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  • Luanda Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Feb 12 2004 Submitted by: Pierre

    The place to be in Luanda is the Coyote Bar- small but imtimate, with more sexy girls than guys by a three to one ratio. You cannot go wrong here. Buy drinks with a $10 coupon, which will get you 3 beers or so. The place is not that fancy, but the music is great, and the girls can really dance!! The Coyote does not get going until after 23:00h, though.

    Before that time, try the Royal Bar, 100 meters from Palos. Pool table, small and intimate, and an international crowd of girls just dying to meet you. I met girls from Ivory Coast, DRC, Congo Brazzaville and Namibia here, not to mention Angola. Good place to meet someone informally; They usually go to Coyote later.

    Avoid Palos at all costs!! It is an expensive racist joint run by the metise (mixed race) Angolans- they blatanly discriminate against black girls at the door!! They ought to be closed down!!

    Also, try not to walk at night- there are many thugs along the road- take a taxi. The MaconTaxis are the only show in town, you should get the number of a driver to call when you need a lift.

    Hotels are picky when it comes to accepting visitors. Tropico, for example, requires the girls to have real ID cards and requires you to pay $20 just to let them come up to your room! So beware! (Review # 8346)

  • Luanda Street Action Dated Added: Sun Feb 11 2001 Submitted by: armored saint

    Best place is in front of the Tropic hotel. Bevy of beauties around 20 30 USD. Most side streets in the area have action for as low as 5 10 USD. Also worth mention is just at the entrance to the Ilha or "island". Also Miami Beach on the Ilha and the Copacabana. Walking at dark if you are white can be risky. If you have a car available, the world is yours as many of the girls on the Ilha during the weekend are adventurous and free. (Review # 3140)

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