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  • Kampala Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Apr 29 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    While I was walking down in Nairobi a woman begged me for money. I gave her 100 shillings then we started to talk and quickly she offered me to visit her sisters. We took a cab, was invited by the family. There were 3 girls of age 18, 23, 27 the mum of course and 1 other girl. We chatted, drank tea and the same night I moved from my hotel to their house. Nothing happened the first 2 night. However the second morning the 18 year Suzie gave me a first bj before going to college. One hour later I was with the 23 y Shelly.

    No one was in the house, I undressed her and began to kiss and pat her beautiful slim, white body. She took my dick in her mouth. I gave her a gentle arse fuck, too tight though. She asked me not to go too deep which I did on that first occasion. That afternoon the mum made me some offer before the siesta but I showed my attraction to Shelly. The mum told her to uncover her great legs for me which she did. She took me to a room and we had sex in the afternoon full bj and arse fuck. During 9 days I fucked Suzie who pretended to be a virgin and later Shelly. I played with the mum as well. Another sister turned up at the week-end, Emily. She works as a maid in a house. Shelly talked to her on my behalf and on Sunday morning I fucked her arse like hell! . Really good
    (Review # 23398)
  • Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Apr 29 2008 Submitted by: Wow

    Hi people, after going from Mombasa to Nairobi, I met a young man in a hotel (Steps) who told me there were hot women in Thika (30km away) about 30 min drive. we were game! Off we went to Thika, Club called Porkies. damn!! hot young things aged 18 to 23 years or at least they looked like it.

    Anyway I got one dark one (Bernice) with a big bum and very cute. Her jeans were hugging her pussy so good I just got hard. straight to the room, she undressed herself and me, smiling at my big man, she was so good. she gave me very wet bj I almost came. started missionary, she gasped when I made contact with her tight pussy, she kept talking of how big it was, telling me it was so good. she gripped my arms tightly, the look on her eyes was priceless pure pleasure.

    I turned her doggy and slammed her harder till she was now screaming. she told me to fuck her harder. I did and she went down twice on her stomach, apologizing and getting back for more. I gave her 4 shots in the night and woke up with her mouth on my cock. love Thika. will definitely be back for her.
    (Review # 23397)
  • Nairobi Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Apr 11 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    Ok! Here we go for Nairobi!

    Central Nairobi is pretty much as safe as houses - there's almost no street crime and things in general "work" better dare I say it than quite a few European cities!! Outside of Westlands, the other area frequented by Euros and Expats, the centre has all the big hotels and bars.

    While it's true action can be had any time - things really start to get heaving in the clubs/ bars after 11pm-ish. I checked out one of the Florida clubs, albeit on Sunday during the late afternoon, and found it was just a bunch of early twenty-something kids from the local college/ university. However the Tusker bar directly opposite the once infamous 680 hotel is a different story. The place has a canvas/ corrugated iron roof with trees poking out here and there, has a circular bar in the middle, bunch of tables on one side and a live music gig stand on the far side. Live music starts from 7pm and goes on til 4/5am every day and as a bloke you'll have to literally fight the girls off!

    Girls are mostly local (Kikuyu) but I met Ethiopians, Somalis, Ugandans and others there too. Ethiopians are the best and you've got to watch out for kikuyus as from personal experience the reviews about them being sharks are true. I had a different girl each night I was in Nairobi and some made great companions too. The biggest headache (not a problem as such) is smuggling them back into the 680 hotel opposite - as there's guards on each floor right outside the lifts - and they're not afraid to start banging on your door if they suspect you've got a room-mate. The best way to deal with this is either sign the girl in or pay the guard off. The 680 also has a few girls in the first floor bar and they're pretty assertive too - but they looked a bit older and worn out.

    Stay clean, wear protection and enjoy being centre of attention with a tusker! Happy days!
    (Review # 23062)
  • Nariboi Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Mar 19 2008 Submitted by: UrFreeride

    Okay spent a month in Nairobi this past month and had a very good time. Every night I could have a different girl if I wish and I did. I did the Tribal trip, checking out each tribeís girls.

    Here is a basic update for the city:

    Gypsy is okay during the week, all girls are looking for that payment, but you could pass with only 1,000 to 2,000 ksd. Donít go on a weekend night, itís a gay bar on those nights. Illegal in Kenya but the foreigners have made it their club for that lifestyle. The locals know this.

    Both Florida's are downtown and are both full of good looking girls but all want 2,000+. Both dance clubs with great girls

    Canivore is good, lots of locals, and if you are white, and single, or pretend to be, chances are you will hook up, for "Taxi Money". Best to hit it on Thursday to Sunday nights.

    Be warned the girls can become very possessive.

    Pavement is an open bar with a dance club in the back. 200 ksd for the dance club. It is no longer called Pavement, now itís the zone. It has a mixture of pro and local out to have a good time. Great drink specials nightly. Friday night isnít the night to go, it embassy kids night out. All 17+ age and all know each other, no playtime.

    Donít stay at the intercontinental hotel downtown. Great place, very nice but they donít let girls in for the stay.
    (Review # 22681)
  • Nairobi Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Oct 12 2007 Submitted by: Kenyapro

    Hi guys, harder work fending off girls than finding one in Nairobi, but here a few tips you might find useful. Some street girls around the 680 hotel block are actually cute but a little pushy. It's a good idea to take them to a hotel you have selected rather than let them bring you into their regular joint, you never know who they're working for. Girls on Arwings Kodek seem rougher, don't advise it. Found a gorgeous chick at the Slim's restaurant, there are always a little group sitting at the bar and one of them followed me to the bathroom to ask me if I wanted to drive her home.

    Brought her back to my room at the Hilton discreetly and had a great night (3000 shillings). Worked as a web designer and loved the kinky positions, although refused anal at the last minute. Also picked up a Tanzanian girl from a bar in downtown that's open all day. She seemed to genuinely crave for an all-day fuck fest, kept asking for more, took it everywhere, and didn't even mention the money (left her 2000). At the Pizza Garden in West lands the other day, took me barely ten minutes to score a 30-year-old, a little drunk but very sweet and an amazing body. A great lay for 3000 plus hotel. Enjoy!

    (Review # 21221)
  • Mombasa Other Dated Added: Mon Aug 27 2007 Submitted by: Mr. Rungu

    I just returned from a three weeks vacation in Mombassa. It was my first time in Kenya and I must say I had a good time beyond my expectations. I was staying at Kahama hotel on Mombassa’s north coast. The nightlife in Mombassa is great. Lots of pubs, bars, discos and restaurants. my favorite joint was Tembo Entertainment Plaza. A very large complex with a huge underground disco, a restaurant, a beer garden and a lounge bar with hot exotic go-go pole dancers. the bar is called lollipop and I had my first ever lap dance there.

    Drinks and food are very cheap compared to Europe, beer 2$, spirits from 1.5$. There were hundreds of chicks in all sizes, colours (from light brown to dark black!) - Especially on Friday’s when there is ladies night at the disco. I estimate there were well over thousand people on weekends at the disco. No other club in Mombassa was that full. The music is great. They play music for everybody’s taste - R&B, house, disco, oldies, and rock!

    There were also plenty of Arab, Indian and European chicks! I met normal working class chicks as well as hookers. The hookers are quite well behaved and are not pushing for business like I have experienced in other places. During my stay in Mombassa I took at least fifteen different hookers along and I found them to be really hot. Once you take one they are very loyal - almost like a girlfriend. You can choose short time or the whole night or even your entire vacation.

    They are open for anything. Prices go from 15$ to 50$ per night. All but one of the chicks I had were an extremely good lay. One particular, Joyce gave me a 20 minutes blow job which I will never forget - wow! Twice I took two of them at the same time and they gave me a spectacular lesbian show! No doubt Mombassa and especially Tembo are a great experience. Certainly I will come back next year.  

    (Review # 20571)
  • Nairobi, all Kenya Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Jun 27 2007 Submitted by: AfroGerman

    All what you want you will get in Kenya. I (44) am working and living in Kenya since 5 years. Even I am married to a hot Kenyan woman I still enjoy many girlfriends. Kenyan girls are very easy going so long they are younger (under 35) - it's not a big deal to get girls from age 18 onwards for (even age 60+) white guys. They are sweet - but don't forget - Muzungus (white foreigners) are still seen as rich and big spender. Be careful - just don't from start on tell them "No problem - is not so expensive".

    Many guys lost a fortune in Kenya with their partners. Don't forget - the income in Kenya is compared with US and Europe small (average 100 USD for a secretary) therefore many girls give their passion to guys in the hope to have a better life. Enjoy Kenyan girls - but with care and wise decisions.

    (Review # 19816)
  • Nairobi Street Action Dated Added: Thu May 24 2007 Submitted by: Bigbanker

    1. I find that you can meet girls during the day, just by walking around the main centre. Just dress carefully, a petty crime is still common.

    If you go to the ThornTree Cafe at lunchtime, or early evening, it is like shooting fish in a barrel. Some hardened pros. but lots of semi, who are sweet and willing to please. With regards to the clubs, I find I do better by staying away from the usual, Gypsy, both Florida's, Canivore is good, lots of locals, and if you are white, and single, or pretend to be, chances are you will hook up, for "Taxi Money". Be warned the girls can become very possessive.

    Pavement is a mixture of pro and local out to have a good time. The Jockey Pub at the Hilton is lousy with some of the ugliest oldest whores I have seen, who hassle you.

    Finally I find a trip around the Shopping Malls in Westlands , gets me a date, 9 times out of 10.

    The only drawback I have found is that they think coz you are white you are wealthy! and they have no concept of money, with requests ranging from a dress to a computer in the same sentence!
    (Review # 19143)
  • Mombasa Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Apr 12 2007 Submitted by: Photocock

    Hey guys, I’m a African American who got a chance to visit Kenya in the city called Mombassa guess you can say I kind of cheated my way through in Mombassa, mainly because me and my friend Shortly Rock(read about his story in Dominican Republic WSG)was visiting my friend there. We stayed at his house for about one week after coming from Egypt (no pussy there) my friend and I put on the traditional African clothes and walk around town with my Kenyan friend Chris. He became our protector and bodyguard as we walk through the streets of Mombosa. As we walked down Moi Avenue, my buddy and I came across a nice lovely African woman. They come in all colors and sizes.

    Some were Arabs too. However, we met women on the street and exchange phone numbers. My friend Chris didn’t mind if I gave out his home phone number to the women either. By the time we arrive at my friend house, the phone began to ring non stop. When I got on the phone, I couldn't remember which female I talk to on the street. I had about five phone numbers in my pocket with names that I couldn't remember. Anyway, I told this female to take a cab over to Chris's house. Within minutes she arrived. Chris and Shorty Rock left the house to give both of us time to talk. As soon as that door closed, we tongue kissed. She took off her Muslim clothes unbuckles my pants and sucked away, damn I believe it a kid from New York City in Kenya Africa fucking in this manner. So I turned her over doggy style. Her black ass looked like two small size basketballs. It wasn't oversize either. It was firm and tight. I took off the condom and shot about four hard ropes on her ass. After boning her, the phone rang again. I couldn't believe it. It was another girl from streets that I had met. So I kick this girl out and told the other to come over.

    At the end of the day I fucked about three women. My balls were drained of coming so much. Next night, Shorty Rock and I went to a place called the Florida Club. At the club, you can meet Arabs, Asians and Africans from Ethiopia, Somalia and Tanzania. Beware they haven't found a cure for AIDS yet, so don't even think about eating pussy or going raw. Women are for sale for a cheap price, but if you decide to fall in love, please sur she takes a blood test. Getting back to the story, at the club Shorty Rock and I met this female. She took both of us back to her place. She took turns on both of us. She had the biggest lips and gave the best blow job I ever had in my 45 years on planet earth. It felt like a soft suck'en cup.

    Then as 9'in manhood meet her hole (doggy style) she came real hard with a scream. At the end of one week there, shortly and I were fully drain. We fucked about 20 girls each. Remember, if you ever decide to go to Kenya please visit Mombosa. It is safe (not like Nairobi). You will have a ball visiting places like Kenyatta Beach where the water is bright blue and women will give you pussy anytime. You will even find White women trying to look for a Maasi warrior to fuck for fun. Believe me, I’ve been everywhere in the world and there was no place like Mombosa. South Africa next.

    (Review # 18256)
  • Nairobi Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Mar 08 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    Getting a pussy in Nairobi is not very difficult. Make friends with a cab driver and he can arrange for you almost anything. I was there recently and I chatted up the driver who came to pick me up at the airport. He was quite helpful (the locals are generally very helpful by nature and also because of the Dollars in your pocket). This guy got me one good fuck for 2500Ksh (room extra).

    The place and all was arranged by the driver so it includes his cut, obviously. The woman was 7/10 but did stuff that blew my mind away. She took all the time to give one helluva service. I dint try out the other places as I was short on time but I’ve heard it rocks in some parts. Be careful though of certain areas. It is a crime prone city after dark like much of Africa. You need some local with you in those parts for sure. Do not venture alone unless you are black and look like you belong there. There are other areas in Kenya, small towns like Isiolo where women are plentiful but discretion is advised. These areas are majority Muslim and unfriendly towards Westerners in general. Haven’t been to the coast, its much better there it seems.

    (Review # 17695)
  • Nairobi Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Jan 07 2007 Submitted by: Visitor

    Have been to Nairobi shortly. Lots of action around 680 Hotel - mostly at Summers beer/dancing place. Picked a girl there but had an unpleasant confrontation with 680 guards who wanted a huge fee. Ultimately resolved it and had a quick sex with the girl, no oral. Kenyan girls would all complain about lots of kids, financial problems, etc. Be prepared.

    Kikuyu girls are real sharks - I confirm. In Kenya, it's no problem asking about what tribe a person belongs to (there are about 45 tribes there), so don't be shy. The best way to pick a girl is trying to spot someone at a cinema or another social place at daytime, them strike a conversation, treat to a drink or two... and you get it. 
    (Review # 16925)
  • Nairobi Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Aug 02 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    Guys, I have seen a few of your reviews for sex in Nairobi and I must say a few of them are not that accurate. I have lived in Nairobi for 10 years and some things have changed. So, here is a short review:

    Street Action: Not recommended for first time visitors generally but if you fancy a good street fuck, check out Westlands Road and Hurlingam. The best days are Wednesday to Saturday. Most of these girls are clean and polite. Do your thing and leave, but of course be careful with your valuables. Most of them will suggest to you to get a room at Nairobi Forest Lodge (KES 300 for action - well worth it and safe if all you want is to hit and run- they'll charge you around KES 1000 or less). Other streets are Koingange Street (famous red light street) but generally I am not an advocate of street action.

    Pick up bars/clubs: Simmers restaurant on Kenyatta Avenue (evenings) from 6pm onwards. Most of the club goers prefer to while their time away here and get quickies before the main action from the major discos which become lively only after midnight. The crew is the same, you can pick them up here (most of them prefer that), or go get them from the clubs. Beer here is relatively cheaper but be careful not to be ripped off by the waiters. Another pickup place in town is the 680 Hotel.

    In Westlands, Gypsys is a nice joint, upmarket though. But here you will find mostly Indian and gay people, although there is a good number of African beauties. The Pizza garden (opposite Jacaranda hotel) is also frequented by college girls and others - here the trade is a bit discreet but strike up a conversation with any of the girls in groups or alone and you will not be disappointed.

    SOHOS near the Sarit Centre is also a very nice pick up joint. Again these are fairly upmarket areas.

    Milimani Area - Buffalo Bills, Annie Oakleys (former Milimani Hotel Annex). Here you will find very cute women.

    Clubs: No. 1 is The new Florida 2000 (you can be assured of getting a very beautiful woman any day of the week. Saturdays are especially good days. The music is good, the food is good and the bouncers are very friendly. But don't buy beer for everybody.

    The Pavement Club in Westlands (opposite Gypsys) is also a very nice club but there you will find the same women charging you a fortune. When they get desperate they move to the Floridas.

    Florida 2000 on Moi Avenue (only went there once, be careful with pickpockets, keep your valuables safely).

    Sex in Nairobi is very readily available. Hotels are reasonable. Avoid downtown Nairobi (Luthuli Avenue, River Road etc - sex there is cheap but those women will steal from you, some of them work in cartels with criminal gangs so avod that area completely)

    If you want good sex - get a fairly decent woman, treat her nicely, strike an intelligent conversation (MOST of them are high school or college dropouts who got pregnant while still in school. And avoid Kikuyu girls if you can tell the difference anyway)
    (Review # 15255)
  • Nairobi Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Apr 26 2006 Submitted by: Dirty Darryl.

    Just back from Kenya, had a good time. Sex is easy and cheap. You don't really have to go to brothels to get sex. Just either a bar or even a shop. The women are friendly and if you show them some interest they are yours. The first day I arrived in Nairobi, went to a safari travel booking agency, and came away 20 mins later with safari booked and a girl for the night.

    Her name was Lucy, 24, a 7/10, 58kg and long dark hair. Her skin was golden brown and good tits. Organized to meet at my hotel that night for dinner and a few drinks. After that, suggested we go to my room. She was keen, fairly soon after in to the room, she was sucking me off. Then condom on and she rode me good for 5 mins, she came as I sucked on her tear drop boobs. Then doggie with her rubbin her clit, this was a great view of her arse too much for me and I came as well. Fucked her another 4 times that night. This was typical of Kenyan girls, shagged a different 1 every night. They are up for it anytime, anywhere. Most will give blow job, but not many into being arse fucked. Should always don the condom. Recommended if into black chicks especially big tittied gals. Have a good trip.
    (Review # 14553)
  • Kibera slums Street Action Dated Added: Tue Dec 20 2005 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Mid-December, 2005 - this article is written in an African style of journalism which just can't be replicated, and can hardly be described------ There is more to ‘onion prostitution’ in Kibera slums------- By Dorcas Nyariki------------ It has always been said that the only person you can trust is You.  But some of the slum-dwellers have now someone else they trust, more than self or even a dear friend-- the onion. It runs errands in a click of the mouse, and when it delivers the message, the recipients come running! Pay attention.

    Owing to the burgeoning population in the slums, increased prostitution and the rise of the number of AIDS patients, we delved through Kibera slums in search of the reason why things happen the way they do. We unwearingly walked through the slum for a couple of hours as we sought for the hidden life of the residents. The assignment was not easy. It was like searching in the dark and our success depended upon our patience, vigilance, devotion and utmost courtesy. We ultimately learnt that there is more to the slum than just the tattered garment of its physical form. Talk of the slum, and everybody’s mind rushes to crammed and shuttered structures, poor people, a place devoid of a sewage system and other basics, like water and electricity.

    In a statement, it is perceived as the backyard for the have-nots. But there is more than that. While it is safe to say that a better half of the slum dwellers live in harrowing poverty, it is also worth noting that among them live those whose earnings rate far above the poverty line, and who still find the slum the best place to be. I’m in the company of a colleague who happens to have knowledge of the slum’s geography. We alight at ‘kona mbaya,’ (near Kibera DO’s office) so called because it is said that the place is a dangerous place to be during odd hours. We work inwards through Kichinjio, Darajani, Kambi ya Murwa and Laini Saba. All the streets are busy and especially with the cooking of mandazi, chips, different types of cookies, Githeri and green maize in the open.

    We walk slowly and quietly into the heart of the village. There are more beer clubs than hotels and schools, with customers talking, shouting or singing from within the lopsided shanties. There are many children playing in the narrow and dirty streets. The further we go, the smaller, cheaper and more devastated houses become, and the narrower and indefinite, streets get. The environment is dirty and stuffy and I’m told it gets worse during the rainy season. Some huts appear inhabitable. They are slanted with only a few pillars promising to support the weight of the roof in the next few days. The mud has fallen off; the termites have eaten the base of the pillars, leaving them suspended in the air as the yawning holes in the walls portray emptiness. Nobody seems to care to renovate the structures or, if they did care, then we had to just guess why the houses remained unmade. Perhaps, just perhaps, the essential facility for the job is inaccessible – the mud. The huts are so packed in a manner that leaves only narrow footbaths which nobody will dare dig and make mud. Some of the huts are pathetic and we keep guessing if they are occupied.

    When we ask, we learn that no structure with a roof on top will ever be vacant in Kibera. At about 4 p.m, we are at Laini Saba. We drag our feet slowly and talk even less. More crowds have started filling up the street. Some staggering, some shouting, and others holding hands as more children cheer up the mood. I’m more focused on three people ahead of me. A man is busy unzipping his pants and an elderly woman is whispering into his ear with one hand passionately caressing his shoulders. A second woman is standing close enough and is laughing. I turn to read my colleague’s mood. And no, he is standing twenty feet behind me and he is spellbound-reading a banner. His eyes are glued on two boldly written Luhya words on a banner in front of a noisy club. He seems not in any hurry and by this time the scene of the trio has disappeared. He finally shakes his head, looks at the people standing at the door of the pub, smiles and moves on. He asks me whether I have read the banner. I pronounce the words and he laughs for a long time before he tells me “hayo ni matusi mbaya” – (that is an abuse..) Does the owner of the club know this? Does anybody care? Is the club licensed for such business? Nobody tells us. Such a signal holds my attention as I make a number of similar errands to get to the depth of the slum’s life. The stories are not easy to come by but with persistent and consistent quest, I manage to get bits of stories from the newly acquired friends by the third day. The pieces of information help me to narrow down the focus on the otherwise broad panorama.

    At the heart of the slum, prostitution is a lifestyle and the biggest scar. The strain of Poverty has coaxed most women and young girls to throw their morals to the wind and bow down to temptations. Please underline ‘most’. Men are also snared by crafty women into prostitution. Hungry wives and even young girls are commandeered by a few men who can afford them either a quarter of meat or a plate of chips, or at most ten shillings. When poor husbands go out to toil without leaving anything for the family, the wives never wait. They turn to other men, most of them I’m told are watchmen, who can afford them a meal for the time being. So the lucky men don’t go out hunting for such women lest they get accused.

    What they do is simple. They’ll fry an onion, or best of all roast a piece of fat meat. Such smell from a particular direction sends a short message: ‘I’m available.’ To the waiting women or girls, the smell reminds them of the earliest bird which catches the worm. Any woman who comes knocking late will have to twist her nose elsewhere. In such a situation, men are said to take advantage of the women’s vulnerability to exploit them. Would it surprise you that the opposite is also true in Kibera?

    Unsuspecting men also find themselves in traps laid by women, and before they realize, it is always too late. I’m told that any man transacting on credit terms with a single woman, and there are many of them, should either forget asking for the money, or compromise his morality. That a woman will genuinely ask for money, or anything worth money, and when the man asks for payment, the woman will always tell him to collect the money from her house. So when the man comes, she’ll pretend as if applying lotion on her upper body... and one by one, she’ll strip herself naked. If the man happens to be one with wonky morals, he’ll end up paying her on top of what she owed him. Male visitors are also not so lucky. If a man gets his feet into a relative’s house who is a prostitute, he’ll also pay unless he is known to be the poorest of the poor. The host, (who is the man’s relative) will strike a deal with a co-prostitute. She’ll leave the house as if going to the market as the prostitute zooms in. Within a brief moment, the man gets convinced and betrays his personality. The life in slums is actually a war without end. Not even the strongest of the strong politicians will promise order in terms of housing, basic facilities as strongholds for social development. We’ll only hope against hopes until we don’t know when.

    Meanwhile, I zoom out of the slum’s village and have a glimpse of its outside before I leave. From a higher perspective, Kibera's slum appears like a mass of rusty iron sheets rising and falling, depending on the landscape. Indeed, the panorama mirrors the ups and downs of a class of people who are distinctively left alone. The biggest slum is sandwiched by a very rich environment with posh and good looking houses. The slum dwellers literally seem to be keen on lateral growth in terms of housing. Their nearest neighbours’ houses grow tall, but this never bothers them. Not at all. Maybe, just maybe, their priority order is equally tall and the project for a tall house is the bottom most.
    (Review # 13346)
  • Nairobi Street Action Dated Added: Sun Oct 16 2005 Submitted by: boro

    Had the best Chinese girls at dirt cheap price: 50 pounds for two girls, no time limit, and very clean. (Review # 12880)
  • Nairobi Street Action Dated Added: Fri May 27 2005 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Call Girls And Clients Rounded Up

    The Nation (Nairobi)

    May 9, 2005

    Oscar Obonyo

    Nairobi Call girls in Nairobi's red light district weren't surprised when the police recently raided their regular beats and arrested them for prostitution.

    But they were stunned when their male clients were also rounded up a week later.

    "We joked and laughed about it. But on a second thoughts, we realized we were being hit below the belt as the police action could scare off most men - our very source of income," observed Samantha, a prostitute who patronizes a notable open-air pub along Kenyatta Avenue.

    The latest developments were announced by the Nairobi Town Clerk, John Gakuo, who confirmed that 85 suspects had been rounded up along Koinange Street, City Hall Way and City Market Street in the city center and Hurlingham area over the last two weeks. Of these, 15 were men.

    In Mombasa, however, the swoop along Moi Avenue and Sabasaba streets netted more men - 15 out of 32 suspects. They were arraigned in court and charged with loitering and handed a fine of between Sh1,000 and Sh2,000 or the option of serving a 14-day jail term. While the women can be picked out easily because of their "trade regalia" - scanty and see-through outfits - meant to give them an inviting, sexy allure, their male clients do not stand out in any particular way.

    The current operation targeting men, has sent shivers down the spine of many johns or bar patrons who engage prostitutes in conversation.

    "Although it is true that some of us entertain these women, how does one single out the guilty. I am worried most innocent men now risk being herded to police stations simply for ogling at half-nude women," said Joe, a patron at the Kenyatta Avenue pub.

    Unlike their vocal women counterparts, who are self-proclaimed "professional" practitioners in the flesh peddling trade, the men recently rounded up in the Nairobi and Mombasa swoops looked shy, dumbfounded and utterly embarrassed.

    Police raids on female prostitutes are common, but the recent swoop in Nairobi and Mombasa, targeting male clients, is not only unique but probably the first publicized action of its kind in eastern Africa.

    All along, the argument upheld by a host of gender activists has been that there is biased enforcement of the law relating to prostitution. The law, they say, is lopsided by targeting women and leaving out the men who create the demand for these services.

    Prof Elizabeth Ngugi was particularly irked by the police action. Dismissing it as "a token move meant to impress women," the University of Nairobi lecturer, Department of Community Health, maintained that the swoops were insignificant in the fight against HIV/Aids. Defending the action, Mr John Gakuo explained that city officials were simply responding to an outcry from Nairobi residents.

    "There have been lamentations from many quarters about us applying the law selectively and I think the sentiments have been correct - hence our action to book the men as well for encouraging prostitution," he told the Nation.

    Although the operation was executed by the Kenya Police, it was designed and plotted by the Nairobi City Council.

    And what do they charge the men with? "City by-laws and the laws of our country are clear. The women and their clients alike are guilty of loitering for immoral purposes," says the city council boss.

    While more male suspects would have been netted for abetting in the flesh peddling trade, Mr Gakuo concedes genuine johns are difficult to identify. And when they are identified providing evidence of their intentions is even more onerous.

    "Although there are instances where our officers have found men in suspicious corners with prostitutes, most have slipped away with all sorts of excuses considering that they are not 'uniformed' like the women," he says.

    The Town Clerk explained that only those caught in compromising positions or publicly soliciting for sex are arrested - indeed very rare occurrence.

    The Nation established another curious factor - the total absence of an active lobby group or Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) championing the rights of men.

    Our inquiries at the NGO Council, the umbrella body, and the NGO Coordination Bureau, did not yield anything. Mr Luke Odoyo, a Membership Officer at the NGO council, is categorical that there is no registered NGO in the country that specifically advocates for the rights of men or those of the male child.

    This, in essence, means that even the genuinely aggrieved men caught in the ongoing swoops have no advocacy group to intercede on their behalf. On the contrary, there are a host of registered NGOs and Community Based Organizations (CBOs) that speak in defense of women, including women prostitutes.

    There are, however, curious legal interpretations about the the swoops and the trade itself. A Nairobi lawyer, Mr Matthew Ngugi, for instance, argues that prostitution in itself is not illegal in Kenya.

    "Nowhere in the statutes does the law intervene in respect of adults engaging in sexual intercourse behind closed doors, regardless of whether money is exchanged in the process," he observed

    In fact, the lawyer explains, there is an oversight in the Penal Code regarding the role of men in the act of prostitution. The law, he says, only outlaws "the soliciting, in public, with intent to induce one to have an unlawful intercourse connection with another person."

    "The law is particularly against one acting as a pimp or the running of brothels and detention of females with the intention of earning a living from the proceeds of prostitution. However, it is silent about men sleeping with prostitutes," says Mr Ngugi, a researcher at the Kenya Law Reports.

    He said the law merely required that there be consent, that the two must have no family relation and that they be of opposite sex. What it takes issue with are a host of incidental activities that offend public morality.

    Commenting on the current crackdowns, Mr Ngugi observed that the police may be invoking section 183 (d) of the Penal Code that outlaws loitering with suspicious intent. The offense is relatively minor and attracts a small fine.

    Elsewhere, the trade thrives and several countries, mostly in Europe and Asia, have legalized it. In South Korea, for instance, male clients are pumping in billions of shillings into the sex industry. According to the Institute of Criminology, the amount spent on prostitution alone amounted to Sh1.7 trillion ($23.6 billion) in 2002, the last year for which figures were available.

    Sex trade - both online and off - is quite active in South Korea. In a country where more than 70 per cent of homes have high-speed Internet connections, access to cyberporn is particularly easy.

    Back home, Prof Ngugi argues that the spread of HIV/Aids cannot be checked by way of condemnation and harassment directed at men and women or by stigmatizing the trade.

    Stressing that her intention was not to promote prostitution, the researcher explained that her mission was to enable the women to be safe sex practitioners.

    Prof Ngugi, who has interacted with prostitutes for over 15 years in her spirited crusade to convert and rehabilitate them, is an international authority on matters relating to the commercial sex trade.

    Her exceptional and selfless efforts received global recognition last year, October, when she was declared the United Nations Person of the Year, 2004.
    (Review # 11596)
  • Nairobi Street Action Dated Added: Fri May 27 2005 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Killers Stalk Majengo Call Girls

    The Nation (Nairobi)

    April 29, 2005
    Mildred Ngesa
    Prostitutes in the Majengo slums of Nairobi believe they are being stalked by three middle-aged men.

    Those who work at a corner called Digo, in the heart of the slum, swear they have met the cold-blooded killers who have murdered four call girls in a span of four months.

    One is described as tall and dread-locked, the other is just tall without dread-locks and another one is a much shorter man.

    And following the arrest of a suspect a week ago after he allegedly attempted to strangle a prostitute, police in the area claim they are moving closer to solving the spate of mysterious murders.

    Tanzanian prostitutes claim they are being targeted because three have been killed while one Kenyan was found strangled. Other Tanzanian residents of Majengo agree.

    "Our colleagues have already moved back home," a woman who lives in the area says.

    She said many of their colleagues had left for Tanzania since December after six women were assaulted and four of them wound up dead.

    One is still critically injured at the Kenyatta National Hospital while the last one is nursing her wounds at home.

    When the killings began in December, a woman named only as Sofia, was murdered in cold blood after a bar room brawl.

    Sophia, a Tanzanian, was pregnant with twins at the time.

    "In fact she was on her last month and by the time her body was found near the Nairobi River both the foetuses in her womb were dead," said one of her neighbours.

    Sophia is said to have been involved in a brawl at the Bora Bora Bar in Majengo. She was allegedly drinking with a man identified only by his nickname who later turned on her and began to beat her up.

    The call girl left the bar with a warning that she would file a report at the Shauri Moyo Police Station. It is said that the man and his friends trailed her and beat her to death. Her body was found near the Nairobi River not far from the police station.

    In late March, another call girl known as Alferina or Mama Wawili (because she was a mother of twins) was found murdered in her house.

    She had allegedly just taken in a client, said a neighbour

    "It was around 7 pm. She had been fine the whole day, but later on neighbors found her dead and naked on the floor. There was no blood anywhere. She appeared to have been strangled.

    No one knows whom she had invited to her house and her compatriots say her mobile phone was stolen.

    A prostitute in the area says Mama Wawili may have been killed because she had recorded a statement with the police concerning Sophia's murder.

    The third murder took place a week later. The victim was a Tanzanian prostitute called Jonesia.

    Jonesia was murdered on the same day neighbours and friends had gone to collect Mama Wawili's body from the mortuary for burial.

    "It was around eleven in the morning and Jonesia was out washing clothes," recalled a neighbour who was with the deceased.

    "But I left her briefly and returned to find her basins and clothes still where I had left her. However, she was nowhere to be found. I checked and saw that her door was locked so I assumed she had to be with a client but then she took so long that we forced her door open and that is when we found her."

    Jonesia was already dead. She was naked on her bed and her body covered with a bed-sheet.

    It is said she had been strangled because of the marks around her neck. She also had marks on her cheeks and it looked as if there had been a struggle. The fourth Tanzania prostitute known as Zelida was almost killed a week later.

    It was around midday when Zelida was seen cooking outside her house.

    A neighbour says she saw her invite a client to her house but could not identify who the client was.

    Zelida was found unconscious half an hour later. She appeared to have been strangled and may also have been hit with a blunt object.

    But Zelida survived.

    Since she was attacked two weeks ago, she has been semi-conscious at the Kenyatta National Hospital. She can neither move nor talk.

    Before Zelida's attack, yet another prostitute, named only as Nzisa, was murdered in Majengo but in the Mashimoni area. The first three murders occurred in Digo area within Majengo. Unlike the others, Nzisa was a Kenyan.

    But this did not end speculation that whoever was murdering the women intended to drive the Tanzanians away because they were denying Kenyan prostitutes business. However, from the accounts given by 20 women, the motive still remains a mystery.

    In Mashimoni, we met Agnes (not her real name), also a prostitute. She escaped death by a whisker.

    At her house where she is still under medication after an attack by a client, Agnes remains puzzled regarding the motives of her attackers.

    "He was a tall, light-skinned, dread-locked man. He found me outside but he roughly pulled me and was physically forcing me into the house when I was rescued by neighbours"

    Agnes recalls trembling. Neighbours apprehended the man and he was arrested.

    When he was frisked, he was found with a pair of gloves, a razor and a strange looking mirror with three pointed edges.

    The suspect, who initially claimed he was an employee in a kiosk in the neighbouring Gikombaa market, could not be identified by local residents. He was, according to them, a total stranger.

    Buru Buru OCPD William Okello said that the suspect, identified only as Mbugua was, helping police with investigations.

    Majengo falls under the jurisdiction of Shauri Moyo Police station whose OCPD is SSP Okello who is stationed at Buru Buru Police Station.

    Since the wave of killings began in Majengo, he says police officers in the area police have been in pursuit of the suspects.

    "We have so far even deployed the special services of our Special Spider branch plus other specialized units. "They are all on the ground currently patrolling the area."

    Okello says Mbugua has provided them with useful leads. "He has been very instrumental in helping us with investigations. So far, we have crucial leads that could finally lead to the arrest of other suspects".

    But as the police seemingly close in on the suspected killers, another Tanzanian, also a prostitute thinks she may have been accosted by the killer about two weeks ago.

    "The one who came was tall, very dark and with dreadlocks. He asked if he could come in and I said no. Something about him put me on guard. He offered to pay Sh200 but I refused."

    She said the regular charge was 50 shillings per session with a client.

    "He left looking annoyed and walked a few yards down the corner and told his colleague, a shorter man, to come and try talking to me because I had refused him. When the second one came to me and quoted the same figure, I refused and because I sensed something odd about them, I rushed into the house and locked the door."

    The woman, however, said she only saw two men and not three. "We have long suspected that three people from this area have been operating together to finish us. The one who spots dreadlocks is a jailbird who is always in and out of jail.

    "The other one, the tall one without dreadlocks, is a guy who lived abroad for a long time and is a known drug-dealer. The third one is a much shorter man also known within the area," the woman said.

    One prostitute from the area claimed one of the suspected killers had informed her they were after Tanzanians not Kenyans.

    Although the women claim they have recorded statements with the Shauri Moyo Police Station and with the Pumwani DO's office, the police still claim that those who have come forward are not clear with their description and have not been fully cooperative.

    "All we are saying is that once we have the genuine identity of the suspects, it will make our work very easy. Policing areas like Majengo, where the houses are in clusters with dark, winding corners, is very tricky. We need a lot of cooperation from the public" said SSP Okello.
    (Review # 11595)
  • Mombasa Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Apr 13 2005 Submitted by: MAX

    The last report is correct. Casaurina is one of the best places. But I never paid any girl. Please see the website. The following link represents my photos of Mombassa beach and one hot girl:

    For example:

    Mombasa north coast can be a perfect vacation. Have fun.

    (Review # 11253)
  • All Kenya Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Oct 24 2004 Submitted by: Muzungui

    The prostitutes in Kenya, even professionals, like to be in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with the client. This is less true for Nairobi. This gives you a nice time, since you don't feel that the girl is just doing her job being with you, but she is actually emotionally involved with you. I.e., you aren't buying only sex, you are actually buying love, to some degree. Those are the reasons I like Kenyans.


    Ethiopian girls may be more beautiful (and therefore more challenging), but the professionals wouldn't like to be emotionally involved with you. In Kenya you find girls mostly in bars, discos and clubs where they come looking for clients. Sometimes the girls may approach you, otherwise you may call anyone you like. Remember, many girls don't rush to speak about money. In fact, from the moment you meet them and until you part with her, there will be no word from her about money. By this she just hopes that you will appreciate her and what she did for you and you will decide yourself how much you give her. (1$ - 79ksh)


    Places: Casaurina Night Club in Mtwapa (15km from Mombasa) - you will be expected to pay 1000ksh. You may always bargain down to 700ksh or even 500ksh (especially if you stay in cheap guesthouses nearby);


    Florida, Casablanca, Tembo, Bora-Bora - these are nightclubs in Mombasa. The girls will ask you anything between 1000-3000ksh. You may often bargain to 700-1000ksh.


    Malindi - a town 120km out of Mombasa is a great coastal town with bars and night clubs.


    Ukudna-Diani - a small town with many 5,4 and 3 stars hotels along the beach. 30km out of Mombasa. You will find the girls around the town, around the beaches, in hotels, bar and night clubs.


    Nairobi - Florida2000 and many other places.


    Isiolo - 300km from Nairobi. You may go there for an adventure. In Isiolo you can get Turkana/Samburu/Somali/Kikuyu (but you aren't coming for them :)) unspoilt girls for 300-700ksh.


    You may also travel as far as Lodwar and Lokkichoggio to get more exotic backgrounds and sometimes exotic girls. If you have a nice girl whom you would like to travel a little bit - go to Kalokol. It's 56km from Lodwar towards lake Turkana. From Kalokol go to a small Island (5 km by foot or get a lift). There is a hotel for tourists and also traditional turkana "houses" which you can rent for around 400ksh a day. The island is small, with nice water all around, a lot of hot exotica. I would highly recommend it, though it depends on your taste.


    I like the Kenyan lifestyle and their lively music a lot. In Kenya you feel free, you can start with the girls on the streets (especially outside of Nairobi) or in small cafes and make nice conversations with them leading to sex.


    For Kenyans sex is not a very big deal, especially if you compare with Ethiopia or Tanzania. In Kenya, many girls would like to have sex and accept money for it. Unless they are rich or catholic school students :).


    So theoretically you don't have to look for pros. Just go to some hot place like Mombasa, go by the street, decide on some nice lady, talk to her, give her some nice presents, buy her some clothes, show your interest, invite for few sodas and chicken-chips. I'm sure she will be yours, even if she has a local boyfriend, she may part from him ;)

    (Review # 10343)
  • Mombasa Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Oct 15 2004 Submitted by:

    There's one place that hasn't been mentioned here yet: Casaurina. It's at the Northern end of Mombasa, after Bamburi beach at the edge of Mtwapa. It has a relaxed kind of local atmosphere. Plenty of girls and they are, in general, less professional/expensive as, for instance, at Tembo. The Bamburi Beach resort has a disco at the beach front every night. It's no good but there are always some girls around on the beach. It's a nice change of surrounding from the disco's. Be nice, pay a normal price (between 1.000 and 2.000 Ksh.) and show respect guys...We are all humans. (Review # 10294)
  • Nairobi, Kenya Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Jan 12 2004 Submitted by:

    The Omni Hotel on Luthuli Street has a nice massage parlour with some friendly and clean girls. They charge about $10 500 ksh to $35 2700ksh . Don't pay more then this. However that area is only good during the day. I wouldn't want to be down there after 6. (Review # 8160)
  • Nairobi, Mombasa Street Action Dated Added: Sat Jan 03 2004 Submitted by:

    I'm just back from Nairobi and Mombasa, and those are incredible places, girls are just all over you, they'll find you you don't have to look for them.

    In Mombassa head to the pirates beach, hire a boat for around 400 sh (5$) and ask a few random girls to join you. Chances are 90% that the trip will end up with a nice "digy-digy" in the water! And after this the girls will stay with you unless you ask them to go and give them some small money (1000 sh is enough) Of course there's also the many disco's who have plenty of women, all of them.

    In Nairobi go to Florida for the most gorgeous women (yes, naomi campbell lookalikes especially on saturdays) Some are prostitutes but not all and you can have them all and be all over them if you pay them a beer. (80 sh it is around 1$) They too won't leave you until you ask them, some ask money others just presents such as new pants etc.

    Go to the cheaper hotels (around 500, 600 sh.) and ask a double room and ask if guests are permitted, they will say "yes", except in muslim hotels. Be careful anywhere in Kenya after dark and even before dark, it's a dangerous place, take a taxi or local transport, never walking. And take care the girls don't steal anything, it might happen. Have fun! (Review # 8124)

  • Nairobi and Mombasa Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Dec 14 2003 Submitted by: Sage

    Randy and Horny Gentlemen,
    This is a response to the reviews that complain about the quality of women encountered in Nairobi or Mombasa: the writers concerned simply did not know where to look. It is of paramount importance that you consult someone in the know.

    I am fortunate enough to have spent many years in Kenya, several years in the US, and many weeks in London, allowing me to know the practical challenges involved in 'hooking up' with attractive women of varying ethnicities in different cities.

    In Nairobi or Mombasa, the ethnicities readily available are indigenous African, Somali, Ethiopian, Arabian, and Indian. Hybrids between African and either Arabian, Indian, or Caucasian are also available. Pure Caucasians also exist but are harder to find, not only because they form a tiny demographic minority in the country, but also because they cater to an exclusive client base.

    Since the pure Indians belong to an ethnicity that has condescended on the indigenous Africans for over a century, they too are only likely to accommodate fellow Indians, and Caucasians, who they have worshipped since colonial times. Within the aforementioned ethnicities are many variants, based on cultural, tribal, and sub-tribal differences.

    As in any corner of the globe, every level of beauty can be found, from the highest to the lowest. Depending on your belief, either The Creator or Nature does not discriminate when distributing beauty--a girl born into a privileged household in a developed country has an equal chance of turning out unattractive as a girl born into poverty in a developing country has of turning out gorgeous. I have experienced examples of both in my continuing journey through time and space.

    Extremely beautiful, sensuous, sultry, seductive, and enthusiastic women can be found in Nairobi and Mombasa, as can repulsive representatives from the other end of the spectrum. Speaking from experience, I repeat that one simply has to know where to look for what one seeks. (Review # 8022)

  • Mombasa Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Dec 11 2003 Submitted by: Ongebauer

    Recently i was on a short vaccation in Mombasa. I had seen some travel reports about mombasa and i wanted to check whether those reviews are giving a real impression. I went to all the night clubs listed in those reviews, but i must say the only place really enjoyable was the tembo disco. It's a very nice, clean and very large open air disco and is open every day. The music is very good. I found lots of tourists and local people. Plenty of girls of all ages, colours and sizes.

    The girls are quite well behaved and are not harrassing anybody. However once one girl is called, she will do whatever one desires for quite little money. I had several good fucks and blowjobs! They licked my balls and my asshole and one i could even fuck in her ass. A night with a girl costs about 20-30 euros and it's really woth it! The girls don't behave like hookers as such but more like a girlfriend. I must say i really enjoyed that time and can only recommend that disco to anybody. (Review # 8005)

  • Mombasa Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Sep 08 2003 Submitted by: Jack

    my friend and i had recently spend our vaccation in mombasa/kenya. we lived at the reef hotel on the north coast of the island. we asked a hotel taxi driver to show us to the in-places. he brought us to a large disco called tembo disco, which is only 5 minutes away from the hotel. this open air disco is the largest disco i have ever seen and as per my estimate can accomodate almost 3000 people. we found hundreds of ladies from kenya. from all tribes in all sizes.

    big, small, tall, short, big titts, small tits, whatever a man desires. they sit at the bars or dance and will give you company if you call them over. they will do whatever you wish. we tried several different girls in the 7 days we were in mombasa. they will ask you for 3000 kenya shillings (about 40 us$) but you can get them after bargaining a bit for half of it! the whole night! tembo also offers rooms at good rates. definately we will visit this place again. (Review # 7507)

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