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  • Strip Club Review Dated Added: Tue Apr 22 2008 Submitted by: Asian Woman Lover

    These are several dozen massage parlours in Hong Kong island and even more in Kowloon. Some specialize in in Russian and white women. A few have women born in Hong Kong and are more expensive. Many have women born in China who are probably illegal.

    Most of the ones in Kowloon have Asian women from other countries like the Philippines,Thailand, Malaysia and other South Asian countries. The price is usually around $200 USD (or $1,600 HKD) up for a massage first and then full service after. You have to do a massage first so they know you are not a cop. Most of the time the women are attractive and in their early twenties.

    If you want really beautiful Chinese or white or Asian women you have to got to the more expensive places that charge $300 USD to $500 USD (around $2,500 HKD to $4,000 HKD)

    After visiting many massage parlors and seeing that they really want to hose their clients for big money for the hoe's i was disappointed.

    I took the ferry in Hong Kong island for 40 minutes and went over to China. I found that there were about 10 bars that were 5 minutes walk from the ferry station in Shenzen. The girls there were a lot more pleasant,younger and only charged $65 per hour.

    Bottom line if you have to go to Hong Kong take the ferry not the train or bus to Shenzen. Its nicer looking,clean and modern and the girls are a lot nicer.
    (Review # 23290)
  • Street Action Dated Added: Sun Mar 30 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    Completed a trip to Hong Kong and found a lot of action.

    I used sex 141 to find a girl in Kowloon for $350HK. Nice and not bad looking for the money. About a 6 or 7 and in her early 20's. Didn't speak very much English but she was easy enough to communicate with given she knew why I was there. The "apartment" was truly Asian 10 by 20 at the most. Got a nice shower from her then a BJ. She let me pick my positions until I finished with no rushing me. Then another shower and I was on my way.

    Using 141 is a good way to go but you have to be a little adventurous as lot of the girls work out of their apartments. So you basically walk up to a door where you should see a 141 sign on it and you knock. If she is available she answers if not go to the next one on your list. I found several in the same area and buildings. Just remember there are "regular" people who live in those buildings so be respectful.

    On the HK side of things I had a lot of luck at a couple of clubs in Wan Chai. My favorite was Amazonian. Lots of cute girls from the Philippines and a great band playing rock music. The girls will come to you if you smile at them. Be sure to negotiate as they start high (1000HK) but you can get them to agree to as little as 400 depending on the night, number of customers, and how late it is. The closer to morning the less they will take as they need to make something. Just be warned they will try bleed you of cash by asking for food and drinks and by bringing friends over as well. If you just want sex then negotiate and leave the bar!

    On the plus side for about $2000HK you can get a full GFE weekend (Friday to Monday) with the right girl. She will expect, and you should provide, food and drinks during the weekend but she will treat you very well and be thrilled that she gets to be with one person and see HK. Most never get to see HK as it is all about work so they never see the city. In return you get it as much as you want and any way you want.

    If you go for the GFE weekend be sure to tell the girl to dress casual as they dress for "work" daily and the nicer hotels don't want that kind of business walking through the lobby. You may have to take them back to their place to change but it is worth it if you want a nice weekend without raising eyebrows.
    (Review # 22842)
  • Street Action Dated Added: Sun Jan 06 2008 Submitted by: Pussylover

    Mongkok is the best palce for a cheap fuck. Last night I went to Portland street brothel (Mongkok MTR station) up a flight of stairs to a clean and basic room. The man in front spoke a bit of English. I was told a Chinese girl was $350 for 30 min. After a short wait, a young pretty 5'2" girl turned up. She has firm bust size B, wide hips and a good attitude.


    She said she is 22 years old. As soon as the door closed, we had a shower. Then I lie on the bed while she sucked my cock. She allowed me to feel her pussy which was quite hairy. One thing about Chinese girls - they don't shave down there. I like it natural. After five minutes I got up, put the condom on and fucked her in the missionary position. She moaned softly as I enjoyed her tight pussy. After about ten minutes I could not hold it anymore and came with a deep trust in her pussy. It was a really satisfying fuck and I will be back for more!

    (Review # 22229)
  • Hong Kong Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Dec 04 2007 Submitted by: Nghowaan

    I was reading the Japan forum and out of curiosity jump into the Hong Kong forum. Being a local in Hong Kong, I can tell you some of the comments you see here is plain wrong. At least that is not something the locals will do. Well, here you go the guide from a Hong Kong person. The first thing you need to know is get laid with a hooker/girl in Hong Kong is legal, as long as she is 18 or above. Being a hooker is also legal as long as she works for herself. (Self employ). Even if you get caught by a police, you should not panic. They will just take a look your ID/passport and you can leave. But then, if the girl is 18 or below, you will be in deep deep trouble. (Read jail) Always check the ID first if you are into one night stand. You know, most foreigners can't really tell the age of an Asian.

    The easiest way to get laid is to get on google and search the word "Sex" "141". You should come up with a website which has tons of girls you can choose from. The website itself do not provide any escort service, it is just a platform for the hookers to get customers. The website sorted by location. Most of the pretty chicks are in Shim Shai Tsui and Causeway Bay. Price ranges from $300 to $2000 Hongkies. Warning any girls below $400 will be freaking old. You have been warned!! Once you find the one you want, you could find the address under the picture. Take a taxi and go there. For most higher price girls, they need reservation. You will need to make a call and ask for availability. If she is available, the pimp will ask you to take a taxi to go to a pre-arranged hotel.

    Once you get to the hotel, you will need to call the pimp again and he will tell you the room number. You will go straight to the room. Beware that sometimes the girl in the room might not be the same one you saw on the website. If that is the case, just say no and leave unless she is prettier. However, most of the girls you see on the website should be exactly the same one when you go to the hotel room. The pimp wants to make long term relationship after all. For the price from $300 up to $1400, all those chicks are not Hong Kong girls Hong Kong chicks starting from $1500 and up.

    They are not cheap. Anything below $1500, they are from mainland China. This is a golden rule in Hong Kong, if the price tag is lower than $1500, 99.9% the chick you are screwing is not from Hong Kong. For those mainland China chicks, do not expect they say a word of English. However, you should have no problem to communicate with a Hong Kong girl in English. They might speak with accent, but at least you don't need to use your hand to communicate like you do with mainland China girls. To be honest, I usually just pick the mainland China girls. They are cheaper and usually have bigger tits.

    I can speak mandarin anyway, so communication is not a big problem for me. However, if you require someone to speak English, you might need to pick a Japanese, Korean or Hong Kong girl on the website. A cheaper alternative for young chicks is to go to Portland Street. When you go there, you should see a "KFC" at the junction. You will see a lot of yellow signs that said "ǟˣ". Those are cheap, starting from $280 and up. When you go up there, a pimp will start calling girls to come. You can turn down 2 or 3 girls before you get into the room. Nothing special, shower, BJ, sex in 45 minutes, very mechanical, but you get the job done.

    All these chicks are from mainland China. Sometimes you might find some pretty one here, but sex 141 usually have a higher chance to get what you want. Karaoke club - You will need a local to bring you there. Most Hong Kong people will go to Karaoke club. They are separated into 3 kinds. The first kind is the low end which all chicks are from mainland China. These clubs usually found in Shim Sha Tsui.

    You will have a KTV room to sing and have girls to sit with you. You can finger them if you like, but just not too horny. The going rate is $500 for 2 and half hour having a girl sitting next to you, another $1000 for sex. Of course you will need to pay for KTV room. A small room for 4 people is around $1500. You will need to order beer until you reach the minimum. You can pick whatever girls you want. The manager will bring you girls to choose. On a busy night peak hours (9pm - 11pm), you might need to wait for girls because all of them are working. The 2nd kind basically is the same as the first one except these clubs in Wan Chai. (No, not those cheap bars you see on the street in Wan Chai) Unless you have a local to bring you there, you have no clue where they are.

    The going rate having a girl sitting next to you for 4 hours is $1000 and $2000 for sex, the KTV room charge is usually $2500 and up for a small room. *Usually* the girls in Wan Chai is a bit taller and prettier, but to be honest, I don't see that much difference. The third kind is the most expensive one. Girls are from Hong Kong. The going rate having a girl sits with you + drink is around $2500 per head a night, no room charge. The fees already include the girl + drinks + room charge. Sex is not guarantee and you will need to ask the girl. And you can't finger them in anyway or they will just leave the room. If you are lucky enough and the girl does happen to like you, the price tag for 1 shot is $2000 and up. So, we are talking 5 grand a night at the minimum.

    You might ask, why karaoke club? The reason is that Hong Kong people would like to sing and drink with friends. After they have all the fun, they got the choice to have sex. The Karaoke club is more like a place for friends to hang out and drink, sex is optional. One night stand - to be honest, if you are after Hong Kong girls, you are really out of luck unless you look like Brad Pitt. Most Hong Kong girls are not really into foreigners, especially strangers. Your best bet is pubs in Lan Kwai Fong.

    You might get a chance to meet OL and Hong Kong girls who speak fluent English over there. If the Hong Kong girls speak perfect English, most likely she is working in a first tier bank somewhere in Central who meets foreigners on a daily basis. No fantasy here, they know all about you (foreigners). However, as I said, unless you are handsome, the chance of getting one night stand with Hong Kong girls is not high. But then there are lots of Malaysians there if you are not too picky. Well, that's all I can share with you guys. Happy hunting! Now, someone please point me to a decent Japan and Korea guide, NgHoWaan 

    (Review # 22055)
  • Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Nov 13 2007 Submitted by: Captain Jack

    Just got back from a quick stop over in Hong Kong after having not been there for more than ten years. Not much has changed except there are more girls and they are cheaper. First off I went to K Pressure in the afternoon. This is widely discussed in the discussion forum. It easy enough to find from the directions given there. The mamassam was very welcoming, and sat me in a room. Three different girls were paraded before me. I can't say any of them were stunners, but for HK$380 you get what you pay for. I chose one and was led up stairs to a small hotel where I was charged a further HK$100, (this was all said upfront). We stripped off, and I got a soapy body wash, with a lot of rimming which I wasn't quite expecting (and worried a little that the previous night's Thai curry might let me down). Then back to the bed for bbbj and sex with a Japanese porno on the TV.

    That evening I walked round Wan Chai, which was heaving with working girls - mostly Filipino, but Thai and Chinese too. I went into one of the GoGo bars for old time's sake. They have changed a lot and are variable in the extreme, mostly were still very boring. The girls wear a lot less than they used to, and there is a lot of groping. One (next to the Laguna Disco) was stupendous. I was due to meet some people but had half an hour to kill so I popped in. The girls were all in black underwear and stockings. Mostly they were gorgeous. I bought a beer and mamassam immediately bought a lovely young thing round.

    She took my hand and put in on her thonged backside. Lady drinks were HK$110 so thought what the hell and bought her one. She led me straight to a corner booth and took her top off, then got the old man out and started to give me a blow job. She asked for another drink, and I couldn't say no. By the time that came she was naked and I had to stop her then or I would have come and my evening's entertainment would have been curtailed. I apologized and said I had to go for dinner and promised to come back later to pay the bar fine. In reality HK$2200 would be for suckers or those with money to burn, so I didn't. Instead I went to one of the discos. They all seemed to be much the same.

    All full of girls, all on the game. I couldn't quite work out the rules in the short time I was there. The very good-looking ones seemed to want to be chatted up, danced with, wined and dined. Frankly I went for the one level down and for HK$500 had a very nice FS and BBBJ in my hotel room. Unfortunately (or maybe just as well) my flight left early the next morning, because it seemed to me there was a lot more fun to be had.

    (Review # 21811)
  • Hong Kong Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Dec 15 2006 Submitted by: Bill

    Travel Report, Hongkong, December 06:

    Sunday afternoon till night: Laguna Siscotheque (1st floor) Wan Chai area, crossing Fenwick St. and Jaffe Road on Hong Kong Island. Loads of Filipinos and Indonesian maids enjoying themselves and don�t mind to make some extra money on the side.

    Neptun (basement) disco on Jaffe road between Fenwick St. and Fleming Rd. Same thing but mostly Filipinos. There is hardly any free go. These girls can use all the extra cash they can make when cleaning houses in HK. So be nice to them. Going rate is 300- 500 HKD but they will ask for 1000 (8HKD=1USD). You may bargain. My strategy is always to bargain for a better price and then promise them extra cash when in the room if they give you a nice service. And of course, I always give them the extra cash. I had a very good time.

    Both places are also good in the evening during weekdays but then they are mostly frequented by professional hookers. If you need a room, you find a place within 5 minutes walk just around the corner. Come out of Neptun, turn right, next right again till the end of the block, turn right again (Lockhard Rd.). The place is appx. 20 meters to the right on 2nd floor (Ming Hotel?). Price, 130HKD/ 1 hr. Clean, XXX movies running on TV, plus enough mirrors to enjoy your movements. People running the place were honest. I left my watch after the fuck (brain fucked out) and got it back later when asking for it at the reception.

    Mong Kok area on Kowloon: Best is Portland street (runs parallel Nathan Rd) where you find many wham-bang-thank-you places. You will recognize the places by looking at the signs. The only letters and figures to make out by foreigners are the �OK� placed in the middle of Chinese characters which indicate the places of pleasure and some time the price indication e.g. 250. Go into the alleys and entrances, mostly you have to go to the 2nd floor. Girls have to be called in. The place keeper will put you in a room and have you wait for the girl(s). You may refuse a couple of times when it is not your type. Discuss the price beforehand. It may depend on the girl (Chinese, Thai, Philippines etc.). Price is 350 - 750. I had a Chinese girl for 350 which did an excellent job, took her time and made me come twice, did shower me and clean me up. Gave her a generous tip which made her happy. Language - no English, does sign language and just down to action. Could fuck her all the way I wanted.

    Some places might be on the sleazy side, check the room, shower and toilet beforehand. Besides on Portland Street, other streets have also plenty of places.

    Jordan area on Kowloon: The whole area framed between Nathan Rd., Canton Rd., Jordan Rd., Kansu St. has lots of places. Walk the streets, particularly at night the �OK� , �Sauna�, �Blue Girl�, signs are everywhere. Some topless bars are to be found on the waterfront much further down I learnt, did not visit however.

    All places are easy to reach by Metro.
    (Review # 16611)
  • Hong Kong Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Oct 13 2006 Submitted by: Randyman

    It was my first time to stay in the Wan Chai area and I have to admit that most of what I read on this site was true to a certain extent. I found the Fenwicks to be like a trip back to Olongapo city only more expensive. There were a goodly amount of maids and nannys in attendance but also some very professional looking "ladies". It wasn't hard at all to sort it out. The one's that were less aggressive were generally gainfully employed. I had just flown in and it was rather tiresome so after a few minutes of looking around I decided that jet-lag was making sleep more of a basic need at the moment than sex. I started for the hotel and made it as far as the doorman. I was a bit turned around so wanted to ask the way back to the Renaissance. As I was talking with the chap at the door this drop-dead gorgeous 20 something year old Filipina girl comes up and makes friendly small talk and remarks after getting my story that it is too bad that I had to go because she had just arrived from Manila and it was her first time...... I realized that her clothes made her look like a college kid out on the town and I was old enough to be her I thought....what the hell. We strolled through the camera infested lobby of the hotel heavily engaged in conversation, not looking up and not stopping. Nobody even looked at us. When we got upstairs to the room she went in for a shower and then proceeded to suck and fuck me dry for the rest of the night and the morning after I awoke for the third or forth time. She was an animal. I soon found out why. She had been dumped by her ex and her cousins had lured her to Hong Kong to make some cash to support her and her daughter. The four of them shared one hotel room and stayed for two to three weeks at a time. She claimed this was her first trip and it rang true. Halfway through the night we climbed into the tub together and I shaved her legs and pussy bald and reduced the hair in the front very short. She was not hairy or anything...just kind of bushy in the I gave here a sexy haircut. She was delighted when she discovered how sensitive her clit was after having all the hair removed. I dove right in. She had the sweetest smelling and tasting pussy I believe I have ever experienced. It was as close to a girlfriend experience as I have ever had while punting. If you meet Margie tell her I miss her and keep that thing shaved for me. (Review # 15954)
  • Hong Kong Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Jul 26 2006 Submitted by: Gerry

    Spent a couple of weeks in Hong Kong (Tsim Sha Tsui area). I have been to Amsterdam which is pretty straightforward. Go to the red-light district, pick a window girl, and a suck and a fuck (lay-down suck and missionary position fuck with supplied condoms) costs 50 Euros. It is usually a wham-bam, thank you mam experience but many pretty girls are in the doors and it is a low-pressure shopping situation since it is completely legal and the girls pretty much just sit behind the windows and wait for a customer to pick them. Hong Kong was more challenging because first, there are beautiful girls everywhere you go so you get horny just walking around, second, I cant read Chinese & didnt know the rules, and third, it turns out there are so many possible ways to get laid there for so many different prices that it gets confusing. So, first I failed because I hate the hard sell. - Walking around: Good looking streetwalker wants to go to my Hotel room for HK2000. I turned her down because I was not sure if the Hotel would let her in. I was really just interested in walking around and exploring at this point. - Walking around: A really aggressive (& ugly) streetwalker tells me that she is mamasan and will either go to my hotel for HK300 or hook me up with a young girl for HK700. I turned her down because she was really annoying. - Walking around: You constantly get handed flyers for foot massage. I didnt try that either. - Walking around: I let myself get pulled into the topless bar across from the Holiday Inn (Free Drink No Cover). I walked down the stairs with mamasan and there was this little stage with one girl dancing in a bathing suit and five girls sitting directly across from the bar stools. One of then pulls up her shirt and shows me her (OK but nothing special) tits. Mamasan says you should buy girl drink. I say how much? HK200 per drink. One of the girls has come around to my barstool so I buy her a drink. She was a pretty little Thai girl. So, I am sitting there getting interested while she grinds me and pulls my hand down her pants and over her tits, but when mamasan comes over to negotiate the price (HK2000 for an hour) I again get nervous about taking her back to my hotel and they dont have a room available there despite all of the massage adverts on the door. Mamasan gets really aggressive and I get pissed off and walk out after paying HK550 (my free beer, two girlie drink, + tax). So, the next evening I get a knock at the hotel door. A pretty good looking (mid 30s) Chinese woman is there and asks me if I called for a massage. I say No, and then How much?. She says HK300 and I say OK and let her in. After she is in, she tells me that full service, if I am interested in it, is another HK1000. I pay her and she goes in bathroom to take a shower and get ready. She comes out in a towel and I give her a condom and she asks me to lay down for the massage. She gives me a great back massage and then has me roll over for a blowjob (also nice). After a little of that, she mounted me and after a while I flipped her over and fucked her hard missionary style until I came and we were both out of breath. She went into the bathroom and came back to clean me up and massaged my arms while we talked a little. She was from Taiwan and moved around with a group of girls that checked into nice hotels for a couple of days and knocked on doors to keep busy. OK, I finally figured out that the hotel doesnt care if you take a whore to your room. So, the next evening, I try the Yellow Pages. In HK, the Escort and Massage sections of the phonebook are extensive. I picked out a number in Tsim Sha Tsui and told them I wanted a young Thai girl. OK they said, HK1500 for full service and got my hotel room information. They then called the room to see if I was there and told me that they had a model quality girl available for HK2000. I said OK and waited for about 30-minutes till she showed up. She was a pretty Thai girl in her mid-20s with glasses and medium sized tits. Model quality seems to mean tall since she was about 510. She did the shower thing and came out in a towel and gave me an incredible massage. She then gave me a nice blowjob and mounted me. After fucking for while with her on top and then in missionary, I had her get on her knees and fucked her from behind. We actually didnt match up that well in leg length but I finished strong when she adjusted downwards and had a nice orgasm. She didnt clean me up which I found disappointing basically just dressed and left. The next day I had to go to China at 2:00 in the afternoon so I figured (since it just took a phone call) I would get laid before I went. Big mistake. I called the same number at 11:00 in the morning and asked them to send me a girl. After waiting till like 12:45, I got a call asking me what my room number was. Then the ugly aggressive Chinese mamasan showed up to service me. I made the mistake of letting her in the room and she gave me a bad massage for HK500. When she asked if I wanted to pay more for full service. I said no and we got in a big fight. I finally gave her another HK100 to get her to leave. Lesson learned, the girls wake up at 1-2 in the afternoon and if you want a good one figure on 3PM as a minimum. I was still horny when I got back from China so I tried again. The phone service lady was very apologetic about the problem and promised to send me a good girl. She was a hot little Phillipino girl (HK2000). She was surprised that I actually expected a massage and wasnt good at it but we hade a nice relaxing fuck afterwards. She didnt clean me up though. One more from the phone service: I got the same operator that sent me the bitch so I was adamant that I wanted a young pretty girl. This time when they called back they tried to raise the price to HK2500 and I said no, HK2000. The hotel would not let this girl in and I had to go down and meet her in the lobby. At first I couldnt figure out why they wouldnt let her in (she was hot and nicely dressed) but it turned out that she was from Guatemala and the hotel had standards. We talked in Spanish for a while and she mounted me and made me come rather quickly. Once again she didnt clean me up. So, the next night I was getting drunk at Murphys and thinking about missed opportunities with the little Thai girl at the topless bar (and hoping for a cheaper price for a similar girl) so I take a walk near another Go-Go. Nancy the streetwalker intercepts me before I get there and I figure what the hell and take her back to the hotel. Nancy is probably pushing 40 but is still a nice looking woman. Anyway, we took a shower together and had a nice fuck. She didnt want to leave though she thought that I should come twice (which I was too drunk to do) for the money I paid her (HK2000), plus I think she liked the AC. I wanted her out of the room so I wouldnt have to watch my stuff so we compromised on that she would service me on the next day with either her a younger girl she knew. I didnt take her up on the offer though I saw her on the street the next night. Next night I was getting drunk at Murphys again and I hooked up with a guy that knew Hong Kong well. We ended up going over to the Neptune II in Wan Chai. My god. This is the place to go for whores in Hong Kong. The place was full of them and there was no rip-off bullshit on drink prices. I hooked up with Aew, a nice little Thai girl and took her back to my hotel for HK1000. We showered together and fucked in multiple positions. I got Aews phone number and we went out for shopping and lunch the next Saturday. We also fucked but this time I paid her HK1500. Aew is now convinced that she can get me to marry her and take her to the US. I dont think so for one reason she would hate living here but I still have her number for future trips to HK. Lessons learned: Dont worry about the hotel they dont care Go to Wan Chai FIRST! If you like them, get a phone number they will come when you call. (Review # 15208)
  • Hong Kong Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Jan 06 2006 Submitted by: Ken

    HONG KONG Hong Kong is a wonderful place for girls and electronics. There are street girls all over the place and some Karaoke bars in Kawloon are pretty good too. Be real careful in a Karaoke bar. Some are legitimatebut most are true rip-offs (even worse than the US).

    The worst are in Wan chi. As soon as you enter you will have girls all over you “buy me a drink, buy me a drink”. DON’T!!!!! They will charge you $50 US for each drink and none of them will leave the bar. There is a pretty good one on Kimberly just past the Kimberly hotel. Great pickup spots are in Wan Chi. Go to Joe Bananas and there are a few others in the same area. Enjoy Hong Kong.
    (Review # 13610)
  • Hong Kong Other Dated Added: Mon Oct 10 2005 Submitted by:

    Basically, there are 2 options in Hong Kong. The first is to head for Mong Kok, which is a short subway (MTR) ride from the tourist areas of Nathan Road and Central. Follow the signs for Portland Street and head south to Soy Street. The brothels are located at the first floor level, but they are easy to spot with bright cardboard signs outside, with prices displayed. The area has dozens of such establishments. Upon entering you will be shown to a small room with a bed and shower and asked to choose your favourite nationality. Prices start from HK$280 (US$35), but go up to HK$600 if you want something special, like a Russian girl.

    You will only have to wait 5 of so mins. and a girl (or maybe 2 or 3) will be shown. If you are not happy, send them back, although the pimps will start to get a bit frustrated if you do this with more than 3 or 4 girls. Take a shower and fuck the girl of your choice. 30 mins. is the normal time allowed. The girls will quickly leave and you will pay on your way out. Generally good quality.

    The second option is to visit or other similar web sites. These give pictures, prices and locations of girls, and all you have to do is go to their apartment. Prices start at HK$100 for a hand job (rare but possible), HK$300-HK$400 for sex with a fair girl, and up to $1,200 for the superstars (models, western girls, Japanese girls). Basically, you will get what you pay for.

    The good thing about this is that you don't have to go far. The girls are spread throughout HK Island, Kowloon and New Territories. Very few speak English, but that has rarely prevented me from getting what I needed. There are, of course, other options, such as Wan Chai bars or street walkers, but this is very hit and miss, or could be expensive, and I'd prefer to know that I'm going to get a fuck in the limited time I normally have, rather than get messed around. Happy hunting, guys.
    (Review # 12839)
  • Hong Kong Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Oct 04 2005 Submitted by: Wanchai Guy

    Went to Hong Kong for a few weeks last month. Wan Chai has really changed. On Sunday afternoon, Laguna is now being frequented by hookers - big letdown, as it used to be good there. Neptune II and Dreams II (just opened across the street from Fenwicks) are good, though. Some lovely Filipinas there - none seem to be working as long as you get there early. Most of the Indonesians seem to have become Lesbians, or started charging money, but the Filipinas are still looking for Mr. Right. (Review # 12799)
  • Hong Kong Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Jul 29 2005 Submitted by:

    In Hong Kong I recently called a massage service that advertised in the South China Morning Post, Sunday edition. They told me HK$800 for a massage and $HK1200 with full service. I agreed to full service and a girl was at my hotel room within 30 minutes. She was a petite, pretty, curvy Thai girl with a big smile. She had me undress and she did the same. She had me lay face down and proceeded to provide a truly excellent massage that would have been worth the price alone. On the flip, she put dollops of oil on my thighs and got me quite aroused. Then she lay next to me and we hugged and cuddled while I fondled her breasts and she gently stroked my cock. After a while, she put a condom on me and I went to town. It was excellent. Afterwards, she gave me her mobile number so that I can call her directly next time. I will. (Review # 12207)
  • Strip Club Review Dated Added: Thu Jul 21 2005 Submitted by:

    After Beijing and Shanghai, I had to see what Hong Kong was about. A couple blocks north of our 5 star hotel is the red light district filled with bars. On the streets, they are all trying to draw you in with women pulling on you or enticing you with the price of their beer. Once inside, a madam will find someone to sit with you. (In Hong Kong, all of the women seem to be Phillipino; the Chinese side had Chinese.) If you are Asian, you will have a tough time even if you have money. They will profile you by asking where you are staying and what you are doing there. Tell them you are staying at a cheap hotel across the Ferry, and a student. (I learned the hard way.) The madam also pressures you to buy a drink for the girl. Don't do it! Her drink will cost $50. Just get down to business. We negotiated a price (Ouch! $250 USD based on my profile) and went to a hotel next door that rents by the hour, with multiple discreet entrances. I got everything but anal. The women in Hong Kong definitely have many more sexual options than the other cities.

    I also went to the dance bars. They are all prostitute bars. Aside from the silly Caucasians who work there, just look for the Phillipino women dancing together, and ask yourself, what do they store in their napsacks and large purses...?  A change of clothes and condoms. You do not need to approach them because they will zero in on you once you make eye contact. Always talk about price before committing, and remember the profiling. China was a blast!!!
    (Review # 12115)
  • Hong Kong Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Jul 15 2005 Submitted by:

    Sex141, Vacation in Hong Kong:  I spent 5 days in Hong Kong recently. I read about and had a list of girls to visit. Here is my (5 days, 6 girls) adventure:

    Day 1: Call this hotel girl, 5'6, slim, long legs, petite (tits) pink nipples, almost hairless pussy. 2:30p, Jordan. Wait outside hotel. Got call. Told to go to room 405. The girl looks younger than the pictures, she said she is 19. She told me she just arrived from China. We went on to do the business. She is the exact girl I saw on the web site.

    Day 2: Went swimming in Wan Chai and visited Fuji Bld. The girl is 5'6, about 25, slim, long legs, with dark nipples. Shower, touches and the usual, bj. After swimming I felt strong and, when I do her, I kept going for quite a while. She's supposed to put on the a/c but accidentally puts on the heat. So I sweat out and end up not coming. We took a shower after. Still kept her picture as downloaded from the web site.

    Day 3:  I went for a great adventure. TST Fat Lee Bld.  I waited for the girl in front of her 141 for over an hour. Having nothing to do, I survey the other neighbours. After about an hour of waiting, I call another hotel girl but she is not available. I knocked at the door of the neighbour, a tall girl with nice legs but a little overweight for me. So I said sorry and moved on.  I saw a few brothers knock on her door but did not go in. So I fantasize about having this girl (although not my type) to do together with this girl I am waiting for.  Now you might guess what type of girl I like (slim with long legs). To cut the story short, finally my dreamed girl (5'7, 20, very slim long legs, boney feet) arrived. Once I got inside, I propose to her to have two girls and she laughed. She said she has never done that before. Then she suggested to call her best friend who is another 141 downstairs. It did not take long for the other girl to arrive and I booked both of them for 2 hours. The first hour I wanted them to play with each other while I acted as a director pretending to have a camera. That was fun. I got them to do each other. It did not take long before both of them got hot and were really mastubrating each other. Both of them got extremely wet. I also took part in some of the kissing and fingering. I like to dance with them while my both hands are busy with their pussy. The second hour is combination of a 3-some. The only problem is I have to switch on and off with condom a few times. Otherwise it would have been ideal.

    Day4:  I called this hotel girl in TST that I could not reach the day before. I booked 2:30p for an hour. Got the call waiting outside but have to wait because the girl was on her way. Half an hour later, I got a call again and went to room 1009.  She opened the door. WOW! 5'7, very slim with good shaped tits. We showered as usual and I went on to enjoy her service. Her legs were particularly nice. Again there was a mirror door for the closet and I played with her while watching her from the reflection in the mirror. Her last move before I came was Cowgirl and she was quite wild doing it. She was on top of me for at least 10 minutes. At the end I came and we showered together. She is as advertized in the web site.

    Day5:  I went back to re-visit one of the dream girls I visited on the 3rd day on Fat Lee Bld. Spent two hours with her, mostly touch and chat. The fact that I have a bruise from the previous girl on my belly, I really am not interested to exercise too much. So at the end I had a bj and hand job while I asked the girl to stand up on the bed with her pussy on my face. She bj-ed me while I finger her pussy in my face and I came all over her slim long legs.

    Check out this directory site: This directory is amazing. Pictures are kept current. All my 5 girls are exactly as advertized. It provides price details, address, phone number and even pictures of the surround street and building entrance. BTW, 141 means single girl at one premise, and therefore perfectly legal.
    (Review # 12037)
  • Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Sep 09 2004 Submitted by:

    Just visited HK and found this site useful in getting me started. Here's my update for you gents out there...

    1. I frequented the Mong Kok red light areas described in previous postings on this site. Just look for the lighted signs and go up the stairs. Some places say "Thai girl", "Chinese Girl", etc. Makes it easier to identify. Full service begins at $280 HKD ($37 USD) for Thai girls. It's cheap, quick, and wham bam thank you ma'am style.

    2. I'm baffled at the amounts paid for escorts as posted on this site. I hit up clubs in Lang Kwai Fong and Wan Chai and found ladies to hook up with and bring to my hotel for free. One time I paid to have a Thai girl all night for only $1000 HKD ($130 USD). If you're looking to hook up with a working girl go to a place like Fenwick's in Wan Chai and avoid the pricy escort fees.

    3. Based on a previous posting here, I checked out Laguna. That posting still holds true. I felt like a superstar athlete surrounded by groupies. Unbelievable fellas!

    4. Some late breaking news - Just after I left, the police implemented a massive crackdown to bust all the ladies whose visas have expired and to crack down on drug activities. Some are in uniforms and some are not. Be careful guys - not sure what the consequences are if you are with one of these girls. Police activities seemed to be focused on bars and clubs in Wan Chai.


    Happy hunting in the HK!

    (Review # 10068)
  • Wanchai Other Dated Added: Tue Jan 27 2004 Submitted by:

    If you go to Laguna (a Filipina bar) in Wanchai on a Saturday night or Sunday afternoon (from 3pm)you will almost certainly find someone to screw all night for free. I've had a different girl there every night and none of them have asked for money.

    Sunday afternoon's the best, say from 3pm till 7pm. The place is jam-packed with horny 18 - 20 year old Filipina and Indonesian domestic helpers who will fuck you senseless. They will do this because they desperately want you to marry them. Seriously - try it and you'll know just what I mean. (Review # 8245)

  • Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Nov 06 2003 Submitted by: PeepingTom

    Through one of the posts here, i got in touch with an agent in Hong Kong. I was in Hong Kong for a business trip and rather than going to Mong Kok (which by the way has been raided by police every night for the past week...over 1200 customers and prostitutes arrested), I wanted a girl to come over to my hotel. So I called flasher and he asked me what sort of lady would I like - I told him that I would like to try a young chinese girl. The rate was HK$1200 per hour for full service.

    The girl's name was Cookie, and she was Chinese/Korean and had been living in HK for 6 years. She spoke excellent english (which helped) and was dressed very classy - definately did not look like a hooker. She was accompanied by flasher, who I had to pay first as part of the arrangements. After flasher left, we got down to business. We ordered some champagne and then went for a shower together. This was amazing, lying in the jacuzzi, she decided to give me a body massage with HER BODY!! For anyone who hasn't tried, its an amazing experience! After the shower, we moved back into the living room, where she gave me an excellent BJ, this girl was very talented, and in fact, I came right there on her face, which she didn't seem to mind at all.

    She then gave me a great oil massage for the next 30 mins, by which time I was racing to go again. We got through 4 positions, before finally coming over her breasts again. Overall the experience was great, I would say 9 out of 10. Cookie was quite a looker, she had small supple breasts and was clean shaved down there. The fact that she dressed very well, and spoke good english was plus points - more like a girlfriend experience. (Review # 7839)

  • Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Nov 04 2003 Submitted by:

    I had a contact in HK for escort services, that I heard about through a friend who visits HK often. This agent has about 15-20 girls working for him - japanese, korean, thai, chinese, and a few westerners. All are apparently quite gorgeous.

    I was in HK for two nights, and wanted some company. I contacted this agent and arranged for a Singaporean stunner on my first night. The price was HK$1000/hour. She was amazing, very well spoken, and very well dressed, wearing amazing lingerie. After a shower, she gave me a great BJ, and then we finished off with anal. Excellent service.

    On the second night, I contacted the agent again, and got a Vietnamese girl for the entire night. Quite a bargain for HK$2500 for the entire night. We had sex 4 times together - again, she was a stunner, although her english wasn't as good as the singaporean.

    Personally this was my best paid experience in Asia. Enjoy!! (Review # 7830)

  • Hong Kong Other Dated Added: Wed Oct 08 2003 Submitted by: Browned out

    Several things I want to iron out about the situation in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region:

    1. Neither buying nor selling of sex in itself is illegal, but many acts associated with it are.

    (selling) Many sex workers from outside the Region come under the auspices of a tourist visa or a visa-free access, or even are smuggled in. None of the above can do any money-making activities in Hong Kong. This violates immigration and labour regulations.

    (buying) As some Netizens elsewhere reported (please help tracking him down), some sex workers operate in one-woman brothels, not unlike their ex-coloniser's counterparts. Most of these are located on private flats and entering or remaining on these premises without legitimate reason constitutes the offences of trespassing and loitering.

    (selling) One-women brothels (see above) are there to dodge the legal provision that keeping a place where 2 or more persons engage in prostitution is punishable as keeping a vice establishment. This seems adopted from English law.

    (buying) Some premises recruit girls below 16, and having sex with them is a crime no matter whether it is in the context of prostitution.

    (selling) Streetwalkers (seldom reported here) commit the offence of procurement of lascivious activities.

    (other) Knowingly leasing a flat or other premises to a person who acts as a prostitute is illegal. The rest warrants no lengthy explanation.

    2. To locals, the term 'Portland Street' conjures up the image of prostitution that caters to the working class. This street itself is the eastern frontier of Mong Kok's red-light district, as extensively reviewed by Netizens here. Accessible by MTR. As the sex workers are visible on the streets, many locals mistake that they are streetwalkers, but this is not true, as reported by other Netizens.

    3. Ground Zero for Portland Street is the Shanghai Street-Soy Street intersection. The cooked-food market on a corner acts as a dispatching centre. Thanks to popularisation of the mobile phone, dispactching becomes much faster than before (see previous reviews) and throughput increases.

    4. When caught, sex workers that prostitutes violating the law are sent back (usually to mainland China), but it is unknown that what kind of follow-up is given apart from compulsory screening for STD's. Prostitutes cannot be prosecuted unless they double as mistresses, etc.

    5. I have had a sighting of a foreigner patronising a streetwalker. She turned out to know enough English to complete good business.

    6. AVOID joints in Lockhart Road at all costs. They are big rip-offs that live off the far outmoded Suzie Wong image, essentially the only thing known to U.S. soldiers about Hong Kong.

    7. It is suggested that some of the revenues of prostitution finances Al-Qaida, but further proof seems necessary. (It makes sense as drug money and illicit tobacco money are known to be fed into Al-Qaida.)

    8. Although it is part of China, Hong Kong has its own administration and virtually all its affairs are separate from mainland China. The military only engages in defence and Beijing foots the bill. (Review # 7677)

  • Hong Kong Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Sep 23 2002 Submitted by: Dirty swine

    July 2002, Hong Kong, Wan Chai
    ~~~~My friend was staying with me here in HK. We went out to a rock show early in the evening and afterwards he said he wanted to just look at Wanchai. I reminded him that Wanchai is more about rip offs and wrinkles in the light these days but he was adamant that he just wanted to soak up some atmosphere and promised not to try any of the Lockhart Road girlie bars as these are definitely the wallet lifters of all time.~~So we head for a few places and have lots of laughs and a few enticing moments chatting with streetwalkers but otherwise nothing exceptional. Then my friend decides he really wants to try a 'pick up place' just in case he gets lucky. I'm married and don't bother with HK as it's too close to home for any strays, so I didn't know for sure but suggested a Philippino bar called La Bamba which I heard was friendly at least.~~

    ~~~~La Bamba was one flight up with the usual cover band and a heap of girls attacked us as we arrived However, there was no cover charge and the drinks were about HK$45 (U$ 5-6) for a beer - which in Wanchai is regarded as fair! So my friend and I have some laughs with the girls who of course are rubbing themselves all over us like cats in heat, and asking for a drink. I said No we weren't there to buy their drinks but in the meantime how much would it cost to screw one of them. The generally agreed amount was HK$1000.(U$125) This is not too bad anywhere in Hong Kong (although Mongkok is much cheaper - but we were in a nice friendly bar getting barred up for free up till now, so it was certainly a much more convivial beginning) Anyway this truly gorgeous Thai girl had been giving me plenty of attention and so ,for my friend, I asked her if she was available for that price. ~~~~

    ~~She was! Plus she was prepared to come to my house with both of us. So we jump a cab and end up at my place where she starts to make the moves to fuck me. I had a crisis of conscience here and turned her over to my buddy who promptly dragged her off to the bedroom where he later informed me he got a very nice shower, French kissing, rub down, BJ sans condom and noisy excellent service for as long as it took for him to finish, Then she left taking a cab at her own expense. ~~It was great fun and we had the luxury of 'home delivery'. Macau is also good value for a married man, as it's in that 50-kilometer distance category, but I'll tell about that another time.~~ (Review # 6187)

  • Hong Komg Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Jul 28 2002 Submitted by:

    Visited HK a couple of months back and had a great session with girl that I picked up at the bar at the Grand Hyatt. Earlier in the night I'd been to a few clubs (Club San francisco and the New Makita). New Makita was fun basically lots of girls there, you dance with the one you like and then start talking about business. Ended up not finding any one that I liked so went back to Hotel bar at around 2.000am. The bar had about 10-15 girls that were clearly working. All are Chinese, I picked one and bought her a drink and we started chatting, good English she was from Beijing. After about 5 minutes she asked if I wanted a massage and she wanted $150 US Dollars. I negotiated her down to $100 and we went to my room. ~~

    ~~She undressed to her underwear and asked me to shower, when I retuned she gave me a great massage, really the best ever almost as though she was professional masseur. Anyway she spent 30-45 mins massaging me and it was pretty incredible. At the end she said finished, which I though was strange so I asked her to continue and she started massaging my dick at first she wanted to massage me quickly so I would come, but I started to kiss her tits and lick her ears and she responded by slowing down, in the end we spent another 60minutes ending up French kissing and coming together. ~~

    ~~Absolutely great, more like girlfriend sex than a prostitute. Anyway she took her time getting dressed and it was now about 4.00am she said she was going to another bar did I want to join her, given I was tired, had a fairly early flight the next day I said no and we kissed goodbye without taking her mane/details. Anyway definitely the best $100 for a pro.~~
    (Review # 5830)
  • Hong Kong Travel Report Dated Added: Sun May 05 2002 Submitted by: kuntry

    Whats up fellas. You were not lying about Hong Kong. Its as easy to get laid there as most places in Asia. I learned to stay out of the Filipino bars in Wanchai after the 1st night when I dropped $200US to get a Thai girl for the night. It was good but way more than I wanted to pay. Anyway, Mongkok is where it is at. We went down by Portland St. and there were numerous girls walking from place to place getting their freak on. All you have to do is follow one you like upstairs and she will lead the way. The place we went there were about 6 Chinese guys sitting around watching horse racing. They got a price list on the wall just like previously posted. They asked us what kinda girl we wanted and it didn't matter. ~~

    ~~This dude at a desk starts making calls and girls just start pouring in. They all looked good but we were being picky cause we could. Well, I took a Chinese back to the room ($350HK, which is pretty standard). She gave me a shower that included a blow job w/o a condom then laid me on the bed and proceeded to suck my dick and balls. After that, the girl threw my legs up and stuck her tongue in my ass! I figured there was a 1st time for everything so it was cool. Then I knocked it out. She had some tight pussy but still let me go all the way in even though it was killing her. Most the girls out there don't let Americans go all the way in I guess b/c we are bigger than they are use to. Thats just what I learned the day before this when I banged a Thai and another Chinese girl that only took it half way in. If you want to get laid for cheap go to Mongkok and stay out of the buy-me-drink bars in Kowloon and Wanchai. ~~ (Review # 5394)

  • Tsim-Sha-Tsui Street Action Dated Added: Wed Dec 05 2001 Submitted by:

    Just got back from a business trip in Hong Kong. Things have certainly changed from when I was in Hong Kong previously, but there is action to be found. I stayed at the Regal Kowloon Hotel in Tsim-Sha-Tsui which is on the tip of Kowloon overlooking the harbor and Hong Kong Island. Although Hong Kong is loaded with Bars and the traditional Bar Girls, I don't frequent these places at all since they are pretty much catered to western people and very expensive with no real physical pleasure. ~~

    ~~On any given night you will find 6-8 beautiful, cantonese, mandarin, or non-Chinese Asian women hanging around outside in the courtyard between the Regal Kowloon Hotel and the Main Plaza where restaurants and shops are located right outside of the hotel. You can pretty much get a girl for the whole night for $300USD or less if you're only interested in a massage and a hand job $100USD. Negotiate. Most of these girls speak English, are going to school/college, and supplementing their lifestyle by pleasuring western business men. Enjoy.~~ (Review # 4740)

  • HK Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Oct 21 2001 Submitted by: Traveler

    Guys, will highly recommend you Mongkok as a fast service. Price level depends a bit from quality but not much. So, choose cheapest one. 280-390HK$ for 30-40 min. of Chinese girl. You go to MTR Mongkok and after that watch IIII> sign.. Please do not forget that its for one fuck price. If you'll have any extra they will request double price in fact. So, better to negotiate before.. If you looking good massage will highly recommend BRILLIANT SOUNA in Moody road (2 flour). But there is no sex only relaxing :o) (Review # 4476)
  • Hong Kong Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sat Aug 11 2001 Submitted by:

    Hi guys. Back for another review. I live and work in HK and find that sex is so easy to find and legal...yes, legal. I've been caught a couple of times while visiting brothels and nothing comes of it. The cops just ask you what you're doing there, check your ID then leave. Anyway, I found a new spot last week. It's located in the Mong Kok district. I'm sure you've all heard about this district. For those who haven't, it's HK's red light district.~~Anyway, the address of this place is 224 Sai Yeung Choi Street, 2FL. Just like all the other brothels you've been reading about, but this one is nice. Price? $420 for 1 girl for 45min, $550 for 2 girls for 45 mins! I highly suggest you try the $550 package. (Review # 4130)
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