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  • Street Action Dated Added: Sat Dec 30 2006 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    A report on Gambian prostitution, rather moralizing but with some useful bits, as follows.

    Activists scold Gambia for harassing prostitutes

    19 December - The Gambia government has at first created avenues for prostitutes to ply their trade in the country legally by asking them to register as well as go for regular health check-ups. A few years ago however, The Gambia decided to get hard on prostitutes in the form of arrests, detentions and harassments, now causing activists to protest.

    Gambian prostitutes themselves prefer to cry in silence, because going public means their security would be at risk. And knowing the conservative nature of the country's people, most people at night would associate with prostitutes but distance themselves from them by day.

    At last, prostitutes are happy that right activists are holding brief for them. The activists were shocked about the mistreatment of 40 ladies of the night who were arrested from brothels by police. They were charged with violating section 168 of the Criminal Code. A regional court found them guilty and asked them to keep peace for 12 months if they don't want to go to jail.

    Activists punched law enforcement agents for harassing only women and allow men who are patrons of the prostitutes to go scot-free. They accused police for arresting every woman found outside her home without questioning. After all, many of the women would be waiting for transport after they close from work at night, activists concurred.

    In the opinion of a renowned activist-cum-politician, Amie Sillah, it is disappointing to see The Gambia abusing women after ratifying the African Union Protocol on Women. "Why are government security forces harassing women? They are called sex workers, it may be morally ugly, but that is their trade," Ms Sillah told 'Foroyaa'.

    She blamed the police for not arresting the male clients of the sex workers.

    (With "advocates" like this, who needs the police or HIV?)

    Turning to the Gambian society, Ms Sillah asked people to open avenues for women so that they don't go into a "dangerous and risky businesses" rather than harassing them. "If avenues are created and still people refuse to take them, then punishing them for risky trades can be justifiable."

    (Comment: Yeah, like I was saying before about how some advocates are more like a menace...)

    Recently, a Gambian Magistrate ruled that prostitution had become unbecoming in the country, which equally contributes to the soaring rate of sexually transmitted infections. "We must therefore discourage the vice before it assumes a crisis proportion," Magistrate Moses Richards said while delivering a verdict on six sex workers.

    He asked the six sex workers to keep peace for 12 month. One of them had already spent a month in state central prison. The court found the six guilty of illegally wandering around a bar luring people to sex in an immoral manner. They all pleaded guilty to the charges.

    Most of the sex workers said the prostitution was their last resort for survival. "My husband is deceased and he now left me with the onus of looking after four children. Life is definitely unbearable for me", a court heard the plea of a sex worker.

    Some of the convicts were ashamed to the extent that they could not hold back tears rolling their cheeks.

    (At the very end, a great example of the excruciating and unprofessional "African-style" journalism, reporting mere speculation about a person's feelings as though it were undisputed fact)
    (Review # 16831)
  • Street Action Dated Added: Sat Dec 30 2006 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Gambia crackdown, info as follows.

    1 December - A few days before the World Aids Day was celebrated today, Gambian authorities demonstrated their intolerance towards the high spate of prostitution in the Muslim country. The tourism industry in The Gambia has attracted government-licensed prostitutes from the entire region.

    Gambian security forces were deployed to crack down on prostitutes in brothels and hotels in the urban areas in the early hours of the morning a few days ago. During the operation, over 80 prostitutes, 31 of who are Gambians were arrested and incarcerated in prison.

    According to informed sources, the arrested prostitutes included nationals of Senegal, Guinea-Bissau and Sierra Leone. The arrest was said to be well-timed because it happened when prostitutes - otherwise called commercial sex workers - were just about to start their night business.

    While arrested Gambians were said to be incarcerated in the state central prison in Mile II, non-Gambians were detained at an immigration post in Jeshwang, about 10 kilometres from Banjul, the capital.

    It was speculated that non-Gambian arrested prostitutes were to be deported, which used to be the case in The Gambia earlier. This however was flatly denied by immigration officials.

    "None of the arrested women were deported," the official spokesperson at the Immigration Department, Officer Commanding Lamin Jatta bluntly said. "As we continue on our investigations, the suspects have been granted bail."

    Crack-downs on prostitutes have been a common phenomenon in The Gambia. With a 95 percent Muslim population, religious scholars have always used the podium to instigate attacks on brothels that harbour prostitutes in the country.

    Right activists have always blamed The Gambia for commercialising sex trade but at the same time keep harassing sex workers.

    "The government issued them with licenses, health certificates and asked them to access medical services regularly, so why does the same government harass commercial sex workers," argued an activist in The Gambia.

    At a recent conference in The Gambia, prostitutes scolded their colleagues for patronising men who refused to wear condom after they abandoned them. "If my clients want skin-to-skin, I will not hesitate to entertain them," was the reply of one prostitute, who careless of contracting HIV/AIDS.

    A 1998 study in The Gambia discovered that six prostitutes had become resistant to HIV/AIDS. This has been doubted by researchers, who are yet to find the reasons.

    Gambian prostitutes not only are harassed by authorities. Some years back, a group of Gambian youths went wild and set fire to a number of brothels in the urban areas. In Brikama, a densely populated town located 30 kilometres from the capital, a radio announcement called on the youths by a council of elders to "flog girls" who wear below-the-knee-skirts. This led to several deaths.

    The Gambia is a conservative society where elders want to safeguard the tradition and culture to their chest. They don't hesitate to be at war with anything that is on the contrary.
    (Review # 16830)
  • Kololi Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Apr 24 2006 Submitted by: Kevb38

    All the reports on Gambia are a little dates. I went three times this year. On week in early Feb, then 2 weeks in March and one week in April. The bad points are that the bumsters are really aggressive now and really out of order and make your vacation a misery. They follow you in packs in the night, and it is really dark in Gambia. I got used to them but you are continually hassled for money. Another bad point is the high charges for tourists. You are seen as easy pickings. You pay ten times what a local pays for a taxi. On the good side, the girls are great. I met about 12 women there. Most were whores. But I did meet 2 nice local girls. The second told me he was 25 and had had only one lover. And he was married. I got carried away and had a bare back shag. I should know better at my age ( 56). Came back with a dose of gonorrhea. Still waiting for the aids test result. Keeping my fingers crossed. On the subject of aids. It is growing fast out there. The figures in the CIA world report are for 2001 and they say 1.2 per cent have aids. 6,000. But the figures from the local health ministry say 30,000 for 2005 and rising by 10,000 per annum. That is7 per cent now and rising by 2 per cant per annum. In fact Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast and Ghana are 7 per cent and Guinea Bissau is 10 per cent.. Do not take a risk with any woman in West Africa.. Even if she says she is a virgin. It does not mean the same as in Europe. (Review # 14538)
  • Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Sep 11 2002 Submitted by: James

    Booked on Friday left on Saturday to Gambia. Stayed at Badala Park, I must have been so thick, I thought the girls where just friendly and nice. Only when I came back and read the review on this site did the penny drop. I did notice that "couples" did be-friend the young coloured boys and have "early nights" yes the ladies were blond. Must go back now I know the score. (Review # 6120)
  • Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Jan 01 2002 Submitted by: mark

    Visited again for two weeks, can't get enough of the place or the girls.~~As I said before, these girls are not prostitutes, so please don't treat them as such.~~Treat them good, like a girlfriend and you will be rewarded.~~Absolute stunners everywhere, spent the entire two weeks with a hard on.~~No need to really go looking, cause it will come to you, chambermaids at the hotel, waitresses, their just about all willing and available, some for just a quickie in a room, others back at their accommodation. (It's generally safe to go with them, as they value their jobs too much to let any harm come to you)

    ~~~~Outside as a single guy (or even if you’re with a partner) you'll get offers all the time from guys to meet their sister. Be a bit more wary of these guys as they're only after making a buck themselves.(the girl wont be their sister and often not all they say she is in looks)~~Again your best bet is to befriend one of the hotel porters/gardeners, etc. You can trust them generally to watch your back and for a small tip you can have an excellent two weeks fucking your brains out with some stunning black girls.~~ (Review # 4848)

  • Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Dec 13 1999 Submitted by: Mark

    Stayed at Badala Park hotel for 2 weeks, in Sept (rainy season. Straight off being a single guy, I had guys offering to take me to meet their "sister" for jiggy jiggy. A lot of the hotel staff are willing to either go to your room (cleaners are best bet) or take you home to their compound. They're not prostitutes though, they just want you to enjoy your holiday so you'll come back and really it's up to you what you give them as a "present". Remember, that most only earn about £15 a month, so think African not European prices. Mostly very good screws, bbbj and an energetic fuck can be had for as little as £5 for an hour in your room.

    There are some stunning and I mean stunning girls over there and they all want a white boyfriend, so you will have no problems finding what you want. I had girls ranging from 18 and up, after me.

    Outside the hotels, almost all the girls you meet will be up for it, either invite them to your hotel or go to their compound. Some will actively pursue you, but if you see one you like anywhere, don't be afraid to approach her and chat, they're all very friendly and don't take offence easily. The "spy" bar is a notorious pickup joint, with all sorts of girls, but they can be a bit pushy.
    (Review # 1174)
  • Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Dec 12 1999 Submitted by:

    Excellent and cheap if you like black girls. Most of the waitresses at the hotels are at it, costs between £5 and £20 for anything you want. Most of the girls you meet are up for it, and most very beautiful. (Review # 950)

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