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  • Addis Ababa Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Nov 21 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    I have been to Ethiopia several times over the last year. I agree with previous posts, that there is some action, however, despite what official statistics may say, HIV/AIDS is rampant. In the general population, the HIV/AIDS rate is probably about 20%-25%. But among the street girls and the bar girls, the rate of infection is at least 50%. If you're looking for something safer, I would say definitely go to the Philippines. When I was there, plenty of action. Because HIV is definetly something that you don't want to live with. (Review # 25224)
  • Addis Ababa Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Jun 01 2008 Submitted by: Kumar

    I have been to Addis Ababa last month. Its great place to see exceptionally beautiful African girls. and then enjoy with them too. there is no restriction at all on any thing especially at night after 9pm. all street light will become "Pick-stop" especially in Meskel Flower road, Bole Road, new Bole road (Airport Road), Entire Piazza Area (near Taitu Hotel).

    There some good clubs also there (very Nice ones but different then the ones in US) such as Memo, Concorde, Illusion, Divine, Temptation, Indigo, Utopia in all the clubs you will find really fine girls available to go with you. there is one Hotel just 2 minute from Airport. Bete Abraham Hotel behind lalibella hotel, its good, cheap, staff is very very friendly and if you ask a person named: Girmaye; he will get you top quality girls trust me. you my put my name to him. my name is Kumar.

    All the girls are very polite, friendly, smiling, cooperative will give you fun but no Anal please. I think some of them they won't even ready for sucking too. so agree before. in my case i think I was lucky. and most of them they are not able to speak too much English they know only Hi, hello, I love you, let go and make love.
    (Review # 23975)
  • Addis Ababa Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Aug 17 2006 Submitted by: Smarkand

    Certainly street near Piaza back of Taitu Hotel is busy with bars and girls. Many are very good looking. They tend to be slimmer and more elegant than W. African or Kenyan girls. Costs are about 50 - 100 Birr. I find it incredible that anyone should pay more - but then if in "posh" hotel area and r'raunts of course tourists will pay as they don't know prices etc.(seems see above - to 300 Birr!!) I had an attractive girl brought back to my hotel room by a younger man who was a guide and helpful. She was happy for him to have full sex with condom. She indicated I approach and she gave me a hand job at the same time. The young fellow finished very quickly! She then paid more attention to me and unusually did give good oral. But this is unusual as for religious reasons most don't volunteer oral. This was 50 Birr and the girl was very happy! I gave more as a tip. It might be that she was a friend of my young guide? (Review # 15364)
  • Ethiopia Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Oct 24 2004 Submitted by:

    I have been in Ethiopia in 2003-2004. There are so many prostitutes around there, that once you feel an urge for sex, you should not have to walk more than 3 minutes to a place in which you can get a a fuck. Most of the girls from Amhara tribe, a very beautiful and light-skinned tribe of Ethiopia.


    Sometimes you will find Oromo, less Somali and almost never Tigrai. In Ethiopia there are many 3-in-1 places. Its a bar, a hotel and a restaurant. Sometimes its a 2-in-1 - bar and a hotel. There are always(!) young girls working in those bars as waitresses. They are living there. They don't have parents or relatives due to various reasons. They are usually between 18-21 years. The standard price is 30 birr for a short time (it seems that short time is unpopular with them though) and 50 birr for a whole night. Almost always, they don't speak English. Sometimes they will raise the price up to 100 bir per night. You may negotiate down to 40-50 bir, sometimes they agree, sometimes not, sometimes you may agree on somewhere around 70 bir. At this time, 1$ = 8.7 bir.


    The number of bars is enormous. Even in the small towns, you will find several bars with girls. In big towns like Addis-Ababa, Nazareth, Diredawa - there are hundreds of them. The only problem with those girls is that some of them may be harsh due to their traumatic childhood, they may not submit themselves to your wishes and may not change the positions and make oral (I'm not even speaking about anal) sex. Sometimes this can be changed by giving them more money or talking to them nicely. Otherwise you shouldn't rush things on the first time, but to take the same girl for a second time so she will get "used" to you.


    There are also "street girls". They live without family or relatives in a small house with other girls. Sometimes they may even live on the street. Starting from 9 pm they will walk around specific streets or just stand near the lights. You just pick them up from there and take to your place either for a short time (short) or a whole night (Maader - in Amharic - to sleep). The price is 10-15 bir for a short time and 30-40 bir for a night. The number of this kind of girls is not very big. They are better as they don't have a job, so they stay with you as long as you want (and pay them). They are also younger, so if you like young girls, they may be your kind.


    There are two things you should put attention: 1) If you take a girl for a short time, she will usually undress herself from waist down, but the tits and body will be covered. You may ask her to be fully undressed but usually she will refuse. For them short time is fast fuck and go, removing more clothes is an additional job ;). They will expect you to cum in 10 minutes time and if they find themselves fucked for more than that, they will urge you to cum or increase the price. It seems that Ethiopian men cum within 5 minutes ;).


    2) In Ethiopia you have to pay before. At least don't give them money on the street, but wait untill she is inside your room. In Ethiopia, there is a very big respect for rich people and money. So if you are sure you are going to stay in a particular place for some time, just try to find a girlfriend, they will be better than prostitutes and they are relatively easy to get. You should never offer her money in the beginning and speak about anything sexual in first 2-3 days. You should date her alot and give her a lot of presents in this period. Let her feel that she is important for you, that you are going to stay with her for a long time and you will marry her and take her outside of Ethiopia (but NEVER tell her this, she will realise you are lying, just make her feel that way).


    Places: Bar girls - in all bars around Ethiopia.

    Street girls - Piassa area in Addis; along Andennya menged-first megala in Harar;

    Street - Go to Ethiopian Airlines office in DireDawa, cross the bridge and you will find many young girls on the street after the bridge from 7-9 pm and until the morning. There are also high-class prostitutes in Addis, but I never had any experience with them.

    (Review # 10341)
  • Addis Ababa Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Oct 09 2004 Submitted by:

    Addis must be one of the easiest places to get laid by a beautiful woman. Even if you don't normally go for black women, you'll probably find Ethiopian girls attractive. The best selections of 'bar girls' are found at the Concord and Memos clubs, really attractive girls (6-9) each, at Concord they're a bit more assertive, at Memos you have to make eye contact before they approach you, but at either of the two, any reasonably OK looking guy will have lots of girls eyeing him up.

    Both places don't really get going until about 12:30. If you prefer a more relaxed pickup joint, try the Dutch Milk House near the Hilton, which is a nice bar/ restaurant most of the week and a good place to meet foreigners and locals. Later on in the evening, especially on a Friday there are always a few horny girls to choose from. 2-300 Birr is plenty. They will all do 'normal' sex but are not keen on anal or even oral - not things they normally do out there. Condoms are standard practice of course. You'll have a great time with Addis girls, friendly attractive young women who are happy to fuck for just a few dollars.

    (Review # 10268)
  • Addis Ababa Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Oct 08 2004 Submitted by:

    Ethiopia is a cool place for any guy who like gorgeous women. Many Ethiopian girls are really beautiful, so much more attractive than other African women. Most of the clubs are crammed with 'bar girls', and they just seem like nice, very attractive young women out for a good time, not streetwise hookers.

    When I first went to Addis, I met a girl in Memo's club, got talking, dancing and kissing, then took her back to my place to fuck her. She stayed for the night, never any mention of money, though in the morning when I dropped her home I gave her ETB200 and she seemed happy. I ended up living in Ethiopia for a while and have been with another sexy Ethiopian girl (not a 'working girl') for over a year. She's great in bed, will do anything including regular condom-free anal, and she lets me come on her face when I want to. She's also great company when we're not having sex -what more could any man want?! Of course AIDS is a risk, and for any short term fling, condoms are the way to go.

    (Review # 10260)
  • Addis Ababa Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Dec 29 2001 Submitted by: Gimme some Chocolate

    I was staying in the piassa which is a cheaper place to stay than compared to the other reports here.~~There are many bars/pubs in the piassa around the National Hotel which have many 'bar girls'. The rates given for the other places in this report are ridiculous, the girls that were given 300 birr were probably wetting themselves with excitement after that catch, you could have a girl for a week with that money.~~~~I picked up one girl near the Tsigereda hotel and paid her 25 birr until I came, (she had a great African ass which I enjoyed muchly) it was 50 for the whole night, which meant I could have fucked her as many times as I wanted.

    ~~~~The girls around the piassa donít speak much English, but there are many to chose from and they are very friendly as are most African women to white men. Being white they would be automatically drawn to you because they know you have a shit load of money (compared to what the locals have)~~~~Usually the girls have a room to stay at and can take you back there, though if you are used to the Sheraton the piassa isnít really the place you would want to stay in.~~~~The aids issue is a worry, lonely planet says that 50% of these bar girls have the disease, so I recommend using your own condoms, as the women usually have cheap ones that can break!~~~~There are many good looking girls, the Ethiopians are gorgeous and very accommodating, smaller than west African women, but if you like chocolate you'll like these women.~~ (Review # 4838)

  • Addis Ababa Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Feb 11 2001 Submitted by: armored saint

    Just returned from AA. The current hot location is the Dome Club in the Concord hotel. The most women and the most reasonable.300 birr seems to fair quite nicely. 8.32 birr= 1 USD. Stayed at the Concord where a mid level room cost 220 birr. Functional, and free entrance to the Dome Club (15-20 birr value). Street action best on Bole road which is the airport road. New hotel on NEW Bole road is the Desalegem (mispelled)across from the Turkish embassy, 36 USD standard room and 60 USD for the suite, plenty of street action their. Also worth mentioning is the Memo Club just off Bole road, the Silver Bullet bar and grill, and My Pub. Street action starts around 8:30 PM the bar & grills around 10PM and the nightclubs at midnight.7 days a week. (Review # 3139)
  • Addis Ababa Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Jul 07 2000 Submitted by: Max

    I spent 3 years in Ethiopia , and I would say it's a nice place. Girls are nice and pretty. Try , they are not African girls they are something more !!!! (Review # 1881)
  • Addis Ababa Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Dec 14 1999 Submitted by: Anon

    When in Addis go to Club Memo along Bole Road. Any taxi driver would know of this fantastic place. 90% of the women here are beautiful and willing to spend the night if not the entire weekend with you. Practise Safe Sex. (Review # 1178)
  • Addis Ababa Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Dec 12 1999 Submitted by: Taffy

    Seeing as I just returned from AA, I thought I would shed some light on the action here. For street girls one can try from the football stadium in Addis upto the Post Office building, but use a car as after dark it can get risky. For hotels and disco's you can try the Dome Club at the Concorde hotel or the Memo nightclub.

    Most of the girls are from eighteen years on and have probably had a baby and the guy has left them. Then they live at home and do this to help support the family. Prices are varying from about 300Birr = £30.00 to 700 Birr.
    (Review # 951)

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