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  • Maputo Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Dec 08 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    You will not have any trouble finding sex in Maputo. Girls are available on the streets, hotels, discos, bars and night clubs. I visited Maputo for one month in September so I got to know the place well.

    Maputo is not a tourist destination, so your visit to Maputo will probably be on business, and as such you will probably stay in one of 4 hotels - The Polana, the Holiday Inn, the Avenida or the V.I.P. Your visit is likely to be a short one, so I'll only give my views on the prostitutes, and not the (better looking) women that want a longer relationship with the eventual goal of marriage and leaving Mozambique.

    Closest to the town centre is the Avenida and almost right next door to Mundo's, a Sports Bar/Restaurant with a pool table, multiple TVs with live SA/English soccer, cricket and rugby, a restaurant and children's play area. If you are new to Maputo, I would go there on your first evening. It's safe and has a mixed clientelle of locals and ex-pats.

    During the day, Mundo's is a popular place for families, but after 8pm the girls arrive in groups of two or three. If they sense there is no business, they will quickly move on to where I don't know. The bar staff don't like them sitting at tables too long without buying some food or drink, and will move them on. They know the regulars who don't meddle with them, but will stay longer if there are new faces there. Early in the week is not so good. The girls range from 4-7.

    The V.I.P. Hotel offers a massage service - you can take note of the number from the sign at the reception desk. It's a cell phone number, so you can text your room number and time if you don't speak Portguese. The girls are Oriental/Chinese, don't speak English well. They will give a you reasonable massage lasting about 40 minutes then offer extra services, which is usually only a HJ. The two girls I had were not pretty, slightly heavy and not well shaped.

    If your staying at the Polana (the most expensive), prostitutes hang out on the street corners on the road opposite from 11pm, and the street behind from about from sunset onwards. The standard is not good (3-5).

    Prostitutes operate in all the hotels I've mentioned, usually arriving at the bar around 8pm, singly or in pairs. If you want to take one back to your room, you will have to go to reception first where you will pay extra and where the girls' ID/Passport details will be taken. It is not easy to sneak a girl back to your room in any of these hotels without 'registration' first. Expect to be asked to pay $100 for the night, but you can knock them down.

    One hotel I haven't mentioned is the Accor Ibis - which is cheaper at about $60 a night for a double room (the others range from $100-$140), and is within walking distance from the Baixa (more about the Baixa later). It is easier to pick up a girl from the bar and take her back to your room as its on the first floor, so they have already passed reception. The bar usually has 2 or 3 prostitutes (3-6, occasional 7)hanging out there.

    Bars, Discos and Clubs in Maputo.

    There are many, but most are locals places which I have found a bit intimidating. Try the Africa Bar later in the week (Thurs-Sat) which usually has live African music by local bands and is safe. There is an entry fee. The bar gets busy after 11pm,has a mix of locals and ex-pats and has a good atmosphere. There are more than enough girls to pick and choose from, and they all want your attention. You just have to catch a girl's eye and she'll be over. Just buy her a few beers (same price as yours) and she'll go back with you. (Range from 6-8 as the entry fee keeps the dogs out)

    For all night dancing on a Friday or Saturday night, go to Coconuts, which is safe and is a large complex with a huge dance area, a restaurant, lounge and ususally has live music from well known Mozambican or South African bands. There is an entry fee and can get very busy, but if you pay a litte extra, you get access to the upstairs VIP area which is less so. Has a good view of the dance floor. Coconuts usually opens at 11pm and stops at 6am. The girls here range from 5-9 with the occasional 10.

    The Baixa (pronounced Buy-sha) is the red light district of town, near the docks, and is rough, dangerous and intimidating. If you must go, don't take a car, use a taxi - otherwise you might find your side lights missing, paintwork scratched or windshield smashed when you return. And get someone you know and trust to accompany you. The popular discos, bars and clubs are Gypsies, Sinatra's and Luso's amongst others. The disco on the corner (I forget it's name) is not recommeded. All bars and clubs are busy towards the end of the week. The Baixa is swarming with prostitutes from 11pm. Be prepared to be constantly hassled for drinks and cigarettes once inside your chosen venue. Luso's is a strip club/disco with a couple of dance poles and floor, which doubles as a stage. The girls are not shy and are from the lower end of the spectrum for figure and looks (I don't know how some of them actually make a living out of prostitution). You might struggle to find one good looking enough to want to spend some time with. On leaving, they usually complain of being hungry, so expect to feed them first. Beware of the 'doormen' at Luso's - they will hassle you for money when you leave, but just keep walkin'.

    The Girls/Women

    Mozambique is one of the poorest countries in the world, so many girls earn cash through prostitution. 90% of them are as black as black can get, with the rest being various shades of brown. I've not come across any white prostitutes.

    To my taste, most of the girls (especially in Baixa) are not worth a second look, most are only average and about 20% are really good looking with stunning bodies. Their figures tend to be better than their looks - broad shoulders, narrow backs, small waists, firm round asses and nice, smooth skin. A good percentage of the prostitutes have kids so their tits have been destroyed by over breastfeeding their little bastards - even the younger ones. If you're a tit man, don't be fooled by a girl who appears to have well shaped chest - bras work wonders. Some have unsightly scars, stretchmarks and blemishes on the skin, only seen when you get them back to your place. Their hands are hard and caloused after a lifetime of heaving water buckets, hand-washing clothes and chopping wood. A pity, but that's the way it is.

    AIDS is around 18% countrywide, higher for the prostitutes, so ALWAYS use a condom. There are other exotic life threatening diseases you could catch. Most of them live in very poor, squalid conditions with no running water or sanitation, so make sure you scrub them before you touch them. If she's new to the business, it may well be the first shower she's ever had.

    Sexual performances vary - from the disinterested, lazy, get-it-over-with-quickly, to the enthusiastic. Make sure you negotiate a price beforehand. A girl from the Baixa will usually ask for MT400 (about $20) for an hour and a taxi fare when she leaves. They will be friendly, smile a lot and touch you a lot when you meet them, but when you get them back to your room, their attitudes can change - get you to shoot your load quickly, get their money and get out. It's possible to take a girl back to her place. Personally I wouldn't risk it. It's likely to be crawling with cockroaches and have no shower or toilet. One girl I took back to her place disappeared - I found her outside squatting over a drain in the street.

    I wouldn't give a Mozambican prostitute your cell number. Take hers only if you want to meet her again and contact her from your hotel.

    All speak Portuguese and their local Mozambican lingo, some speak a little English, and a very small percentage speak English well.

    There are plenty of stunning young women in Maputo that are not in the sex business and nearly all of them are available - the peanut/cashew girls, the fuel attendants, waitresses, lottery ticket salesgirls (usually young and pretty) - well, any female actually - but unless you speak Portuguese...


    The police in Mozambique are poorly paid and orrupt, and are out in numbers at night. If they see a white face in a taxi they will stop it and demand money for some non-existant offence - the taxi driver won't pay - you will.

    Always carry some form of ID - it's against the law not to. Better still, have your passport, Visa and offical papers photocopied and stamped with your company stamp.

    Leave your valuables, passport etc in the hotel room safe. Only carry as much cash as you will need for a night out - MT2000 should be enough. Negotiate with taxi drivers before a journey. Lock the doors and do not lower the windows, especially at traffic lights at night.

    The ATMs will accept VISA, Visa Electron, Maestro and Cirrus and give out Metical (ZAR1 = MT3.5/US$1 = MT25)

    There are lots of good restauants in town - Mozambique is famous it's seafood which is cheap, as are cigarettes and bottles of spirits. Don't walk around after dark - robbers can carry guns and knives.

    Well, thats my view anyway. Enjoy.
    (Review # 16559)
  • Maputo Street Action Dated Added: Wed Oct 12 2005 Submitted by: Hrabe

    I visited Maputo last summer and I stayed in Fatima's. I talked to a young security guard who aranged a taxi for me (he asked me to give him like the price of better cigarettes). The driver took me to a place where the hookers were, then to a place where rooms were available. He came back an hour later and drove me back. The girl, room and taxi cost me all together around $25, and I believe that I paid much more than the normal price. Have fun. (Review # 12859)
  • MAPUTO Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Apr 01 2005 Submitted by:

    LUSO strip bar in the BAIXA is the club to go to. Nice dance shows and beautiful girls. Easy to get in contact with - just get a drink, they are desperate for contact! But be careful, they are all very professional, and get angry if you waste their time. Even though there is a lot of beauty there, dont loose your mind going to the street, its EXTREMELY dangereous walking there in the night, always get a taxi.

    MAMBOS is another nice club, a more normal disco, with lots of girls and nice music - but no strip.


    COCONUTS is a cool huge modern disco - really good dance place! And least but not less important: Mozambiquan girls are the most beautiful and sexy easy going women on earth, but a MINIMUM of 20% of the whole population have HIV, and when its a young woman in her twenties offering her self in a place like LUSO its probably 50-60% - and YOU WILL get it if you dont protect yourself - for sure! Its nonsense that men can't get it easily, its very easy especially with African women who often have other interesting STDs to make the HIV pass over easier. And you can get it from a blow job as well! So have your FUN and enjoy Maputo, but take care - use a rubber for saving your own (and others) life!

    (Review # 11187)
  • Maputo, Mozambique Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Oct 14 2003 Submitted by: Marcopolo

    First of all I would like to say I have been using this site for years now and the information contained here has been very much useful and quite accurate, this is why I would like to add my experience to it in the hope of helping those going to the places I have been to myself.

    I visited Maputo in Oct. 2003 and Basher district and Bagemoyo street are indeed the place to visit for women. I would say 99.99% of women as expected are black but some with portuguese influence so they don't look like the blacks you would see in the states and most certainly not with the attitude either. They will ask for higher prices but you would get them to have sex with you for about USD 30 - those who pay more are simply fools.

    I stayed at the Polana which is undoubtedly the best hotel in town and easily allows women in. Enjoy.
    (Review # 7722)

  • Maputo Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Jan 18 2003 Submitted by: Egideo

    The club area is called Bagemoyo - not Basher. Yes, there are many clubs there but beware of girls who are on hard drugs. Sheikh, Tara & the Mini Golf complex which are not in Bagemoyo are upmarket nightclubs where the quality & looks of the women are same but little drug use. The women in Mozambiqu are all Jennifer Lopez look alikes with the perfect bums and most seem to love sex. Yet to meet a woman who does not enjoy a good fuck. Cock sucking is a specialty. At Luso, a club in the Bagemoyo district, the girl will openly play / squeeze / massage your cock to sell their charms to you. Forget Brazil - Mozambique is the best. (Review # 6714)
  • Maputo Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Aug 13 2002 Submitted by: Big Country

    Maputo is an amazing place to big up girls. You, of course, have to like blacks and mulattos. There is a district called basher. There are several clubs there. You walk in and can basically take home whatever girl you want, whenever you want. They are all independent. Most are not traditional prostitutes. They like spending the night in a nice hotel. That in itself is a bonus. Some ask for money the next day, some do not. They all need a ride home or a taxi. If you not brave, let them take a taxi. I drove several times there, and it is amazing how something so beautiful can come from such a squalid place. I ended up going there 20 times in my 3 months there. I was never disappointed and often took a girl I had before. (Review # 5935)
  • Quelimane Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Apr 08 2002 Submitted by:

    I was in Quelimane few times. The nice place to get a girls is at Ferroviario Disco. You can get a nice mulatas and black girls there. You can get girls from 18 to 26, some of them are School girls. They have different prices (15/100 Usd).. as you know, you will get the quality depending of the amount you paid. If you have accommodation you can take them there but be sure you don't sleep before she leave, or ask the to take you to any place around the town but you will have to pay any extra for the room ( about 20-60Usd) My self I fucked about three different girls ( two of them was at same time) The prostitutes of Quelimane fucks like a porn stars.

    ~~Ask also for a small bar called Briza, but the girls there are not better than those at Ferroviario.~~You get for all those girl a hard blow job till you cum. They use condoms. I don't do anal, but if you want you can ask them and pay some extra.~~ (Review # 5266)

  • Maputo Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Oct 30 2001 Submitted by: Nkalagatha

    Moz feels like northern Brazil - beautiful beaches, great party scene, beautiful women, even the language. Visited the place w/ two friends from Joburg. Easy to pick up girls - blacks and mulatas, at local bars and clubs. Mostly in the bars on the coast north of the city. One place was called Tara. ANother was an old train station - called Locomotiva.

    Just by them a drink, and chat with them. Once I chatted up a girl waiting at a bus halt, and brought her back. Helps that we drove a merc. Language is a problem, as most only speak Portugese. Even had a great session whereby we brought three back to the hotel - the Polana. Need to be a little discreet, as its a 5-star place.
    (Review # 3796)

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