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  Accra (7)
  • Accra Massage Parlor Dated Added: Wed Dec 20 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    I am been to Ghana for more than a year now. Everybody had explained about getting girls in night club. I think very few know that there is a nice massage parlor among the plenty others. As you reach Labardi Beach u will find a massage parlor just in the entrance. The sign board is written "Medical Massage". Don't worry, go inside. If u are looking for some erotic massage, there are 6 girls u can choose one or two though they will insist on two. It's up to u.
    The sexiest I have found is Angela. She has a nice fucking figure. The rate chart for Special Massage says 500,000 cedis ($55) but u can get it in 250,000. And it worth it. As u choose the girl/girls, she/they will take u to the room, small room with a/c, essence, blue dim light. They will open all your clothes, clean with warm water and lemon in it. Then they will start the massage with cream or oil, whatever u like.

    As they start touching your private parts, they will ask if u want a naked body of her or u want end up to a great fuck! Max pay is 150,000 ($16) or 200,000 cedi. One hour time u will enjoy, but believe me I liked Angela. After u finish, they will again clean your every part with warm water again. They all use condom, even while sucking. That's good! Go and enjoy fucking!
    (Review # 16669)
  • Accra Other Dated Added: Fri Mar 31 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    I spent 4 weeks in Ghana.Its probably the best country in West Africa,the people are friendly tho they keep asking for dash(bribe,tip,gift or whatever). Therez alot of action in Accra. The popular places are Circle and lots of clubs like Makumba, Vanity, Venice, Jokers and many others, you will have to pay $1-4 (10000 - 50,000 cedis) to enter. Drinks are relatively cheap($1-5). The action in clubs starts around 11 at night and goes on till morning. Finding a gal wont be a problem, you will approached within a few mintues. All gals speak good English and they will try to start a conversation, if you buy them a drink, they are more than willing and the action can start in the club itself. Most will ask for $50-100 (coz the Johns have been paying them $100 or even more) but never pay more than 200,000 - 300,000 cedis (this is for whole night for full service some will even do anal). Taking a girl to your hotel room is not a problem. You might be stopped at police road blocks (they show up every night ), but they hardly bother you all they are looking is some dash (money)never pay more than 20,000 cedis.10,000 cedis is good enough. Therez plenty of street action too.Casual prostitution is very common in Ghana . Local bars on streets and roads (they are everywhere)are good places to pick up gals, these gals will go for anything from $2 -$20. Try to avoid Nigerian gals. Liberian gals are lighter skinned and best looking . Morroccons and Russians are also available, but you will have to find them . Ghana is safe but caution should be exercised. Always use condom, aids levels are very high in this part of the world. Always practise safe sex! Good luck . (Review # 14358)
  • Accra Street Action Dated Added: Wed Jun 09 2004 Submitted by: Anon

    Hi everyone, sex in Accra very cheap,you can get it at $5 near Dankwah Circle, I never had an anal sex with any of the girls but I will try next time.   (Review # 9285)
  • Takoradi Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Feb 21 2004 Submitted by: japscatty

    This was my opportunity to finally have some cheap sex... well, Africa is known for it and my colleagues were telling me my first one was a pure Ghanian chick, big boobs, nice firm ass.

    We met her at the African beach resort, negotiated a price (less than $15 USD would you beleive) for the whole night of entertainment. She came into to my room and quickly we undressed. We had a bath together and we got into the act right away, she gave me a BJ without condom!! And I wanted to do a 69 but her pussy wasn't too good.Then we had sex twice but since I am an asian my dick was smaller than her hole in the pussy, not a great time but for 15$ it was worth it.

    Next time we cought hold of a Mali chick who worked in a pub in Accra. I asked her to come to my room in my hotel at 12 in the night she came completely drunk... man she was hot she was cool abt stripping but didn't let me suck or even touch her pussy, only boobs, foreplay was allowed but me being an ass freak I put my hand on her ass all night and slept. Next morning we had amazing sex and she cost only 20$, but my cheapo African friend took me to some local pub for cheaper sex.

    This bitch was half muslim and she was the worst, wouldn't even let me kiss. I had to just jerk off and cum on her ass. So guys in Africa look for quality and go for the expensive chicks for a nice time. (Review # 8405)

  • Accra Other Dated Added: Thu Dec 18 2003 Submitted by: DoggyStyle

    The most popular joints are Makumba and I think it's called Kilimanjaro. Makumba is at the circle just before you enter Osu area. There is a parking lot just in front of it, usually filled up with cars. There are always kids running after you hoping to get some money for watching your car. Might want to tip the kid a little bit just to make him happy and actually watch out for your car.

    This is a full on night club and when you go in, you will see women all over the place, sitting at the bar, in the corners and also dancing up a storm. These ladies love to dance. Anyway, you might want to take your time and resist the advances till you see what you want. You can buy her a drink if you want, or you can just get the hell outta there. Negotiations usually go on in the car, if not in the club. A good price would be not more than 100,000 cedis, which is less than $15.00 USD.

    I've never had one for the night, but I'm sure with a little more that could be achieved. If you like dark skinned ladies then you are at the right place. Most all of them are very amiable and are willing to do whatever you want, esp if you promise a good tip. Just don't go too high and ruin it for everybody else ok? Happy Fucking!!! (Review # 8041)

  • Accra Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Jul 06 2002 Submitted by:

    I have been travelling back and forth to Accra for the last three years for work. Accra is not a location you would normally go to in search of girls but if you are looking for something of the beaten track and are into black girls you should give it a try.~~

    ~~~~The two nightspots witch are mentioned in other reviews (Wakiki and Macumba) are still there and still going strong. Macumba will cost you $3 gate fee which includes one drink. Wakiki is a little bit cheaper. This goes also for the price of drinks. On Mondays go to Wakiki which is the only place open and very busy. The girls are most cheerful and will try to hook up with you. In Macumba the girls are a little more aggressive and there seems to be more competition between them. Both places only start buzzing at around midnight.~~~~

    ~~~~I have not had any "normal" 1 night stands so I am not sure about the going rate for the ladies. 100.000 to 200.000 Cedi should keep you busy for the night (1$ = 8000 Cedi). There are real pro's who are only trying to get your money. However, most girls are amateurs who are more interested in finding a white husband then in earning a quick buck.~~I have had some will experiences in Macumba with a girl that took my hand to let me feel she did not like any underwear. There is also quit some touching of private parts by girls just passing by if you stand at the bar.~~Some places which are not mentioned in other reviews are:~~

    ~~~~Aquarius.~~This is a German bar run by Russian ladies. Many of the girls go here before they hit the nightspots. Go here at 8 or 9 PM and see who is there. If you are alone and clearly interested in the girls they will come to talk to you and ask for a drink. Or, if you see someone you like you can make the first move. I have been here with some (male) friends. While we where talking with each other standing at the bar a girl was standing next to me and had her hand in my pants to check the merchandise. Nobody noticed!~~

    ~~~~Labadi beach.~~In the weekends this is the place to go during the daytime. Many girls on the lookout for a future date. Especially when it starts getting dark some nice things can happen. I have had a girl giving head while I was sitting on a table talking to a friend. Again, nobody noticed (I think). Some beachfront bars have two stories. On the top floor I even had a girl who had her mind set on sitting on my lap and riding me. I was a bit to shy to really go al the way.~~

    ~~~~A good place to stay is Sue's Inn. It is a bit out of town with small rooms but it is very clean with AC and fan and good service, a pleasant terrace and good food. This al for less than $20 a room. I had my local girl with me all the time and we did not have any with her entering or leaving the hotel. Also when I was not in this was no problem. If you have different girls every night it may be a but more difficult but I don't think so.~~

    ~~~~And remember Ghanian people are friendly although are always asking for money. To get things done you have to tip them but remember that a month's salary for most people is 200.000 Cedi. The official minimum day salary is 5500 Cedi.~~

    ~~~~Have a good time~~
    (Review # 5713)
  • Takoradi Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Feb 09 2002 Submitted by:

    There are 3 places in Takoradi to find hookers: The Westline Hotel on Friday nights, the Africa Beach hotel on Saturday nights, and the Kobi Pop bar downtown near the Zenith Hotel any night of the week. The higher class hookers hang out at the 2 hotels while the bottom of the barrel ones hang out at the Kobi Pop bar. you should not have to pay more than 10 U.S. $ for a night but make sure you agree with the price. Most will give oral but very few anal but always ask first to see what they will offer. They will try to ask for 50 to 100 U.S. hoping that you are some naive ex-pat who doesn't know the local prices. The President of Ghana makes $280 U.S. per MONTH so that should give you an idea that 50 U.S. is a rip-off. Taxis anywhere in the city should be no more than $1 U.S. Negotiate before you get in or they will rip you off. Once they know that you know the local price they won't try to gouge you. No hassles about taking a girl back to your hotel room. (Review # 5018)
  • Takoradi Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Dec 14 2001 Submitted by:

    Most of the hookers are at the Africa Beach Club on Saturdays and at the West Line Hotel on Fridays. Taxi anywhere in the city should never be more than 1.50 U.S. or its a rip-off. Always negotiate before you get in. Hookers are also at the KobiPop bar almost every night located near the taxi stand near the Zenith Hotel. The ones at the KobiPop bar are a bit rougher. you should never have to pay more than $8-10 U.S. in the local currency equivalent. If they want more its because they think you're an ex-pat/or you can pay more.

    ~~~~Just agree on the price before but you should be able to get it at 8-10 U.S. some local sugar daddies sometimes inflate it also. the key is this: Since there is a huge group of women who don't hook full-time but need some extra cash because they do it part-time, you can get lucky for this low price. If you have the time, I'd recommend staying away from the full-timers at these places and chat someone up on the street. Just ask them if they'd like to have sex with you at your hotel during the day and maybe they will say yes. The part-timers are a lot less rough than the full-timers ~~ (Review # 4787)

  • Takoradi Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Sep 18 2001 Submitted by:

    Since I have enjoyed your world sex guide from all the contributions, I thought it was my turn to give something back. I had the opportunity to live in Takoradi, Ghana for 2 years so I know the hooker scene pretty well. Takoradi is about a 3 hour drive west of Accra and is on the coast. The prostitute scene is pretty straight forward: on Friday nights, you will find all the prostitutes at the West Line Hotel (chartering a taxi should not cost more that $1 U.S. to get there or anywhere else in the city). Most hookers will do oral without a condom and itís wise to use a condom for everything else. Most won't do anal but you'd be surprised if you ask them first. Nothing worse that not asking and then finding out later that they don't do oral. As for prices, itís the same problem everywhere: ex-pats vs. local prices. Some hookers expect up to $100 U.S. which is insane. Most are too scared to mention price hoping you'll give them something instead of nothing. Believe it or not, you should be able to get them for no more than $10 U.S. On Saturdays, they are at the African Beach Hotel but again, there are a lot of ex-pats that jack up the price. The 'bottom of the barrel' hookers hang out at the CobiPop bar which is downtown beside the taxi stand near the Zenith Hotel. For these women, again, some will go with you without talking price but you should not pay more than $10 U.S., even less sometimes. The CobiPop is open late every night. There is a lot of part-time hooking because of the poverty and if you have the time, itís easier to link up with someone on the street rather than the full-time hookers who can be very aggressive. Just chat them up and see what happens. (Review # 4341)

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