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  • St Louis Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Aug 21 2005 Submitted by: IndoHound

    Not much here at the moment. Went out last night to Auberge de L'Ile and Iguana Club. Plenty of other horny, mostly French, males, and fat girls with enormous booties, AND enormous tires around their wastes. Little Michelin ladies... Anyway, entrance to the Iguana costs CFA 4000 (US$8), which includes any drink, so I got a double Chivas... the only bargain of the evening! Decided I was not that desperate to go with women rating 3 or 4/10. Any girl worth a 6.5 - no one was any better - had stuck-up attitudes and preferred to give time to the home boys on the dance floor. Otherwise, St. Louis is a beautiful place to relax in a Colonial French ambience - decent hotels and good food abound. I stayed in Hotel Sindonie (sp?) at approx 20'000 low season price. Air-conditioning, breakfast, lunch or dinner incl. (Review # 12505)
  • Dakar/ Saint Louis/ Saly/ Richard Toll/ M'Bou Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Apr 27 2004 Submitted by: Anon

    Hi, guys. I've read your posts and I think there is more to add. First of all, when you go in Dakar try to avoid "Cafe Ponti". Girls there are real professional, money oriented and not too great specialists in making sex. Lot of them are from Mali, when you find not so beautiful girls like the Peul ones in Senegal. In Dakar visit more Africa Star (if that place still exists) and Jet Set. You'll find in those places very beautiful girls at the lowest rates possible (often 10.000 CFA is enough for all night long). If you are good enough in bed and you're kind, you can have the huge surprise in the morning that the girl will ask only the Taxi fee and a good breakfast with you, at the hotel. Anyway, don't pay them before you have them in your bed. You’ll be surprised to see that sex is a sort of "national/traditional sport" in Senegal.

    If Dakar is OK, M'Bour, Saly and ichard Toll are not so generous with you. Anyway, try not to pay more than 15.000 CFA for a night. Otherwise it is not escort, it is robbery.

    Finally, a good point for Saint Louis. The former colonial capital of Senegal has high standards, good and classy hotels and very nice girls.

    If you want good sex with Naomi Campbell-like girls, without huge expenses, then deserve to take a short holiday in Senegal.
    (Review # 8953)
  • Saly - La Somone Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Nov 08 2003 Submitted by:

    Hi guys, I've just came back from a 2 weeks travel in Senegal for my holidays and I want to Speak to you about the Senegalese women. In Africa they are known to be the most beautiful women in East Africa and it's certainly true.

    I was in a hotel in La Somone near M'Bour and Saly. Saly is the most important balnear city in Senegal with a lot of hotels or houses you can rent. There are 2 banks, a lot of restaurants, bars and several night-club. La Somone is smaller but with also several hotel restaurants and 2 night-clubs.

    I'm french and from Paris it takes to us 5-6 hours to go to Dakar by Plane and then a cab can drive you to your hotel for not a lot of money. There is no organized prostitution in Senegal but each time that I when to a bar or a night-club I never came back alone to my hotel.

    The senegalese girls (often between 18-25 years old) often go to the bars and night-clubs in the touristic area to find a white man. They look pretty good and can do a lot of fun with you. They often can spend a period of 2 or 3 hours in your room for 20000 or 30000 Francs CFA which is between 30 and 50 Euros. Don't pay more. A lot of them will ask you to stay with you for your holidays. You do what you want but if you don't want just say that you go back the next day.

    A lot of men will propose you to show you some girls that they know. You must refuse because you don't need them (the girls come to see you alone if you are a white man) and it will cost you more money because they often also sell to you a lot of other things.

    For giving you an example my last night I came to a small night club in La Some called "Black Eagles". There were a lot of european tourists and some of them were with black women (even some white women with black men it's also possible). It was making 2 minutes that I was there dancing on the floor when a girl with big big breats came to catch me and dance with me.

    She was stuck to me and was dancing very close. She turned and pushed her bottom to my sex. Of course I becam hard and she touched my dick on the dance floor by dancing. Then we took a drink and we sat. When we sat she opened my trousers and began to wrank me. After 5 minutes she even suck me INSIDE the night club. I thougt I was in a porno movie. Then we took a cab to go back to my hotel room and we went on our games in my room. I suck her, She suck me, I fuck her, we kissed together and this sort of things during 2-3 hours.

    One last thing you always must ask their price BEFORE going back to the hotel. The girls are accepted inside in the hotel but they must give their Identity Card to the guardian. You must be with her for her having back this ID Card. Most of these girls are honnest but you know it's safer like that.

    Have fun if you go to Senegal one day. (Review # 7847)

  • Dakar Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Nov 21 2001 Submitted by: The Dapper Don

    Senegalese women are very attractive. The prostitution scene is not huge, but some very attractive, sexily dressed girls frequent the bars and restaurants around Ave George Pompidou and Place de L'Independence.~~

    ~~~~I went to a nightclub called La Siege de Gorée near the station and harbour. This is more of a local hangout than a touristy venue, with a large outdoor dance floor. I was the only white person there, and I was immediately surrounded by eager girls keen for some action.~~

    ~~~~Take care around the centre of town at night; tourists can be easy prey for desperate street people, especially after a few drinks.~~
    (Review # 4655)
  • Dakar Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Aug 06 2000 Submitted by: Anon

    Some info about Senegal (Dakar)
    Interesting places:
    - Bar Ponty in the avenue Pompidou ~~This is a nice bar (and restaurant) with an excellent atmosphere, even if you don't want to pick up someone.~~About 10 - 20 girls every night, reasonable good looking. The best time to visit this bar from 20.00 to 24.00, during weekdays or the weekend

    - discotheque Casino (there are two casinos, but you should take the one near the airport, not the one on the beach). Only during the weekend after 24.00. Nice disco, with 20 -30 beautiful girls.

    - On the road near Casino or near the Ponte de Almadies. A few streetwalkers during the evening or early night

    Prices: You have to pay 25 to 100 US $ depending on your bargaining skills, Always agree on the price when you are still in the bar and stick to it .

    Girls: Often good looking, but they are very professional and not extremely friendly Afterwards they always start hassling about the agreed price.

    My personal view is that Dakar is not worth going if this is the main reason for your travels. In general people in East Africa are more relaxed and friendly than in East Africa~~
    (Review # 2102)

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