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  • Lusaka Street Action Dated Added: Thu Jan 03 2008 Submitted by: Thrillseeker

    If you are considering visiting Lusaka for some street action, consider Rhodes Park area. There, you'll find lots of girls by the street (age between 18 to 30). Some of these hookers are not so appealing, but there is still a good number that is sexy and willing to do anything (including anal if you're lucky). There is one girl (about 25) I picked one night. I told her I wanted to fuck her in the ass.

    She didn't object. Took her home where she started by giving me a slow and sensuous bj and when I was hard enough, I told her to bend over. I lubricated her slowly and started to penetrate her ass (with condom) slowly while she moaned in initial pain. I withdrew, then I tried to penetrate again. She had told me she often gives anal (mostly to whites), so she wasn't a stranger as, finally, my entire dick was inside her warm anus.

    I fucked her for about one and half hours before dropping her at a famous night club in Northmead. The service cost me about $35. Tip: buy your own condoms as most of the condoms these girls carry are mostly expired. Also agree in advance on what you want and how much you're willing to pay.

    (Review # 22210)
  • Lusaka Street Action Dated Added: Tue Jan 23 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    Had a good time in Lusaka yet again. Found a slim black girl with a short skirt who was willing to bend over. We found a good quiet street and I rubbed between her buttocks while she was up against a wall. She removed her panties for me to sniff while I rubbed on her. I managed to cum up her back and onto her pulled up miniskirt. I wiped her clean with her pants. She didnt even blink, so obviously enjoyed being cummed. It was exciting because anyone could have walked around the corner and found me with my cock up this gorgeous girl's ass. (Review # 17077)
  • Street Action Dated Added: Tue Dec 27 2005 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Cash-Strapped WFP to Cut Food Rations for Refugees in Zambia, Guinea. Info current as of late December, 2005.

    The World Food Program warns it will have to cut food rations by half for more than 80,000 Angolan and Congolese refugees in Zambia, because it has run out of cash. WFP says tens-of-thousands of Liberian refugees in Guinea also are threatened with reductions in their daily food allotments.

    WFP spokesman Simon Pluess says 82,000 refugees in Zambia will have their food rations cut in half from January 1, unless the agency gets $8.5 million from donors. He says these refugees live in camps and settlements in remote areas of Zambia, and rely entirely on WFP for their food supplies.

    He says WFP was forced to make similar reductions in food rations last year, with serious consequences.

    "In the camps, the malnutrition rates and morbidity increased instantly. Our colleagues from UNHCR [UN High Commissioner for Refugees], they also noticed that sexually-transmitted diseases increased too, like AIDS as some refugees had to turn to prostitution in exchange for food, which is very unfortunate," said Mr. Pluess. "We also see that there was dropping out rates, increasing dropping out rates in schools, as parents do not send their kids to school anymore because they need them to work, to do dirty labor, and to get some money to buy food."

    The 82,000 Angolan and Congolese refugees are the last of some 150,000 who fled to Zambia from civil wars over the past 20 years.

    A similar tragedy is playing out in West Africa. The United Nations has appealed for nearly $147 million to support aid operations in 16 West African countries in the coming year. The response, so far, has been very poor.

    WFP spokesman Pluess says lack of funds is forcing the agency to cut food rations on January first for 52,000 Liberian refugees in Guinea.

    "The lack of funding has forced WFP to cut food rations for Liberians in Guinea several times since August 2004," he added. "The 1,835 kilo-calories they get now is just 87 percent of what they should eat to stay healthy. And, the new cuts down to 1,600 calories will be just 75 percent of what they should eat."

    Mr. Pluess says the forecast for 2006 is far from encouraging. He says the general level of interest by the international community in this corner of the world is not very high.
    (Review # 13472)
  • Lusaka Street Action Dated Added: Tue Aug 02 2005 Submitted by: zamdick

    Recently had to offload, as all us gents have to, when I was in Lusaka. I found some good slim black girls among the Makeni Road (on your way to Kariba Dam). They were happy to go together in my rental to a road off to the right, after a school called Baobab. One of the girls was called Patricia. There they allowed me to masturbate and ejaculate on their buttocks and vaginas without any hassle. I also managed to cover the rental's rear seat with my cum, which they wiped up for me with a tissue after. The experience cost me K50,000 ($10) for each girl. They even tempted me with anal sex, but alas, I had to move on to the next meet. (Review # 12243)
  • Kitwe Escort Review Dated Added: Thu May 12 2005 Submitted by: Jolly Rogers

    In April 05 I was on business in Kitwe and staying in a guesthouse in a remote/quiet part of town me and my colleague went out one night to scout the local scene. Opposite the main Hotel Edinburgh is a place with a swimming pool where a few ladies hung around but none of them appealed to us; in a nearby disco the choice was a bit better but not really convincing.

    So we went back to the car and toured the streets around the hotel and found after some time one nice girl who was not afraid to jump into our car. I joined her on the backseat (had cleared it with my friend before that he was driving while I was to enjoy the girl then we would seek one for him and I would do the honours) and once we were out of the lit-up area we got dow to business.

    For 80,000ZKwacha (20USD) she was willing to give me the royal treatment. that meant she opened my zip, took my fully erect dick out and started blowing me. I am not having one of those monster dicks but still am fair-sized - and she swallowed me fully. She took me very deep and slow, used her tongue and after a few minutes I exploded in her mouth. To my surprise she swallowed everything and even said: MMMHH! The situation with my friend driving and able to observe us in the mirror turned me on and I remained hard. Putting a condom on I urged her to undress (she was wearing a pair of tight jeans) and straddle me.

    In this position I couldn't move much so she had to do all the work. and that she did. She rode me like a cowgirl bouncing up and down my dick that I nearly lost my sense for where I was. I kissed and sucked her smallish but firm tits and grapped her tight round ass to stimulate me further. In the end I came after some 10 minutes of hard fucking and felt really great. In the meantime we had left the city and had to stop in order not to get lost. Back in town my girl took us to another club where many more girls hung around. Eventually we chose one for my friend; she came along to our guesthouse as the car fucking didn't appeal to my friend. Great experience for little money.
    (Review # 11431)
  • Lusaka Street Action Dated Added: Sat Jan 08 2005 Submitted by: Booblover

    This was my first visit to Lusaka. I was excited that I was going to a new place. I was told that Lusaka is a neat little city.Other than that, there was not much of information available to me on the entertainment and nightlife around the town.

    I landed in Lusaka during the day. I was picked up at the airport by our company representative. I was dropped off at the hotel. That night I was picked up by our representative again to go out for dinner. While coming back from the restaurant. I saw many young ladies flagging and waving at the car, which was quite new to me. I saw some busty women. I always was a sucker for huge tits.


    Africa is one place you find that in abundance. I really wanted to suck on a few before leaving Lusaka. I was not too keen on the actual fucking keeping in view the AIDS scare. That night, I decided to take a little walk outside the hotel (Which is not advisable at all. There are quite a few muggers standing in the dark alleys near the five star hotels). I got out of the gate and instantly found two young girls come over and asking me if I wanted a good time. I was a little dissappointed since they were not the busty African girls I was looking for. I decided to pick the youngest (around 20 years) and took her back to the hotel. The security in the hotel did now allow her to go up to my room.


    She suggested that I pay $20 to pay off the security guard. He would then bring her up to my room. I did not think it wise at that point to pay money. So, I just let her go after she had couple of beers in the pub.


    Next day, I went over to my rep's house for dinner. That night again I was dropped back at the hotel. I again decided to try my luck. I got out the hotel, almost immediately a young lady approached upto me. She did not have the tits I was looking for, but she had perky tits in a tight tank top. She walked along side of me and asking me about my name, country etc. Afer 5 minutes and some distance, I did not find any busty babe. So, I decided to make do with this babe. Since, she would not be allowed inside the hotel. I would have had to take her somewhere else, which seemed quite dicey. I than asked her if she would gimme a blow job. She readily agreed and than she let me put my hand over her shoulder and into her tank top. I got to play with her perky little tits and pinched her nipples a bit. She did not mind this. She only was keen to get hands on the money. She took me to a small alleyway. She then said she wanted to pee, she immediately dropped her jeans and peed before me.


    She got up and came to me. I was partly aroused by then. She was getting ready for the job. I asked her to wait and I slid her tank top to the waist and sucked her tits a bit. She then undid my zipper and took a clean tissue from her purse cleand my dick and put it in her mouth. She started slowly, I wanted her to go fast. Then I put my hands behind her head and pushed my dick into her mouth. I came in her mouth. She spat the cum out and put my dick back in. She asked me for $30. I said I can give her $10 which is what I had on me. She took that and asked me to come back again. I think a good fuck does not cost a lot here. You should get a hot busty African babe for less than $50. While I was walking back, I saw another street walker with huges knockers smile at me. You could hear me sigh from 2 kilometers away! I want to go back!

    (Review # 10811)
  • Kitwe Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Jan 18 2003 Submitted by: Gem Stones

    Hi I am a Gem stone dealer who travel to many countries and god I try to have as much fun as possible I have just returned from Zambia and kile sailor I try and have a fewgirls in every Port (country) but me way of remembering there names are from the gem I purchase there so Emerald and I had a good Kinky time but myself felt still horny but boy O boy Emerald could sleep for Zambia I was just sitting looking out the window at the street below which is the main pick up area for Kitwe there was quite a few nightfighters out there but there was one which court me eye about 18/19 and just Sex on legs ~~

    ~~I looked over at Emerald and the Zz's where riseing niceley so I went for it I creept out of the room and down to the lobby the closer I got to that girl better she was. I crossed the road and our eyes meet I carried on for a few more mts and stop by a dividing wall between some apartment block and a fuel station. I looked back only to see her crossing the road to meet this other girl then they both crossed back and headed my way. I hist to them and they came over to me I asked what were they up to (AS IF) not much was the reply, then some more small talk I said to sex on legs that she was so very pretty ect but the other one felt left out so I had to compliment the other one as well to this she replies show how much you like me then so I had to go for it and kissed her just a peck I thought ~~

    ~~But a lovley warm tongue went in my mouth this girl wanted to play then sex on legs went south and with in seconds I had a hand in each of there little G strings to find they both had shaved pussies with lovley piss flaps (which in Africa makes a change as the little man in the row boat is normaly long gone). Then sex on legs head went south and boy she could suck a snake from its hole in fact she did just that. However wile this was going on all I could think about was a report on the very site about some German guy getting six years for doing just what I was doing ~~

    ~~But this would have been 12 years for making such a pig of myself but what will be will be. well to cut it short I shot the pair of them and gave them 5000 Kwt each (aprox $3.00) and arrange for them to come to my hotel the next day when Emerald would be in the office in fact the shorter of them was a maid at my hotel and she said that she knew Emerald but would say nothing but could they both come to my room now and again which I was more than happy to comply with and I was there for a further 5 wks but by the end of the time I was well and truly Fucked I can say this was one of the only times I looked forward to comming back to England.~~~~ (Review # 6721)

  • LUSAKA Street Action Dated Added: Tue Mar 26 2002 Submitted by: peterjay

    There are still plenty of good looking Zambian girls available. The London Bus close to the Holiday Inn was a great place, virtually all the girls were available and if you want to pick up a girl there is no problem. It has recently changed management and a lot of the girls cannot afford the cover charge (equivalent of about $12 to go in). But plenty hang around outside. Also there are usually good looking girls around the Holiday Inn~~

    ~~It goes without saying that all of the girls are black, but there are a couple of coloureds (mixed race) on the game. I have picked up Maureen twice there. The first time she gave me a blow job in my car in the carpark of the London Bus. We did not use a condom and she spat out my cum. Meanwhile I fingered her pussy. The next week I met her early evening by chance and took her back to my office. It was early Saturday evening. We both stripped off and lay on a mat I had brought along. She started to suck my prick and I was fingering her pussy which was getting real wet. I asked her to ease up as I was rock hard and thought I was about to cum. She slipped a condom on my prick and I slipped into her wet pussy and fucked her as hard as possible. I came very quickly which was a bit of a disappointment for her, but I finished her off by hand and she then came quickly. She then said I will make you come again and she took the condom off and started to suck my prick hard. Well I am 56 and it is a while since I have come twice in the same day, let alone in the same hour. My prick never got really stiff but eventually I came and she took it all in her mouth. I think she swallowed the lot but there was probably not a lot of cum. ~~

    ~~I gave her K100,000 (about $25)which is more than I usually pay. A straight blow job should not set you back more than K50,000 in Zambia although some girls will ask for US$100. Please don't pay them in dollars or pay them at the very most more than the equivalent of $25. Girls are very good value in Zambia. They prefer white men so tough luck on any visiting non-whites although they will make exceptions when they realise you are not a Zambian. Many are looking for permanent boy friends and then they get expensive. ~~

    ~~Over the past 4 years I have been with at least 60 girls. Most for blow jobs, but the occasional fuck when the opportunity arises.~~~~So come to Zambia and try our chocolate!~~
    (Review # 5212)
  • Lusaka Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Oct 23 2001 Submitted by: Jaype2

    Your only report on Zambia is somewhat out of date (1999) The current situation is that there are some nice girls around but it is a matter of knowing where to go.~~

    ~~The "London Bus" a pub/restaurant some 400 yards from the Holiday Inn (opened late 2000) is a good venue most nights but especially Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. By 9pm there will be at least 4 to 5 girls around the bar. Most are provocatively dressed with minis, tight pants and or low cut dresses. Most will have extensions in their hair to give them more of a European appearance. One particularly stunning girl who is there most nights is coloured (mixed race), as yet I have not tried her but I understand she is a good lay but charges much more than the other girls.

    Another I can recommend is Stella. She is 27 a bit on the plumb side but good tits and gives a good blow job. I have been with her a few times and have had a good feel of her cunt and blowjobs with and without condoms. She is more expensive than average, I have paid her as much as K150,000 (US$40)If you are on your own a girl will come and sit next to you in no time. If you do not fancy the girl or are not interested, tell her. She might ask for a drink first but will go away.

    They do not want trouble with the management of the London Bus who sensibly restrict them to about 6 girls per night. Most of the girls at the London Bus are attractive, they are not "street" girls and most are looking for a relationship rather than a one night stand. However if you want a quick blow job with or without a condom and a feel of cunt That is no problem. If you have a vehicle just drive her off to a quiet area of town (remember to keep the doors locked).

    You can take them back to a hotel but security guards can be a problem, less so at the Holiday Inn if you first take then to Macgenty's Pub at the hotel, then after a drink you will be able to get to your room without having to face security guards.~~

    ~~Last week I took Christy (from the London Bus) off for 45 minutes. We found a dark area in Woodlands, and parked. She gave me a nice blow job with condom. I felt her tits and then had a good feel of her cunt. She told me she is 21 and has a year old child by a Swedish guy who left last year. It cost me kwacha80,000 (about US$20) she had wanted more.~~

    ~~One of my favourites is a girl I pick up once or twice per month at the end of Katemo road. Her name is Carly. She had a Danish husband who left in 1999 who still sends her money from time to time to support the 2 year old child. Carly is a super girl and because I am a regular I usually get a nice blow job, sometimes with a condom and sometimes without for about K50,000.($13!)I always have a good feel of her cunt and I am usually able to make her cum. Carly likes sex! She says she sometimes uses a candle at home when she masturbates, but she does genuinely cum with me. About a month ago, when my wife was away I took her home. We had a really good fuck( with condom) and a while later she gave me a long slow blow job, no condom, and took all my cum in her mouth. As I had taken her home I gave her K100,000 that time.~~

    ~~There are still some reasonable girls hanging around the street, some outside the London Bus, and from about 7.30pm at the back of the Pamodzi Hotel also outside the Ndeki Hotel from about 10pm and finally late evening there will usually be two or three around O'Hagans Pub at the Manda Hill shopping complex. Take your choice, use a condom and you should not expect to pay more than K100,000 (about $27). Finally most of these girls will usually only go with white guys, some will go with Asians, but few will go with black guys as the local Zambian guy has a reputation of not paying and physical abuse.~~

    ~~A final point is good news for the older guy (50+) they perceive us as being a better bet in terms of money and need for a "quickie" but whatever do not pay at the very most more than US$50 or you will spoil it for us residents!~~
    (Review # 4487)
  • Lusaka Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Nov 22 1999 Submitted by: Mahlet

    I was recently in Lusaka on a business trip and had a chance to sample a few local delights. I stayed at the Holiday Inn along Church Road, a four star hotel with a bar and two restaurants. The girls who hang around the bar and outside the hotel are old hags, probably HIV+, and a waste of time. The same applies to the streetwalkers hanging around the Pamodzi Hotel, just across the junction. Avoid them at all costs. ~~

    Ask a cabbie to take you to Versus cafe at Makeni, along Kafue Road. Young girls, some just finished high school, most looking for a good time, frequent this place. The girls here are friendly, very sexy and like to go out with foreigners. It is quite easy to pick a good looking one and take back to the Holiday Inn. Also try the Alpha Bar at the Northmead Shopping Complex. The girls always hunt in pairs so one needs to make arrangements for the friend if you are taking one back to the hotel.

    I got into a conversation with two girls at the Alpha, Linda (of mixed parentage) and Nisha (a black Zambian),went pub crawling (I had a hired car), played pool and ended up at Cosmopolitan complex, an open air bar, where one can sit in the car and have drinks. Linda who was sitting in the front with me suggested that we all get in the back, and with me in the middle between the girls, I had a fantastic time. Linda gave me an excellent blow job while Nisha watched. I put my hand inside Nisha's shirt to play with her tits but Nisha without a word unbuttoned her shirt and let me have full access. Just imagine the scene! I took both back to the hotel (had to bribe the night security guard - who brought them to my room via the fire escape) and fucked them both with condoms of course. Nisha likes to watch!! She was licking and sucking my balls while I fucked Linda. Linda had beautiful large caramel coloured tits and Nisha smaller pitch black tits with sensitive nipples. Both loved having their tits sucked!! The entire adventure cost me around US$100 including the drinks, bribe & 'donation' to the girls.

    These girls are good girls, looking for a easy way to make a living in the harsh economic climate currently prevailing in Zambia. Anyone who goes to Lusaka can easily get to meet such girls but please look after them - do not abuse their naiveté and sincerity.~~
    (Review # 824)

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