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Thread: Kupang, Timor

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    Kupang, Timor

    As I was heading from the airport towards a hotel that also has ladies that provide services I was told at that hotel that it was full so that was my first downer. Well strolling in Kupang I met a guy that was local and took me to Karang Dempel in the evening. Karang Dempel is a depressing place where you wont find manny beauties . It's more older ladies around 30 or 40 with some kidmarks and it's small houses with a lady in each house. There are also some bars there with verry loud music but nothing fancy to talk about. I saw 2 nice ladies but 1 was more interested in her i phone than a customer and the other was talking and drinking with a customer so guess my luck. On the night after this one we went to a place named Citra. It has a hotel in front of it with the name Citra so taxidrivers know where to bring you if you tell em that you wish to go there. It starts at around 9 in the evening and is fun. There is snookerbar across the street so if your in for a bar or just cooling down with a play of snooker then it easy to go there. In Citra it's a little similar to a german laufhouse or like the Amsterdam redlight district. They have rooms downstairs and upstairs and it's filled with ladies. Some more beautifull the others but its way beter then Karang Dempel to my opinion , though you may disagree. Then there is a place left in Citra where you pay a small entrancefee and then you go into their karaokelike bar. There are about 3 to 5 nice looking girls there. For short time in a room for a local it is 300000rupiah and for a tourist it is 500000rupiah but some charge way more and ask for 1 million because they are scared of bigsized penisses and are scared that it will take to long for indonesian men go for quickies and have small size penisses. So going to Timor can be fun but do ask around. I also went to a nice karaokeplace near the petrolstation on Jalan Sudirman and they have beautiful girls there though the prices are pretty steep comparing it Citra and Karang Dempel. Their price I think are similar to Jakartan prices so I went after a drink and went my way. Then their is another place near Citra which is more in the hilly area behind Citra where they have a karaoke and als rent rooms where you can have a girl massage and more. I had 2 nice hours there with a massage and a blowjob and fuck so just ask around with the taxidrivers and have fun
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