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  • Kampala Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Apr 09 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    This has to be both the most beautiful and yet f**ked up places since the Wild West!

    While the other reviews are right about street action outside the main post office and the road adjacent to Speke Hotel, the Rock Cafe at Speke Hotel is simply amazing! The girls outside post office seemed a bit thin, grubby and aggresive while those on speke road are just plain aggresive. The ones in the Rock Cafe are incredible! My plane was delayed the first night and I arrived at 2am-ish on what would've been the back end of a Friday night.

    Having checked-in in the hotel I headed accross the little footbridge that seperates the hotel/ restaurant from the Rock Cafe bar and terrace. I kid you not: the second I crossed that bridge I had 2 concentric rings of girls surround me - it was like being George Clooney on heat! The girls who weren't either groping me in the first ring or were fighting each other to grope me in second ring decided to do a "floor show" to get my attention! This involved hoisting up skirt opening legs and leaving nothing to imagination: f**kn mad and a little scarey after a long flight!

    From what I saw any half decent white guy (read: money) would get same treatment, however they tend to be a little more "reserved" (if thats possible for this country) with black westerners (can't be so sure of wether loaded or not) and chinese/ asian (who they seem to have difficulty reading the culture). The only way to get rid of them and it can get really really mad is to take one as your "girlfriend" and make a big show of being really "friendly" with her. Then all you've to worry about is the occasional offer of a three/four/five/ten-some!

    Girls almost always expect "presents" after the room antics and the Speke is remarkably open to this stuff but they earn money from it through the foreign exchange bureau in the back of hotel. One word of warning though: *ALWAYS* use protection (even oral!). The AIDS virus first surfaced in the DRC/ Uganda area so despite a successful government program: be warned! Especially given the girls will almost mug you to get your pants.

    This is the weirdest country though by day 2 I had female army officers offering themselves to me, female police officers and best of all even the bank clerks with a stealthy "hand-grab" and a "How are you".

    All this said and my very last night I went on a date with a really really decent girl - no action bar peck on cheek - but restored my confidence in femininity within Uganda!
    (Review # 23019)
  • Kampala Street Action Dated Added: Wed May 24 2006 Submitted by: Tankhill

    For a great sex holiday in Uganda the place to go to is Capital Pub, in Kabalaga. This is in Kampala towards Muyenga Tank Hill. In Capital Pub every girl you see is willing to offer sex. The place is so friendly and lively. There are many TV screens, pool table and enough dancing space. The girls are undoubtedly all slim and slender. You will not have to ask, because they will probably come and seat next to you. On my holiday there I meet a lovely slim girl who was so good. We went to a local guest house, which costs 5000 shillings about £1.50 a night, and had great sex. She gave me a blow job, I turned around and she gave me a great lick. I mounted her and drilled her till I came. She was so great her screaming was louder than the bed springs. I paid her 10,000 shillings (about £3.00), but she was worth more than that. After a great fuck she wiped me clean and I took her out for a meal. I came back to Capital Pub and we had more sex. This time she didnít ask for money instead I offered her whatever I felt she deserved. The girls are all submissive and do almost all you want. Enjoy your selves. (Review # 14823)
  • Kampala Street Action Dated Added: Thu Dec 22 2005 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    [Another article done in that exquisite, excruciating "African style" journalism.]

    Prostitution: The ladies of the night speak out

    They earn a living by peddling their bodies and will sleep with any man as long as he is willing to pay. Their customers include celebrities... They talked to Nassar M. Nigel on how they ended up on the street, how they spend their money, about their parents and why they want one of them to represent them in Parliament.

    The 'ladies of the night' trade their bodies freely and regardless of the age; they speak the same language - the language of temporary love. And regardless of who might be in earshot, they utter those heaviest words - the vulgar ones with no hesitation.

    [...] [...] Karitas Ninsiima, 19 - I came to the streets from Kaguchi (Kenya) in March last year after being mistreated by my stepmother. Together with my two sisters, we escaped from school aboard an Akamba bus using the Shs800,000 meant for school fees for that term. We had been told that there are lots of jobs in Kampala. We used up all the money lodging at Kaspot Inn in Bwaise.

    That's when the whole world started closing in on us as we had to fend for ourselves. My sisters went their way, looking for jobs as I too went mine. I have never seen them again but I hear one got married in Mokono. I totally failed to get a job and that's when I found an old friend from Kenya who told me that the prostitution business was booming and that I would join her if I didn't mind being a prostitute.

    I had no option but to join her, after all she had offered to share her room with me and supply me with the necessary business equipment until I was able to sustain myself. I started at Sax Pub in the city centre, then to Rock Gardens and now I have many stages. I am actually enjoying my work.

    I usually wake up at 9am After doing housework, I take a shower and go for a combined breakfast/lunch at a restaurant near my place. I then go to a video hall and watch movies up to about 5pm I always have to make sure I am at Sax Pub by 7pm as some of my clients are early birds. It helps me to 'serve' a number of men when I am early enough since it's the number that determines how much you get.

    Mondays are usually so boring but I am always lucky. At least, I get a man taking me for a long of about Shs40,000. That's a good Monday because men are usually scarce on such a day. So I spend a whole night there and go back home at about 5am the following day. My Tuesdays are dedicated to the Karaoke night and drinking at Sax Pub, so I don't work. The moment I get high, I go home.

    Any man who wants to buy my services on a Tuesday has to be prepared to pay an overtime allowance. My Wednesdays are also my off-duty because I spend a night at my boyfriend's place. He knows I work but not sure where. But he's not so rigid as to chuck me if he found out I am a prostitute because he's more like a player. If he reads this and decides to quit, I don't care - life goes on, after all there's more beyond what we actually see.

    Thursdays are really business days, as clients seem to be retiring from the office stress. By the way, I have very respectable clients, some of whom are celebrities. Thursdays usually yield me about Shs60,000, which is from about three men in a night.

    Fridays are fertile because most men are usually horny and want to let off the work stress of the week. I have to be so active here and hook as many men as I can. Victoria Tavern on Fridays usually yields me high as most of them are drunk and seriously in need. At the end of it all, I usually have about Shs90,000.

    Saturdays are entirely for my 'four on-phone' clients; They call me, one after another. So I allocate them time depending on who calls first. On a normal Saturday, I get about Shs120,000. That's when I have slept with all of them. I give them shorts because I have to move on to another man. So if one wants more than a short (more than one and a half hours), he pays an extra fee. So I promise the other men compensation on one of my free days. I dedicate my Sundays to taking care of myself. That's when I do my laundry, general cleaning and prepare all the food I have been craving for during the week. I get a lot of money but I have to use it on myself most of the time.

    Having sex almost daily is not a joke. So I have to make sure I eat lots of juicy foods to keep me energetic. I must take yoghurt, milk, chicken and lots of soup, that's how I handle my business. Provided I meet my rent expenses, I am free to use the rest of the money the way I please because I have no responsibilities.

    There are times when men, especially strangers run away without paying. I just have to consider that a gone case because there's nowhere to report them, as prostitution is not legal business in Uganda.

    It would really do us good if government secured us a seat in parliament and make our venture legal.
    (Review # 13385)
  • Street Action Dated Added: Thu Dec 22 2005 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    [The following about Congo women in Uganda who are turning to prostitution.]

    Belinda Akuge, aged 20, is breastfeeding her 9-month-old baby. She is wearing a bright-coloured dress and is sporting a weave on her head and can be mistaken for a business lady.

    Akuge is one of the many Congolese women who followed their partners when they were returning from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

    A statement was issued on September 21st, 2005 by the RCD-LM secretary general, Jean Louis Ernest Kyaviro that the Congolese Rally for Democracy Liberation Movement wanted the Uganda government to repatriate the Congolese women who are in Uganda back to Congo.

    According to the statement, they had learnt that these women were living under difficult situations. When the news was broken to the Congolese women, some showed anger and pain because of the suffering they are enduring in Uganda as a result of following the men they loved while others showed relief and joy because their countrymen are concerned about them and want them back, meaning that they still have hope for a better future in their own country regardless of what they have undergone in Uganda.

    Tough times Akuge who is eight months pregnant for instance comes from Kisangani and has three other children but they were stolen by their father and taken to Mbarara although she does not know the exact village where the children are staying.

    She was abandoned by the father of the three children and the man who impregnated her has denied responsibility of the pregnancy.

    "I am pregnant but every day, I have to go to the disco or drinking place to get a man who will give me money to feed myself and pay rent," she says with a sad face.

    Akuge says because she cannot earn a living, she has now resorted to prostitution in order to survive. She says she wants to go back to her homeland and parents where she can get food and someone to look after her children.

    Another lady, Solangi has three children all with different fathers who abandoned them. She also earns her daily bread through prostituting herself so that she can put a meal on the table for her children at the end of the day. "I am sleeping with men whose health status I do not know as a result of poverty," she says. Solangi hopes the Ugandan government can provide transport for them since they neither have money nor any other means to go back home.

    After more than five years of suffering, sometimes going without food, becoming prostitutes, watching their friends die and not being given decent burials, the Congolese women are ready to return home, begin new lives and forget what they have gone through while in Uganda.

    "Here, we are being stigmatised everywhere we go. People say, "Congolese have Aids'," says Anachi, one of the Congolese interviewed.

    "We have become the laughing stock of people in Gulu, they call us thieves, some say we have stolen their men and they even laugh at us because we eat cassava leaves as food," says Tete, who has a 16-month-old baby.

    Tete says they have suffered enough and that if they were near Congo, they would have gone back home by now. She says they are still stuck in Uganda because they do not have money.

    "We have been humiliated by the very men we followed," she says. If the Ugandan government or even the government back home can give them transport, then they are ready to go back. But one thing they will not do is to leave their children with their so called fathers.

    "We shall go back with our children, these soldiers did not pay our dowry so we shall take our children," Solangi continued. "We came with them but we do not even know their parents or where they come from, so why should we leave our children with people we do not know?" Anachi questions.

    According to Opio Bosco, the secretary for youth, Kasubi central, the government should find a way of repatriating these Congolese back to the DRC because they are really suffering.

    Most of them have been abandoned by the soldiers so they resort to prostitution as a means of survival. Opio says the women now sell themselves to the civilians and to whoever will give them money.

    Evelyn Aya, the secretary for finance LC1, Kasubi central, says that the women have gone to the extent of providing their services to young boys who have money. "For any amount of money, they will sleep with any man and they normally ask 'how much do you have?'" Aya says.

    When contacted after the release of the statement, the Army spokesman, Lt.Col. Shaban Bantariza is reported to have said that the women's return was not Uganda's responsibility.

    "Why did they follow us? Were they abducted? Those women were adult Africans who came to Uganda. They should get in contact with them." He said that for the Ugandan government to return the Congolese could amount to an extradition.

    Bantariza however denied allegations that the women were living in poor conditions and is also reported to have said that they are business women on kyeyo.
    (Review # 13383)
  • Kampala Massage Parlor Dated Added: Thu Jul 15 2004 Submitted by: vike

    Nice massage parlor in Kampala, where you can have good and safe sex entertainment. I visted 2-3 places like that. First one was J & V B. Parlour located near hotel Equatira. They have two nice girls for massage Officialy they charge USh 10000/- ( 5 $) in massage rooms. But you can negotiate with the girl and they will ask 20000 for B.J. But offer them Ush 10000/- you will enjoy. Hand massage will be 5000/- If you ask her to, the girl will also open all her clothes. Other one is TLC Health club. They have a massage parlor. The girls are good & cooperative but they only give hand massage. Another palce is Already hotel in Old Kampala Go there and you will definitely enjoy. (Review # 9617)
  • Kampala Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Apr 25 2003 Submitted by: married woman lover

    As a single male Briton who has lived in Uganda for the past 8 years, I seem to think that I am an expert in this field.~~

    ~~If youíre just looking for quick shag after work, just drive down by the main post office from 7 pm onwards. You will find loads of girls who will try to wave you car down by offering their services. This area is very safe and if youíre a bit short on time you can easily fuck them in the car. Donít pay more than 30,000ush ($16)~~

    ~~~~If you fancy going out for a drink and then picking up the happening place is now T.L.C which is in the city (rock garden has gotten a bit sleazy. feel free to approach girl who is on her own and offer her a drink. later in the night suggest that you would like to take her back to your place. Its 99.9% for sure that she will accept.... donít give her money unless she asks. She most properly wonít as she will be looking for a rich European boyfriend.... Ugandan girls think all men are rich.~~

    ~~~~If you fancy a working class/married woman just ask her out for a meal. There are very few women here who will say no. If they accept the meal theyíre sure to let you fuck them. (Married Ugandan women just love a bit on the side)~~

    ~~~~If youíre with your woman but fancy a second just go to Al's bar in Kansange. All the girls are on the game and none will say no to sharing a bed with a European man & woman. If you want more than one just ask and you will get... people here some times take 3 or even 4 women home at once. Again donít pay more that $25 each.~~

    ~~~~In general Ugandan women love getting fucked and they really do have the best African pussy around. The only let down is that not many like anal. But then again who cares when you can have 2 or 3 black pussies in bed for you too fuck at once.~~

    ~~~~Happy Ugandan pussy hunting.....donít for get the condom~~ (Review # 7137)

  • Kampala Street Action Dated Added: Thu Feb 01 2001 Submitted by: John Carter

    I have stayed for 3 years in this country on assignment. This is really a good place for the people who really want boobs & pleasure. Visit this place kabalagala after 8pm about 5 km away from city. The place is full of discos and beer bars where you will find local girls moving around. You may approach any single and ask her to come along there are hotels outside who will charge very nominal. Please Please play safe and use very high quality condom as the person might be aids patient. The people are really friendly and seems to be fond of foreigners. (Review # 3084)
  • Kampala Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Jan 28 2001 Submitted by: Muzungu

    Kampala is a paradise, all the Hotel bars and may venues such as The Rock Garden at the Speke Hotel, Rhino Bar at the Sheraton, Copper Bar at the Imperial as well as Al's Bar Kansanga. Prices fair and negotiable, excellent service although beware the dreaded HIV. Girls lovely and accommodating although there are a few hard nosed professionals, the majority are willing amateurs. Have fun. (Review # 3067)
  • Kampala Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Oct 22 2000 Submitted by: da maan

    I visited Kampala in April 2000 on business but it ended in real great pleasure.. After a hard day at work I went to the main hotel for a drink and on entering found many girls at he bar. I was introduced to one of the girls a black who actually had a day job and was just accompanying her friend. We soon stared talking and I took her for a walk in the gardena and kissed her and feel her press against me. She wanted just the sex no money and so we wen up to my room where I initially hugged her and started kissing her. She soon undressed and then took off my clothes and put on a condom before mounting me and then taking me one of the best ides of my life.... (Review # 2589)
  • Kampala Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Oct 03 2000 Submitted by: visitor

    I had been in Uganda for 3 & 1/2 year and was really enjoyed my stay. The place is too good BUT BE AWARE of AIDS. USE CONDOM ANYWHERE YOU GO OTHERWISE NO PROBLEM AT ALL.

    I had been in Uganda for 3 & 1/2 year and had really enjoyed my stay. The place is too good BUT BE AWARE of AIDS. USE CONDOM ANYWHERE YOU GO OTHERWISE NO PROBLEM AT ALL.

    Stay anywhere in town and at night go to place call KABALAGALA where you will find many discotheque and bars. The place is too cool.. You will find really quality girls here. Most of them are Ugandan.

    Try to select one CHOTARA ( half cast of White man & Black Woman). They have African type body shapes and While color and they just too good. They would do anything you want. They are also too cheap. Since the country is poor do not try to bargain just enjoy.


    The girls are sexy have big breasts, thin waist and big butt again they are good mean good.
    (Review # 2502)

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