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  • Tunis Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Apr 05 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    Hi folks.

    I've been doing a lot of travel in Africa lately and have noticed from first hand that most of the reports on here are pretty accurate!

    I went to Tunis, capital city of Tunisia, a few weeks ago and it is almost completely hopeless. The center, around the old Medina and main boulevard is really poor: no chance of action. The locals are simply way too conservative and society in general deeply frowns on male-female relations of any sort!!! To sum it up. when I asked the (male) receptionist in the hotel I stayed in he said with a dire look on his face "male - female relations are very grave".

    However. there is a "nightclub" place the locals call "cabaret" which is 3 shops down from the small but central Hotel Oscars. This place opens from 9pm-ish but is more comical and worth a few cheap laughs as being in a deeply conservative society *they* look on this as being the equivalent of how we would look at open sex in middle of Leicester square (London) at 2pm! You pay a big sum to get in and once through the door are greeted by small bar and big square room all lit in red. There's a few hostesses mainly wearing frilly bathing costumes who greet you and wiggle their t*ts (hidden) around and for some reason this does seem to get the local business clientŤle raging that it's the next best thing since Sharon Stone and Micheal Douglas!! If you go to this place then they'll bleed you a fortune in tips and drinks and door fee and I can guarantee you won't see any action for a million miles.

    The only other option in Tunis is the Medina after 8pm. There's 1 "big-ish" street and a smaller side street that are lined with red lights and girls. I was shown this place by a local who knew his way around and it's true that Tunisia is the only North African country where this sort of thing is legal. The girls are pretty grim, do the same stunts of wiggling their bust (North African men seem to love that stuff) but are quite serious about "action". A full session will set you back 20 Dinars. I didn't fancy it because it's pretty sleazy and has a really dodgy feel to it. and if you're on your own then the chances of getting lost are really high. which translates as the chances of getting mugged as being even higher - if you don't keep your head "down".

    This is definitely not the place to come of you're looking for a bit of action on the side. when you're away from home.
    (Review # 22949)
  • Sfax Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Sep 15 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    There is the traditional brothel street in the medina (old city) of Sfax. Best you enter from the side of the medina which is near the railway line. You go left and follow around several corners. You see already the local man going in and out. Don't go after 22h during working days, they close at 222 or 23h. It starts early (noon?). There are about 50 girls and women. Price is 20 Denars or so. It depends on the woman's age and nationality of client. Tunisians may pay as few as 5 Denars (1.5 Denar = 1 EUR). Many speak only Arab, others also French or even few English. The fuck is of the "Arab type short nature". But can also be longer. Some girls are very nice, but in general it is a public brothel in an Arabic country with the respective clients and women. Had a lot of good fucks there, and some mediocre. Better you know some of the women and you and they know how you want it. (Review # 15562)
  • Tunis Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Jul 25 2006 Submitted by: The Bravest

    like I said I just got back from Tunisia I spent a nice vacation there I love it the people are very friendly and there's street action if you go to Mamamet and Marsa is about 15miles from Tunis. Soon I get from the airport I met the taxi driver is name Tarek he's an old man is about 50 years old, he ask me what the purpose of visit here I told is business matter he make an offer and he said that I can pay 1000 dollars for the whole week of stay, instead go to hotel is including everything. So I get there I introduced by his family he has two daughter are beautiful like stunning like tall 6' brunette so and the mother was sexy hottie I received a winkle eye from her. So the driver left the house he go back to work and the mom show me my room and I was very hard on I can't hold myself so the mom notice that I'm interesting in her so she bend over and she act like she looking for sometimg. I approach her and touch her ass oh my god guys you gonna believe it so she was happy that I make my move she pull my dick out and she start suck it like hell. She horny she grabbed some kind Tunisian oil she took my dick put right into her asshole. I felt something different less than minute I shot the big load inside her ass, she was smiling. Let me tell you guys I was knock out for real I can't even breathe. So that late evening I go out with the daughter we were walking she show some sightseeing in downtown. I was hugging her so she gave me a kiss and we start get hot for each other so she took back to the house and late night she came into my room with shaved pussy, and she jump in the top of me and she didn't want to lose her virginity. I was eating her pussy until she start screaming I get scary may someone find out. She give nice blowjob for long time so I slide my dick inside her and I cut the virginity. I clean the blood and I start eating her again and was ready for the action. I felt like fire tight sweet I get all night with her. She got back to her room before anybody can wake up. I spent the whole week fucking with a mom and the daughter and I was treated like a king the shower me and feeding like a baby trust me Tunisia is safe, no problem at all being American there you respected anywhere you go. I spend the best vacation fucking Arabian girl they are clean be careful they easy fell in love with you if you treat them nice good luck guys (Review # 15206)
  • Hammamet Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Mar 10 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    If you want free sex go to clubs (samara club and maracana used to be hot ones), hotel clubs, the casino there and the beer places they have (there was a place called brewhouse?). Eye contact and direct talk. Offer her drinks and stuff. All speak french, many understand limited english and express themselves somehow. They are mostly not prostitutes but they love casual sex with foreigners. Be street smart and not arrogant with locals. In other words act cute be nice but sure of yourself they love that. If you prefer prostitutes, I'd stick with hotels and hotel bars. I do not recommend the borthello (bab elfeenga) but you can go see it, it is fun to go through those small 2 streets and see legal street action in a muslim country. In summer time beaches, pools and resorts are good for morning action, night action is exclusively in clubs and bars. Sousse is a place where you can hook up easily. Do have a car (a nice one helps) and offer a ride to girls walking on the street and find arrangements. You can pretend to ask for directions, or just offer her a ride direct. Ask her if she wants to come to your hotel for a drink if she comes she's a whore. Most won't so depending on the time offer that you call and meet in the night for clubbing or take them to club. Act nice, cute and polite at this stage. It is free to get into clubs when you are with girls dress code applies, offer her/them drinks, dance whatever and take her with you. Inside the club have her drink and make out with her. Then straight to the hotel. Nothing better than free sex. I had sex inside clubs in Sousse. Caution with the extremely hot girls (8-lower9) they are picky and are used to alot of money and stuff, they love to show off, if you are able to help her show off you will get the best sex. The medium ones love interaction and attention of a foreigner, they don't care much for money. It is a good idea to try both Let us know how it goes. (Review # 14187)
  • Tunis, Sousse, Hammamet, Djerba Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Mar 10 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    Lived in tunis for a while. Tunisia is the most open minded country in the arabic/islamic world. Girls are medium 4-8. Red zones are Tunis, Hammamet, Sousse and Djerba. A lot of German and French girls around looking for fun especially at club meds. But locals also love to fool around and are found in clubs and hotels. Don't go to public borthels unless you don't mind crap. Borthels are in every city major ones are in tunis (close to Rue Zarkoun, name of the place is Abdellah Guech) and sousse (Bab el fingah in the old arabic city). Hotels definitely have girls, night clubs as well. Most night clubs are in Tunis / Gammarth, Hammamet, Sousse and Djerba. Hammamet wins hands down, you have to act sure of yourself, openminded but still foreigner, local girls love that. Hotels are ok to let in anybody in your room, still don't be afraid and act street smart. Don't give away too much money. There are also Lido, Crazy Horse and other cabarets in Tunis, I didn't go much to these places as from my understanding they are mostly geared to Emirat arab people. IE they cost alot and they have Eastern European sluts there, not even sure you can bang them easily. In the two or three casinos there is also action. There only people holding foreign passports and foreign currency can enter. It is great places for sex. Tunis is really a fun place to be around and it is not that expensive, it is more expensive than black Africa tho. If you need specific help let me know. (Review # 14185)
  • Sousse Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Sep 27 2003 Submitted by:

    While in Sousse in August 2003, I took a look at the red district area in the Medina, bab il finga (gate el-finga). The girls are absolute horrours. I felt like puking and had no sex appetite for a week. Whoever said that this area is good for sex has a very sick taste and should seek professional help! (Review # 7619)
  • Sousse Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Dec 24 2002 Submitted by: sultan

    Small red light area within the old walled city in Sousse called the Medina. The best way to find it is to enter through the Bal Al Finga gate and take the left as you enter. There is a cafe as you enter the gate. The red light area consists of around three small streets which are blocked of at the other site so that there is only one entry and exit. The average price for full sex is around £10 pounds. All different types of girls ranging from black to western looking Arabs. Most speak only Arabic or French. But the fuck is worth it. (Review # 6584)
  • Sousse Street Action Dated Added: Sat Sep 22 2001 Submitted by: cnatty

    Itís pretty difficult to find the red light area in Sousse, but if you take a taxi to the medina, it can be found eventually. Stand at the taxi rank looking at the medina area, then go to your right and up the hill past the bus station. I think its the 3rd gate that you come to with a cafe straight inside the gate and a walled entrance to the action to your left. The experience is pretty weird there with kids running up and down the streets! Thereís a good mix of girls there with anything from about 18 y/o to 85 available! 20 dinar (about 10 pounds/$15 US) for straight sex, uncovered blowjob for around 5 dinar more. The first girl I went with was a gorgeous, Egyptian looking 19 y/o with excellent blowjob technique. I had to wait until she finished with the last customer sitting in a corridor outside her room while she did the business; it was a freaky situation. The second visit the Egyptian cutie was still there but I fancied a plumper girl, about 40 y/o, but she hadnít learned much technique in her lifetime. It was a so-so fuck with her on top, still, you pay your dinars and you takes your chances. The hotel medina is a fine place to stay, close to the action with aircon rooms at about 25 dinar a night in high season. Sadly the rest of Sousse is a bit of a disappointment: no satellite t.v., few bars and the beach area is pretty dirty. Itís better to stay in Monastir town (the beach hotel is good and cheap) and taxi over to Sousse when you feel the need. (Review # 4346)
  • Sousse Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Mar 22 2001 Submitted by: Slaphead

    Prostitution is LEGAL in Tunisia, it is catering for local men mainly~~ but I wasn't uncomfortable nor felt threatened. Sousse like many ~~Tunisian towns has a Red Light Area inside the Madina walls. It~~ is a few narrow streets with women standing in doorways, all ages~~ sizes and looks are here. I visited four times and basic sex little ~~foreplay and a quickie in the missionary position is about 20 or 30~~Dinars, Oral is not very common, I found a beautiful black girl~~ and I mean black that did, with condom of course, for 50 Dinar~~including sex. Some of the Arab girls are very charming and~~friendly. One insisted that I gave her oral and came in buckets!!~~Now that was a once in a life-time experience!! If you can speak~~ French or even Arabic a little it helps. All girls very clean and will~~ wash willy before and after. As I mentioned most towns have a~~ small area like this, worth a try.~~ (Review # 3321)

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