A quick call to my bank, cancelled the £18.50 that they had used on my card.

    However feeling slightly peeved, I sent a text to the number I had spoken to on the phone, stating that I had cancelled the transaction on the site credit-card, but to do so I had to give a report to the police. After I sent it the phone rang once which I ignored, and just for safety moved hotels Hotels in India will not allow in most cases females into the room, and the local girls are kept in check by public gossip and condemnation.

    No doubt there are ways around this, but on the limited time I had the local girls are not available to Westerners, unless you possibly take even more risks than I did. Though while I was waiting for the car to come back, I was approached by an Indian, who did explain that no hotel in the New Delhi station area would accept female in a room, but he knew of one. After thinking I had already lost 6000, I declined Therefore I agree with several of the previous correspondents that in India a cheap lay is practically impossible without inside knowledge or language
    (Review # 24234)
  • Trivandrum Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Jul 07 2008 Submitted by: Sam

    The idea of an MP and getting full service is a bit difficult in this town, so I was told. There were a couple of MPs listed in the English paper. Ended upin the town in an afternoon. Just like that phoned first two numbers. Man answered and very hush hush and said only m to m is possible. I was least interested. tried another number , this time a very posh sounding lady answered. We have not got an MP as such she said and as I was about hang up she continued but if you are looking for some entertainment I have someone for you.

    She said she is talking from a posh flat and this girl (a real beauty she is ) is in her cousin's place in another flat. Discussed the rate. Bit of bargain. She asked me to wait at place near my hotel and after some time a boy came in an auto and took me. Suprised to see that he stopped near a very posh apartment complex. Took the lift and arrived at a door. He knocked.The door opened to a hall with plush sofa with 3 women sitting on it. One was fair but looked aged the other two were black in colour but young. These b girls looked like they came from a poor background. Anyway rates were discussed. I went for one black beauty.

    She came in and removed her dress. A pair of conical not so big boobs. I squezeed them. To my delight a lot of milk came out. She said she has a baby and husband is not working and make ends meet by entertaining men. She was very passive and I had to guide her to do things. She did not like BJ.kissed balls. Allowed me to finger her. She had a very small hole. and she was aghast to see my member. Put a condom and tried to stradle my ck. did not enter. She was very apologetic. and allowed me to enter from front. With a lot of effort the head went in.  Then I rammed her full while the milk bags were fully squezzed.I had a full shower with milk. I found her enjoying the effort. Took out and entered again and rammed till I came inside. She felt happy about it. It is good first experience with milk pots. After tipping her I left. She dressed and wiped the bed and floor (My cum was spread on the floor). Good mongering. May be this posh lady is a coordinator. 
    (Review # 24208)
  • banglore Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Jun 15 2008 Submitted by: Pamrone

    Have been talking to this guy whose number I got from MP ad in newspaper. He said he can only arrange girls in a particular hotel. I agreed and took a room in that hotel. Moderate place. good room and bath. There is no special sign about any mongering activity. Actually next room was has a family.

    Phoned the guy and gave room number. in 20 minutes there was knock on the door. A bully looking man came in followed by a short girl in jeans and T shirt. she carried a bag with her clothes. A bit of apprehension. But the bully was very passive and I gave the agreed amount. 4000 for full night.

    He asked for tip and went out with it. Then the floor boy of the hotel came in and asked for his tip (to keep his mouth shut).

    got him to buy few condoms (as the girl in the meantime said she does not carry any).

    once everything set she turned to me and rubbed on my Bermuda . I stopped her. removed her T shirt. She had most attractive medium conical breasts. For Indian standards she was very fair. She spoke Telugu and Tamil. I placed her from Tamil nadu. She is a student and stays with a family. The lady of the family introduced her to Escort service. She gets this extra money. She refused to give her no.

    She wore clean panties. I had a real hurtful cunnilingus over her pantry. She did not want direct contact. Pussy was red lipped and unshaven. I liked the bush. Played with the bush.

    In the meantime she took out my cock and saw its size. Asked me to enter her. She put the condom with difficulty. Good penetration is very young and not fucked often and so her hole was tight. Good 20 mints of ramming and she sucked my nipples and finally the CUM.

    She washed me and her cunt.

    Took rest. I played with her boobs and sucked them. She had a call from her BF. That was really horny for me. While she was oohing pooing with him I was sucking her boobs. What an experience.

    That night We fucked 4 times. She left early morning giving me a good kiss and pat on my cock.

    Very good experience and it is worth the money.

    while leaving she changed another dress and walked out of the room as if nothing happened. She told me she prefer mature men who want pure sex and no nonsense. She did not like anal. Her Blow job was average. She did this without condom.
    (Review # 24075)
  • Delhi Massage Parlor Dated Added: Wed Apr 30 2008 Submitted by: Pamrone

    I was in Delhi recently and after work I thought I must have a girl. tried one or two numbers in MP section in the daily newspaper. the lady answered and said their place is near Qutab and explained about the rates. For full action it is 4000. I was very horny and agreed.

    got stuck in traffic and she kept calling me. it was bit difficult to locate. a boy was send to guide me. It was a small flat. Ok. Three young girls were introduced. I went for a slight dark girl in a tight jean and a black silk top which really showed up her conical breasts.

    she guided to a room with a TV and Bed. TV was running and as the lights were switched off gave enough light to see the girl in nude. Very attractive young girl.(7/10). good perky breasts which I started sucking. She liked it but was in a hurry and she started working on my cock.

    Got a very big erection and she said she is scared of the size. I said not so big it is.

    I went down on her and ate her pussy which she liked very much.

    After a good 15 minuted of hard pussy eating She wanted it in. Put a condom and she found it difficult to put the condom.

    Penetrated her right on top. Got her thin legs on top and really rammed to heart ful. it took a long time to cum. she did not like BJ. So came in her wet hole.

    At one point I had her rolled up under my chest while deep inside her. She loved it. It was worth it.

    So friends enjoy in Delhi. pamrone
    (Review # 23418)
  • Delhi Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Mar 29 2008 Submitted by: RRR

    I visited Delhi recently and after finishing my work I decided to enjoy the city. after roaming the city and seeing the beauty and boldness of the city I decided to fuck any young chick.

    I dialed a no. given in times of India escorts/massage section and deal was fixed in a guest room in Lajpat Nagar for 3000 rs for 2 hr. I reached that place and in about 30 min a girl around 21 yrs came in my room in guest house.

    She was good looking but was in hurry,asked me whether I carry condom or not and started striping herself. I told her to cool down and offered cold drinks.

    She started to jerk my penis and applied condom. I asked her to take it in mouth but initially refused. after pursuing her she took it in mouth unwillingly.

    After 10 min she asked me to penetrate her, whick I did and for another 20 min I ejaculated. before ejaculation I asked whether she want it on face or mouth,again she refused.

    She started to dress up. I was Hungary for wild sex. I offered her 500/-,she denied. then I offered another 500/- ,she said o.k.

    Then without her demand I gave her another 500/- and she smiled. after that I thoroughly enjoyed oral,and then anal. I ejaculated in her ass and that was great. she told me she experienced anal for first time.
    (Review # 22840)
  • Delhi Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Mar 11 2008 Submitted by: DK

    I have gone thorough the Review from a traveler who have been to India in Delhi. let me tell all the user that if they are going to Red light area of new Delhi which is very near to New Delhi railways station. area name is G. B. Road. when you are approaching this palace i would suggest not take any help from any pimp. you will so many pimps there. but just ignore them. while you are walking (perfect timing would be 8 pm to 11pm and if you intend to fuck all the night then go and find out you piece of choice around 9 to 10 pm and book her for night and wait till 12 because if you are booked for night then you have to wait till mid night.

    After that they will start. for 1 time fucking rate is 20 USD max for night it varies from 60 to 100 USD maximum in this area. other areas in Delhi are not secure; i mean this area is categorized as area for fuckers while in other areas you have to be cautious. because frequent raids are also happens. while you are in G B road take care of your Pocket and wallet. be bold. don't be shy or hesitating. be vary clear. 90% of the girls there will not do Blow job or won't be agree for Back drive. its all depends on your luck.
    (Review # 22548)
  • Ludhiana Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Mar 10 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    Ludhiana is a city belongs to Punjab. I came here for a business job and after finish my job here I search for an escort. Believe me that it is very difficult to find a chick. After searching all Internet, I can reach a number which is belonging to Mr. Waila.

    In the first conversation, he asked what I want and told him and asked the price of a hot Indian chick. He said 12000 rupees which is equal to approximately 250 USD. I found it very expensive and thanks him. Again search but nothing found. No local ads in newspapers here. I tried everything, asked the taxi drivers etc.

    finally 2 days later I called him again, and asked if any women is available today. He said again in my hotel no, he gave me a hotel name called Hotel Amaltas, go there , check in made a call again to him. I said him okey but 12000 is expensive, after talking more we agreed on 6000 thousand rupees for 3 hours equals to 125 USD.

    I want to that hotel, checked in and called him. Give my room number. After waiting approximately 20-25 minutes a beauty came. She was approximately 23, long dark hair, big breast, named Ajuni or similar like this.

    I gave her the money and then she began kissing me, she was good in kissing also French kiss. She took off my clothes and brought me the shower. We took shower together and she first gave me a good blowjob under shower.

    After shower, she pushed me to the bed, and jumped to me. By the way, her breast was very big and has long nipples. She kissed all my body then finally gave me the best blowjob that I have never lived. She was good at blowjob and I did not understand when she put the condom to my penis.

    In 3 hours we tried every position, missionary, doggy style, etc.. She did not allow CIM but COB is okey.

    I can give 9/10 for her service, if you will be in Ludhina , I advice you that call Mr. Waila who you can find his number in Internet search.
    (Review # 22540)
  • Bangalore Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Jan 30 2008 Submitted by: Kumar

    Foot lose in Bangalore. After going through the posts in your site, I decided to try my luck when I had gone to my main office in Bangalore. I had a quick drink and dinner at Brigade Road and decided to walk down to Shivaji Nagar Bus stand. I lit a cigarette and started strolling leisurely. A lady passed by me and smiled. I returned the smile. After strolling for another 50 meters or so, I saw that lady standing. Recognizing her I smiled. She smiled back at me. I said hello and she replied back saying hello. She then asked me if she could stroll along with me in perfect English. I said yes and she slipped her hands into mine and strolled along with me, our hands between our bodies (she was all most clinging on to me).


    I then noticed her. A slim petite attractive lady, about three inches shorter than me, dusky, long hair that was let free with average but hand full sized breasts. She was wearing a saree she spoke to all the while in perfect English generally asking about me and asked if I was a localize. I replied in the negative. She asked me where I was putting up to which I replied in the company guest house. She then asked me with a smile if I wanted to spend the night with her, but with a rider, that it would be 750/- bucks for the night with a promise she would do what ever I wanted and another 500/- bucks for the room (non AC). Bangalore being a cool city, I agreed.


    She asked me to buy condoms which I promptly purchased while passing by a chemist. She knew where to take me and took me to a lodge. Apparently the lodge knew her because when she walked up to the booking desk, the person sitting behind the desk just gave her the room key without she making any entry in the guest register. The room was average sized room with an attached bath cum toilet and was neat, clean and comfortable. She quickly drew the curtains across the windows, switched on all the lights and came and hugged me tightly. She asked me to strip her. It was barely ten minutes past nine. Having all the time in the world, I kissed her and started fondling her breasts and asked if she wanted to have a drink and dinner.


    She said she does not drink and that she had her dinner but would do with a glass of juice. Through room service I asked for a quarter bottle of my favorite Royal Challenge whisky with Ice and for some pomegranate juice. When the service boy came, seeing her, he asked for immediate payment. Paying and tipping him off, I sat on the sofa and she removed her saree and panty keeping her blouse and petticoat on. She sat opposite me and had good intelligent talk with me. She told me she was from Mysore, staying in working women’s hostel, work in a corporate office, and when ever she was bored of the hostel life she used to search for some one to spend the night with saying that a little bit extra money never harmed any body. She was a real tease. All the while when she talked with me in perfect English she would hoist and spread her legs flashing her hairy pussy.


    I was now raring to go. Sitting besides her, I opened her blouse and bra, slipped my hands between her legs and fondled her breasts and pussy while I kissed her on her erotic zones. Slowly her vagina got lubricated. Once lubricated, she stripped completely and stood on the bed and jigged a bit inviting me to take her. She looked stunning with her pert breasts, erect nipples, slim petite body and her long hair. All the while she mimed the act of fornication either from front or from back, inviting me. I was still casual. While I was having my last drink, she got besides me, pulled out my penis and started giving me a blow job. By the time I finished my drink I had a perfect hard on. I just spread her on the bed and with my sex starved penis, I fucked her straight in missionary style and came in about five minutes.


    After that I lay on the bed, trying to get my breath back. She coolly pulled off the condom and licked the cum of my penis. In another 15 mins I was ready to take her. I had my go at her another four times that night, taking her doggy style and in missionary position ending with me screwing her arse (which she agreed I could fuck without a condom) which I ended up coming deep in bowels. She got up and went to the toilet and returned with a napkin and cleaned the shit and cum off my penis ending in cleaning my penis off with savlon which she had in her hand bag. After that we finally slept at 1130 pm.


    Early morning I got up when I felt her giving me a blow job. Once I had a hard on, I again fucked her thrice. After that we got ready and I paid her the money along with 500/- bucks for the room. She in turn gave me her mobile no. and said that she would be available to pleasure me if I called her up two days in advance before arriving at Bangalore. While leaving the lodge, she coolly walked up to desk and handed over the 500/- bucks note to the desk clerk whom he accepted without batting an eyelid or giving a receipt.

    (Review # 22338)
  • Bangalore Street Action Dated Added: Sun Jan 27 2008 Submitted by: Berner Bar

    Hi Friends and fellow followers, I thought it was a shame to not have any real action guide for a Metropolis like with such affluence and outlook. The street action is best near Sagar Theatre opposite to Alankar Talkies. There is a Theatre (cinema House) opposite, here at the corner and along the closed government office you can find some chicks, they are pretty decent. Charges are high as 800. But I am unsure if Lodge charges are always included. Also have some caution to be easily duped by a Trans or a CD. There is additional action on opposite to Abhinaya Cinema.

    There a lots of chicks standing at St Marks Road. The old girls from The Majestic Bustand have moved location to the Railway station. They stand along the footpath covered under darkness along the road side close to the Subway entrance. Always at Bangalore negotiate the price and the inclusive tips, lodge, auto fare. Street action is also present on top of the Fly-overs inside The Majestic Bustand.

    There are lots of loners, easily approachable but the place is bustling. There a lot of CDs and Trans people along the Median road dividing the Moffusil and the City Bus terminus. Go towards the entrance of the Moffusil stand and walk past towards the other end. Street action at Brigade and Commercial street is easily not accessible, its there but requires a lit of technique, additional action starts very late. The Police are more watchful here. Thank you regards Good Times in the home of Good times.

    (Review # 22325)
  • GOA Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Jan 17 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    Its high time that GOA gets an update of course like many other reviews I have read they all seem accurate just out-of-date. Anyway it is still a place where street action is almost unheard of, no beach, no street corner, no particular club or location, no other place where a single guy can find someone just off the street and massage parlors well forget that too.

    The last one that seemed to exist was in Calunguate (sp) circle away from the beach on the right it’s been closed down, now from what I hear there was good action there, but not any more. In Panji there exist a few message parlors but I cannot tell the location as it is very complicated but the neighborhood is residential and right next to a local water reservation (open) pond looking type of thing. I went it cost rs 1000 and I got the very worst hand job of all time for an additional rs500.worst message ever too, the girl was kind good looking, but had no idea how to handle the goods, and didn’t act like she enjoyed it either.

    She was all nervous and scared. if you go to go  taxi drivers, (some but not all), can usually or they tell you at least that they can hook u up for a lady all night for rs 7,000---I never got the chance to try one cause I ended up finding a regular Russian tourist and get it for free. this is your best option guys, these chicks are here getting drunk of their asses, looking for action on the side too, married , single, divorced, whatever the disposition they are available, go to Paradisio in Anjuna, or mambos, or titos and there will be single available hot European or Indian girls there looking for single guys,. and all for free, or mostly free anyway not including dinners and lunches etc, cause usually I you good you'll get them all weekend or week. good luck. --peace

    (Review # 22285)
  • Pune Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Dec 20 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    Hi All: Have been traveling in India for the past three weeks but a lot of work and no play made me rather dull!! So, i got in touch with some local regulars (my domain is the east coast of the USA and Eastern Europe) and they were helping me out (names/IDs will not be mentioned). Anyhow, I ended up in Bombay (for the record I will never call it Mumbai) and was looking forward to the opportunities it presented but alas, it was not to be!! I was way too busy with work (which pays for the hobby!!) and by the time I got around to the pleasure part I was tired beyond belief!! One thing I learned in mongering is not to under-perform which is what I was afraid of!


    I ended up in Colaba/Gateway of India and went to Voodoo which is now closed! Haven't read anything about it so decided to try and came up empty handed! Then took the subway and went to Grant Rd and could not locate wither the Pooja Bar or the White House which have been posted here. As it was getting late towards midnight, I decided to give up only because I had full faith in one of my recently acquired friendship with a regular monger. I came down to Pune for meetings and had an early afternoon so decided to try my luck with the local talent.


    For all the newbies, here are some pointers so please pay attention and learn the tricks of the trade! No matter what town you are in India, confidently get into a Rikshaw/Auto Rikshaw/Scooter or whatever you call it, and tell the guy to take you to a lodge where women are available. You have to be that explicit!! Now, if you can speak Hindi or the local language, you are better off compared to speaking only English but the cost differential is about $20 so who cares! So, that is what I decided to do waiting for my local friend to get done with work (again, I can not stress how important this is to support activities) and start the festivities of the evening.


    I went out of the main gate of where I was staying in Shivajinagar and hailed an auto-rikshaw guy and asked him to take me to a lodge with women. He just sat there and was thinking and and I interrupted by saying that I wanted to try Gulmohar Lodge near the Taj. He had never heard of it! So, I tried the touristy alternative which was did he know of lodges like the Gulmohar and his response was in the affirmative. I said, what are you waiting for and we were off. If you PM me, I will give you the lodge name but will not post it here so as not to have it shut down. Once there at the lodge, the driver of my three-wheeler asked a ledge guy outside whether the lodge was open and whether the goods were available.


    That fellow said yes to bith and the rates were read out to me - Rs. 600 for the room and 1500 for the girl and there were 10 to choose from. I thought that given the heat I was in, at least one out of the ten would be worthwhile the effort so I decided to try and also add to the sparse database for Pune. So, I went in and paid for the room and went up to the room and in came 11 girls of all shapes and sizes. I picked Payal (I am sure that it is not her real name) just because she was in a kick-ass saree and had this demure look to her.


    Also, she had big boobs that didn't hurt!! The sex was good and the girl was a bit distracted but was worth the effort. Now, here is the kicker! I didn't even ask for it but she, on her own, gave me her cell number and asked me to contact her for a night out and fun. I said I would sure take her up on it if I ever got a chance because I really enjoyed out time together. SO, the moral of the story is go out and try your luck with the auto-rikshaw guys or the rikshaw guys and post your experiences. You will never know until you try. Good Luck! JewelThief

    (Review # 22157)
  • Leh Massage Parlor Dated Added: Thu Jul 26 2007 Submitted by: An American in India

    This was quite an interesting discovery. The first time I tried to explore massage parlours in India was in Manali, and I was surprised to discover that there were no female masseuses, only males (there were female masseuses but they did massages "for ladies only"). So this dude took me up to a room. Then he had me get naked. I was pretty shocked. I was kind of skeptical, but I went along with it. The oil massage seemed to be pretty sensual, and I was wondering if he was going to top it off with a handjob. Sure enough, at the end of the hour, the dude jacked me off.


    First time I've ever been jacked off by a dude. I'm not gay, and I was kind of uncomfortable with the idea but I just closed my eyes and fantasized about girls, and enjoyed the feeling which still felt good. Whole thing, massage and hj, only cost 200 Rs. But I set out determined to find a massage place that had a lady masseuse. In the city of Leh, in Ladakh, I finally found it. It cost 500 for the hour.


    I wasn't really sure what the rules were so I didn’t push for any extras on this visit. I stripped down to my boxers and enjoyed a very nice oil massage, which at times seemed to veer into sensual territory, though she never touched my genital area. The masseuse was a pretty dark skinned 21 year old girl from Kerala. At the end she had me go in a makeshift steam room. She had me take off my boxers for this and gave me a towel to wrap around myself. She seemed to be perfectly comfortable with my near-nudity in boxers, so I decided to test my luck the next time I went.


    The massage was advertised as "full body massage" so when I went for a second time I asked if I could take off my boxers, and she said ok. For the first part, when I was face down and all she saw was my butt, this wasn’t a big deal. But when she had me turn over I had a huge erection which was fully exposed to her. She then took a small towel and covered it up. I interpreted that as meaning that extras probably weren't available. However, towards the end of the time, when I was sitting facing her, she had kind of an expectant smile on her face.

    I pointed at my dick and asked if she could massage it. She smiled shyly and asked if I could give her something extra. I said how does 500 sounds? She said ok. She acted very shy at first and told me to close my eyes while she gave me a handjob, but I opened them and looked into her beautiful eyes. Then she did something which I really hadn't expected. She started hugging me and holding me tight. I put my arms around her and embraced her passionately. Then she started kissing me! I wasn't expecting that at all! I started taking off her top, to which she did not object.

    I got her topless and touched her breasts as she jacked me off. She whispered to me "do you have a condom?" but by then I was about to come and just let her finish me off. I gave her the 500 before I left and she seemed very pleased. I promised to come back again. When I returned for a third time the next night, we totally dispensed with the pretense of a massage, and she just jumped into my arms and started kissing and hugging me.

    It wasn't long before we were both naked on the massage table fucking. She was a great fuck, very passionate, holding and squeezing me, and she kept telling me that she loved me. The sex took us nearly through the whole hour long session. The whole time, she never asked for any money. I didn't really understand the situation. I'm not sure if she regularly performs sexual favors for her customers or if I was a special exception. She certainly seemed to be very fond of me, but I don't know if that was just an act or not.

    But when she didn't ask for any money, I thought maybe this was something special. If she had made love to me because she really liked me, then maybe I shouldn't have offered her money. Maybe my offering her money was demeaning. But I figured that she could use it, so I thought of it more as a gift than anything else. I gave her 1500 Rs. She didn't reject it. On the previous two visits the people at the main desk had had me pay the 500 for the massage itself when I left.

    This time they didn’t seem to expect any money from me which I thought was funny. But I expected it, so I gave the 500 directly to my girl. So I paid a total of 2000 for an hour of really great sex with a gorgeous girl (who is also a very talented ayurvedic masseuse). I'm really not sure if you'll be able to get the same service I did. It could really be a case of YMMV. I'm not sure. But I know what I got, and I was very pleased.

    (Review # 20298)
  • New Delhi Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Jul 26 2007 Submitted by: American in Delhi

    I had two experiences in New Delhi this summer spaced 2 months apart. One was considerably worse than the other, but both had their problems. Both took place on Shraddhan and Marg, the Red Light district, near New Delhi Railway station. I'd heard that this is where prostitutes can be found. So my first day in Delhi I walked up and down the street. I did not see much visual evidence of any prostitution, but I was approached a few times by pimps trying to convince me of "good fucking". I don't like dealing with pimps, but they seemed to be the only option, so finally I stopped and listen to one pimp, a young man of about 20. He told me 2000 Rs to fuck the girl. I should have known that was too much to begin with, but I was horny so I said ok. I followed him across the street and up a narrow staircase to what I suppose was a brothel. I would have liked a choice of girls, but there didn't seem to be a choice.

    He took me directly to a room where there was one girl. She had an okay, somewhat cute face, but I could tell that she wasn't the most fit girl, and I really should have walked away. She was wearing a dirty sari. After I'd paid the pimp the 2000 I found out it would be an additional 1000 Rs for the room. I really should have left, but I was horny so I stayed. Finally the pimp left, and I was left with the girl. I thought that was going to be enough, but then she started pestering me for money. She wanted another 1000. Maybe the rest of the money was just for the pimp and she wanted some for herself.

    Who knows? All I had left in my pocket was 700 so I gave her that. At that point I was already almost up to $100. Finally I got to fuck her. She turned the lights off so I couldn't see much, but I saw enough to know that she did not have a great body. It really was not worth that much money. She was nice enough during sex, and obliged me different positions, but I wasn't that turned on because of her body and the previous hassle over the money. I just wanted to fuck and get it over with at that point. Afterwards she chatted for a while (as much as possible with the language barrier) and she wanted to see me again. At one point she called someone on her cell phone and tried to get me to talk to the man on the other end. I didn't realize what was going on at the time, but now I think it was the pimp and she was notifying him that I was on my way out.

    I know that because once I was out on the street he apprehended me with a firm grip on my arm and demanded baksheesh or else he would go to the police. Now I know that what he was doing was just as illegal as what I did, but I know how things work in India. The police are corrupt, and he probably has a deal with the cops. But I had no money left in my pockets, and I'd already given the two of him way more money than they deserved, so I wasn't about to give him any more money.

    I was angry. I yelled NO at him and I started walking away quickly. He followed me. So I started running. I was running through the streets of Delhi, being pursued by a pimp on my first day in India! I was pretty scared. I didn't know what he was capable of or who I was messing with. He followed me for about 10 minutes, and a couple times I thought I'd lost him, only to have him reappear again. But finally I did manage to ditch him. I did not go back to the red light district again.

    That is, until I was back in New Delhi 2 months later, just before flying home. This time I went at night. This time I ignored the pimps, determined to find pussy on my own. In this, I was much more successful. I noticed that there were a couple steep, narrow stairways around which many young Indian men were loitering. I figured these must be brothels. I walked up one staircase and sure enough, I stumbled into a steamy room filled with prostitutes! There must have been 50 of them, all dressed up in saris and makeup.

    They ranged in age and appearance but many of them were quite young and pretty and fit. I knew I'd come to the right place, and I was proud of myself for finding it on my own, because I knew that would prove cheaper. I picked one attractive girl, named Shabana, who said she was 20. She led me to a small room with a wooden bed, on which she laid out a thin blanket. It was 1060 Rs to "rent" the room. That was all the money I paid upfront. I don't know if that was the official price for room and girl or not. That’s all I paid before we had sex.


    The sex was quite good. I was very pleased. She kissed me and she was very passionate. It was fucking hot in there, like a sauna, despite the small electric fan, and I was sweating like crazy, but that kind of just added to the erotic thrill of fucking a hot girl in a real Indian brothel. After the sex she asked if I had a tip for her. I kind of expected that to happen. I don't know if it was required, or how much was appropriate, but I was feeling happy and in a generous mood, so I gave her 1000. Totally: about $50. I knew that was probably more than Indians would ever pay, but it was cheap for me, so I didn't mind. She seemed quite happy with the tip, so I figured I'd done well. She asked if I would return, and I said I would. I kind of would have liked to have tried another girl, but I thought that if I went back and saw the same girl again she'd be happy with me and I'd get more mileage.


    So I went back the next night. I went with about 4500 Rs in my pocket this time and I had it in my mind that I would try to arrange for a threesome with Shabana and another girl. Sure enough, I saw another girl there who was fucking hot. Hotter than Shabana in fact she was making eyes at me and tried to pull me away, but Shabana pulled me back, and took me by the hand.

    The other girl winked at me. The brothel was much more crowded this night, full of young Indian men. I was the only white dude there. All the rooms on the main floor were full so she took me up a ladder to an upper floor room. No bed this time, just a wood floor. I tried to explain that I wanted 2 girls but I don't think she understood. I think she thought I wanted "2 time" which maybe meant "double time". I'm not sure. In any case, this time I gave her twice the amount for the room - 2120 (I was impressed that she actually did the math in her head - multiplying 1060 by 2). Then she led me away from this awful room and up a series of ladders, probably up 4 floors or so, to her bedroom. I thought that was pretty cool.

    I got to really see the inside of an authentic Indian brothel. It was pretty exciting. Her room was definitely nicer than the other rooms. She had some decorations, including pictures of her favorite Gods. She said she shared the bedroom with her younger sister. If she was 20, I wonder how old her "sister" was. Then she asked if I wanted a beer. 300 Rs. That's really a rip off and I knew it, but I didn't want to appear cheap to her so I said ok. She returned with the beer, which was not very cold. We shared it. She clearly wanted it more than me, so I let her drink most of it. The sex was good, once again. This time even more passionate than before. Being in her bedroom added to the intimacy. I gave her twice the tip this time - 2000 Rs.

    I probably could have stayed longer and had a second go at it, but I was feeling tired and I kind of wanted to leave again. Then some guy showed up. She said he was her "brother" and did I have 100 for him. I don’t think I had to pay him, and I'm sure he wasn't really her brother, but once again I didn't want to be cheap, and what's 100 in the scheme of things, so I gave it. At this point she started to get very annoying and I realized that she was just a money grubber. I'd been dropping a lot of money and she probably figured that I was just made of money (which, compared to her, I suppose I was). She became very adamant that I return to her. Kind of like a boyfriend, I think. She got very protective.

    She didn't want to share me with any of the other girls. She told me that she wanted some jeans and told me her size. She kept mentioning marriage and saying she loved me. That scared me a bit because I certainly didn’t love her. I just wanted sex. I thought that’s what prostitutes her for. I had no desire to marry a prostitute. She told me her story of woe. She was a widow. Her husband had died. He was much older than her. She was married to him when she was only 11! Ok, that did make me feel pretty sorry for her. She'd obviously led a hard life, and she probably only ended up here in the brothel because she was desperate and had no other choice. And that made me feel very exploitative.

    That’s why I gave her so much money that night. I don’t think she was trying to rob me blind. I mean, I'm sure the money was her number one consideration. But she seemed to think that it would turn into some sort of continuous mutual relationship, like a girlfriend/boyfriend, in which I would buy her gifts and she would give me sex and affection. She made me promise that I would return. She was really adamant about this. I lied and told her I would. I didn't want to explain that I was flying out of the country the next day and would never see her again. Before I left she asked for another 200 Rs. So I spent a total of 4620 that night - $115 is a lot of money. But I wasn't too fazed. It was only a little more than I'd spent on the first prostitute, and the experience had been much nicer - she was hotter, the sex was better, she was more affectionate, and I'd gotten to see her bedroom. It was still less than I'd spend in the US.

    I was happy enough. So I left knowing I would never see her again. The other girl, the hotter one, winked at me again and grabbed my hand as I left the brothel. I wish I could have fucked her.she was really hot. Anyway so now you know where to find the brothels in Delhi. There appeared to be several of these staircases on this road. I only went to one, but I imagine the others work similarly. There are lots of girls to choose from, many of them very good looking. You pay 1060 for the room, and then you can probably tip them whatever you feel is enough. 1000 seems to be plenty. You can probably get away with less one word of warning.


    With my girl at least, she was kind of shy about her body, and insisted that we turn the lights off during sex. She let me suck her tits and finger her pussy, but she did not offer a bj and I did not perform oral sex either. I don't know she would have let me or not, but I didn't want to try in case of STDs. She did kiss, with tongue, after some coaxing. Beware that the girls are after money and they may try to attach themselves to you and become obnoxious and protective as mine did.

    (Review # 20297)
  • All india Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Jun 17 2007 Submitted by: Wasdom

    Hello I have been traveling to some Asian countries like China, India, Singapore, Thailand etc. I can tell you that Thailand Girls is the best. You can get a very beautiful, well mannered and caring girl for only $50 -$70 and they will stay with you the whole night and the nest day you can negotiate and she will stay with you fro only $30 or less per day depending on how you take care of her. The girls are really beautiful and they like to have sex. When I saw the price of an Indian girl who consider as a model asking for $500 for 2 hours I found it ridiculous.

    These girls means for money only. They will not entertain you will. What can you do in 2 hours? How many times you think you can cum within two hours. Man if you want good sex and beautiful babes just go to Bangkok, Patayya, Phuket and Chingmai. For me to pay $1200 an Indian model for a night and on top of that if I have to invite her for a dinner give her foods I will have to pay this too. Forget it. 

    (Review # 19596)
  • Bangalore Escort Review Dated Added: Thu May 31 2007 Submitted by: Gutsy_thumper

    Last month I visited Bangalore for 2 days and stayed in a lavish suite in Hotel Leela Palace at Airport Road. By the second day, I was feeling very horny seeing lots of beautiful Bangalore chicks and more so after watching a new porn flick on my laptop. So I decided to try the local escort services which advertise in leading daily newspapers. I'd heard stories about how these agencies promise to send you up market escorts and then rip you off either sending you an ugly street hooker or none at all. But I thought what the heck and decided to give it a try.

    My first call was a damper as the guy at the other end asked for Rs.7,000 for 2 hours. On asking why, he justified that since I was staying at a 5 star hotel I could afford to pay this amount. Damn, my company pays for my business accommodation, not me. But he did not dip his rates. My next call met with some success. The pimp asked for Rs.3,000 for 2 hours and promised to send a decent (not up market) escort. I agreed and he said he will call back in 30 minutes after checking who is available. He never called. I tried calling him again but his mobile phone was busy.

    Later I went for a drink with my friends and while coming from MG Road to the Airport Road, I saw a bunch of voluptuous, attractive street hookers. I suddenly remembered the pimp and decided to try again. This time he answered and said he was near my hotel with a girl and could meet me by 10 pm. I agreed to take the girl only if I liked her and if he decreased the rates. And now the killer part! As it was late and he had to go home, he said I could keep her the whole night till 6 am for just Rs.1,500 !! Wow! I could not believe my luck and wished the girl would be decent looking and cheeky (in bed) enough!

    At 10 pm he called on my mobile to say he had arrived in a Maruti 800 car parked in the hotel's parking lot. I quickly popped a pill of Penegra (local version of Viagra. Most of the Indian whores can't understand why I can bang them for hours without ejaculating. Now this is my secret.

    I went out and the pimp beckoned me to sit in the car and check the girl. I promptly did that and found to my luck that she was petit, pretty attractive, slim figure, silky hair, clean complexion and a smiling face. I double checked if she was ready to give me a blow job which she coyly agreed. I paid Rs.1,500 to the pimp and walked with her to my room.

    She was flabbergasted on seeing my plush suite and settled on the sofa. Now that I had this chick for the entire night, I decided not to rush with the main course. Anyways I hate rushing and more so when the girl is pushy. I offered the girl a beer which she declined. I went to the bathroom and opened the bath tub tap came out and chatted casually with the girl whose name was "Pinky". She was from Bengal who had some whoring experience in Delhi and was now in Bangalore since a month. We smooched and I caressed her boobs. Without a word, she fondled my dick. I undressed her slowly (which she liked and kept giggling) and then asked her to undress me. We then slipped into the bath tub with her back facing me and her arse on my dick. I kissed her neck and earlobes (which she liked immensely). Again without a word, she put her hand behind and started shagging me slowly. Meanwhile I was fondling her breasts. My dick was slowly rising to ovation, so I turned her to face me with her legs encircling my hips and told her to glide my "pole" in her "tunnel". She moved with easy vigor. We soon started smooching furiously and she had no problem when I slid my tongue in her mouth. In fact she sucked my tongue with hers. Yummm! It was the first time we both were trying this stunt and believe me it was awesome! I even tried my kinky habit of spitting in her mouth. Twice ! I'd seen that some years back in one Antonio Banderas - Angelina Jolie flick and ever since, I always do that with all the fuck-babes.

    After spending some good 30 minutes in the bath tub soaping and fucking each other, we proceeded in the bedroom. My laptop was on, so I made her sit on my dick and started the porn film and sucked on her tight tits. In 15 minutes flat she was HOTTT and started moaning and fondling my hair and pinching my tits. I sat on the sofa, made her squat on the floor and shoved my dick in her mouth...without condom. Man the way she sucked on it! As though it was full of divine nectar! By now my dick was so long and hard that I could have easily killed someone banging it on the head. I heaved her up and decided to emulate the porn flick scenes.

    So we started doggie style with her leaning against the table and me shoving my pole in her pussy from back. I banged her for some good 20 minutes furiously squeezing her tight breasts and fingering her pussy. I stopped when I felt the cool juice from her pussy and then opted for the 69 position. She gain proceeded to give my dick a warm shower with her saliva while I ate her juicy wet pussy. At the same time, I fingered her arse hole which seemed to amuse yet arouse her coz her groans grew louder. I hate the extra soft beds in 5 star hotels as you donít get a good grip on them. So I lay down on the floor and told her to ride me. She liked this position of authority and happily bobbed up and down while I again crushed her tits and sucked on them. I believe she cummed the second time then as she started whispering "Chodo Chodo" (fuck me) and then "Paani Mut Girao" (Don't leak now, go on). Another 20 odd minutes in this postion and then it was time to change.

    I quickly toppled her and went into the missionary position. Now in this position and with a healthy dose of Viagra, I can bang furiously for a loooong time. I engulfed the petit girl in my arms and started banging in her pussy. Due to the height difference, it was easy for her to suckle my tits (which feel nice) while I banged her with no mercy. By now she was actually yelling the Aahs and the Oohs peppered with "Mere Raje / Janu" (My King / Darling). After about 20 minutes, I ejaculated in her mouth and forced her to eat the cum (the ultimate conquest). I ensured she sucked my dick to clean the remote traces of semen on it. At the end of it she was breathless and totally red in the face.

    She collapsed in bed asking me how I could fuck consistently for more almost an hour. She asked for some beer to chill down. As I slept next to her I told her to massage my back and press my legs. Hell! She was my absolute slave. While pressing my legs, she even squeezed and kissed my arse. I told her to lick my arse crack and after some slight hesitation but repeated persistence from me, she agreed. Ooh, it felt good. We cuddled up together and spent the rest of the night.

    At about 5:00 am I awoke at some noise and found her up in bed. She looked delicious with her messed up hair coyly smiling at me as though it was our first night after marriage. I pulled her towards me and we smooched as I slowly glider her hand to my dick. I simply told her, "You know what you are supposed to do next" at which she quietly slid down and engulfed my dick in her warm mouth this time spitting on it and then licking the bulb like an excited child licking her favorite ice-cream.

    Soon my dick rose again and this time I decided to go anal. I have done anal with Thai girls before but never with an Indian girl coz most of them shudder at the very thought with an outright NO. I whispered to her how much I find her attractive and then told her what I find. She thought about it for a few seconds and said OK. I told her to wash her arse and come. As I didn't have any KY Jelly which I normally use, I applied "parachute hair Oil" in her arse crack, a bit on my dick bulb, pushed her into doggie style position against the bed, parted her crack and gradually glided my standing dick in her crack.

    At first it seemed ok for her but as my thrusts grew in vigor, it pained her unbearably. Her painful groans grew louder and she urgently whispered me to retract. But I am brute when aroused and was in no mood to retract without success. In fact her pain made me grow more nasty and determined to persist. I clasped her hair and pulled it back, bit on her neck hard and with one hand to manage her arse started thumping my dick in and out her arse. After another 10 minutes, I decided to cum as it was past 5:30 am and the hotel staff would have woken up.

    I cummed with full glory in her arse as I wasn't wearing a condom for all the activities through the night till dawn. Finally I made her again lick all the remaining semen on my dick. She had tears in her eyes due to the pain, but who cares anyways? She was a whore and this is her job, isn't it?. I threw her clothes at her telling her to dress up quickly. Tipped her Rs.200 and accompanied her upto the elevator. She requested I see her till the hotel gate which I politely declined. I wasn't going to risk my status at any cost. At the elevator, she kissed me goodbye while I pinched her bum the last time.

    Now I am eagerly waiting for my next trip to Bangalore (which should be soon) to contact the same pimp for another similar girl. Als, I didn't store his number and will have to look up the newspapers and try mu luck again.
    (Review # 19342)
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