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  • Tianjin Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Nov 02 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    I was in China for business. I spent about a week in the Tiajin, spending my Sunday up in Beijing. In Beijing, I spent a few hours at the Forbidden City.

    Two young chinese girls picked me up and took me to a Tea House. I really wasn't looking to hook up at this time--it was in the middle of the day. But the offer of learning some Mandarin and having a beer with a pair of attractive young chinese women was too good to pass up. Turns out it was too good to be true. I was caught in the Bejing Tea House scam and ended up with a US$280 CC bill! Watch yourself! I returned to the forbidden city after the scam and another pair of girls approached me with the same phoney pickup line.

    I returned to Tianjin TEDA and I found myself in a hotel that was converted to a brothel. The girl was hot, but I wanted a bareback BJ, but she would not do it. I think I paid about 500 RMP (US$70). I liked the location, but I wanted a different girl.

    The next night I was determined to go back to the same brothel and pick another girl. It was a cold night and I had no coat so I walked from my hotel to the main road. Up ahead of me on the same street it appeared to be young women walking in high heels. As it was after 1 am, I thought she might be a street girl. I ran passed her on the other side of the and she asked me (in good English) if I was cold. That struck up a conversation and she ended up inviting me to her apartment.

    My guess was correct as she wanted money from me and I agreed. Her apartment was very nice and I had a good time. She did not give me bareback Blow, but I had a great time anyway. I think she was married to an American who was not home... Anyway, she wanted $1000 RMP, but I only had $850 on me. She took the money and did not complain. I will do better research on my next trip to China. I was unable to access this website from within China, thus I recommend you do your research before getting on the plane...
    (Review # 25084)
  • Beijing Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Jul 28 2008 Submitted by: Your average Joe living in Beijing

    Just a note to all you guys coming to Beijing for the Olympics. Life just sucks here, Maggies and all the street action is closed down. To my personal disappointment, the visas of all the Mongolians has be revoked... Do not expect any action, if you are not satisfied with the odd handjobb in the massage parlors. (should be less than 200RMB including the massage) Take care out there (Review # 24355)
  • Beijing Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Feb 22 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    Be very careful in Beijing. China has grown up very fast and lots of people have found ways to exploit tourists. In terms of paying for sex, the Hard Rock Cafe was relatively straightforward, you will be picked up before you get to the bar and will have trouble shaking her off if you like another one more. You will try to negotiate a price in the noisy bar and then told that's just the basic when you actually get back to wherever you go, and everything is 'extra'.

    BEWARE of being taken to a karaoke bar! Outside the Hard Rock there are loads of pimps (and pimpesses) promising you heaven at their 'nearby club'. Once there, you will be unable to refuse whatever they decide to give you, and then charge you hundreds of dollars for it. You will be unable to leave until you have paid. Basically this is a robbery scam, knowing that people are unlikely to lodge a formal complaint.

    If you are male and wandering around alone, various combinations of girls will come up to you and 'make friends' asking you to teach them English etc. Just walk away, I have heard many stories of this being a prelude to some scam or other.

    Basically, in Beijing go solo.
    (Review # 22445)
  • Beijing Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Aug 01 2007 Submitted by: Mr Happy

    Was in Beijing about five weeks ago and had a chance to visit Maggies. I researched it in advance on this site so I knew what to expect - a lot of Mongolian women, expert guys, straightforward. I eventually settled on an attractive Mongolian woman named Jessie. early twenties, office wear outfit, short hair style. She has a tattoo on her ankle and one on her thigh or stomach area, as I recall.

    We settled on 800 RMB and I made it clear with her that this was for 'all night' service. not short time. We made our way by taxi back to my hotel. she demanded all 800 RMB up front since she didn't know me. Big mistake on my part, as I found out later! We had some wine followed by great 'girlfriend' sex. She was very hot and a lot of fun to shag.

    I climaxed hard and gave her a good shag because I had taken 50mg of the fake Viagra (bought in Cambodia) beforehand. Afterwards, though, the mood turned sour because she complained of having a stomach ache. She said she needed to go and after some back and forth, refused to give 200 RMB back to me as I demanded. I threw her mobile phone across the room and got aggressive with her. she cried (good acting skills!) and threatened to call her boss who would come to the hotel and deal with me.

    When I tried to reason with her, she would suddenly interject "Sorry, I don't understand English" or "This is not like Singapore - this is Beijing!"). I threw her out into the hallway and that was the end of it. She walked away with my 800 RMB after staying at my hotel for under 2 hours. Surely headed back to Maggies for round 2. Lesson for Expert guys who are potential customers at Maggies: be firm with your price and tell the woman while you are with her at the club that you will only pay her half in advance and half in the morning. If she is not agreeable, look for another woman who is.

    Also, be sure to stash your money well in the hotel room so that your wallet doesn't go missing. And watch out for Jess at Maggies. She is easy to spot - she is the only woman there with a short 'bob' haircut. Also, be careful of a scam happening around Forbidden City that I fell for. I met 2 women on the street who chatted me up and were keen to practice their English. I took them for coffee at a place they took me to nearby (expensive. my breakfast and their 2 coffees set me back about 100 RMB). The one woman, mid-20's and named May Lee (she has a tattoo on her hand so easily identifiable), invited me out later that week and she took me to a decent dinner (costing about 50 RMB which she paid). This apparently was the 'set up' since she seemed to want to take me to specific places. She next took me to Bei Jing Bar, located just across the street from the big famous Catholic Church located in central Beijing.

    We were directed to a private room where I had a beer or two there while she was ordering a lot of tea (3 servings altogether). When I got the bill for nearly 1300 RMB, my jaw dropped and I demanded some money from her (she gave me perhaps 150 RMB or whatever she had on her). She claimed that she didn't know the high cost of the tea. which is about 250 RMB per serving! Some of the teas there are as high as 500 or 600 per serving, believe it or not. I suppose the bill could have been even higher! Upon leaving, feeling like a chump, I tried to do some damage control by informing another Western guy I saw sitting there with a woman that my bill was out of sight.

    The management, meanwhile, tried their best to hustle me out of the bar. Avoid the Bei Jing bar and avoid women who try to take you to specific pubs in Beijing. If you are with a woman, take her to a British pub on a main street or to a known entity. such as a bar in Houhai that lists their drink prices upfront, rather than a shady place where you are directed into a private room. The price I paid there for a few teas probably found their way back to the woman in the form of a kickback.

    I left the pub in disgust and told the woman not to contact me again. I had a much more rewarding experience recently in Phnom Penh (all night with a Vietnamese woman there for only US $15). I would avoid paid sex in Beijing - too much possibility for being swindled like I was or being taken for a ride due to language barrier (sometimes faked so that you can't get your money back, etc.). Good luck and remember to pass less - don't drive up rates for your fellow experts in Asia! Cheers

    (Review # 20364)
  • Beijing Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Jan 03 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    I was in Beijing for a leisure trip with a few other friends. One day, they decided to go visit the shopping district and I decided to stay behind for a reason. I want to check out the "foot massage" place and see what is actually going on in there. The hotel I am stayin is called JinFuYingJe Hotel. Not far from it is the "foot massage" place. It was around noon. So when I got it, the place is almost like being deserted. They told me to take off my shoes and led me upstairs into a room with three separate beds.

    The guy left and not soon after, I heard a knock on the door. A girl showed up with a small bucket of hot water. She told me to soak my feet in there and would be back with other stuff. I obliged. Soaked my feet for about 2 minutes and she came back with bottles of stuff. We started chatting and she was curious about what I am doing with my life. I made stories. Then I moved in, "Is that all you do here? Rubbing people's feet?" She smiled and said, "Of course not. How could we afford such a place by just rubbing feet?" "What else do you do then?" I asked. "Well, you can get special rubs for 250 RMB..."

    Right away I knew that was not what I was after. How about anything more than that? I asked. She said, "like what?" "How about we both get naked?" She started getting embarassed. I liked that. "So?" I pushed. "I don't do that myself, but someone else I can get for you." To make a long story short, I convinced her to do it.

    Got her into my hotel room. She was 23 and inexperienced. I had her come twice while fucking her. She was fucking me back hard. At first I thought she was just trying to get me to come. Then I realized that she was actually fucking me back. I had Cialis before I went so I could hold it stiff while she was thrusting upward like an animal. I licked her her hole and she simply jerked her whole body like tidal wave one after another. When she came back to the real world, she used her index finger, flipped my chin several times. I asked her if her boy friend could make her come. She said no. I asked why. She said he was not as experienced as I. I am currently 60 and was very happy to hear that.
    (Review # 16880)
  • Beijing Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Oct 22 2006 Submitted by: Nick

    I am back from Beijing that I visit quite regularly. Girls are nice and who wouldn't like to have Mongolian girlfriend. But the sad thing is that as more men visit China and girls are going on with locals (btw who don't use condoms) so barebacking is getting a bit risky.

    I got a nice, gigling girl from the good old maggies. We agreed the price for 500 whole night, but very soon her "friends" advice to put the price up to 1000 that is normal price nowadays. That's fine by me as mediators are getting too greedy on the girls. Anyway head back to hotel with a friend couple. Hotel didn't show any interest for the girl, that was a bit odd. Normally they at least take look.

    After a quick shower we got onto bed and as being bit drunk I let her start the job. She was keen on my thick cock and gave me a couple of strokes and kisses on bare and then used mouth to put the rubber. Skilful girl. Got into action and then after finished had a small rest. In the morning they are eager to have again and again started with bare.

    As I should have known better, I didn't stop her and ended up getting home with surprise. So when you go there, don't just do it - wear it! And some guys here seems to know the drill, it's ok to pay for the girl bit more for good service, but don't seed your money either, it won't grow, ok?

    And remember, almost everywhere in China, most of the girls from girlbar have to pay the bar some, so think when bargaining. And when you go back to Beijing, try the Banana disco next to Schitech shopping center. Then there is a good pizza place in same compound behind the carwash place and sometimes taking these girlfriend-types to eat and having fun, you might end up fucking well for free. Worth of trying, anyway for me had fuck of my life like that.
    (Review # 16104)
  • Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Sep 05 2006 Submitted by: Prima

    Was staying at the Holiday Inn hotel in Downtown Beijing. I asked the Hotel's beauty salon to send someone for a massage. A few minutes later, a nice looking short female came. She showed me the massage menu. I chose one of them and she started. Couple of minutes later, I asked her about sex and she agreed instantaneously and started negotiating the price. She initially started at some 1200 Chinese Yuan but later agreed for 250 Yuan/30USD for 30 minutes. Both of us then got cleaned up & ready. We started and she was very reluctant to go on top so I did. Unfortunately that day, I came too quickly only a few minutes into the action. As soon as that happened, she said its finished and started asking for her money. Language being a barrier, I had to succumb. But then, I asked her for anther fuck and she hesitatingly agreed for a mere 125 Yuan. So, I made use of my remaining massage time wisely. She later gave me her mobile no. so I can call her after work hours at the hotel. This came in very handy as I later called her over the next few days of my stay in Beijing. It was also good because then I only had to pay for the fuck and not for the massage. On one of the days, she sent some friend of hers due to some engagement of hers. That friend being much more inexperienced in the industry had better body and offered more opportunity for play and fun. (Review # 15500)
  • Beijing Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Jul 21 2005 Submitted by:

    Just got back from Beijing. I went to a massage parlour around the corner from the 5 star hotel near Tienamen Square that I was staying at. We went upstairs to the reception area and were told that we would be getting sex. (Always negotiate the price beforehand.) We were escorted to a shower area, then brought through an area that had a lot of reclining chairs. After passing that area, we were taken to separate bedrooms and waited for a girl to come. They did not speak English well, but were very giggly and young. We did straight sex with me on top and on the side. Oddly enough, she did not want to get on top, or give head (just a hand job). My friends also said the same thing. Nevertheless, we all had good clean fun. We paid about $100 USD but the people at the reception area tried to charge one of us double (not knowing that we were together). They eventually gave in. (Review # 12113)
  • Beijing Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Feb 25 2005 Submitted by:

    Actually I first met this girl about two years ago at Orchard Towers in Singapore. She came from Beijing and was there for 6 weeks working in a massage parlor during the day and Orchard Towers Bar at night. Orchard Towers are mostly populated with Thai and Filipinas, but there are now more and more Chinese (Mainlanders) who stroll the halls.


    Anyway, hooked up with her that night in Singapore. Went to her hotel where we stripped, showered and then got on the bed. I was pretty drunk that night and got into licking her whole body. Ended up on her ass ring and licked the thing for 15 minutes while she groaned in pleasure. While I was licking it, she was masturbating herself and managed an orgasm. And that is when the affair took off. Next we lay in bed and we talked about our sex experiences and what we liked to do. Nothing gets me off more than

    1) a girl who likes to masturbate herself,

    2) a girl who likes ass play and anal,

    3) a girl who likes group sex.

    We discussed all this and the things we did. While we were going it we were masturbating ourselves in front of each other. We were both on our backs, side by side, and when I was just about to cum, she jumped up and stuck her face in front of my dick and recieved the goo all over her face. (I kept falling). I was so drunk, I fell asleep after this. When I woke up a few hours later, I was flustered becuase I had to get back home to my wife, or she would give me shit. I was rushing to get changed and go home, and she basically tackled by the door and demanded that I fuck her doggy style while she leaned agaist the door. Did it, paid her about S$150, got her number, and went home.


    I was so intrigued with her that I went back to Orchard Towers and found her again. I was very interested at the time because I knew I would be going to Beijing on a regular basis and would like to meet up with her on my business trips up there. So we did. Over the last 2 years, I have looked her up everytime I went to Beijing. We actually became best of friends and fuck buddies. She took me out and showed me the town. We went to pick up bars, Karaoke lounges, and she let me know the ins and outs of the girl scene in Beijing. It was quite funny becuase she has her girlfriends who knows what she does, and the ones who do not. But nonetheless she introduces me to them as her friend. We have a very open relationship and she enjoyes treating me to other women. So everytime I come to Beijing, she arranges for another girl to join us. Sometimes it is friend who knows what she does, or we go to a Karaoke where she picks a girl for us. Each time the exprience has been different.


    Ususally the girls she arranges have never had a bi exprience. Usually she just tells them that the sex will only be with me. But then she gets them drunk and we go back to my hotel where she starts in on them. Most take little coaxing and she is down between their legs in no time. We only had one who outright refused (but that was OK becuase I fucked her anyway). The best part is to watch how amazed these girls get after she finishes with them. They absolutely love when another girl gets them off. Most of the time, they feel obliged to return the favour, and discover for themseles the joy of licking pussy.


    Of all these nights, the most memorable was when she had the girl lie on her back and she got on top in a 69 position. She got the girl to start licking her pussy while she instructed me to lick her ass. After about 10 minutes of this, she ordered me to fuck her ass while the girl continues to lick her pussy. I have never seen her have such a strong orgasm. She nearly clinched my dick off with her ass muscles. The other instance of note was her one girlfriend who did not know what kind of profession she was in. As any girlfriends would do, they talk about sex and their experiences. The two talked about a threesome once and how her friend was interested, but afraid and shy to ask.


    I had met this girl a few times before on just a casual basis when we would go out. One night we went out for dinner and the girls were talking (in Chinese, of which I only know a few words of) but I could sense something was up. Anyway, we finished dinner and all went for a movie. I did not think anything was up, becuase we had done this before with her friend and it was all quite inoccent. Anyway, at the time I did not notice, but the two of had me sit between them both. The movies started and I was just innocently watching this Chinese flick (with sub titles) and Lily (my fuck buddy) grabs my hand to hold it. After a few minutes she she started rubbing my leg and the inside of my thigh. I was suprised by the audacity, since we were with her friend who did not know she was a pro.


    Anyway, she proceeded to move her had up to my cock, which was getting hard. I looked over at her and she had a big smile on her face, giggling. All of a sudden, I felt another had on my cock. I looked down, and there was the hand of Lily, and the hand of her friend, both rubbing my cock. I couldnt believe it. Both girls were giggling and my heart started to pound. Luckly, the movie theater was not very full. The two continued to rub my cock for about 5 minutes, and then they proceeded to unzip my pants and set it free. I was quite concered about other people seeing us (this is China and we would be in big trouble if we got caught). Nonetheless, they took turns massaging my knob for a while, and then Lily's friend lent down and started to lick my cock while Lily kept a look out. It was awesome. Getting a bj from your Fuck buddy's friend while your fuck buddy keeps look out. This was especially thrilling since this was not the girls profession. She was just a normal girl who was willing to try something new. It was apparent that these two had discussed this at some length before hand and were in the final stages of their plan during dinner when I sensed something was up.


    Needless to say, she gave me a great blowjob and I came in her mouth. She made sure there was no mess and got up, grabbed some pop corn and proceeded to watch the film. It was great!!!! After the film, we went back to my hotel, where we all had somemore fun. I guess now over the last two years, that we have probably slept with about 12 girls including her close friend. In terms of fees, I usually pay for all our activies and buy her a nice gift. As for the thrid party, I usually pay her a fee negotiated by Lily which is usually RMB300-500 for the evening. Sometimes it pays to have a fuck buddy since my business is going well, my company has now relocated me to Beijing. I cant wait to get there and be there on a full time so my fuck buddy can intoduce me to more of the 660m women in China who love to fuck.

    (Review # 11052)
  • beijing Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Jan 17 2005 Submitted by: spartacus

    Hi, all nice information on this site finally. I stayed at the Lido and was going to go to bar street, was suggested by some friends to go to Maggies and The Den. Then the bartender suggested the Irish bar at the hotel, he said it gets filled with girls at 9.30 and later they leave and go to maggies. So I tried. Was very good, and a nice selection of mostly Mongolian and Chinese girls with a few Russians thrown in. Tried annie (Chinese) about 30, good action 100 $ for 90 minutes. (Review # 10862)
  • Shenzen Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Oct 29 2004 Submitted by: Rick

    Hi Guys. I am posting this from Grand View Hotel from Shenzen. I am on a business trip and was bored in the evening. There are a couple of spa's and massage parlors around the hotel. The girls are so young and small built, it did not interest me. 8th floor on the Grand View hotel has the Vianna Night club. It's a good place for a pick up.

    When you enter the club, you will be surrounded by 3 or 4 girls. Couple of them speak good English. Can talk and have a drink with them in private and they will charge you per job, "making love" as they call it can range from 400 RMB to 700.

    The girl I picked was beautiful and spoke English. She came to the room, we got into the shower and cleaned each other. She was clean and a very good kisser. We dried each other and got into bed. She kissed me all over and wanted me to do the same to her. Her pussy was well maintained and a little wet now. I could not resist but to give her a long suck. She was moaning now. She climbed on me and was horse riding me now. This went on untill both climaxed. It was a great experience.

    (Review # 10372)
  • Beijing Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Oct 25 2004 Submitted by:

    I have been living in Beijing for 4 years now. I thought readers might be interested in an up-to-date run-down on what I've found available. There are many options!


    FOREIGNER BARS: These are the easiest to find for visitors - Hard Rock Cafe, Maggies on the East side of Worker's Stadium or Henry J Beans at China World are all in this league. The girls here obviously speak some English, and can be very hot - but can also be a bit jaded, bearing in mind that there are foreigners passing through with money to burn. Maggies is known locally as the 'Mongolian Embassy' - an army of Mongolian girls, with the odd Russian or Chinese gal thrown in. Mongolians are gorgeous - Asian feline sexiness, but often big boobs and butts, and beautiful personalities. The best lay I ever had was a big-chested girl who took me back to her place for sex on her bed while her two friends lay naked and asleep on theirs. In the morning she gave me a great BBBJ (friends still asleep) before I crawled out her door and back to the office... Prices are more expensive than other options - girls will expect 500RMB minimum, and will usually ask for a lot more.


    STREET GIRLS: Parts of Beijing are packed these days with girls on street corners. Many are flabby and past it, but there are some honeys out there too. The stretch just outside Hard Rock Cafe is an obvious choice. But all along the third ring road South from there, down as far as China World, there are groups of girls controlled by pimps waiting for customers. Outside Henry J Beans at China World is another area, until about 11.30 pm. Also, the streets around Sanlitun, although you have to be careful there - I personally wouldn't trust any of the pimps around there and the girls look hard and shifty. Only once did I have a blinder - a mute girl (of all things) who had a hot hot body. I thought she was really brave to be out on the streets when she couldn't argue back or say anything. I tipped her a lot, but then again the sex was really good. Anyway, that was an exception - I recommend steering clear of Sanlitun on the whole. Back to the third ring road. Girls gather there from about 10 pm. Get your taxi driver to pull over. At least one will usually speak some English. A girl freelancing will often accept 200RMB for a short time although the asking price will start higher. A girl in a group will probably go no lower than 300RMB to 'save face' in front of friends, but you never know - I never bargain too hard. Some are afraid of big foreign cocks, so don't be put off if a group of girls decides to snub you - it's nothing personal, just irrational group-think. Some also prefer to go back to their small rented rooms rather than your nice business hotel. I've gone all over the place.

    About two months ago, I met a size 6 hottie from Northern China, with a tight little ass and tits, just the sort of body that looks absolutely gorgeous when you are fucking her doggie-style with her little ass in the air and her legs wide apart. Good kisser too, and very happy to BBBJ. I had her 3 nights in a week - tipped her well the first night, not so much the second and by the third (when I had hardly any cash on me) she basically told me she would fuck me for free - a sort of frequent flyers programme I guess. She was even starting to let me take 'pictures' on my digital camera, but mama-san called from out on the street and she had to run... I've kept her mobile number for when I travel up North...


    SALONS: There are 2 types of salons in Beijing - "good" places, like the place I get my hair cut. And "even better" places, where I get my blow-jobs and cheap backstreet sex. Sometimes it can be hard to tell which place is which. But basically if a girl is making eyes at you through the window when you walk past, you can shoot your load inside. In general the girl of your choice (they are 'rostered' to take turns on guys coming through the door, but you can point to anyone you like) will take you to a back room, start massaging for about 10 minutes and then make it clear that you can pay 200RMB or 300RMB for something else. 'Da Feiji' means they want to wank you. But in my experience no Chinese salon girl knows how to wank you - they approach it like milking a cow, and you really have to slow them down and release their grip or they will yank your cock right off. A better option is to pay the extra 100RMB for full sex, which often includes a BBBJ - they will use very obvious body language to tell you they are offering to fuck you. Hygiene is probably a bit suspect, but I have never caught anything. The girls always use a condom ("tao" in Chinese) and if they don't, you should tell them too - AIDS is raging through China these days. In the really cheap places it is a very public deal - just curtains separating the beds lined up in a row out at the back. Sometimes the girls can get really vocal, which I find a huge turn on myself when all their friends are sitting on the other side of the curtain. Tips are always appreciated, but only pay if the girl has tried hard. You can find these places down side-streets, often the darkest ones (but on the whole Beijing is very safe). Look for the illuminated barber poles, and slow down as you walk past. Sometimes the place is genuinely above-board though, so sorry if you strike a real one - people actually cutting hair, or a male boss, or older people, or families with small kids running around, are often a sign to keep walking. That said, the girl who has given me a therapeutic massage with no ulterior motives for a year now at my local salon leant over me a fortnight ago and whispered with a hot breath in my ear that she could come to my apartment any time for a private massage - she is a good girl, but she was a bit breathless, and that is a huge turn-on.


    PICK-UP JOINTS: I don't really know what to call these places - they are the ones where you might possibly bump into a hot Beijing yuppie chick looking to experiment with a foreign cock for the night, not a professional. The Goose and Duck at the west side of Chaoyang Park is one place, Suzie Wong's just across the road from that is another. I am not so up on the best places, I prefer to pay for sex with no strings attached. But I did meet an incredible young girl one night at the Goose and Duck, quite drunk, who bought me a beer from across the bar and ended up on my bed later in the evening. She fell sleep in her panties across my bed so I let her sleep, but in the morning she sucked me off and fucked me as we both struggled through our hangovers - I took her out again a week later and she was deep-tongueing me in the taxi home but I passed it up - already seemed too much like girlfriend-boyfriend to me, and I really believe that there is no such thing as a free lunch.


     RUSSIANS: Most western men will come to Beijing to fuck Chinese girls. But for long-timers or those after more busty, large-hipped girls, there is a great bar at the north-western corner of Ritan Park called "Hollywood" (not Planet Hollywood, just Hollywood). It is full of Russian girls, plus some Mongolians, a couple of Chinese and even some South Korean chicks on occasion. This is a joint for local guys who fantasise about sleeping with a white woman - apparently they can look on Chinese equivalents of websites like this one and Hollywood will always be listed as one of the X-rated sights in Beijing! The girls demand 800RMB for a short time (US$100), no bargaining, so I only tried it once or twice - there are plenty of rich mafia types shouting Russian whores for their friends at the end of the night. Some of the girls are icy and distant. But I met up with one Romanian woman with huge tits, who tit-fucked me back at her place and was great fun to fuck, big and voluptuous, makes a change from skinny Chinese girls. She said she was studying Chinese at a local university. I think that's about it from me. Happy hunting out there, it's a great city.

    (Review # 10349)
  • Beijing Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Jun 19 2004 Submitted by: MK

    There weren't so many things up on this BBS about Beijing, so it was hard to figure out where to go. I'm an experienced traveller but I found the city very difficult to navigate (easy to find the obvious tourist things, etc - but not so easy to find the local 'hotspots' if you're only in town for 1-2 days).

    Various reviewers suggested to 'go local' and try to pick up college girls, but I couldn't figure out how to do that with only 1 day in the city, so I went to the Sheraton Hotel disco, which was mentioned in some previous reviews. The name of the disco is currently 'Passion'. I went on Sat night and there were MANY 6-7's. You have to pay 500 to hang out and drink together (in other words if you decide not to take her home after she spends some time with you then she wants to get something out of it). It's true that the girls were clearly very money oriented, but no more so then anywhere else in Asia that I've been to. There were about 5 8's and I took one of them home. It's true the sex wasn't fantastic (as it surely would be in Thailand), but it was still very satisfying because the girl was very good looking.

    The first girl asked me for $400. I counter offered $100 and she just walked away without even saying anything. With this range clear to me, the next girl asked for 3,000 yuan, I told her it was too much and we settled on 2,000. I think she probably would have gone down to 1,600 - a number that was mentioned in one of the other reviews.

    The Sheraton hotel is across the street from Hard Rock Cafe. I went there once about 2 years ago and had a very good experience on a weeknight - a Russian for $100 who was a 7 and very skilled in the arts of love. I also noticed many street walker girls in this area. So despite the negative comments on the Sheraton/Hard Rock area, I think its not a bad deal at all if you only have 1-2 days. Guys, come on $200 is not really that much. Sure it would be great to get it for $25 or what ever ridiculously low figure was mentioned, but $200 is not bad. Also, I'm a pretty good looking guy and I've never been able to get into a Chinese girl's pants EVER for free. I'm a bit suspicious of the stories of guys getting college girls so readily. I guess it might be possible if you live here and/or know some of the language... Also it would be nice to know the exact name of the bars to go to for this kind of action.
    (Review # 9389)
  • Beijing Massage Parlor Dated Added: Thu Jun 17 2004 Submitted by: Anon

    Here's a little update on the HoJo Paragon Beijing. After reading some pleasant former reviews, although a bit outdated, a HoJo Paragon quest was necessary. After substantial searching, we found the HoJo health center on the 4th floor. For about a 4:00 PM massage time, the selection of girls was fantastic - all great looking!

    They have a rather confusing massage menu of "Hong-Kong" vs. "Thai" style, with very little ability to explain the difference (besides double price for Thai). Cost was about 200 RMB. I chose "Hong Kong" and was led into a private massage room. A shower was not required before-hand (although showers are available). I stripped off my kit and laid down on the table (complete with massage head-hole, if you remove the pillow). She put a small mini-towel over the arse. She proceeded to give a fantastic oil massage, very firm and professional. I kept wondering if a "happy ending" would be available, as the massage was of such high quality. Luckily enough, she started to spend considerable time on the inner thigh and arse area, first very firmly and then very sensually.

    Also, I found that the strategically placed towel kept getting "adjusted" off (much to my enjoyment). The back and inner-thigh massage was so sensual I couldn't help being at half-mast by the time I turned over for the frontal. The same routine went on for the front side - starting very professional and relaxing, and then the casual penis-brush as she continued towards the end. Again - super sensual and enough to get a full-rise out. After a great frontal, she offered stopped and offered (with a winning smile) "extra" massage for about 300 RMB extra. She got the nod, and proceeded with ernest! All up, one of the best massage experiences I've had, and I'll be heading back on my next business trip without hesitation.
    (Review # 9371)
  • Street Action Dated Added: Fri Mar 05 2004 Submitted by: bahstn

    I left the Hard Rock Cafe and turned left out the door to the Sheraton Hotel. Just on the corner a mamasan approached my and asked me if I wanted a beautiful girl. I said okay, and in just a few seconds about 20 girls were standing in front of me waiting to be chosen. I took 'Lilli' and she was great looking. We took a cab to my hotel and she was super sweet. She gave me her cell phone and wanted to come back. I called her again and she came to the hotel and spent the whole night. A real stunner and great in bed. This was not expensive. I gave her $50 the first night and $100 for the all night. (Review # 8523)
  • Street Action Dated Added: Thu Feb 26 2004 Submitted by: Nick the Oriental Lover

    On a recent visit, there were quite a few good lookers hanging around at rear of Traders Hotel after dark. I went with one long haired beauty by taxi to her simple home about 5 mins away.

    We got into a huge double bed and she proceeded to lick my balls and massage me all over. Unhooked her bra and these gorgeous boobs fell ot. In the end I had to fuck her lovely tits and I came buckets on her face which surprised her! (Review # 8436)

  • Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Dec 13 2003 Submitted by: powerxxx

    I stay from time to time at the Holiday Inn Lido in Beijing. You will found the ladys in the irish pub after 09.00 pm! Starting with approx.800-1000 RMB. Finally you get it for 500-600 RMB. The ladys are not the big hit but its good for relax!! (Review # 8012)
  • Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Oct 29 2003 Submitted by: woody

    Sharing my nice time in Beijing. I stay for 3 nites n visited Hard Rock Cafe 3 nites. Is my best place to pick up girls, means party girls not bimbo. End of the day what I spend is buying them a couple of drinks and some pocket money for them around Rmb 800. And I get back more of that. At 10pm I walk in to Hard Rock alone. The place is pack on weekend, I was there and happen it was a Saturday night , Iam lucky cos every saturday is "ladies nite out" and u dont believe is pack with ladies all kind of ladies. Bimbo, party girls and also foreigner students study in Beijing.

    I got to know this Student she is 19 years old from Indonesia n we spend the night dancing n drinking, I took her back to my hotel, once we walk in she hug me and took off my jean give me a blow job and this make me shoot right inside her mouth. After a nice shower we have sex again, she enjoyed it so much and sream out loud.

    Next day, I visit Hard Rock again at 11pm. Again Iam lucky get to know this chinese girl, who she said is 22 years old and still a student in some local university. I buy her drinks we chat along well and at 230am I invited her to my room for more drinks cos Hard Rock is closing soon. She agreed and we went off. In my hotel room we both drinks a bot of wine and started kissing n I lick her till she is real wet, she ask me to stop licking, saying she can't take it anymore,

    I stop for a moment, she look at me and ask me continue licking her and this go on for about 30 mins same time she give me a good n deep blow, I went off fire she hold on to my dick facing her face and shoot on her face, she use her tongue to taste my semen and said taste good. Next morning she wanted me to accompany her back to her school where she stay and see her off at the school.

    Way back to my hotel I told myself I really have a good time in Beijing and my best place is Hard Rock for picks up girls, they r safe and every Saturday more choice to picks. Enjoyed Beijing ! (Review # 7804)

  • Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Aug 25 2003 Submitted by: Onesingleguy

    Spent a week in Beijing this spring. JinLun Hotel, great place. Got there at 10:00 pm and by 11:00 I had been approached. Girls right out in front of all the hotels along the entire street for about 10 blocks. They start to show up as soon as it is dark. I noticed quite a few in groups of two or three and a guy hanging around in the shadows. I like to stay away from pimps, like girls that work by themselves. Questioned a few, prices almost always started at $100 US and would go to $20 US if you completly walked away. The minute you talked to one and walked away, in less than 50 feet two more approached you. None were pushy, and probably half were not up to my standards.

    There does not seem to be a huge drug problem at least around the hotels and they didn't look like that. Finally hooked a real looker 9-10 at least. Agreed on $50 us and gave her my room number. No idea how she got past security, but about 5 min behind me she was at the door. Wanted the money right up front, I offered local yuan but she wanted US $ if I had them. That was the last thing she was in a hurry for. Once after that she offered to stay the night for $100 but she only asked once. She was prepared and brought protection. Gave me a nice massage first and was able to speak fair english.

    She was not in a big hurry and we talked and she asked what I wanted. I had her undress slowly. Great body, tall by Chineese standards and thin. Well toned and great tits. Real too as near as I can tell, or else they have better surgury than here. Blew me for a while through a rubber then wanted me to mount her. I went slow and easy cause she had me hot by now. Again no hurry. Seemed to enjoy as she talked to me and asked me questions and such. After about 20 minutes I let blow.

    She had me lay back, took the condom off, got a warm wet rag and cleaned me up. She asked to use the shower, only washed her bottom. I could see her in the mirror and was getting hard again. When she came out she had to walk past the bed to get to her clothes and saw may hard on. She asked if I wanted it again and I expected to be asked for more $$$ but she said we still had time left. She put another condom on and blew me a little just to get me hard, then rolled over on her stomach, feet off the bed and told me to fuck her from the back, which I gladly did. Doesn't take me long that way and I think she knew that. She cleaned up again and this time dressed, all the while talking and saying she wanted to be my Chinese girlfreind.

    She gave me her cell phone number and told me to call her the next day. I did and she came to my room again for a repeat, same price, only this time she stayed about 4 hrs took a bath and shower with me, blew me to completion and fucked me once more. She told me she wanted to see me again the next day, that she had a regular job but got off at 4:00. I told her I had a tour and I didn't know how late, she said she would wait. When I got off the bus I saw her standing there, but she didn't approach me. Five minutes after I was in my room she knocked. We went and had some local food, did a little shopping and I spent about $20 on her. She knew where to go and what to do for a fun non tourist time.

    Then we went back to my room, she didn't even ask for any more money, this time we sucked and fucked for about 3 hrs, then fell asleep. Woke up next morning she was sucking my dick, gave me a real quick blow then said she had to go to work. Repeated this the last two nights I was there. She seemed sorry I was to leave. I hadn't given her any more money after the first two nights, but I did pay wherever we went. The morning I was leaving I gave here $100 on the way out the door and told here I enjoyed myself. I usually try and sample wherever I am, but this was more fun.

    My Chinese girlfriend. I did learn both from observing and from her that you can pickup girls in front of most of the major hotels on the street or sidewalk after dark, not to late, they want to make a few bucks before heading to the clubs. You need to be selective, but there are plenty to select from. Although crime is very low in Beijing be careful as always. (Review # 7408)

  • Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Apr 26 2003 Submitted by: victor

    I visited Beijing in January and stayed at the Marriott Courtyard in Chongwenmen. Itís a decent four-star hotel in a residential district without many attractions. It doesnít seem thereís any action in the hotel, as the health club closes early at 10pm and offers (presumably same sex) massage in the locker room only. It hasnít got a nightclub or KTV or anything like that. ~~

    ~~Naturally I had to go out for action. One night I had dinner at the Guangzhou Hotel on Xidan North Street and noticed that itís got a sauna place at the basement, its entrance just right next to the main entrance of the hotel. I went down and found a luxuriously decorated place with about 20 massage rooms each with two or three massage beds. There are also three VIP rooms each accommodating four to five people with karaoke machines and even majongg table. Only one of them has en-suite shower, sauna and Jacuzzi facilities. It costs 200 yuan an hour with a maximum charge of 1,000 yuan (i.e. you can stay for more than five hours but less than 24 hours). The other two are 100 yuan an hour.~~

    ~~~~I was on my own so didnít go for such a huge room. After going through the routine of shower and steam room I went out to relax a little bit in the big whirlpool. Next to the pool is a tall and wide fish tank (probably 15 feet wide and 10ft tall, goes all the way up to the ceiling). About six or seven sharks (yes sharks) are kept there. They are about 2ft long. Quite cool.~~

    ~~~~Then I went into one of the massage rooms and soon a girl came in. I forgot her name but her number is 82. Sheís about 22, comes from Chongqing, and is new in this business, having done it for about two months. I asked her to do a thorough oil rub on me, as my skin was really dry because of the cold weather. She skills are quite good. We started off with me lying on my back, and after she had done with oiling my tummy I asked her to go down further. Initially she refused, but after some persuasion and promises of tipping her with two sessions she removed my shorts and started to rub oil on my private part. ~~

    ~~~~As we chatted it turned out that for every session of massage (including the two sessions that I was to tip her) she would only get 40% and the establishment would take the remaining 60%. So I propose to give her cash, which made her really happy. The only inconvenience is that I then had to go to the locker room to get the money from my wallet in a stealthy way, but Iím sure the waiters in the locker room were suspicious. Then I went back to continue with the thoroughly enjoyable three sessions of massage and oil rub, and she was willing to let me fondle and suck her tits as she worked on my cock. ~~

    ~~~~By the way this place opens around lunchtime and closes at five in the morning. The girls can also go upstairs to guest rooms. My girl said she had never been in the guestrooms, but she agreed to have sex with me next time I called her up to my room, as full service was not allowed at the sauna. All in all a very nice place, clean and beautifully decorated. Prices are reasonable for a high-end place. I stayed for three sessions and it cost me about 900 yuan. ~~

    ~~~~Then in March I returned to Beijing for a few days and this time I stayed at the Guangzhou Hotel. The first night there I went swimming on the fifth floor. The pool was tiny, four strokes and you reached the other side. I also found out from the pool staff that thereís a gym on the third floor and that they also provide massage service there. After swimming I went to the gym just to take a look. There was only one massage room, next to the hairdresser and a bar. ~~~~

    ~~~~It was tiny, perhaps eight feet by four feet, and spartanly decorated. Then I went back to my room, took a shower, called up the sauna place at the basement and asked them to send a masseuse to my room. I wasn't that keen to have the girl that I had last time so I didn't specify any girl. In five minutes this other girl, wearing the standard sports suit that all masseuses in China wear, came knocking on my door. ~~

    ~~~~Sheís an ordinary looking girl of about 22, medium built, from Hubei in central China. She said her last name was Wei, and told me her number but Iíve forgotten it. Sheís not very chatty but our conversations were okay. Her massage skills were good but nothing spectacular, and she finished me off by hand, saying she did not provide full service and I didnít insist. The damage was 400 yuan for two sessions, payable to the establishment, plus a tip of 300 yuan to her for the hand job.~~

    ~~~~The following night I didnít bother to go swimming but called up the gym and asked for an in-room massage service. A couple of minutes later, before I could finish shower, someone knocked on the door. When I went to answer the door I saw a young girl in high heels, tight jeans and a low-cut blouse out there Ė obviously she didnít come to give me a massage.~~

    ~~~~I let her in. She followed me to the bed and instructed me to lie face down. I did as told, and she peeled off the top of my bath rob to expose my back. Then she asked exactly what I wanted her to do, stroking my ass as we talked. I asked what she had to offer, and she listed out the menu: fire and ice, body massage, and sex, 1,500 yuan all in. I negotiated it down to 1,200, she agreed, and began to take off her clothes. Sheís very slim but not the sickly thin type, yet there was not a trace of fat on her body. Her tits were small but well proportioned on her body. Her last name was Liu, and sheís from Chongqing. ~~

    ~~~~I took her to the bathroom and washed her thoroughly. She was not too enthusiastic about washing me (perhaps because I had just finished shower on my own), saying that she would make me more comfortable in bed. After the shower she took two glasses of water, one hot and one cold, and we went to bed together.~~

    ~~~~She had me completely stretched out on my back, then knelt between my legs and put her tongue to work, slowly licking my whole body from my feet up to my face. Every once in a while she would take a sip from one of the two glasses and come back to work on me, kissing and licking, with the water serving as a lubricant. Then she came to my cock, which she swallowed up with a mouthful of warm water. The sensation was just too much for me. So I stopped her, told her to put a condom on me and then ride me. I didnít last very long.~~

    ~~~~Afterwards I asked her to give me an oil rub, which she happily did, rubbing me not just with her hands but also her tits. After a thorough oil rub she put a condom on my dick and slowly blew me to completion. Then we showered together before she left. The whole thing lasted almost two hours, and the money was well spent. ~~

    ~~~~I had wanted to keep her for the night, but she said the gym would charge me 1,200 yuan: 150 yuan per 45 minute session, eight sessions for the night, no discount. That wouldnít make sense, so I had to let her go. Clearly the gymís boss expected her (and the other two girls working there) to offer sexual service, though she said he never expressly discussed her range of service with her.~~~~~~ (Review # 7140)

  • Other Dated Added: Thu Apr 17 2003 Submitted by: GameHunter

    Well, I have been in China for about 9 months straight, and can tell you those Chinese women are probably the smartest in Asia. I mean woman in china have been raising families, working, and managing money for years, while being abused verbally and physically from there husbands/boyfriends and from their male dominated society. Well, guys, and WSG readers, things are changing. Now woman are standing up in this society, receiving high paying jobs, and finally receiving the recognition they deserve. So what does that mean for me, and others foreigners? ~~~~

    ~~Revenge Minded woman, mostly married, who want to either piss off their husband, or want to find someone who can keep up with them in all aspects. If you go to the Disco's, and Bars in Beijing, you will notice many woman from the ages 18-40, who will tell you they are single at first, but in truth, married, but seeking pleasure, They will treat you respectfully, but they will screw your brains out in bed, and always treat you to the love and sex that you have been looking for your whole life. Now some other information. ~~

    ~~~~Bars...If you go to clubs like Hard Rock, or the larger discos, the working girls are abundant, but they stand out like a sore thumb with there attire, complexion, makeup etc. They ask for the normal 100 US, or around 800 RMB, but in most cases can be had for about 1/2. Most of these women swear to condom use, and generally couldnít give a decent blow job if their life depended on it. They tend to lie on their backs... and expect you to do them dry, and hope you lose interest in about 20 mins. Then they will walk out the door, and go back to the bar. Street Action...~~~~

    ~~Well, there is street action in BJ..but it is not consistent. If you hang out near JianGuoMen, you will see woman walking the streets, and sitting in the Starbucks, that will ask you if you want a massage, etc. and expect the normal 100 US. But this area is for foreign visitors, and only those here for a really short time seem to spend that kind of money. There is a red light district in the Ya Yun Cun area, just north of Kempinski hotel, where there are woman walking, managing the local barber shops or in the menís massage clubs, that will do you quickly for about 50 US or 400 RMB. ~~~~

    ~~Beware of HIV, and other diseases, as there is no health control system at this time, and since most of these working girls are uneducated, (except from their Bosses) they have no idea of the dangers. Donít spend too much money on woman...unless you want to buy them gifts, or dinner. Everything can be bargained for here and should be. Anyway, happy hunting, and remember, respect those you meet, and you probably wonít get beat. ~~ (Review # 7096)

  • Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Apr 06 2003 Submitted by: pussyhunter

    I was over from the USA spent a few days in Beijing on business last month, Originally I wanted a massage but my hotel only had a Chinese doctor doing health massages and surprise surprise!! it wasn't what I was looking for!! ~~~~

    ~~I checked out the Hard Rock and the girls in there were keen and there wasn't anything that took my fancy. So on a tip from a friend I decided to go to Maggieís Bar near the Workers Stadium. I walked in there and it was wall to wall pussy!! All the girls were Mongolian and I had a great time drinking and feeling up the women, I eventually decided on a 22 year old girl who had a body like Pamela Anderson and arranged for her to come to my hotel room the next morning. ~~

    ~~I had a buzz on the door at 8.30am and this girl walked in. I fucked her a couple of times and she was sensational and had the most amazing Body I have ever seen (tight butt, 36dd, hair down to her ass, a feel Playboy Playmate). She gave me a great BJ and ass licking and left after 2 hours but only after I had unloaded 3 times. Cost for this was 700 Yuan ($85) and worth every penny. Maggieís Bar is the best place I have been in China but don't get there before 23.30 and sit on a chair and watch the pussy come in.~~ (Review # 7044)

  • Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Jan 19 2003 Submitted by: Chaz69

    I visit Beijing every few months for business meetings and ususally stay at a hotel near the Hard Rock Cafe. Usually this is a good place for drinks, American food, and live music, but you have to fend off all the working girls while you are there.~~~~Seems like the global recession has taken a toll on the business and I was able to really get my dollars worth this trip.~~

    ~~I went across to Hard Rock Cafe and there were the usual dozen or so women floating around looking for dates. In the past this use to be a waste of time since all you would get is a couple of dances and a phone number and a hefty bar bill. If they did agree to come with you they wanted over $1.5, which is expensive by China standards.~~~~However this time business being slow due to x-mas holidays, and coming Chinese New Year there were not too many takers. ~~

    ~~I was about to close down the place when I was approached by a real cutie who was real insistent. I tried to walk away from the deal but she had her friend come over and they both talked me into taking them up to my room. Total donation requested was 800 Yuan for each girl, a little quick match and that was less than $100 each ($93 at the exchange rate).~~Couldn't pass this up as they were really quite sexy with long hair and a nice rack for an Asian girl.~~

    ~~We snuck by the lobby security with just a glance or two from them but no hassle. I was real nervous but they assured me it would be ok, Once up in the room both took quick showers and the fun began. It was 1 1/2 hour of non-stop action in every position. A little bit of DATY, CBJ, doggie, CG. They really knew how to work you as a team one would blow you while the other gently squeezed your balls. Many an explosion for me and after about 90 mins I was drained in more ways than one. Some of the best money spent. I actually tipped them $20/ea and got phone numbers for next time.~~ (Review # 6724)

  • Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Jan 06 2003 Submitted by:

    ~~ After roaming Beijing for 4 years, here's my contribution : ~~

    ~~Beijing is constantly moving. What was hot yesterday may not be today. These days, I find the Lobby of the Kempinsky hotel to be the best place to pick up real babes (check after 9 pm, slutty dress, around the lobby bar, alone...) some even don't ask for money but hope to become gf. ~~

    ~~To bring a girl back to the hotel is often a concern. I like to stay at the Novotel Xinqiao (Chongwenmen) as it is so big and busy that security never pays attention to you, even at night. Beside, it must be the best priced 4 star of the city. Try also their sauna in the basement. Girls there are nice and some will accept to join in your room after duty .~~

    ~~Harry J Beans is a kind of a lottery, some nights with amazing choice, some cold dead.~~Check also Salsa Cabana, the place around the bar and, again, you can't miss them~~ (Review # 6661)

  • Street Action Dated Added: Mon Sep 23 2002 Submitted by:

    This will make you laugh .... I was walking outside of my hotel (Lido Holiday Inn) and kept getting approached by lots of young girls asking if I wanted a massage. I told them all no, but as time dragged on the thought of shagging one of them began to take over my head!~~~~Next thing I know, a slightly older woman came over and offered a massage in my hotel room. She was mid-30s, which I prefer to teens and young 20s, so accepted and we walked over.~~

    ~~She was paranoid about being stopped by the cop outside the elevators but managed to get by him and up to my room.~~~~She told me to take off my shirt and massaged my back then told me take of my pants and gave me a leg massage. I was wondering when the action would start and figured it would be soon as she was working her way up my leg.~~~~It was a pretty good massage so I didn't complain but by the end realized I had literally got a massage. No sex, no hand job, nothing!~~

    ~~She gave me a card which identified her as a professional masseusse. I paid $40 for the massage, which is a little expensive for Beijing, but learnt a valuable lesson. When you pay for a 'massage', make sure a massage is not what you are getting!! (Review # 6191)

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