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  • Marrakech Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Jul 10 2008 Submitted by: Albert

    I went to marrakech several times and each time is better than the previous one. I have been to all hot places and would rank them as follows : 1. Le Comptoir 2. Diamant Noir 3. Pacha 4. VIP In all these place you can find hot girls starting from 1 pm, cost from 50 to 70 if looking for a basic fuck and from 100 to 200 Euros if looking for more sophiticated girls. Renting an appartment is the most secure approach. Prices range from 30 to 60 Euros per might and girls can provide you with phone numbers of appartment manager. Have fun in Marrakech. (Review # 24228)
  • Agadir Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Apr 20 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    Hi guys,

    Well me and 5 of my mates have just got back from "another tour of duty" in Agadir. We were there last year for 4 nights and found it to be incredible so we went for 7 nights this time.

    We rented a 5 bedroom villa in Benzargaou. The villa was beautiful and impressed all the girls. It was a bit far out though!

    Any way on the first night we went to Flamingo Club at the Beach Club. The top quality girls come in around 2am. I did a deal with a stunning brunette, 5ft 4" tall, 36,26,36 with a fantastic body and face.500DHR and 100DHR (Taxi) back to our villa. Great foreplay, great BJ,Naked dirty dancing,Anal,GFE. We fucked 2 times that night and she stayed till 10AM. Next day she called me on my mobile at around 2PM and so I invited her back to the villa...Another 500DHR and a mad afternoon of sex!! She left at around 8PM...So next sleep and out to the clubs for 1AM. Top club the Flamingo Club.

    Next day went to McDonalds and picked up a nice girl with a tight body and nice face. Took her back to the villa and got her drunk and fucked the shit out of her!! Picked her up at 1PM and dropped her up at around 6PM!! Again great BJ, Great HJ, Anal and she swallowed! Result! All this for 200DHR plus 100 DHR for taxi.

    Next 3 nights were exactly the same with picking up girls at McDonald's opposite Sahara Hotel and taking them back to the villa for orgies etc.

    On the last night my mates were knockered but I was still up for one last "mission" even if it was solo! So I headed for the usual hunting ground by the name of Flamingo club however I found it was pretty poor tonight, so I went to the Papgayo club in stead at around 3.30am. Absolutely kicking in here! One absolute stunner caught my eye! She looked absolutely filthy and had amazing tits! She gave me a smile so I was straight in! We had some drinks and talked for a while. She asked for 2500DHR for the night! I told her she was having a laugh! Anyway I told her that I was on my last night and that I had 800DHR left if she was interested! She said she wasn't so I moved onto my next target.

    After negotiating a deal with this one, the filthy one muscled in and took me by the arm and lead me away!! She said that she doesn't normally "lower" herself with her prices but she really liked me and wanted to "rock my world!" Bollocks more like she was gonna lose out on 800 DHR!! Anyway I told her that the deal was that the 800 DHR would need to include the taxi,ticket etc to get us back to the villa. She agreed and we were off!

    Back at the villa: fantastic green eyes, long brown wavy hair, fantastic tits, pierced belly button, amazing smile, great body with olive skin. I was in heaven. We went straight to my room and had the most amazing sex ever! She started by doing a striptease for me...then she took my clothes off and we did some dirty dancing! I was running on empty and knew I was gonna be riding dry, but fuck it! A mission is a mission right! She then gave me a mind blowing BJ! Licking my balls and actually getting them in her mouth! The we fucked on the bed in every position imaginable! I thought my dick was gonna fall off! After "dry cumming" I was fucked, but she had other plans. She got me hard again and told me to fuck her arse! So I duly obliged. And what a tight arse! Again after "dry cumming" I couldn't manage anything else and just wanted to sleep. She then finished off by giving me a great massage. All in all a top night! Mission Accomplished!
    (Review # 23248)
  • Agadir Other Dated Added: Sat Apr 12 2008 Submitted by: Spinningaway

    Hi all, thanks a lot to WSG for all infos. I was in Agadir end of March begin of April 2008.

    First of all you have to rent an apartment from UE people to have a standard of comfort and a minimum of cleaning. Rent an apartment in the New Talborjt Area or near the Touristic Area because I’ve rented one est of the Souk and some girls have fear of that area because is full of vagabonds, not 100% safe for ladies. So pay a bit more but trust me that location is the first point in your vacation! Each time you go home with a girl you have to be discreet because police still around looking for you and a Moroccan lady to fine her and extorting you money for her freedom !

    This is my report:

    The first night (Thursday) I went to the Pub of restaurant “La Fouquet’s” (Boulevard du 20 Aout, just in front of Hotel les Almohades) and, as suggested by other WSG mongers, I sit outside for dinner and look girls entering the Pub. It’s easy to know which girl is a working girl, you have just to look at their dress and if they entering the Pub without men. After dinner I went inside the Pub and sit drinking an Heineken. After few minutes a nice lady come to me and sit at my table. Talk a few and offered her something to drink. Then she asked for “chi-cha” (something to smoke).ok also for the end we contracted 500DHR for sex. For me a very good price, less than what many of us paid (as per previous reports below). But what seems bad for me is that I spent 700DHR for drinks (for me, for her and for a lady her friend !). Than consider also 100DHR for Taxi is too too too too much. For same price you can have top quality in your own country.

    Furthermore she wanted to go to her home because she said my appartment was in a dangerous area of Agadir, dangerous for ladies.). Her apartment wasn’t bad but a bit poor.

    Sex wasn’t good: no GFE, no FOREPLAY, no BJ, no ANAL. She also said “stop” before I cum because she was tired, for me she was drunk! But I wanted to finish so she gave me a very very good HJ (very skilled). In the end not a good experience. Face: 7/10 – Body: 7/10 – GFE: 4/10 – Sex: 3/10

    After this poor experience I was a bit confused, concerned if Marocco worths for sex or is just a waste of time and money (!).so the next two nights I slept alone.

    The next night I was horny and decided to give Agadir another chance. I went back to Pub of Restaurant “La Fouquet’s” and as usual after dinner outside I went inside the Pub. That night I’ve moved in the Pub to have a look of the girls and to choose one, not to be chosen from them! I saw one alone drinking a beer and after few eye-contact I was sitting beside her. She was really beautiful with a great body and absolutely perfect tits. We talked a few minutes and after we moved to the attached cabaret. Talked again, drunk something, bought “chi-cha” for her. I was dreaming to see her into the bed because she was very-very attractive for me so I asked her to go to my apartment. The cost of the evening into the “La Fouquet’s” was around 350DHR.

    We went to my apartment, stayed a bit on the sofa watching TV and talking; then moved into bed for sex. We did it twice (she asked for the second round!) with a lot of participation from her, a really good experience. The morning around 10 am she told she has to leave. She never mentioned money but I gave her 500DHR and she said was good for her. Before she left the apartment, she asked for rendez-vous for the evening. I happily agreed and so I spent the next to days with her and the time together was really great: we watched UEFA C.LEAGUE matches together, dinner together, went around “La Corniche” (beach road), went into club together and she also gave me a gift she bought in the Souk. Obviously at night good sex in bed. And she never asked for money. However I gave her 500DHR each day.

    Sex was very good: absolutely GFE, FOREPLAY, OWO, no ANAL. Face: 8/10 – Body: 9/10 – GFE: 10/10 – Sex: 8/10

    Now pay attention on what I’m writing below: the last night happened what I’ve never expected. After the usual day spent together, we went out the Cabaret of Pub “La Fouquet’s” and jump into the taxi when a car (not a police car !) stopped in front of us. 3 people exit and quickly opened the door of our taxi and taken away the girl for her arms into their car. I was like paralyzed, they said nothing to me, they haven’t even looked me in face, just taken here away forcibly!

    The taxi driver drove away quickly, bringing me to my apartment. On the way I asked him what’s happened and he said that the 3 people were police and they saw me with a morroccan girl and taken her to police station, for prostitution. But he also said me that they do this to extorting tourists money to let the girls free.

    So, for me the situation was tragic, I’ve spent a great time with her and I can’t accept to let her in this situation. But I had to return to Europe at the dawn of the next morning and had very few hours to do something to make her go out of prison! So I asked the taxi driver to keep information on where she was and what to do to help her. After an hour he came back to my apartment and said police wants 800DHR to let her free. I gave him money and hope this was not a bad action. After a short time he came to me again to bring me to airport and I asked him where was the girl: he answered everything was ok, the lady will be free next morning. I hoped everything was true also this time.

    So I left Morocco without any concrete news about the girl that gave me so great time. The return journey wasn’t beautiful for me, I felt guilty for what was happened to her. The next day she called me on my mobile phone to thank me for what I have done for her, for the time spent together and love, love, love. She said thanks for having paid the taxi driver pocketed 200DHR..

    Finally, I hope this experience (adventure!) was true and not a complete show arranged by the girl, the taxi driver and the 3 people of the car. But what I had to do? Don’t trust the taxi driver for fear of a scam or pay these 800DHR and have a clear conscience?

    So, folks: I will never go back to Morocco for sex. is not a place that gives you relax and you are always frustrated about the police and you have to pay tips for this, for this, for this and for this!

    P.S.: read also my post on WSG Forum and Morocco Main page on this section of WSG. I will post as soon as possible an analysis of sex scene in Morocco comparing it with the scene of another typical sex country.
    (Review # 23070)
  • Casablanca Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Apr 05 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    This place is the biggest disaster if you're looking for girls!

    Sure there's loads of them, they dress like western girls, are flirty and make out they're up for it. but don't be fooled and bear in mind it's strictly illegal too!

    The nightclub "scene" is centered either on Aiin Diab (La cornich waterfront) or in major hotel nightclubs/cabaret bars. If you're looking for action or a laugh then *DON'T* go to Hotel Transatlantic which is on Rue Chouia and is one of few hotels with nightclub. They have an "army" of discreetly employed hostesses there to "entertain and flirt" with you which means bleeding you dry for drinks and tips with a guarantee of *no* action! To make things *worse*. if they could get worse and it is 100% true what the other reviews said about secret police being inside the clubs watching for any male-female relations. When I read this I didn't quite believe. But then after chatting to a few guys with a Moroccan girl at my side one bloke proceeded to take out his wallet and show me his Moroccan (Casablanca precinct) police badge all the time saying ". I have eyes and ears and can see but choose to see what I want to see".

    Unless you know the lingo and culture I'd say better to stay safe then be sorry - as you seriously don't want to wind up in trouble with Moroccos notorious police force! Needless to say the girls will flirt, waste your time, all the while bleeding you dry (tips, drinks and shee-sha (water smoking pipe).

    Rabat is even smaller and more dire and Saleh has no action whatsoever. I did hear of some stories in Marrakesh. but I wouldn't feel comfortable knowing there's police watching and what you're doing (innocently chatting up a girl) is *illegal*. Altogether North Africa is f**king hopeless for girl-action. unless you speak the lingo and have your own apartment.

    Good luck.
    (Review # 22951)
  • Agadir, Tanger, Casablanca Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Jan 29 2008 Submitted by: The One

    Hello guys! After living in morocco for 3 years, I made another trip to morocco in august and December 2007 because I have business trips in the southern Spain and northern morocco region.

    First of all I would just like to comment on the guy that posted this long review of sex in morocco below me; he is totally misconstrued and false about the sex in morocco. Morocco is the worst country to go for sex, let alone expensive. It’s cheap to the point where it’s a rip off. $5000 can be blown easily in 1 week by just tipping people every freaking place you go, I mean everywhere! (Price for woman: it used to be around 50 bucks and then the Saudis came and fucked it up paying these bitches $100). Not only is not cheap to get a girl, but Morocco is an Islamic country (97.9%) and therefore forbids prostitution by all means.

    If you or any woman gets caught with the police you are screwed big time! And police are everywhere even in hotels, nightclubs, and you can be arrested easily, and then your really fucked. Secondly, Africa is where AIDS is most prevalent in the world! And where is Morocco again? Yes, it’s in Africa! In addition, not only is it difficult to find outgoing prostitutes, but the woman are disgusting there.

    They cover there body and heads which increases sweat, they are dirty and don't shower. They go to a place to get cleaned called the himam, once every two weeks and the majority of people don't have showers in their home. So listen here gentlemen, if you are looking for a good clean fun cheap time, this is definitely not the place to go. I hope this review helped.

    (Review # 22333)
  • Agadir Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Dec 12 2007 Submitted by: Desert Wolf

    Gentlemen, I have been a frequent business traveler with an affinity of mixing business with pleasure for about 15 years now; from Tokyo to San Diego, and from Moscow to Morocco. I have in many cases availed of the WSG, but I must admit that this is my first time posting. I just returned from Agadir where I spent 4 nights at the back end of a business trip to Cannes (France). You can guess that I take sex seriously, right? It is not my first time in Morocco, as I have been there around 10 times since my first visit to Casablanca/Agadir in 1990, I have been to Rabat and Marrakesh as well.

    Out of all the countries I have been to, and thought of as sex destinations at the time Moscow (1996), Kazakhstan (1997), Uzbekistan (1997), Thailand, Philippines, Dubai, etc. I can safely say that in today’s increase of prices and reduction of quality, Morocco is by far the best – Disclaimer: I have not been to South America! General: Lets get the accommodation issue out of the way; everyone who said you need an apartment is absolutely correct. However, there are catches nowadays: Using the internet to search and book apartments are not always guaranteed.


    I sent no less than 18 emails to the landlords (from 3 different websites some of which mentioned in other reports below); 1 declined, 1 confirmed only to decline one day later, one called on the phone to tell me in person that he will not accept any hanky-panky business in his apartment, 2 confirmed and gave me local telephone numbers of the people who would meet and take care of me, and the rest did not even acknowledge my emails! I confirmed both to be on the safe side (I was only there for 4 days and would not take chances, and the apartments were advertised on different sites and were in different parts of the city). I arrived in Agadir at about 7 pm only to realize that one of the contacts had switched off his phone, and the other said that the apartment was already rented out for a week! And the search for an apartment at the evening with a dimwit of a taxi driver proved to be one experience I do not wish to repeat.


    At 10 pm we find one, not at all what I had in mind (two external doors always locked, a watchman’s room facing the second of the doors, bad furnishings.) but I had no choice; it was getting late and the taxi driver was getting restless, while I could not afford to spend one night (25% of my break) in a hotel that was not girl-friendly. So I did what any businessman would do; I let money do all the talking. I gave the young watchman as he brought up my suitcase 100 Dirhams (~9 Euro) as tip, and let him keep the change of my other 100 Dirhams which I gave him to buy me soap and stuff, while all the time making him understand that I was there to have fun, and enjoy myself. It was a gamble but it worked.


    I later realized that many tourists (Europeans & Arabs) have taken advantage of the special sexual nature of Morocco to act out some sick fantasies ranging from outrageous drunken orgies to filming pornography with the intention of publishing it while masquerading it as personal photography. 2 years ago a Belgian reporter had taken photographs of some 80 women from Agadir, and then published an online article about his trip there, it was not a reports such as this one, it was not even a pornography piece, it was actually a racist essay about Islam and the Arabs (!) with many degrading and insulting connections between the sex trade and the religion/race.


    The result: 2 suicides amongst the women with many other cases of relocation in fear of family/society retribution, a nationwide press campaign against the sex trade and the officials that let it happen, and a parliamentary inquisition! In another case only 7 months ago, some Saudi fellow, was secretly filming his escapades, he put those clips on a CD which was widely distributed in Morocco; Again, the same reactions. As a result the landlords are afraid that they would be linked as facilitators of the trade, the girls are suspicious, and the general atmosphere is just not as relaxed as before. The Girls: What makes Morocco great for the sex traveler is that for decades although it is their main profession the girls were not too professional; short-time is unheard-of, they perform everything or almost everything, they enjoy sex and actually expect to cum while with you, and most importantly the GFE can be expected in most cases (they genuinely get jealous over a punter in the cases that involve extended engagements),


    The main reason being that these girls almost never come from the city you meet them in; they can not risk the scandal of being known as a working girl in their hometown, therefore they tell their families that they found a job in some other city and set off to live in crappy rooms rented from people who do not respect them, receive abuse and sexual blackmail from the police, and yet are expected to send money back home to help the folks ‘cause they have a “job”. Recent events as described above and the increased influx of Europeans accustomed to the ways of European prostitutes have somehow changed some of that with some girls to a certain degree.


    All the reports below describe only 2 kinds of girls; the professional (disco/night) girls, and the amateurish (café, street/daytime) girls looking for a fling with the possibility of a “gift” and/or a visa, etc. – both have drawbacks. With the professional risks are that they get too impersonal, too materialistic, reduced GFE (no OWO and in some cases no Oral!). Plus, they have agreements with the disco’s and bars they frequent to keep you there as long as possible buying drinks (which also works better for the girl as it means that by the time you get to you apartment you are too drunk to do more than one pop before you collapse on your way to a major hangover!)


    The amateurish girls on the other hand are “armatures” who in most cases live in their own hometown and therefore can not stay overnight and go to public places, etc. There is one more type that has not been mentioned in any of the reports; the girls who are not amateurs and yet do not want to be known as professionals even outside their hometowns. These girls usually have more self esteem, come from better backgrounds than the professionals, and they avoid risks and trouble as they want to stay anonymous. Therefore they make the perfect sex-pet (locally called “house-girl”).


    This type usually comes through the “maids” that come as part of some apartments, you tell her what you want, and the maid would summon 2-3 girls to choose from. They arrive no later than 6-7 pm dressed to avoid attention; they stay the night –of course- and bring you the entertainment to the comfort of your living room. These girls have a major advantage; they have less access to clients, therefore want to be kept with the one client for as long as possible; hence improved attitude, less taboos, and more enthusiasm.


    I recall in one visit to Rabat, while at the apartment with one of those girls (the first night with her), I ventured into attempting anal without asking her if it’s ok or not, which is my style; I just usually have them subdued in Mish. Position and as soon as they cum I slide it out and attempt to enter the backdoor while looking them in the eye in an assuring way. it works 75% of the time! This particular lady was kind of startled, but more assurance through whispering loving words in her ear. and I was in, only lubricated by her own juices. Once there, and the principal is established, lubing and other positions are possible.


    We did anal twice that night, and one more time for breakfast. There is a moral to this erotic telltale; later on the afternoon of the second day, I missed the maid and could not find her, when she returned I asked of where she was, and she told me that she went to the pharmacy to get the girl some ointment for her ass, since she was an anal-virgin and 3 times in a row had caused some irritation there. The poor girl was still there, so I went to her and told her she should’ve told me it was hurting her and I would’ve stopped, she smiled and simply said it was ok. She even offered anal again that evening and insisted we did it.


    For this fantastic attitude, I kept the girl for the duration of the visit and had a memorable time. Back to the details of Agadir: as my apartment had no maid, I ventured out on the hunt, the fist night and I had wasted so much time looking for an apartment, I decided to go to Dreams disco by the coast. It was fine and full of females on this midweek night, I got something that looked ok, went home and as expected from disco girls, it was cordial but not warm, no oral with or without, no anal (much to my disappointment), decent sex. She made the excuse of having to pick up her infant son from the all night sitter before 8 AM, and therefore left at 7:30 AM. So, 2 pops in 4 hours at 800 Dirhams. (the disco was 100 Dirhams entrance + 500 drinks + 100 to the bouncer to exit with a girl + 100 taxi).


    Second night I go to the Irish Pub, I like the atmosphere; this cute girl with long hair smiled at me, we talk and drink, we went home, and again no oral, no anal (though she pretended to attempt anal without success, but I know better), the sex was good, warm and passionate. Stayed till the following afternoon so, 3 pops in 10 hours at 800 Dirhams. (The pub was 200 Dirhams drinks + 50 to the bouncer at exit + 100 taxi).


    Third night was a Saturday night, streets were packed by local boys looking for action and harassing the girls, I went to the Irish Pub again, and it was a disaster; too many local men with nasty looks, a couple tried to offer me all kinds of services and when I declined they asked me to buy them drinks, police in civilian cloths came in the Pub to have a look and made it even more uncomfortable for everyone. I saw the girl I was with the previous night and just took her by the hand and left for home.


    All details of the previous night repeated except the sex was now warmer. Last night, I go to a restaurant (la fouquete on the same street as the Irish Pub, on the other side) at about 8 pm, I needed to have dinner and the place looked nice with terrace tables, and a singer on the keyboards that attempted at Rod Stewart classic.


    The food was amazing, and while I enjoyed it I noticed a steady stream of men and girls entering the bar area of the same restaurant, so I followed after my meal, to find a dimly lit place, quiet music and some girls there. Smiles but no soliciting, I liked a blond, went over, we talked and drank vodka for a couple of hours, went home and had steaming hot sex with OWO before and during, and Anal (Finally!) and were at it like bunnies all night and more the next day. So, 5 Pops in 16 hours (thank God for Cialis) at 1,000 Dirhams. (the bar was 500 + 100 to the security + 100 to the taxi). One final comment: I do not agree prices with these women, on the first night at Dreams disco the first girl I chatted asked for 1,000. I said we’ll see, and when she said she wanted them before we left the disco (probably as a result of some bad experience with someone else) I told her I was not interested anymore and walked away. She changed her mind and came 4 times to me saying she would come and accept whatever I gave her but by then it was too late; I can get that attitude in London or Paris or Frankfurt.


    There is a reason why I go to Morocco and that is that the supply/demand equation is skewered towards to punter’s benefit. I know the norm, and as you can see I am neither tight nor extravagant, and reward according to performance after the fact and not before. I advise the same for everyone. Enjoy Morocco, and please, please, please don’t ruin the market for the rest of us by over paying, taking photographs for publishing purposes, or wrecking the apartments like some rock star just because you can. Morocco is a diamond in the rough; if you over complicate the matter it will end up unattainable for most.

    (Review # 22103)
  • Agadir Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Aug 19 2007 Submitted by: The Latino

    Some more information on Agadir Hi, I am Swiss and I just came back from 2 weeks of vacation in Agadir. Overall it has been a very good experience (thanks also to the WSG) Pretty girls, good sex and even some romance. Prostitution in Agadir is somehow divided into places with Arabic customers and places with Westerners. The Arabs (mainly Saudis)go to discos with only Arabic Music like the one in Sahara or Marhaba Hotel. If you are not into Arabic Culture/Language, you will probably not feel at ease in these places.

    In my point of view the best places for Westerners are: The Irish Pub in the Tafoukt Complex, the Disco in the Sofitel, and the Dreams Disco. The action in the Irish Pub starts earlier (after 11pm) and some of the girls will afterwards go to the Dreams or Papagayo Disco. I think that usually Dreams has the best looking girls. The most expensive is Papagayo with a lot of girls from the rich Agadir families and I found it quite difficult to make the difference between normal girls and prostitutes.

    And on Friday and Saturday it is very full and you will hardly find a place to seat. So I felt much better in Dreams Disco. I picked up girls in the Pub, Sofitel and Dreams. By chance I found my dream girl, Amina, 21 yrs, in the Pub. Beautiful face, lovely long hair and a perfect body. She talked and danced with me in the Pub for more than 2 hours and then we went to my flat and had good sex and a great time. Incredible enough she never mentioned money, not even I’m my flat! In the morning I asked her what she expected. She just replied whatever you want to give me! I gave her 1200 because I wanted really to reward not only her performance but also her attitude.

    Of course I called her the next day and I spent all the remaining nights (and also part of the days) with her. I somehow fell in love with Amina, but I am already married... Now some practical advice: Hotels, even Apart-Hotels don’t allow girls inside or you spend a fortune with bribes. So get a flat. Usually close to the bus station in the Talborjt neighborhood there are some men offering flats.

    I got a flat from a Moroccan called, Said, a very honest man and I was very satisfied (except for the bathroom with the Arabic style of toilet). But even if you have rented a flat, please be very discreet. Be always aware that you are in an Arabic country and Prostitution is illegal. So don’t bring girls at every time of the day. Better only after 1 am. The neighbors could call the police if there is too much "traffic". Happy hunting!

    (Review # 20507)
  • Marrakech Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Mar 21 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    Firstly pretty much all the clubs in Morocco are take away brothels, the only problem is hotels allowing girls in. The more touristy clubs have the best girls and are more expensive, but if you a good looking guy that the girls like they will probably ask for 700dhr in best clubs, local clubs 300 dhr. However in local clubs beware of pimps and hoodlums. Rates are all night, and service will depend on the girl, however remember if once you have started the girl goes on silly take your money back and tell her to leave.

    Best girl I had was in Diamond Noir for 700 dhr + 200 to security, I had all nigh of oral without and she swallowed, multiple shags, plus she came back the next night and didn’t ask for nothing. Atlantic palace in Agadir is also a hot place with some stunning girls. Remember, when dealing with Moroccan girls let them know whose boss. Don’t appear a soft touch

    (Review # 17930)
  • Agadir Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Feb 21 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    I went in Agadir in January 2006. It is a great place for cheap sex. First of all rent a flat because no girl is allowed in the hotels. I went in a music bar called Irish Peep near the popular sea walk in Agadir. Entrance is free and beer is 20 Dhs. Action starts at 10 PM. There is about 15 to 20 nice local girls, some very nice. Price about 400 to 600 Dhs (40 to 60 euros) for few hours or for the night.

    I choose one girl, negotiate a little, and go with her in a taxi that is waiting outside. You have to tip the man at the entrance of the bar (50 Dhs) and pay the taxi a bit more than usual (100 Dhs). Give also 100 Dhs for the taxi. When the girl came back I experimented with 3 girls, very beautiful in my opinion. I hope I could go back to Agadir very soon.

    (Review # 17484)
  • Casablanca Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Feb 12 2007 Submitted by: Korkel

    Hi Guys I will try to give a realistic review on where to find sex in Casa. The fact is that from time to time places change, but there are some nice places where to go. Be careful about taking girls to hotels. Most of them won’t accept them in, or you will have to pay even more than the cost of the girl. Some of the girls will ask you to go to an apartment it’s dangerous too. Be sure of whom you take, and if possible, let a friend know where you are.

    I saw to great places, among many others Restaurant Annexe, for dinner, nice place and nice girls having dinner there age about 23-28. Level 6-7/10 they won’t start the conversation. Be careful about what you pay, they might try to get you pay their dinner and wine. Nice music after dinner.

    Le Balcon, in Corniche, for me the best place dozens of girls, from everywhere around. Pay special attention to the Berebers, 8/10. Nice conversation, nice music. Price level of the girls will vary, but they may start asking for 3000 Dhs (about 275€) for the whole night. After some drinks (on my account) and some nice conversation I took one for 1000 Dhs (90 €), It was worth much more I swore it! No taboos and no teasing, real fun and incredible movement!!! Hope this helps someone to have fun! Enjoy it!

    (Review # 17418)
  • Agadir Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Jan 22 2007 Submitted by: Cosmopolitan

    Hi guys! I just came back from a 2 week trip from Agadir and I must say that it was better than perfect if you want to fuck beautiful women. But you have to know the system because Morocco is a Muslim country; you have to pick up girls little discreet.

    First of all, forget the hotels; it's better to rent a flat. You will pay around 50 Euros/day but it's worth it because you can bring a harem of women to your flat and nobody will stop you! There are dozen of nightclubs where you can meet females and in Agadir, they are normally busy after 01.00 A.M.

    Sofitel is the best place to hang out but you can also try Atlantic palace, Beach club and Dreams. If you want the real place for professional girls, you have to go to Sahara; you will find the sexiest girls in Agadir but most of them wants minimum 1000 dhs = 80 Euros so watch out!!! I was also there in 2004 so I knew what to expect from Agadir.

    I hope you enjoy your holiday in Agadir. I recommend it strongly!
    (Review # 17063)
  • Agadir Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Sep 28 2006 Submitted by: Beaufpower

    hello guys, I just came back from a one week vacation in Agadir in Morocco and wanted to give you my experience of it. It was the first time for me that I was in Agadir bur the second time in Morocco. The first I made a travel in Fes, Meknes, Rabat Casablanca, Essaouira and Marrakech. In Moroco if you are a western guy it's easy to find some fun with girls (and even with guys if you like it but in this case Marrakech is certainly the best city) at least in the big cities. The cities are very different with the land, the country which is very traditional. In the cities you will be surprised by how sexy the girls can be. In Agadir There are a lot of girls in the cafes, in the cabarets and in the night clubs when the night began. There are some girls who will ask you in the streets if you are alone to come with her to drink something and then after to fuck her. Problem in Morocco is that by the law it is forbidden to have sexual relations outside of the wedding. Therefore in Morocco there are no hotels which are girl friendly. Don't try to find it doesn't exist. So to fuck the girls either you rent a flat (there are a lot of them in Marrakech and Agadir) either you go with the girls. So morocco can be a good destination for fun but you have to be prepared and be discreet with the girls. Moroccan girls can be very friendly, they are young (half of the population is under 30), with beautiful breasts and asses (oh my god when they dance), and inside a bed they are often very bitchy. Of course if you speak French it will be easier. For the price that depends but it's often between 400 and 800 dirham (40 to 80 euros). For example one night at 22:00 I came in a cafe in front of the sea to drink a tea. There were 2 girls around 20 alone dressed in sexy wear. One with big breasts and showing them with their dresses. I came to their table 'dressed like that at that hour you can be sure that they were looking after a guy). Half an hour later we went to my flat. I fuck the one with big breasts in the room while the second one waited in the kitchen. I liked her; she sucked me (with condom). I fuck her between her breasts and then fuck her (missionary, doggy style, etc...) around one her by making her scream. After I asked to the second one if she would like "a small gift too" of course she accepted and then I fucked this one while the first I fucked waited in the kitchen. Good evening: I fucked 2 beautiful girls for 120 euros. After they went (certainly in a disco to find another client), one drink and then sleep. Just one thing: during the Ramadan most of the discos, the cabarets and the cafes are closed so it's better to go there outside of this period (but even in this period you can find girls but there are less places to find them). One last thing: don't forget the condoms because they don't want to fuck without that (and I understand them). (Review # 15722)
  • Rabat Travel Report Dated Added: Thu May 11 2006 Submitted by: Paulanglais

    Morocco is a great place for sex providing that you get to know some Moroccans. Forget about girls found in disco or hotels because of the police, diseases and all the craps those girls can bring you. While I was walking down in Rabat a woman begged me for money. I gave her 10 dirham then we started to talk and quickly she offered me to visit her sisters who have lovely daughters. We took a cab, was invited by the family. There were 3 girls of age 18, 23, 27 the mum of course and 1 other girl. We chatted, drank tea and the same night I moved from my hotel to their house. Nothing happened the first 2 night. However we really get into relationship - no need to say I was generous with the whole family - and the second morning the 18 year Nadia gave me a first bj before going to college. One hour later I was with the 23 y Sanae. No one was in the house, I undressed her and began to kiss and pat her beautiful slim, white body. She took my sex in her mouth. I gave her a gentle sodomy. She asked me not to go too deep which I did on that first occasion. That afternoon the mum made me some offer before the siesta but I showed my attraction to Sanae. The mum told her to uncover her great legs for me which she did. She took me to a room and we had sex in the afternoon full bj and arse fuck. During 9 days I fucked Nadia who pretended to be a virgin and later Sanae. I played with the mum as well. The 27 Hayat never appealled to me. Another sister turned up at the week-end, Samira. She works as a maid in a house. Sanae talked to her on my behalf and on Sunday morning I fucked her arse like hell! But, never do anything in the open; neighbours, visitors, friends are not supposed to know anything. I am just a family friend and they put me up. That is it. All girls nice, slim, white body. Great time, still in touch with them. (Review # 14692)
  • Marrakech Other Dated Added: Fri Dec 16 2005 Submitted by: connaisseur

    Hi guys. Just came back from Marrakech. I've spent some time during the Film Festival (November/06). Not so relaxed as usual, because a lot of policemen were deployed in the city for security reasons (the Morocco's King was there to open the Festival). Girls were a bit afraid to go out during this time. Nevertheless, I could find some nice girls in the Royal Mirage's bar, Café Boule de Neige, bar Monte-Cristo, etc... but still stressful, because going back to the apartment with the girl, there is the feeling that police can stop you everywhere!!

    Somebody noticed (see reports below) that guys are ready to pay 2000 - 4000 DHR for a girl... (Crazy men!!) I've seen an Italian man in the disco Monte-Cristo providing 3000 DHR to a girl I used to know some years ago!! Please gentlemen, 3000 DHR is a very good monthly salary! Are you crazy or what? Never give more than 800 DHR - 1200 DHR even if you are really dreaming about your angel.  Higher price doesn't mean better service... often it's the opposite (believe me, I've spent about 2 years in Morocco!).

    To summarize:  still a good country for sex... not too expensive, nice and sweet girls, prices around 1000 DHR for the whole night. Avoid hotels. Better to rent a flat and be discreet. Do not disturb or shock Moroccan people living around you!! Enjoy Marrakech.
    (Review # 13320)
  • Agadir Street Action Dated Added: Wed Nov 16 2005 Submitted by: marocain

    Sex is an institution in Agadir, and around Morroco!! In Agadir, you can find a girl for 10 euros for the night! You invite her to your apartment (rent an apartment for a week) and offer her a drink: 10 euros for one shot, or the night!! You spend time with the girl(s)... you can speak, drink... and fuck. You spend 10 euros (she stays 2 hours with you).

    In Rabat, it is more expensive... 15 euros, one shot. I found 10 euros one time for a "2 men, one girl" ...but the price in Rabat is really 15 euros to 20 euros.

    In Morroco, when you know the girl, you give her 10 euros for the night+alcoohol, and she is firendly.  In the discotheque, it is too expensive:  that is for the European tourists (Germans)... they pay too much.  Don't ever give more than 30 euros for the night in Morroco... or in Agadir. More than 30 euros? You are crazy!
    (Review # 13115)
  • Casablanca Travel Report Dated Added: Mon May 23 2005 Submitted by: Anon

    Night action in Morocco in general centers around hotels and night clubs. Some hotels like Al-Kandara in Casablanca have a big gathering of prostitutes in the back cafe' area. I did not have to go anywhere else to find a good pick for the night.

    They mostly average from 20 to 28 in age, and from 5-7 on beauty scale. Rates are 400-500 dirham (40-50 Euro, or $55-70) for a couple of hours, to twice that sum for the whole night. Girls would start asking for 1000 dirham ($120, or 100 Euro), but if they ask for more, then they see you as a walking wallet :)

    It is very true that each member of the staff at the hotel will try to get his cut to let the girl in --- we are talkiing about a sum higher than what you paid the girl. Most likely you will have to pay for a room for the girl, or you will end up paying again each time she leaves the lobby. The girls are friendly and vary in performance. Bring your own condom and avoid situations you have no control over.
    (Review # 11562)
  • Marrakech Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Apr 25 2005 Submitted by:

    I'm living here, I am French and I'd like to give you some tips regarding girls working in nightclubs: -


    please never give more than 1000 DHR to the girl (for all night of course), otherwise you are going to destroy the business (average salary in Morocco is about 3000 DHR!!) - Do not go to the nightclubs before 2 o'clock - if you take a girl with you, take a separate taxi otherwise the Police can really disturb you!!

    Avoid hotels, better to rent a flat by a French (not by a local) gentleman, otherwise you could be very disappointed!


    Hotels accept girls if she is not from Marrakech (national identity card) but you have to pay for a room, big tourist hotels do not accept girls (bad image) or you have to tip the guards with gold!! - tip the concierge at the entrance of your flat to avoid bad surprises! - Be careful, a lot of girls are ill, put a condom even for a blowjob!!

    Hope this is helpful for you, Morocco is a paradise. See you.

    (Review # 11323)
  • Kenitra / Rabatt Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Feb 05 2005 Submitted by: waff666

    Kenitra is a city next to Rabat. The best place there are also the hotels. There is a hotel outside of Kenitra with a pool and a disco. You can rent there a room for about 10-20$ a night. Then just take the girls to this room and have fun. Girls are very nice and some are really cute and lovely. Just right by the city hall, you just drive with a car around and they knock on your car door. Then stop some meters away. If the girls want to come with you, they will walk to your car and enter. We met a lot of private girls like this. Sometimes the girls knows a place in a house, where you pay something for the room and can fuck here there. These houses are private and the owner just earns some extra money. Mostly clean and safe. (Review # 10946)
  • MARRAKECH Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Sep 09 2004 Submitted by: juan

    Hello, I was in Marrakech in August 2004, and as you can read above, the girls are cute, sexy and cheap!....

    But, there is no way you can get them into your hotel room, unless you stay at the Mamounia, or the Royal Mirage! I stayed at Hotel Le Marrakech, and you have security guys all over the place: entrance, elevator and staircase! So forget about it!

    The best way to enjoy Marrakech is to rent a flat, or stay at the Royal Mirage...otherwise you will end up in a flat in a bad part of Marrakech, fucking the girl in the bedroom while the mother and the sisters are sleeping in the living room, and on the floor!!! I experienced that, and I prefer hotel rooms!


    The nice places to get girls are all the night clubs...! They are young, beautiful and sexy, and it's easy to get them ! So have fun, but rent a place or go to luxury hotels! Have a good stay and enjoy all those beauties...

    (Review # 10071)
  • Marrakech Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Feb 14 2004 Submitted by:

    I've spent 2 weeks in the beginning of this year at Marrakech. I am getting used to go there for golf and sex!

    Some tips for the guys we like to haven't trouble with the police: Firstly you have to know that a policeman get about 3000 DHR (300 Euros) per month. The only possibility for him to live in a decent way is to charge the tourists coming back with a girl after the disco (prostitution is strictly forbidden)! Never travel with a girl in the same taxi, take 2 taxis! Best way: rent a car.

    A guy report below that you shoudn't tip to much a girl, I'm totally agreed with him, if you compare with what a policeman get, do not give her more than 600-800 DHR for the all night (they will insist to give her 1000, 1500 even 2000 DHR!!)

    The girls of the Paradise are more expensive that the ones from the Diamant Noir (between us my best experience was done with girls from Diamant Noir, much less professionnal, really like your girl friend)! Last advice, treat them like your girl friend, oft these girls haven't the choose to do something else even their mother push them to do that to get enough money to live!

    I am travelling a lot around the world and for me Marrakech is the best city to enjoy sex with girls, I ask myself if once I am not going to marry a girl from Marocco! Enjoy your stay! (Review # 8361)

  • Agadir Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Jan 08 2004 Submitted by: pete

    For good straight sex the best place to find girls are in the hotel night clubs around the beach area. Prostitution is very strictly forbidden by law but the police punish the girls not the tourist unless they are very indiscreet Cost of entry, nothing, beer £2 bottle. Type of girl .all amateur Prostitutes ranging from 14-35 years of age who have come to agadir looking for a good time.

    The beauty is that you can sit and observe the locals girls while drinking a beer and then take your pick of maybe 20 girls who need money desperately to survive in a country that does not provide work for single girls.

    Girls do not arrive until about midnight and all hopefully have partners by 3 pm if not they cannot pay their rent so for extra. It is possible to get them to do different perversions.

    Most girls talk a little English. Type of girl various some very good looking, some black some a bit rough but all will to shag for money but it is prudent to wear a condom but many girls will do unprotected sex. Due to the tough morality laws sexual diseases are not rife but you just might be the unlucky one.

    The best way is to rent an apartment about £15-25 a night. Get in plenty of beer and cigs before you go out, as this is what the girls want. Beer can about $1. Go to the clubs and find what you are looking for then bring it home being careful not to draw too much attention to your self as if the police do stop you, the girls are liable to 6 months in jail while you get off with a £20 bribe. Not that I have had any trouble in 6 years of shagging the local girls. A girl will stay with you to shag every night for about 200dir a night about $20 . £15 as long as you take her out a bit and provide meals for her during the day. But with a meal costing £5 it’s a good cheap holiday for about£200-$300 dollars for female company but arrange a price before you take them to bed.

    Only snag they will look for marriage if you let them as a western passport would get them out. The area is also a haven for homosexuals but for that you need the area around the coach, not bus station their a café called the 1000 Islands host many a homo eating out to night clubs. They will provide contacts to 18-20 year old youths. (Review # 8145)

  • Casablanca Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Jan 07 2004 Submitted by:

    Action in Casa can be found. Just check into any major hotel in the city, especially if it is American owned. Each hotel will have a club which will usually start around midnight. Go to the club and you will find plenty of women. Some in pairs and some by themselves. Try not to get the ones in pairs unless they are really hot.

    This way you won't have to argue about which one gets the dick and money. There should be an elevator near the club entrance. When you negotiate with the girl she will go get her pimp or pimpette and you will have to negotiate with them as well for thier cut. Then go up to the room and dont do anything or pay any money untill you tell them EXACTLY what you want. If they don't want to do it kick them out and go get another one.

    I have had good pussy from Casa and know the ropes. Don't get any pussy from any of the brothels in the Medinas. Mostly young girls and you could get your dick cut off by the police or worse robbed....joke. (Review # 8144)

  • Marrakech Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Jul 23 2002 Submitted by: theenjoyer

    Hi guys who like to have good sex!~~I am getting used to go a couple of weeks each year to Marrakech. Is a very nice city with a lot of sexy girls. Where to find them: in discos like "Diamant Noir - Hotel Marrakech" or "Paradise - Hotel Mansour" or "café boule de neige" or in Bar-Hotel El Andalous or in disco Hotel Atlas or in a lot of other places.

    ~~PLEASE, do not give more than 600 to 800 DHR (80$) to the girl, it's already a lot, about half what her father would get per week! Some men give 1500 to 2000 DHR to the girls, it's indecent first and these men are killing the market!!~~The best way is to rent an apartment (see on Internet, you will find a lot of places). In hotels the girl has to present a identity card and she hasn't to be from Marrakech; you have to pay a room for the girl; some hotels (*****) do not accept girls!

    ~~Tips: never take a taxi together with a girl in the evening, just give your address and she has to come with an other taxi. Police is looking everywhere and if you go to jail you never knows when you will be out !!!~~Enjoy your stay in Marrakech, you will never forget it.~~
    (Review # 5806)
  • marrakech Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Jul 18 2002 Submitted by: Oscar (Italy)

    Hi friend's , in Marrakech there's a nice cafe called "la boule de neige" located in ghilis , the new quarter of Marrakech , where you can find a lot of young girl. She is generally very pretty and not too expensive : 2 or 3 hours 40-50 euro. You must sitting , ordering a drink and find the eyes of the girl you like and pay a drink for her and maybe some friend’s. ~~

    ~~After you can go in a private house (the girls know few's of it) and you can have all you want: oral , anal and pussycats for a girl called Marie or another called Sena. Nobody there speak English , a lot speaking French but is not important, the sexual language and the money language is international. ENJOY MAROC!~~
    (Review # 5782)
  • Marakech Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Apr 03 2002 Submitted by: jo

    First of all I want to say that Morocco is definitely not a sex paradise, then in Marakech you can find action in two discos, Star's House and Diamond Noir.

    ~~~~In the star's house there were some ladies but none played the eye game, thing important to get a contact there, so we gave up.~~In the diamond discos there were many more ladies and they were very easy to approach, we spent some hours with two nice ones, drinking, dancing, kissing, touching but did not have sex with them as they asked 100 euros for sex and 50 euros for the hotel room, definitely too much for a fuck in a country where people gain those money in more then a month.~~ (Review # 5240)

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