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  • Abuja Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Sep 24 2008 Submitted by: whyme

    Went to Abuja on business, for about a month. Not the best travel destination, though not as bad as it may sound. There are some local clubs and discos, though didn't feel safe enough to try them out. If you are white, better consider hotels like Hilton and Sheraton.


    In Sheraton there is a nice bar with some working girls, in Hilton, where I spent most of the weekend evenings - bar and disco. Bar is open until 12 midnigh. Entrance fee - 800naira (120naira for 1$) Beer - 500-800naira. Around 11pm you can see plenty of girls coming in. Most of them hookers. Some will try to get drink, some will just hang around.


    If you plan to go to disco, then just wait till it opens (midnight), don't waste your money in the bar, unless you see one really worth it. Disco, on the basement level, entrance is around 1500 naira. Average size, small dance floor, 30-40 girls dancing/drinking. Some are pushy, some more like regular girls.


    Probably you'll get approached by some, asked for a drink, etc. I just chosed one I liked - spotted her earlier in the bar - tall, big tits, gentle face. 9/10. After a 5 min dance asked if she wants to come with me. Gave me a price of 10000naira, which expensive. She looked gorgeous, and I didn't feel like bargaining, so went to my place. Showered, got to the business. Great bbbj, great tits, great fuck.


    After we fall asleep. Woke up at 8am, as she was getting dressed. Asked for more money - for taxi, didn't mind, gave her another 2000 naira. Very positive experience, even though bit pricy. Other weekend got some girl - firm body, average face, nice attitude; paid 5000 naira, good fuck, bit shy though. Came on her face and she smiled. Next morning she said good bye and went to the church. Got plenty of calls from her later on - she wanted "to be my girlfriend". Generaly, if you like black ladies - there are definitely some hotties here. Just make sure you close the price before. Even if girl says she aint sure, say your price and if she agrees, then go for it. And wear condom.

    (Review # 24783)
  • Lagos Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Apr 21 2007 Submitted by: Jo

    Hi fellow sportsman. Having traveled the world, I find myself living in Nigeria, on a one year contract. Now there is no shortage of ladies who are very willing, but be careful how you go about choosing the rite girl. I have seen too many guys being ripped off here, so be smart.

    The previous article mentions the T-Not, its ok but not really that good. I prefer Pat's bar, the ladies are much better looking. Then there is the hotel where I often stay, it's more of a guesthouse and the manager there arranges the hottest ladies you could ever imagine, all 9's & 10's. The place is a few doors away from 'The Grotto' and almost across the way from Cool FM. Excellent security, fantastic friendly staff, very clean, reasonably priced and of course hot hot chicks. Well best of luck to you all and happy hunting in Lagos.
    (Review # 18406)
  • Lagos Street Action Dated Added: Wed Apr 04 2007 Submitted by: Spiv

    Hey y'all. I just got back from a great trip to Nigeria. Found this place in Lagos called "Y Not." It's essentially a hangout for working girls - very hot ladies (early 20's, & 7's - 10's). Of course, they're all black and the beautiful ones are incredible. About $40US for all night - they'll stay at your hotel room with you. Wear a condom, of course, since HIV is rampant in Africa. Also take the normal precautions about hiding your money in your room; only have the amount that you agreed upon out (+ tip); control the situation - go back to your hotel room & don't go somewhere you don't know; etc. Consider giving them a tip if you enjoyed yourself.

    I did every time (total: about $60US). I had a great time with the ladies. They were all very cool, and seemed to be genuinely happy to be with me (I'm American & treated them with respect). Besides, they got a hot shower, a good night's sleep, and a good breakfast the next morning. I'm definitely going back. Peace!

    (Review # 18134)
  • Lagos Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Mar 28 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    Be careful!! Things happen!! After interchange of phones at a disco, without many more words, next day she calls and I meet her at the Eko hotel. Ok perfect, nice talk some drinks at the terrazzo, and after that she proposes to go to my place, when I say something about money she said that she is not a prostitute. Even is not late we go to the "guest house". Everything ok, good bj, good fuck and end at the mouth. When preparing to left the room to go to have dinner or some bar. First she takes the phone to call a friend, and start to change the afternoon She said that I should have her some money, because she gave me "everything". I told, Ok normally it is 3000 naira (20 $), for you 5000. She taken the money and said that I should give her 1000 dollars. I thought that she was kidding, but she threatened again. I gave her all the money that I had at the wallet "perhaps another 20 more dollars", she said. That it was enough. She wanted to see the wallet to check that no more money left there. Once I showed her, she said that I should open the luggage to find more dollars and give to them. She tried to open even the luggage, but it was closed by a lock with numbers. Once I saw that the situation was difficult when I tried to take the phone to call someone. She come and threatened again and said that if try to call someone, she will start to broken the TV, and shout. I asked for my phone to call some friend to bring more money and she said not: open the briefcase and show the contents to me, she said. She was sure that the money was there. Once we tried just go out of the room to tell the guards that the girl didn't want to left the room, she sit on the floor just on the door. She said that if I tried to open the door will be knocking her and she would go to the police to show her injuries. After some minutes of patience without any success speaking. I achieved to go out and call to the guard. She switch again to her previous situation and gave me the phone. After she went Conclusion: There are some real bad and dangerous-violent girls. Just do not have important things at the room or money. I have prepared some plan to exit of the room if something like that happens. Once she saw that the guard was with me she was scared and directly said, "Ok I was just leaving bye" (of course Silvia went with all the money that I had at the wallet). (Review # 14333)
  • Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Dec 26 2005 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Late December, 2005. Here is some information, written in the incomparable "African" style of journalism.

    Man engages ‘grandmother’ prostitute

    This story should serve as a lesson to men, both married and unmarried, who patronise sex hawkers. A young man from the Eastern part of our country, Nigeria, who resides in the Port Harcourt township area, engaged in an affair that could pass as a very risky gamble.

    The young man, who was yet to get married even in his late 30s or early 40s, went on a drinking spree one cool evening. He threw caution to the wind and drank his brains off.

    On his way back home, this man was said to have engaged the services of a sex worker whom he took home to have fun with.

    Because he was tipsy at the time he engaged this woman, the man never took note of the kind of sex worker he was engaging. Without the normal checks and examinations, he took this woman home.

    After the usual exercise, this man woke up in the morning refreshed and more mentally, physically and emotionally balanced to know what was going on around him.

    Having overcome the effect of alcohol that held him bound and made him a psycho-patient the previous right, he was then confronted with the reality of what he indulged in without knowing.

    He saw that the sex hawker was a woman as old as his grandmother. The man could not believe his eyes, as he ran out of his house in amazement, unknowingly reporting himself to his neigbhours and friends.

    He was so embarrassed that he could not come back home to “settle” with the woman so she would go back home.

    The incident attracted a lot of “Sympathisers” - some who mocked him saying it was a good lesson for him. Those who cared, rebuked him and asked him to be careful. The man was very lucky because he could have as well hired a killer only for his neigbhours, friends and loved ones to find his corpse in the morning.

    Randy men should beware as they may not be always lucky.
    (Review # 13459)
  • Lagos Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Jul 03 2005 Submitted by: Anon

    I recently had to go to Lagos for work. I am told it is a dangerous place, but encountered no problems on my brief visit. I stayed at the Eko Hotel, which is a good place to be. On my first night, I was invited to a running club. It was more of a piss up preceded by short trot round the block. A few westerners - oil people, government etc., and and an equal number of very good looking Nigerian women.

    On completion of the festivities, we retired to Pats Bar, where upon we met with two girls who had been at the running club. They were both very friendly and lively - lots of drinking and dancing. When we left they both got in the Land Rover, and I was dropped off at the hotel. The girl I was chatting to got out with me (absolutely georgoeus) and after signing her in at the desk, off we went for a drink. I'm thinking 'Hooker', but at no time was money mentioned. We had great sex, and she was upset by my suggestion of using a condom (in fact we didn't in the end). She left in the morning, with still no mention of money. We met again while I was there, and she truely was a lovely girl - even took me out for the night when my funds ran a bit low on the last night (do not use ATMs in Nigeria!!!!). Hoope that this helps
    (Review # 11908)
  • Ibadan Massage Parlor Dated Added: Tue Dec 28 2004 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Nigeria African prostitutes test new HIVpill Info current as of late December, 2004. According to a highly reputable source, there is a brothel in Ibadan, Nigeria. "Crude paintings of women and rows of dimly lit bedrooms make clear the purpose of a shabby building just off a main road in this sprawling city." For the next year, prostitutes at this location will test a drug called tenofovir, which hopefully can stop HIV infections before they begin. 125 prostitutes will participate in the U.S. funded research. This is, by the way, the cherry popping first post for Ibadan, Nigeria. Does anybody have more specific information on the location of this brothel? (Review # 10698)
  • Benin City Other Dated Added: Tue Dec 28 2004 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Info current as of mid-November, 2004. According to extremely reputable sources, Benin City exports a steady stream of pretty young women to Italy to work as prostitutes. If they return with riches, they are treated as economic heroes. But if they return home empty handed, they are mocked. According to the article, these women go abroad "with eyes wide open" and are not uneducated. They take on debts of up to $45,000 because of the success of those who go before them. The women come back and recruit the younger ones to join them in Italy, and the women who go are known as Italos. Benin City is described as an "ancient walled city with unpaved roads" but the Italos have added such elements as proper houses with private wells, and four wheel drive vehicles. Whether it is possible to monger *there* in Benin City is unknown, but this is the cherry popping first post. More info needed. (Review # 10690)
  • Lagos Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Aug 28 2003 Submitted by:

    There is this place in Ikeja called AliBaba night club. It has been re-opened after a long time. The place is run by couple of lebanese guys i think. There are 5-7 gorgeous ukranian, russian, and romanian girls (aged between 18-24). 200 u.s to have a no rush fuck...100 to the club and 100 to the girl. they all speak reasonably good english. the rooms are a shame!!! Its air conditioned but very below standard! you can also take the girl out for an extra fee.... The address is 16, Oluwu street, Ikeja, Lagos. have fun in Lagos!!! (Review # 7427)
  • Port Harcourt Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Jun 14 2002 Submitted by: Dave_the_traveller

    Basically, anywhere in Nigeria you will find willing girls. I was working about 60 miles north of PHC, in a remote oil installation, staying in an accommodation camp which had a small bar.

    ~~~~Most evenings several girls of 18 to 25 years old would hang around outside the camp hoping for a foreigner to pick them up. Otherwise there are several 'bush bars' where you will get many pushy girls asking to sit with you and have a drink. Many are just looking for a comfortable place to sleep for the night, but will be happy to have sex. In the morning they will leave and be happy if you give them a gift of the Naira equivalent of 5 to 10 dollars.

    ~~~~For the first two weeks I sampled about 5 different girls, before I found my ideal girl who is light brown skinned and a superb fuck. However, if a girl stays with you more than twice, they then consider themselves your permanent girlfriend, and start asking for more money for clothes, accommodation etc., although where else can you get a beautiful girl who will stay with you and satisfy you every night for less than 100 dollars a week!

    ~~~~The Nigerian girls are generally very active, responsive lovers who enjoy sex. There are no prudish hang-ups and many of them are very pretty.~~Be careful though, because most of the girls are happy to fuck you without condom .

    ~~~~Also, if you stay with one girl for a few weeks or so, and then want to finish with her, many will demand a 'pay-off' which can amount to a thousand dollars or more. Luckily I have not had that problem although I kept the same girl for several months, but regularly sampled a few of the others just for variety.~~
    (Review # 5605)
  • Lagos Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Jan 18 2001 Submitted by: mo

    I had a week in Lagos and ended up staying at the Ikeja Sheraton. The city itself is not too hospitable for most Westerners (Black or white) due to the almost cultural desire 'to get over on you." So hold your wallet close and keep to the hotel when not working for the most part. While my driver did say that the notorious Bar Beach would guarantee me a beautiful woman for no cost, I opted out. However, there were always at least 10 decent looking working girls in the lobby of the Sheraton every evening. At least one to three all day. All were between 18 and 25 with skin tones and features which ranged from light Ethiopian looking to the shiny ebony. I saw similar sizes of women in both the Le EKO Meridian and one other western style hotel that I cannot remember the name of.

    They are well behaved and won't bother you unless you signal them to come over but they'll always be watching to make eye contact. Also there are usually guard on each floor and if you are lazy, you can tell one of them to send a girl to your room. I selected an attractive Ethiopian looking girl with tremendous breasts and asked her to come to my room in about a half hour. Just for decorum as I didn't want any of my female coworkers catching my indiscretion. When she arrived after about 10 minutes she explained all night oral and 'anything I wanted for $50. All I wanted was a quick BJ before bedtime so I told her and she said $30, I was able to negotiate the price down to just under $20 in Niara.

    She was well worth the money as she quickly stripped down completely showing a beautiful body. I was ready and after a couple minutes I positioned her so I could rub my cock between her big breasts. She really thought that was novel I guess as she asked if that was appealing to me and squeezed them around my member for dear life and squirmed up a storm. After a little while of that I guided her back down on me (no condom for oral) and she swallowed like a pro. Honestly, I think once she was stripped down, she would have gone for the full sex for no extra charge but hey I was in Africa!
    (Review # 3001)
  • Lagos Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Dec 30 2000 Submitted by: John

    I've been in Lagos several times in the last years. It's a really large, noisy city but if you have to stay there you can enjoy some very pretty girls. Casual prostitution seems to be the rule for many West African women living in cities, and Lagos is no exception.

    If you go to one of the popular nightclubs - Murphis, Why Not, Towers - you can take your pick. If you dance more than one dance with the same girl, or buy her a drink, she'll expect to leave with you. There is no negotiation. Ask her if she wants to come with you, she'll spend the night in your hotel. In the morning give her something 'for a taxi', anything from US$10 to US$200 depending on how much you liked her. Niara are better because they make a thick packet, but USD, UKP, or FFR are fine too.

    As a rule women won't ask or insist that you wear a condom, but with AIDS in Nigeria at around 20%, it seems sensible. I've found it easy to pick-up women at random places simply by asking 'where do we meet?' Finally, you'll get the best company if you remember that the girl you're with is most likely not a pro, but a student looking for some spare cash. Be nice.
    (Review # 2914)

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