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  • Douala Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Sep 25 2005 Submitted by: scotty

    I was in Douala for 6 weeks, late 2004. Let me tell you, this place is sex on legs... the girls here come in all shapes and sizes, mostly stunners. 12 lads all from Aberdeen looking for oil and fun away from their wives. We all stayed at a hotel on the main drag, La Felise l think, and was working in the local boat-yard repairing an oil rig. As we worked with the locals, they told us all the best places to go on a night out.

    One of the best places to pick up girls is a club called Mega Slots (or locally known as Mega Sluts). 6 of us walked in at about 9pm, and within 30 mins, the club was wall-to-wall with girls. Most of the girls will ask for about $100 for all night at your hotel, but go for $30-$50 for all night. The girls will act like a girlfriend, and you will have to tell then to sod-off if you dont want to see them again.

    If that's not your style, as stated in these pages, just go up to any stunning girl in the street and ask her out. Trust me, she will say yes. A nice night in a hotel is far better than a shack! Then just give her $10 or $20 for clothes. She might be insulted - they're not all working girls. In the 6 weeks I was there, I just saw 2 girls. The first one, I spent just 1 night with because, on the second night, I had arranged a night in my hotel with the most gorgeous girl l'd ever met (not a working girl, or so she said. Anyway, have a great time in Douala, and remember Douala is a major shipping port - a lot of men come and go, so play it safe, and be nice.
    (Review # 12748)
  • Douala Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Aug 13 2005 Submitted by: Wanderer

    Recently I was on a business trip to Douala and checked into my hotel at 1 am. It was a deluxe hotel for upper range businessmen. I was surrounded by lovely Noami Campbell look-alikes the moment I entered the lobby. When I was getting into elevator at 8 in the morning, again I was grabbed by a woman standing near elevator.  Douala is a good, fun girls are available aplenty. I took a girl into my room that night for BJ and she was fantastic. Just paid her 20USD for 1 hour and she was delighted. (Review # 12436)
  • Douala Street Action Dated Added: Sun Jul 31 2005 Submitted by:

    Girls are getting expensive and very tricky. I have visited the city this June. Prices are doubled and girls tend to ask marriage. Be careful of police. Sperm control if she asks for it. (Review # 12227)
  • Duala Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Sep 10 2004 Submitted by: Fanta

    Recently I visited Duala,Cameroon for my business trip. The city is very good, there is sex sex sex and sex  everywhere.

    If you like to have 24 hours sex, if you are a butt man, then Duala is your destination, all African big butts are in Cameroon. As far as body structure goes, I think Cameroon girls are the best in Africa. I have never ever experienced such a kind of easy hunting of chicks like in Duala.

    Normally all the taxi drivers will ask you if you want any girl, if they don't then you may ask them whether they can arrange a girl for you, they will 100% say "sure why not?".

    One thing is very amazing, if you like any girl on the street, you can point to her and the girl will be inside the taxi with you. To my surprise, I saw a girl very sexy going on the street with her family, I asked the taxi driver whether I could get her, believe me, he said "yes why not?".

    Then he brought the car next  to them and pressed the horn, and the girl came near the car and the driver asked the girl something in French.

    Then the girl straight away came inside the car, never talked about the money. Then I asked the driver how much I have to pay her, he told me 3000 Franc (US$6) for at least two to three hours. Very cheap, she even allowed me to do anal.

    On another day also, a taxi driver asked me if I wanted a girl. I said yes, then on the street I saw a girl with an amazing hard body and a fantastic curvy big butt. I pointed to her and a minute later, the girl was with me!!

    In Duala, normally all the hotels allow the girls, you only need to show your ID card. At night as well, many young girls wearing very sexy clothes are out waiting on the street and asking everybody to take them to their places. So you don't need to go to a disco, night club or any pub to find the girls, all the girls are already waiting on the street Outside the hotels also there are planty of girls waiting and asking you to bring them to your room, they will never ask for money,

    If you aske them, then they would ask for around 7000 to 10000franc (US$15 to $20) for the whole night. If you don't ask them, then early morning how much ever you pay, they will take it and never say anything.

    They just want to spend a night in a good hotel with the AC and during the night, they may want dinner. They are happy with that.

    But be careful, play safe sex as Africa is infected with the HIV, so play safe and the world of sex is yours.

    (Review # 10080)
  • Douala Street Action Dated Added: Thu May 02 2002 Submitted by: Speedy

    My first experiences in Douala were extraordinary. I met an A.1. taxi driver who had all the answers: 'drive around town once the colleges come out - see if you can see a nice girl and leave it up to me'~~

    ~~I thought this highly unlikely but gave it a go. I saw a pretty girl (8/9) and pointed to her. In a second he had jumped out of the car and started talking to her in a bookshop. 2 minutes later he returned with her and I invited her for a drink at the hotel. She arrive (on time) and in no time we were in first class action. Money never came into it (except the tip I gave her) and she was happy to return the next afternoon.~~How is that for luck (or perhaps not luck - just the form?)~~
    (Review # 5375)
  • Limbe Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Nov 09 2000 Submitted by: Pietro

    A was for some days in Limbe, a beach resort and village near Douala. In October 2000 I stayed in the beautiful Seme New beach Hotel, which is located a little bit outside of the town. The weekends a lot of girls coming to this beach also (called mile 11 beach) for fun and to find men. Just enjoy the sun. I was for swimming in the sea and a girl was "attacking" me. There are a lot of students which are looking for foreigners the weekends. So go here on Saturdays/Sundays.

    Don't wait 'til the night. October was a little bit off-season. After 19h all the people left and just some tourist stays in the hotel. The City is too far away and hard to reach in the night. So choose your part during daytime and enjoy the night.

    Somebody told me that is one of the hot spots of Cameroun with a high HIV contamination. So be careful and protect yourself and the girl(s).
    (Review # 2697)
  • Kribi Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Nov 09 2000 Submitted by: Pietro

    Kribi is a beautiful beach village with some hotels. The place of the action there is called Carrefour Kinge. There are some bars/discos, one is called L'escale. Especially during the weekends a lot of girls looking for fun there. (Review # 2696)
  • Douala Street Action Dated Added: Thu Nov 09 2000 Submitted by: Pietro

    I was in Douala in october 2000 for one night only. Most of the hotels are located at the "Blvd of the Liberte", one of the major road in this city. I stayed in the Hotel "La Falaise" a nice mid-priced Hotel. In the afternoon I went out for a walk on the Boulevard. A lot of nice, sexy black women were already in the street. They wear really sexy clothes and skirts which are unusual for a normal African lady.

    ~~After Dinner I went out again. From the cinema Wouri which is in the opposite side of the Hotel Falaise up the Boulevard I saw a lot of girls. They are try all to call you. Some are a little bit shy some aren't. Especially in front of the hotel working a lot of girls the hole night. The going rate is negociable and pretty cheap. I paid around 20'000 FCFA (around 35$) for a whole night with a young well build girl. She gave me a great blow job and enjoyed when I fucked her. She didn't want to stop.

    But don't forget - Douala has an international port and has also a high HIV-rate I guess. So better protect yourself. Douala is also not a very sure place for tourist. So don't visit the small streets in the night. Could be dangerous for you. Around the cinema "Wouri" you also find several discos (boites) which are full of seeking girls.~~
    (Review # 2695)
  • Yaounde (Capital) Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Nov 09 2000 Submitted by: Pietro

    I just went to Cameroon/West Africa in October 2000. I heard about some street action but don't know where exactly. The place is not very safe for foreigners. A good alternative is the disco in the Safari Club, a hotel and disco complex in the center of the town. Take a cab and ask to go to the safari. There are a lot of nice, young girls looking for a european or american "white" boyfriend.

    Before the safari probably try the cybercafe located in the hotel hilton complex called ICCnet. Special in th early evenings a lot of young girls and also a lot of professionals are coming to this place to look for a boyfriend/marriage from outside africa. It can be fun to chat on the system with a girl in the same cybercafe. You surely find a girl that loves to stay the time together with you. If it's a young student she don't ask you really money before. But be nice and give her nice "cadeaux" (gift). And don't forget the girls hope to find a foreigner for marriage.

    In the late night it's the night club in the Hilton Hotel which is full of lonely girls. Young students as well as professionals.
    (Review # 2694)

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