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  • Glasgow Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sun Jul 22 2007 Submitted by: RexStranix

    Hi All Went to a flat on Sauchiehall Street, Got a number from another review (way To Go WSG) Went through a security gate (A little word to the wise if you go to one of these flats make sure the lady on the phone tells you the apartment number otherwise you'll end up knocking on doors trying to explain to Mr. and Mrs. Smith why you are there.)


    Anyway I heard two girls talking in an Asian language inside one unit so I knocked and my boldness and detective work paid off. Mama showed me to a sleazy room and told me it was 60 pounds for 30 min or 100 for an hour. I elected for 30 min. A Japanese girl soon came in very young small frame with large silicon fun bags not my thing I would prefer my recreation be all natural. But otherwise I would give her a 9. Massage was mediocre and soft it was kind of understood why I was there (could have been my pulsating purple helmet that told her I was dressed for sport.)


    Anyhow she asked if I wanted a condom and I agreed and we got down to business. She started with a b.j. and finished with Sex she on top me on top. She rushed me a bit so I thought about mowing the lawn and remodeling my bathroom back home anything to drag this out a bit and finally finished up when I figured I'd spent my 30. All and all she didn’t quite rock my world. Pretty girls usually don't they are asleep at the wheel and don't care about returning clients.

    (Review # 20262)
  • Tulear Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Jun 26 2007 Submitted by: Peterg

    Tulear is the place to go for Vezo (tribe) gals, reputed to be the prettiest in Madagascar. The Zaza club has tons of them, usually nice, sweet and polite as Malagasy gals usually are. Always in Mangily, the tourist town 30 kms north, there are local bars and a few discos where the girls are around in droves.

    The best however the Mangily Beach where stunning women parade around the beach and gorgeous they are. Many Vezo have natural blonde streaks in their hair and the best bottoms in Madagascar. Lots of sex tourism around there and of course take precautions due to the dreaded HIV, since the Vezo are pretty loose and, recently a bunch of SA guys were stationed there as workers and many had condomless sex, according to an informant. Not good, as South Africa is riddled with HIV + people, unlike Madagascar.

    (Review # 19808)
  • Lagos Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Apr 12 2006 Submitted by: Hug_a_d

    Currently I am living and working in Lagos Nigeria. Not really a tourist destination at all. But should any one of you be damed to come down here on business, don’t be afraid, it is not as bad as the newspapers put it and there is loads of fun to be had, if you know where to look. So here a little travel guide for the lonely business man in Lagos. Here a few tips to start of: - If you are alone, stick to the “expat” establishments for obvious safety reasons. - Most girls will hardly give you a price upfront, a more polite way to ask is: “If you make me happy, what will make you happy in the morning” - Except for big hotels, all deals are for overnight. - always keep your valuables in a safe place, generally keep an eye on the girl (won’t be hard if she is a beauty) - Most girls give BBBJ but make shore you use a condom when the action gears up (the good girls will insist on it). - Average price for a night (apart from the big hotels) is between 3000 – 5000 naira (140 Naira = 1 US$, 175 Naira = 1 Euro). I know guys getting away with only paying a taxi fare (500 naira) for a night. - There can be rip offs, so be weary. - If you chat with a girl for the evening and you don’t take her, she can get very offended. You can lessen the offence by giving something for her taxi fare (200 – 500 Naira) If you come down to Lagos you will most likely be staying in one of these two Hotels, Eko Hotel on Victoria Island (VI) or Sheraton in Ikeja. VI has a large expat crowd and is the more high brow area. Lots of reataurants to chose from and some good bars. Pat’s Bar Run by an English expat it is one of the places to go come weekend. A good mix of local and expat crowd. You can get some good English pub food (is that a contradiction in its self?). The girls there are not really husslers will approach you to chat but not pushy. Some real stunners in there. Outside In / Bobs Bar Both establishments are located in the Napex Compound near the American embassy. Bobs Bar is a good drinking hole and has an expat band playing on weekends (think its Friday). Towards the back, is a place called Outside In. Been there a couple of times but the selection is more of the older variety. Do have to say that most girls picked there were very good performers (you notice they have been with expats before) Why Not Can’t say much about this place. Was there once but was engaged and being a good boy (stupid me). Was invited to go there with a local business accociate. He brought along his sister and she and I had quite a good chat. At about 3 am we parted ways and before I could reach the car my friend runs up to me and asks me what I had done. Didn’t quit get the drift, being pissed and all. He said his sister was sitting in the car crying. Why I don’t like his sister, why I wouldn’t take her home. A long explanation from my side stating I was engaged and tiered and it was early anyway finaly brought back some peace. Not a lot of countries where someone offers you his sister for the night. In VI there are a lot of other establishments, as I live in Ikeja, I don’t really frequent VI that much. Apapa Club 21 Aparently the oldest “Club” in Lagos. Good selection of friendly ladies. The bar has a demarcation line in front. Ladies can only cross on invitation. This gives you some peace and quiet to drink a beer and you can make a selection in peace. Mona Lido Weekends this place is packed with ladies looking for business. If you have been to Thailand you now how pushy they can be, this is times 100. you walk into this place and immediately have three girls hanging onto you, jostling for the best position. Best to wear trousers with a button fly, zippers tend to be opend pretty quick. The only way to have a beer in relative peace is to actually pick a girl. That signals to the others that you are taken. A bit on the side to spice up this travel directory. One night I opted to go to Mona Lido for all the apparent reasons. As I was walking in I bumped into this girl, all I saw was a nice set of breast. Didn’t look up and excused myself. After fighting my way to the bar to get a beer one of the girls approaches me, and asks me if I recognize her from before. I look down and see those nice breasts and say yes indeed. I thought this would do for tonight. So I bought her a drink and we did some dancing. I was staying at my MD’s house to look after things in his absence. I knew he didn’t have any condoms so while we were dancing I ask the lovely lady “do you have any condoms?” She grins and nods. So I think, sorted. Around 2 am We decide to go. Get to the house, I open the door and in she walks, already undressing. After locking the door I turn around she is right in front of me on her knees, naked. She expertly unbuttons my fly and the fun begins. After about 15 min I decide to through he over the back of the sofa and do her doggie standing. I then ask where she has the condoms, she repliey “What condoms?” I have never seen little john go limp that quick. I was not going to do her without a condom and I was horny as hell. So what to do, you open up any possible cabinet in you MD’s house in search of the bloody condoms. Knowing my MD well, I wasn’t even hoping to find any. So we get dressed again, ready to go back to Mona Lido and buy condoms. Drive out of the gate and immediately have a flat tire. Put the car in reverse and drive right back through the gate. I wasn’t inclined to change the tire of a range rover at two am in the morning being drunk and horny. So I walk with the girl to the main road, sit her on a motorbike to get condoms. After thirty min she is back, We go back to the house, by this time its 3.30 am and I am more tired than horny, so decide to have some sleep and postpone the session to the morning. Lesson to be learnt, always carry a condom! So further in the travel directory: Other places to go in Apapa for a drink is Thistel Bar (frequented by a lot of expats from the shipping companies) and The PUB. Thistle bar has a live band playing on the weekends. Loud but good. The pub is devided into two, one side the ladies are aloud in, the other side only if they are accompanied by a male. Ikeja Sheraton Hotel On weekends “The Club” is opend in the Sheraton hotel. A good place to have an expensive beer and dance. Ladies are aloud to enter but have to be on good behaviour. An ok selection. If you are staying in the hotel, negotiate a price. It would be from 100 US$ upward (half of the money goes to the security staff as bribe, I absolutely hate that). If you take them outside like I do you can get away with 5000 Naira. A way to circumnavigate the security staff bribe is to walk the girl out of the premises in the morning. Sandras Bar Good place to go, has a little “garden” so you can sit outside. Latter in the evening they turn the music up so loud you can’t even hear yourself thinking. Be sure to be drunk by that time. Selection of ladies is good and they are not to pushy. Was there during the colder season with my chairmen of the board from Switzerland. We sat outside and as it was “cold” I jokingly ordered four hot chocolates. She looks at me without a smile and says later, what would I like to drink. Thinking she didn’t get it we ordered a round of beer. She serves the beer and disappears. Five min later she turn up and says the hot choclat is on its way, and behold, four hot chocolates come walking towards us, each grabs a stool and sits next to their prospective client. I’m so glad that all our chairmen at one point worked in Nigeria, otherwise it might have been embarrassing. Jolly Sailor (Parkies) Run by an expat but have to say it has been run down. Few expats frequent there but am really sorry that I can’t recommend it any more. Hope they do something about it as with a little care this place could be booming. (Review # 14448)
  • Mahe Island Seychelles Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Dec 21 2005 Submitted by:

    Just returned from a trip to the Seychelles Islands, and there is not much to report. Generally, nightlife is very brisk at the Seychelles... guess normally you are not going without a partner to the island... Found only one real night club with "working" girls which is located near the airport on the main street leading to the south. Approx. 1 mile south of the terminal building, you can find the place - simply called "Night Club." It is not deluxe as the rest of the island, but with quite a good selection of girls... about 10 being present at my visit.

    Most of them are locals (Creole look), and during my stay there, have been two from France and one from Russia. I checked out the local girls and prices are very high. Had to get the girls a drink... already one small bottle of beer is around 25 USD, and I didn´t want to think about champagne! Service for 1 hour, including a nice blow job and sex in different positions, was USD300. Not a cheap trip.
    (Review # 13367)
  • Mauritius Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Aug 20 2003 Submitted by: Phil from Holland

    Was in Mauritius last week...although read review that only poss. to have massage...we discovered that on north beach (30min from port louis about eur 15,= by taxi) there is discotheque named zieklee (or something that sounds like that).

    On tuesday nigh were about 20-25 girls ..some quite nice and prices not to expensive about eur 70,= to 100,= for complete night) they come with you to the hotel...without problems there...expect that later in the week more busy and also other disco's open...have fun in Mauritius... (Review # 7393)


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