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  • Dar es salaam Massage Parlor Dated Added: Tue Aug 19 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    Instead of running around the streets, bars or disco's looking for sex there is a very easy way of getting sex discreetly in dar es salaam.  Almost all massage parlours provide this you talk to the lady giving you the massage after she completes the massage.Massage costs around $20 and another $20 for the sex on the average.The lady will provide a condom.  Names of a few of the places are Slipway, Magic hands, Lisa healing hands, Colesseum (Review # 24527)
  • Dar es Salaam Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Aug 08 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    AThis is a couple of years ago so a bit hazy but worth telling. After a late night out with friends I called by a bar just off the main Msasani road heading North from the centre, a group of girls were hanging around the car park to avoid having to pay for drinks. As that was all I was looking for, I chatted to them for a few minutes, chose the best looking one and negotiated with her, $20 for a blow job in my apartment which is what I was after. Early 20s, slim, nice looking but not amazing. So she got in the car, not a lot of conversation, we went into the apartment, I undressed and she got straight to work, keeping most of her clothes on. I was leaning against the sofa, standing up. No condom and she was only sucking the head, I figured I needn't treat her like a romantic date so gently pushed her head down on me.

    After a few seconds she pushed back, made retching noises and ran to the bathroom, came back looking pissed and asking for her money. There I was with a hard-on and no relief. I said no way, told her to take off her clothes, she just stood there so I decided to take matters into my own hands and get what I wanted. So I pulled her to the bedroom, not much resistance actually, took her clothes off and told her I was going to fuck her ass. She said no but lay there almost naked while I put on a condom and found some lube. I lubed up her hole and my cock, she was wriggling and saying no but only half-heartedly, while I fingered her pussy and anus.


    Then I held up her legs around my shoulders and penetrated her ass, quite easy actually and she'd given up on the protests by now so obviously not an anal virgin. Because I'd hardly had any attention so far I was in her for a long time, in that position and then as she'd begun to enjoy it (or at least had resigned herself to it) with her on top cowgirl style.


    At some stage the condom split with my energetic fucking so I was actually fucking her ass bareback by the end which was of course pretty stupid in Tanzania, but by this stage I was enjoying reaming this angry girl's anus so much that I didn't care. I filled her ass with sperm and pulled out. She then went pretty nasty, swearing, all sorts of accusations, demanding $100 etc. She tried to steal some of my stuff on the way out, I told her I'd drop her back at the bar, but kicked her out of the car halfway back with $40 in her pocket which was fair for the service.

    (Review # 20395)
  • Dar el salem Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Aug 24 2006 Submitted by: Buddie

    Just back from Tanzania where I had an amazing experience. I travelled over to hook with a girl I had met at a lapdancing club in Edinburgh. She was a sexy babe who had promised much but not actually delivered, yet I travelled in hope and, sex or no sex, the trip sounded worthwhile. When I arrived I was in for a big surprise - the girl I was there to meet, Regina, turned out to be married, and my entire trip was a set up. She had enticed me over only to line me up with her sister, Lauren. But what a sister, she was only 19 and better looking than Regina, slim, fit with lovely big breast and perfect English. So how could I complain? The problem was she as a bit dull and interested in only one thing - marriage. It was made quite clear pretty soon that the only ay to get into her knickers would be to put a ring on her finger. One night all three of us went out on the town in Dar an pretty soon I realised what I was missing out on. The bars we were in were teaming with lovely babes nearly all of who gave me the come on when I got away from my existing company. One in particular caught my eye and was giving me big com only licking her lips and winking at me whenever I looked her way. When I went to the toilet she followed me in put her hand down my pants and squeezed my cock and - then left as quickly as she had arrived. What at I only noticed when I had recovered was that she had left a note with her name and number in my pants. I was intrigued and next day took off for two on my own and found the first payphone and got through first time to the girl - sarafina was her name. What took you so long she asked, saying she had expected me to phone her the previous night. Pretty son though we had met up in town and sarafina didn’t beat about the bush. She said we could have full sex for $30. Up until then it had all seemed too god to be true, but so what she was on the game, in a way it made her more appealing since unlike my other suitor sex and money was all she was after and for $30 she looked more than worth it. She even had her own flat nearby and pretty quickly we were in business. She had a fantastic body, nice firm medium sized breasts with huge nipples, and a lovely shaved pussy. But her best feature were her lovely lips and she gave the best BJ I’ve ever had - with her lips alone she could swallow my dickhead. Then after some great pussy fucking sarafina said I could fuck her ass for another $10. This took me a aback a little since it as not something I was normal into, but she was already lubbing her hole before I could say no. But what an experience, - she’d obviously done this many times before since although she looked tight I got in her pretty easily as soon she was begging me to fuck her real hard and clearly getting off on it - more exited than she was when I was in her pussy. After some good doggy pumping she then straddled me and slipped my cock up her ass and she started riding me. This was sore for a while but she was such a pro I was soon loving it as much as she was, and was totally turned when she started frigging her pussy and came squeezing my cock as she climaxed. I was close to cumming by now myself, but she said not to a she had treat in store for me. After some more fucking me she was completely in control - slowing down as she could feel me approach climax - she got off me, whipped of my condom and started sucking me with those lovely lips and in a matter of moment she had gulped me right down her throat, swallowing very last drop. And it wasn’t over yet , she just kept sucking and sucking and amazingly got me hard again in a minute or so. As soon as she felt I was hard enough t was out with another condom and up her ass again - she clearly liked her anal this babe. By now she really was going at it real hard and fucked me rotten, again on top, for a good 10 minutes, before I came, this time right up her ass . She like that and said next time I could cum up her without a condom. Next time! By now I was totally done in and said maybe tomorrow, paid my $40 kissed her once more on this lovely lips and left. And there was indeed a next time, indeed, the next day I said goodbye to my “fiancé” and moved into town and spent the best part of the next week with the lovely sarafina. She kept dissappearing to see her regular clients but when she re-appeared she was a horney as ever. Her other clients put me off her bareback assfuck offer but between her BJs pussy fucks and ass fucked this girl really did perform and seemed to love it particularly up the backdoor. And all for $40 a day with near unlimited time and free lodgings. My final night she told me she liked me up the her as since most of her regulars were too big for her. But with me she could really fuck hard and cum. That why she wanted me bareback so as we could cum together and she could enjoy the experience to the full. Tempting though this was I still declined since with HIV rife in Tanzania and this girl an grad A anal expert the risk seemed too great. I kept my rubber on but still had a great time in the process, and no marriage either! I might have got lucky but there were lot of beautiful honeys in Dar city centre most of whom looked keen to put out, they mostly oozed sex and all liked white guys. (Review # 15405)
  • daar es salam Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Dec 28 2004 Submitted by: Mike

    I went to Tanzania for business last year in October (2003) and stayed in a nice hotel some kilometres outside the town. (Embassy area)

    The first evening I went with some white fellows that were working with some road project in Tanzania and we went to a small local club that looked more like a outside beer place with a bar. I looked at a young girl, beautiful perfect body. She was a nice Masai girl with Rasta hair and she smiled and looked back.. Took her to the hotel room and we never soke about money !!!

    I fucked her and I prefer a condom but she tried to suck me without one, but I said thats not possible.. She also tried to kiss (french.).

    Anyways, I fucked her for a couple of hours and she was totally wild !! Asked me to fuck her ass when she was standing on all four on the floor and I did that and the harder I fucked, she get more and more horny and wild !! That was one of my best fucks .. in the morning I asked her if she would like some money. She said its not important but if I wanted to I could give her.. So I gave her 100 USD and she left me with a hug.

    After two days she come back to the hotel and and found me.. she liked me and was sad that I did not call her. So guys, be careful and in the same time enjoy Africa and Tanzania. The African girls are very natural and many of them love sex.. I really liked that girl and think of her sometimes. 

    (Review # 10693)
  • mwanza Other Dated Added: Fri Mar 28 2003 Submitted by: pussyseeker

    U go to Mwanza in Tanzania place called Rumours on weekend nights n u will find some really good hot black chickz just outside the pub n some inside n other will be opposite the new mwanaza tanzania it is illegal so take care of the police they might arrest u n then u need to bribe them a lot.~~U can find babes from age of 15 to 40s but prefer not taking local as for they really stink!~~Nice hunting!!!!!!!!!!~~ (Review # 7012)
  • Dar es Salaam Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Nov 19 2002 Submitted by: Lip.Lop.T.

    After 6 months in Dar I got a pretty good idea of the overall situation...~~

    ~~Q-Bar, number one place in Dar, especially on Friday nights after 22:00 when the live music begins~~

    ~~4-twenty, any night, a bit on the declining end but still worth trying~~

    ~~Hotel Bars, Sea Cliff, New Africa, Royal Palm, Holiday Inn... more expensive looking girls, who expect you to take them to a proper hotel room or to your house~~

    ~~Jolly Club, a real open air brothel! You can even get a quickie in the car park... (not recommended!)~~

    ~~Discos - California Dreamer, every night after midnight... Girls jumping all over you in less then 5 minutes.~~

    ~~All these girls are locals or from neighbouring countries. Russian and east European girls run the casinos in town and can be taken out after some getting to know each other (if you know what I mean), but can get very costly compared to the locals (from 10,000 to 40,000 TShs - 10 to 40 Euros, please don't pay more). Chinese girls can be found outside the discos, in front of the Las Vegas Casino - but most don't speak English.~~

    ~~Still working around the massage centres in the fitness centres...~~~~Enjoy, but be careful. Expect HIV infection at 50%. Safetywise, the town is more than fine. The girls might want to take you to some local guest house (approx 5 Euros or less). Sometimes filthy but relatively safe.~~ (Review # 6442)

  • Dar es Salaam & Zanzibar Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Nov 07 2001 Submitted by: Frank the Spearsman

    In Dar es Salaam, there are several places to find sex. Most famous is "Ohio Street" where every evening young girls are standing on the street corners down the road from the Royal Palm (formerly Sheraton) shouting and waving and sometimes baring their breasts. These girls are inexpensive (3,000 to 5,000 shillings) but not clean, and it's safe to assume a 90% HIV-positive rate. ~~

    ~~You would be better off going to a bar, like to Hotel Continental's bar (near the train station and the clock tower). Many young girls stop by here for a drink before they go to a disco. I've also picked up ladies on the roads within a few blocks of this hotel, but these ladies are very discreet and not obvious - they might be dressed very conservatively, even covered in Moslem robes. So you may have to invest a few minutes of time to figure out who is available. ~~

    ~~You could also try the discos, like Club Billicanas, but they don't open until late in the evening. Another option is the hotel bars like the Royal Palm/Sheraton, but these girls tend to be real greedy gold-diggers. I've had girls quote prices of $100 and higher at the Sheraton's Kibo Bar - this in a country with a per capita income of $240/year! Please don't pay this much - it just makes things harder for the rest of us guys who are on more limited budgets. ~~

    ~~I've received some nice massages at the BKM Health Club on Ali Hassan Mwinyi road (out past the Salendar bridge). The code word for a hand job is "full body massage," and in every case the masseuse has tried to arrange a meeting with me at my hotel to "finish up." I've heard that you can get sex along with a massage at the Sheraton's beauty salon (out back near the pool), but am not sure if this is still true since the Sheraton was taken over by new South African management and renamed the Royal Palm in June 2001. ~~

    ~~Finally - if you are a tourist with some cash in your wallet, then getting laid should not be a problem anywhere in Dar es Salaam or Tanzania (even in Zanzibar you can find girls at the Bwawani Disco and at the bar across from the Tembo Hotel). Just be sure to ALWAYS use a condom, PLEASE!!!~~
    (Review # 4582)
  • Dar Es Salaam Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Sep 26 2001 Submitted by: Alex

    I have been living in Tanzania for about three years and sex is easy and cheap to find on the streets. But try to avoid them. The best place to pick up good girls is a place called the Q Bar. There are a penny a dozen. Depending on your negotiation skills you could get lucky for as little as $10 to $100. Remember, practice safe sex. Rooms are also available in the premises or if you wish to be discreet, you can always ask the ladies to take you some place where they already have an arrangement in place. Happy Hunting. (Review # 4362)
  • Zanzibar Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Nov 28 1999 Submitted by: Ziv Zivan

    There is a bar in front of the Tembo Hotel some local girls hang there prices are 20$ to 50$ the girl will bargain with you. It is better to be in a hotel that allows guests because most hotels don't allow locals (Muslim law) (Review # 911)
  • Dar es Salaam Street Action Dated Added: Tue Nov 23 1999 Submitted by: Anonymous

    Close to the bars (there are like only three major bars in Dar) there are several young (18-22 years) hookers running around, some sitting in the bar as well. For about $7 they will give you a fuck or suck with rubber. Another $10 and you can get a great blow job without anything, plus you're allowed to finger her pussy, ass and tits.

    If you like anal sex, go to Tanzania, any whore there will let you fuck her ass, and by the way you could easily get a girlfriend for your entire stay for little money. Nothing like "fuck 10 mins and go" - they have time - you got the money.

    Have fun fucking hard in black holes! :-)))
    (Review # 849)

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