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  • Dhaka Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Nov 28 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    Try out the bar at Shearoton Hotel. You can have a girl for 3000 taka - 4000 for whole night....and thats for a very pretty girl. They will ask for 10k taka but this is if your a foreigner and will try to rip u off. Also worth a go is Dhaka regency. (Review # 25267)
  • Dhaka Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Sep 15 2008 Submitted by: som

    Recently went to Dhaka ... and with preparation for some good action ... having sent e mails to twoproviders .... it was the start of ramdam so they said that there may be a bit difficulty ... but it would be arranged . no problems .. in fact i got to see a lot of pictures with rates and service details etc Anyway all was ok ... after I checked in to the hotel ... actually not a big hotel a sort of 5 star guest house ... and called up the provider ... he said that service is not possible in the these small hotels ... one needs to be in 5 star hotel ... there are 3-4 in Dhaka paying 160 $ for the room ... where as the guest houses cost aboyt 40 $ with same level of comfort ... expect possibly they are not excort friendly ... I asked for a in call ... was given a location but on asking it it had AC ... its qute hot and humid in Dhakha ... was told no ... so no In Call Sumarize : in case u want a escort service ... first find a good comfortable ... escort friendly hotel .... its difficult to really go up and ask the receptionist if they allow "lady guests " ... I did but got no for an answer ... Recomend the Escort providers also put a list of hotels / guest houses which are Not Escort Friendly ... the others can be taken ... can some one make a list .. leave out the 5 start Hotels will be there soon again and hope for better lich .... (Review # 24739)
  • Chittagong Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Jun 16 2006 Submitted by: Shabli

    Hi, Bangladesh is a beautiful country. I recently visited the country. The nature and the people of the country, especially the capital Dhaka are very attractive. Every person will enjoy the visit the country. During my visit, I thought that the visit might be boring and dull as I was visiting without my boyfriend. After arriving at the hotel, the room boy gave me a phone number of a local guy. I called him and asked him to accompany me. He agreed and stayed with me during my stay at the hotel. Believe me! I was so surprised to see his big cock and performance in bed. As a young gal, I used to enjoy sex with my young boy friend but I never had such wonderful sex experience in the past. He didn't give me any rest at night. After four-day stay with him at the hotel and other places of the city, I became crazy for sex with him. Alas, I didn't get the chance to visit again and meet him. But I got his email address. I keep contacts with him with a hope to meet him again and have such feelings. May be, he is available for other ladies and enjoyed sex with them but I would always dream of sex with him. (Review # 8680) (Review # 14963)
  • Dhaka Travel Report Dated Added: Sun May 21 2006 Submitted by: Delbosque

    Have relaxation in Dhaka can not be a problem, but Dhaka is not Bangkok. There must be much more places than I found in April 2006. Rickshaw and taxi drivers can help you. I know two areas. The first one is on 'new airport rd'in Banani district. There are about 6 small hotels (brothels, because you can not rent a room to sleep; hotels were you can sleep are marked by 'hotel Résidential').You can find them on the left side in the airport direction, between Mohakhali ave and Kemal Ataturk ave. There have names as 'Banami', 'Lovin', 'Briten International'. The second area is down the same rd direction central Dh., close to Ramna. They are at 50 meters of the cross of 'Outer circular rd','Tongi diversion rd'and 'new eskaton rd'. The brothels are between the 'Bata Bazar Shoe Shop' and the street cross.There are four places I think. One of them is 'Hotel Rupasi Bangla'. On the upper floor you find about 15 girls and many of them are really nice. All of these places have a small entry, generally there is a man downstairs who bring you up and guide you. The rooms are very basic. The rate is 500 taka for one time that you pay on the man when finish. You give the lady a tip from 100/150 TK. Some girls give you a BJ( same price),if you like is better to ask before on the man, so he fix it with the lady or give you another one if she don't do it. I got about six girls in different places, there were all very kind (BJ or not) - so please, respect them. (Review # 14779)
  • Dhaka Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Jul 15 2005 Submitted by: catmandoo

    I went to Bangladesh simply to complete this forum with an update of Bangladesh. I arrived to the airport and found myself a streetwise helper.We agreed an a daily base fee of 20$ for his service. (I had in mind to stay approx 5 days.)  In a taxi from the airport I told him that my only misson was to find out about how sex-business was in Dhaka.  I was told that sex in Dhaka was only to be done at brothels. Fine with me. My guide set me up at an acceptable hotel with ac (30$) and I told him to pick me up at 7 pm. This was my schedule: 1. Find something to eat, 2. Find something to drink (since this is a muslim country they don't serve any alcohol), 3. Find myself a place to get layed.

    Well this is how my schedule turned out. Food was no problem - an excellent menu with starter+main +softdrink = 3$. To find a place to drink was much harder. Since it was a little late (10 pm)every place for drinking was closed. OK, so I guess I had to find myself a lady, and being sober (first time ever).  We went to a brothel (I think the name was Hotel of Your Dreams). Well that must have been a nightmare. I was told to sit down in a VERY dirty hotel-room and was informed by a man about the procedure. I could choose to screw or have a bj - price was the same, 60$.

    So now it was just to wait for the lady to make my nightmare come true. Two ladies show up and my heart almost stopped.  I panicked and left the hotel as quickly as possible (no fucking). The ladies were:  Old, Fat, and Very muslim-looking.  And worst of all they smelled sweaty.

    We went to one more place but it was just about the same. After this, I replanned my trip and the next day I went directly to Paradise on earth:  BANGKOK.
    (Review # 12025)
  • Dhaka Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Oct 10 2004 Submitted by: saphire4

    If you are looking to get laid in Dhaka, try Hotel Lord Inn in Chairmanbari, Dhaka. Also try Hotel Facy Inn in Banani. When you get there, you will be greeted by a pimp. Give the the pimp 60 taka and get laid. It won't cost you much. Good Luck. (Review # 10269)
  • Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Mar 25 2004 Submitted by: zafar

    I had a good time in BD. Lots of college gals, cute n' sexy aunty and Vabi available for fuck. I met my neighbor Vabi after four years and we got frank..When are husband is not home, we used to go for walking in Ramna park and Parliament building.

    One day she said she is gonna hang around with me all day. She wears tight short sleeve blouse and blue sky colored transparent saree showing her big boobs partially and deep navel..we walked..hold hands ..and kissing in the ramna park and she got horny and asked me to take me to a hotel near Old Dhaka. She sucked me..licked me and fuck me..I didn't know BD women are so horny and sexy. (Review # 8700)

  • Street Action Dated Added: Sun Mar 14 2004 Submitted by: DesiBoy

    Street action in Dhaka is in front of the Parliament. Around 20 to 30 girls wait beside the road from 7 pm to 10pm. You will also find girls in rikshas on the same road. Rate are around Tk 500 for the night or Tk 150 per shot in the car. Girls are average looking, friendly and crazy for sex. Ages from 18 to 25. If you treat them well they will take good care of you.

    Another place for street action is in Gulshan around Agora Shopping Center, and Gulshan 2 near the lake. Action in Gulshan starts after 10pm. Rates are high around Tk 1500 per night or Tk 400 in the car. Be careful of police in Gulshan. Good luck hunting for sex in Dhaka. (Review # 8585)

  • Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Dec 21 2003 Submitted by: infoman

    Cheap streetwalkers can usually be picked up from Gulshan and Banani, after 10pm In Gulshan make rounds on the main road between Gulshan 1 circle, past the Gulshan 2 circle until you reach the end of the road. In Banani try Road # 4 around the securex office. (Review # 8055)
  • Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Mar 19 2003 Submitted by: Doesitmatter

    I thought Dhaka was a dead city as far as sex life was concerned. But I was pleasantly surprised when a cycle rikshaw puller took me to a place in the old Palton Rd.It was sheer heaven. Girls were young, pretty and extremely satisfying if you handle them right.

    ~~~~At a cost of 1200 taka which includes the room charge you can have fun for an hour. Just ask some rikshaw puller to show you exciting sites near Motijheel area after about 7 in the evening and they will take you to one of such places. Also check out a hotel called Facy Inn on the Airport Road near Banani. They have hordes of pretty girls from 10am to 10pm.~~Enjoy (Review # 6969)

  • Dhaka Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Nov 10 2002 Submitted by:

    Last month i had to visit Dhaka for business trip. I lived at Sonarg Hotel, talked to a person who came to my room for room service. He gave me a phone number, called her , she came to my hotel with two beautiful girl. I kept one and had beautiful experience with her. She was 21, from Munshigong, recently just started this work. BJ newbee, FJ was ok. (Review # 6407)
  • Dhaka Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Aug 24 2002 Submitted by: Anon

    I am a local guy from the capital city of Dhaka. I came back to Dhaka in 1993 after finishing my studies in the USA. Since my arrival Dhaka city is booming and sex in the town is no exception. There are hookers on the street of Gulshan/Banani area after sunset. Most of these hookers came from NARAYANGANJ brothel (after govt. shut it down in 1999).Apart from street hookers there are good looking girls available in the most of the hotel, guest house (secretly on demand)and prices are relatively cheap but you gotta bargain well.

    Have you happen to know the local party going guys, you may also end up making love discreetly with young unmarried girls, married women, divorceeses, widow or just any bitch who wants just sex for fun.

    Bangladesh may seems a laid back dull country with no fun or sex life but I tell you man if you know the right connection, right people, you end fucking each and every night to a different women. I did not myself fucked so many bitches during my 7 years stay in the USA what I accomplished in few years in Bangladesh and still keep on growing strong day by day! Happy huntings!!!!!!
    (Review # 6001)
  • Dhaka Massage Parlor Dated Added: Tue Aug 13 2002 Submitted by: James Stewart

    Hi Folks, recently I went to Bangladesh and the taxi I took for the Pan Pacific Hotel informed me about a nice massage parlour in central Dhaka, perhaps the name of the place is something Mokbazar, as far as I remember.
    ~~This place, a very tiny building, has lot of sexy girls providing a great massage. It will take you only $3 for an hour. I'm again going to visit Dhaka pretty soon. It will be really appreciated if any person living in Bangladesh email me for the infos of other massage parlors with address.
    (Review # 5933)
  • Dhaka Massage Parlor Dated Added: Fri Oct 19 2001 Submitted by: Zafar

    I had sex in Ramna park in Dhaka at night time. It cost Only 40.00 less than one US dollar. The Girl was looking young age of 19. She gave me very good time with wild sex under the sky. She had dark complexion but cute and have big boobs. I could not find her later. Her name was Rani. If anybody knows about sex business in some several massage parlor with address, name and price in Dhaka. We all would really appreciate (Review # 4467)
  • Dhaka Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Oct 17 2001 Submitted by: jack

    I'm an expat. living in NY. In the last few years I have been back to Dhaka on two occasions and on both I have had the pleasure of meeting some nice ladies Dhaka University through a 'dalal'.

    ~~I have also had one experience at the Gulshan Hotel in the Gulshan 1 area. They have some nice girls on call. I was told that regular patrons can choose from a photo album of girls but I stayed only one night there and was introduced to a nice young girl whose company I enjoyed immensely.

    ~~I have also heard about a lot of action in Guest Houses but have not had the opportunity to try any. A couple of months ago someone posted a review mentioning Lake View Guesthouse in Gulshan. Well if you or anyone has anymore info. on guesthouses please post. I'm going back in a few months for another trip...~~
    (Review # 4457)
  • Dhaka Other Dated Added: Tue May 29 2001 Submitted by: Anon

    Hello everyone interested in sex in Dhaka. I am a Bangladeshi but have lived oversease for long time and got taste of free sex. So when I go home I need to satisfy my hunger. There are many places in Dhaka to enjoy great sex- hotels, private houses etc. But its better to choose an arrangement which ensures safty, real women and good time. I would recommend to find the Guesthouse in Gulshan named Lake View. This resthouse provides excellent gals, ladies. They are either students or housewives, or whatever catagory you like. Housewives are of special catagory because they usually come from rich family and they are really pretty. Prices ranges from TK 2,500-3000. You need to go there and ask for their service.

    Other options are conatcting a pimp. Some of them are to be found in Ramna park. but they may not understand English. They can take to some real pretty gals and ladies in their private houses. These palces are very safe since they do the service from their own home. Sometimes you can get movie actresses as well. Prices range from 500-5000 depending on who you want to have. I have tried some best gals and ladies in this process. The pimp would be satisfied with Tk 100. You pay the tansport cost to the place you go. Have a nice time.
    (Review # 3631)
  • Dhaka Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Dec 20 1999 Submitted by: Muslim Mandingo

    Failing to provide jobs for the people, those who run Bangladesh have made prostitution a legal profession. As long as a Prostitute carries a License she is allowed her "freedom" to sell her body.

    If you go to the Old Dhaka town and visit some of the Jatra theatres, there should be some "Hijras" something like a half man and half woman.

    They may be a good substitute for gays or lesbians. Depends if there are Hijras that are male like or some are feminine. Well good-luck buddy.

    You could also try Narayanganj Red light Area called Tanbaazar, if you pay the brokers well they may find something for you.
    (Review # 1077)
  • Dhaka Incall Dated Added: Wed Apr 28 1999 Submitted by: Long Jhon Silver

    I had recently visited Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. There's nothing great about this city but if you are in Import / Export business like me maybe you had no choice but to come in this place to check out opportunities.

    The night life is terrible in this place but I was lucky. I made some friends with local people actually a Thai / Japanese food joint and the owner's name was Martuza. He is know as Martuza Bhai.
    He introduced me to a pimp named ""Liton"" (however he prefers to be called as Sagar, you can use either of the names) - This guy is a GAY and he has huge supply of local chicks who will charge US$ 100.00 for an Hour and do almost anything.
    The girls can be found of any age and they are just fine.

    You can reach this Liton character on his Mobile - 017 698481 or page him at his pager number 8264. You must not forget to mention Martuza Bhai refereed you to him.

    Good hunting!
    (Review # 294)

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