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  • Cotonou Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Dec 05 2005 Submitted by:

    The other listing is not accurate. Cotonou has electricity 24/7, plumbing, etc. There is a 'red light' district called Djonke. Prostitutes work in bars all over the city. They vary from 50 cents, to 50 dollars... depending on how well you negotiate. (Review # 13227)
  • Cotonou Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Nov 03 2001 Submitted by: Etienne

    Hi all!

    ~~It was back in 1996. I stayed there for one month, with a friend who knew the place well. (He lived here for a several years) So I can't tell you about hotels, because we stayed at the military hotel. I have some pictures too, if you can place it.

    ~~Cotonou is a real nice place! Unfortunately no electricity, they light the streets with candles. It has a good smell, and gives a special feeling. Crime? no I didn't experience any. Bars! not too many, but full with girls! The best: "I go to Pattaya". They wear some short skirts, small tops, everyone has fake hair. Prices. They don't ask: you give! Usually about 20-30$ for an hour-night. They really love white man, so they do it for fun, secondary for a living.

    If you take a girl for days, you don't have to pay her daily, you buy her food, drinks, some gift, at the end give her a nice gift... I recommend this to everyone who stays long, because she can show you around, show you where to buy, and can take you to places where you never could get. Everything is cheap, take a lunch for 10$, take a taxi app.10Cents and so on. I'd love to go back! If you'd like I write more and give pictures! Bye~~
    (Review # 4560)

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